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长乐做无痛人流去哪家医院长乐营前镇微管无痛人流手术医院Finding a Surrogate Mother, Is It a Good Choice?寻找母亲是很好的选择吗?Surrogacy -- having another woman bear a child you -- is an emotionally intense and legally complex arrangement.,即找另外一个女人替你生孩子,这在伦理和法律上都是比较敏感复杂的The process can require vast amounts of time, money, and patience to succeed. However, more and more couples are considering surrogacy as a way of having their child.这个过程要取得成功,就要花费大量时间,金钱和耐心然而,越来越多的夫妇开始选择生孩子Despite some ;disaster stories; in the media, it is an arrangement that can bring joy to all concerned --抛开媒体上报道过的那些“悲剧”,只要预先做好医疗,法律,资金和情感等各方面的万全准,as long as all the medical, legal, financial and emotional aspects are thought through beehand.会成为一件皆大欢喜的事情How does it work?如何进行呢?Couples most often choose surrogacy when the woman is infertile and treatments have failed, when a woman is unable to carry a child herself because of abnormalities in her uterus.一般来说,如果夫妻中女方患有不育症又治愈无效,女方由于子宫异常无法怀,这样的夫妻通常会选择A surrogate mother typically conceives after being artificially inseminated with the man sperm.母亲通常是通过人工授精的方式怀的She then goes on to carry the baby. When the child is born, the surrogate mother gives the baby to the couple and stops her parental rights.然后她就开始让孩子在子宫里成长当孩子出生时,母亲需要把孩子交给寻求的夫妻,并放弃自己作为母亲的权力The father partner can then apply to adopt the baby legally.随后孩子的亲生父亲就能申请合法领养孩子It is also possible a surrogate to carry a donated embryo to term.直接在母亲子宫注入捐赠的胚胎也行得通Surrogate arrangements are usually set up through agencies although private arrangements exist.通常由中介牵线,虽然私人牵线搭桥的事情也有发生The couple is typically heavily involved in the pregnancy and the surrogate will remain a part of the baby life after birth.寻求的夫妻在过程中参与很重要的部分,孩子出生后母亲也不会被剥夺见孩子的权力In both situations, the infertile couple usually pays the surrogate mother expenses along with additional legal and agency fees if a contract is involved.以上两种情况中,寻求的夫妻通常会付给母亲一笔报酬,还有合同规定的额外的法律和中介费Surrogacy is legal in the UK.在英国合法 371长乐人流治疗费用 Harry Potter Excellent or Evil? 哈利·波特:优秀还是邪恶?Harry Potter books have spent the past year quite comtably on bestseller lists nationwide.哈利·波特系列丛书在过去一年都稳居全国畅销书排行榜Controversy over the series of fantasy fiction books—about a boy who discovers a world of magic—is generated in chatrooms, boardrooms and classrooms alike.对于这部奇幻系列小说书的争议——关于一个发现很多魔法的男孩——随处可见,诸如聊天室,会议室或者是班级一类的地方All this frenzy makes one wonder if there has been a recent comingback of witchcraft among pre-teens.所有的狂热都让人想知道现实生活中的孩子是不是也有懂得巫术的Are we really afraid that the Harry Potter books will inspire some frightful behavior that Peter Pan, Snow White, or the Grimm Fairy Tales will not?我们真的会害怕哈利波特书中描述的那些可怕的行为吗,而这些在《彼特·潘,《白雪公主,或者《格林童话中都是没有的?Maybe some of the objecting parents have gotten how much they loved the magical worlds in their childhood.那些反对孩子看《哈的家长也许忘记了他们小时候也曾对有魔法世界充满好奇Part of what makes these books so popular is what also makes them threatening to some.这系列的书受欢迎的部分原因是书里有让人畏惧的东西The protagonist finds ways to control his environment as well as escape from it.主角能够找到控制环境和逃离环境的魔法When Harry aunt begins talking about his deadbeat dad, who has died, her wine glass explodes in her hand, due to Harry powers.当哈利的姑妈开始说他落魄的已经去世的父亲时,因为哈利的魔法,震碎了她手中的酒杯While this could be seen as a violent act, Harry reaction was unintentional and Aunt Marge isnt hurt, after all.尽管这一场景可以视为暴力行为,但是哈利的反应不是有意的,玛吉姑妈毕竟也没有受到伤害Besides, this behavior is frowned upon by the Hogwart (magic) school, so Harry is never pardoned and he does face punishment it.此外,这种行为是霍格沃兹的(魔法)学校不允许的,哈利没有被赦免,而是要接受惩罚The boy is treated so badly by his relatives that we cannot help but take pity on him.一个男孩遭到他亲戚的虐待,我们禁不住要同情他Who can blame Harry hating the cruel family he is ced to endure?谁又能责备哈利憎恶他被迫忍受的野蛮的家庭呢?Most of us can remember all too well how it felt when a sibling, a cousin or a classmate was being favored.我们多数人能够非常清楚地记得当兄弟,表亲或者一个同学受到表扬时的感受a world of 很多;极大的eg. In a world of wonders, this may be the most exhilarating thing yet.在这样一个奇妙的世界里,这可能是最令人兴奋的事情eg. In a world of big data the correlations surface almost by themselves.在一个”大数据”的世界,相关性几乎是会自己浮现 51Danielle: Im so excited! I just got my new posting overseas. I cant wait to live abroad and work as an expat.丹妮尔:我太兴奋了!我刚收到海外的职位邀请我迫不及待地想要去国外生活、工作Angus: I remember my first overseas assignment. It was interesting, but the adjustment took some time.安格斯:我还记得我第一次去海外任职虽然很有趣,但需要一些时间来适应Danielle: I wont have any problems. I aly have my work permit and vaccinations, and I speak the language fairly well. And remember, I dont have any family to relocate.丹妮尔:我不会有任何问题的我已经拿到工作许可,也接种了疫苗,而且我可以说一口流利的外语别忘了,我没有家人和我一起搬迁Angus: I didnt think Id have any problems either, but when I got to McQuillanland, I was in culture shock.安格斯:我也不觉得我会遇到什么问题,但当我到达麦克奎蓝时,我受到了文化冲击Danielle: Im y the differences in the cost of living. Ill be getting a housing allowance, which will offset the increase in living expenses.丹妮尔:我已经准备好适应生活成本的差异我会获得住房津贴,这样会抵消生活费的上涨Angus: I wasnt thinking so much about the expense of living abroad. I was referring to a different pace of life and the many cultural differences that affect every facet of life.安格斯:对于国外生活的花销,我并没有考虑太多我更注重的是不同的生活节奏和文化的差异,这都会影响生活的方方面面Danielle: That what Im looking ward to. Itll all be so exciting.丹妮尔:这正是我所期待的那将会非常令人兴奋Angus: Im glad youre in euphoria right now, but be prepared some bumps in the road.安格斯:我很高兴看到你现在兴高采烈的样子,但前进的路上会有颠簸,你要准备好Danielle: No problem. To me, smooth sailing would be boring!丹妮尔:没问题对于我来说,一帆风顺才是最无聊的!原文译文属! 89哪个医院做无痛人流较好长乐市

长乐看妇科要多少钱营前街道妇幼保健医院几点上班 Emiliano: I’m not sure about this conference today. It’s the next best thing to having a meeting face-to- face, but I’ve never used most of this equipment bee. Fatima: It’s a piece of cake. Do you want to do a run-through with me? Emiliano: Do you mind? I’d really like to make sure that I know how to work this webcam and microphone. Fatima: I don’t mind at all. Okay, we have Internet connectivity, so streaming won’t be a problem. The speakers on both computers are turned up. Emiliano: Do you know how to adjust this webcam? Right now, it’s focused on my right ear! Fatima: That’s easy. Just use these buttons to zoom in or out, and you can tilt up or down. Emiliano: Oh, I see. That’s better. Now you can see my entire face. Are you getting audio on your side? Fatima: Yes, you’re coming in loud and clear. I think we’re in business. Emiliano: Well, that wasn’t so hard. Let’s hope it goes this smoothly this afternoon. Fatima: If you have a problem, just give me a call. Emiliano: Thanks. I really appreciate it! 5636长乐无痛人流较佳时间

长乐妇科好点的医院Hey, there you are.嗨,你在这儿呢Hey, so this is the famous McQ youve been talking about.嘿,那么这就是你一直提起的很有名的McQ酒吧This is it. What would you like to drink? They have several beers on tap and pretty good well drinks.就是它你想要喝点什么呢?他们有好几种啤酒,盛在带龙头的酒桶里,还有相当爽口的饮料I think Ill get a couple of shots.我应该能喝两小杯威士忌On a Wednesday night? You guys do party hard in the city.星期三晚上喝烈酒?你们真是城市的派对狂啊Ive had a really rough week and I welcome any excuse to let my hair down.这周过得很累,只要能让自己放松一下,什么方式都行That said, I wont be getting stinking drunk on a school night.不过,正常上课的日子,我从来不会喝得烂醉如泥You were right. This place is nice. It even has a dance floor.这就对了这个地方很棒,连舞台都有On the weekends, there a live band or a DJ, although there also a cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays.周末这里会有乐队或DJ现场表演当然这两天酒吧会收额外的务费So you do know how to party in the burbs.感觉你很熟悉酒吧里的派对Didnt I tell you?我没告诉过你吗?But me to get a thorough impression of the burbs, Ill have to come here to check it out this weekend.不过要想对这里有个全面的印象,周末还得再来一趟What are you doing Saturday night?你星期六晚去干什么?Actually, I plan on coming here.事实上,我想来这儿Want some company?想要个伴吗? 18 Kepler World开普勒的世界Much has been made of the 00th anniversary this year of Galileo pointing a telescope at the moon and jotting down what he saw.00年前伽利略用望远镜观测月球并简要记录了观测结果,00年后的今天我们很隆重地纪念了这一历史性事件But is also the 00th anniversary of the publication by Johannes Kepler,a German mathematician and astronomer,of ;Astronomia Nova;.不过,年也是德国数学家和天文学家约翰尼斯?开普勒发表《新天文学00周年This was a book that contained an of his discovery of how the planets move around the sun,correcting Copernicus own more famous but incorrectly mulated description of the solar system.这部著作论述了他发现的行星围绕太阳运行的规律,从而修正了哥白尼给太阳系作的错误描述,尽管哥白尼的论述更加广为人知And it established the laws planetary motion on which Isaac Newton based his work.另外,该著作还创立了行星运行定律,为艾萨克?牛顿的发现奠定了基础Four centuries ago the received wisdom was that of Aristotle,who asserted that the Earth was the centre of the universe,四个世纪以前,人们普遍接受的是亚里斯多德的观点他认为地球是宇宙的中心,and that it was encircled by the spheres of the moon,the sun, the planets and the stars beyond them.月球、太阳以及其他所有的行星和恒星都绕着地球旋转Copernicus had noticed inconsistencies in this theory and had placed the sun at the centre,with the Earth and the other planets travelling around the sun.但是,哥白尼注意到这个理论的一些观点自相矛盾,他认为太阳才是宇宙的中心,地球和其他星球都绕着太阳运行Some six decades later when Kepler tackled the motion of Mars,he proposed a number of geometric models,checking his results against the position of the planet as recorded by his boss.大约60年后,开普勒为研究火星运行轨迹假设了大量的几何模型,但是根据这些模型预测出的结果和他上司记录的火星位置不一致Kepler repeatedly found that his model failed to predict the correct position of the planet.当开普勒反复发现他的模型无法正确预测火星的位置时,他决定对它进行改造He altered it and, in so doing,created first egg-shaped ;orbits; and,finally, an ellipse with the sun placed at one focus.开普勒先是建立了一个蛋型“轨道”,并在此基础上提出了椭圆轨道的模型,在这个模型中,太阳位于椭圆轨道的其中一个焦点上Kepler went on to show that an elliptical orbit is sufficient to explain the movement of the other planets and to devise the laws of planetary motion that Newton built on.接着,开普勒又明椭圆轨道模型同样适用于解释其他行星的运行轨迹,并且依此模型足以归纳出行星运行定律,而这些定律日后成为了牛顿的理论基础A.E.L. Davis this week told astronomers and historians that it was the rotation of the sun that provided Kepler with what he thought was one of the causes of the planetary motion that his laws described,although his reasoning would today be considered entirely wrong.A.E.L. Davis在这周告诉天文学家和历史学家说,正是太阳自转现象让开普勒得到启发,从而得出他在行星运行定律中所描述的引起行星运动的其中一个原因,尽管他的论过程在现在看来是完全错误的In astronomy and astrology were seen as intimately related;mathematics and natural philosophy,meanwhile, were quite separate areas of endeavor;however, Kepler sought physical mechanisms to explain his mathematical result.年,天文学和星象学被视为联系紧密的两个学科.而数学和物理学则是完全独立的两个研究领域.但开着勒却试图以物理机制来验数学结墨He wanted to know how it could be that the planets orbited the sun.他想弄清楚行星怎么会沿一定的轨迹绕太阳运行Once he learned that the sun rotated,he comted himself with the thought that the sun rays must somehow sweep the planets around it while some magnetism ed the exact elliptical path.当他得知太阳存在自转现象时,他就自欺欺人地认为太阳的光线无论如何一定会照射到周围的行星,而某种磁力使堡这些行星沿着规则的椭圆轨道运行As today astronomers struggle to determine whether they can learn from the past,Kepler tale provides a salutary reminder that only some explanations stand the test of time.现在的天文学家们极力想知道他们是否能从历史中得到一些启示,而开普勒的故事的积极意义在于:它提醒我们并不是所有理论都经得起时间的考验猴屿乡儿童医院中医金峰镇中医医院联系电话



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