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US Commander Expects No Reduction in Korea Force美军司令称驻韩美军预期不会减少  The commander of U.S. forces in Korea says he does not anticipate any reduction in the number of U.S. troops on the peninsula, even as South Korea's army prepares to take responsibility for the country's wartime defense. The commander, General Walter Sharp, spoke Wednesday at the Pentagon.驻韩美军司令夏普将军表示,即使韩国军队准备承担起战时的防卫责任,他也不预期美军在朝鲜半岛的驻军会有任何减少。夏普将军星期三在美国国防部作出这番。General Sharp says the arrival of more efficient and capable units as part of regular rotations could result in some small changes in U.S. troop numbers, but he does not expect any significant reduction in his force of 28,500. And he believes the capabilities of the force are more important than its size.夏普将军表示,他不预期他指挥的两万八千五百名美军官兵会有任何重大裁减,尽管作为例行轮调的一部分,随著战斗力更强、效率更高的部队抵达韩国,驻韩美军人数会发生小小改变。他并且相信,部队的作战能力要比规模大小重要得多。"The bottom line for me, in my responsibility as the U.S. commander there, is do we have the forces, both number-wise and capability-wise, in order to be able to do what we need to do in a war fight. But I really would like to try to change the discussion to capabilities."夏普将军说:“我的底线是,以我身为驻韩美军司令官的责任,我们要保不论在数量上还是在能力上,我们的部队都能够对付战争时的战斗所需。但是我也很希望将这种讨论转移到作战能力上。”And the general notes that South Korea's army is much more capable than it used to be, and that it will take responsibility for commanding its own troops in case of war about three-and-a-half years from now, under a U.S.-South Korean agreement.夏普将军指出,韩国的军队已经比过去的作战能力强很多,而按照美国和韩国的协议,在大约三年半之后,韩国军队将要负起在战时指挥他们自己军队的责任。Asked about North Korea, General Sharp said he worries "every day" about its nuclear weapons capability and potential proliferation, particularly under its unpredictable leader Kim Jung Il. But the general said there has been no sign of instability since reports Kim had a health crisis two months ago. North Korea has denied the reports. Speculation about Kim's health was fueled by his absence at two major public events in recent months. The North Korean news agency reported Saturday that Kim attended a soccer game, but it provided no pictures or .在谈到北韩时,夏普将军表示,是北韩在那位叫人无法推测的领导人金正日的领导下,他每天都担心北韩的核武能力和潜在的核武扩散。但是夏普也表示,自从两个月前爆发出金正日的健康危机以来,还没有出现任何不稳定迹象。北韩已经对这些报导加以否认。对金正日健康的揣测,由于最近几个月金正日在两个主要公开场合缺席而甚嚣尘上。北韩新闻社上星期六报导说,金正日出席了一场足球赛,但是却没有提供照片和录像。Sharp adds, "Do I have more detail on exactly what happened? There's intel sources that I can't, obviously, share there. But I'm confident that based upon what we see going on in the North, and all the contingencies that we need to be prepared for, we're prepared to react to those, us and the alliance."夏普将军说:“对于北韩所发生的事我有更详细的了解吗?我们掌握了一些情报,我显然无法和各位分享。但是我有信心,根据我们所观察到的北韩动静,以及我们为所有意外状况而做的准备,我们以及我们的盟邦已经对应付任何情况做好准备。”South Korea's Yonhap news agency Wednesday ed South Korean officials as saying North Korea fired two medium-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday.韩国联合新闻社星期三引述韩国官员的话说,北韩星期二向黄海发射了两枚中程导弹。General Sharp says uncertainty about North Korea's intentions makes it necessary for U.S. and South Korean forces to be able to respond to anything the North could do. He says North Korea could inflict severe damage on South Korea in a surprise attack, but he is confident that U.S. and South Korean forces would win any war the North might start.夏普将军说,由于北韩意图的不确定性,美国和韩国部队有必要能够对北韩可能做出的任何举动做出反应。夏普说,北韩可以对韩国发动突然进攻而给韩国造成严重损害。但是他有信心,美国和韩国的军队能够打赢任何一场北韩所发动的战争。200810/52439India's PM Set to Push Ahead With Nuclear Deal辛格将与布什商讨美印民用核协议  The Indian prime minister is going to attend the G-8 summit in Japan, after having mustered enough political support at home to push through a stalled civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. 印度总理将前往日本,参加工业化八国集团峰会。在此之前,他在促成印度议会批准美印民用核协议方面在印度国内赢得了足够的政治持。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's agenda in Japan includes several meetings with world leaders, on the sidelines of the G-8 summit. 印度总理辛格将借著八国集团峰会的机会,同几位世界领导人见面。The most crucial will be a meeting with President Bush, Wednesday, where he is expected to convey his intention to take the final steps to seal a civilian nuclear deal signed between the two countries. 其中最关键的当属星期三他同美国总统布什的会谈,预计辛格将在会谈期间告诉布什总统,他将采取最终步骤,促成印度议会批准两国间签署的民用核协议。These include seeking an approval from the International Atomic Energy Agency and a waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group. So far, the government has not done so because of strong opposition to the deal from the Congress-led coalition's leftist allies. 这些步骤包括获得国际原子能机构的批准以及核供应国集团的首肯。到目前为止,由于遭到由国大党领导的联合政府中左翼盟友的强烈反对,印度政府还没有采取以上步骤。But after a week of hectic political maneuvering, the Congress Party has won crucial support for the deal from a former adversary - a regional party known as the Samajwadi Party. 但是,经过一个星期密集的政治斡旋之后,国大党获得了前竞争对手印度社会党的持。The Samajwadi Party says the nuclear pact is in national interest and has promised to extend parliament support to the government.  印度社会党表示,这项核协议符合印度的国家利益,并保在议会中给予政府持。Its support will be crucial to ensure that a majority of members in parliament back the nuclear pact. 印度社会党的持在赢得国会大多数议员对这项协议的持是至关重要的。"We have reiterated our position," said Tom Vadakan, spokesman for the Congress Party. "From time to time, the prime minister has stated that before operationalizing the whole deal, he would bring it to parliament." 国大党发言人瓦达甘说:“我们已经重申了我们的立场。总理多次表示,在付诸实施之前,他会将协议提交议会讨论。”The Samajwadi Party controls 39 members of parliament in the 543 lower house of parliament. It can help the government survive, even if communist parties withdraw crucial support as they have repeatedly threatened to do.  印度社会党在由543人组成的议会下院占有39席。即使共产主义党派像多次威胁的那样撤消他们重要的持,社会党也能够帮助政府渡过难关。The communist parties say the deal will undermine India's independent foreign policy and restrict its nuclear weapons program.  各共产主义政党指出,这个协议会削弱印度独立的外交政策,限制印度的核武器项目。The nuclear deal will give India access to civilian nuclear technology, even though it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 根据这项核协议,尽管印度尚未签署核不扩散条约,印度仍将能够获得民用核技术。Both New Delhi and Washington want to seal the pact before the U.S. presidential election, in November. American officials have repeatedly warned that the fate of the pact will be uncertain if it is delayed and has to face the next U.S. administration.  但是新德里和华盛顿希望在美国11月大选之前敲定协议。美国官员多次警告说,如果拖延到下届政府,协议将面临许多未知数。The Indian prime minister says the deal is needed to give India more energy alternatives, to drive its economy. If it goes through, the deal is expected to cement growing ties between New Delhi and Washington. 印度总理表示,印度需要这个协议来扩大能源选择,推动经济发展。如果获得通过,美印核协议预计将进一步加强新德里和华盛顿之间日益发展的关系。200807/43632

Pentagon says AFRICOM Will Be Ready for Full Operations October 1美国防部称将按时成立非洲司令部   The U.S. Defense Department says it is committed to launching its new Africa Command on time in October, and with the same capabilities as other major U.S. military commands. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Theresa Whelan made the comment in a VOA interview. 美国国防部表示正在争取在今年10月按时成立新的非洲司令部。这个司令部具备美军其它主要军事司令部的功能。美国国防部副助理部长惠兰在接受美国之音采访时发表上述谈话。The Defense Department's top Africa official says Africa Command, which has been operating in a preparation phase for eight months, will be y to take responsibility for all U.S. military engagement with the continent on schedule.  美国国防部这位负责非洲事务的官员说,非洲司令部进行了8个月的准备阶段工作,现已准备好按时担负起美国在非洲大陆军事行动的任务。"We are confident that by 1 October AFRICOM will be enabled, and will be able to carry out the existing missions of the current combatant commands that are responsible for Africa. And the leadership here in the Pentagon is very committed to doing whatever it takes to make that a reality," she said. 惠兰说:“我们相信,非洲司令部将在10月1日之前开始运作,能够执行非洲现有的战斗指挥任务。五角大楼的领导层都积极地致力于尽力实现这一计划。”Some military officers outside the Africa Command team have expressed concern about whether the new organization will have the structure and staff necessary to supervise the full spectrum of activities that usually fall under U.S. military regional commands. Those range from training foreign militaries to humanitarian operations to combat. But in an interview for VOA's Press Conference USA, to be broadcast this weekend, Secretary Whelan said Africa Command will be y. 非洲司令部小组以外的一些军官表示,他们担心新的非洲司令部是否具备监管美军地区司令部通常监管的全方位行动所需的组织机构和工作人员。这些行动包括培训外国军队、实施人道主义行动以及进行战斗。但是惠兰在接受美国之音的《美国记者招待会》节目采访时说,非洲司令部会做好这方面的准备。这个节目将于这个周末播出。"As far as the kinetics, yes, because that area of the world will fall under Africa Command, to the extent that we find ourselves in a position of having to do things like that it will certainly be the Africa Command commander who will be responsible and will make the recommendations to the secretary of defense," she said. 惠兰说:“正如动力学原理一样,是的,因为世界上这个地区将处于非洲司令部的监管之下,我们不得不有所作为,所以非洲司令部司令自然要担负起责任,并向美国国防部部长提出相关建议。”Africa Command is to handle all of the continent, except for Egypt, taking over areas now covered by the U.S. commands for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  非洲司令部是要监管除埃及之外的整个非洲大陆,接管目前由美军欧洲司令部、中东和亚洲司令部所监管的地区。But officials have said AFRICOM will not have any combat forces permanently assigned, and does not plan to station troops on the continent, beyond the contingent aly in Djibouti. One concern is related to U.S. and coalition naval operations off the east coast of Africa, and a senior officer tells VOA decisions about that have not yet been made. 但是有关官员说,非洲司令部不会拥有常设战斗部队,也没有计划在非洲大陆部署部队,除了在吉布提驻扎了一部队以外。有一个担忧的问题与美国和盟国海军在非洲东海岸的行动有关。一位高级军官对美国之音说,他们对此还没有做出决定。A decision that has been made is related to the controversial issue of where Africa Command's headquarters will be. U.S. officials had wanted it on the continent by October, but that has been delayed. Theresa Whelan says the headquarters will remain in Germany for now, but she hopes AFRICOM will be able to have offices in several places on the continent before long.  美国国防部对一个有争议的问题做出了决定,就是非洲司令部总部的地点问题。美国官员原来要求10月之前在非洲大陆建立非洲司令部,但是现在推迟了。惠兰说,目前非洲司令部仍然设在德国,但是她希望非洲司令部不久将在非洲大陆的许多地方成立办公室。"If we are to be able to engage in partnership with African nations we obviously have to be present there. We can't phone it in. Partnership requires being able to look people in the eye and being able to work with them side by side. So, there are certain things that will require, in order for us to be effective, we will have to be present there for sustained periods of time," she said.She says in addition to the public offer by Liberia to host an AFRICOM site, seven other countries have privately said they would be willing to do so.  她说,除了利比里亚公开表示愿意让美军非洲司令部在利比里亚设立机构以外,还有7个国家已经私下表示也愿意这样做。AFRICOM is being structured differently than other U.S. combat commands. It has a senior State Department official as one of its deputy commanders, and a sizable contingent of diplomats and aid officials on its staff. Officials say the command's focus will be on development and security assistance, and on helping African countries keep terrorists out. But Secretary Whelan acknowledges the command will have to demonstrate that to African leaders and their people, many of whom are concerned that the creation of AFRICOM will result in a more militarized U.S. policy toward the continent."I think we also recognize that words only go so far and ultimately it's what you do that counts. And so we're fully prepared that the Africans will take a wait-and-see attitude and it'll be up to AFRICOM after 1 October to prove itself to them," she saidSecretary Whelan says Africa Command should have the resources to make its mission clear. She expects it to be provided more money for engagement with the continent than has been possible under the current system, but she could not say exactly how much more money. 200805/40584

Aid Agencies Warn Insecurity on the Rise in Afghanistan援助机构称阿富汗安全局势恶化  International aid agencies are expressing concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, noting that problems have sp to previously stable areas and attacks on aid agencies and their staff are on the increase. 国际援助机构对阿富汗安全形势恶化表示关注。他们指出,问题已经蔓延到原来局势稳定的地区,而且对援助机构及其工作人员的袭击越来越多。Aid agencies say rising insecurity in Afghanistan is hampering efforts to provide relief. The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief or ACBAR, represents about 100 non-governmental aid organizations. In a just released statement, the group also says that the number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict is on the rise - up by approximately 50 percent over the same period last year.  援助机构说,阿富汗不安定的局势升级,阻碍了救援工作。“阿富汗救援协调机构”代表大约100个非政府救援组织。该机构刚刚发表的声明还说,在阿富汗冲突中被杀害的平民人数在上升,大约比去年同期上升了50%。Speaking with VOA from her office in Kabul, ACBAR spokesperson Anja de Beer says that while most of the deaths are attributed to insurgents, the international and Afghan forces are also responsible. Some of the deaths she says occur in aerial bombings but there are also cases where she alleges they are the result of excessive force. 阿富汗救援协调机构发言人比尔在喀布尔的办公室对美国之音说,虽然大多数平民死在暴乱分子手中,但是国际部队和阿富汗军队也应该承担责任。她说,一些人死于空袭,但是也有人死于过度使用武力。"There are unfortunately instances that a search is conducted by coalition forces and the Afghan forces, sometimes there are extra-judicial executions, that luckily seems to be the exception," said de Beer. 比尔说:“不幸的是某些死亡事故发生在联军和阿富汗部队发动的搜查中,有时还发生非法处死人的事例,但是幸好看来这是个别情况。”De Beer added that the insurgents are gaining a foothold in areas where they were not so strong before. This, she says, has forced the closure of a large number of schools and health facilities in the south; is hindering the implementation of vital development projects; and has caused significant levels of internal displacement. 比尔还说,暴乱分子正在某些过去他们力量薄弱的地区取得立足点。她说,这已迫使在南部关闭大量学校和卫生设施,这还阻碍了至关重要的发展项目的进行,而且已经导致大批人口流离失所。The ACBAR statement says that aid agencies are also increasingly being targeted by both insurgents and criminal elements. This, it says has forced many relief agencies to restrict their development and humanitarian activities. 阿富汗救援协调机构的声明说,暴乱分子和罪犯对救援机构的袭击日益频繁。声明说,这迫使许多救援机构限制自己的发展及人道活动。Relief officials worry that with a drought in some parts of the country and increased food prices, over four million Afghans are facing extremely difficult circumstances. They say that young children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are at especially high risk.  救援工作人员担心,由于阿富汗国内某些地区的旱灾以及食品价格上涨,400多万阿富汗人面临及其困难的境地。他们说,儿童和妇及哺乳的妇女处境尤其危险。ACBAR's Anja de beer says her organization believes the Afghan conflict cannot be solved on the battlefield. 比尔说,她的组织认为,阿富汗冲突不可能在战场上解决。"What is needed for sustainable peace is support for development and delivery of essential services to the population, government reforms and peace building initiatives," she said. 她说:“持久和平需要的是持发展、向民众提供基本务、以及政府改革和开展和平方案。”De Beer also said perceived corruption by the Afghan authorities turns members of the public against the government. Also, she added, the agricultural sector needs more support and that aid should be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner. 比尔还说 ,由于阿富汗当局被认为很腐败,使阿富汗公众反对本国政府。她还说,农业部门需要更多持,而且应当以更迅速和更有效的方式提供救援。200808/45401

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