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上海市仁济医院激光去痘手术价格上海玫瑰整形Well, serve your man according to my next guest, all women should be a wife first, a mother second, and then focus on their career third. She calls Hillary Clinton a lousy wife while saying Laura Bush is a great one. So, what gets? With me now is Dr. Vorenica Corpening. Doctor, good to have you here.Great to be here.You know a lot of people are gonna hear that and say, oh, Man! What do you say?I'd say that you were chosen to be a wife, and so you have to do your job as a wife just as well as you do your job as a physician, a lawyer, a politician. So when you're chosen, your husband expects you to meet the needs of him; you expect him to meet your needs. So therefore, you need to do what you need to do as a wife first and put that at the top of your priority list.All right, now you said you had, and you were telling me during the break you have? 3 kids, right?I have 3 sons.All right, and, and you've been married for almost 20 years?Yes.And you put your husband ahead of the kids?I do, I do things like take him to lt;thegt; train station every morning, pick him up at night. I work my schedule around my life as a wife, and then my life as a mother, and my children also understand that there is time where mum and dad are spending time together, and they are aside. And, your argument is it makes for better parenting that way anyway, when the couple is tight, close, makes for better kids down the road, right?It does because what has happened is that women have lost their way, and they don't know what it means to be a good wife and how do they learn that. They learn that through how their mother and father interacted at home. So we have to teach women and men what it means to be a good partner and then marriages would be much more successful.Um, you said Hillary Clinton was bad at that, Laura Bush is good at it. What did you mean?Hillary has been trying to be in front of her husband the whole time, and further her own career. When her husband was the most powerful man in the world, she wasn't behind his vision; she was behind her vision and (she) always has; whereas Laura Bush although she is a professional and a very intelligent woman, she always follows her husband and is behind his vision.You, you know there're gonna be women listening to this say, well, you know, we are not slaves! We are not second-class citizens, you, you, you seemed to give that image.I absolutely, I absolutely, I am not telling people to be a servant, em, you have to look at...(inaudible) Does your husband like worship the ground you work on? I mean if you're here doing all this for him. If you were my wife, I would say, man, I'm gonna take you out every night. I'm gonna...You are not, you are not superwoman. But Let's think about women like Nancy Reagan and Coretta Scott King, those are women who supported their, the vision of their husbands so well that even when their husbands were faltering and even when they were dead. They kept their vision alive.All right, but what if you have a husband that er has a cheat on you left and right? chasing interns, I mean why be loyal to a guy like that?Well, it probably started because one thing that Hillary does not give Bills is admiration, and she definitely looks like the type of woman that when he says I want some, she'd say, noway, I don't feel like .....Hey, hey, hey. All right, so you are saying that you, you women just have to be a little more sycophantic to their husbands?Well, there is a time to step back. And When you walk into the house, it's a time to step back and let your husband feel like he is in charge even though you know that there're, the decisions are being made side by side. You let him be forward and so there's peace in the home. All right, even if it's the man deciding the peace.The women are deciding the peace too, and the women who decide peace (are) the best.So you are actually getting your way by making him think he's getting (it)…You interestingly do get your way cause you are not having a fight about it anymore.All right, I'd like you to come home and talk to my wife, Doctor. Doctor Veronica Corpening, thank you very very much. (Thank you) In fact there're gonna be a few e-mails on this particular segment.200809/48179第九人民医院整形科疤痕价格费用 Marseille, France Aiming to be Headquarters of Mediterranean Partnership马赛争取成为地中海合作联盟总部   Some 40 heads of state from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe gather in Paris next Sunday to launch a new agreement aimed at reinforcing cooperation between the European Union and non-European nations bordering the Mediterranean. Building up trade and investment ties is a key part of the proposal. 来自中东、北非和欧洲的大约40位国家首脑下星期天在巴黎开会,就加强欧盟跟地中海沿岸非欧盟国家的合作达成一项新的协议。增进相互贸易和投资关系是这项议案的重要内容。The southern seaside city of Marseille has long been known as the gateway to North Africa, which lies just across the sparkling Mediterranean. Now, the colorful, multi-ethnic hub is jostling for a new title as the showcase for a new partnership agreement between the European Union, North African and Middle Eastern countries. 法国南部海滨城市马赛一直是人们熟知的通向北非的大门,她跟引人注目的地中海刚好隔海相望。现在,这个多姿多、种族多元化的枢纽城市正在争夺新的头衔--成为让世人了解欧盟、北非和中东国家新的合作协议的窗口。The city is in the midst of a massive urban renewal project that includes building new housing and office space, revamping blighted neighborhoods and giving its oceanfront a facelift. The overhaul aims to draw new business from across the Mediterranean region - and, politicians like Guy Teissier, hope to make Marseille the obvious choice as headquarters for the new Mediterranean partnership. 马赛正在进行大规模都市改造工程,建新的住宅区,新的办公区,维修破旧不堪的街区,让城市的海滨旧貌换新颜。大规模的城市改造目的是吸引隔海相望的地中海沿海地区到马赛开办新企业,居伊.泰西耶等政界人士还希望让马赛成为地中海新合作夥伴关系的无可非议的总部。Teissier is a French deputy and local mayor, who is also president of Marseille's urban renewal project. 泰西耶是法国议员、市长,也是马赛都市改造工程的领导人。Teissier says Marseille has all it takes to be a leader in the Mediterranean region. It has universities and superb technology and research centers - and its population reflects the diversity of the Mediterranean region. 泰西耶说,马赛具备成为地中海地区领袖的一切条件。她有大学、有上乘的技术和研究中心,而且这座城市的人口也反映了地中海地区的族裔多元化。The new Euro-Mediterranean pact has been championed by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, which took over the rotating European Union presidency this month. It follows another 1995 agreement called the Barcelona Process, which critics say has not produced much by way of concrete results. 新的欧盟-地中海合作协议一直得到法国总统萨尔科齐的大力持,法国是这个月欧盟轮值主席国。新协议遵循了1995年签署的一项协议,即“巴塞罗那进程”的宗旨,不过批评人士指出,“巴塞罗那进程”并没有产生具体的结果。The new Mediterranean union is also generating criticism. Some consider it vague and aly watered down by Germany's opposition to some of Mr. Sarkozy's objectives. 新的地中海联盟也招致一些批评。有些人认为协议内容含糊不清,并且德国不同意萨尔科齐提出的某些目标,这已经削弱了这份新协议的力度。Countries like Algeria and Libya have expressed reservations about the partnership, and Israel's membership makes the pact politically volatile. Overall, says analyst Clara O'Donnell, of the Center for European Reform in London, the expectations of many Middle Eastern and North African countries have been dashed. 阿尔及利亚、利比亚之类的国家表示对这项合作协议保留意见,而且因为有以色列参加,使得这项协议从政治角度看来很不稳定。总之,伦敦欧盟改革中心的分析人士克拉拉.奥唐纳认为,许多中东和北非国家对这项合作协议所抱的期望遭受了冲击。"They're upset because the way it was sold to them was as a very ambitious proposal," she said. "And they saw it being undermined from within the EU, so they didn't even have a say. 奥唐纳说:“这些国家之所以感到失望是因为当初这项协议是作为一项雄心勃勃的提议来推荐给他们的,他们眼见欧盟内部破坏了这一协议,而他们却根本没有发言权。”Nor does O'Donnell believe the partnership will generate much by way of new trade and investment within the Mediterranean region. 奥唐纳也不相信新的合作协议会在地中海地区创造新的贸易和投资机会。"The one positive thing about it is that it has put the Mediterranean back at the top of the agenda," she added. "It's true that Barcelona [process] was lingering, there was lack of impetus. Now, the Mediterranean is number one again. There is a return of political will." 奥唐纳说:“唯一的积极因素是协议重新把地中海置于议程中的首要地位。巴塞罗那进程的确迟迟没有进展,缺乏动力。现在,地中海国家又重新得到重视,重新恢复了政治意志。”But during a recent visit to Marseille, EU external affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner argued the partnership offered new chances for cooperating in areas like environmental protection, renewable energy and infrastructure programs. 不过欧盟对外关系委员贝妮塔.费雷罗.瓦尔德纳最近访问马赛时认为,新的合作协议为相关国家在环境保护、再生能源以及基础设施项目等领域的合作提供了新的机会。"We have been working on a process call Barcelona," she said. "And now we reinvent, we re-dynamize, we put a new political pulse into this Barcelona process by having the summit every two years. And in between by having meetings by ministers of foreign affairs. And having a co-president - that means a shared responsibility - which wasn't there [before]. And particularly, by regional projects." 瓦尔德纳说:“我们一直在贯彻巴塞罗那进程。现在,我们对这个进程进行更新,重新加强,我们每两年召开一次首脑会议。在每次首脑会议之间,我们将举行外长会议,给巴塞罗那进程加强了政治动力。我们还要设立共同主席,共同承担责任,而以前的巴塞罗那进程没有这个内容。特别在一些地区性项目里没有。”A number of business leaders are also excited about investment and trade potential in the Mediterranean, although they worry about legal and other barriers to investing in southern Mediterranean countries. At a conference in Marseille, they called on members of the new partnership to increase exchanges between European and Mediterranean countries by 10 percent a year and to triple foreign investment by 2020. 尽管一些工商界领袖对在南部地中海国家投资可能会遇到法律等方面的障碍表示担忧,但他们也为地中海地区潜在的投资和贸易机会激动不已。工商界领袖在马赛出席一次大会时呼吁新合作联盟的成员国在2020年之前把欧盟和地中海国家的贸易量每年提高10%,把相互之间的投资提高两倍。For Liat Shaham of Invest in Israel, an Israeli government agency, it means creating business ties in countries where diplomatic relations are rocky. 对于在以色列一个政府投资机构工作的利亚特.沙汉姆来说,这意味着在外交关系冷淡的国家里发展贸易关系。"Right now [there] is not so much investment from Arab countries," Shaham said. "This is part of the project. This project is supposed to bring us together - via the economy, I guess. To build bridges in countries via economic relations." 沙汉姆说:“眼下阿拉伯国家到以色列投资并不多。而这是协议内容的一部分。我猜想这项协议的本意是通过经济活动让我们走到一起,通过建立经济联系弥合国家之间的分歧。”Hanan Jaabiri, 29, of Marseille, who also attended the conference, has big expectations for her new company, Jaabiri Exports. 马赛市29岁的居民哈南.贾布里也出席了这次工商界领袖大会,她对自己新成立的贾布里出口公司寄予厚望。"I met several people from Europe, from the U.S. and from the Gulf who are interested in exporting their goods throughout the region. The main problem is the language. For instance, Spanish exporters are not so able to develop in the Maghreb countries so I help them find customers and partners there and help them increase their presence on the market and get marketers." 贾布里说:“我遇到几位来自欧洲、美国和海湾国家的商人,他们都希望把他们的商品出口到这个地区。主要的难题是语言。比如,西班牙出口商在北非地区的业务发展就比较困难,我就帮助他们在那个地区找到客户和合作者,帮助他们扩大在那里的市场份额,争取客户。”Jaabiri, whose father is Tunisian and whose mother is Spanish - speaks five languages and is a mirror of multi-ethnic Marseille. 贾布里的父亲是突尼斯人,母亲是西班牙人,她可以讲五国语言,是马赛种族多元化的真实写照。Marseille's bid to host the new Mediterranean pact headquarters faces competition. Several countries, including Morocco, Tunisia and Malta, have reportedly expressed interest. Whether Marseille will be the new face of the Mediterranean union - and whether that union will live up to the very high expectations of its supporters - is anybody's guess. 马赛争取成为新地中海合作协议总部的努力遇到挑战。洛哥、突尼斯和马耳他等国家据说也表示有兴趣成为新合作联盟的总部。马赛是否会成为地中海合作联盟的新总部,新联盟是否会实现持者的高期望,谁都说不准。 200807/43499Turkey's Ruling Party Defending Itself in Court土耳其执政党在宪法法院自我辩护 Turkey's ruling AK Party Thursday defended itself in the country's constitutional court against charges it is undermining the secular state. The party is facing dismantling, and dozens of its leaders, including the prime minister and president, a political ban. 土耳其执政党星期四在土耳其宪法法院为这个党辩护,反驳指责该党正在破坏土耳其政教分离制度的指控。土耳其执政党面临被解散,几十名党内领导人,包括总理和总统,面临被禁止参政的命运。The Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek spent the day Thursday defending his party in a closed session of the Turkish constitutional court. The Islamic-rooted AK Party is accused by the country's top prosecutor of seeking to overthrow the secular state.  土耳其副总理奇切克星期四整天都在土耳其宪法法院的闭门庭审中为本党辩护。土耳其总检察长指控信奉伊斯兰教义的土耳其正义与发展党企图推翻这个政教分离的国家。Speaking to reporters after leaving court, Cicek, who is a lawyer, dismissed the charge.  身为律师的奇切克在离开法庭时对记者表示,这种指控没有道理。He said he explained to the court the prosecutor's case against his party is not based on law. We said the case has to be judged on many levels, including constitutional law, human rights conventions and Turkish law. He said he told the court this case should be decided speedily is it affects the governance of the country. 他说,他向法庭解释说,检察官对他的党的指控没有法律依据。我们说,这个案子必须经过多层面的审判,包括宪法、人权公约和土耳其法律 。他说,他告诉宪法法庭说,这个案子应该迅速裁决,因为这影响到国家的治理。Chief Prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya told the court earlier this week the AK Party posed a "clear and present danger" that it was seeking to impose Islamic law on the country. Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 as a strictly secular state.  土耳其总检察长耶尔钦卡亚这个星期早些时候在法庭上表示,正义与发展党对土耳其构成“明显与现实的危险”,因为它正在企图把伊斯兰法律强加于土耳其。现代土耳其建国于1923年,是一个严格的政教分离国家。Along with the threat of the AK Party closure, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, along with 69 senior party members, are facing a five-year political ban if convicted.  如果被告被判有罪的话,在执政党正义与发展党被取缔的同时,总理埃尔多安、总统居尔以及69名党内高层人员也将被禁止在5年内参政。Political analysts predict Turkey will be thrown into a political and economic turmoil if the court orders the party to be disbanded. 政治分析人士预计,如果法庭裁决解散正义与发展党,土耳其将陷入政治和经济混乱。More than 20 government critics, including two retired generals, were arrested earlier this week in what the opposition claims is the government's intimidation campaign. The arrests are part of a year-long police investigation into allegations the opposition is conspiring to topple the government. 在本周早些时候,有20多名批评政府的人被捕,包括两名退役将军。反对党说,这是政府的恫吓运动。一年来警方一年以来一直在调查有关反对党阴谋推翻政府的指控,这些逮捕是这个调查的一部分。Deputy chairman of the AK Party, Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, dismissed the intimidation charge. 正义与发展党副主席弗拉特否认执政党进行恫吓的说法。He said as the political party in power, the AK Party is acting with an understanding of its duties and obligations. He accused certain circles in the opposition of trying to politicize the police probe. 他说,正义与发展党作为执政党,在采取行动时考虑到自己的职责与义务。他指责反对派的某些人企图把警方调查工作政治化。200807/43362上海市第六人民医院东院做双眼皮多少钱

上海腋窝永久脱毛多少钱US President Wants More Offshore Drilling布什吁国会允许开采更多近海油田 U.S. President George Bush is again calling on opposition Democrats in Congress to expand offshore oil drilling. High energy prices are a big part of this year's presidential campaign. 美国总统布什再次呼吁在野党民主党的国会议员允许扩大近海油田的开采。居高不下的油价已经成为今年总统竞选的一个主要议题。When lawmakers return to work next month, President Bush says they should allow for more offshore oil drilling. In his weekly radio address, he says he has lifted executive limits on that drilling and it is time for Congress to end its offshore ban. 美国总统布什说,国会下个月复会时,议员们应该允许扩大近海油田的钻探。布什在每周例行广播讲话中说,他已经撤销了禁止开采这些油田的行政令,现在该是国会取消相关禁令的时候了。"This exploration is now banned by a provision included in the annual interior appropriations bill," said the president. "When Congress returns they should remove this restriction so we can get these vast oil resources from the ocean floor to your gas tank." 布什说:“每年一度的内政部拨款议案中有一个条款禁止这种开采。当国会复会时,他们应该取消这个条款。这样我们就可以把大洋底下的丰富石油资源转化成你油箱里的汽油了。”Democrats say they generally support more offshore drilling but want oil companies to start by exploring the more than 27 million hectares of land they are aly leasing from the federal government. 民主党人表示,总的说来,他们持进一步开采近海石油,他们只是希望石油公司先在它们已经从联邦政府租赁的2700万公顷的土地上进行开采。In the Democratic radio address, New Hampshire Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen says President Bush and his Republican party have driven America's economy into the ground.  在民主党的每周广播讲话中,来自新罕布什尔州的联邦参议员候选人沙欣说,布什和他所属的共和党把美国经济带到了谷底。"They have protected billions in tax give-aways for big oil and tax loopholes for businesses who ship jobs overseas rather than making a serious commitment to the development of clean alternative energy that can transform our economy and create thousands of new jobs," she said. 沙欣说:“他们维护了那些大石油公司数十亿美元的税务减免优惠,保护那些把工作机会转移到海外的大公司能够享受的税法方面的空子,而不是认真致力于开发能让我们的经济好转、创造成千上万新就业机会的新的清洁替代能源。”Public opinion polls show many voters are concerned about high energy prices, so that is a part of this year's presidential campaign.  民意调查显示,许多选民对居高不下的油价感到担忧,因此,这个问题将成为今年总统竞选的一个重要议题。The Republican Party's national committee is running a television commercial backing the president's call for more offshore drilling. The Republican ad champions the energy policy of its presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John McCain, over the Democratic opponent, Illinois Senator Barrack Obama. 共和党全国委员会正在播放一条电视商业广告,持总统呼吁进一步开发近海油田。共和党的广告拥护本党总统候选人、来自亚利桑那州的联邦参议员麦凯恩的能源政策,认为他的政策胜过民主党对手、来自伊利诺伊州的联邦参议员奥巴马的政策。The Obama campaign is running a commercial that seeks to link McCain with President Bush and what Obama says is a White House that has been too close to big oil companies. 奥巴马竞选团队的广告则希望把麦凯恩和布什总统以及奥巴马所说的与大公司走得太近的白宫联系起来。A public opinion poll by CBS News and The New York Times this past week asked voters what is the most important thing for them in deciding the next president. Forty percent said the economy and jobs. Gas prices and energy policy tied for second with the war in Iraq at 15 percent. 美国哥伦比亚广播公司CBS和《纽约时报》上个星期在进行民意调查时,问选民在决定挑选下一届总统时,他们最关注什么问题,40%的被访者回答说,经济问题和工作机会。油价和能源政策与伊拉克战争名列第二,各占15%。200808/46604上海妇幼保健医院做丰胸手术价格 松江区妇幼保健医院打美白针的费用

上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱Tell me, do you have any other artificial fruits in this range?告诉我,在这个范围内你还有其他人造水果吗?Yes. Well, its a bit of a secret, but youre a trusted client, so I think I can tell you... Go on...是的。这是一个秘密,但您是值得信赖的客户,所以我想我可以告诉您…… 继续……Were about to unveil a new Imperial Lemon. Really?我们将推出一款新型皇家柠檬。 真的吗?I cant tell you any more for now. But… Yes...现在我还不能告诉您更多消息,但是…… 什么?Maybe we could present it to you more formally in a couple of weeks, when its y for release...?也许在几周后当我们准备好发放的时候正式给您送去?Sounds perfect.听起来很棒。You would be the first to see it!你将是第一个见到它的人!Excellent. Thank you, er...Anna, isnt it? Yes.太棒了,谢谢,安娜是吗? 是的。A very pretty name.名字很好听。Thanks. Its spelled the same forwards and backwards.谢谢。正反拼写都一样。Is it really?真的吗?Anyway, Mr Lime, well fix this grapefruit problem for you, and I promise you, it wont happen again.总之,Lime先生,我们将为你解决葡萄的事,我保绝不会再出现这种问题。 /201612/483609 上海市第十人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院激光祛斑多少钱



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