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  • The Best Valentine Gifts for a Boyfriend给男朋友最好的情人节礼物Girls of all ages try to find the best Valentine#39;s Day gifts for their boyfriends. Valentine#39;s Day is a special day dedicated for lovers to let their significant others know how much they are loved and appreciated. Finding the best gift for a boyfriend depends on your relationship, his interests and your budget.所有女孩都希望送最好的情人节礼物给男朋友。情人节是恋人间的特殊节日,他们在这一天互诉爱意与倾慕。要给男朋友最好的礼物,还得看你俩的关系如何、他的喜好怎样、你的预算又有多少。1. Electronics电子产品Most guys will appreciate electronics, which you can purchase on any budget. For an inexpensive gift, purchase him his favorite movie on DVD or a CD he wants to buy. For a more expensive gift, an MP3 player makes an ideal gift. If he aly has an MP3 player, purchase a gift card for him to download music and movies.大部分男生都喜欢电子产品,而且有各种价位的电子产品供你挑选。便宜一点的话,可以选他最喜欢的影碟或一张CD。贵一点的选MP3就不错。如果他已经有MP3,那就送他一张可以下载电影和音乐的礼券吧。2. Entertainment Tickets门票Most guys love going to concerts or sporting events. Find one of these events taking place locally and within the next month or two. Give him two tickets wrapped in a small gift box. Guys love receiving tickets for events.多数男生喜欢音乐会或运动比赛。看看最近一两个月附近有没有这类活动,然后买两张票用礼品盒包起来,他肯定会很开心!3. Personal Gifts个性化礼物If you#39;re on a tight budget but want to give a personal gift, try writing him a romantic letter, poem or song. He will treasure this inexpensive gift because it demonstrates your love for him. Wrap the letter in a decorative box or envelope before giving it to him.如果你手头有点紧,却又希望能送他一点特别的礼物,可以试着写封爱意绵绵的信、一首诗或一歌。这种不算昂贵的礼物也能打动他的心,因为它们蕴含了你对他的爱意。记得送出礼物前要用漂亮的盒子或信封包装一下哦。4. Traditional Gifts传统型礼物Valentine#39;s Day is a day when men have received traditional gifts for years. Items such as cologne, watches and chocolates are traditional yet appreciated gifts. If you plan to give a gift like this and want to make it more personal, have the watch engraved or include a poem or handmade coupon good for a particular item or service. The coupon may , ;Good for one full-body massage.; The guy can then redeem it whenever he would like.男人们历来会在情人节收到传统礼物,像古龙香水、手表以及巧克力等,虽然传统却也还不错。如果你打算送这样的礼物,可又希望能再特别一点,可以在手表上刻字、附一首小诗、自制某个特别物品或务的礼券,礼券可以写上“全身、神清气爽”等,男朋友啥时候想享受务就可以拿礼券来换喽!5. Sports-Themed Gifts运动型礼物Many men have that one favorite sporting team they continuously follow. You can#39;t go wrong purchasing a gift with that sporting team#39;s logo or them. Most sports team sell a variety of team-themed items including apparel, hats, blankets and mugs.很多男人都有一最喜欢的球队,是他们的铁杆粉丝。如果你送他跟他最爱球队有关的礼物,肯定错不了。大部分球队都出售各种运动类产品,比如衣、帽子、毯子以及杯子等等。 /201303/230342。
  • Sometimes, more than the skirt or the blazer, it’s the accessories that make dressing up so much fun. They are like the sprinkles on the ice-cream scoop of your outfit, the little touches of joy that you can dabble with to spice up an old favorite or that boring but useful blouse.很多时候,穿衣打扮之所以乐趣十足,并非只是因为一条短裙或是一件运动夹克那么简单,而更多的在于配饰。配饰之于装,就好比糖屑之于冰淇淋球一样,这样俏皮的小点缀让你有机会重拾衣橱旧爱或是那些单调却实用的上衣。But before you invest any money in interesting pieces, meet the accessories that are defining this season.在花钱购买一些有趣的配饰之前,先来领略一下本季潮流配饰的风采吧!Luxe cuff华丽手镯Nothing injects a more opulent vibe into your look than a bold piece of luxe cuff. Strong and sophisticated, the arm candy is heavily inspired by the fashion statements of Egypt’s last pharaoh Cleopatra, also known as “Queen of the Nile”.没什么能比一只抓人眼球的华丽手镯更能提升你整体着装的奢华感了。个性鲜明却不失精致,这种首饰的设计灵感很大程度上来自于最后一个埃及法老——“埃及艳后”克丽奥佩托拉的时尚主张。This season’s luxe cuffs ― featured on the runways of designer brands like Lanvin, Hermes, Chloe and Celine ― range from sleek, oversized bangles in bronze, silver and gold, to leather pieces that blend studs, rivets and rhinestones.本季的华丽手镯登上了浪凡、爱马仕、克洛伊和赛琳等设计品牌的T台,样式从奢华且夸张的青铜、银质或金质手镯到装饰了铆钉、水钻的皮质手镯不一而足。But if it’s the luxe cuff that you wish to sport, make sure you keep the rest of your getup down.但如果想要突出的是华丽手镯,记得让着装的其他部分低调起来。Bib necklace围嘴项链Just when you thought your bib-wearing days were over, one of the hottest trends in accessories comes in the form of bib necklaces.正当你以为戴围嘴的日子一去不复返时,围嘴项链竟然成为时下最炙手可热的配饰潮流之一。The origin of this big, dramatic necklace ― generally made of multiple layers of stepped pearls, stones or metals ― is believed to date back to the days of ancient Egypt. Elizabeth Taylor, who played the famous Egyptian queen in Cleopatra, sports such a necklace in the 1963 movie.这种外形夸张却光夺目的项链据说起源于古埃及,通常由珍珠、宝石和金属材料层叠而成。在1963年的电影《埃及艳后》中,饰演克丽奥佩托拉的伊丽莎白?泰勒就曾展示过这款项链。The trend has been growing over the last few years, but it quickly gained popularity after Dior and Lanvin used these bold, statement-making pieces in their 2013 spring/summer collections.这一潮流在过去几年间日益风行起来,而在迪奥和浪凡分别在各自的2013年春夏系列中使用了这种个性鲜明且吸人眼球的配饰后,它的人气一路飙升。Dudette cap男朋友帽It looks like we’re driving our boyfriends crazy ―after stealing their jeans and blazers, we’re now taking their caps, too.似乎我们快要把男朋友们逼疯了——在偷走他们的牛仔裤和西装外套之后,我们要对他们的帽子下手了。Some people call it the baseball cap, while the punk crowd call it the dudette cap. Regardless of its name, the cap is leaving a mark on this season’s accessory trends with its effortless sense of cool. The spring runways made use of caps to style everything from leather ensembles to flirty dresses.有人称之为棒球帽,玩朋克的人称它为鸭舌帽。不管叫什么,这种帽子凭借其轻松扮酷的特点而在本季配饰潮流中占得一席之地。在今年春季T台上,从皮装到长裙,这种帽子堪称百搭。For lazy days, the dudette cap is a nifty way to up the style factor of even the plainest white tee and denim shorts combo.慵懒的日子里,一顶男朋友帽便可以把简单的白T配牛仔短裤变得更具时尚风格。Oversized earrings超大耳环One of the biggest accessory trends of this season is oversized earrings. Supersized gold and silver hoops reminiscent of the 1980s, feathered and fringed earrings with old Hollywood glamour, and vibrant ones crafted with multicolored beads ― these are among the best choices for this season.本季配饰的另一大流行趋势便是超大耳环。超大号的黄金或银质耳环让人想起上世纪八十年代,带有好莱坞复古风格的羽毛、流苏耳环,还有活力四射的珠耳环——这些都是本季的上上之选。So don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your earrings. But do remember to choose lighter ones that don’t stretch your earlobes to avoid harming your ears.别担心耳环太大、太夸张。但记得选轻盈一些的耳环,以免过度拉扯耳垂伤到耳朵。 /201305/240216。
  • You may not need a gym membership if you can pass these everyday health tests. See how many you can answer ;yes; to.如果你能通过下面这些每日健康测试,你也许就不需要办健身卡了。看看这10个问题你有多少能回答“是”。Do you: Feel energized 14 hours after waking up? (If you woke up at 7 a.m., you should still feel awake and active at 9 p.m.).你能否:起床后14小时依然感觉精力充沛?(如果你早晨7点起床,到了晚上9点你应该依然感觉清醒而且有活力。)Exercise is a known energy booster, and if you feel completely zonked at the end of the day, chances are an overly sedentary lifestyle is at least partly to blame. One large study, which analyzed 70 papers on exercise and fatigue that involved more than 6,800 people, found that sedentary people who followed a regular exercise program had less fatigue than people who didn’t work out, according to WebMD.锻炼是提升精力的好办法,如果你在一天结束时感到筋疲力尽,那么过于久坐的生活方式至少是元凶之一。美国健康信息务公司WebMD进行的一份长达70页的大型调查,研究了超过6800人的运动和疲劳情况。调查表明,那些久坐的人如果进行规律锻炼,他们的疲劳感会比那些不锻炼的人要低。 /201307/249768。
  • Tabbouleh塔勒色拉35 minutes制作时间35分钟bulghar wheat 120g, spring onions 3, finely sliced, cherry tomatoes 200g, halved or quartered, mint leaves 2 big bunches, chopped, parsley leaves 1 bunch, chopped, lemons 2, zest and juice, olive oil, little gem lettuces to serve小麦粉120克 小洋葱3个,切片 小番茄200克,分成两半或切为四片 薄荷叶2把,切碎 西芹叶1把,切碎 柠檬2个,榨汁 橄榄油 嫩生菜叶Soak the bulghar in boiling water for 30 minutes – cover with a couple of centimetres of water. When it is soft, rinse it in cold water and drain well.小麦浸入开水30分钟- 水面留下2厘米高。当小麦变软时,用冷水清洗,然后晾干。Mix the bulghar with the spring onions, cherry tomatoes, mint and parsley. Stir in the lemon zest and juice, season well and add a good slug of oil. Pile the tabbouleh on to a platter and serve with little gem lettuce leaves around the edge to use as scoops. Serves 4把小洋葱,小番茄,薄荷叶和西芹叶与小麦混合。加入柠檬汁煎炒,加入调料和橄榄油。把塔勒色拉放入浅盘,在周围加入少量生菜叶。4人份。Classic tabbouleh has a good proportion of herbs to bulghar wheat, so make sure you get decent-sized bunches.经典的塔勒色拉除了小麦以外,还会添加大量草本,因此要确认你准备了足量的草本原料。 /201302/226162。
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