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2019年10月15日 10:15:42

Im going to make an argument today我今天要提出一个新思想,that may seem a little bit crazy:它听上去有一点儿疯狂:social media and the end of gender.社交传媒和性别消失。Let me connect the dots.让我把这两件事情联系起来。Im going to argue today我今天要讲的是that the social media applications那些我们从了解到喜爱,又从喜爱到痛恨的that we all know and love, or love to hate,社交传媒are actually going to help free us其实在帮助我们from some of the absurd assumptions从社会中有关性别的that we have as a society about gender.一些荒谬假设中摆脱出来。I think that social media我认为社交传媒is actually going to help us dismantle正在帮我们消除some of the silly and demeaning stereotypes这些愚蠢和带有贬低的关于性别的刻板印象that we see in media and advertising我们在媒体和广告中都能看到about gender.这些关于性别的陈规。If you hadnt noticed,如果你还没注意到,our media climate generally provides我们的媒体常常制造a very distorted mirror有关我们生活和我们性别的of our lives and of our gender,一个非常歪曲的镜像。and I think thats going to change.我认为这应该改变。Now most media companies --现在多数媒体公司--television, radio, publishing, games, you name it --电视,电台,出版社,游戏,你能讲得上名字的媒体 --they use very rigid segmentation methods他们使用非常刻板的细分方法in order to understand their audiences.来了解他们的观众。Its old-school demographics.这是老派的人口统计学。They come up with these very restrictive labels to define us.他们想出这些非常带有限制性的标签来定义我们。Now the crazy thing最疯狂的是is that media companies believe媒体公司相信that if you fall within a certain demographic category如果你属于某种统计类别then you are predictable in certain ways --他们就可以按某种方式来预测你(的行为)。you have certain taste,你就会有某种口味,that you like certain things.你就会喜欢某些特别的东西。And so the bizarre result of this所以这奇怪的结果是is that most of our popular culture我们最受欢迎的文化is actually based on these presumptions是建立在这些about our demographics.有关统计的假象上。Age demographics:年龄统计学说:the 18 to 49 demo从18岁到49岁的人,has had a huge impact对我国on all mass media programming in this country自从1960年代起所有大众媒体since the 1960s,的节目安排有一个巨大影响力,when the baby boomers were still young.也就是当婴儿潮一代人还年轻时。Now theyve aged out of that demographic,现在他们已经过了那人口统计年龄段,but its still the case但这还有个例子that powerful ratings companies like Nielson像Nielson这样评级优秀的公司dont even take into account把年龄段viewers of television shows over age 54.超过54岁的电视用户没有考虑在内。In our media environment,在我们媒体环境中,its as if they dont even exist.这就好比他们不存在似的。Now, if you watch ;Mad Men,; like I do --假如你和我一样看“MadMen广告狂人” --its a popular TV show in the States --这是在美国的一个流行电视节目 --Dr. Faye Miller does something called psychographics,士费伊·米勒研究所谓的消费心态学,which first came about in the 1960s,它在1960年代第一次出现,where you create these complex psychological profiles用来描绘消费者的of consumers.复杂的心理概况。But psychographics really havent had a huge impact on the media business.但是消费心态学对媒体行业却没有多大的影响力。Its really just been basic demographics.它仅是基础的人口统计。So Im at the Norman Lear Center at USC,我在南加州大学诺曼·李尔中心,and weve done a lot of research over the last seven, eight years在过去七八年,我们做了很多on demographics关于人口统计学的研究and how they affect media and entertainment以及在我国和全球范围内in this country and abroad.人口统计学是如何影响媒体和界的。And in the last three years,在过去三年weve been looking specifically at social media to see what has changed,我们一直仔细观察社交传媒,看它如何变化。and weve discovered some very interesting things.我们发现一些非常有趣的事。All the people who participate in social media networks参与社交传媒网的所有人belong to the same old demographic categories都能被归入以前旧的人口统计学里的种类that media companies and advertisers那些媒体公司和广告商们have used in order to understand them.以前用来了解人们的统计种类。But those categories mean even less now但是这些旧的统计分类和以前相比,than they did before,简直无足轻重。because with online networking tools,因为有了在线网络工具,its much easier for us要跳出to escape some of our demographic boxes.旧的人口统计的陈规变得容易多了。201510/405525重庆韩式飘眉哪家医院好北碚区彩光祛痘多少钱On November 5th, 1990, a man named El-Sayyid Nosair walked into a hotel in Manhattan and assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, the leader of the Jewish Defense League. Nosair was initially found not guilty of the murder, but while serving time on lesser charges, he and other men began planning attacks on a dozen New York City landmarks, including tunnels, synagogues and the ed Nations headquarters. Thankfully, those plans were foiled by an FBI informant. Sadly, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was not. Nosair would eventually be convicted for his involvement in the plot. El-Sayyid Nosair is my father.1990 年11月5日,一位名叫埃尔·塞伊德·诺塞尔的男子走入曼哈顿的一间宾馆刺杀了拉比梅厄·卡赫纳,犹太防卫联盟的首领。诺塞尔一开始并未被指认参与谋杀,但当他因小事入狱刑期间,他和一些人开始计划袭击纽约市的一些地标,包括隧道,犹太教会堂和联合国总部。谢天谢地,这些计划被美国联邦调查局的线人挫败了。不幸的是,1993年世贸中心的那场爆炸袭击却发生了。诺塞尔最终被指控参与这场犯罪谋划。埃尔·塞伊德·诺塞尔是我的父亲。I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1983 to him, an Egyptian engineer, and a loving American mother and grade school teacher, who together tried their best to create a happy childhood for me. It wasnt until I was seven years old that our family dynamic started to change. My father exposed me to a side of Islam that few people, including the majority of Muslims, get to see. Its been my experience that when people take the time to interact with one another, it doesnt take long to realize that for the most part, we all want the same things out of life. However, in every religion, in every population, youll find a small percentage of people who hold so fervently to their beliefs that they feel they must use any means necessary to make others live as they do.我1983年出生在宾夕法尼亚州的匹兹堡,我的父亲是一位埃及裔工程师,我有个爱我的美国母亲,她是一名小学老师,他们尽最大的努力为给我创造出欢乐的童年。直到我7岁的时候家庭氛围开始出现了变化。我的父亲让我接触伊斯兰的一 很少人见过,包括大部分的穆斯林,都没见过的一个派别。我的人生经验告诉我 人们与彼此相处,很快就意识到,很大程度上人们对生活有着相同的追求。然而,所有宗教,所有群体,你总能看到一小部分人对他们的信仰太过狂热,以至于认为他们应该用各种方法让其他人和他们过同样的生活。A few months prior to his arrest, he sat me down and explained that for the past few weekends, he and some friends had been going to a shooting range on Long Island for target practice. He told me Id be going with him the next morning. We arrived at Calverton Shooting Range, which unbeknownst to our group was being watched by the FBI. When it was my turn to shoot, my father helped me hold the rifle to my shoulder and explained how to aim at the target about 30 yards off. That day, the last bullet I shot hit the small orange light that sat on top of the target and to everyones surprise, especially mine, the entire target burst into flames. My uncle turned to the other men, and in Arabic said, ;Ibn abuh.; Like father, like son. They all seemed to get a really big laugh out of that comment, but it wasnt until a few years later that I fully understood what they thought was so funny. They thought they saw in me the same destruction my father was capable of. Those men would eventually be convicted of placing a van filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives into the sub-level parking lot of the World Trade Centers North Tower, causing an explosion that killed six people and injured over 1,000 others. These were the men I looked up to. These were the men I called ammu, which means uncle.在他被捕前的几个月,他和我坐着聊天解释到在过去的几个周末,他和他的一些朋友在长岛(美国纽约州东南部岛屿)进行目标射击训练。他让我第二天一早和他一起去。我们来到凯佛顿射击场,我们并不知道自己已经被联邦调查局监视了。轮到我射击的时候,我的父亲帮我扶住肩膀上的来福,并教导我如何瞄准30码处的目标。那天,我射出的最后一颗子弹 打中了目标顶上的橙色亮光,所有人都惊呆了,尤其是我,整个目标版燃烧了。我的叔叔转向旁边的人,用阿拉伯语说到,“Ibn abuh”—— 虎父无犬子。他们当场开怀大笑起来,几年后我才了解他们大笑的原因,他们以为我和我的父亲有着同样的摧毁能力。这群男人最终被指控将满载1500 磅重的炸弹的厢式货车停在世界贸易中心北塔的地下停车场,爆炸造成6人死亡,同时致使超过1000人受伤。这些是我曾经敬仰的人。这些是我曾经称呼其为ammu,意为叔叔的人。201409/328602So, when I came back to make my next movie, which was ;Avatar;, I tried to apply that same principle of leadership which is that you respect your team, and you earn their respect in return. And it really changed the dynamic. So, here I was again with a small team, and you know, in Uncharted territory doing ;Avatar;, coming up with new technology that didnt exist before. Tremendously exciting. Tremendously challenging. And we became a family, over a four and half year period. And it completely changed how I do movies. So, people have commented on how, well, you know, you brought back the ocean organisms and put them on the planet of Pandora. To me it was more of a fundamental way of doing business, the process itself, that changed as a reslt of that.所以,当我开始拍摄我的下一部电影《阿凡达》时,我试着将这种互相尊重的领导力原则应用在电影拍摄中。很快情况就改变了。在《阿凡达》拍摄过程中,我的团队也很小,你知道,也在未知领地拍摄《阿凡达》,创造新的科技。这非常有意思,非常有挑战性。四年半的时间里,我们成为了一个家庭。这完全改变了我拍电影的方式。有文章说,卡梅隆把海底的一些生物放到了潘多拉星球上。对于我来说,这只是做事情的基本方式,这个过程本身改变了事情的结果。So, what can we synthesize out of all this? You know, what are the lessons learned? Well, I think number one is curiosity. Its the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world. I have young film makers come up to me and say, you know, ;Give some advice for doing this.; And I say, ;Dot put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you, dont do it to yourself, dont bet against yourself and take risks.;最后,总结一下,我学到了什么?我觉得第一:好奇心,这是你拥有的最有力量的东西;第二:想象力,这是你创造现实的力量;第三:对团队的尊重,这是比世界上其他所有荣誉都更重要的东西。你知道,有年轻的电影制作人过来跟我说:“给我一些拍电影的建议吧”。我回答说:“不要给自己加上限制。其他人会替你这么做,不用自己这么做,不要拿自己下赌注。不要冒险。”NASA has this phrase that they like: ;Failure is not an option.; But failure has to be an option in art and in exploration, because its a leap of faith. And no important endeavor that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. So, thats the thought I would leave you with, is that in whatever youre doing, failure is an option, but fear is not.美国国家航空航天局有这样的警句:“失败并不是一种选择”。但是失败,在艺术上、在探险上肯定是一种选择,因为这是信仰的飞跃。任何需要革新的重要努力都需要冒险。你必须愿意承担这些冒险。所以,这是我想给你的想法,不管你做什么,失败是一个选项,但畏惧不是。Thank you.谢谢! /201311/263797自贡祛痣多少钱

内江去眼袋价格重庆星宸整形美容医院祛疤好吗Adam Ostrow: Hello.亚当·奥斯丘:你好。Death: Adam?死神:亚当?AO: Yeah.亚当:是。Death: Death can catch you anywhere, anytime,死神:死神可以在任何时间,任何地点抓到你,even at the Organic.甚至在你还是有机体的时候。AO: Who is this?亚当:你是谁?Death: Go to ifidie.net死神:去如果我死了.netbefore its too late.在一切都太迟以前。Adam Ostrow: Kind of creepy, right?亚当·奥斯丘:有点吓人,对吧?So what that service does, quite simply,这种务,其实很简单,is let you create a message or a 就是让你准备一条信息或一段视频,that can be posted to Facebook after you die.它们会在你死后被发布在脸书上。Another service right now最近的另一种务,is called 1,000 Memories.叫做1000个回忆。And what this lets you do is create an online tribute to your loved ones,这种务可以让你创造一种在线的称赞给你的亲友们,complete with photos and s and stories他们可以在你去世后,that they can post after you die.发布照片、视频、和你们之间的故事。But what I think comes next is far more interesting.但是我认为下面的这个例子要有趣的多。Now a lot of you are probably familiar with Deb Roy现在,你们中的很多人可能都很熟悉戴·罗伊who, back in March,他在3月份的演讲中,demonstrated how he was able to analyze more than 90,000 hours of home .演示了他是如何那长于9万小时的家庭录影。I think as machines ability我想既然机器有能力to understand human language and process vast amounts of data去理解人类的语言,并处理大量的数据,continues to improve,如果持续地改进,its going to become possible很有可能,它们将可以to analyze an entire lifes worth of content --一个人的一生--the Tweets, the photos, the s, the blog posts --微,照片,视频,客--that were producing in such massive numbers.所有我们产生的,大量的信息。And I think as that happens,并且我认为,如果那真的发生了,its going to become possible for our digital personas我们的数码角色就很有可能to continue to interact in the real world long after were gone在我们离开很久之后持续地与现实世界中的我们互动。thanks to the vastness of the amount of content were creating这要归功于我们创造的大量的内容and technologys ability to make sense of it all.和科技的力量,让它们得以付诸实践。Now were aly starting to see some experiments here.现在,我们已经开始着手一些实验。One service called My Next Tweet其中一个务叫做”我的下一条微“,analyzes your entire Twitter stream, everything youve posted onto Twitter,分析你的整个微档案,所有你在微上发布的信息,to make some predictions as to what you might say next.去预测你接下来会说什么。Well right now, as you can see,现在,正如你看到的,the results can be somewhat comical.结果会有点滑稽。You can imagine what something like this might look like你可以想象这样的事物在5年、10年,或者20年后five, 10 or 20 years from now会看起来怎样,as our technical capabilities improve.基于我们的科技能力在不断提升。Taking it a step further,进一步地说,MITs media lab is working on robots麻省理工的媒体实验室正忙于研究that can interact more like humans.能更像人类那样互动的机器人。But what if those robots were able to interact但是如果这些机器人能够正常互动,based on the unique characteristics of a specific person基于具体个人的独特个性,based on the hundreds of thousands of pieces of content基于人一生中创造的千千万万条的内容,that person produces in their lifetime?那将会怎样?Finally, think back to this famous scene最后,让我们的思绪回到这个著名的一幕,from election night 20082008年的选举之夜,back in the ed States,在美国,where CNN beamed a live hologramCNN发送了一张嘻哈歌手”我是威尔“的of hip hop artist will.i.am into their studio现场全息图去他们的演播室,for an interview with Anderson Cooper.那是为安德森·库珀的采访准备的。What if we were able to use that same type of technology如果我们可以用同样的科技to beam a representation of our loved ones into our living rooms --发送一个我们亲人的重现影像到我们的客厅,interacting in a very lifelike way非常逼真地互动,based on all the content they created while they were alive?基于他们活着时候创造的内容,那将会怎样?I think thats going to become completely possible我认为这是完全有可能的,as the amount of data were producing因为我们使用的数据流量and technologys ability to understand it和科技对其认知的能力,both expand exponentially.都在成倍地增长。Now in closing, I think what we all need to be thinking about在结束之际,我认为我们都需要思考的是,is if we want that to become our reality --我们是否想要此成为现实,and if so,如果是,what it means for a definition of life and everything that comes after it.它对生命的定义,以及随之而来的一切事物,又意味着什么?Thank you very much.非常感谢。201508/389782重庆星辰是国有的吗Good morning. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. Thanks so much. Thankyou, Penny, for an extraordinary introduction. And based on that introduction,I accept the nomination. (Laughter.) I’m totally kidding. I’m out of that now;I’m out of that now.I’ll tell you, I – about a coupleof months – I mean, before I was offered the job of being Secretary of State, Iwas still, obviously, serving in the ed States Senate. And I was walkingthrough an airport one day, and this fellow – you notice when people have thatsense of recognition. And he points at me, and he says, “Hey, you, hey you,anybody tell you you look like that Kerry guy who we sent down to Washington?”(Laughter.) And I say, “Oh, they tell me that all the time.” He says, “Kind ofmakes you mad, don’t it?” (Laughter.) So I’m very happy to be out of theelectoral process, folks. (Laughter.) It’s just fine by me.I’m really happy to be here andI’m very, very honored to be introduced by Penny, who is a good friend. She wasvery involved with me in 2004 when I ran for President. I’m just so thrilledshe is now our Commerce Secretary, and I’m very grateful for the effort and theenergy that’s gone into making this first ever summit such a success. No onewho knows Penny is going to be surprised by that, because everything that Pennyhas done – in business, in philanthropy, in public service – has always been asuccess. And those of you who know her know that she is really a dynamic CEO inher own right, and you can feel the energy and the leadership that she isaly bringing to the Commerce Department. She’s a fabulous partner and I’mthrilled by it; very, very happy to have her there.And I was with her, and she said– I heard her in the introduction talk about being in Kuala Lumpur together,and we had a chance to go out and break b together. And we were chatting,and she was reminding me of the story of her dad who started the familybusiness with one motel out in Los Angeles. And she kind of lived in the motel,and then she went up to San Francisco, and boom, it grew to six. And noweverybody knows what Hyatt Hotels Incorporation are – it’s a great Americanstory. It’s a great story of entrepreneurship, and we’re so proud of Penny andgrateful that she’s stepping back from the private sector to share with us thatexpertise and give us the energy and dynamics we need.Her leadership of SelectUSA isjust one of the reasons that this effort has the potential to grow our country,and to grow all of yours, for those of you who are here visiting from so manyother countries. And we welcome you here. The single biggest reason SelectUSAis going to make a difference is, frankly, all of you, a group of very capablebusiness leaders, people who are hungry, who understand the dynamics of themarketplace, who are ambitious in your business goals, and come here with avision from nearly 60 countries around the world and from all across the edStates.I said in my confirmationhearing, when I was selected to become Secretary of State – I said to theSenators, my former colleagues, that in many ways, foreign policy today iseconomic policy. And leaders in government need to understand that. There is asynergy and an importance to this relationship that cannot be denied.I think many of you are herebecause you understand this new marketplace that we’re all operating in –voracious, huge appetite. And very, very fast-moving. And we wanted you to comehere and SelectUSA is the umbrella that is hosting this event because webelieve deeply – we’re convinced, based on our dealings in the world, theexposure in the world, without arrogance, without chauvinism – that there is nobetter place in the world to invest than here in America. And there’s no bettertime to do it, in many ways, than right now, because some of the growth anddevelopment of the last few years has sort of equalized out in some places sothat manufacturing – as the Secretary said, the number of manufacturing jobshere now – we’re growing in manufacturing again because it’s competitive againfor a lot of different reasons.So make no mistake: As we lookahead to the major trends that are going to define this new age, the factorsthat will determine which countries thrive, as well as which businesses thrivein this competitive marketplace, I think it’s crystal clear that the edStates is going to continue, because it’s the nature and base of our economy,not because we’re somehow superior and somehow better. We just – the nature ofhow we have grown and where we’ve come from, from the Industrial Revolution allthe way through the 1990s and the tech explosion, and into where we are now. Wewill continue to lead the world in both innovation and education because of thenature of our universities, the structure, the number, and the openness withwhich they operate.And I believe also people willhave access here because we will continue to work hard to make sure that wehave the most qualified workers and one of the largest consumer markets in theworld. Again, I say, I don’t say any of this with one touch of arrogance. I sayit because that good news for America is also, in fact, good news for theworld. It is good news for you and your businesses. And you know the importanceof the American economy in terms of driving China’s economy and other economiesin the world, and their importance now to driving other economies in theirregions and elsewhere. And it’s a principal reason why I believe you ought toinvest here. It’s why President Obama is making attracting job-creatinginvestment a top priority at a level unlike any before.201412/350879重庆市肿瘤医院做整形美容手术安全吗

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