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Russia warmly welcomed the U.S. presidential election victory of Donald Trump with officials, analysts, and ordinary citizens cautiously hoping it could turn a new page in relations between Russia and the ed States. Russian analysts say there are still many unknowns about Trump and whether his campaign rhetoric will translate into policy.俄罗斯热烈欢迎唐纳德·川普当选为美国总统。俄罗斯政府官员,分析人士和普通民众都对俄美关系能掀开新的篇章抱持审慎乐观的态度。俄罗斯分析人士说,至于川普以及他的竞选言论能否转化为现实,仍有很多未知数。Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump, saying he hoped to work together with the next American president to lift relations out of the current crisis. On the streets of Moscow, Trump’s victory was welcomed by most Russians.俄罗斯总统普京对川普表示祝贺,并说他希望与下届美国总统一道努力,让两国关系从当前危机中走出来。在莫斯科街头,多数俄罗斯人对川普胜选表示欢迎。But Russian media coverage and praise for Trump during his campaign raised expectations for a man unknown to politics who was not supposed to win and whose policies are not yet clear.不过,俄罗斯媒体在竞选期间对川普的报道和赞扬抬高了人们对这位政治新手的预期值。他的胜利出乎预料,很多政策也还不明确。Regardless of hopes and expectations, a U.S. led by Donald Trump begins a new chapter in relations with Russia.不管有什么希望和预期,川普领导下的美国将掀开美俄关系的新篇章。来 /201611/477863International naval exercise Aman-17 will be conducted in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi from February 10-14, with more than 35 countries participating in the event, according to China.org.cn.国际海军军事演习和平17将会0-14号在阿拉伯海卡拉奇岸附近举行,超5个国家参与,消息来自china.org.cnThemed Together for peace, the Aman 17 naval exercise has helped clear the Arabian Sea of pirates, Commander Pakistan Fleets Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini told a press conference in Karachi.主题为“共创和平”和和平17海军演习有助于打击阿拉伯海上的海盗势力,基斯坦舰队指挥赛义德·阿法拉·侯赛因在卡拉奇的新闻发布会上说;These exercises help the participating countries come together and further their relations,; he added.他补充道:这些演习有助于让参与国携起手来并促进互相之间的关系。The joint exercise will be conducted by navies from 12 countries including Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, ed Kingdom and ed States while envoys from 31 countries will observe the exercises.这次联合演习2个国家的海军共同举行,其中包括:澳大利亚,中国,印尼,日本,马来西亚,马尔代夫,巴基斯坦,俄罗斯,斯里兰卡,土耳其,英国和美国,同1个国家的代表进行观察。The exercise will feature harbour and sea phases, during which participants will witness a variety of drills, where participants will witness a variety of exercises, including search and rescue operations, gunnery drills, anti-piracy demonstrations, replenishment at sea and maritime counter-terrorism demonstrations.演习分港口和海上阶段,参与者将会目击一场多样化的演练,包括搜救演练,射击演练,反海盗演示和海上补给以及海上反恐演示Aman-17 will include ships, aircraft, helicopters, Special Operations Forces (SOF), Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD), marines and observers from regional as well extra-regional navies.和平17演习出动了舰船,飞机,直升机,特战部队,排爆部队,海军陆战队和域内观察员以及域外海军。Pakistan has held Aman naval exercises every alternate year since 2007. The exercises aim to demonstrate the allied nations capabilities to fight terrorism and other maritime threats, as well as to provide a platform for participants to hone their skills, and build cooperation and friendship to promote peace and stability.巴基斯坦007年起每两年举行一次和平演习。演习旨在展示联盟国家的反恐和其它海上威协的能力,同样也为参与国提供了一个磨砺技能的平台,建立协作与友谊以促进和平与稳定。来 /201702/491484

The invasion of Iraq 13 years ago by an American- and British-led coalition was “unnecessaryand Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein represented “no imminent threatto Britain or the Western powers, according to a long-awaited official report into Britains involvement in the Iraq War.一份外界期待已久的有关英国介入伊拉克战争的官方报告认为3年前在英美领导下的同盟国侵入伊拉克的行动“完全没有必要”,伊拉克独裁者萨达姆#8729;侯赛因对英国或是西方国家不构成迫在眉睫的威胁。The inquiry led by John Chilcot, a former top British civil servant, heaped blame on politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats and generals for their role in the invasion and for the conduct of the years-long military operations by Britain’s forces, mainly in the south of Iraq.前英国政府高级官员约齐尔科特主持的这项调查对政要,情报和外交系统官员,以及军方将领在侵入伊拉克,以及英国部队数年间在伊拉克,特别是伊拉克南部的军事行动提出批评。In a scathing appraisal, Chilcot told a news conference in London that the planning and conduct of the military intervention was seriously flawed and “went badly wrong, with consequences to this day.He referenced the recent suicide bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, that left more than 250 people dead.齐尔科特在伦敦召开的记者会上措辞严厉。他说,伊拉克战争的策划和军事干预行动都存在重大问题,很失败,其影响一直持续到今天,他指的显然是最近巴格达发生的造成250多人丧生的自杀爆炸事件。来 /201607/453059Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to reinvigorate his flagship “Make in Indiadrive to develop a Chinese-style global manufacturing and export powerhouse, as part of the attempt to consolidate his countrys position as the world’s fastest growing leading economy.印度总理伦德拉莫Narendra Modi)誓言重振其“印度制造”旗舰政策,将该国发展为一个中国式的全球制造和出口大国,这是巩固印度作为全球增长最快的大型经济体地位的努力的一部分。Speaking ahead of a week-long manufacturing showcase modelled on Germany’s annual Hannover Messe in the financial capital Mumbai, Mr Modi pledged to redouble reform efforts to attract global manufacturers to India, promising to improve the taxation treatment of foreign companies and ease the countrys famously complex business climate.印度仿照德国的汉诺威工业览Hannover Messe),在其金融中心孟买推出了为期一周的制造业览会。莫迪在览会开幕前夕发表的讲话中誓言加倍努力改革,吸引全球制造商到印度投资设厂,承诺改善外国公司的税收待遇,改善该国复杂得出名的商业环境。“We want to make India a global manufacturing hub,Mr Modi said. “There is an all round emphasis on ‘Ease of doing business..圠攀 are also simplifying processes like licences, security and environmental clearances.”莫迪表示:“我们希望让印度成为全球制造业中心。我们正在全方位注重‘改善营商环境’……我们也在简化营业执照、安全和环境审批等流程。”Mr Modi’s “Make in Indiaweek is expected to see a range of commitments from global industrial groups. On Saturday, London-listed Vedanta pledged bn to set up Indias first LCD manufacturing plant in the western state of Maharashtra, while other, smaller, promises have begun to trickle in.在莫迪的“印度制造”周上,预计可以看到全球工业集团的一系列承诺。上周六,在伦敦上市的韦丹塔(Vedanta)承诺斥资100亿美元在马哈拉施特拉邦建立印度首家LCD制造工厂,同时还有其他企业陆续做出一些规模较小的承诺。Mr Modi also reassured foreign investors on tax, a worry for companies such as Vodafone and Cairn, who have been hit by officials reopening retrospective taxation disputes.莫迪还在税收问题上安抚了外国投资者。印度官员们重启的回溯性税收纠纷让受到冲击的沃达丰(Vodafone)和凯Cairn)等公司感到不安。“We will not resort to retrospective taxation; we are making our tax regime transparent, stable and predictable,Mr Modi said.莫迪表示:“我们将不会付诸回溯性税收;我们正在让我们的税收体制透明、稳定和可预见。”Many economists see increasing the size of India’s manufacturing sector as Mr Modi’s biggest challenge as he strives to create much needed employment and generate jobs for a backlog of unemployed as well as an estimated 12m school leavers entering the workforce each year.许多经济学家认为,在莫迪努力创造亟需的就业机会之际,扩大印度制造业部门的规模是他面临的最大挑战。印度累积了大量的失业人口,而且估计每年还有1200万名毕业生进入社会寻找工作。A job advertisement for office tea boys and night guards attracted 2.32m applicants last year, underlining the stresses that India is facing.去年一则招聘办公室茶水男孩和夜间保安的广告吸引32万应聘者,突显出印度面临的严峻局面。India’s manufacturing sector contributes about 17 per cent to GDP, according to World Bank data. That is well below China’s 35 per cent, and the government’s short-term targets. “We want the share of manufacturing in our GDP to go up to 25 per cent in the near future,Mr Modi said during his speech on Saturday.世界(World Bank)的数据显示,印度的制造业部门贡献了大7%的GDP。这远低于中5%的比例以及印度政府的短期目标。莫迪在上周六的演讲中表示:“我们希望制造业在GDP中的份额在不久的将来上升5%。”来 /201602/426535

In a rare public confession Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Trump said he ;regrets; some of the sharp tongued and insulting rhetoric that have become his trademark during the campaign.星期四,共和党总统候选人川普罕见地公开承认,他“后悔”让一些犀利和侮辱性言辞成为他竞选活动的标志;Sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you dont choose the right words...and believe it or not, I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain,; he told supporters in Charlotte, North Carolina.他在北卡罗来纳州的夏洛特对持者们说:“有时在就众多问题的辩论和演讲进行到白热化程度时,你就顾不上选择恰当的用词了,无论你们信不信,我很后悔,特别是它有可能已经给人造成了痛苦。”Moments later, the familiar Trump returned when he called President Barack Obama a ;liar; by denying that the recent 0 million payment to Iran was ransom for hostages.不过,几分钟后,川普又故态复萌,他称奥巴马是一个“骗子”,因为奥巴马否认最近付給伊朗亿美元现金是解救人质的赎金。He also accused Hillary Clinton of being a ;bigot; because he says she sees African Americans only as votes and disregards the opportunities they deserve.他还指责希拉釷克林顿是一个“偏执的人”,因为他说,她只把非洲裔美国人当作选票看待,并且漠视他们应得的机会。Trump directly appealed to black voters, saying Democratic administrations and liberal policies have failed them. He promised blacks ;amazing results; if he is elected.川普直接向黑人选民发出呼吁说,民主党政府和自由派政策辜负了他们。他承诺一旦自己当选,黑人将看到“令人惊叹的结果”;What have you got to lose by trying something new?; Trump asked.川普问他们:“你们尝试新的事,有什么怕失去的吗?”Blacks traditionally have voted for Democrats since the Great Depression of the 1930s, after decades of backing Republican candidates.自从1930年代经济大萧条以来,黑人一贯投票持民主党。之前的几十年间,他们一直持共和党候选人。来 /201608/461916

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