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如何刷牙(How to brush your teeth) -- :53:59 来源: 如何刷牙(How to brush your teeth)  you should brush your teeth twice a day. first, brush your teeth the inside surface of you teeth. always move your brush in small circles. next brush the outside surface of your teeth. then brush the biting surface of your teeth. after that wash your mouth with water. you should eat a lot of vegetable and fruit. you shouldn’t eat lots of chocolate and sweets. they are not good you teeth.长乐正规无痛人流医院排名这菜是怎么做的?-- :5:   How is this meat dish prepared?   这道肉菜是怎么做的?   品尝过一道菜,觉得很对口味,你就可以饶有兴趣地问,   How is the dish prepared?   回答可以是具体的制作过程或者具体的配方,比如,你可以回答,   I fried it first and then boiled it so that it is crisp outside and soft inside.   我先把它炸了,然后又煮,这样整道菜外脆内嫩长乐妇科无痛人流医院Our Headmaster 我们的校长 -- :1:33 来源: Our Headmaster 我们的校长  My headmaster is about ty years old. She looks very young and wears a pair of glasses.  Whenever I get to the school gate, I will see my dear headmaster standing there, saying hello to every pupil.  Once it was snowing hard, but I saw my headmaster still standing at the school gate. She helped pupils cross the road. I was deeply moved. My headmaster is just like my mother to take care of us. I'd like to say,"Headmaster, I love you!"  我的校长约0岁,她看上去很年轻,戴着一副眼睛  每当我到校门口时,我都会看到亲爱的校长站在那儿,向每个学生打招呼  一次天下着大雪,可是我看见校长仍然站在校门口,她帮助同学们过马路我被深深地感动我的校长就像妈妈一样呵护着我们我要说:“校长,我爱你!”睡眠的问题-- :5: A:Hey,what's up,Marco?  怎么样啊Marco.  B:Not much,you?  还好,你呢?  A:Nothing much,I almost didn't recognize your voice,You sound a little different.  不错,我没听出来是你,你的声音听起来有点不一样  B:I lost my voice.,well,how did you sleep last night?  我嗓子哑了,你昨晚睡得怎么样?  A:Too bad,I went to bed early,but I couldn't fall asleep,and when I did,I had a lot of nightmares,I guess I 've got the insomnia.  糟透了,我很早就上床了,但我睡不着等我睡着了,又作了很多恶梦我想我得矢眠症了  B:what does that mean?  那是什么意思  A:"Insomnia" means you can't fall asleep.My roommate Peter slept like a log and he kept snoring,,Jesus,I would kill anybody just -hour sound sleep.  就是睡不着我室友Peter睡得跟猪似的,他一直打呼天啊,要是能让我睡俩个钟头的话,干什么都行  B:{chuckles}Interesting.Well ,do you happen to know some sleeping problems?  有意思,你知道睡眠的问题吗?  A:I am not so sure about them,but I'll tell you all that I know.  我不太确定,不过我尽量  B:Okay.  好的  A;Well,you have aly known insomnia,which means the inability to sleep.  你已经知道矢眠意思是睡不着  B:Yes.  是的  A:And snoring is another sleeping problem.  打呼是另一种  B:Yes.  是的  A:Sometimes people talk while sleeping,and we call that sleep talking. There are some people who suddenly wake up at midnight,going around a while,then go back to sleep again,that's called sleep wsalking.  有时人们说梦话,或者睡觉是突然醒过来,然后又睡过去,就是梦游  B;That's scaring.  挺吓人的  A:Kind of. And some people fart,some people grind their teeth or smack their lips……,well.there're so many of them,I can't come up with them all,  一点点,有的人放屁,磨牙或是叭几嘴太多了,我一时想不起来  B:That's aly too much,speaking of those,I am kind of tired. I am sure you're sleepy too,so I better let you go sleep.  够多的了,说起这些,我有点困了,我知道你也困了,所以我还是让你睡吧  A:You bet.well talk to you later.  当然再聊  B;Bye.  再见  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]How did you sleep last night?你睡得好吗?问候别人睡得怎么样是一个常见的问题,类似的说法还有Did you sleep soundly last night?和,Did you sleep well last night?等  []Nightmare是一个常见病,它除了有恶梦的意思之外,还可以表示糟糕的情况,比如说The transportation in BJ is a nightmare.  [3]He slept like a log.表示他睡得跟死猪似的Log是数学中的对数它也表示木头,睡得跟木头似的,汉语的最佳解释就是睡得跟死猪似的  []常见的睡眠疾病有insomnia矢眠,,sleep talking说梦话,sleep walking梦游,wetting the bed尿床.snore打呼.nightmare作恶梦,grinding your teeth磨牙等  Related Words…相关词汇  rinckle nightperson pull an all nighter burn the midnight oil stay up late长乐哪个医院做无痛人流较好

长乐妇科医院名单长乐人流医院较好的是哪家我最喜爱的老师My Favorite Teacher -- :5:50 来源: Miss Hou is my English teacher, she is , we all like her. My English is really bad at first, I am afraid of having Miss Hou’s class, when she finds this, she doesn’t blame me, she tells me that the only way I can learn English well is to fall in love with English, she asks me to watch English movie, it works. Miss Hou is my favorite teacher.候老师是我的英语老师,她岁,我们都很喜欢她我的英语一开始真的很不好,我怕上候老师的课,当她发现了,她并没有责备我,她告诉我唯一能学好英语的方法就是喜欢上英语,她叫我去看英语电影,这起作用了候老师是我最喜欢的老师If ask me who my favorite teacher is, I will no doubt answer you that Miss Hou is my favorite teacher. She is an English teacher, she is kind to everyone, she is not like other teachers who are so strict to students. As Miss Hou is so popular among students, students learn English with high enthusiasm, that is what they return to her. Miss Hou is a good teacher.如果你问我我最喜欢的老师是谁,我会毫无疑问回答你候老师是我最喜欢的老师她是一位英语老师,对每个人都很好,她不想其他的老师那样对学生很严格候老师很受学生的欢迎,学生怀着很高的热情学习英语,这是他们所能回报她的候老师是一位好老师I remember the first time I see Miss Hou, she walks in class, and then talks with students about small things. She doesn’t talk about English in the first class, everyone feels Miss Hou is so amiable, we like her so much. Miss Hou is good at teaching us, she explain the question very patiently, when we understand, she will be move to the next topic, Miss Hou is a good teacher.我记得我第一次见到候老师,她走进教室,然后和学生讨论一些小事情她在第一次课上并不讲英语,大家都觉得候老师很和蔼,我们很喜欢她候老师很擅长教我们,她很耐心地解释问题,当我们明白了,她才会讲下一个题目,候老师是一名好老师有关宇航员的 --31 :9: 来源: 有关宇航员的人物设置:宇航员A(Daniel) 宇航员B(Mark) 记者地面指挥C第一幕:NASA记者招待会现场(PPT场景)背景:Let's welcome our hero who will leave the first foot print on the Mars(Applause)C:(speak quickly)I’m a reporter from New York Times. May I ask how long will you spend in the spaceship?A: About years.C: It’s pretty long time. So is it very hard to reduce the pressure?A: Of course not. Mark will accompany me. Right, Mark?B: Yeah. We are friends and we will support each other whatever the ordeal.C: So, you quite know each other well?B: Yes, and Daniel is quite good at telling joke.A :I’ve prepared piles of joke to make you roll in the spaceship.(audience: laugh out loud Ha ha ha ha)B: hope so. Ha-ha背景:Ladies Gentlemen, time limited, if you have any question please consult our website. Thanks you time.第二幕:One month later(PPT: spaceship y to launch)C(act as a commander):Count down. Ten ,nine, eight…two, one. Launch.(press the button)(PPT: spaceship soaring into the space and earth watched from outer space)A: Wow, beautiful, right?B: Looks like a marble shining in the darkness .Peaceful ,elegant and everlasting.A: What would my boy say, if he saw this amazing scene?B: You’ve got a child?A: Yes ,in primary school, what about you?B:I have a girl friend and I plan to proposal to her after this trip.A: Hope to attend your wedding ceremony.B: You bet.A: Time to sleep. I should go to my apartment. Good night.B: Have a nice dream. 有关宇航员的在长乐中山医院怎么样大火灾(A big fire) -- ::51 来源: 大火灾(A big fire)   one night wu gang was lying in bed. then suddenly a loud cry help woke him up. he looked out of the window and found his neighbour's house was on fire.  wu gang hurried to telephone 9 help. then he ran out at once. he saw many people trying to put out the fire with water, and he quickly joined in. after some time, the firefighters arrived, the big fire was out at last. luckily, no house was destroyed by the fire and all the people were safe.长乐/那几家妇科医院好

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