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BEIJING: At least 19 people were killed and 12 remained missing in heavy rains and landslides in China, officials said on Saturday.北京: 中国官方机构在周六宣称国内的暴雨和滑坡导致至少19名百姓遇难,12名百姓失踪。At least eleven people were killed and a dozen remain missing after a massive landslide swept through a village in southwest China#39;s Guizhou on Friday. A total of 30 people were buried by debris when intense rain triggered a mud-slide around 5.30 AM on Friday in Pianpo Village, Dafang County, in the city of Bijie. Seven people were pulled alive from the debris, while 11 were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the county government. More than 800 soldiers and rescuers are working with excavators to find the 12 people who remain missing. The landslide involved more than 95,00 cubic meters of mud flow.周五在中国贵州省一个村庄发生的大规模的山体滑坡导致至少11名百姓遇难和12名百姓失踪。毕节大方县的偏坡村遭遇暴雨,暴雨引发的泥石流在早晨5点30分共掩埋了30位村民。7位村民被活着从土堆下救出,11位村民已经被县政府现场宣布死亡。超过800名战士和救援队员在挖掘机的帮助下寻找剩下的12位村民。这次山体滑坡裹挟了超过9500立方米的泥石流。In another incident, eight people were killed on Saturday after a wall collapsed due to heavy rain in Wuhan City, capital of central China#39;s Hubei Province. The accident occurred when a 15-meter section of the wall of a company in Jiangxia District toppled, local officials said. Eight people who walked near the wall, more than two meters high, were buried by the debris and found dead after being pull out by rescuers, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.在另一起事故中,有8名百姓遇难。中国中部湖北省的省会会城市武汉在周六遭遇暴雨,导致一面墙倒塌,砸死了8名百姓。当地政府声称,这起事故发生的原因是江夏区一段围墙长约15米的一段倒塌。8名群众从这堵墙边走过时,被这面超过两米高的围墙倒下掩埋。他们被救援队员救出后都已经死亡,中国国营新闻机构新华通讯社报道。Rain and storms have wreaked havoc across south China since June 27, leaving at least 34 people dead or missing nationwide, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Yangtze River reported its first flood peak this year on Friday. Heavy rain swelled the Jushui River, a 170 km-long tributary of the Yangtze. Floods from swollen rivers forced more than 12,000 people to relocate overnight, the Hubei provincial disaster relief headquarters said.根据中华人民共和国民政部的说法,暴雨和风暴从6月27号开始在中国南部肆虐,总共造成至少34人死亡或失踪。据报道长江在周五达到了今年的第一次洪水高峰,大雨灌满了菊水河——长江一条170公里长的流。据湖北省级灾害救援指挥部的消息,洪水泛滥的河流迫使超过12000名群众连夜撤离。Nationwide, 133 counties in 11 provincial-level regions -- including the provinces of Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang -- have reported floods, landslides or mud flows.在全国范围内,11个省的133个县级别的地区——包括湖北省,江苏省和浙江省——报道了境内的洪水,滑坡或者泥石流。 /201607/452477A landmark war reparations ruling that forced Japan’s Mitsui OSK to pay millions of dollars to the descendants of a Chinese shipping tycoon has been stymied by that most prosaic of reasons: family squabbling over how to split the spoils. 2014年一项具有划时代意义的战争赔偿判决,迫使商船三井(Mitsui OSK)向一名中国船王的后人付数千万美元。但这项判决至今却仍未能执行,就因为一个最平常的原因:围绕如何分割这笔赔偿产生的家族争斗。 The row broke out after a 70 year battle pursued through the courts of Tokyo and Shanghai ended with the award of ¥4bn compensation to the descendants of Chinese shipping tycoon Chen Shuntong, whose ships had been commandeered by the Japanese navy and lost during the war. 这场官司在东京、上海两地的法院打了70年,最后以中国船王陈顺通的后代获得40亿日元赔偿告终,没想到家族纠纷却随之而来。二战期间,陈顺通的船被日本帝国海军征用后全部损失。 But rather than bring cheer, the victory has sown discord among the growing ranks of descendants and creditors. Those suing for a share of the spoils included a creditor claiming to be owed money by Chen’s grandson — in a case since rebuffed — and another claiming to be an illegitimate grandson. 诉讼胜利并没有带来欢呼,反而在越来越多的陈氏后人及债权人中间播下了争执的种子。要求分割赔偿的起诉者包括一名债权人,此人声称陈顺通的孙子欠自己钱——此案已被驳回——另一人则声称自己是陈顺通的非婚生孙子。 Meanwhile the branch of the family that remained in mainland China is threatening to challenge Chen’s decades-old will that handed any proceeds from the case to the descendants of the eldest son, who reside in Hong Kong. They argue it violates mainland law on equal division of property to women. 同时,留在中国内地的陈氏家族分威胁要质疑陈顺通几十年前留下的遗嘱。根据这份遗嘱,本案所有赔款均交由陈顺通长子的定居香港的后人。内地陈氏后人认为,这违反了女性后代平等分配财产的内地法律。 “We respect the legal process,” David Chen, the tycoon’s great-grandson, said. “We were the plaintiffs, now we are the defendants. After we won the case we proceeded according to the law but these other people have presented themselves.” 陈顺通曾孙陈中威(David Chen)说:“我们尊重法律程序。我们之前是原告,现在成了被告。我们赢了这件案子后,我们依法走程序,但这些人出现了。” The will survived a challenge in Shanghai 20 years ago, but the mainland family branch is now seeking to reintroduce the case as an issue of inheritance law. 20年前在上海,陈顺通的遗嘱曾成功顶住质疑,但内地的陈氏家族分正争取依据中国《继承法》重启本案。 “I think it’s a very interesting legal question,” said their lawyer, Jiang Xian of Shanghai ed Law Firm, referring to which law should be applied: that of the pre-1949 Republic of China or the current People’s Republic of China which requires family property to be divided equally among male and female survivors. 内地陈氏后人代理律师、上海市联合律师事务所的江宪在谈及应适用什么法律时表示:“我认为这是一个非常有意思的法律问题。”是应该适用1949年以前的中华民国法律,还是现行的中华人民共和国法律?如果依照后者,家产应平等分配给男女继承人。 “China’s strengthening is the reason that there was finally compensation for my father’s ships leased to the Japanese,” said Chen Gankang, the tycoon’s younger son, who grew up in Shanghai. “I have confidence that the stronger legal system now will also mean the results can be equally divided.” 陈顺通的小儿子陈乾康从小在上海长大,他说:“因为中国强大了,我父亲租给日本人的船才最终获得赔偿。我相信现在更强大的法律体系也意味着,赔偿可以被平等分配。” China, South Korea and other governments waived reparations in return for Japanese aid when they normalised relations after the war. Individuals seeking compensation for personal abuse suffered at the hands of invading Japanese armies have had very little success in Asian courts. The Chen case is an exception, because it is technically a commercial dispute over the terms of a 1930s lease. 二战结束后,中国等国家在与日本实现邦交正常化时,放弃了赔偿以换取日方的援助。在亚洲各国法院,遭遇入侵日军人身虐待的个人寻求赔偿时,几乎没有成功的先例。陈家的案子是个例外,因为在技术层面上,这是围绕20世纪30年代租船合同的条款发生的一起商业纠纷。 Activists and lawyers seeking reparations from Japanese companies for other Chinese citizens said the fight over the Chen money was as unusual as Chung Wei Steamship Co’s original claim. The amounts sought in other claims are much smaller, they said, and the elderly plaintiffs have far fewer descendants. 一些帮助其他中国公民寻求日本企业赔偿的活动人士和律师表示,陈家后人的赔偿争夺战与中威轮船公司(Chung Wei Steamship)最初的索赔一样不寻常。他们表示,其他索赔案件要求的金额要少得多,而且那些年长的原告们也没有这么多后代。 Tong Zeng, a rights activist who electrified China when he first proposed individual reparations in the early 1990s and advised the Chen family in its complaint against Mitsui OSK, called the dispute “regrettable”. 维权人士童增在20世纪90年代初首次提议由个人争取索赔,当时在中国引起轰动,他还曾在陈家诉商船三井案中提供建议。他表示,陈家的这场纠纷“令人遗憾”。 “I’m happy to help with lawsuits against the Japanese,” he said. “But I can’t help them settle the problem of how to divide it.” 童增说:“我很高兴能在对日诉讼案件中起到帮助作用。但我无法帮助他们解决赔偿分割问题。” /201604/439692

Most complaints made by Chinese consumers last year were about online shopping, a report from China#39;s top legislative body said on Monday.中国最高立法机关于周一在一份报告中称,去年中国消费者的投诉大都是关于网上购物。The number of complaints and disputes related to shopping on the Internet rose sharply and the network has become a breeding ground for counterfeits, the report by a law enforcement team under the Standing Committee of the National People#39;s Congress said.全国人民代表大会常务委员会执法检查组的一份报告称,与网上购物有关的投诉和争执的数量急剧增长,网络已经变成了滋生假冒产品的温床。In 2014, Chinese industrial and commercial authorities dealt with 78,000 complaints concerning online shopping, up 356.6 percent year-on-year.2014年,工商部处理了78,000件与网上购物相关的投诉,与去年同期相比增长了356.6%。Of the total of 20,135 cases taken on by consumer associations, 92.3 percent concerned online purchases, the report said. Yan Junqi, vice-chairwoman of the NPC Standing Committee, said: ;Ignoring consumers#39; rights and selling counterfeits are very prominent in the online shopping industry.;报告称,消费者协会总共受理案件20,135例,其中92.3%都是关于网上购物的。全国人大常委会副委员长严隽琪说:“网购产业中,无视消费者权利,出售假冒伪劣产品的现象十分严重。”She revealed that just 58.7 percent of products sold online were found to be authentic during a random inspection in 2014 by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.她透露说,在2014年国家工商行政的一次随机抽样检查中,网上出售的产品中只有58.7%是真实可信的。With the boom in complaints, the number of disputes caused by online purchases also went up, she said.严隽琪说,随着投诉量剧增,由网购造成的争端也越来越多。Beijing Chaoyang District People#39;s Court has handled 107 such disputes since the revised Chinese Consumer Protection Law took effect on March 15 last year, she said. A typical example, from Anhui province#39;s financial website, described how a woman surnamed Xu paid a 2,000 yuan (6) deposit before she bought sanitary ware priced 1,000 yuan cheaper online than she could find elsewhere.严隽琪说,自去年3月15日修订后的《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法》生效以来,北京市朝阳区人民法院已经处理了107起类似争端。安徽省的金融网站上有一个典型的例子:一位许姓女士在网上发现了一件卫生洁具,比别处卖得要便宜1000元,购买之前,她先付了2000元(316美元)订金。But when it was delivered, Xu found it was poor quality and she was told the deposit could not be repaid because it was a sale product.然而当货物送达时,许女士发现其质量极差,且许女士还被告知由于这件卫生洁具是特价商品,订金不予退还。Yan suggested that the Supreme People#39;s Court should clarify the revised law by the end of this year and appealed to consumer associations to play their role.严隽琪建议,年底之前,最高人民法院应阐明修订后的法律,并呼吁消费者协会发挥好其作用。Qiu Baochang, head of the lawyers#39; group for the China Consumers#39; Association, said: ;We are always overloaded with work since the revised law came into effect.中国消费者协会律师团团长邱宝昌说:“自修订后的法律生效以来,我们常常超负荷工作。”;We have asked officers to update their knowledge of the law and how the online industry works, including means of payment, to catch up with the pace at which e-commerce is developing.;“我们已经要求相关办事人员更新其关于法律以及网购产业运作方式的知识,其中包括对付方式的了解,以此来赶上电子商务发展的步伐。” /201511/407870

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department sued the German automaker Volkswagen in federal court Monday, saying that the company installed illegal devices in nearly 600,000 diesel engine systems to impair emissions controls, that way increasing harmful air pollution.华盛顿——司法部周一向联邦法院起诉德国汽车生产商大众汽车(Volkswagen),称其在近60万套柴油发动机系统中安装了非法装置,破坏尾气排放控制系统,导致有害的空气污染增加。But despite a pledge by the Justice Department in September to go after executives responsible for corporate wrongdoing, federal prosecutors stopped short of criminal charges and did not single out individuals. They did question Volkswagen’s efforts to restore its credibility, accusing the company of being uncooperative — even recently — with regulators.尽管司法部曾在9月承诺追究应对企业违法行为负责的高管的责任,但联邦检察官此次并未提出刑事指控,也未针对相关个体。他们的确质疑了大众为恢复自己的信誉所采取的行动,指责其即便是在最近,也不与监管机构合作。The civil complaint was filed in Detroit on Monday. In September, Volkswagen admitted that it had installed the software created to cheat on emissions tests in 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide, setting off one of the largest corporate scandals in auto industry.周一当天,这起民事诉讼在底特律提交。去年9月,大众承认安装了相关软件,在全球范围内的1100万辆柴油车的尾气测试中做假。此事引爆了汽车行业历史上最大的企业丑闻之一。Since then, regulators in the ed States and Canada have accused the company of also installing devices to cheat emissions on some vehicles with larger engines, a claim Volkswagen has disputed. Federal prosecutors on Monday said the company had “impeded and obstructed” regulators’ inquiries and provided “misleading information.” The accusation on Monday deals only with the nearly 600,000 vehicles sold in the ed States.自那时以来,美国和加拿大的监管机构指责该公司还在一些发动机较大的车型上安装了用来在排放测试中作弊的装置。大众反驳了这一说法。联邦检察官周一表示,该公司“阻挠和妨碍”监管部门的调查,并提供“误导信息”。周一的指控仅针对在美国售出的近60万辆大众车。Since the scandal broke, the company’s chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, has resigned, nine employees have been suspended, and the company has begun the twin tasks of designing fixes for the vehicles and containing consumer outrage and litigation. The Justice Department’s suit and its accusation of continuing obstruction were fresh blows to its new chief executive, Matthias Müller, and will only make the task of damage control more difficult.丑闻爆出后,大众首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)辞职,九名员工停职。公司也开启了自己的两大任务:设计针对相关车辆的解决方案;控制消费者的怒火及诉讼。司法部此次起诉并指控大众持续妨碍调查,是对公司新任首席执行官马蒂亚斯·穆勒(Matthias Müller)的最新打击,只会让止损的任务变得更加艰难。In a statement, Volkswagen, which includes the brands Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini, said it “will continue to work cooperatively with the E.P.A. on developing remedies” to bring its diesel vehicles “into full compliance with regulations as soon as possible.” The company also said it was working “to develop an independent, fair and swift process for resolving private consumer claims relating to these issues.”大众旗下品牌还包括奥迪(Audi)、保时捷(Porshe)和兰基尼(Lamborghini)。在声明中,大众称“将继续与美国国家环境保护局(EPA)合作,制定补救措施”,让旗下柴油车“尽快完全符合规定”。公司还表示正在努力“形成一套独立、公正而迅速的程序,解决私人消费者有关这些问题的索赔。”Regulators across the globe, including in India, South Korea and Germany, are conducting their own investigations, as are attorneys general in all 50 states. But the Justice Department has been seen as the only agency that might hold executives personally accountable.和全美50个州的检察长一样,全球范围内的监管机构都在对大众进行调查,包括印度、韩国和德国。但美国司法部被认为是唯一一个有可能会追究高管个人责任的机构。“With today’s filing, we take an important step to protect public health by seeking to hold Volkswagen accountable for any unlawful air pollution, setting us on a path to resolution,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “So far, recall discussions with the company have not produced an acceptable way forward. These discussions will continue in parallel with the federal court action.”“通过今天的起诉,我们寻求让大众对非法空气污染负责,从而迈出了保护公众健康的重要一步,让我们踏上了解决问题的道路,”EPA负责环境执法与合规办公室的助理局长辛西娅·贾尔斯(Cynthia Giles)说。“迄今为止,与该公司就召回事宜进行的讨论尚未得出一个可以接受的方案。这些讨论将和联邦法院的行动同时进行。”Given the cascade of revelations, the civil complaint, which does not involve criminal charges or auto executives facing charges, is something of a blow to the Obama administration’s highly promoted new strategy for getting tough on corporate crime. The Justice Department has gained a reputation in recent years for forcing companies to pay big fines, while sparing the executives involved. In September, Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates said that impression had weakened public confidence and vowed to change it.对企业犯罪采取强硬行动是奥巴马政府大力宣传的一项新策略。考虑到此次丑闻的规模,这起民事诉讼既不涉及刑事指控,也没有波及高管,是对该策略的某种打击。近年来,司法部得到了不良声誉,被指一贯迫使企业缴纳巨额罚款、却让高管安然脱身。去年9月,司法部副部长莎莉·Q·耶茨(Sally Q. Yates)表示这种印象削弱了公众对司法部的信任,并发誓要予以扭转。“Corporations can only commit crimes through flesh-and-blood people,” Ms. Yates said as she announced the new policy, which encouraged prosecutors to set their sights on prosecuting corporate executives from the beginning of investigations.“企业只能通过血肉之躯的人进行犯罪,” 耶茨在宣布新政策时说。这项政策鼓励检察官从调查一开始就着眼于起诉企业高管。Two weeks later, the Justice Department opened its investigation into Volkswagen.两周后,司法部启动了对大众的调查。The government is seeking an array of penalties against the company, including fines and further actions to mitigate the emission of harmful pollutants. The complaint does not specify actions the company must take to further reduce emissions, nor does it name a dollar figure for the penalty. Those will be decided by a federal court.联邦政府寻求对大众采取一系列惩罚措施,包括罚款和减缓有害污染物排放的进一步行动。诉状中并未明确指出大众要为进一步削减排放而必须采取的行动,也未提出罚款金额。这些均将由联邦法院裁决。Under the Clean Air Act, the company could be fined up to ,500 for each 2-liter diesel vehicle with the illegal software (about 499,000 autos) and up to ,000 for each 3-liter vehicle with the software (about 85,000). Added together and the penalty could top billion.根据《清洁空气法》(Clean Air Act),大众公司每辆安装了非法软件的2升柴油车(约49.9万辆)的罚款可达3.25万美元,每辆3升柴油车(约8.5万辆)的罚款可达3.7万美元。罚款加起来或许会超过190亿美元。Justice Department officials said that the complaint represented the first step in legal action against Volkswagen and did not preclude a criminal charge.司法部的官员称,此次诉讼代表着对大众采取法律行动的第一步,不排除提出刑事指控的可能。Environmental and public health advocates said the government should push forward with further charges.倡导环境和公共卫生议题的人士称,政府应当推动进一步的指控。“The government should follow up with criminal charges against both VW and its management to protect our health from auto pollution and signal other automakers that it will throw the book at any company that follows VW’s lead,” Dan Becker, director of the safe-climate campaign at the Center for Auto Safety, wrote in an email.“政府应该继续对大众及其管理层提出刑事指控,从而保护我们的健康不受汽车污染的影响,并向其他汽车厂商发出信号,表明它会严惩任何胆敢效仿大众的公司,”汽车安全中心(Center for Auto Safety)安全气候宣传项目的主管丹·贝克尔(Dan Becker)通过电子邮件接受采访时表示。 /201601/421328

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