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Today, I#39;m back with the Romans, in what they might have called the Far West, what we think of as Suffolk.我们如今称为萨福克的地区,对罗马人来说算是远西,它是罗马的西部边陲。We are around the year 400, and in England centuries of unprecedented peace and prosperity are about to end in chaos. Across Western Europe the Roman Empire is fragmenting into a series of failed states, and in Britain the Roman leadership is conducting a phased withdrawal. At moments like this it is tricky to be rich. There was no longer any organised military or civil force to protect them or their possessions, and as they fled, they left behind them some of the finest treasure ever found. Our object belongs to a fabulous collection of gold and silver buried in a field at Hoxne, Suffolk, around 410, and found nearly 1,600 years later...in 1992.公元400年左右,不列颠几百年来的和平与繁荣即将结束于一场混乱。罗马帝国在西欧四分五裂,在英格兰的影响力也逐渐减弱。在动荡时期,富人的处境十分危险,不再有军队来保护他们的财产,因此,他们逃亡时留下了极为珍贵的宝藏。本文中的物品便是在公元410年左右埋藏在萨福克霍克森地区的金银财宝中的一件,1992年,它在藏1600余年后终于重见天日。I#39;m holding a small statue of the upper half of a Roman matron, wearing very elaborate clothes and long dangly earrings. Her hair is fantastically complicated, it#39;s twisted and plaited in an elaborate ;up-do;, and she is obviously a seriously #39;grande dame#39; and very, very fashionable. She#39;s about three inches high, so the size of a silver pepper pot - and indeed that is exactly what she is-a silver pepper pot. When I pick it up I can see that on the underside there is a clever mechanism which allows you to determine how much pepper will come out. You turn the handle and you can either close it completely, have it fully open, or in a kind of sprinkling mode.我手里拿着的就是这样一尊看起来就像是一位罗马夫人的半身雕像,眼饰华美,挂着长耳环,发式精巧繁复,发辫盘在头顶。一望即知,这是位庄重的贵妇,衣着入时。雕像高约8厘米,大小如同一个胡椒罐。而它也恰恰就是一个银制胡椒罐,底部有精巧机关,可以控制胡椒的倒出量。只要扭动把手,就可以选择全开、全闭或半开。 Article/201502/360002China, Malaysia committed in MH370 search马方搜寻MH370客机与中方保持密切沟通合作During a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the two countries will continue working together in the search for missing flight MH370.在会见马来西亚总理纳吉布期间,中方外交部长王毅表示两国将继续努力寻找失去联系的马航MH370航班。;We empathize with the relatives of the passengers on MH370.“我们对马航MH370航班上乘客的家属表示同情。We feel their pain and suffering.我们和他们一样感同身受。We will provide further explanations after the identification results come out.结果出来后我们将为大家进一步的解释说明。And we will also urge the relevant departments to do a good job in the next steps, such as with the compensation settlement,; said Wang.我们还将在接下来的环节中敦促相关部门尽职尽责做好补偿安置等的工作。” 译文属 Article/201508/390980With one you could power a small village.一个太阳能碟能满足一座小村的能源需求A field of them could power a city.一大批则能供给一座城市所需的能源Each system produces about 25 kw一套系统的发电量是25千瓦which is enough to power about 10 homes.这可满足十个家庭的能源需求However we plan to deploy these on a large scale.但我们打算大规模部署20,000 of these,两万个太阳能碟which is massive about five hundred megawatts发电量是500百万瓦which is the equivalent to a coal fired plant,这相当于一座火力发电厂or maybe even a nuclear plant.甚至一座核电厂The ink is just drying on the contract to他们才刚刚签定合约build the first commercial solar power station.建造第一座商业太阳能发电厂It will fill 5 square miles of the vast Californian desert完工之后偌大的加州沙漠with mirrors and will supply electricity将会有五平方哩铺满镜子to the city of San Diego.以供应圣地牙哥所需的电力In time,as the technology and efficiency未来随着技术和效率的提升improves systems like these may sp around the world.像这样的系统将会遍布全球These dishes are direct descendents这些太阳能碟是巨石阵of the stone monuments of Stonehenge and Orkney.和奥克尼石碑的直系后代Separated by 5000 years they all embody虽然相隔五千年,但它们都体现了our desire to understand the sun,人类了解太阳to be bathed in its light沐浴在阳光下and to tap into its awesome power.及利用太阳惊人能源的欲望He#39;s quiet, he#39;s clean,he#39;s powerful.太阳安静、纯净、威力无穷This was the way I was raised.小时候大人是这样教我的Raised to respect him and教我要尊敬太阳to offer those prayers to him for keeping us对太阳祈祷,希望它能for the length of time that he has.永生永世地保护我们He#39;s done this for generations,and generations太阳照亮了我们过去的世世代代and hopefully he will you know in the future.也希望能照亮我们未来的子孙The sun will probably shine down on our civilisations只要我们的文明存在于世的一天for as long as they exist.太阳就会照亮它们If we survive for another billion years如果人类能再存在十亿年the sun will still be there.太阳仍然会高挂天际But just as the sun was once born,但万事万物有生必有死it will one day die.太阳也不例外And when it does so,it will take the Earth with it.届时地球将会和它同归于尽In about 5 billion years time50亿年后the sun will run out of hydrogen.太阳的氢气将会燃烧殆尽When it does it will become a red giant.到时候太阳会变成一颗红巨星Deprived of fuel the core will shrink.失去燃料的核心将会收缩Generating so much heat that the outer layers产生大量高热will balloon into the solar system.导致外层向太阳系膨胀The inner planets will be swept up.内侧行星将会遭其吞噬It may even swallow the Earth.甚至连地球都难以幸免Whether it is engulfed or not the Earth is doomed.其实不论是否被吞噬,地球已在劫难逃The sun, burning 2000 times hotter than it does now燃烧热度为现今两千倍的太阳will melt and seal the outer layers of the planet.将会融化、封死外层Then suddenly the sun will stop burning.然后太阳会骤然停止燃烧As the remains of the solar system is plunged into darkness残余的太阳系陷入黑暗时the sun#39;s core will collapse and with its last gasp it太阳的核心崩塌will blow its remaining shroud of gas into space.并以最后一口气,将残余的气体喷至太空中It will be forever night.此后将是无尽的黑夜The story of the sun and the earth will have ended.太阳和地球的故事将会画下句点And a small part of the outer arm of the Milky Way的外缘的一小部分will be a little bit darker.将出现一小块黑暗的区域But around it in the rest of the universe但是在周遭的宇宙中the same story will be being told十亿颗微不足道的小恒星by a billion other small insignificant stars将诉说着相同的故事twinkling in the vastness of space.在浩瀚宇宙中闪闪发光 Article/201504/370565Poop,most of us don#39;t give a second thought to where it ends up after flushing.But what if I told you that the very poop could be making a way back into your house without you ever noticing.For those unfamiliar.说到便便,绝大多数人不会再想想,当它被冲到下水道后了结在何处。但是如果我告诉你,这泼便便会在你,不曾留意时 回到你的房子里呢。致那些不知便便的。Once your food has been chewed,swallowed,chmically and pyhsically broken down,and the useful nutrients have been absorbed into your body,the rest is gracefully discarded as waste,This waste,then gets combined with the mixture of urine,rain,shower sink and other household waters into your local sewage system,which,surprisingly contains mostly water and relatively little feces.like a big o bowl of soup with very few vegetables.当你口中的食物被咀嚼,吞咽,并从物理和化学上分解,有用的营养物质被吸收进你的身体之后,剩下的食物就被华丽丽地抛弃,成为排泄物。这些排泄物,和尿液,雨水,洗澡水,以及其他家用污水的混合物结合在一起,进入当地的下水道系统,令人惊讶的是,下水系统中大多是水,粪便相对较少,就像一大碗汤中的几片菜叶一样。After passing through potentially miles of pipes,the soup reaches sewage treatment plant and it#39;s initially screened and scammed to separate out things like sand,grait and pebbles.More importantly,this is where that cellphone you accidentally drop down the toilet get caught,along with condoms,garbages and other stuff you thought would be a good idea to toss down the drain.再穿过可能有好几英里的管道后,这碗“汤”到达污水处理厂,开始被初步筛选和扫描,以分离出沙子,细沙,卵石等东西。更重要的是,这就是被你不小心,掉到马桶中的手机被拦住地地方,同时还有安全套,垃圾以及其他,在你看来应该被扔到下水道冲走的东西。Which,by the way,wasn#39;t a good idea,For every piece of trash or item you throw down the toilet,the more likely there will be a blockage in the system,which has to be removed-by hand,and no one wants that,The pebbles and grait,on the other hand,are dried,cleaned and reused to things like construction.Perhaps contributing to the creation of your ivory throne.The remaining could be mixture is then left still in the giant tank.and thanks to the fundamental properties of both of and grease as non-polar substances,which don#39;t mix with water,it#39;s relatively easy to skim them off.顺带说一句,才不应该这么做呢。你向马桶中扔进的每一块垃圾,都会使下水系统堵塞的可能性增大一些,而要排除堵塞就得用手,没人想干这活。另一方面,卵石和沙子被烘干,清洁,并重新利用在建设房屋等方面。它也可能成为你家白色宝座的一部分。剩下可能的混合物被放在巨大水缸中静置。正由于一个基本属性,油类和脂类都,是非极性物质,即油和脂都不溶于水,因此撇去它们还比较简单。Still,you really shouldn#39;t be pulling it down the drain,as it can clog pipes and overwhelm the intricate system,What#39;s left now is some sludge and a smelly liqued that looks like chocolate milk,Chocolate milk,and what#39;s it taste like to the millions of bacteria which are set loose to feast on this mixture.They literally eat the pathogens out of the liquid.Most of these bacteria are aerobic,meaning that they require oxygen to function,just like humans.So the tank is pumped full of oxygen.This water is then disinfected and reintroduced to back into the environment.不过,你也不应该把它们冲到下水道里,它们会阻塞管道,让复杂的下水系统鸭梨山大。剩下的就是一些烂泥和看上去像巧克力奶一样奇“香”的物质。 巧克力奶,对上百万的细菌来说就是这个味道,它们被放任去享受这顿混合物的大餐。字面上说,它们吃进液体中的病原体。它们大多数都是嗜氧菌 这意味着它们需要氧气,来活动,这和人类一样。因此水缸中被注满了氧气。之后,这些水被消毒并重新输送到外界。The remaining sludge,on the other hand,containing mostly solid waste matter go through a final treatment with another set of bacteria.These bacteria produce a variety of bi-products including methane gas,which in turn is used to power the sewage treatment plant.So your poop powers the plant that processes your poop.另一方面,剩下的烂泥中大部分都是固体废物,它们通过另一些细菌作最终处理。这些细菌会产生一系列的副产物,包括甲烷,而甲烷则被用来为污水处理厂提供电能。所以你的便便驱动着处理你便便的工厂。After eating everything,the bacteria die and create something know as bio-solid.After all are said and done,the remaining nutrient reaches feces and bio-solid and can be used to make compost to enrich dry land, or used as fertilizers which ultimately help grow vegetation.Vegetation which makes its way into your house and ultimately into your mouth.在吃净一切后,细菌会死去并产生俗称为“生物固体”的东西。当先前所述的完成后,剩下的营养物质进入粪便和生物固体中,它们可被用来制作堆肥以使干燥土壤肥沃,或者用作肥料,最终被用来帮助蔬菜生长。蔬菜走进你的家门,最终进入到你的口中。And so begins the cycle of poop all over again.周而复始的便便之旅就这样重新开始了。 Article/201502/357377

I particularly like the green stuff that#39;s oozing out of it.我特别喜欢露出来的绿色菜So, I must admit,我必须承认I am surprised to be here.我很惊讶你带我到这儿来I kind of imagined you#39;d be sticking on a sort of, um,我本以为你会坚持让我进行you know, a veggie diet or something like that.素食或者类似的饮食Or, yeah, a lot of salads or something on the feed day?或在进食日吃很多沙拉之类的No, actually as long as you不 实际上如果你stick to the calorie goals on the fast day,在禁食日坚守你的热量摄入you can literally eat whatever you like在进食日你就能随心所欲地吃on the feed day.你喜欢的食物了One of Krista#39;s most recent studies克丽丝塔的最新研究中compared two groups on ADF,对两组进行隔日禁食法的人进行了比较one eating high fat, the other low fat,在进食日 一组人摄入高脂肪食物on their feed days.另一组摄入低脂肪食物I#39;m concerned about my blood glucose,我担心我的血糖I#39;m concerned about my cholesterol,我的胆固醇I#39;m concerned about a load of stuff.我担心一大堆东西Are those not, sort of, made worse by eating high fat?在摄入高脂肪后 这些指标不会变糟吗That#39;s actually what we thought would happen.那确实是我们原先认为会发生的事And then, surprisingly,然后 令人惊讶的是we saw the same decreases in LDL cholesterol,两组人的低密度脂蛋白胆固醇so that#39;s the bad cholesterol,降低的幅度相同and in triglycerides,甘油三酯也是and also in blood pressure.血压也是So in terms of cardiovascular disease risk,就患心血管疾病的风险而言it didn#39;t matter if you were eating a high-fat or low-fat diet.摄入高脂肪或低脂肪没有什么区别重点解释:1.ooze out 泄露例句:Black oil was oozing out of the engine.发动机渗出了黑油。2.surprise to 出乎 ... 的意外例句:It was a complete surprise to me.这确实让我又惊又喜,终生难忘。3.concern about 对 ... 的关心例句:He is full of concern about his sick mother.他非常挂念他有病的母亲。 Article/201510/406916

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