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SEVENTY years ago, the ed Nations was formed as the expression of a simple choice: cooperation instead of war. Humanity would stand as one against conflict, poverty and disease. All the world’s voices would be heard.70年前,联合国的建立表明,人类做出了一个简单的选择:合作而非战争。全人类应该团结起来,应对冲突、贫穷和疾病。世界上所有人的声音都应被听到。At least, that was the plan.至少,那时是这样计划的。We’ve come a long way. We’ve halted and reversed the sp of killer diseases, extended life expectancy and raised incomes. We’ve even walked ourselves back from the edge of some global conflicts and catastrophes. But progress has not been evenly distributed. Too many people have been left outside of a mostly urban, mostly Northern success story.我们一路走来取得了极大的进展。我们遏制和扭转了致命疾病的传播,延长了预期寿命,提高了收入水平。我们甚至将自己从一些全球性冲突和灾难的边缘拉了回来。但是人类的进步并不均衡。成功的故事主要在城市、在北半球,而太多的人被遗忘在这些成功故事之外。Seeing that, world leaders put forth a new set of global goals in New York last week. If we want to build a world where not just some but all get to live in security and prosperity, there’s a lot still to do, as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development signed off on by ed Nations member states shows.目睹这些现象,世界各国领导人上周在纽约提出了一系列新的全球目标。如果我们希望构建一个不仅让一部分人,而是让全体人都可以生活在安全与繁荣中的世界,我们仍有很多工作要做。联合国成员国签署的《2030年可持续发展议程》就体现了这一点。It lists 17 goals and 169 targets, and one of these, 9(c), is a target that we believe is crucial to accelerate realization of all the others: a commitment to provide Internet connectivity for all by 2020.议程中列出17项总体目标和169项具体目标。我们相信其中一项目标,即编号9(c)的目标,对促成其他所有目标的实现是至关重要的:承诺到2020年,让全世界所有人接入互联网。Today over half the people on this planet don’t have access. That is not good for anyone — not for the disempowered and disconnected, and not for the other half, whose commerce and security depend on having stable societies.今天,我们这个星球上超过半数的人无法接入网络。这对任何人来说都不是好事——对那些处于劣势、未能连入网络的人并非好事,对另外一半也一样,因为后者的利益和安全都依托于社会的稳定。An unprecedented array of technologists and activists — from Mo Ibrahim to Bill and Melinda Gates, action/2015, Ushahidi and Sahara Reporters have come together to support a global Connectivity Declaration, pledging their support for the new global goals and connecting the world to opportunity. This needs to become a global movement.从穆·易卜拉欣(Mo Ibrahim)到比尔和梅琳达·盖茨(Bill and Melinda Gates),从“行动/2015”(action/2015)到“见者”(Ushahidi),再到“撒哈拉记者”(Sahara Reporters),一系列科技界人士和活动人士史无前例地联合起来,持一项全球“互连宣言”。他们承诺会持新的全球目标,让全世界与机遇相连。这需要成为一项全球性的运动。In this century, global development and global connectivity are closely linked. If you want to help people feed, heal, educate and employ themselves around the world, we need to connect the world as well. The Internet should not belong to only three billion people, as it does today. It should be seen as a necessity for development, and a tool that makes larger things possible.这个世纪,全球发展与全球网络互联是密切相关的。想要协助世界各地的人得到饱足、医疗、教育并自力更生,我们也需要让全世界接入网络。互联网不应该像今天这样,只属于30亿人口。它应该被视为发展的必需品,一个用来成就更远大目标的工具。In Ethiopia and Tanzania, for example, farmers connect to get better prices, track inventory and make mobile insurance payments in case of bad weather. In Nigeria, citizens use BudgIT, a mobile app, to assess whether governments keep their spending promises. The opportunity is especially great for women. Men have significantly more access to the web, but when women get connected, they use technology as a pathway to better education, health, economic status and security. In Guatemala, cellphones inform mothers how to have healthy pregnancies. In Kenya, women receive financial services via their cellphones thanks to the brilliant M-Pesa microfinance scheme.以埃塞俄比亚和坦桑尼亚为例,当地的农民可利用网络争取较高的售价、追踪库存、通过移动设备付保险费用,以防天有不测风云。尼日利亚公民可以利用BudgIT这个手机app,来监督政府是否遵守承诺运用开。对女性来说这尤其是个大好机会。虽然男性连线上网的机会要多得多,不过如果女性也能使用网络,她们就能借助科技手段,寻求更好的教育、健康、经济地位与人身安全。危地马拉的准妈妈能使用手机学习如何在期保持健康。而在肯尼亚,借助M-Pesa这个出色的微型贷款计划,妇女们能够通过手机获得金融务。In the last few weeks, we’ve watched desperate refugees seek shelter on the frontiers of Europe. Smartphones have made it possible for those left behind to communicate with loved ones across checkpoints and razor wire. The Internet connected our world in shared grief as a Syrian child’s death on a beach in Turkey came to symbolize every refugee. Social media carried the message and changed not just popular opinion but public policy.过去几周,我们看到许多难民铤而走险,在欧洲边境寻求庇护。智能手机使得那些留在当地的难民,得以与跨过了检查站和铁丝网的亲人保持连系。网络使全世界人,共同为一个死在土耳其海滩上的叙利亚男童哀悼,使他成为了每位难民的共同象征。社交网络不只传递了信息,同时也促成了公众意见与公共政策的改变。It’s one thing to say we should connect the world. The real trick is how.然而用网络连结全世界说来容易,做起来难。There’s no simple solution or silicon bullet.并不存在简便的解决方案,或者一蹴而就的技术工具。In many places, increasing connectivity will have to start with extending access to energy. Nine out of 10 rural Africans don’t have electricity. Governments can make the difference. This is why we support initiatives like President Obama’s Power Africa plan and the bipartisan Electrify Africa Act in Congress, as well as the African Development Bank’s investments in renewable energy.在许多地方,想普及网络连接,得先从普及能源供应开始着手。非洲农村地区的民众十分之九没有电力可用,政府当局可以在这个方面带来改变。这就是我们为什么要持奥巴马总统提出的“电力非洲计划”(Power Africa)、两党在国会共同提出的《非洲电气化法案》(Electrify Africa Act),以及非洲开发(African Development Bank)对可再生能源的投资。Where governments lay the foundation, the private sector can build. Promising efforts are underway to bridge the digital divide. But we know the global community can, and must, do more — and urgently. The Intel Foundation’s work in STEM education, Microsoft’s use of technology to advance the Millennium Development Goals and Google’s Project Loon to connect remote locations illustrate how technology leaders are prioritizing this effort, as is Internet.org, Facebook’s contribution to meeting the challenge.政府打下基础之后,私营部门就能继续建设。我们为缩小数字鸿沟所付出的努力前景可期。不过我们也很清楚,世界各国可以也应该作出更多贡献,而这是刻不容缓的。英特尔基金会(Intel Foundation)为理工和数学教育所做的工作,微软利用科技推进千年发展目标(Millennium Development Goals)的努力,以及谷歌为偏远地区提供网络接入的热气球计划(Project Loon),都显示出科技巨头将此视为当务之急。Facebook旗下的Internet.org也为应对挑战做出了贡献。More technology companies and entrepreneurs must take more responsibility. Silicon Valley should look beyond itself and act more on issues like education, health care and the refugee crisis. We challenge the tech industry to do far more for those most marginalized, those trapped in poverty, and those beyond or on the edge of the network.需要有更多科技公司与企业家承担起更多责任。硅谷不只应该关注自身,还应该采取更多行动,应对教育、医疗及难民危机等议题。我们想对科技产业提出挑战,替那些最边缘化、为贫穷所困,还有那些网络所不能及的人群,付出更大努力。All the global goals must be scored — but the goal of connectivity for everyone everywhere will surely hurry this game-that’s-not-a-game to its successful conclusion. Hurry being the operative word here.所有的全球目标都必须达成,然而让世界各地的所有人都接入互联网的目标,肯定能加速这场并非儿戏的赛跑。“加速”理当成为我们的行动方针。 /201510/401921Microsoft is to offer hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use pirated software a free upgrade to legitimate copies of the Windows operating system, as it seeks to consolidate its unofficial position as a leading technology supplier to the world’s most populous country.微软(Microsoft)拟让使用盗版Windows软件的数亿中国消费者免费升级至正版Windows操作系统。该公司正寻求在全球人口最多的国家巩固其“非正式”领先技术供应商的地位。Piracy has long bedevilled Microsoft in China, where it is estimated that 80 per cent of PCs running Windows are using pirated software.盗版长期困扰着微软在华业务。在中国,运行Windows的个人电脑(PC)估计有80%在使用盗版软件。Ironically the illegitimate software has ensured that Windows remains the dominant PC operating system in the country, reducing the risk that consumers will turn to free alternatives such as Linux.具有讽刺意味的是,这些非法软件确保了Windows仍是中国占主导地位的PC操作系统,减少了消费者转向免费替代品(如Linux)的风险。That has given Microsoft a foot in the door to one of the world’s most promising tech markets — and a chance to sell its online services and other products — at a time when rivals including Google and Facebook are in effect shut out.这使微软在全球最有前途的技术市场之一获得立足点,并为其带来销售其在线务和其他产品的机会。相比之下,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等竞争对手目前实际上被中国拒之门外。Terry Myerson, head of Windows, announced the giveaway plan at an event in Shenzhen yesterday. He also used the occasion to reveal that Windows 10, which had been expected to be released late in the year, would be made available “this summer”.微软Windows部门负责人特里#8226;迈尔森(Terry Myerson)昨日在深圳举行的Windows硬件工程产业创新峰会(WinHEC)上宣布了免费升级计划。他还利用这个机会透露,此前预计将在今年底发布的Windows 10,会在“今年夏天”出炉。The offer of a free upgrade is a smart way for Microsoft to “keep users in the fold,” said Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, a tech research firm. Giving away the technology also reflects the fact that the way the company makes money “will ultimately shift to apps, services, content and hardware as opposed to direct OS licences,” he said.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔#8226;希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)表示,提供免费升级的机会是微软“留住用户”的高明方式。他表示,免费赠送软件还反映出这样一个事实,即该公司赚钱的方式“最终将转移到应用、务、内容和硬件,而不是直接的操作系统许可”。The free copies of Windows 10 in China will be distributed through partnerships with local tech companies, which will be able to use the offer to cement their own relationships with consumers.免费版本的Windows 10将通过与中国当地科技公司的合作伙伴关系进行分发,让后者能够借此机会巩固它们与消费者的关系。Microsoft declined to comment on the commercial terms it had reached with these companies, or the precise methods it would use to “legitimise” PCs that have been using stolen software. Qihu 360, a Chinese security company, will let the more than 500m customers it has on Windows PCs download the new version of the software “with just a few clicks with accelerated download speeds”, the US software company said. The security company’s vast customer base represents a large share of the 1.5bn devices that Microsoft says run Windows.微软拒绝其与这些公司达成的商业条款,或者它究竟将用什么方式让使用盗版软件的PC“合法化”。这家美国软件公司表示,中国安全软件公司奇虎360 (Qihu 360)将让其超过5亿的PC用户“仅需加速下载的几次点击”即可实现Windows 10升级。奇虎360的庞大客户群在微软所称的15亿Windows设备中代表着很大一块份额。PC maker Lenovo, social networking and gaming company Tencent and smartphone maker Xiaomi will also take part in the free upgrade plan, which will cover tablet and smartphone versions of Windows 10 as well as PCs.PC制造商联想(Lenovo)、社交网络和游戏公司腾讯(Tencent)以及智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)也将参与免费升级计划。除了PC以外,该计划还将覆盖Windows 10的平板电脑和智能手机版本。Microsoft said this year that customers who are using legitimate versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8 would be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year it is available.微软今年早些时候宣布,使用正版Windows 7、Windows 8.1或Windows Phone 8的用户,将可以在Windows 10上柜销售后的第一年里免费升级至该版本。 /201503/365382

Can a US consumer internet company ever make it big in China? That question, which has long dogged Silicon Valley, is starting to take on the urgency of a strategic imperative.美国的消费互联网公司能否在中国做大?这个长期困扰硅谷的问题正开始变成一项紧迫的战略任务。It isn’t just that China is a juicy target in its own right. There is a risk to ceding ground to emerging Chinese rivals in their booming home market at a time when those companies are taking their first, tentative steps towards going global. US companies, themselves accustomed to using dominance of a massive domestic market as a launch pad to take on the world, should understand what’s at stake.中国市场本身并非一个诱人的目标。风险在于,美国公司的市场份额可能被中国蓬勃发展的国内市场上的新兴本土竞争对手夺走,后者刚开始迈出走向全球的尝试性步伐。美国公司本身习惯于利用巨大国内市场的主导地位作为走向世界的跳板,他们应理解其中的利害。Uber and Airbnb, the yin and yang of the sharing economy, are the latest to try their luck. The ride-hailing app that likes to batter down doors is in a pitched battle with a Chinese local competitor backed by two of those aspiring global players, Tencent and Alibaba. Airbnb, which prefers a less confrontational approach, this week lined upsome influential allies as it seeks its own way in.打车应用优步(Uber)和空中食宿(Airbnb)是共享经济的“阴阳”两面,它们是最新两家想碰碰运气的公司。喜欢直接破门而入的Uber正与中国一家本土竞争对手较劲,后者得到中国两家志向远大的全球竞争者腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的持。而喜欢采用对抗性不那么强的策略的Airbnb最近拉到一些颇具影响力的盟友,希望用自己的方式进军中国。“Localisation” figures prominently in both companies’ game plans. Having the right management and local backers and supporters certainly helps. Knowing when to adapt a successful global formula will also be key. The failure in China of eBay, which was outflanked by Alibaba’s free listings for buyers and its introduction of a payment service to reduce fraud risks, is still a case study in how an adaptable local rival can come out on top.这两家公司的通盘计划都把“本地化”放在突出位置。具备合适的管理层和本地后台及持者,肯定会有所帮助。知道何时修改全球成功方程式也很关键。eBay在中国的失利,仍是说明适应性强的本地竞争对手能够胜出的典型案例。阿里巴巴让买家免费展示商品,并引入付务以降低欺诈风险,这些都比eBay高明一些。Uber and Airbnb at least have one advantage over companies like Google and Yahoo, which failed before them: they aren’t directly involved in the online media and communications businesses, making them less obviously targets of an authoritarian state.Uber和Airbnb至少具备一个相对于谷歌(Google)和雅虎(Yahoo)等公司的优势,后两者已在中国折戟:Uber和Airbnb不直接涉足在线媒体和通信业务,这让它们不那么容易成为威权政府瞄准的目标。But any successful internet business is to some extent a challenge to the status quo. China’s latest gesture towards online control — to station police officers physically inside internet companies — is an indication of the outsized influence that the successful internet companies can have, whatever corner of the market they are in.然而,任何成功的互联网公司在一定程度上都是对现状的挑战。中国控制网络的最新姿态(警察进驻互联网公司办公地点)表明,成功的互联网公司可能会具备过大的影响力,无论它们处于哪个市场缝隙。One reason is the amount and range of the data they hold. Amassing a giant database about the movements of a nation’s citizens is a key asset. And that is likely to be only a starting point, as the winning platforms reach into more areas of online (and, increasingly, offline) life.一个原因是它们持有的数据的规模和范围。有关一国公民活动的巨大数据库是一项关键资产。随着各个胜出的平台把触角伸入更多在线(以及越来越多的线下)生活领域,这可能还只是一个开始。Holding the data locally might give authorities greater confidence that they can tap into it when they need: Uber has data centres for its operations inside China. But there is still a question about whether a foreign company could ever be trusted to be as compliant as a local competitor.在本土保管这些数据,可能会让当局更有信心认为,他们能够在需要时利用这些数据:Uber在华业务设有境内数据中心。但仍有一个问题:能否相信一家外国公司像本土竞争对手那样依从?Another factor that weighs on foreign players is the way that competition tends to evolve in internet markets. Many turn into winner-takes-all affairs, with the companies that come out on top ending up as centres of power in their own right.另一个不利于外国公司的因素是互联网市场的竞争演变方式。很多竞争搞到最后成了“赢者通吃”,拔得头筹的公司变成实力中心。The immodest ambitions of a company like Uber highlight what is at stake. It aspires to become an essential part of the infrastructure of any big city, not only supplying personal transport but also handling logistics. Local governments in China may resist foreign control of something so essential, even if Uber promises to help solve some of the problems caused by swelling personal car ownership for China’s polluted and traffic-clogged cities.Uber这种怀有巨大雄心的公司突显了其中的风险。它渴望成为所有大城市不可或缺的基础设施的一部分,不仅提供个人交通,还要染指物流。中国地方政府可能反对外国公司控制如此关键的基础设施,即便Uber承诺帮助中国污染严重且交通拥堵的城市解决私人汽车保有量增加所带来的一些问题。A key question now will be how far the latest US aspirants are prepared to go to become truly “local” to overcome reservations like these. Uber’s funding arrangements for China are the most intriguing. It aly has Chinese investors and is now trying to close a funding round for a separate Chinese unit, bringing outside investors directly into the business.现在的一个关键问题在于,最新一批有志进军中国市场的美国公司,准备在多大程度上变得真正“本地化”,以消除中国方面的疑虑。Uber在中国的融资安排最耐人寻味。该公司已拥有中方投资者,现在正试图为另一家在华公司搞定一轮融资,让外部投资者直接投资Uber的这块在华业务。An Uber spokesperson says the company is also contemplating a local initial public offering, some time in the future, for its Chinese arm, though there are no plans for a one at the moment.Uber发言人表示,该公司还在考虑未来将其在华业务在中国国内上市,尽管目前还没有这方面的计划。Given its huge need for capital and the particularly cut-throat nature of the Chinese taxi app wars, local investors will be useful. A structure like this would also give Uber more flexibility to adapt later — for instance by bringing in local partners or even, if forced, to reduce its stake in the Chinese venture.鉴于巨大的资本需求以及中国打车应用大战尤为激烈,引入本土投资者将是有帮助的。这种结构还将赋予Uber更大灵活性,便于以后调整,例如引入本土合作伙伴,或者甚至(在被迫的情况下)减持在华业务的股权。But for any US internet company, staying in the driving seat will be a priority. Yahoo’s decision to fold its struggling Chinese business into Alibaba a decade ago turned into one of the most successful internet investments ever made. But now, as it gets y to spin out what’s left of that minority stake, Yahoo’s diminished role is all too obvious. That is a fate its successors will be working hard to avoid.但对于任何一家美国互联网公司而言,保持控制权将是优先任务。雅虎10年前决定将其步履维艰的中国业务并入阿里巴巴,而那个决定结果成为史上最成功的互联网投资之一。但如今,在雅虎准备脱手这部分少数股权的剩余股权之际,雅虎的地位下降表露无遗。这是后来者要努力避免的命运。 /201508/395288

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a smorgasbord of cool, with gadgets and prototypes filling the convention halls for three days. While most of the technology tends towards the small — smart phones, tablets, and wearable computers — one industry that gets major play at the annual conference is decidedly larger and perhaps even more mobile: cars.对于全球科技迷来说,一年一度的CES消费电子展堪称一场饕餮盛宴。在为期三天的展会上,他们可以看到各类最新最酷的新设备和原型产品。虽然大多数技术的体型都比较小,比如手机、平板和可穿戴电脑等,但在这场年度盛会上,还有一个块头更大,或许也更具移动性的行业,那就是汽车。With the auto industry in an arms race to have the newest, coolest, most useful technology, CES is the perfect place for car companies to show off their new features and talk about what we’ll be seeing in the coming year in showrooms. With CES underway this week, here’s a few of the most tantalizing things we’ve seen from the auto industry so far.随着汽车行业追逐最新、最酷、最实用技术的军备竞赛不断升级,CES消费电子展也成了各大汽车公司展示新功能,宣传新车型的好去处。CES消费电子展已经在本周拉开大幕,以下是截至目前,各大汽车公司发布的一些最撩人心魄的技术。Nvidia unveils new chip perfect for cars英伟达发布新型汽车芯片Imagine if you#39;re car#39;s dashboard had graphics as good as a game system. That#39;s what the new chip unveiled by Nvidia is supposed to do, according to CNET. On Sunday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off the new Tegra X1 processor, which can be used in both tablets and cars. The chip can help with assisted driving, both to avoid crashes and, potentially, for fully automated driving.想象一下,如果爱车中控台的画质能像视频游戏系统一样精致,那该是一件多爽的事情,而这也是英伟达发布的新芯片所要做的事。上周日,英伟达CEO黄仁勋展示了新型的Tegra X1处理器,它也可以用在平板电脑和汽车上。该芯片具有辅助驾驶功能,除了可以避免交通事故,未来还有可能用于全自动驾驶。In-car shopping from GM通用汽车发布车内购物功能This is one that sounds perfect for people who get tired and hungry when they#39;re driving: GM#39;s OnStar system is adding a new program called ;AtYourService,; in which a human assistant helps with shopping and can even book hotel reservations. The system will offer coupons and information about retailers, plus help find parking. GM even has a partnership set up with Dunkin#39; Donuts for deals.开车时又累又饿怎么办?这个功能绝对是很多驾驶员的福音。通用汽车的安吉星(OnStar)系统增加了一个叫做“为您务”(AtYourService)的新项目,接通之后,一名人工助手会帮你购物甚至预订酒店。该系统还会提供一些零售商的优惠券和其它信息,另外它还能帮你找到停车位。通用汽车已经和甜甜圈零售商唐恩都乐公司达成了合作协议。Chevrolet previews the new Volt新款雪佛兰沃蓝达轿车闪亮登场Despite lower fuel prices, electric cars continue to capture interest at CES. On Sunday night, GM tried to capitalize on that by giving a sneak peak of a redesigned Chevy Volt. Not much information was available about the plug-in electric car, but journalists were excited to take a look before the car is officially unveiled next week at the Detroit auto show. The Verge notes that this is the first major redesign of the Volt since it debuted in 2007. Among the few details is that the car may come with an extended electric-only driving range, one of the main complaints about the first generation of the model.虽然油价持续走低,但在CES消费电子展上,电动汽车展区依然人头攒动。通用汽车当然不愿错过这个机会。上周日晚,经过重新设计的新款雪佛兰沃兰达轿车(Chevy Volt)借助这个舞台闪亮登场。关于这款插电式混合动力汽车的信息还不是很多,但由于这款车型本来计划在下周的底特律汽车展上才正式亮相,能够提前一睹它的真容,让不少记者兴奋不已。科技媒体The Verge指出,这是沃兰达自2007年推出以来的首次大改。在目前少数可知的细节中,我们知道该车型的纯电池续航里程有所增加,而纯电动续航弱也是第一代沃兰达最令人诟病之处。Samsung teams up with ATamp;T on connected cars三星与ATamp;T合作开发联网汽车In the connected-car game, ATamp;T is a big player. At CES, it announced that another big player would be joining its team: Samsung. CNET reports that Samsung will be a sponsor of Drive Studio, a connected car lab in Atlanta. Not many details were available, but it is noted that both software and hardware from Samsung are part of the deal. ATamp;T also announced that five other companies would be adding apps to its platform including Audiobooks.com, which has a library of thousands of audio books .在联网汽车领域,ATamp;T是个大玩家。在今年的消费电子展上,ATamp;T宣布另一个大玩家也将加入这场游戏——它就是三星公司。据CNET报道,三星将成为亚特兰大Drive工作室的赞助者。目前我们所知的信息不多,不过值得注意的是,三星的软件和硬件都是这笔交易的组成部分。ATamp;T还宣布,另外五家公司将为其平台添加应用,其中包括拥有成千上万部有声电子书的电子书库Audiobooks.com。Chrysler adds new services克莱斯勒添加新务Not wanting to be left out, Chrysler also announced new features for its connected car technology today, including a vehicle finder — which sends an exact location of your car to a smartphone app — and a vehicle health report, a monthly e-mail detailing vehicle performance. Chrysler also announced a new smartphone app for Uconnect, its connected car service, allowing easier browsing.不甘落后的克莱斯勒,也为它的联网汽车技术发布了几项新功能,其中包括一种“寻找汽车”技术——通过一款智能手机应用,它可以将汽车的具体位置发送到你的手机中。另一个新功能是“车辆健康报告”,它每月会通过电子邮件为你详细诊断车辆的性能。另外,克莱斯勒还为它的Uconnect联网汽车务推出一款新的智能手机应用,使它更方便浏览。 /201501/352965You can tell a lot about the state of the tech industry by looking at the company that’s currently scaring the crap out of everybody. A decade ago, it was Google . More recently, Facebook became the 800-pound gorilla in social media and photo sharing. This year, the heavy is one that was unknown in the US until a year or so ago: Xiaomi.要想深入了解科技业的现状,只需要看看那家让所有人都吓得发抖的顶尖公司即可。10年前是谷歌公司。近几年则是社交媒体和照片分享领域的巨无霸Facebook公司。而今年的重量级选手,却是一家直到一年多前还不为美国人所知的中国公司:小米。Out of countless smartphone makers that have emerged to build on the Android mobile operating system, Xiaomi has not only broken apart from the herd, it’s quickly given other smartphone manufacturers a run for their money. Xiaomi’s share of the global smartphone market rose to 5.3% in late 2014 from 2.1% a year earlier, according to Statista.在全球无数家基于安卓系统打造的智能手机厂商中,小米不仅杀出重围,而且让其他厂商感受到了极大的竞争压力。根据德国统计公司Statista提供的数据,在全球智能手机市场上,小米占据的份额已从2013年的2.1%升至2014年年末的5.3%。A big reason for Xiaomi’s sudden success is that it designs its own hardware as well as the firmware that rides on top of Android’s open-source software. Xiaomi’s MIUI interface evokes the speed and sleekness of an iPhone or a high-end Samsung phone, but often retails for half the price. Most Android phone sellers, by contrast, rely on similar design templates offered by third-party manufacturers like Foxconn.小米飞速成功的一大原因是,它是基于安卓开源软件设计自己的硬件及固件的。小米MIUI系统运行起来平滑流畅,完全可与iPhone或三星的高端手机媲美,但售价却常常仅是后者的一半。相比之下,绝大多数安卓手机厂商只依赖富士康公司这类第三方代工商提供的相似设计模板。Xiaomi’s simple strategy of high-quality gadgets at lower prices is threatening the business models of some of the biggest names in technology, including:小米这一简单的优质低价战略,已威胁到了几家业界大佬的商业模式,比如:Samsung.In China, where the bulk of Xiaomi’s phones have been sold to date, the company’s market share has risen to 15% from 5% a year earlier. Samsung’s, meanwhile, has fallen to 12% from 19%. According to IDC, Samsung’s smartphone shipments in China declined by 22% in 2014, while Xiaomi’s surged 187%.三星公司。中国是小米手机销售的主要市场,该公司的市场份额已从一年前的5%升至目前的15%。而三星的份额则从19%降至12%。IDC公司的数据显示,三星智能手机2014年的出货量已下降22%,而小米却暴增187%。Samsung has been a big presence in other emerging economies, but Xiaomi announced in January that it would be pushing aggressively into Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets. After launching in India in July, Xiaomi aly has a 4% market share. And the company raised .1 billion in December, proceeds that could go to building manufacturing and marketing presences in new countries.在其他新兴经济体,三星的市场地位一直如日中天,但今年1月小米宣布,该公司将大举进入巴西、俄罗斯和其他新兴市场。在去年7月进入印度后,小米目前已拥有4%的市场份额。此外去年12月,小米成功募得11亿美元,这笔钱将用于在新兴市场建厂和营销。Apple has emerged as the predominant smartphone company at the high end of the market. So with Xiaomi offering stylish phones at lower prices, Samsung may find itself pinched between iPhones and low-cost commodity Android phones. Now Xiaomi is gunning for another core Samsung market: TV sets. In November, Xiaomi paid0 million for Midea Group, a maker of consumer electronics, and said it would spend billion to build out its TV ecosystem.苹果早已是智能机高端市场的霸主。所以,随着小米推出价格低廉的时尚手机,三星可能会受到iPhone和低价安卓机的双重挤压,可谓腹背受敌。现在,小米又把火力对准了三星另一个核心市场:电视。去年11月,小米付给家电厂商美的集团2亿美元,并称其将斥资10亿美元打造自己的电视生态系统。GoPro.Xiaomi is also planning on launching a site to sell its goods in the US. But for various reasons like the complex subsidies US carriers pay to offset sticker prices, Xiaomi won’t sell smartphones here but instead will sell its fitness tracker, headphones and other accessories.GoPro公司。小米还计划推出一个网站在美国销售自己的产品。但出于多种原因,比如美国运营商常常向客户付复杂的补贴,从而能够抵消一些昂贵手机的零售价,小米不会在美销售智能机,而是打算销售它的健身追踪器、耳机和其他配件。Earlier this month, Xiaomi said it would also start selling the Yi Camera, a 1080p high-definition action camera that sounds a lot like the best-selling Hero sold by GoPro. Only the Yi will sell for , or about half the price of the Hero. The Yi even improves on the Hero with a 16-megapixel camera shooting 60 frames a second. So again, high-end quality at half the price.本月初,小米宣布将开始发售小蚁运动相机,这是一款1080p高清运动相机,听起来很像是GoPro最畅销的Hero相机。只不过小蚁相机仅售64美元,约为Hero售价的一半。此外,小蚁运动相机还在Hero的基础上大幅改进,搭载了一个1600万像素的镜头,每秒可拍摄60张照片。这显然又是一个高端低价产品。GoPro’s brand is much stronger in the US than Xiaomi’s. If that changes, GoPro faces a tough choice between slashing the Hero’s price or watching its market share erode. GoPro’s stock has aly lost 39% this year amid concerns about whether it can maintain its torrid growth pace. The bigger the splash that Xiaomi’s camera makes in the US, the more those concerns will grow.GoPro的品牌在美国要比小米强势得多。如果不是这样,GoPro就将面临一个艰难选择,要么将Hero的售价腰斩,要么眼睁睁看着自己的市场份额遭到侵蚀。今年GoPro公司的股价已下跌39%,就因为投资者担心它是否还能保持高速增长。小米相机在美国掀起的波澜越大,投资者就会越发担忧。Google.As a thriving smartphone company built on Android, you’d think Xiaomi’s success would be a positive for Google, which still makes the vast bulk of its revenue from online ads. But Google’s services and mobile apps are either blocked or hamstrung in China, so local companies like Alibaba and Baidu have long since learned to work on Android phones without Google’s API.谷歌公司。作为一家建立在安卓系统之上,发展迅猛的智能手机公司,大家可能会认为,小米的成功对谷歌这家大部分收入仍来自在线广告的公司大有好处。但是,谷歌的务和移动应用在中国不是被屏蔽就是被禁止,所以阿里巴巴和百度这样的本土企业很早就学会在没有谷歌应用的安卓手机上开展业务了。Google has never had a strong footprint in China. What isn’t clear is what role Google apps will play on Xiaomi’s phones sold outside of China. On the one hand, Google takes a hard line on companies that use Android without its services. On the other, Xiaomi VP (and former Googler) Hugo Barra indicated last week that Xiaomi may not export to new markets the app store it uses for its Chinese customers.谷歌在中国一直就没怎么风生水起过。目前尚不清楚的是,在小米卖到国外市场的手机上,谷歌应用将扮演什么角色。一方面,谷歌对那些使用安卓手机却不用自己务的公司态度强硬。另一方面,小米公司的副总裁(也是前谷歌高管)雨果o巴拉上周称,小米可能不会把目前中国用户使用的应用商店出口到新兴市场。Apple.Given the popularity of the iPhone 6 in China and across the globe, Apple seems to be immune for now to any threat posed by Xiaomi. But glance a few years down the road and it’s not hard to imagine the Chinese manufacturer competing with the best products offered by the reigning king of Silicon Valley.苹果公司。鉴于iPhone 6在中国和全球的热销,苹果眼下似乎丝毫不会被小米撼动。但是展望未来几年,不难想象这家中国厂商将很快与硅谷王者打造的最佳产品一较高下。Xiaomi’s MIUI is several years younger than Apple’s iOS. But despite Apple’s early lead, Xiaomi has quickly created an interface that is not only drawing more comparisons with the look and feel of iOS, it’s designed to be used on a wide array of devices from phones to tablets to wearables.小米的MIUI系统要比苹果的iOS晚推出几年。尽管苹果享有先发地位,但小米迅速地打造了一套外观和使用体验都能和iOS媲美的系统,还让它应用于手机、平板和可穿戴设备等产品。Xiaomi’s expansion trajectory also looks a lot like Apples: a smart TV console that streams digital content, a fitness tracker that could easily mature into a smartwatch, headphones that offer stylish looks and gold-colored metal. There were even reports this week of a Xiaomi electric car–spurious, to be sure, but it fits the idea that the most innovative companies are interested in the car market.小米产品的扩张轨迹也和苹果十分类似:一台可播放流媒体数字内容的智能电视终端,一款能很容易开发为智能手表的健身追踪器,以及一款外形时尚的金色头戴式耳机。甚至本周还有传言称小米要推出电动汽车——这当然纯属谣传, 不过这种说法也符合大家普遍认同的一个看法,即最富创新性的公司都盯上了汽车市场。Apple’s earlier iPhones suffered phases when their features weren’t terribly distinctive from other top phones on the market. If that happens again, and Mi’s user experience comes closer to that of the iPhone, Xiaomi could steal some of Appple’s market share. In the meantime, the two emerging rivals have aly taken to throwing shade on each other.苹果早期推出的iPhone也曾经历过低谷,因为当时它的功能与市面上其他高端手机并无显著差异。如果这种历史重演,小米的使用体验更接近iPhone,小米就会夺去苹果的一部分市场份额。目前这两个对手已经开始相互抨击挑刺了。Xiaomi is sure to face speed bumps as it races forward, like the patent suitsit’s aly facing in India. Competitors may use patent litigation to slow Xiaomi’s global expansion, but then again, a company worth billion and planning an IPO can easily raise enough cash to buy a substantial patent portfolio of its own. Beyond that, it’s hard to see what will slow Xiaomi’s steady march ahead.在迅速发展的进程中,小米一定也会碰上障碍,比如该公司已经在印度遭遇了专利官司。各路对手可能会用专利诉讼来拖慢小米全球扩张的脚步,但对这样一家市值高达450亿美元,而且正在筹划上市的企业来说,要筹得足够资金收购一大堆属于自己的专利是轻而易举的事情。除此之外,还很难看到有什么障碍能阻挡小米坚实而有力的步伐。 /201503/364333

In an age of contactless cards and paying with your smartphone, the idea of getting cash out of an ATM machine may seem a little dated.在这个非接触式智能卡和智能手机付款盛行的时代,去ATM机取钱显得有点过时。But now a bank in Poland is trying to bring the cash machine into the 21st century by creating an app which lets you order one of the devices straight to your door.然而,波兰一家正力争让ATM机融入21世纪。他们推出了一款应用程序,你可以直接预约一台ATM机开到家门口。Customers choose a location and a time they want to use the ATM, and an electric-powered BMW pulls up with one of the machines fitted into a hole where one of the rear windows usually goes.顾客只需选择想要使用ATM机的时间和地点。随后,一辆后窗玻璃位置装有取款机的电动宝马车便会停在你预约的地点。The Idea Bank, which is running the fleet of cars, says the service is currently limited to business customers who want to deposit large amounts of money at the end of a working day.这ATM机车队由Idea运营。他们表示,这种务目前仅限于想在当天营业结束后把大笔现金存入账户的商业客户。Rather than walking with the cash to a machine, often at night, customers will now be able to make a deposit from outside their home or office.如此,这些客户就可以在家或办公室门口存钱,而无需在晚上带着现金去找ATM机。Dominik Fajbusiewicz, a board member of Idea Bank, said: #39;Entrepreneurs who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money.Idea董事会成员多米尼克#8226;法步兹维克兹说:“企业家亲自把钱存到或固定的自动存款机,是在浪费他们的时间和金钱。#39;Our service aims at lifting that weight off their shoulders.#39;“我们的务志在减轻他们的负担。”The bank said a survey of its members found that up to 80 per cent of them made bank deposits at the end of the day, many of them after dark.该称,他们的调查发现,高达80%的商业客户会在下班后存钱,而且大多是在天黑以后。On average, including walking times, these deposits took a little over an hour, so in order to make life simpler for them, the bank developed its new service.一般而言,包括走路时间在内,整个存款过程需花费一个小时多一点的时间。因此,为了让商业客户的生活更加便利,需要开发新的务。While the fleet of cars is currently only available in Warsaw, the company is taking suggestions for the next city they should offer it in.虽然这车队目前只在首都华沙务,但正在考虑把这一模式引入下一个城市。 /201505/376234Faraday Future, a secretive US automotive start-up bankrolled by a Chinese internet billionaire, revealed its prototype electric vehicle for the first time on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.本周一,神秘的美国电动汽车初创公司Faraday Future在国际消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上首次揭幕了其电动车原型,该公司的投资人是一位中国互联网亿万富翁。Its Batmobile-style FFZERO1 concept car embeds a smartphone in the steering wheel to give the vehicle a “sixth sense”, personalised to its driver’s preferences but also capable of piloting itself.这款名为“FFZERO1”的概念车外观酷似“蝙蝠战车”,方向盘上嵌入了一部智能手机,为汽车赋予了“第六感”,不但个性化了驾驶者的喜好,还可用于驾驶本身。While it is uncertain whether the four-motor, 1,000-horsepower vehicle will ever go into production, Faraday Future said it used the same “modular” manufacturing technique that would underpin all its vehicles.虽然目前尚不确定这款配置了四台发动机、1000马力的汽车是否有投产的一天,但Faraday Future表示旗下所有汽车将全部采用同样的“模块化”生产工艺。Nick Sampson, senior vice-president of Ramp;D and product development, said the “Variable Platform Architecture” would allow Faraday Future to bring a range of electric cars to market at a faster pace than traditional automakers, who he said were moving too slowly to build environmentally friendly and internet-connected vehicles.Faraday Future主管研发和产品开发的高级副总裁尼克儠湨森(Nick Sampson)表示,“可变平台架构”将允许该公司比传统汽车更快速地向市场推出一系列电动汽车。桑普森表示传统车企进展太慢,打造不出环保的、联网的汽车。Speculation about the 18-month-old California-based company intensified in recent weeks after it said in December that it would build a 3m square foot, bn manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, ahead of the planned launch of its first vehicle in 2017.去年12月Faraday Future表示将斥资10亿美元,在北建造一座300万平方英尺的制造厂,并计划于2017年推出首款汽车,令外界在最近几周对这家位于加州的、才成立一年半的公司增加了猜测。Thanks to constant connectivity and autonomous driving technology, Faraday Future’s cars might be owned outright by consumers or rented in a way that Mr Sampson likened to a mobile subscription or a digital media app such as Spotify or Netflix.由于稳定的联网以及自动驾驶技术,消费者也许可以立即拥有Faraday Future的汽车,或通过桑普森所说的手机订购方式,或是Spotify、Netflix等数字媒体应用来租赁该公司的汽车。Much of Faraday’s initial funding came from Jia Yueting, the founder of Chinese internet group Letv, who has said he hopes to beat Tesla in the nascent market for connected, electric cars.Faraday Future的大部分初始资金来自中国互联网集团乐视(Letv)的创始人贾跃亭,他曾表示希望在互联网电动汽车新兴市场打败特斯拉(Tesla)。On Monday, Faraday also announced its partnership with Letv, which offers internet and content in China as well as smartphones and connected television sets on which to watch it. Letv has previously partnered with Aston Martin on in-car “infotainment” systems.Faraday Future还在周一宣布了与乐视的合伙关系。乐视是中国一家互联网和视频内容提供商,同时还推出了智能手机以及可观看这些内容的网络电视机。乐视此前与阿斯顿氠丁(Aston Martin)合作推出了车载“信息”系统。Construction will start on its Nevada facility in the coming weeks, it said on Monday, as it continues a frantic hiring spree.Faraday Future还在周一表示未来几周将开始在其内华达州工厂开工,延续其招聘热潮。“We are growing a team very fast,” Mr Sampson, a former engineer at Tesla and Lotus Engineering, told the Financial Times, with more than 550 employees in the US and another 200 through partnerships around the world.桑普森曾在特斯拉和莲花工程(Lotus Engineering)担任工程师,他向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们团队的建设速度非常快。”该公司在美国的雇员已超过550人,另外通过合作伙伴关系在全球还有200名雇员。 /201601/421524GUILDFORD, England — On the outskirts of this sleepy commuter town just south of London, plans are underway to build the fastest cellphone network in the world.英格兰吉尔福德——在这座伦敦南缘的宁静通勤小镇的郊区,打造世界上最快的手机网络的计划正在进行中。The work is being done at the University of Surrey, where a leafy campus is dotted with rundown Brutalist-style buildings. Here, researchers and some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Samsung and Fujitsu, are collaborating to offer mobile Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than anything now available.这项工作在萨里大学(University of Surrey)展开。它那浓荫密布的校园里,点缀着一些粗野主义风格的老旧建筑。在这里,研究人员和包括三星(Samsung)、富士通(Fujitsu)在内的世界上最大的一些科技公司,正在合作研发一种新的手机网络,其速度会比现有的所有手机网络快上百倍。Their work on so-called fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless technology is set to be completed in early 2018 and would, for example, let students download entire movies to smartphones or tablets in less than five seconds, compared with as much as eight minutes with current fourth-generation, or 4G, technology. Companies also could connect millions of devices — including smartwatches and tiny sensors on home appliances — to the new cellphone network, and automakers could potentially test driverless cars around the suburban campus.他们进行的有关第五代无线技术——或称为5G——的研发工作,计划于2018年初完成。它将能让学生们在五秒钟内将整部影片下载到智能手机或平板电脑上,而用目前的第四代——即4G——网络下载一部影片,则需要八分钟。企业可以将包括智能手表、家用电器上的微型传感器在内的无数种设备与新一代手机网络相连,汽车厂商或许也可以在这座位于郊区的大学校园里测试无人驾驶车。“A lot of the technology aly works in a laboratory environment,” said Rahim Tafazolli, director of the university’s research center that oversees the 5G project, which includes almost 70 powerful radio antennas around the two-square-mile campus. “Now, we have to prove it works in real life.”“有很多技术已经可以在实验室环境下实现,”萨里大学5G项目研究中心的主任拉希姆·塔法佐利(Rahim Tafazolli)说。这个项目在面积2平方英里的校园各处布置了将近70个功率强大的无线电天线。“现在,我们必须明它在现实生活中也一样有效。”The work by Dr. Tafazolli and his team puts them at the heart of a heated race. Fueled by people’s insatiable appetite for accessing s, social media and other entertainment on their mobile devices, many of the world’s largest carriers, like ATamp;T and NTT DoCoMo of Japan, are rushing to be the first to offer customers this next-generation ultrafast wireless technology.塔法佐利及其团队的工作,让他们处在了一场激烈竞赛的中心。人们对接入视频、社交媒体和其他内容的需求巨大。受其鼓舞,全球很多排名靠前的运营商,包括ATamp;T和日本的NTT都科(NTT DoCoMo),都急于成为第一家向顾客提供下一代超快无线技术的公司。The competition has led to research worth billions of dollars from telecommunications equipment makers like Ericsson of Sweden and Huawei of China, which are hoping to secure lucrative contracts to upgrade the mobile Internet infrastructure of operators like ATamp;T from the ed States and China Mobile in Asia. Those plans have become even faster paced as tech giants including Google consider their own ambitions for the latest, and fastest, high-speed Internet.这场竞争促使瑞典爱立信(Ericsson)和中国华为等电信设备生产商投入数十亿美元进行研发。它们希望拿到ATamp;T和中国移动等亚洲运营商的移动互联网基础设施升级订单,获取丰厚利润。随着包括谷歌(Google)在内的科技巨头开始考虑自己在最新、最快的高速互联网领域的宏图,这些计划的进展速度变得更快了。“Everyone is rushing to demonstrate they are a leading player for 5G,” said Bengt Nordstrom, co-founder of Northstream, a telecom consulting firm, in Stockholm.“人人都急着想明自己是5G的领导者,”斯德哥尔电信行业咨询公司Northstream联合创始人本特·努德斯特伦(Bengt Nordstrom)说。The efforts around 5G will be on display at Mobile World Congress, a four-day tech and telecom event in Barcelona that begins on Monday. Most of the world’s largest operators and device makers like Samsung are expected to announce their latest wireless technology, including smartphones, wearable products and digital applications at the trade show.周一,科技和电信业盛事世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)将在巴塞罗那开幕。围绕5G展开的行动将在为期四天的大会上亮相。全球最大的运营商及三星这样的设备生产商中,预计大部分都会在这场行业大会上宣布自己最新的无线技术,包括智能手机、可穿戴产品和数字应用。Not to be outdone, telecom manufacturers also have announced glitzy demonstrations — including driverless cars, remote-controlled drones and autonomous robots balancing balls on tablets — to showcase their 5G credibility. The need to persuade carriers to buy the latest wireless technology has become ever more important as operators consider cutting investment plans in the face of a global economic downturn.为了不被甩在身后,电信制造商也推出了一些耀眼的产品展示,包括无人驾驶车、遥控无人机和能在平板电脑上让几个球保持平衡的自主机器人,以展示自己的5G实力。在面临全球经济下行的运营商考虑削减投资计划之际,电信制造商需要说它们,让它们相信最新的无线技术现在具有空前的重要性。“If we miss the chance to make our networks relevant, it will be a disaster,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, Ericsson’s chief technology officer. “The billion-dollar question is what will a 5G network look like?”“如果错过让我们的网络参与进来的机会,就是一场灾难,”爱立信首席技术官艾华信(Ulf Ewaldsson)说。“这里面一个最重要的问题是,5G网络会是什么样子?”Despite companies’ efforts to outspend each other, that question remains unanswered.尽管各公司的投资力度一个更胜一个,但这个问题依然没有。A global standard for 5G wireless technology will not be finished before 2019, at the earliest. Companies worldwide must agree on how their networks talk to each other, so users’ mobile connections do not become patchy when traveling overseas. That involves lengthy negotiations over what type of radio waves the new technology should use, among other complicated global agreements, which can take years.5G无线技术的全球标准至少要到2019年才能完成。世界范围内的公司必须就彼此的网络之间如何衔接沟通达成一致,这样用户在国外时,他们的移动通讯才不会变得时好时坏。这就涉及新技术应该使用何种无线电波,以及其他复杂的全球协议进行漫长的谈判。这个过程可能要花数年时间。As a result, carriers, telecom equipment makers and tech companies are lobbying global-standard bodies and national lawmakers to promote their own technologies over rivals’, according to industry executives and telecom analysts. Because of this jockeying, a widesp rollout of 5G networks is not expected until well into the next decade.因此,据行业高管和电信业分析人士称,运营商、电信设备生产商和科技公司正在游说制定全球标准的机构和各国议员,告诉他们自己的技术比对手的好。因为存在这种争夺,5G网络的广泛铺开预计要等到下一个10年。Some analysts question why carriers are focusing on the next generation of wireless technology when many parts of the world, particularly in emerging markets, still suffer from achingly slow mobile Internet access. And industry experts say mobile Internet speeds in much of the developed world, especially in places like South Korea, where connections are often comparable to traditional broadband, aly meet people’s needs.一些分析人士质疑,为什么在世界上很多地方,特别是在新兴市场的移动互联网接入还极其缓慢时,运营商却把焦点放在了下一代无线技术上。行业专家称,在很多发达国家,特别是在连接速度通常堪比传统宽带的韩国等地,移动互联网速度已经能满足人们的需求了。“A lot of this is about carriers and equipment makers looking for new ways to make money,” said Thomas Husson, an analyst at Forrester Research in Paris. “Consumers shouldn’t expect great things until after 2020.”“这在很大程度上是因为运营商和设备生产商在寻找赚钱的新途径,”弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)驻巴黎的分析师汤玛斯·赫森(Thomas Husson)说。“2020年之前,消费者不应该期待有什么伟大的技术出现。”These challenges have not stopped companies from staking a claim in hopes of being at the forefront of 5G.这些挑战没能阻止各家公司纷纷押注,以期能让自己身处5G市场的前沿。That is particularly true ahead of major global sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup, at which carriers and national governments want to promote their technological know-how. At the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia, for instance, the local operators MegaFon and MTS are expected to test 5G-style services, including ultrafast mobile Internet, even without global standards in place.在奥林匹克运动会和世界杯等全球大型体育赛事到来之前尤其如此,运营商和各国政府都想在这些赛事上宣传自己的技术能力。比如,在将于俄罗斯举行的2018年世界杯上,当地运营商MegaFon和MTS计划推出包括超快移动互联网在内的5G类务,尽管相关的全球标准还未确立。The Korean mobile operator KT also plans to offer its own version of 5G technology at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and NTT DoCoMo has said it will have similar trials y for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.韩国移动运营商KT也计划在韩国平昌举办的2018年冬季奥运会上提供自家版本的5G技术,而日本电信公司NTT DoCoMo则表示,它也会做好准备,在2020年于东京举办的夏季奥运会上进行类似的尝试。“The only way of learning is by doing,” said Mats Svardh, head of networks at the Scandinavian carrier TeliaSonera, which will test its own 5G technology in both Stockholm and Tallinn, Estonia, in 2018. “It’s about putting pressure on ourselves to move forward with specifics, not just theories.”“学习的唯一方式就是上手做,”北欧电信运营商TeliaSonera的网络业务负责人马茨·斯韦德(Mats Svardh)说。该公司将于2018年在斯德哥尔和爱沙尼亚的塔林两地测试其5G技术。“这其实是给我们自己施压,以便在一些具体的问题上取得进展,而不只是在理论上。”ed States carriers have also jumped on the 5G bandwagon, partly to offer people new services as current mobile speeds have become relatively interchangeable between major operators nationwide.美国运营商也加入了这场5G风潮,部分原因是想给人们提供新务,因为美国几家主要运营商目前提供的移动网络的网速已经差别不大,可以互相替代。Last year, Verizon Wireless announced that it would start testing new wireless technology in 2016 in order to offer new services, including potentially ultrafast mobile Internet, sometime next year. Last month, ATamp;T countered with its own tests — expected to start in Austin, Tex., by the end of 2016 — that could offer mobile speeds roughly 100 times faster than its current offering.“We will be y when it’s y,” said John Donovan, ATamp;T’s chief strategy officer, who added that traditional rivals like Verizon and new arrivals like Google could eventually compete to offer 5G services. “Everywhere you don’t solve a problem, someone else might step in.”去年,威瑞森无线(Verizon Wireless)宣布,它将在2016年开始测试新的无线技术,以便在明年某个时候提供可能包括超快移动互联网在内的新务。上个月,作为反击,ATamp;T也提出,自己计划于2016年底在德克萨斯州奥斯丁开始进行测试,有望提供比现在的网速快大约100倍的移动网络。“等它好的时候,我们就会一切就绪,”ATamp;T首席战略官约翰·多诺万(John Donovan)说。他还表示,威瑞森这样的传统竞争对手和谷歌这样的新对手,最终都有可能参与5G务的竞争。“不管是在哪个领域,只要有个问题你不解决,别人可能就会进来做。”For Dr. Tafazolli, of the University of Surrey, whose team started working on 5G in late 2011, these battles have led to an increasing number of companies offering support — including the use of high-speed computer servers, costly radio antennas and millions of dollars of financing to research and build the next-generation wireless network on his college campus, he said. Their primary goal: to test their latest technology in a real-world setting.萨里大学的塔法佐利自2011年末开始带领团队进行5G技术研发。他表示,这些竞争促使越来越多的企业为他们提供持,包括高速务器、价格昂贵的无线电天线,以及大把的资金,让他们可以在这所大学校园里研究和打造下一代无线网络。他们目前的首要目标是:在真实场景里测试他们的最新技术。“In the race to 5G, everyone wants to be first,” he said.“在5G技术这场比赛中,每个人都想拔得头筹,”他说。 /201602/428252

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