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超心疼!《三人行赵薇被古天乐狂抽耳光差点进医院 -- ::18 来源: 赵薇吐槽,在拍摄电影《三人行时,为了让镜头看起来更真实,她被古天乐狂抽耳光,差点进医院 In order to inject realism into her acting, Zhao Wei revealed that she suffered blood blisters on her face from being slapped by her "Three" co-star, Louis Koo.赵薇吐槽,在拍摄电影《三人行时,为了让镜头看起来更真实,她被古天乐狂抽耳光,脸都起血泡了As reported on Singtao Headline, the actress, who attended the premiere of the aementioned Johnnie To movie recently, stated that the incident happened during the filming of a scene, where Louis’ inspector character ced Zhao (who plays the doctor in the movie) to kill a patient during an operation.据星岛日报头条报道,赵薇在参加杜琪峰执导的新片《三人行首映式时曝料,在拍摄该片时,古天乐饰演的警察逼迫在片中饰演医生的赵薇在做手术时杀死一名病人Zhao said that her character refuses to kill her patient, which sparks the fury of the inspector. Louis then was required to slap her in the face five times. While it was five slaps on paper, the two stars had to redo the scenes five more times to get different camera angles.赵薇饰演的角色拒绝杀死病人,古天乐大怒,之后导演要求古天乐打赵薇五耳光尽管名义上是五下,但为了不同角度的拍摄,两位演员得重复很多次"He slapped me so hard that it began to swell. I had to put ice on my cheeks in between takes to prevent it from getting worse," said Zhao.她说,“古天乐下手这么狠,我的脸都肿了我不得不在脸颊敷上冰块,防止其恶化”However, Zhao said that she still asked Louis not to fake his slaps in order to get a real reaction.不过,赵薇说她仍要求古天乐不许作假,让场景更真实"After five slaps, Louis suddenly shouted "Stop filming!", and told me that I had a blood blister in the corner of my eye. The director saw it and postponed the shooting to tomorrow," she said.她说,“在打了五下之后,古天乐突然大叫‘停止拍摄’,并告诉我,我的眼角出现了一个血泡导演发现后暂停拍摄并延期到第二天再拍”tunately, the injury wasn’t serious, and Zhao quickly returned to filming the day after.幸运的是,伤口并不是很严重,赵薇第二天又迅速的投入拍摄"I made a joke to the scriptwriter that I should slap Louis as retaliation. When I got my script the next day, the scene was aly in. It was excellent!" Zhao laughed.“我跟编剧开玩笑说,被古仔打完之后,能写一场戏给我打回去吗?第二天当我拿到剧本时,真的有了这样一场戏这感觉真不错”Co-starring Wallace Chung, Lo Hoi Pang, and Timmy Hung, "Three" is currently showing in cinemas.除了赵薇古天乐外,钟汉良、卢海鹏和洪天明也联合主演了《三人行,当前正在各大院线热映中潼南区哪家医院脱毛好树懒其实没那么懒:背包客拍到做瑜伽的树懒 --31 ::1 来源:chinadaily 大家还记得疯狂动物城里那只慢得让人抓狂的三趾树懒“闪电”么?这只“左手右手全都是慢动作”的树懒成了网友心目中的最萌配角其实“闪电”的性格都是根据树懒的真实形象打造的树懒虽然有脚但是却不能走路,靠的是前肢拖动身体前行,所以可以想象它行动起来有多缓慢了据说树懒全速前进可以每秒移动6厘米,每7到天才到树下排便一次,其他时间都在树上一动不动,堪称世界上最懒的动物了但是日前有背包客在哥斯达黎加目击到了一只做瑜伽的树懒,这只热爱运动的树懒着实让人们大开眼界,也许树懒并没有我们想象的那么懒Sloths are famous being the laziest members of the animal kingdom, so one particularly sprightly member of the species caused quite a stir when it was spotted doing yoga on the side of the road in Costa Rica.人们都认为树懒是全天下最懒的动物,所以当几个背包客在哥斯达黎加某条马路边看到一只热爱运动的树懒时,大家都惊讶不已The animal was caught in a stretch pose by a couple of passing backpackers, who decided to join it a few moves.一对路过的背包客恰好目击了这只树懒正在做的拉伸运动,连忙抓拍了几张照片并决定跟着这只树懒大师做做运动,活动下筋骨Aussie backpacker Claudia Moser, 33, who's currently travelling through Central America with her British partner Anthony Pace, 30, were treated to the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experience when they spotted the sloth on the side of a road.图中的女子名叫克劳迪娅?莫泽,今年33岁,来自澳洲她跟来自英国的男友,30岁的安东尼?佩斯在中美洲旅行的时候在路边目睹了这幕前所未有的景象In what appears to be the sloth taking a moment to hold his gate pose - practiced by yogis around the world - Claudia couldn't resist mimicking the sloth in its moment of tranquility.不知道出于什么原因,这只树懒一直保持着这个瑜伽经典动作,惹得克劳迪娅也忍不住跟着模仿了起来The budding photographers were luckily armed with their cameras and captured this rare photo of the notoriously slow creature set amongst the lush green surrounds.而身为摄影新手的安东尼恰好随身携带了相机,于是他很幸运地捕捉到了这一难得一见的场景——平时一直被嘲笑懒惰的动物竟然在草丛中舒展身体Claudia, from Bondi, in Sydney, said: 'We were on a shuttle bus taking us from Moin to Cahuita, when our driver suddenly stopped and pointed out the sloth on the road.来自悉尼邦代的克劳迪娅说:“当时我们坐在一辆从穆因开往卡胡塔的班车上,突然,我们的司机把车停了下来指着那只树懒叫我们看”'I couldn't believe it when I spotted he was doing my favourite yoga pose. Sloths are supposed to be lazy.她说,“我简直不敢相信它竟然做着我平时最喜欢的瑜伽动作树懒不应该是很懒的么?”'I've been practicing yoga years, so I had to join the sloth on the grassy verge and get into position. It was so much fun.“我已经练瑜伽好多年了,于是我加入了树懒的行列,在草地上摆起了那个POSE,真的好搞笑啊”'We only had a few minutes as we had to continue on our journey and I was worried about the sloth's safety. But our driver assured us he was 0 percent safe.克劳迪娅表示,“因为行程问题,我们当时只有短短几分钟的停留时间,但我很担心这只树懒的安全,但我们的司机却向我们保说它是百分之百安全的”'Apparently they only come down from their tree every six to seven days to go to the toilet. I'm sure we will see more of them as we continue our travels, but I doubt any of them will be as sporty as this sprightly sloth. '“据说树懒每过6到7天才会从树上爬下来上厕所,我相信我们在接下来的旅途中应该可以看见更多的树懒,但我很怀疑还能不能找到运动细胞这么好的!”她说英文来源:每日邮报中文来源:煎蛋网审校#38;编辑:丹妮黔江区固体硅胶隆鼻价格你咋不上天:印度欲一天植树5000万棵! -- 3::3 来源: 开挂民族日植树5000万棵,欲破吉尼斯世界记录,这简直是要上天的节奏?! LUCKNOW, India (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of people in India’s most populous state jostled space Monday as they attempted to plant 50 million trees over hours in hopes of shattering the world record.勒克瑙,印度(美联社)——印度人口最多的北方邦,成千上万的人们都上赶着把周一这天腾出来,因为他们想在小时之内植树5000万棵,以期打破吉尼斯世界纪录Officials in Uttar Pradesh distributed millions of saplings to be planted across the state to help India’s efts to increase its est cover, and to get into Guinness World Records the most trees planted in a day. The current record is 87,75, set in Pakistan in .北方邦的官员分发了数百万的树苗来种植,横穿整个国家,以增加印度的森林覆盖面积,同时进入单日植树最多的吉尼斯世界纪录目前的最高记录是巴基斯坦在年创下的8775棵More than 800,000 people, including students, lawmakers, government officials, housewives and volunteers from nonprofit organizations, headed out Monday to plant the saplings at designated spots along country roads and highways, rail tracks and est lands.超过八十多万的学生、议员、政府官员、家庭主妇和非政府组织志愿者,腾出周一一天的时间来把树苗种植在马路边、铁路边和林地等预先划定好的区域Uttar Pradesh’s top elected official, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, said that planting 50 million trees would sp awareness and enthusiasm about afestation and environmental conservation.北方邦的官员,首席部长雅达夫说:通过种植5000万棵树,希望能把造林绿化和环境保护的认识和热情推广出去“The world has realized that serious efts are needed to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change. Uttar Pradesh has made a beginning in this regard, ” Yadav told volunteers in the city of Kannauj, 50 kilometers (5 miles) southwest of the state capital, Lucknow.“全世界都意识到需要采取实际行动减少碳排放,从而减缓全球气候变化北方邦在这方面行动了起来”亚夫达在北方邦首府勒克瑙西南部50千米的根瑙杰对志愿者如是说India’s government is encouraging all 9 states to start tree-planting drives to increase the country’s est cover as part of commitments made at last year’s climate change summit in Paris. The government has designated more than . billion tree-planting across the country, in keeping with its pledge to push India’s est cover to 95 million hectares (35 million acres) by .印度政府正在鼓励9个州开始植树造林,以增加该国的森林覆盖,作为去年在巴黎举行的气候变化首脑会议作出的承诺的一部分政府已指定超过6亿美元用于在全国种植树木,以秉承其推动印度的森林覆盖面积到年达到9500万公顷(亿3500万英亩)的承诺In Lucknow’s Kukrail Reserve est, eighth-grader Shashwat Rai said he was planting a "peepal," using the local name the fig species Ficus religiosa.在勒克瑙库瑞尔自然保护区森林,八年级的学生肖伟特锐说,他是在种植一个“家园”,用的是当地的榕树菩提树的名字I’ve in a book that this tree releases maximum oxygen, Rai said. "There is so much pollution in the city, we need trees that produce oxygen."“我在一本书中读到,这种树能释放最多的氧气,”锐说,“我们的城市有太多的污染,我们需要树木来为我们提供氧气”Shashwat said he would be checking on the tree frequently. "I don’t want this plant to die," he said.肖伟特说,他会经常来看望这些树“我不想这些树死掉”他说The long-term survival of trees planted in such mass campaigns remains a concern, officials said.政府官员说,这种大规模种植的树木的长期生存仍然是一个值得关注的问题Senior est official Sanjeev Saran said the sites where the trees have been planted would be monitored through aerial photographs taken at regular intervals to check how many of the saplings were thriving.高级森林官员萨兰说道:在已种植树木的地区,将通过航拍照片的方式定期检查有多少树苗在茁壮成长Usually, only 60 percent of saplings survive, with the rest succumbing to disease or lack of water, officials said.通常情况下,只有百分之六十的树苗能存活下来,剩下的死于病害或者缺水,官员们补充道Meanwhile, auditors from Guinness World Records were moving around in the state to check on the numbers. "We are trying to maintain full transparency," Saran said.与此同时,来自吉尼斯世界纪录的审核员们为了核查数量,在这个国家一直奔波着萨兰说:“我们都在努力的保充分的透明度”They are out in the field and are supervising the plantation drive, he said. "We do not know who they are or where they are at this point in time. They are working incognito, and this suits us."“他们一直在外面监督种植园的驱动器,”他说,“我们不知道他们是谁,也不知道他们现在在哪,他们正在微私访,这正对我们的味儿”Last year, Uttar Pradesh entered Guinness World Records the largest distribution of saplings by donating more than 1 million trees that were planted at locations in the state.去年,北方邦因最大面积的树苗分布进入世界纪录,也就是在国家的个地方种植了超过0万棵的树苗[]那些令人啼笑皆非的超市广告语 --5 :58:56 来源:sohu My Dog 小猫?小?傻傻分不清楚 大多数人去超市购物时都只是进去,径直找到所需要的商品,然后结账,走人!很少会留意周围不相关的事物这绝对没有错,但当你下次再去超市购物时,我们强烈建议你稍稍留意一下周围的其他事物...为什么呢? 因为就算是一个拼写错误或是摆放错误的指示牌都可以让你捧腹大笑,令一整天的生活更美好! 看看以下这些搞笑但失败的超市推广, 你就会明白我的意思 Most people don't really pay much attention to what's surrounding them when shopping at a supermarket. They just come in, grab what they need, and check out. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but next time, when you go grocery shopping, we recommend you trying to take a look around... Why? Because even a misspelled or misplaced sign could make your day a whole lot better! Take a look at thelist of hilarious supermarket fails below and you'll see what I mean. Back To School? Just What I Need! 用刀上学?是不是明年就该卖了 Back To School 开学礼物,有刀哪能没有酒? Floats On Water. 水上漂? Surprise Her 我想你的女朋友一定会好好利用这把刀吧 All The Best Your Baby. Really? 早恋不好,早醉就OK吗? Even More Than You Can Expect 我只想说,从没见过这么爱上班的,7天当做9天过? 在这里,我们表示深深的担忧 超市的大爷大妈们,咱能不能走点心呢? English Source: bored panda江津区中医院切眼袋多少钱

南川区激光美白肌肤多少钱重庆涪陵中心医院韩式隆鼻多少钱《寒战伪3D?山寨3D你看过几部(双语) --30 18::3 来源:sohu 年,3D电影《阿凡达的上映在电影发展史上具有里程碑意义,3D这一全新概念被正式、完整地运用在了电影拍摄技术当中全新的视觉体验,让大家对3D电影十分着迷不知不觉,近几年来,各路大片纷纷变身“3D电影”,不管需不需要,适用与否,似乎没有3D这个标签,电影就低人一等然而这样“大批量”生产的3D电影真的都是3D电影吗? Since 3D Hollywood blockbuster Avatar created a box office record in , more and more films started to be made in 3D version. And it's becoming difficult to find a D film in the cinema. However, a lot of people said many of these so-called 3D films are actually pseudo-3D films. 近期热映的《寒战在放映版本上引发争议,该片在香港是D版本,在大陆却几乎只有3D版本,许多毫无必要的3D效果,且很多画面并无3D效果此举被质疑是圈钱之举,D转制3D成本只需几百万,但是更高的票价可以赚到更多的钱,从视觉效果来看,《寒战作为一部普通题材的警匪片,3D着实没必要 Recently, Hong Kong film Cold War Ⅱ has triggered controversy on its different versions shown in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. It's shown in D version in Hong Kong, but 3D version in Chinese mainland. 小编认为,3D效果的最直接目的是在于根据电影题材画面的需要,传统D平面已经无法满足制作者想表达的某种意境,需要3D来作为辅助带给观众不一样的视觉感官体验就好像《阿凡达就是需要观众身临其境,体会制作人所创作的虚拟仙境《魔戒系列电影,也是需要观众体会到各种宏大的场景,就比如《霍比特人里那只喷火龙,就是通过3D效果才会给观众震撼 那么问题来了,《寒战为什么需要3D呢?作为一部典型的香港警匪片,必然是没有如梦如幻的仙境场景有的不过是街头的打打杀杀那么3D技术可以体现在哪里?真实体会到一颗子弹飞向你?看着警匪在你面前3D版打架?这些似乎都有些多余了吧 鸡肋程度就好像3D版的《傲慢与偏见,难道我们需要看男女主人公3D谈恋爱才能体会电影的意境? 机智的国人当然不会被蒙骗,许多网友就指出,其实现在很多商业电影根本就没有“3D”的必要,更有许多电影打着3D的旗号,提高票价,但其中的许多场景根部就不是3D效果 不知道有没有人和小编有一样的经历:看一部3D电影,只有字幕是3D的 网友们怀疑,这些无需“3D”的电影,就是通过3D来提高票房这类“赚钱3D”就被称为--伪3D Netizens argue that there are some unnecessary 3D visual effects in the film, and there are a lot of scenes evev without 3D versions. They suspected that changing the film into 3D version aimed to earn more box office revenues. People often called such films as pseudo 3D films. 1.真假3D究竟有何区别呢? Real and false 3D films 真3D电影: 真3D电影其实是以人眼观察景物的方法,利用专门的3D摄像机或两台并列安置的摄影机同步拍摄出两条略带水平视差的左右电影画面,放映时,观众戴上特配的3D眼镜,左、右“双影”通过此眼镜叠合在视网膜上,再由大脑神经产生三维立体的视觉效果,这样一幅幅连贯的3D画面就展现出来了,观众即可感受到“身临其境”的神奇幻觉 Authentic 3D films: A three-dimensional film is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension. The most common approach to the production of 3D films is derived from stereoscopic photography. It's often shot by using one professional 3D camera or regular motion picture cameras simultaneously. The imagesrecordedarefrom two perspectives. When watching a 3D film, audience wear special 3D glassesto limit the visibility of each image in the pair to the viewer's left or right eye only. 假3D电影: 所谓“伪3D”,即D转3D的电影,目前,大多数3D播放器都具有这个功能,但是效果确实是不敢恭维 至于由制片商人工转制的3D电影,其实大部分是片商为了圈钱而做的,原理是由普通摄像机拍摄D图像,然后再在电脑上通过人工操作,用软件制出几个图层并稍微错开,它的关键是要制作人能准确区分画面中离观众近的物体和离观众远的物体 但假的终究是假的,这样转换出来的电影的效果肯定不如真的用两个镜头拍摄出来的电影,很难做到号称.8D的《泰坦尼克号那样的效果(注:《泰坦尼克号3D也是伪3D,不过它在“卡神”的执导下,制作相当精良,所以3D效果还不错) Pseudo 3D films: It's shot by ordinary motion picture camera, and then use computer software to generate the two perspectives in post-production. Industry insiders usually call such films pseudo 3D films. 其实3D电影已经“存活”了很久,而大部分3D电影都是纪录片,就比如詹姆斯.卡梅隆年的3D纪录片《深海异形而第一部商业3D电影则是拍摄于年《地心历险记:神秘岛,年底拍摄的《阿凡达则是3D电影技术市场的一次高潮 3D films have been existing a long time, most of which were documentary films. example, director James Cameron filmed 3D documentary film Aliens of the Deep in . The first 3D filmed commercial film was Journey : The Mysterious Island in . And Avatar shown by the end of has brought the upsurge of the 3D film market. 其实从年开始,国内电影导演们就纷纷着手拍摄3D电影而近些年来,共有7部国产3D电影上映这其中大多数都取得了相当可观的票房,包括近期的“D转3D”电影《大鱼海棠 Since , domestic film directors started to make 3D films. Altogether 7 3D films were made during these years, according to an incompletestatistic. Almost all of these films earn a lot box revenue, including D-turned-3D films Cold War II and Big Fish amp; Begonia. .如何判断一部电影是否是伪3D? Are they pseudo 3D? 1)没有3D效果No 3D effects 这应该是最直观的判断了吧3D电影可不是说出来的,贴个3D标签就都是3D电影了,那你说你是奥斯卡最佳电影你是不是就真成奥斯卡最佳电影了呢? 许多观众再看了伪3D电影《寒战后最直观的感受就是:没有3D效果,更不需要鸡肋的3D后期当然,这不是唯一一部有问题的国产3D电影,《风云3,《叶问3都是这样的伪3D电影这些电影的3D效果总结起来就是:差而多余 Many viewers complained that there is almost no scene in Cold War II that really needs 3D effects to display, and most of the scenes don’t have 3D effects either. It's not the only film that has the problem. Feature films like “From Vegas to Macau 3”and “Ip Man 3”are not necessary to be made in 3D version. 小编没去看过这两部电影,但是想想也是迷之尴尬《叶问也就算了,人家至少还是部武打片,3D的武打效果,也算是个牵强的理由然而《风雨就一定是负责搞笑的了,说白了就是讲的赌王、和他的爱情那么观众难道需要看主人公3D赌才能体会电影的精华吗? 若非要说是3D电影,这类电影也就是3D“字幕”电影 )3D效果差 Effects not so good 詹姆斯.卡梅隆导演的3D电影之所以可以使3D技术大发光,在市场是大受追捧,是因为其效果十分精良《阿凡达是当之无愧的真3D,而就算是伪3D《泰坦尼克,光是D转3D的过程,卡梅隆团队就耗时1年之久即便如此,卡梅隆自己还认为这部D转3D电影的效果不尽人意,只达到了.8D;而其实大部分所谓的真3D电影只有.D 而就单单从题材来讲,《泰坦尼克也绝对值得变身3D作为“永不沉没”的最豪华游轮,泰坦尼克号船体的宏伟庞大,内部装饰的豪华,以及悲剧海难发生时的残忍和冲击,都受到了D的局限而3D技术,无疑可以给观众带来一种完全不同的体验 但是由于资金和时间投入的不到位,一些伪3D电影的3D效果低劣3D电影学者江永就表示,由于动作场景切换的速度过快,一些现代动作片中的3D特效会使得观影者感到头晕目眩 Director James Cameronwho has sufficient experience in making 3D movies, spent over 1 year to convert the D Titanic into 3D version, but he still thought the converted version only reached .8D level, while many other 3D films just reached the .D level. Due to insufficient investment in money and time, some of these pseudo 3D films had bad effects. Scholar Jiang Yong who studied 3D films said that some modern action films would make viewers feel dizzy when they were converted into 3D versions, in which the change of fighting scenes were too fast. 你看过几部假3D ? 版权所有: CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播 CRI Round Table 圆桌议事办公室“蛋糕文化”正在损害你的健康 -- :: 来源: 一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝对健康可不利 Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝同事的生日、订婚或只是庆祝大家又熬过了这一周,对健康可不利Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems.爱尔兰皇家外科学院口腔外科学系的的Nigel Hunt教授说“蛋糕文化”正在助长肥胖和牙齿问题At the organisation’s annual dinner dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.在该机构的牙医年会上,他要说工作场所中的诱惑打断了人们的减肥计划And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.应该用水果,坚果以及奶酪奖励员工Sugar rush糖份冲击In the speech, he will say: "Managers want to reward staff their efts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions, and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays.在演讲中,他要说:“管理者想奖励员工的努力,同事们想庆祝特别的场合,员工们想假期带点礼物回来”"But many people the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health."“但对于很多人,工作场所已成为摄入糖的主要地点,这助长肥胖流行,影响口腔健康”He will say nearly 65,000 adults every year need hospital treatment tooth decay.他说每年将近有6.5万个成年人需要到医院治疗蛀牙Prof Hunt will say: "Cake culture also poses difficulties those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier - how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies or the triple chocolate biscuits?"Hunt教授要说:“蛋糕文化为正竭尽全力减肥或努力变得健康的人制造了困难——我们中有多少人在开始控制饮食后最终屈于甜甜圈,饼干或巧克力饼干的?”Fruit platter水果拼盘While he does not believe office cake should be banned, he will say it should be purchased in smaller quantities and consumed only with lunch.同时他也不认为办公室蛋糕就应该被禁止,他要说的是应该少买一点,并只在午餐时食用Dentists recommend cutting down on sugary or starchy foods between meals as they give bacteria fuel to produce acids that decay teeth.牙医们建议两餐之间少吃含糖或淀粉的食物,因为这相当于给细菌提供燃料,让它们产生蛀坏牙齿的酸At the dinner, which is being rounded off with mint panna cotta, British strawberries and chocolate soil, Prof Hunt will say: "Ideally office workers should consider other alternatives altogether like fruit platters, nuts, or cheese.Hunt教授将要在这个被薄荷奶油布丁、英国草莓和巧克力环绕的晚宴上说:“理论上,员工们应该考虑其他选择,例如水果拼盘,坚果或者奶酪”"Responsible employers should take a lead and avoid such snacks in meetings."“负责的老板应该带头,在开会时避免这些零食”广安治疗蒙古斑价格日经指数暴跌3.5%,中韩股市纷纷受挫 -- 19:1:8 来源: 受国际市场不确定性影响,日元成为国际投资者避险良选而走高的日元导致日本国内大型出口企业受损,昨日日经指数暴跌3.5%,受此影响,中国和韩国股市纷纷受挫 Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 finished Monday’s session down 3.5% at ,019.18 as a rise in the value of the yen hurt big exporting companies such as Toyota.由于日元走高影响,类似日本丰田等大型出口公司受损,本周一日经指数收于019.18点,下跌幅度达到了3.5%Investors remained cautious ahead of meetings later this week by the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, although no rate cuts are expected.本周晚些时候,美联储将会和日本央行举行会议尽管不可能会降息,但是投资者依然十分谨慎Uncertainty over the UK’s EU referendum is also affecting the markets.英国退欧公投的不确定性也影响了市场The yen is often regarded as a haven in times of uncertainty, and the dollar weakened to below 1 yen.在市场不确定性很强时,日元经常被作为一个避险港,(在目前的市场条件下)美日汇率已经下跌到一美元兑换1日元的价位Shares in Toyota closed down by more than 3.5%, Honda’s shares were % lower, while Nissan’s fell by %.丰田股价下跌幅度超过了3.5%,本田股价下跌幅度不到%,尼桑股价下跌了%The Nikkei’s close on Monday marks a five-week low and the third straight session of losses.经过周一的股价下跌过后,日经指数达到了5周以来的低点,并且是第三次出现亏损In China, markets followed the downward trend. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index closed down 59.65 points, or .5%, at ,5.99, while the Shanghai Composite ended 3.% lower at ,833..中国股票市场也出现了下跌的趋势香港恒生指数收盘于.99点,下跌了59.65点,下跌幅度达到了.5%,上综合指数收盘于.点,下跌了3.%Among a raft of economic data released by Beijing earlier, figures showed that growth in China’s fixed-asset investment - a key measure of infrastructure spending - slowed in the January-to-May period.从中国前段时间发布的经济数据来看,在一月到五月期间,中国的固定资产投资(固定资产投资是基础设施建设的重要衡量指标)增长放缓了Investment increased by 9.6% from the same period a year earlier, but this was the first time the rate had fallen below % since 00.和去年同期相比,投资增长了9.6%,增长率从00年以来首次低于%Separate figures showed Chinese industrial output grew at a rate of 6% in May compared with a year ago. The industrial output numbers were in line with most expectations and unchanged from the previous month.据单独数据显示,中国五月份工业产出和去年同比增长6%工业产出数量和大多数人的预期一样,并且和上个月的数据持平Retail sales in China grew % in May from a year earlier, also in line with most expectations.中国五月份零售额和去年同比增长%,同样符合大多数人的预期South Korea’s benchmark Kospi index closed down 1.9% at 1,979..韩国综合股价指数收盘于1979.点,下跌了1.9%In Australia, stock markets are closed the Queen’s birthday long weekend.澳大利亚因为女王大寿放了长假,周末期间股票市场关闭了交易重庆市云阳县人民医院网上预约

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