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Just 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life, according to health experts.健康专家称,每天快步走25分钟,可以延长七年寿命。Researchers have found that moderate exercise could halve the risk of dying from a heart attack for someone in their fifties or sixties.研究人员发现适度的锻炼可以使那些50或60多岁的人因突发心脏病而死亡的风险减少一半。Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer, causing one death every seven seconds, and exercise has long been seen as a way to reduce the risks by cutting obesity and diabetes.冠心病是英国人健康的最大杀手,每七秒就有一人死于冠心病。一直以来,体育锻炼因可以减少肥胖症和糖尿病发生率,而被视为降低患冠心病几率的一种方法。A new study presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress suggested that regular exercise can increase life span.在欧洲心脏病学会(European Society of Cardiology,ESC)大会上发表的一项新研究表明,规律的体育锻炼可以延长寿命。A group of 69 healthy non-smokers, aged between 30 and 60, who did not take regular exercise were tested as part of the study at Saarland University in Germany.作为德国萨尔兰大学(Saarland University)研究的一部分,一组69名30至60岁健康的、没有进行规律体育锻炼的非吸烟者组成的小组接受了测试。Blood tests taken during six months of regular aerobic exercise, high-intensity interval training and strength training showed that an anti-ageing process had been triggered and helped repair old DNA.在长达六个月有规律的有氧运动、高强度间歇运动和肌肉力量练习中,研究对象的血液检测显示,一种抗衰老过程被触发,并帮助修复衰老的DNA。;This suggests that when people exercise regularly, they may be able to retard the process of ageing,” said Sanjay Sharma, professor of inherited cardiac diseases in sports cardiology at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London.伦敦圣乔治大学医院英国国家医疗务系统基金会(St George#39;s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)的运动心脏病学遗传心脏病学教授桑杰·夏尔马(Sanjay Sharma)表示:“这表明,人们可以通过有规律地锻炼延缓衰老过程。”;We may never avoid be-coming completely old, but we may delay the time we become old. We may look younger when we’re 70 and may live into our nineties.“我们也许无法避免最终老去,但我们可以延缓衰老到来的时间。当我们70岁时,看起来可能会更年轻,并有可能活到90岁。”;Exercise buys you three to seven additional years of life. It is an antidepressant, it improves cognitive function and there is now evidence that it may retard the onset of dementia.;“锻炼能给你多带来三到七年的生命。锻炼是种抗抑郁剂,它能改善认知能力,现在有据表明,它也许能延缓痴呆症的发病时间。”The advice from experts is that everyone should do at least 20 minutes of walking or jogging a day, given the sedentary lifestyles and changes in diet that have contributed to high death rates from heart disease. Exercise can also improve brain functioning.鉴于久坐不动的生活习惯和饮食结构的改变是心脏病高死亡率的部分原因,专家的建议是,每个人每天都应该进行至少20分钟的步行或慢跑。锻炼也可以改善大脑功能。Exercise brings benefits at whatever age the person starts. People who start exercising at the age of 70 are less likely to go on to develop a condition that leads to irregular or racing heart rates in 10 per cent of people aged over 80.无论什么时候开始,锻炼都能带来益处。80岁以上的人有10%会患上导致心率不齐或心跳过速的疾病,从70岁开始锻炼的人患上这种病的几率更低。;The study brings a bit more understanding of why physical activity has that effect,; said Christi Deaton, Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor of Clinical Nursing Research at Cambridge Institute of Public Health.剑桥大学公共卫生学院临床护理研究部(Clinical Nursing Research at Cambridge Institute of Public Health)国际护士理事会教授(Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor)克里斯蒂·迪顿(Christi Deaton)表示: “研究让我们更加了解为何锻炼会有这样的作用。”;It helps us understand the process of cellular ageing, as that#39;s what drives our organ system and body ageing, and the effects physical activity can have on the cellular level.“这帮助我们理解细胞老化的过程——细胞老化正是导致我们器官和身体老化的原因——以及体育锻炼能在细胞层面产生的作用。”;The more active you are, and it doesn’t matter when you start, the more benefit you are going to have.;“你运动得越多,就能获得更多益处,这无关你什么时候开始运动。” /201509/396688

Apple said it was revamping its App Store with a new revenue-sharing model for app developers and, for the first time, search-related advertising.苹果公司日前宣布,App Store将为应用开发者引入新的收益分成机制,并将首次允许开发者在该平台上发布广告。The move comes with Apple seeking to boost its revenue from services amid what appears to be a plateauing of sales of iPhones and a slowdown in the tablet market.鉴于如今iPhone滞销、平板电脑市场后继乏力,苹果App Store引入广告的举措旨在增加其务收入。In a significant shift in its revenue model, Apple said it would reduce its share to 15 percent from 30 percent for auto-renewed paid apps after the first year. While Apple will be cutting its longstanding share of 30 percent, the move appears to encourage developers to introduce paid models with the new auto-renew feature.苹果对原有盈利模式做出了重大调整。开发者在发布自动更新的应用版本后,苹果公司在第二年会将抽取的收益分成从30%下调到15%。苹果一直以来都将收益分成定在30%,此次下调将鼓励开发者在付费应用中引入自动更新的功能。;Apps in all App Store categories will soon be eligible to offer auto-renewable subscriptions,; said a statement on the App Store website. ;Developers will also receive more revenue for qualifying subscriptions after one year, have greater pricing flexibility, and more.;苹果公司在App Store的官网上发表声明称:“App Store中的全部应用将推很快出自动更新的版本。开发者在提供自动更新版本的一年后会获得更多的收益,更灵活的定价权和除此之外的许多好处。”Apple also said it would allow app makers to place search-related ads on the App Store, another move that could drive more revenue for the California tech giant.此外,苹果方面还表示,将允许应用商在App Store上发布广告,如此将为苹果带来更多的收入。The new feature to be introduced this year on the US App Store is ;an easy way for you to promote your app directly,; according to the website, ;helping customers discover or reengage with your app, while respecting their privacy.;根据App Store官网所介绍的,这项今年引入的新功能会令开发商“推广产品更为便利,在不侵犯消费者隐私的前提下帮助他们发现并安装使用这些应用。”;An ad will only be shown if it is relevant to the search query,; Apple added. ;You pay only when a user taps on your ad, and our auction system ensures you will always pay a fair market price.;苹果方面补充说道:“系统只会显示与搜索结果相关的广告。只有用户点击了广告,公司才会向开发者收取费用,而公司的竞价系统会确保开发者付的广告费不超过市场价格。” /201606/450358

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