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贵阳天伦医院盆腔炎贵阳市花溪区中医院接输卵管Morning breath is a topic of many jokes, and a real boon to the mouth wash and toothpaste industries. But what exactly causes the foul taste and odor in your mouth when you wake up in the morning? The most basic answer to this question is gravity.早晨醒来后的口气既是一个笑柄,又是许多漱口水和牙膏企业的福音。但究竟是什么让你在一觉醒来之后,嘴里充满了难闻又讨厌的味道呢?这一问题的实质却在于地球引力。If youve eaten fewer than three hours before you go to sleep, your stomach hasnt had time to digest all of your food. When you lie down, gravity causes the gastric juices that are busy digesting your food to come up into your throat. Because your airway and food pipe are side-by-side, they share an adjoining wall. Those gastric juices that have backed up in your food pipe actually permeate that wall and enter into your air pipe. These juices can irritate your larynx, and cause your voice to be hoarse and your breath to turn foul.如果你吃了东西后不到三小时就上床睡觉了,那么你的胃就没有时间来消化所有的食物。当你躺下后,正在消化食物的胃液在引力作用下涌向你的喉咙。由于你的气管和食道是并排的,它们之间只有一层隔膜,所以当胃液流回食道时,实际上有部分胃液通过隔膜,渗透进了气管。正是这些胃液使你感到喉咙不适,并让你的声音变得沙哑,口气变臭。In addition, gastric juices are acidic enough to burn the mucous membranes in your throat, resulting in a sore throat that occurs in the mornings, but lessens throughout the day. Morning mouth tends to worsen with age, because as you get older, the top of your esophagus, the thin tube that leads from the mouth to the stomach, loosens. With the softening of the top of this tube, gastric juices can more easily escape from the esophagus into the air pipe.此外,胃液的酸性太强足以伤害到你的喉咙粘膜,导致早起时喉咙疼痛,不过一天下来这种疼痛会减轻。随着年龄的增长,早起时的口气会越来越重,这是因为随着年龄增大,你的食道顶部(也就是连接你的口腔和胃部的薄管)会变得越来越松。随着食道顶部越来越宽,胃液从食道进入气管也变得更容易了。Another contributing factor to morning breath is infrequent swallowing during sleep. Swallowing allows us to keep our mouth relatively free from odor-producing bacteria. But when were asleep, these bacteria can thrive, contributing to the bad taste in our mouth when we wake up.另一个造成早晨口气的重要原因就是在睡觉的时候偶尔咽唾液。吞咽使我们的口腔能够相对减少口臭引起的细菌。然而当我们睡熟时,这些细菌就会大量繁殖,因此我们醒来后的口气非常的难闻。原文译文属!201303/229589贵阳白云区去哪做输卵管复通 Mind Reading读心术Sometimes we get letters here asking whether psychics are for real. Well, despite the t.v. shows, there isn’t any scientific evidence that psychic powers, such as mind-ing, actually exist. That doesn’t prove they don’t exist–just that, so far, there’s no reason to think they do.我们有时会收到观众来信询问通灵人是否真实存在。实际上,除了电视节目,没有任何科学依据明特异功能的存在,例如读心术。但这也不能明它们不存在。只是目前为止,我们没有理由相信它们存在。Still, the famous scientist and popular writer Isaac Asimov made an interesting observation about mind-ing once. Many people across the centuries have claimed they could other people’s minds. If this is true, Asimov points out, then mind-ing would be a fact of nature. It would at least in some people be one of things that the human brain can do, just like dreaming or maintaining your body temperature. That would mean that mind-ing would have to be the result of evolution.不过,著名科学家及作家艾萨克?阿西莫夫做过一次有趣的观察,是关于读心术的。在过去的几个世纪里,很多人声称自己会读心术。如果真的是那样,艾萨克?阿西莫夫指出,那么读心术便是一种本性。人的大脑是可以做到的,就像做梦或者维持体温。这意味着读心术是进化的结果。If, somehow, brains could other brains directly, there would indeed be a very strong evolutionary advantage to it. In Asimov’s example, even a simple version of mind-ing, such as a chicken being able to sense an approaching fox’s brain as it thinks “food, food, food,” would be a huge advantage! Animals of any species that could do rudimentary mind-ing should survive much better than ones that couldn’t, and should pass on their mind-ing gene quite effectively.如果大脑能够直接解读其他大脑,必然会有一个强大的进化优势。在阿西莫夫的实例中,即使是读心术的简单版本,例如鸡能感觉到正在靠近的狐狸的大脑在想“食物,食物,食物”,这就是一个很大的优势。那些可以做最基本的读心术的动物比不会读心术的动物生存得更好,并且会高效地传授它们的读心术基因。Do you see the problem? The fact that there is a debate at all over whether mind-ing exists suggests that it doesn’t. If it were a real phenomenon, versions of it should be widesp, the way normal vision is. We would expect it to be everywhere . . . not just in a few “special” people with nothing up their sleeves.明白了吗?关于读心术是否存在的争论表明它根本不存在。如果读心术真实存在的话,它的版本应该更广泛,方式更正常。我们希望它无处不在,而不只是发生在几个毫无根据的;特殊;的人身上。 /201303/229877Its Thursday, May 19th. Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是5月19日,周二。我是Wilson Tang,是时候接受今天的最新科技资讯了。Yesterday, we reported on a major Android security vulnerability that could have allowed someone to snoop a users identity over an unencrypted wifi connection. Google for its part has responded immediately by rolling out a fix on its servers which will require no action from users. Its expected to take the next few days in the centrally forces all Android devices to connect over HTTPS.昨天我们报道了安卓存在安全漏洞,别人有可能通过未加密的wifi网络获取用户信息。事件一出谷歌马上做出回应,进行修补工作,用户无需做任何操作。有可能接下来几天,谷歌会集中精力在安卓产品如何连接http的问题上。Amazon in Germany may have leaked the price of the anticipated HP Pre 3, at least in Germany the Pre 3 was listed at 449 Euros or 640 US dollars. Unfortunately the listing page did not have an availability date, and so far HP has yet to announce a launch date.德国亚马逊提前透露了惠普Pre 3的价格,在德国Pre 3的售价至少在449到640欧元。但不幸的是,亚马逊的清单页面没有标注日期,而惠普也没有公布发售日期。Amazon has entered the trade-in market for your old gadgets. To start on the new online punch shot program, users can now pick from a list of 2515 gadgets and must list their condition. Amazon in turn will let you know how much they will give you for your old iPod and send you a prepaid shipping label.亚马逊开办旧物回购业务。这项在线业务刚刚开始,用户有2515种物品可以通过亚马逊回收,但用户必须标明旧物的使用情况。亚马逊会回复用户,例如会付给你多少钱来回收你的旧iPod,并给用户预付的运费。Comcast has rolled out a new update to its iPhone and iPod touch Xfinity TV app. The new update allows users to access on demand just like the iPad version could since February. The app will let you watch 25 networks but only if youre on a wifi connection.3G is still a no goal.康卡斯特(美国最大的有线系统公司)升级了iPhone和iPod touch的Xfinity电视应用。从2月开始,新应用将允许用户可以自选视频,就如iPad版本一样。通过这款新应用,用户将可以观看25个网络电视频道,但用户必须有无线网络。另外这款应用还不具备3G功能。Quantum computer has been the staff of high-end physics and science fiction, but now you can buy your very own quantum computer. A company called D-Wave has launched the worlds first commercially available quantum computer, and it comes at a quip of 128 cubic processor that will make it much easier to break encryption keys. But the D-Wave I—as its called—will cost you a cool 10 million dollars to start.量子计算机一直应用于高端物理学和其他科学领域,但现在你也可以购买一台属于自己的量子计算机了。一款名叫D-wave的量子计算机成为了世界上首部商业用途的量子计算机,它具有128立方的处理器,这样将更加容易地破解加密密钥。但D-wave售价达到1千万美元之高。And finally, Angry Birds was announced for Windows Phone 7 months ago, but users should expect to be prepared to wait to get their pig busting fixe. Microsoft says that the new Angry Birds which was scheduled for release at the end of this month wont be available until June 29th.最后一条消息,7个月前《愤怒的小鸟》宣布将发布Windows手机应用,但用户们要再等一等了。微软表示本将于这个月底上线的《愤怒的小鸟》将推迟到6月29日与大家见面。Those are your headline for today. Im Wilson Tang for cnet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条。我是Cnet的Wiloson Tang,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/209071贵阳市云岩区输卵管检查费用

贵州省贵阳中山医院在线妇科免费咨询Racial discrimination in science科学界也有种族歧视A black and white answer黑人,白人In American science, race affects the chance of getting a grant在美国科学界,种族影响得到拨款的几率YOU might expect that science, particularly American science, would be colour-blind.也许你以为科学界、特别是美国的科学界是无种族歧视的。Though fewer people from some of the countrys ethnic minorities are scientists than the proportions of those minorities in the population suggest should be the case, once someone has got bench space in a laboratory, he might reasonably expect to be treated on merit and nothing else.这个国家一些少数族裔的人当科学家的比例比那些少数族裔在人口中所占比例要小,尽管这个事实就暗示是又种族歧视的,但是一旦谁在实验室获得一席之地,他可能就期望凭借才能而非其他收到对待,这是合理的。Unfortunately, a study just published in Science by Donna Ginther of the University of Kansas suggests that is not true.不幸的是,堪萨斯大学的唐娜?金赛尔(Donna Ginther)刚刚在《科学》杂志发表了一篇研究论文,指出事实并非如此。Dr Ginther, who was working on behalf of Americas National Institutes of Health (NIH), looked at the pattern of research grants awarded by the NIH and found that race matters a lot.曾代表美国国家卫生研究院(NIH)工作的金赛尔士观察了国家卫生研究院研究拨款的模式并发现种族的影响很大。Moreover, it is not just a question of white supremacy. Asian and Hispanic scientists do just as well as white ones.亚裔和西班牙裔科学家的情况和白种人科学家的一样。Black scientists, however, do badly.但是黑皮肤科学家的情况很糟。Dr Ginther and her colleagues analysed grants awarded by the NIH between 2000 and 2006, and correlated this information with the self-reported race of more than 40,000 applicants.金赛尔士及其同事分析了由国家卫生研究院在2000年到2006年间拨出的款项,并把这个信息同40000多申请者自报的种族做关联对比。Their results show that the chance of a black scientist receiving a grant was 17%.结果显示一名黑人科学家得到一笔拨款的概率为17%。For Asians, Hispanics and whites the number was between 26% and 29%.而亚裔、西班牙裔和白人科学家的概率则介于26%到29%之间。Even when these figures were adjusted to take into account applicants prior education, awards, employment history and publications, a gap of ten percentage points remained.即使这些数字被调整以考虑申请人之前的教育水平、获奖情况、工作历史和发表出版情况,仍然有10个百分点的差距存在。This bias appears to arise in the NIHs peer-review mechanism.这种偏见似乎在国家卫生研究院的同行评审机制中出现。Each application is reviewed by a panel of experts.每一名申请人都要接受一组专家的审查。These panels assign scores to about half the applications they receive (the others are rejected outright). Scored applications are then considered for grants by the various institutes that make up the NIH.这些小组给他们收到的申请的一半打分(另一半直接被拒绝了)。再由组成国家卫生研究院的各所研究院考虑是否给被打分的申请拨款。The race of the applicant is not divulged to the panel.专家小组并不知道申请者的种族。However, Dr Ginther found that applications from black scientists were less likely to be awarded a score than those from similarly qualified scientists of other races, and when they were awarded a score, that score was lower than the scores given to applicants of other races.但是金赛尔士发现黑人科学家的申请被打分的可能性比来自其他种族、条件相似的科学家的要小,而且如果他们获得打分,分数也比其他种族的申请人的分数低。One possible explanation is that review panels are inferring applicants ethnic origins from their names, or the institutions they attended as students.一个可能的解释是审查小组通过申请者的名字、或是他们曾就读的学校推测他们的种族。Consciously or not, the reviewers may then be awarding less merit to those from people with ;black-sounding; names, or who were educated at universities whose students are predominantly black.无论是无意抑或有意,审查者也许给那些名字;听上去的黑人;的人或是曾就读于大多数学生都是黑人的大学的人更少的优待。Indeed, a similar bias has been found in those recruiting for jobs in the commercial world.商业世界的招聘也存在类似的偏见。One well-known study, published in 2003 by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago, found that fictitious CVs with stereotypically white names elicited 50% more offers of interviews than did CVs with black names, even when the applicants stated qualifications were identical.2003年,麻省理工大学和芝加哥大学的研究者发表了一份著名报告,发现如果他们编造的简历的名字是白人名字,那么收到的面试通知书会比名字是黑人的多50%,即使申请者陈述的资历是一模一样的。Another possible explanation is social networking.另一个可能的解释是社交网络。It is in the nature of groups of experts (which is precisely what peer-review panels are) to know both each other and each others most promising acolytes.对于同在一组的专家们来说了解彼此和彼此最有前途的助手,这是人之常情(这也是同侪审查小组的实质)。Applicants outside this charmed circle might have less chance of favourable consideration.没进入这个排外圈子的申请者也许得到优先考虑的概率要少一些。If the charmed circle itself were racially unrepresentative (if professors unconsciously preferred graduate students of their own race, for example), those excluded from the network because their racial group was under-represented in the first place would find it harder to break in.如果这个排外的小圈子本身在人种上是不具备代表性的(比如,如果教授无意识地偏爱他们自己种族的研究生),那些首先因为自己种族族群的代表人数不足而被排斥在这一网络之外的人就会更难突破进去。Though Dr Ginthers results are troubling, it is to the NIHs credit that it has published her findings.尽管金赛尔士的实验结果令人担忧,但是她的发现得以发表,应该归功于国家卫生研究院。The agency is also starting a programme intended to alter the composition of the review panels, and—appropriately for a scientific body—will conduct experiments to see whether excising potential racial cues from applications changes outcomes.该机构还开始一项旨在改变审查小组构成成分的项目,而且——对于一个科学机构是合适的——将开展实验以便明是否透露申请者可能的种族身份会改变结果。Other agencies, and not just in America, should pay strict attention to all this, and ask themselves if they, too, are failing people of particular races.其他机构、不仅仅是美国的机构,应对此所有这一切予以严肃关注,同时扪心自问他们自己是否也不公正地对待某些来自特定种族的人。Such discrimination is not only disgraceful, but also a stupid waste of talent.这种歧视不仅是可耻的,也是对才能的愚蠢的浪费。 /201211/209406贵阳天伦医院检查支原体需要多少钱 安顺市医院网络预约

贵阳医学院第三附属医院咨询电话 Mileva is the only woman in the class . He was a physicist he was smitten.米列娃是班上唯一的女人。而他是一位落败的物理学家。In the temporary detour from their shared scientific passions, Albert and Mileva are married 1903.在他们共享的科学的临时恋情中,艾伯特和米列娃在1903年结婚。A year later their first son Hans Albert is born.一年后,他们的第一个孩子阿尔伯特;汉斯出生。The Einsteins family lives in this small two-room-apartment in Swiss capital .爱因斯坦的家住在瑞士首都这个两间小屋子的公寓里。The rather limited circumstances in which they lived were not what he would have hoped for at this stage in his life.这个有限的情况并不是他们所希望这个阶段在他的生命中所呈现的。Mileva always wanted to be a great physicist but she flunks her exams at the end of her terms at Zurich polytechnic .米列娃一直想成为一个伟大的物理学家,但她在苏黎世技术学院考试的最后名落孙山。She becomes a sounding board on all the great miracle year papers in 1905 especially this special relativity paper, she helps type it up she helps check the math, but she ends up being a housewife.她成为了1905年奇迹年所有伟大的论文,尤其是狭义相对论时的宣传媒介,她帮助打字及检查数学,但她最终变成了一位家庭主妇。Einstein is trying to do his scientific work at the same time that hes working six days a week.爱因斯坦尝试去做他的科学工作,与此同时,他一星期工作六天。In 1907 Einstein agrees to write a new article explaining special relativity.在1907年爱因斯坦同意写一篇新文章解释狭义相对论。But when he reexamine his theory , he finds its seriously limited .但当他重新审视自己的理论时,他发现了严重的限制。Its called special relativity for reason that would because it only dealt with moving at constant speeds .它被称为狭义相对论的理由是因为它只关乎不变时的移动速度。In other words. Einsteins special relativity only applies to a special case, an object moving in one direction at a constant speed.换句话说。爱因斯坦的狭义相对论只适用于特殊情况下, 即一个物体在恒定的速度下朝一个方向移动。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/175543六盘水孕检多少钱贵阳天伦医院是大医院吗



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