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玫瑰文爱克整形外科医师上海人民医院吸脂手术价格大家好。感谢您继续关注,关注“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。记得鼹鼠的故事里有一集讲一只喜鹊喜欢偷了人类的首饰藏到自己的窝中欣赏,今天我们要听的故事则和一只偷东西的乌鸦有关。只是,这只乌鸦不像喜鹊那么会保存东西。 一起来听个究竟吧。 One day, when Frank Landstrom was playing golf in Clearwater, Florida, something strange happened. His 0 gold bracelet was in his golf cart. All of a sudden, a big crow flew down out of nowhere and grabbed the bracelet. "What in the world?" Frank thought. He watched wide-eyed as the crow made off with his bracelet. Frank was in a bad mood because he was sure the bracelet was gone for good. Later that day, a man named Tom Johnson pulled into a supermarket parking lot 35 miles from Clearwater. Something shiny on the ground caught his eye. He picked it up. It was a gold bracelet! The next morning, Tom saw a story in the newspaper about a crow and a gold bracelet. He put two and two together. Then he got in touch with Frank Landstrom to give the bracelet back. Frank couldn't believe his luck. 一个人正在打高尔夫球,并将自己的金手镯放到车里,这时,一只乌鸦flew down out of nowhere and grabbed the bracelet. Out of nowhere, “突然冒出来, 不知打哪儿来的”,在本文中相当于suddenly and unepectedly,毫无预兆的。例如,《哈利波特与死亡圣器》一书的第一章有这样一句话:The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. 在一条洒满月光的狭窄小路上,两个男人凭空出现在了相距几码的地方。Out of nowhere 凭空出现,和我们文中的用法一样。 乌鸦突然从天而降,而且叼走了金手镯,这一过程除了让Frank感叹“What in the world”之外,只能watched wide-eyed。睁大眼睛瞧着,说明非常surprised. 和“what in the world”相呼应。都表示feel so strange and surprised. Frank心情很糟。因为他认为手镯was gone for good,这里good等于ever,gone for ever也就是永远找不回来。 就在同一天,另一个名叫Tom的人,正在pulled into a supermarket parking lot. 这里pulled into a place 可不是拖拽什么东西到某处,而是“drive one’s car into a place”也就是,“开着车进入某处”的意思。本文Tom开车进入的是parking lot。Parking大家都知道意思是“停车”,后面的lot作名词用时有“(作特定用处的)一块地”来讲。那么此处parking lot就是停车场的意思。再来看一个例句,理解lot这一用法。He is looking for an empty lot on which to build his house. 他正在找一块空地盖房子。 停车场的地面上something shiny,一个亮闪闪的东西Caught Tom's eye。 这一部分首先强调一下something shiny的用法。形容词修饰不定代词时要放在后面。比如,somebody nice, something different, anything interesting等等。再来看Catch one's eye这一表达法。现在,我们常常能听到类似“吸引……眼球”“捉住……眼球”来表示取得注意。Catch one’s eye就表示”attract one’s attention” 吸引某人的注意力。再来看一个例子。That antique vase caught my eye and I just had to buy it. 那个古董花瓶着实吸引了我,我必须得买下它。 Tom捡到了一只金手镯,报纸上又说一只乌鸦叼走了一个人的金镯,那么,put two and two together,“根据事实推测”,Tom捡到的就是Frank丢掉的了。Put two and two together, 是figure something out from what one sees,hears and learns. 根据自己看到听到了解到的弄明白事情。比如:John didn't tell me that he loves her , but I put two and two together. 约翰没有告诉我他爱她,但我根据事实看得出来。 调皮的乌鸦,诚实的Tom,先是坏运气,又得好运气的Frank,一起上演了一幕失而能复得的喜剧。好了,本期就到这里,下期再继续和Rose一起听故事,学英语吧。 /201110/159116上海市同济医院光子脱毛手术价格 Tig,Jon,very nice to have you back on the show.Lets talk about this show.Because its unlike any show I have heard of before.缇格 乔恩 很高兴你们再次来 我们来谈谈这部剧 因为我从没有听说过这种剧Its a comedy show where instead of going to comedy clubs and venues,you guys go to peoples homes.这是一部喜剧 但是你们没有去喜剧俱乐部和喜剧场馆 你们去别人家里You go to,I heard you went to a farm.sure.你们去 我听说你们去了农场 是的I mean,you go to places where no one does comedy and then you perform comedy.Why are you doing that?我的意思是 你们去没人表演喜剧的地方 然后你们表演喜剧 为什么要这样做I have graduated from comedy clubs,I guess,and now its onto barns and,我从喜剧俱乐部毕业的 现在该轮到谷仓You feel like,Ok,I see.But what about like you could,you had a lot of success.你感觉 我明白了 但是你可以 你大获成功You can go to bigger clubs or stadiums.You can play theaters,things like that.你可以去更大的俱乐部或者体育场 你可以演话剧之类的This is,this is the tops for me.Everyone has their dream.This is mine.And please let me have that.Ok.这就是我的巅峰了 大家都有梦想 这就是我梦想 请不要剥夺它 好吧Ok,and youre cool with this too?I will tell you,When Tig asked me to do this,Because this is her project好吧 你也没意见吗 我跟你说吧 当缇格要我做这事时是的 因为这是她的项目But she needed someone to go with her to do all of the driving.但她需要有人跟她一起去 来开车So I went with her.And the problem I had was,I was very excited when we first started it,because I never performed in peoples homes.所以我跟她去了 我的问题是 我们开始时 我很激动 因为我从没在人们家里表演过I used to perform in comedy clubs and now I will never do it again.我以前在喜剧俱乐部表演 现在我再也不会了Ok,whats the big of the problem with say youre performing in someones home as opposed to performing in a comedy club.Whats the biggest problem?你们在别人家里表演对比喜剧俱乐部里表演 最大的问题是什么 最大的问题是什么I will tell you.Good.I just asked you.Great,get y for the answer.Here it comes,ok.Are you y?我告诉你啊 真好 因为我刚问了你啊 真棒 那准备好听吧 我要说了 好 你准备好了吗201612/482765Since you play a doctor on TV, we thought we play a little game哇喔 既然你在电视上都演过医生了 那我们今天就来玩个小游戏吧And you are a doctor, Im a patient.你演医生 我演患者And different medical terms gonna pop on that screen over there.等下那个频幕上会出现不同的医学术语Im gonna have to guess what they are based on what youre doing to me我要根据你的动作来猜到底是什么Were a family shows, so a......a.....ok?我们这是个家庭节目…所以…呃…你懂的(意思是别做的太专业 搞笑点)Im going to say thats not the kind of doctor that I remember.好好 我保绝对不专业Yes..No.We are playing a different kind of doctor than what you played嗯嗯 对 要演一个完全不一样的医生Understood.I will keep my hands on myself. Ok! Good. Good boy.遵命 我会控制我自己的 我尽量 好 那就好 好小子For the most part. Alright.尽量哈 好Sixty seconds on the clock I have to guess what you are限时60秒 看我能猜中多少个Remember,Im not a real doctor. I just played what on television.好 记住 我不是真正的医生 我只是演的Lets do it! Ok!嗯 开始吧好Ok. The Heimlich. Yeah!好 海姆利克氏操作法 对!Let me help you. A..e...o...oo...我来帮你 啊…呃…哦…哦…You are checking my tonsils?你在检查我得扁桃体吗?Em....Sore Throat. A glance from glass. Oh...o....嗯…喉咙痛 噢…噢…天…What? A baby? Yes! Will that count?!啥?生娃?对!! 这个算吗?!Oh....um...em.... Mouth to mouth. Yea......disgusting!噢…嗯…呃…人工呼吸 耶!……这个好恶心…What was that? Lice?Yes!什么鬼?抓虱子?对!!Oh...... What do we play?噢我去… 下一个我们玩儿什么?I just... I just love it as a doctor . You just wait for the baby to fly out.我…我觉得当医生很棒 因为你可以就在那儿守着 等小孩儿飞出来Thirty-two! Almost had! Allright. You did very well.32!快出来啦!好了 你做的很不错哦Its like you are a real doctor or something.感觉你就是是一个真正的医生诶《Code Black》airs wednesdays at 10:00 on TVs. Rob Lowe! Everybody!欢迎大家收看《黑色代码》 每周三上午十点不见不散! 掌声送给罗伯·劳!201705/508085上海脱发医院

上海华山医院开双眼皮手术价格“篮球之神”迈克尔·乔丹近日作为拉塞尔·威斯特布鲁克进入俄克拉荷马市名人堂的介绍人,在俄城发表了一通精的演讲。除了称赞威少的忠诚以及打球风格之外,乔帮主还暗讽了夏天刚刚离队的凯文·杜兰特~~Can I borrow your glasses, please? I was just kidding.我能借一下你的眼镜吗?开个玩笑Its truly a pleasure for me to be here真的很高兴来到这里When Clay asked me, it was a privilege I didnt even pause当Clay让我来的时候,很荣幸他叫我来,我丝毫没犹豫because of the relationship and the respect that I have for Clay因为我们关系很好,我很尊敬他And obviously the respect that I have for Russell. I am truly a fan of his当然还因为我很尊敬威斯布鲁克。可以说,我是他的球迷。If you can ever say, you know, being that we were so many years apart, when I watch him play我甚至可以说,我们分开了这么多年,当我看他打球时I see a lot of resemblance of his passion for the game of basketball the way I played the game of basketball.我看到他对篮球的热爱跟我有很多相似之处Im truly honored once again to be here我真的很荣幸来到这I dont feel like or Im not from Oklahoma but I feel like I am from Oklahoma我不是来自俄克拉荷马,但我觉得我是来自俄克拉荷马Unfortunately, I never had a chance to play a basketball game here in Oklahoma可惜的是,我没有机会这里打场球I feel like if I wouldve brought my shoes and my shorts要不我一定会带上球衣短裤I wouldve been out there probably trying to play the game of basketball with somebody even Russell, and some of the team.试图在这和某些人打球,甚至是拉塞尔,或是球队里的一些人Its an unbelievable city. When I flew in and obviously seeing an unbelievable… uh… place here.这是一个神奇的城市。我坐飞机飞过来,看到了不可思议的一座城市And the hospitality I feel thus far也感受到了人民的热情Thank you Clay for once again for inviting me.再次感谢Clay邀请我Its truly a privilege. Makes you remember we play you guys twice. Remember the deal. You know. Remember the deal.这真的是个莫大的荣幸,记着,黄蜂和雷霆还要打两场呢。要记住哦更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201611/480483闵行治疗胎记多少钱 You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.你懂得更多是通过旅行的方式,而不是来自世人的推测和描述。单词记忆:conjecture n. 推测;猜想vi. 推测;揣 vt. 推测description n. 描述,描写;类型;说明书Always feeling a bit too broke to travel? 总是觉得没钱旅行吗?You spend 10 dollars a day eating out. Thats 300 dollars a month. Add drinks and its 500 dollars a month. In 4 months you can buy a ticket anywhere in the world. You can travel. Youre just too lazy to cook.你一天花10美金外食,一个月就是300美金,加上饮料就是500美金一个月。如果你存下来,四个月你可以负担得起去任何一个地方的机票。你当然能旅行,你只是太懒不想自己煮饭!公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201610/473151闵行区中心医院切眼袋手术价格费用

上海第九人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱Subject:You are really put through the wringer at your job interview. 迷你对话A: You are really put through the wringer at your job interview.你的求职面试真让你折腾了一番。B: Yeah, I had to fill out papers, meet dozens of people, and do a presentation.是啊,我得填写各种表格,与很多人做见面并向大家做自我介绍。 地道表达 put somebody through the wringer 1. 解词释义此语的英文解释为:to give someone a difficult time; to interrogate someone thoroughly。此语之中的wringer是搅拧机的意思。Put through是“遭受,遇到”的意思。Put through the wringer的字面意思是“经受搅拧机的折磨”,引申为“遭受严峻的考验或折磨”。表示给某事折腾,遭受某事的严峻考验,在此语的后面用介词at,即为:put sb. through the wringer at something。 2. 拓展例句The lawyer really put the witness through the wringer!律师真是折磨人。The teacher put the students through the wringer.老师把学生折腾了一番。 Ps:fill in的意思是“填写”,dozens of的意思是“很多”,do a presentation的意思是“做自我介绍,做自我展示”。 /201405/296386 同学们好,欢迎来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》新的一课,我是Faith老师,今天的英语课和漠不关心有关。Indifferent: a. 漠不关心的,不感兴趣的,冷淡的,不很好的;一般的,中立的His manner is cold and indifferent. 他的态度既冷淡又无动于衷。She seems indifferent, but deep down shes very pleased. 她貌似无动於衷,其实心里非常高兴。He is an indifferent cook. 他是个手艺平平的厨师。Her English is indifferent. 她的英文很一般。Be indifferent to… 对……对漠不关心He is indifferent to the result of the exam. 他对考试结果漠不关心。He is indifferent to me. 他对我漠不关心。He is indifferent to fame. 他不在乎名声。She was indifferent to her bosss advice. 她对老板的劝告无动于衷。different from 与……不同My idea is different from yours. 我的想法跟你的不同。Is English very different from Chinese? 英语和汉语有很大的不同吗?You cant be indifferent to me; Im your girlfriend. You can be indifferent to other girls, but you cant be indifferent to me, cuase Im different from other girls. 你不能对我漠不关心,我是你女朋友啊。你可以对其她女孩漠不关心,但你不能对我无动于衷,因为我和其她女孩不一样。 内容来自: /201206/186561虹口区人民医院激光去痘多少钱上海市九院激光祛痘手术价格



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