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Durant: #39;Life is bigger than a game NBA star Kevin Durant discusses the impact of the Oklahoma tornado destruction and his new ventures with Jay-Z.杜兰特签约著名歌手Jay-Z的经纪公司,称生活比比赛重要!杜兰特称“Jay-Z跟我未来是否离开雷霆毫无关系,请球迷放心”,杜兰特成为Jay-Z旗下第一人。Breaking news of tornado just touched down a new castle Oklahoma. People and more DVD under photographed now are dead aly. Honestly, this is even very seriously. Here is a heartbreaking development that we were watching right now. The devastation is almost unimaginable.When you watching on TV, the first picture, the first coming in, what did you say to yourself?I couldn’t believe that was a state that I was living. Just twenty minutes late from my house. I couldn’t believe that close. You know, the bray everywhere, I’ve seen the tracks, trees and somebody’s living room. Just roust gone off. There was nothing there, you know. You can tell, you can see that’s where houses supposed to be. You see what on the ground; you see degree that was nothing there. You can tell you have to start form the scratch.You’re 24 years old. How do you experiencing something like that change you as a person?What do you think the perspective for me? The life is bigger than a game of basketball. You know, a lot a people that are professional really know that. People more lost everything. People really lost everything. Some stuff you really care can’t come back again. You know lots we lost there. Little kids at last we lost and so on, you know, life is bigger than a game. There are some celebrities who at the beginning to make donations, hundred dollar’s range. That’s great and very generous. You’re 24 year-old guy. You just plant down a million dollars, and you have Nikkei, who is donating a million dollars and profits from your shoes.Oklahoma is my home. I just want to give back. I want to do some to know as bigger interests. Natural disasters and something you really cannot control at all. But we can control how we come together, how we pass by from.You’re the biggest news of southeast season must pretty plush. You signed with Jay-Z who is getting into the sports agency business and he is the biggest superstar client. What do you think Jay-Z goanna do for you that nobody else can do for you before?Well, you want goanna me and Jay-Z that it makes the changes that dynamo is everything.What did you say to you when it was a pitch?You told me, you know, what could he do for me. How much that we can go? How the partnership can grow? I’m looking for and I used to be excited about the whole thing, you know, that got me all right to do.You got the Jay-Z…Partnership is goanna be something good /201307/246907

What#39;s fascinating about trying to tell a history through objects is that they go on to have lives and destinies never dreamt of by those who made them-and that#39;s certainly true of this pot.通过物品讲述历史最迷人之处就是,这些物品自身拥有的生命与命运,远远超越了当时制造人的想象。这件陶器也并不例外。这些漆金箔内衬大概是在公元十七或十九世纪贴上去的,当时古代陶器开始陆续出土,被日本学者们收集跟展览起来。That gold leaf was applied somewhere between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, when ancient pots were being discovered, collected and displayed by Japanese scholars. And it was probably a wealthy collector a couple of hundred years ago who had the inside of the pot lacquered with a thin layer of gold. After seven thousand years of existence, our Jomon pot then began a new life-as a #39;mizusashi#39;, or water jar, for that quintessentially Japanese ritual, the Tea Ceremony.这件陶器可能在几百年前,曾经辗转落入一个富有的收藏家手中,他就在这陶钵内壁贴上了一层薄薄的漆金箔内衬。经过七千多年的历史尘封,几百年前我们这绳纹钵被重新赐于了第二生命,变成一个水罐子,运用于最典型的日本文化礼仪之一的茶道。I don#39;t think that its maker would have minded. We know there were all sorts of rituals and ceremonies involving pots in the time of the Jomon. In that society, as in virtually all others, pots quickly went beyond their functional purpose to become objects of desire and display.我并不觉得它最初的制造者会介意这点。现在我们知道在绳纹时期,已经存在了各种与陶器相关的礼仪与仪式。在那个社会里,几乎像其他社会一样,陶器很快就超越了其最初的功能性价值,变成一种人类爱好与展示的物品。In their many manifestations, pots resonate throughout human history, from the most primitive domestic meal or drink to the Last Supper; from a nomadic snack to an international banquet. If mealtimes are a microcosm of society, then pots are the very glue that binds hosts and guests, indeed the whole of society, together.在它们众多的表现方式中,纵观人类历史,从最原始农耕时代的部落饮食,到“最后的晚餐”,从游牧民族简陋的一顿饭到国际盛宴,这些锅碗瓢盆奏响一曲永恒的绝唱。假如说进餐时间是一个社会的缩影,那么这些锅碗瓢盆便是粘合主人与客人,甚至整个社会的有机结合物。This week we#39;ve traced the beginnings of farming and settlement; in the next programmes, we#39;re with the consequences: the world#39;s first cities.本周我们追寻了人类农耕时代与定居生活的开始。在下期节目中,我们将继续探讨随之而产生的世界第一座城市。 Article/201405/297974

It has the strength to rip open the flowers#39; outer casing它为了吃花蜜and gets its reward of nectar.一把撕开花壳At the same time, it exposes the delicate stamens to waiting insects.同时苦候多时的昆虫 也终于等到雄蕊见天日的一刻With luck, there#39;s enough time for pollination幸运的话 可以赶在寒风冻死花朵前before the biting wind kills the flowers.完成授粉For some plants, the relationship with their pollinators is not collaborative,某些植物 和授粉昆虫间的关系不是合作it#39;s war.而是战争Butterflies, and in such numbers,这么多蝴蝶对任何花朵来说would seem to be perfect pollinators for any flower.应该都是最理想的授粉者The Sandhill milkweed blooms every spring in the sandy meadows of Florida.佛罗里达沙地草原的马利筋 在春天开花It times its flowering perfectly to match the arrival开花的时机正好碰上of Monarch butterflies migrating here from Mexico.大批从墨西哥 迁徙来此的帝王斑蝶The Monarchs search out milkweed plants,帝王斑蝶找上马利筋的原因but they have something other than pollination on their minds.并不是授粉Rather than collect pollen, this female lays her eggs on the milkweed leaf.这只雌蝶不收集花粉 而是在马利筋的叶片上产卵This is the only plant the caterpillars can eat.因为这是毛虫唯一能吃的植物 Article/201311/263351




  Jon Stewart采访嘉宾谈白宫里的奴隶。美国8个早期的总统在白宫期间都有奴隶,这些建国之父们在美国《独立宣言》和《宪法》中都写下了“人人生而平等”这句话,是从心里认为是“白人生而平等”呢,还是立下了实现“人人生而平等”的目标? Article/201312/270577Tracy Morgan Fights for His Life After Car AccidentThe comedian is in critical condition after being hit by a Walmart truck.Comedian Tracy Morgan still in critical condition this morning, fighting for his life at New Jersey hospital, the trucker who caused the deadly crash is expected in court later this morning, and A#39;s J is outside the hospital in New Brownswick, New Jersey, good morning JM.Good morning to you, Robin, right now police are telling A news that the preliminary belief is that the trucker dosed off right before the crash.Kevin R the man who police say slammed a Walmart big rig into Tracy Morgan#39;s limo is said to meet a judge today for the first time after that horrific middle of the night crash Saturday morning on the New Jersey turnpike. Morgan and three others are still in critical condition right now, the comedian recovering from a broken leg, femur, nose and several ribs, his rep telling A news the 30 rock star is more responsive, Morgan#39;s driver recounting the frightening moment.felt like an explosion, I just remember the impact and the vehicle going by, seeing a little bit of the Walmart truck go by, we didn#39;t know which way was up, which way was down.The limo driver kicking the window out to get help.I climbed around and heard Tracy screaming for help, but I couldn#39;t reach them and pull them.Police say 35 year old R ran this truck into Morgan#39;s limo bus. Morgan and six others on their way back to New York from a stand up comedy show in Delaware, sources say the truck swerved to avoid the limo, but instead hit it, causing the limo to loose control, slammed into other cars and over turned.Morgan#39;s long time writing partner, James M died at the scene. R turned himself in after the crash, charged with one count of death by auto, and four counts of assault by auto, Walmart has placed him on administrative leave and promised to take full responsibility if the accident was indeed caused by their company#39;s driver.And Morgan right now still in critical condition as we said, we#39;re also told he had surgery on his leg Sunday, but he could be here for several weeks. /201406/306777

  Now, many miles from their natural home,现在 家乡已在数英里之外and in response to an unknown cue,或许是收到某种未知的信号they stop and begin to circle.他们停下来开始围成一圈Other marine fish that migrate upriver其他海洋鱼类逆流而上usually do so in order to breed,通常是为了繁殖后代but there#39;s no evidence that these kingfish spawn up here.但没有迹象表明无鳔石首鱼在淡水河中产卵Neither do they hunt.他们也不是来捕食的So what are they doing?他们究竟在干什么In truth, the purpose of this strange behaviour is still unknown.事实上这种怪异行为的目的至今不为人知Within a few weeks,几个星期之后they will retrace their journey back to the ocean.他们会沿着来路返回大海The lives of kingfish,无鳔石首鱼的生活like those of turtles and butterflies and pelicans,与海龟 蝴蝶和鹈鹕一样are influenced by the Agulhas Current.都受到厄加勒斯洋流的影响 Article/201404/284771

  Bruce Lee#39;s philosophy is still being picked up and taught by people around the world.如今全世界仍然有人在学习和教授李小龙的哲学Shi Fu Shi Yan Ming is a 34th generation Shaolin monk who defected from China to the U.S. in 1992.and opened up a Shaolin Temple in Manhattan.少林寺第34代弟子释延明师傅 于1992年逃离中国来投靠美国,并在曼哈顿开设了少林寺。He teaches Chan Philosophy also known as action meditation.Tell you about Bruce#39;s philosophy.His philosophy was fantastic, just like...他教授禅学 也就是禅修,告诉你李小龙的哲学他的哲学极好,就像...I#39;m teaching the Chan Buddhism, Chan C-H-A-N, Buddhism, the philosophy knowledge.Nothing can be everything. Everything can be nothing.我教禅宗 英文是C-H-A-N 禅宗 指的是哲学知识,虚无皆万物 万物亦虚无。Sifu Shi Yang Ming credits Bruce Lee has being the main influence on his life and believes he should be recognized as one of the world#39;s great philosophers.释延明师傅表示 李小龙对自己的人生起了主要影响,并认为他应该可以说是世界上最伟大的哲学家之一。Bruce was authentic martial artist, also he was a philosopher.If he wasn#39;t great martial artist,he will be the greatest philosopher without a question.李小龙是真正的武术家 他同时也是一名哲学家,如果他不是著名的武术,毋庸置疑 他就会是最伟大的哲学家。I the Bible and the Koran sometime.It mentioned that there are major prophets and there are minor prophets.我有时会读读;圣经;和;可兰经;,上面有提到世间有主要和次要先知。The major prophets we all know... Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed I believe that Bruce Lee was a minor prophet, you know man.我们都知道 主要先知有... 西 耶稣 亚伯拉罕 默罕默德,我认为李小龙是位次要先知 懂吗?Because what he brought to martial arts, what he brought to American society.What he brought to the Asian culture in the American society to be accepted by all people.因为他对武术 对美国社会的影响,因为他将亚洲文化带到美国社会 并让所有人都接受。It is something that prophet do.这正是先知所做的 Article/201401/273023

  The story of our bulging waistlines我们腰围的暴涨actually has its roots in another battle -实际源于另一场战争ironically, one driven by a lack of food.讽刺的是 这场战争是因食物缺乏引起的Hunger is always with us.饥饿始终伴随着我们From the dawn of time, poverty has been the destiny of man.从古至今 贫困一直是人类的命运Man everywhere scratched an uneasy living from an unyielding soil.人们耕耘着贫瘠的土地挣扎求生Disease and death, famine and plague疾病与死亡 饥荒和瘟疫were the natural order of things.都是自然规律使然Through the course of the 20th century,纵观二十世纪的百年历程a rapidly expanding population人口的快速激增meant there were an ever-increasing number of mouths to feed.意味着越来越多的人嗷嗷待哺Today it#39;s hard to imagine, but in Europe people今天这很难想象 但直到二战were still suffering from diseases of malnutrition欧洲仍然有人饱受营养不良导致的疾病like scurvy and rickets right up to the Second World War.例如坏血病及软骨病Well, the war is over,虽然战争结束了 but peace hasn#39;t brought back the plenty.但和平没有带来物质上的充裕Food is still Europe#39;s top-priority problem.食物短缺仍是欧洲现今的当务之急 Article/201306/242407。

  如今的数学教学是期望学生擅长于由数字堆砌的功课,这剥夺了孩子们更重要的解决问题的能力。在TEDxNYED,达恩·迈尔展示了基于课堂测试的数学练习,他鼓励学生停下来,并想一想。 Article/201309/256692

  本集将选取生活在中国境内截然不同的地理环境(如海洋,草原,山林,盆地,湖泊)中的具有代表性的个人、家庭和群落为故事主角,以及由于自然环境的巨大差异(如干旱,潮湿,酷热,严寒)所带来的截然不同的饮食习惯和生活方式为故事背景,展现大自然是以怎样不同的方式赋予中国人食物,我们又是如何与自然和谐相处,从而了解在世代相传的传统生活方式中,通过各种不同的途径获取食物的故事。美食中英对照烤松茸:roasted matsutake油焖春笋:braised bamboo shoot莲藕排骨汤:lotus root and rib soup 酸辣藕丁:hot and sour lotus root炸藕夹:deep-fried lotus root sandwich 鱼头泡饼:b soaked in fish head soup香煎马鲛鱼:decocted mackerel酸菜鱼:boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili Article/201307/246223

  Kicking stones only provokes the snake.踢石子只会激怒这条蛇Rattlesnakes sense prey by the heat they give off响尾蛇透过体温感应猎物and the squirrel is able to take advantage of this.地松鼠可以利用这点She heats up her tail with warm blood.它以温暖血液加热尾巴Waving it at the snake is a threat.对着蛇摇尾巴表示威胁It makes her look much larger than she is.这让它看起来变得更大And the scent of rattler on her fluffed tail它的毛茸茸尾巴 发出的响尾蛇气味intimidates the snake.也恫吓住这条蛇It decides to retreat.这条蛇决定撤退The mother decides this part of the neighbourhood is too dangerous,母地松鼠认为社区的这里太危险and moves her young to new quarters.于是带孩子搬到新家With luck, this may be a safer place to raise a family.幸运的话,这里或许 能让孩子更安全长大 Article/201309/258528

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