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This is an informational about getting rid of styes, a medical condition in which eyelid or eyelash hair follicle gets inflamed and causes problems. Video is short, simple and straight to the point.本视频为你提供了消除眼睛麦粒肿的一些信息。麦粒肿是一种疾病,是眼睑或睫毛囊发炎造成的问题。这段视频非常简短,而且切中要害。Im here today to talk to you about how to get rid of a stye. Theres actually two types of stye, one is external stye which is caused by a blocked lash hair follicle and the other one is stye inside the eye so the origin is the lid rather than the hair follicle on the outside.今天我为大家讲述一下怎样消除眼睛麦粒肿。实际上麦粒肿有两种,一种是外部的麦粒肿,是由于睫毛囊堵塞引起的。另外一种是眼睛内部的麦粒肿,起因于眼睑,而不是外部的睫毛囊。Both of them are caused by an infection, the hair follicle is usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria getting into the hair follicle and causing an infection. Hot compresses work, the other thing is fusidic acid, you can and probably need to go to your GP and get a prescription for that. Thats topical antibiotic antibody that you apply in your eye as an eye drop or you can put it around the lid margin if its quite near the surface, and that will help reduce the stye as well.两种麦粒肿都是由于感染引起的,睫毛囊麦粒肿通常是由于金黄色酿脓葡萄球菌进入毛囊引起感染,热敷有一定的效果。梭链孢酸也有效果,可能需要到家庭医生那里开处方才能买到。这是一种局部抗生素抗体,可以作为眼药水滴入眼睛,或者涂抹在眼睑边缘,也可以消除麦粒肿。Very rarely, if its a really bad infection, usually if its an inner stye, then you might need some antibiotic tablets as well. Sometimes with the inner styes, the infection goes, but then youre left with a cyst because of the blocked gland. They will go eventually, if they dont or theyre causing problems, you can be referred to get them removed surgically.比较少见的情况是感染比较严重,通常情况下,如果是眼睛内部的麦粒肿,你可能需要用一些抗菌素药物。有时由于内部麦粒肿,感染消失了,你却由于腺体阻塞而引起囊肿。囊肿最终会消失,如果没有消失,可能会引发其他问题,可能需要做手术切除。I hope this has been useful in treating the styes and thank you very much for listening to me.希望这对你治疗麦粒肿有帮助,感谢大家听我的介绍。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of A Stye.感谢收看“怎样消除眼睛麦粒肿”视频节目。 /201211/211540Dr Karlsson is part of卡森教授是2005年基因组the team that in 2005 mapped the dog genome,绘制团队的成员All 2.4 billion letters of the dogs DNA code.这种的DNA码 有24亿个字母Once we had the dog genome sequence,一旦我们知道了基因组序列we could design a gene chip, which would allow us to compare我们就可以设计基因芯片 让我们可以all of our sick dogs and our healthy dogs把那些生病的和健康的做比较and find the genes that are causing diseases.找到那些引起疾病的基因Using a genotyping machine, Dr. Karlsson利用基因分型设备 卡森士is able to simultaneously analyse thousands of regions of DNA可以同时分析取自生病的 和健康的拳师From boxers with and without cardiomyopathy.的数千个区域的DNAWhat you see when you compare sick dogs to healthy dogs把生病的和健康的相比较and go across the genome from chromosome one从染色体一比较to chromosome two and across is that most of the points到染色体二 看到大多数的点are right near zero and theres not a lot都很接近零 就是说在病和健康之间of differences between the healthy dogs and the sick dogs,这些基因没有明显的不同Until you get to chromosome 17, and there直到我们看到染色体17的地方all of a sudden you have a huge number of differences.这里的数据突然出现了很大的差别This is exciting, because this means这很让人兴奋 因为这意味着this is the region of the正是基因组的这个区域genome that holds the gene causing our disease.含有引起疾病的基因Karlssons team have honed卡森的团队锁定这个区域in on this region to pinpoint the exact gene.精确的找到了致病基因Weve found a gene related to sudden cardiac death.我们发现了一种与心脏病猝死有关的基因We think theres another one我们认为还会有另外一个基因because we havent told the whole story yet.因为我们还不能完全解释病症是如何发生的But we think we know what the但是我们相信mutation is in that gene causing the disease.那个基因的突变导致了这类疾病Now the mutation has been identified,现在突变的基因找到了the team have been able这个团队可以着手to locate the corresponding gene in humans.在人类身上定位类似的基因Its accelerated a process that,这样就加速了整个过程without dogs, could have taken decades.而如果没有 这可能要花费数十年时间201303/228390

有这么一个地方,中国茶叶流通协会2003年正式命名它为“中国茶城”。因为它是普洱茶的故乡,是世界著名的茶树种植和茶文化的起源地。1800年的沧桑历史,育出了大精深的普洱茶文化。那条蜿蜒数千里的茶马古道的源头就在这里。中国的茶城,普洱茶的故乡,拥有浓郁醉人的边地风情。这个地方,就是普洱。Pu'er Tea in Pu'er City Pu'er city in southwest China's Yunnan Province is home to the world famous tea of the same name, which originates in the area. The history of Pu'er tea can be traced back over 1,800 years to the ancient Tea Horse trade route that starts from Simao District in Pu'er. This route, often referred to as Tea Horse Road, stretches from its southern end in Yunnan throughout Southeast Asia, connecting Beijing in the north with Tibet in the west. It was along this trade route many eons ago that pu'er's unique post fermentation characteristic was accidentally discovered. The high humidity, hot rainfall and sunlight of the area imbued the tea with its unique qualities that have made the product world famous. Often called "soft gold", pu'er tea is like an antique - the more it ages, the more valuable it becomes. There are two main varieties of pu'er: raw, or green tea, and ripened, or fermented tea. The green tea variety helps lower the body's temperature and is pleasant to drink in the summer. Fermented tea is good for ladies because it helps with weight loss and is very good for the skin. In fact most people prefer this variety of pu'er as it is more distinct from most other green teas, especially the broad-leaf variety. "Longjing and Tieguanyin are small-leaf teas that can only be brewed ten times. But pu'er tea can be brewed over 30 times." Pu'er tea dates back over 3,000 years. There is a 2,700-year-old wild tea tree that still produces tea leaves today and thrives in the city of its namesake. Every spring, locals pick leaves in the tea fields. "It's important not to pick tea leaves too early or too late in the day. Usually we start at 9 a.m. and finish by 3 p.m. from February to December. Spring tea leaves are the best of the whole year."They pick tender leaves and handle them gingerly to prevent bruising and unwanted oxidation. Weather permitting, they'll sp the leaves in the sun or a ventilated space to wilt and reduce water content. Following that a process called "shaqing," or literally "kill green," takes place. "Both green tea and pu'er tea need this procedure. It takes high temperatures to bake the tea leaves during the "kill green" process. This stops any enzyme activity in the leaf and prevents further oxidation." The tea ferments quickly under conditions manipulated to approximate the aging process in a humid environment. The fermented tea, which resembles black tea and tastes very mild, is then shaped into cakes or bricks. Medical analysis has shown proven health benefits of pu'er tea in recent years and led to its recognition as a "medicinal tea" or "wonder tonic." Long-standing consumers of pu'er believe it also has anti-aging properties and can prolong one's life.Accounts of the truly astonishing health benefits and medical use of pu'er tea have been documented in various ancient scripts and famous books throughout Chinese history. This tea is strongly believed to have wide-ranging health benefits including diabetic control, prevention of heart disease, improved digestion and aiding weight loss.Pu'er city has held a tea festival since 1993, and often hosts international seminars on the drink. "We've cooperated with Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Maryland in the US to conduct research on the medicinal use of pu'er tea. We also invited experts on diabetes to help us with our work. At a press conference this April, we released news that pu'er tea can help reduce blood sugar levels." Now, the Pu'er city has been granted five patents related to the tea. Its products have been welcomed not only across China but also several European countries including France, Britain, Sweden and Germany. Tea planting and production is the life blood of Pu'er. The city boasts 200,000 hectares of tea plantations and about half of the city's population is somehow involved in the tea industry. "The tea industry is the main source of our family's income; we now have 30 hectares of tea gardens. We make over 3,000 yuan in net profit per hectare every year. Now life is much better than before. We've built a house, and bought a refrigerator, sofa, and motorcycle. We plan to buy a car in the future."This song is called "Love Song of Longlong." It describes the pleasure of tea picking, and is based on the real-life romance of a young man and woman who tie the knot through their association with tea."In Longlong Village, because of the natural conditions, only one out of ten newborn kids are boys, so the girls that come from there to pick the tea have a better chance of meeting members of the opposite sex.""I came to Longlong village with my boss in 2006. I stayed here and eventually married."Now 25-year-old Shi Yinghua is mother to a 3-year-old and earns over 100,000 yuan per year through her business, which employs 40 people. Pu'er has also cooperated with companies in Tianjin to increase production and diversify the assortment of tea products it produces. To cater to a larger group of tea drinkers, they've developed tea powder, tea bags, medicinal tea products and even new methods of brewing tea. In the first half of this year, the industry pulled in over 500 million yuan in profit. Aside from its contribution to the local economy, the development of the industry has generated enthusiasm within the local population for the culture of pu'er tea. (Subtitle: Making pu'er tea takes five steps: select the tea leaves, prepare the materials, select water and brew in hot water. Ancient people said no matter what tea you are making, you must use hot water to warm up the tea-making tools...)In a vocational school in Pu'er, primary school students learn about tea, including the history and the correct etiquette of serving the drink. The fourth tea-making class to be held attracted 100 participants, including 11-year-old trainee Song Qiurui. "I'm a sixth-year student. I love learning about the art of tea. I drink pu'er tea and have asked my parents to register me in this class. Here, teachers told us about the varieties of pu'er and how to appreciate it. After I learned the skills required to serve the tea, I practiced at home a lot. Now my parents want to register in these classes, too." Sun Rongzu, director of the Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth of Pu'er and also an organizer of the training classes, says the limited number of classes can't meet the increasing demand from locals. "Many Pu'er natives studying in colleges in Kunming and Beijing want to join the kids to learn the art of pu'er tea. They think as Pu'er natives, it's a shame not to know about their city's most famous product. Some trainees in the classes even work in markets and teahouses as far away as Shanghai and Guangdong."Local officials are confident that with the development of the medicinal value of pu'er tea, the drink will gain even more popularity in the future. In the next five to ten years, there are plans to develop pu'er production into an industry worth around 30 billion yuan. Local people also hope more people outside the city of Pu'er can learn about the culture of this special product.12/91445

  2012欧洲杯1/4淘汰赛进行了最后一场比赛,在基辅奥林匹克球场英格兰和意大利交锋。120分钟意大利围攻英格兰创造了不少机会,有两次打中立柱,但就是与破门无缘。而在点球大战中,意大利4-2击败英格兰,晋级4强将对阵德国。Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon proved to be the hero as Italy beat England in the last quarter final of Euro 2012.Buffon guessed right and saved Ashley Coles effort before Alessandro Diamanti stepped up to slot home the winner. The Italians triumphed 4:2 on penalties. The result came after the two teams had played out an entertaining nil, nil draw.Italy dominated possession for large parts and even had the ball in the back of the net five minutes from the end of extra-time, only to see it ruled out for off-side. The Italians were deserved winners in what proved to be an open game. They now move on to the semi-finals where they will face Germany, while favorites Spain takes on Portugal.201206/187941



  x5mdu0mM[]@b7E.b+uRyspm1,+9gzj~sxuToday in History: Tuesday, September 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月25日,星期二6iPe%88[P|%zA7]ZwXOn Sept. 25, 1957, Nine black children who had been forced to withdraw from Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., because of unruly white crowds were escorted to class by members of the U.S. Armys 101st Airborne Division.1957年9月25日,因不守规矩的白人群体由美国陆军第101空降师的人员护送到教室,9名黑人儿童被迫从小石城中心高中退学Fd^U|Xvko,C[|qC。V(ICQ-8y%~m*)|yO1493 Christopher Columbus set sail from Cadiz, Spain, with a flotilla of 17 ships on his second voyage to the Western Hemisphere.1493年,克里斯托弗·哥伦布起航从西班牙加的斯起航,17艘小船队完成了他的第二次西半球之行z%)jWH)zPi;nASFp(]N。n80+@diKfm2U(NN1513 Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa crossed the Isthmus of Panama to reach the Pacific Ocean.1513年,西班牙探险家瓦斯科涅斯·德·巴尔亚穿越巴拿马地到达太平洋T!Eb|bt)2。CE4)9QJhPVY1775 American Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen was captured by the British as he led an attack on Montreal.1775年,美国独立战争英雄伊桑艾伦带领袭击蒙特利尔时被英军俘虏jVMR0e]%0Rk#;。N.!ZY_|Pd64U#o!Oi%1789 The first ed States Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution and sent them to the states for ratification. (Ten of the amendments became the Bill of Rights.)1789年,美国第一个国会对宪法进行了12个修正,并将其送往各州批准ulS1^9PHeK~z6FP。(修正案中的十项成了《权利法案》)nAUyUs-Q|#7UyjeL-]u。V;dtD7Mjb9CTKoI41890 Mormon president Wilford Woodruff issued a manifesto formally renouncing the practice of polygamy.1890名,门教总统Wilford Woodruff宣布正式废除一夫多妻制xOYN9sV)Po^。tBBVBDX*6F!7-yjhU1897 Author William Faulkner was born in New Albany, Miss.1897年,作家威廉·福克纳在密西西比新奥尔巴尼出生;|O)TcXOOH~kxcPG5+eC。xxy(kb7E@bEm1919 President Woodrow Wilson collapsed after a speech in Pueblo, Colo., during a tour in support of the Treaty of Versailles.1919年,在持《凡尔赛条约》巡游期间,在科罗拉多州发表演讲后总统伍德罗·威尔逊垮台sk1Kd^cOpnUq(TeGs+(2。%S2sjr11NvRP5.r_M1956 The first trans-Atlantic telephone cable went into service.1956年,第一个跨大西洋电话电缆投入运营WDokxMTlcu4。w[xvS+34IuR%@1980 Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, 32, choked to death on his own vomit after a drinking binge.1980年,32岁的飞艇乐队鼓手约翰·纳姆在饮酒狂欢后呕吐窒息身亡wL*@LfDDLpWA]VY#b。cseo3erS(Lr;#r1981 Sandra Day OConnor was sworn in as the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.1981年,桑德拉·戴·奥康纳宣誓就职,成为第一位女性美国最高法院大法官pHwnSMus+^oYi%3NnhHC。ca)~U*[ZoyZm%x2001 Saudi Arabia cut its relations with Afghanistans ruling Taliban.2001年,沙特阿拉伯断绝与阿富汗塔利班的关系;dG;V^0|!IuvDBh.R。91ru9egW3mezy%nAkou2011 Two American hikers held for more than two years in an Iranian prison, returned to the ed States.2011年,两名美国徒步旅行者在伊朗监狱关押两年后回到美国TrbQdOO0j1I0q8RK4。_c2.^oM9mHj%lo^sV@!hX6@Z85M9Ud7nO(OVx1B!fU. /201209/201655伦敦奥运会近在眼前,不仅仅是运动员们忙于准备。数十名澳大利亚艺术家和表演者们也在为奥运会准备。With the London Olympics just around the corner, its not only athletes that are busy preparing. Dozens of Australian artists and performers are gearing up to be part of the act.Rhiannon Spratling was formerly a ballet dancer and is now one of the leading aerial dancers in the production ;Legs on the Wall;. She says this latest performance is a long way from her humble past in ballet.Rhiannon Spratling, dancer, said, ;Its way beyond what I thought Id be capable of, I guess, dance is a very grounded thing. Theres a lot of lifts and jumps but dancing suspended meters above the ground on a ship with thousands of people is not what I thought when I started ballet all those years ago.;The show is part of the London Cultural Olympiad - a series of projects, performances and workshops held throughout the ed Kingdom.The Australian troupe will be part of more than two hundred thousand performers executing their artistry with an ocean liner backdrop.The inspiration was from the idea that the Olympics is a journey that reaches a city every 4 years, and the Rhiannon and her colleagues hope that the London Games will be a memorable destination.201205/182202

  欧洲近日普降大雪,导致各国气温骤降,目前至少已有43人被冻死,同时大雪也严重影响了比利时、英国、法国、德国和荷兰的交通,导致飞机航班延误或取消,公路受阻…Snow, icy weather set Europe shivering Blustery winter weather has been frustrating transportation flow in Europe. Temperatures dropped dramatically overnight, turning stretches of wet snow into dangerous sheets of ice. Huge swaths of Germany are blanketed by fallen flakes. Thermometer ings as low as minus-20 degrees Celsius, and more heavy snowfall, are still expected over the next few nights. Skiers, however, are enjoying nothing but fun on the powder packed Harz Mountains. Meanwhile, mercury levels in Norway's mountainous central region have plummeted to minus-42 degrees Celsius. The deep freeze is rendering conventional liquid de-icers ineffective. Snow in northern Denmark also buffeted road, rail, and air traffic. In France and Switzerland, though, the weather is more moderate. 201001/94060

  How To Lose Belly FatFlatten your belly by making these life changes.You Will NeedA broom A dust mop A specialized cleaning solution Mild soap and water A wet mop Hardwood-floor protection White vinegar (optional) Step 1: Drink water and tea(多喝水,多喝茶)Drink lots of water and green tea, which will keep you feeling fuller longer.Avoid sugary sodas and juices.Step 2: Count calories(控制热量的吸入)Keep track of your calorie intake. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. Keep a notebook listing your calorie intake.Step 3: Eat more often(少食多餐)Eat five to six small meals per day, rather than two or three large ones. This will prevent overeating at mealtimes as well as regulate your metabolism.Avoid late-night snacks.Step 4: Eat fat-burners(多吃容易消化的食物,如全麦,水果和蔬菜等)Eat more fat-burning foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seafood, and egg whites.Step 5: Eat less salt(少吃盐)Maintain a low-sodium diet. Salt makes the body retain water, making stomachs bloated.Serve smaller portions, take small bites, and chew slowly.Step 6: Decrease alcohol consumption(少喝酒)Decrease your alcohol consumption. Alcohol has “empty calories” – it has no nutrients, and your body will convert the extra calories to fat.Step 7: Exercise(多锻炼)Incorporate cardio exercise four times a week for at least 20 minutes and strength training a few times a week. This will strengthen your muscles and increase your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories at a faster rate.201004/102315

  1865.The Civil War leaves cities on the Eastern Seaboard stripped the resources.1865年,内战使得东海岸经济千疮百孔,物资严重匮乏The countrys booming population needs food.另一方面,激增的人口需要大量食物供给In Texas, over 6 million cattle roam wild worth a head here, but back East theyre worth 40.德克萨斯州拥有600万头野牛,此地只值4美元一头但在东海岸却能卖到40美元By 1868, the railroad sps from the East,crossing Kansas, but it hasnt reached Texas.到了1868年,从东海岸延伸过来的铁路已贯穿堪萨斯,但仍未通到德克萨斯Theres still 1,000 miles of Wild West between the herds and the railroad.西部仍有1000英里蛮荒之地横亘在牧群与铁路之间For that kind of cattle drive,America needs a new kind of hero.赶牛的任务应运而生,美利坚需要新一代的英雄The cowboy.牛仔After the Civil War,60% of the Souths population lives in rural poverty.内战结束后,六成南方农民忍受着贫困的煎熬In search of work,a new kind of adventurer heads west to cattle towns like Abilene, Wichita and Dodge City.为了生计,人们向西进发开始了新一轮冒险到阿比林、威奇托和道奇城等有牛的城市谋生One farmhand heading to Texas is Teddy Blue Abbott.泰迪·布鲁·艾伯特便是跋涉至德克萨斯的农工之一23-year-old Teddy Blue is the son of a Nebraska homesteader.年仅23岁的泰迪·布鲁是内布拉斯加州一个自耕农的儿子My father wanted to tie me down and make a farmer out of me.我父亲想把我拴在家里乖乖接班做农民Never.绝不可能I ran away from home to become a cowboy.我从家里逃出来,开始了牛仔生涯The cowboy mentality is a spirit of individuals.牛仔是一种独立精神的体现I have a communion with land, with my horse.我和大地相连,和我的马相依为命It symbolizes of a resistance to the authority.它象征着对于强权的反抗Teddy Blue is one of 35,000 cowboys who will drive cattle to the railroad in Kansas.35000名牛仔将牛群赶到堪萨斯州的铁路上,泰迪·布鲁便是其一Standing in their way, 1,000 miles of untamed West, unforgiving terrain and gangs of ruslters.他们将要面对的是绵延1000英里的西部荒野,极度险峻的地形和成群结伙的山贼For only a day,cowboys must be skilled horsemen and cattle wranglers.虽然日薪只一美元,但要求牛仔不仅要骑技高超还要熟知牛的习性The lasso dates back to the ancient Egyptians.套索的使用可追溯到古埃及Mexican ranchers have been using them for centuries and pass their skills on to cowboys north of the border.墨西哥的牧场工人沿用数百年并将此技术传授给了北方边境的牛仔 /201211/210694。

  Chinese tourists have developed quite a reputation for dropping big bucks during their US travels.According to the Department of Commerce of the ed States, on average, Chinese tourists each spent 37.5 thousand yuan, or approximately 6,000 US Dollars in 2011.中国游客因在美旅游消费惊人而颇有名气。据美国商务部统计数据,2011年来美旅游的中国人平均每人消费37500元人民币,大约合6000美元。It’s not quite the weekend yet, but stores at the Leesburg Outlets near Washington D.C are aly full of buyers Chinese buyers on holiday.虽然不是周末,但位于华盛顿的里斯堡专卖店里已经满是中国消费者。Miss Xiao has lived in the states for 19 years, she told us even more Chinese tourists are here on the weekends.肖已经在美国居住了19年,她告诉我们周末时候这里的中国人更多。Miss Xiao, Local Resident, said, ;On the weekends, about 20 to 30 percent of the shoppers here are Chinese. And one third of them are tourists from the Chinese mainland.;美籍华人肖说,“周末时候,来这里购物的人百分之二十,三十是中国人。而其中三分之一的人是来自中国大陆的游客。In order to attract more Chinese tourists, many stores have started printing ads and signs in Chinese,and have hired Chinese speaking salespeople.为了吸引更多的中国游客,许多商家已经开始张贴中文广告和标识并雇佣会讲中文的导购。Ma Yifang, Tourist, said,;My friends and I bought lots of luxury goods from Gucci, Armani and Coach.They are more expensive in China.;游客马艺芳说,“我和我的朋友购买了许多奢侈品,比如古奇,阿玛尼和寇兹。这些品牌在中国要昂贵很多。And that’s one of the reasons why Chinese tourists spend a lot here. Plus, there are more brands and styles to choose from.而这就是为什么中国游客在这里豪掷千金的原因。另外,这里有更多的品牌和款式可供选择。Statistics show that the number of Chinese tourists in the US is rising steadily, with over 30% increase in six years over the last decade.统计数据显示,来美旅游的中国游客数量正在稳步增长,比起过去十年,中国游客人数六年来的增幅超过30%。201208/194380

  Today in History: Tuesday, May28, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月28日,星期二May 28th 1934, a medical miracle that later turns tragic in Ontario, Canada where the Dionne quintuplets are born. Ontario’s provincial government deems the girl’s parents to beyond fit and puts the quints in a specially-built hospital. That’s where the identical sisters become a money-making tourist attraction during the Great Depression. Years later, the three surviving quints sue Ontario’s government and received a 2.8 million dollars settlement.1908, Ian Fleming, the novelist to created fictional British super spy James Bond is born in London.1972, the Duke of Windsor, the only British monarch to voluntarily relinquish the crown dies in Paris at age 77. The former King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee.1998, “When I was meditating.” “She was sleeping.” “Right, and she was just a lazy little girl for slept about 18 hours a day.”In California, actor and comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife Brynn who then kills herself.And 1957, Baseball’s National League approves moving the Brooklyn Dodges to Los Angeles and New York Giants to San Francisco.Today In History, May 28th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/241782

  A visit to a traditional Chinese medicine shop拜访一家中药店reveals another aspect of the use of animals and plants会发现动植物另一方面的作用Dr. Song has been practicing for over 20 years宋医生行医20多年了The most important part of his diagnosis is the pulse他最重要的诊断方法是examined in several places在不同部位号脉Dr. also observes the color of the tongue and eyes宋医生也观察舌头和眼睛的颜色and asks questions about the patients taste并询问病人的味觉smell and even dreams嗅觉甚至是梦Once satisfied with his diagnosis一旦确诊hell write a prescription他就用大夫独特的笔迹using a script unique to doctors开出药方Chinese traditional medicine中国传统医学uses an incredible array of animals, vegetables and minerals大量使用了难以置信的动植物和矿物to treat the individual rather than the illness区别对待不同病人而不是疾病aiming to restore the harmony of opposing旨在恢复体内两种不同力量的平衡but complementary forces使其均衡互补known in China as ;yin and yang;中国称之为“阴阳”The concept is rooted in the ancient belief中国人相信天地万物是和谐的that the universe is harmonious这种观念根深蒂固and that the people are intimately connected to人们也相信自己与环境紧密联系着and affected by their environment并被环境所影响 /201209/200283

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