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Sneak some healthy goodness into your familys everyday diet with these tips.根据以下建议,偷偷在家人的日常饮食中加入健康元素。Step 1 Make eating a game1.让吃饭成为游戏Make a game of eating healthy. Hold green bean eating contests that incite competitive kiddies to beat their parents in a competition.让健康饮食成为游戏。举办吃青豆比赛,刺激有好胜心的孩子们在竞争中击败父母。Step 2 Design fun foods2.设计有趣的食物Design plates of veggies and fruits as rainbows or goofy characters that they will eat without thinking about what theyre doing.设计几盘虹或卡通图样的蔬菜和水果,让孩子们不假思索地吃下去。Keep only healthy snacks around so their options are limited to good choices.只购买健康的零食,这样他们的选择范围仅限制在比较好的食品。Step 3 Make smoothies3.制作奶昔Hide the healthy ingredients in flavorful concoctions, like fruity smoothies and milkshakes. Theyll get nutrients including calcium -- its a win-win.在美味的混合物中加入一些健康的成份,例如鲜果奶昔。这样孩子们就可以获得包括钙质在内的营养成分——这是双赢的局面。Step 4 Blend veggies4.混入蔬菜Blend veggies in a tasty tomato sauce so that they never guess theyre getting a healthy variety of goodies. Try the same strategy with homemade soups.在美味的土豆沙司中混入蔬菜,这样他们永远不会猜到自己吃到了多种多样健康的珍品。在煲汤的时候也可以采用同样的策略。Step 5 Trick them with pizza5.用批萨诱惑他们Trick them into eating healthy pizza by preparing it yourself: add veggies and lean protein, reduce the amount of cheese you sprinkle on top.自己准备批萨哄他们吃,加入蔬菜和蛋白质,顶层少抹一点奶酪。Step 6 Turn the tables6.扭转形势Turn the tables and make pizza the side dish to a main course of salad. Make the crust out of eggplant if youre really adventurous.扭转形势,让批萨成为沙拉主菜的配菜。如果你够冒险的话,可以把茄子的外壳削掉。Step 7 Bake healthy7.健康的烘烤方式Bake zucchini into cakes and muffins, and substitute some of the butter or shortening with applesauce. Your family will get healthier without them even realizing it.把西葫芦烤成蛋糕和松饼,用苹果酱代替一些黄油或酥油。你的家人在没发觉的情况下就享用了更加健康的食品。Nearly 1 in 5 American children between 6 and 19 years of age is overweight.接近五分之一6岁至19岁的美国儿童超重。201302/223917在南宁市当地警察局和救护中心的帮助下,被父母和亲戚从贵州带到南宁的青少年乞讨者最终踏上了回家的征程。对于从贵州来的青少年乞讨者,他们最开始在南宁的日子将成为他们记忆中的一部分,一段回家之路...... Thanks to Nanning local police and their help center, adolescent beggars in Nanning brought by their parents and relatives from Guizhou have finally begun their journey back home. A journey back home - For these child beggars from Guizhou, days of begging in Nanning will become part of their memories. They seem much happier in Nanning's local help center. No more begging in the intense sun and rain, and no more indignity. Staff members at the help center say they are trying their best to help them. Wei Musong, director of Nanning City Help Center, said, "They used to behave pretty bad when they arrived, they never answered one question from us. Now they seem to accept us. We offered them anything we could. We even offered some psychological therapy. They are in much better shape now. And we are happy about that." Children here say they wish to go back home and to school. In order to get them back home safely, Nanning police tried to find their parents. They've located two of the fathers for now. When one father saw his child at the help center, he expressed guilty. A father of a child beggar said, "My wife brought my kids here as beggars. I had no idea about this. I work in Guangzhou. Our family is really poor, but my children suffered here. My wife shouldn't have brought them here." The child beggars are starting their new lives back home. And five adults who brought them here to become beggars have been arrested by Nanning police. Police say all they hope for is an end to child beggars in the city, so the children are given time to enjoy their childhood at home. 重点注释:1. thanks to 由于,多亏,幸亏例句: My heartfelt thanks to you all. 我谨向各位表示衷心的感谢。Thanks to his assistance, we got out of the dark cave safely. 幸亏有他帮助,我们才安全地走出漆黑的山洞。Thanks to the disease, I have the opportunity to improve my character. 由于疾病,我才有机会磨炼自己的意志。2. indignity 无礼,侮辱常用句式:treat sb. with indignity 侮辱人Put an indignity upon sb. 贬损某人的尊严,侮辱某人例句:Spanking is an indignity to a teenager. (用巴掌、拖鞋等)打一个十几岁的孩子,是对他的侮辱。3. try one’s best to do sth. 尽力做某事例句:try one's best to overcome the difficulty 尽力克困难与其含有相同含义的词组有:do one’s best to do sth. 4. therapy 疗法201109/152670Don’t let any more opportunities to meet that sexy stranger slip away!You Will NeedCourage Confidence Some conversation starters Step 1: Introduce yourselfApproach the person and introduce yourself. Don’t bother with cheesy pickup lines—studies show a simple “Hi” works best.If the other person doesn’t immediately offer his or her name, chances are the interest level is low.Step 2: Use name immediatelyAfter you get the person’s name, use it almost immediately. For example, “So, Jen, are you a coffee addict, too?” People love the sound of their own name.Try to slip in a little flattery. Compliment her name, an article of his clothing—just don’t go overboard.Step 3: Ask questionsOnce a conversation is underway, ask questions so you can do more listening than talking. When allowed to dominate a conversation, a person is more likely to rate the listener as highly interesting.Try to make the other person laugh. A good sense of humor is always high on the list of traits that singles seek.Step 4: Don't lingerDon’t linger. After a few minutes, say that you have to rejoin your friends, get back to work, whatever. End the flirting before you run out of things to say.Step 5: Say you'd love to see them againBefore walking away, tell the person you’ve enjoyed chatting and would love to see them again. Hopefully they’ll offer their number.If you have business cards, pull one out and suggest that you trade.Step 6: Ask for phone numberIf the other person doesn’t get the hint, ask straight-up for their phone number. Now go think of what to say when you call!Research shows that men decide within the first 15 minutes of a date if they want to see the person again, while women take up to an hour.201001/94666

0.EwLJ8we*+@LGWWYq|KTFoz%Z1^O!qhOToday in History: Monday, August 27, 2012历史上的今天,2012年8月27日,星期一3-kDMoeRglHqTbAi31883 The island volcano Krakatoa erupted and the resulting tidal waves claimed some 36,000 lives on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra.1883年,喀拉喀托岛火山爆发产生的浪潮在印度尼西亚爪哇和苏门答腊岛夺去了36,000人的生命)^T4Ak)a^CM@Lg。_E2cFb](.bKl^[#ygf Es^eX*UFVNNxtDDfihT ~_S(tK3PtgV*On Aug. 27, 1908, Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th president of the ed States, was born near Stonewall, Texas.1908年,林登·贝恩斯·约翰逊,美国第36届美国总在德克萨斯州斯通沃尔附近出生8ZnppDT[M*qT10pn^。Kjqm+K;+R,buDFU,e eeK3Ud8~I1fwMR#fKfpF )ay@5i;|+,31770 German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born in Stuttgart.1770年,德国哲学家威廉·弗里德里希·黑格在斯图加特出生4G,E9KFWD_aqWMFMVc。*CoqgMi~+ti_5wk%2 4VQH*aRokq); !N-f;Go,yN_3x3RW7;1859 Edwin L. Drake drilled the first successful U.S. oil well near Titusville, Pa.1859年,埃德温·德雷克在泰特斯维尔附近成功钻取美国第一个油田b(0ZlggDb-79@K-。rWV,l6i6Fx-vf5!Si Es(T|aDJ9nF eHR6W.d9;ZWl1928 The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in Paris, outlawing war and providing for the peaceful settlement of disputes.1928年,凯洛格—白里安和平公约在巴黎签署,宣布了战争的不合法性并为争端提供和平解决方案OPQIdj*h5XWoVpIQ!。0HcwVd@~mfokv|).g U2H[y_;auAuBTYB,PRv fMPtDw!V|Z9N1945 American troops began landing in Japan following the surrender of the Japanese government in World War II.1945年,在日本政府在第二次世界大战投降后美军开始登陆日本ie3JT*qQ,7W。XV6a_6mrrQV*i,u !WZoxdaR[kh2dFzpE!l] nYX~aF!]Vrh-3D)9Y#H1962 The ed States launched the Mariner 2 space probe, which flew past Venus the following December.1962年,美国发射水手2航天探测器并于当年12月飞过金星X7oK8II)d23R8zsG。p6IKVvu1W2LRqVM@ Si.Fy_vSTZ~Xd1967 The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, was found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills.1967年,披头士乐队经纪人Brian Epstein被发现死于过量用安眠药0XQT%LrJ,m^3[uT。|s4W.3CBgy6Y1R GyqL43mooOxiG]_eYc1975 Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopias 3,000-year-old monarchy, died in Addis Ababa almost a year after being overthrown.1975年,埃塞俄比亚3000年君主制的最后一位帝王海尔·塞拉西一世在被推翻后的大约一年死于亚的斯亚贝巴(VX#6s92pi。C(y0FC1o+JOFf(~HP81 4]V5SmikA@j1979 British war hero Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed off the coast of Ireland in a boat explosion; the Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility.1979年,英国战争英雄路易斯·蒙巴顿勋爵在爱尔兰海岸的一艘船爆炸案中身亡,爱尔兰共和军宣称对此事件负责Xg|oo1;##[F1WHn+d-!。R],o]|iQKhXkU8| mI]XhlR9MZx%eWK18|2007 Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick pleaded guilty in Richmond, Va., to a federal dogfighting charge.2007年,亚特兰大猎鹰队四分卫迈克尔·维克在弗吉尼亚州里士满从联邦法院对其混战共谋的指控IEP_L,mc;Sh。wNG74dSvH[()g.k lK1uNjYcHew52008 Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was nominated for president by the Democratic National Convention in Denver.2008年,伊利诺斯州参议员巴拉克·奥巴马在民主党全国代表大会上提名为总统Fbaa(cc])KJw-lwj+7。dmK;0zb~.vmck9M2rjX~~db,NL]jTMu|O#6rjudzBg6.Nf-F /201208/196795

Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert advice on: Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets? and more...作家Jane Furnival在本视频中为我们提供了专业的建议:超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?以及更多其它问题……How do supermarkets try and make us spend more money?超市怎样试图使我们消费更多?Supermarkets are just big machines to make us spend more money than we intended. They have enticing smells of new cooked b; theyre very warm, theyre very smiley, they make you feel good. Never shop when youre hungry. Supermarkets know this, and you can add up to £30 per trolley in snacks - the sort of things you buy that you can eat on the way home. Then you can eat in the supermarket cafe as well, which adds even more to your spend. Look at the end of the shelves and walk straight past the treats there. Thats one way that supermarkets have of getting you to spend a lot of money: the most expensive stuff is always at the end of every aisle.超市就是试图让我们消费超出预期的大型机器。它们散发出刚烤好的面包的诱人香味,它们非常温暖,味道香浓,使你感觉非常好。永远不要在你饥饿的时候购物。超市非常清楚这一点,你手推车中零食的费用可能高达30英镑——你在回家的途中就可以食用。你也可以在超市的咖啡馆就餐,这样你的消费就更多。看一下货架最末端,直接越过这里的商品。这是超市让你花费大量金钱的地方:最贵的商品总是摆在走廊的最末端。How do supermarkets lure us in to start with?超市用什么方法诱惑我们走进去?Supermarkets lure us in with shopping tricks such as the promise of free parking and lots of special offers. We always tell ourselves that we are going to save money if we set foot in that supermarket because we have been lured in, but the absolute opposite is the case. Very few people can walk out of a supermarket and feel that they have really saved and bought nothing that they didnt intend to buy when they walked in.超市通常使用免费停车的承诺和大量特价商品等伎俩来诱惑我们。当我们走进这间超市的时候,我们总是告诉自己在这里购物会省钱,因为我们是被诱惑进来的,但是实际情况恰恰相反。很少有人走出超市的时候感到自己真的省了钱,没有购买走进来的时候没打算购买的物品。Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets?超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?You have to look high and low for bargains. I dont mean scour the supermarket, I mean look high and low on the shelf for bargains. The middle of the shelf is where youll find the most expensive things. Makers can pay supermarkets sometimes to place high-value items right in your eye-line?你必须上下仔细观察来寻找物美价廉的商品。我并不是说走遍整个超市来寻找,我的意思是要看货架的高处和低处。货架的中间通常是最贵的商品。制造商通常会付给超市一定的资金,将最贵的商品摆放在顾客视线范围之内。Thanks for watching Identifying Shop Tricks For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Eat Well For Less.感谢收看鉴别超市伎俩视频。要了解关于更多专业建议,指导意见,指引和教程,请登录我们的网站查看。201209/198153

据耶鲁大学公共事务办公室网站1月4日消息,美国耶鲁大学校长理查德·莱文教授宣布,耶鲁2002届毕业生张磊(音)已经承诺,将向耶鲁大学管理学院(SOM)捐赠888万8888美元。这是到目前为止,耶鲁管理学院毕业生捐赠的最大一笔个人捐款。Chinese graduate donates US,888,888 to YaleA Chinese graduate has donated a record-setting amount of money to his alumni Yale University. Zhang Lei, founder of an investment firm, graduated from Yale's School of Management less than 10 years ago.The 8,888,888 US dollar donation is the largest amount the University has received. It's enough to buy every Yale MBA student a Ford Focus. Eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. Zhang Lei, says the education he received at Yale changed the course of his life. That's why he christened the name of his investment firm after one of the roads at Yale. The School of Management, says it will use the donation to build a new campus, provide scholarships and fund China- related activities.201001/94325

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