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  • 本文选自Friends《老友记,Chandler在佛蒙特的酒店预订了浪漫套房,但因Monica工作太忙只能打电话取消,却被酒店告知不能修改预定时间欢迎朋友们来学习交流,希望大家喜欢 Chandler: Oh, that's OK. I'll just try and reschedule. Hi, this is Chandler Bing. I made a reservation there and I need to change it. Oh, what do you mean it's not refundable? Can I just come some other time? Oh, can't you make an exception?Monica: Tell them I'm a chef in a big New York restaurant! Phoebe: And tell them that in weeks I will once again be a masseuse in good standing!Chandler: Look, this is ridiculous! I'm not paying that room! OK? Oh, thank you very much! Yeah, I'm going to Vermont ... Ross: Oh, don't worry about it! Just use your travel insurance.Chandler: I don't have travel insurance.Ross: Well, this is what happens when people live on the edge! 重点讲解:1. Refundable adj. 可偿还的,可退还的例句:Goods purchased in this store is refundable within seven days. 在本店购买的商品七天内可以退换. In good standing 声誉良好的,资格完好的例句:Distribution and agents are requested to have a certain market share, investment in good standing. 要求经销及代理商要有一定的市场份额,投入资金,良好信誉3. Live on the edge 生活在边缘;处于危险之中例句:The characters in his novels are almost those who live on the edge of society and wander between cities. 他小说中的主人公几乎都是在城市或城市之间四处游走的边缘人物形象汉语译文:Chandler: 好吧,没关系我试着重新定时间吧嗨,我是Chandler Bing我预订过一个房间,现在我想换一个时间啊,什么叫不能退钱?我不能换个时间过来吗?能不能通融一次?Monica: 告诉他们我是纽约一个大餐厅的主厨Phoebe: 告诉他们两周以后我会重新成为一个很棒的师Chandler: 这太可笑了!我不会付钱的哦,非常感谢!(挂电话)是,我得去佛蒙特了......Ross: 哦,别担心!用旅游保险吧Chandler:我没有买旅游保险Ross: 不懂得居安思危,就会这样常用句型:1.Hello, Holiday Hotel. What can I do you? 您好!假日酒店,我能为您做些什么?.I'd like to make a reservation a double-room. 我想预订一个双人房间3.I'll be arriving on Friday, the th , and expecting to stay two days. 我会在周五也就是十四号入住,预计住两天.I am wondering if you have any vacancies tomorrow? 我想知道你们明天有空房间吗?5.Can I book a single room with a private bath this weekend? 我能不能订一间这个周末带私人浴室的单人房? 70。
  • 巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(走遍大江南北) Northwest China 西北地区文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 659。
  • 5.Abortion or Pro-life?5.赞不赞同流产Does a woman have the right to control her body by ending a life inside her? When is a fetus truly alive? Is all life truly precious? What happens when a woman is raped and becomes pregnant – is that life still precious? There may never be answers to these questions; however, the government has helped us out many times by entering its own opinion whether the pro-lifers like it or not.一个成年女性是否有权利决定她肚子里面的生命的生死?哪个阶段能被定为胎儿真正存在的阶段?是否所有的生命都是真正宝贵的?如果一名女性是因为被强奸而怀,那么她肚子里的生命还是珍贵的吗?这些问题也许永远不会有固定的,但是我们的政府已经多次帮我们解决了这个问题,并把它们自己的想法不顾持堕胎者的意见而强加给人们.Free will or Destiny?.自由意志还是命运论The free will or destiny argument stems back to the Christian doctrine that God is omniscient and has seen everything that will happen. So if God can see everything that happens, is it free will or destiny that makes you choose to continue ing? Some have argued that God knows you will this but you still have a choice. However, if the path is aly apparent to one being, then the path has aly been decided you. However, that directly contradicts our everyday actions where we constantly make decisions – is something, a destiny eseen by God, guiding us or are we truly free of the strictures of destiny?所谓的自由意志或命运论起源于基督教教义,基督教认为,无所不能的上帝能预见一切如果真是如此,那促使你继续阅读本文的,到底是你的自由意志,还是命运?有些人认为,上帝知道你会继续读下去,但你仍然有选择权然而,当人生之路已无比清晰时,这条路其实已经是你的命中注定了但这却直接否定了我们不断做决定的日常行为——那么,我们究竟是受到了上帝所预见的命运指引,还是我们实则能够完全摆脱命运的枷锁?3.Morals – Relative or Universal?3.相对道德观还是普适道德观Like the question of gun control, whether ethics being morally relative or universal comes down to whether the good of the one outweighs the good of the many. If it is fine to sleep with another man wife in one society but not in another, then the problem is that the morals are relative to the society or person. But why wouldnt it be universal that it is wrong to sleep with another man wife or woman husband in any society? Why is it OK to speed, when it is breaking the law? Shouldnt breaking any law be just as wrong? If you would never steal a person purse, why would you pirate a DVD?就像管制问题一样,伦理观仅仅是道德问题还是具有普适性主要涉及个人利益是否大于多数人的利益如果与有夫之妇偷情在一个社会是被允许的,而在另一个社会不被允许,那这里涉及到的道德问题是与个体和社会相关的那这种偷情行为为什么不能具有普适性,在所有社会都被认为是不可取的呢?为什么即使违反法律,超速也不是什么大问题?触犯法律难道不是无论如何都是错的吗?如果你永远不会去偷别人的钱包,那你为什么又会去制作盗版光碟?.The chicken or the egg?.先有鸡还是先有蛋?Perhaps one of the most fun arguments on this list, the chicken or the egg debate has raged centuries mainly because it asks the questions does the animal evolve and then reproduce or was it hatched? That debate can then be transferred to our own existence, which leads into the argument of Evolution or Creation.也许这是这个榜单上最有趣的争论话题之一关于“先有鸡还是先有蛋”的争论已经风靡了好几个世纪,因为这涉及到鸡是先发展进化、再繁殖,还是由蛋孵化而来的问题这个争论可以迁移到我们的自身存在,也导致了进化论和创造论之间长久的分歧1.Does God Exist?1.上帝真的存在吗?Since the dawn of recorded time, there have been people trying to prove that there is a higher being or beings that have caused the worlds and its creation. Organized religion comes down to having faith that there is a higher being and a place to go after death. Most people, if not aly deeply religious in their life, find religion and start believing as they near their twilight years because they want to believe there is somewhere to go and someone to be with. So the question is how do you prove that god, in which ever religion you believe, exists?自从有历史记录的第一个黎明开始,就有人试图明有比人类更高级的存在创造了现在的世界宗教组织归根结底都信奉有这个“高级的存在”,并且人在死后都会到另一个世界去大多数人,如果不是一开始就笃信宗教,在将近暮年时接触宗教并开始虔诚皈依,是因为他们想要相信死后还有另一个世界可去,还有同行之人所以问题是,不论皈依什么宗教,你如何明你所信奉的上帝是存在的?翻译:哈利小王子 来源:前十网。
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