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/200812/59407“免谈”在英语口语里能怎么说?蹩脚口语:No, thanks. 高级口语:I'm gonna have to pass.【影视实例】素材来源:《我盛大的同志婚礼》剧情简介:拉里是一名消防员,他想让自己的一双儿女能够成为自己高额保险的受益人,却苦于妻子亡故自己又没有找到意中人。他灵机一动找到自己在消防队最好的兄弟,查克,提议俩人假扮同性恋……【台词片段】Larry: Yeah. Domestic partnership.Chuck: Domestic partnership. You mean like faggots?Larry: No. I mean, yeah, but, no, not us, obviousIy. No, no, not, you know... It's just on paper, really.Chuck: Paper faggots?Larry: Okay, look, the accepted vernacular is "gay", but, yeah.Chuck: I'm gonna get something to drink.Larry: All right.Chuck: I'm gonna have to pass.【台词翻译】拉里:这样,你做我的同居伴侣。查克:同居伴侣。你是说就像“死玻璃”一样?拉里:不是。我是说,没错,不过,不……显然不是我们俩。不……不……不是那个……实际上只是纸上谈兵。查克:纸上谈同性恋?拉里:好吧,听着,恰当的说法应该是“同性恋”,不过,你说得没错。查克:我得去喝点。拉里:好吧。查克:免谈!【口语讲解】pass口语中,pass可以用来表示不做某事、避免做某事。比方别人问你说晚上出去唱歌么?你嗓子痛不想去,回答“No, I'm not going”是不是很土呢?那要是回答“I'm gonna have to pass.”就比较地道咯。其实想想上海话洋泾浜里面有时候说“帕斯帕斯”就是免谈的意思咯,和这个片段中的用法相似。 /06/74863Larry去李华家吃饭。他告诉李华说,自己今天特别倒霉。李华今天要学两个常用语:nightmare和group hug. LL: I had the worst day at work today. It was an absolute nightmare! LH: 上班做恶梦?Larry, 你可要小心点儿,上班睡觉是要被老板炒鱿鱼的! LL: No, no. I didn't HAVE a nightmare at work...Being at work today was LIKE a nightmare. LH: 噢,你是说今天上班很痛苦,就像是做了一场恶梦啊,听起来挺吓人的。 LL: It wasn't so much scary as it was unpleasant. Any situation that is really bad or unpleasant can be called a nightmare - even a really angry person can be a nightmare. LH: 我知道了,nightmare是指令人不愉快的人或者事。那你今天上班出什么事了? LL: It all started with my boss. He is usually a nice guy, but today he was really angry with his staff - me, included. He was a total nightmare. LH: 我记得你老板人挺随和的,今天怎么会突然发脾气呢? LL: Well, he wasn't happy that we hadn't finished a project by the deadline. When he came into the office this morning, he told everyone we better have it finished by the end of the day - or he was going to become our worst nightmare! LH: Your worst nightmare? Yikes! 你们不是一直都在赶着完成那个项目吗?老板这么生气,大家一定很沮丧吧? LL: That is exactly what happened, Li Hua. After work, my day didn't get better. On my way over to your house, the traffic was a nightmare. LH: 我也从新闻里看到堵车的消息了。你今天可真够倒霉的。我特别理解你现在的心情,还记得我士生资格考试那天吗? LL: I do remember. As I recall that day was a total nightmare for you. LH: 是呀,我当时论文打到一半,电脑突然死机了。What a nightmare. LL: But the nightmare turned out okay in the end, didn't it? LH: 我只好从头再来。还好,我的论文最后还是得了优秀。 LL: Then maybe my nightmare will have a good ending, too. ****** LL: You know, Li Hua, when my co-workers and me were feeling down after the boss yelled at us, we had a "Group Hug" and all felt better. LH: A "group hug"? 在办公室里集体拥抱? LL: Well, I know it sounds kind of strange, but sometimes when a group of people or a team is down and they need to cheer themselves up they have a "group hug." LH: 你的意思是,大家情绪低落的时候,group hug一下,感觉就会好起来? LL: Well, after my boss left and everyone was feeling down, one of my co-workers said aloud, "Group Hug!" We all stood up, hugged in a circle one time, and then felt much better. LH: 真有意思,group hug能让你们提高工作效率吗? LL: It really did. The group hug reduced the tension, and we all were able to get back to working on the project. LH: 我可以在我的中文课上试试看。中文很难学,所以学生们有时会因为进步慢而感到气馁。 LL: A "group hug" could help lighten the mood in class, especially after a really hard test. LH: Larry, group hug是怎么做的呢? LL: Well, usually someone says, "Group Hug" or "Let's have a group hug." Then the group forms a circle and each participant puts their arms over their neighbors' shoulders. LH: 大家站成一圈,胳膊搭在旁边人的肩膀上,是这样吗?那下次我发考卷的时候,如果学生们考得不好,我就可以说,不要灰心,Let's have a group hug. LL: Yes, that's it! In my family, when my brothers and sisters would have an argument, my mom would say, ''Let's stop fighting and have a group hug.'' It was like magic - we'd all stop fighting. LH: Larry, 我知道你今天情绪不好,但是我们两个人不能说是group hug吧? LL: No, you are right, Li Hua. To have a true group hug, you need three or more people. But I'd be happy with just a regular hug from you, Li Hua! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是nightmare, 是令人不愉快的人或事。另一个是 group hug,是集体拥抱。 /200810/54024


B地道英语口语:Bland 乏味 Helen: Hello, this is Real English from B Learning English, I’m Helen.Chen Li: 我是陈鹂,hello.Helen: In Real English, we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Chen Li: 是的,英语是一种十分惯用化的语言,所以,理解现实生活中人们常使用的固定表达和俚语也就十分必要了。Helen: Today’s word is bland – that's B.L.A.N.D. – bland.Chen Li: Bland 意思是什么呢 Helen?Helen: Well if something is bland it means it’s not interesting or exciting in any way.Chen Li: 原来 bland 是个形容词,意思是乏味的。Helen: So you might say 'That singer is very bland.'Chen Li: 意思是,说这个歌手很乏味,没有什么有意思的。Helen: Or, it's often used to describe food that has no taste.Chen Li: 如果某种食品没有什么味道,也可以用这个词来形容。Helen: You might say 'I don’t like rice on its own – it’s a bit bland.'Chen Li: 仅仅吃米饭,自然是没有什么味道了。Insert 3 A: Have you heard Westlife’s new song – I love it! B: I think it’s a bit bland actually – all their songs are really slow. C: Wow you look great. Have you lost weight? D: Aw thanks. Yes I’m trying a new diet but the food is so bland. Helen: Well I hope you don’t think I’m bland Li.Chen Li: Of course you’re not bland Helen. In fact you’re one of the most fun, exciting people I know.Helen: Really? Wow, thanks.Chen Li: However, these English sweets you gave me are rather bland. 我对这些糖果没有什么口味.Helen: I'm sorry, I actually really like them. But anyway that was today’s word – bland.Chen Li: 意思是乏味的。 Helen: Join us for more Real English next time. Bye for now.Chen Li: 再会。 /200711/19884

美国习惯用语-第225讲:Like Greased Lightning今天我们要讲的两个习惯用语都是表达速度非常快的意思。它们都很生动,也很形像。当你给别人讲故事的时候,你往往会想用一些有色的词汇来使你的故事更加生动。一百五十多年前,当美国人向西部开发的时候,那些打先锋的拓荒者在荒野生活很单调。他们只好轮流讲故事,用一些夸张的词汇来引别人发笑。我们今天要讲的两个习惯用语就是来自这个传统。当然,那时用的一些词汇已经流传到今天成为人们常用的习惯用语了。下面我们来讲第一个习惯用语。Like greased lightning. Greased就是上了油的。那就是很滑溜的意思;lightning就是闪电。闪电是自然界速度最快的一种现象。别忘了,这里讲的还只是一般的闪电,上了油的闪电当然是幽默性的夸张,但是要是确实存在的话,那它肯定会比一般闪电更加快的。我们现在来举一个例子。这是一个人在跑马厅一匹马。例句1: I never saw a faster horse in my life. He ran like greased lightning all the way from the starting gate to the finish line and he broke the track record by more than three seconds.这个人说:我这辈子没见过比这匹马跑的更快的马了。它从开跑的门出来一直到终点始终像闪电一样跑得飞快。它比以前的记录还要快三秒多。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在说他下班回家的路上所看到的事。例句2: Walking home I looked up and got out of the way quick - here came this black cat running like greased lightning and right behind him was this big dog chasing him so closely.这个人说:当时我正在走回家的路上。我一抬头,看到一只黑猫跑得飞快。就在它后面一只很大的正在紧紧地追赶。我看到这情况,马上就闪到一边去了。对了,要是他不马上躲开的话,没准那只大怪他挡路而咬他一口,或者把他撞倒。******我们再来给大家介绍一个描写速度很快的习惯用语。Like a bat out of hell. Bat就是:蝙蝠。Hell就是:地狱。Like a bat out of hell按字面翻成中文就是:就像一只从地狱里飞出来的蝙蝠。发明这个说法的人可能是想像一只蝙蝠在扑打着翅膀,竭尽全力地飞,以逃避地狱之火。Like a bat out of hell现在可以用在各个方面。下面我们要举的两个例子就能说明问题。第一个例子是一群孩子在打篮球,一不小心把旁边住家的玻璃窗打破了。这房子里的主人说:例句3: As soon as I heard the glass break, I ran out to try to catch who had done it. But the kid ran away like a bat out of hell, so I'll have to pay for new glass myself.这个人说:我一听到玻璃打破的声音马上跑了出去,想抓住那打破玻璃的孩子。但是,那孩子像闪电一样地逃跑了,所以我只好自己掏钱来买新的玻璃啦。******刚才举的那个例子是说小孩犯了错误生怕受到惩罚而赶紧逃跑。我们再给大家举一个 like a bat out of hell的例子。这是一个参加过二次世界大战的人在说他死里逃生的情况。例句4: We were marching on this road to the front when this German fighter plane came over the hill ahead of us like a bat out of hell. We were lucky: he was flying so low and so fast he didn't even see us. And he was gone before we could even turn our heads.这句话的意思是:“我们当时正在行军到前线去。突然,一架德国战斗机从我们前面的山头上出现。我们还真是运气:他飞的很低,也很快,所以他根本没有看到我们。还没有等到我们回头,它就不见了。 /200711/21211

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