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重庆星宸医学美容医院贵吗重庆去眉间纹哪家好Little Tight鞋挤脚I want a pair of enameled leather shoes in size 30.我想要双30号的亮漆皮鞋How about this one?这双怎么样呢?The heel is a little tight.鞋后跟有点挤脚It doesnt matter,sir, shoes will stretch a bit with use.没关系的,先生,穿的时间长了,鞋会撑开的Really? I will take it.真的吗?我就买这双了 0190重庆市十院是国家医院吗 A problem in the office办公室里的问题A: What wrong with the photocopier?A:复印机出什么毛病了?B: The toner has run out and there none in the stationery cupboard.B:碳粉用完了,文具柜里没有了A: I need to make six copies of this report the Board Meeting tomorrow. Ring Office Supplies and ask if they have any in stock. If they cant deliver this afternoon, Ill go and collect it.A:我需要把这个报告复印六份,明天董事会会议用给办公用品部打电话问一问他们有没有如果他们今天下午送不来,我去领取 5必背句型:A:How long will it take us to pass through customs?办完通关手续需要多长时间?B:About one hour.差不多1小时How long will it cost to pass through customs?办完通关手续需要多长时间?It will take us some time to update the inmation.更新信息需要一些时间It will cost us some time to update the inmation.更新信息需要一些时间延伸阅读:A:Do you have your customs declaration?你有东西要申报吗?B:Two bottles of wine.两瓶酒I have had them declared.这些我已经申报过了Have you anything to declare?你有什么东西要申报吗?May I give an oral declaration?我可以口头申报吗? 573重庆市十一院做丰胸手术多少钱

重庆腿部激光脱毛的价格Key Sentences(重点句子)636. You want to buy some Chinese silk and satin,dont you?您想买些中国绸缎,是吗?637. Is it made of pure Chinese silk?它是纯粹中国丝织的吗?638. It velvety and the colour is brilliant.它柔软光滑而且颜色鲜艳639. Is the colour fast?不褪色吗?60. You can only wash it in lukewarm water.您只能在温水中洗61. What the width?门幅多少?6. It two feet and four inches wide.宽二英尺四英寸63. I want to make a Chinese fashion coat. How many feet should I buy?我要做一件中式上衣,应买多少?6. Let me take a measurement and calculate.让我量一量,计算一下65. Seven feet will be enough.七英尺就足够了66. By the way,what is the brand?顺便问一下,是什么牌子?67. It is well received the world over.它在世界各地很受欢迎68. How much would that come to?总共要多少钱?69.There is the satin suitable making cushion covers there.那里有适宜做垫套的缎子650. I think the pink one is quite good.我看那粉红色的很好651. Ask the shop assistant to cut a pair us.要店员给我们剪一对 50重庆市第四人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱 The main trigger for a heart attack is not vigorous exercise or stress it’s air pollution, according to a study published in The Lancet this month. Researchers found spending time in traffic, whether as a driver or pedestrian, tops the list of ‘last strawrisk factors that bring on a heart attack.   最新研究显示,引起心脏病的促因并非过度锻炼以及精神压力过大,专家指出:空气污染才是引起心脏病的“罪魁祸首”,而关于空气污染诱发心脏病的数据都发表在英国著名医学《柳叶刀》上,并在上个月与读者见面了。研究人员发现在路面工作的人群,比如司机或者行人等,是心脏病的高发群体  Jon Ayres, professor of environmental and respiratory medicine at the University of Birmingham, says: Air pollution is not only linked to strokes, heart attacks and cancer it has a profound effect on those with existing respiratory conditions. Asthmatics are more likely to have an asthma attack on days when pollution is high. So how can you minimise the damage? We asked the experts for their tips on breathing easy.   来自伯明翰大学的教授Jon Ayres说:“大气污染不仅对中风、心脏病以及癌症有着直接的影响,而且环境污染对人体的呼吸系统有着巨大的负面作用。此外,在大气污染情况严重的时候,哮喘病的发作频率是相当高的。”怎样才能降低空气污染对我们身体造成的伤害呢?在办公室内的污浊空气也会对我们身体造成巨大伤害,我们该怎样保护自己呢? /201103/128283长寿区处女膜修复多少钱

重庆注射隆鼻价格President Barack Obama will visit Myanmar this month, the first trip to the country by a U.S. president, in another step toward engagement with the long-isolated nation.美国总统奥巴Barack Obama)本月将访问缅甸,这是美国总统首次访缅,也是美国朝着与长期孤立的缅甸接触的方向迈进了一步。The trip underscores a remarkable transformation by Myanmar as a country under its leader, President Thein Sein, who in less than two years has taken his nation from pariah status to host of a U.S. presidential visit.Reuters今年9月,奥巴马在美国白宫的总统办公室会见缅甸反对党领袖昂山素季。奥巴马即将访缅凸显了该国在总统吴登Thein Sein)的带领下发生的显著转变。在不到两年的时间里,吴登盛把缅甸从一个受到孤立的边缘国家变成了一个准备迎接美国总统到访的东道国。Mr. Obama announced the U.S. would resume ties with Myanmar, also known as Burma, on his last trip to Asia, a year ago.奥巴马在一年前的亚洲之行时宣布,美国将恢复与缅甸的关系。At that time, he said Mr. Thein Sein had made enough progress in opening up his country, a military dictatorship just two years ago, to justify sending Secretary of State Hillary Clinton there for a diplomatic visit.奥巴马当时说,吴登盛总统在开放缅甸一事上已取得足够进展,令他认为有必要派遣美国国务卿克林Hillary Clinton)对缅甸进行外交访问。仅仅两年前缅甸还是一个军事独裁国家。The Clinton trip, the first by a U.S. secretary of state in more than 50 years, paved the way toward easing U.S. financial sanctions on Myanmar and restoration of full diplomatic ties.克林顿访缅是美国国务卿逾半个世纪以来对缅甸的首次访问。此次访问为美国放宽对缅甸的经济制裁并恢复全面外交关系铺平了道路。But the visit by Mr. Obama constitutes a further advance in U.S. relations with Myanmar and comes amid a debate about whether the Obama administration is moving too quickly or too slowly in coaxing the government toward greater openness.但奥巴马访缅是美国与缅甸关系的更深进展,且这次访问也正值一场讨论热烈展开之际,即奥巴马政府在劝说缅甸政府加大开放力度一事上进展是太快还是太慢?While there, Mr. Obama plans to meet with Mr. Thein Sein, who has helped move his nation toward reforms and engagement with the West. He will also meet with political activist and Nobel Peace Price winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who has encouraged Mr. Obama to more rapidly open U.S. ties to her country.到达缅甸之后奥巴马计划会见吴登盛。吴登盛把缅甸推向了改革和与西方国家接触的道路上。奥巴马还将同缅甸政治活动人士、诺贝尔和平奖得主昂山素Aung San Suu Kyi)会面。昂山素季一直鼓励奥巴马加快放开美国和缅甸的各种关系。He also will speak to civil-society groups to encourage Burmas ongoing democratic transition, the White House said.白宫说,奥巴马还会向缅甸的民间社会团体发表演说,以鼓励缅甸正在进行的民主过渡Its an opportunity to support the democratic transition in Burma and build a bilateral relationship, a White House official added.一名白宫官员补充说,这是持缅甸民主过渡、建立双边关系的一个机会。Some human-rights campaigners, though, fear the U.S. has moved too quickly and opened the possibility that Myanmars military will be the largest beneficiary of increased investment in the country.但一些人权活动家担心美国动作太快,且缅甸军方可能成为该国投资不断增加的最大受益者。At the same time, long-simmering ethnic conflict in the country has flared recently, underscoring that Mr. Thein Sein still has much work to do to satisfy U.S. conditions for further engagement.与此同时,持续发酵的种族冲突最近在缅甸愈演愈烈,凸显为了满足美国就进一步接触所提出的要求,吴登盛还有很多工作要做。Myanmar has pledged to end its military ties with North Korea -- but it isnt clear it has yet, fueling American weapons-proliferation concerns.缅甸已承诺结束与朝鲜的军事关系,但目前尚不清楚其是否已经做到,这加深了美国对武器扩散问题的忧虑。Mr. Obamas four-day Asia trip, which begins Nov. 17, will include visits to Thailand and Cambodia, the White House said Thursday. The White House said the Thailand trip will mark 180 years of diplomatic relations and reaffirm the alliance.白宫周四表示,奥巴马定于117日开始的为期四天的亚洲之行将包括对泰国和柬埔寨的访问。白宫方面说,奥巴马访问泰国正值美国与泰国建交180周年,将再次确认双方的友好关系。In Cambodia, Mr. Obama plans to attend the East Asia Summit and meet with Asian leaders attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations gathering. The White House said that topics on Mr. Obamas agenda in Cambodia will include trade, energy, security cooperation and human rights.在柬埔寨,奥巴马计划参加东亚峰会,并会见出席东南亚国家联Association of Southeast Asian Nations)会议的亚洲国家领导人。白宫说,奥巴马在柬埔寨的议程包括贸易、能源、安全合作和人权等问题。The engagement with Myanmar also has implications for American efforts to counter Chinese influence in the region. Washington has seen the political opening in Myanmar as a unique opportunity to partner with a country that has traditionally been among Chinas closest allies.同缅甸接触也会对美国试图对抗中国在该地区影响力的种种努力造成影响。华盛顿方面已经将缅甸的政治开放视作一个独特的机会,美国借此机会同一个历来就是中国最亲密盟友的国家建立了伙伴关系。At the East Asia summit a year ago, the U.S. supported smaller nations in the region in their effort to contest Chinas territorial claims to the South China Sea, another move seen as a challenge to the Asian superpower.在一年前的东亚峰会上,美国持该地区中小国家挑战中国对南中国海(中国称南海)的领土诉求。此举被视为美国挑战中国这一亚洲超级大国的又一行为。来 /201211/208485 A: Welcome to IBJ. Which service do you require?欢迎光临IBJ您需要哪项务呢?B: I hope you can help me. Ive been told about something called ;Financing Link;?我希望你能帮我有人告诉我一个叫;理財通;什么的A: Yes, that is our Personal Wealth Management Service.是的,这是我们的个性化理财业务B: Could you tell me more?你能多给我介绍些吗?A: Of course. Financing Link is a value-added service, and can be tailored to suit your requirements.当然可以;理财通;是一项增值务,可以您的要求定制务B: So,I can choose exactly what services I require? That brilliant. Can I use the card if Im overseas to withdraw my daily expenses?就是说,我可以选择我具体想要的务?这真是太棒了如果我在海外需要取我的日常开销的话,可以用卡吗?A: Certainly. We can arrange the structure to suit whatever you require. That why this service is so popular; it suitable everyone because we make it that way.当然可以我们可以安排存期结构以适应您的任何要求这就是我们的这项务大受欢迎的原因我们特意这样设计此务以使其适和每个人的需要B: This is just what Ive been looking . Sign me up right away, please.这正是我一直想要的我要马上办理,拜托了 83乐山隆鼻要多少费用重庆肚子吸脂手术价格



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