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上海玫瑰李鸿君做隆胸好吗上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院去胎记多少钱BEIJING — As Beijing disappeared into the heavy smog shrouding the region in recent days, an artist covered seven models with body paint until they, too, faded against a desolate grove of trees on the eastern outskirts of the city.北京——随着最近几日北京被浓重的雾霾笼罩,一名艺术家在北京东部郊区,对七名模特进行身体绘伪装,直至他们与背后的荒凉树林融为一体。“Instead of passively disappearing, I’d rather actively make people disappear to express my attitude,” said the artist, Liu Bolin, who has been called the “Invisible Man” for blending into his surroundings by meticulously applying paint to his body.“与其被动消失,我更愿意主动使人消失,从而表达我的态度,”艺术家刘勃麟说。因为善于通过仔细地在身上进行绘,将自身融入周围环境,他被称为“隐形人”。“I’m using this active disappearance to voice my protest,” he said in an interview about his latest work, “Winter Solstice.”“我通过这种主动的消失,来表达抗议,”他在最近接受采访,谈到最新作品《冬至》时说道。Last year, he made four rows of people disappear against a photograph of Tiananmen Gate, which was grayed by smog. This time, Mr. Liu said his new work was inspired by the red alerts issued this month in Beijing for hazardous levels of air pollution.去年,他对四排人进行绘伪装,使他们融入了背景中被雾霾笼罩的天安门的照片。刘勃麟表示,这一次,作品的灵感来自北京因空气污染达到有害程度,而发布的红色预警。On Saturday, Beijing issued its second-ever red alert, the highest level of a four-tier warning system, effective through Tuesday. It came only a week after its first one, even though the capital has been plagued by heavy smog for years. By Wednesday, 10 cities in China had issued red alerts, the state news agency Xinhua reported.上周六,北京发布了有史以来的第二次红色预警——四个预警级别中的最高级别,此次预警持续到周二。而在一周之前,北京才刚刚发布首次红色预警,尽管北京多年来一直受到严重雾霾的困扰。官方通讯社新华社报道,截至周三,中国已有十座城市发布红色预警。Mr. Liu decided to name his new work “Winter Solstice” because it was carried out on Sunday, two days before the winter solstice, an important festival in the traditional Chinese calendar.刘勃麟决定将新作品命名为《冬至》,因为该作品是在周日,也就是冬至的两天之前创作的,冬至在中国是一个重要的节气。The seven models, all modern dancers, posed for photographs and then danced for a , Mr. Liu said.这七名模特都是现代舞者,他们先摆好姿势拍照,然后又拍摄了一段舞蹈视频,刘勃麟说。“These are the movements people instinctively make when their lives are suppressed,” he said of the dance moves, adding that this was the first time he had portrayed his disappearing subjects in motion.他形容其中的舞姿时说,“这些动作是人们在生活受到压制时,本能做出的动作。”他还表示,这是他首次让隐形人动起来。The work is a continuation of the political and social commentary often found in Mr. Liu’s works. He has staged disappearances into backdrops that have included the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, a wall painted with Communist Party slogans, a portrait of Mao and a police officer to reflect ordinary Chinese people’s sense of invisibility in a fast-changing economy.该作品延续了刘勃麟一贯以来的政治及社会风格。他曾融于长城、天坛、涂有共产党口号的墙壁、毛泽东及一名警察的画像等背景之中,以此体现普通中国民众隐形于快速变化的经济之中的感觉。Mr. Liu, 42, first went invisible in 2006. When Suo Jia Cun, an artists’ village in suburban Beijing where he worked as a sculptor’s assistant, was forcibly demolished, Mr. Liu disappeared into the ruins to protest the destruction. That became the first work in his “Hiding in the City” series, which won him international attention.42岁的刘勃麟于2006年第一次化身为隐形人。当时他在北京郊区索家村艺术区,为一位雕塑师担任助理。当索家村被强行拆除时,他隐形于废墟之中,抗议强拆行动。这成为了《城市迷》(Hiding in the City)系列的第一个作品。他凭借这一系列作品,赢得了国际关注。“Smog, as a top-level carcinogen, has created fear among Chinese people,” Mr. Liu said of “Winter Solstice.” (The World Health Organization has classified outdoor air pollution and one of its major components, particulate matter, as cancer-causing agents.)“雾霾是高度致癌的,它在中国民众当中引发了担忧,”刘勃麟评价《冬至》时说。(世界卫生组织将室外空气污染及其主要成分颗粒物质归类为致癌物。)“This work actually shows the helplessness modern people feel,” he said. “The fear in their hearts. Their struggles.”“这个作品实际上展现了现代人的无助感,”他说。“他们心中的恐惧。他们的挣扎。” /201512/419111上海永久脱腋毛费用 Despite all great jobs he did, Qin Shi Huang ruled as a ruthless tyrant.尽管秦始皇有许多创举,但他却是个暴君。To prevent future uprisings, Qin Shi Huang ordered to confiscate weapons, to destroy the city walls and military fortifications and to move the old nobles and magnates of the six states to Xianyang, Nanyang and Bashu so as to weaken their political and economic influence.为了防范暴乱,秦始皇下令收缴散落在民间的兵器,拆毁各地的城墙和防御工事,迁徙各国的旧贵族和豪富到咸阳及南阳、巴蜀等地,以削弱他们的政治、经济势力。To facilitate the movement of troops and the transportation of army provisions, the First Emperor ordered to build highways.秦始皇为了方便调拨士卒和转运粮饷,又大修驰道。Meanwhile, the Lingqu Canal was dug, which linked the Yangtze River and the Zhujiang River together.同时开凿灵渠,沟通了长江和珠江水系。Burning books and burying scholars alive were brutal suppression in ideological field with which the First Emperor repressed the dissenting ones, and exercised autocratic control over thinking and culture.“焚书坑儒”事件则是秦始皇在意识形态领域内对不同政见士人的残酷镇压,是对思想文化的专制统治。In 213 B. C. , at a court banquet, Chun Yuyue proposed to follow the conventions of fief system and granted titles and ands to the heroes and nobles.公元前213年,秦始皇在咸阳宫举行宴会,士齐人淳于越倡议,主张学古法,分封皇子功臣为诸侯。Li Si, the Prime Minister held that these scholars were dangerous, so suggested that all historical records except those written by Qin historians be burned ; that the Books of Odes and Book of History and works by scholars of different schools except those stored by officials be handed in to the local authorities for burning; that anyone discussing these two particular books be executed; that those using ancient examples to criticize contemporary politics be put to death and their families killed ; that those who had not burned the listed books within 30 days be sentenced to four yearsJ service ; that books about medicine, divination, agriculture be preserved.丞相李斯认为这样一群儒生是一种危险势力,于是提出了焚书的建议:“史官非秦记皆烧之。非士官所职,天下敢有藏《诗》、《书》、语者,悉诣守、尉杂烧之。有敢偶语《诗》、《书》者弃市。以古 非今者诛。吏见知不举者与同罪。令下三十日不烧,黥为城旦。所不去者,医药卜 筮种树之书。”The First Emperor accepted all these proposals ,and then the event of burning books occurred.秦始皇接受了这一建议,于是就发生了焚书事件。In the second year of burning books, the event of burying scholars alive underwent.第二年,又发生了坑儒事件。Dissatisfied with the First Emperor, some Confucian scholars and alchemists criticized him.起因是由于有些儒生和方士对秦始皇不满。The First Emperor sent inspectors to investigate, then arrested over 460 people and finally had all of them buried alive in Xianyang.秦始皇派御史侦察,先后逮捕了 460多个儒生,全部在咸阳坑杀。By these means, the First Emperor gave a heavy blow on the aristocratic splittism, but wrecked the culture severely at the same time, causing enormous losses in the conservation of ancient documents and impartment of learning.秦始皇以焚书坑儒的手段打击了贵族政治的分裂思想,同时却严重摧残了文化,对于古文献的保存和学术的传授,造成了极大的损失。All the practice made by the First Emperor were in line with the legalists, and many of his such behaviors had demonstrated it.秦始皇施政定制根本上是以法家思想为依据。焚书坑儒以及“以法为教”,“以吏为师”等,更突出地反映了他的法家思想。 /201511/407456When you meet someone for the first time, do you put across a good impression? And what do we mean by #39;good#39; in this context?与人第一次见面时,你能给人留下一个好印象吗?在这里我们所谓的“好”又指的是什么呢?According to Presence, a new book by Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, people assess you on two main criteria when they first meet you:哈佛商学院教授艾米·库迪的新书《存在》 ,谈到了影响第一印象的两个主要评判标准:1. Can I trust this person?他(她)值得我信赖吗?2. Can I respect this person?他(她)值得我尊重吗?You level of trustworthiness, or warmth, is the most important factor in how people initially perceive you, Cuddy says—yet many mistakenly believe that the second factor, characterised as competence, is more important.库迪说,可信度(或者说亲近感)是影响人们第一印象最重要的因素。但许多人错误的认为第二个因素——能力——才更重要。;From an evolutionary perspective,; Cuddy writes, ;it is more crucial to our survival to know whether a person deserves our trust.;库迪在书中写道:“从进化的角度看,知晓一个人是否值得我们信任,对我们的生存更为重要。”While displaying competence is certainly beneficial, particularly in a work setting, Cuddy warns that focusing on winning people#39;s respect, while failing to win their trust, can backfire - a common problem for young professionals attempting to make a good impression early on in their careers.向别人展示能力当然会对我们有好处,尤其是在工作场合。但库迪提醒大家,只顾赢得别人的尊重而忽视赢得别人的信任,可能会适得其反。想要在事业早期给别人留下好印象的职场新人,普遍存在这个问题。;If someone you#39;re trying to influence doesn#39;t trust you, you#39;re not going to get very far; in fact, you might even elicit suspicion because you come across as manipulative,; Cuddy says.库迪说:“如果你尝试去影响的人并不信任你,那么你是走不了很远的;事实上,因为你给别人留下了控制欲强的印象,他们反而对你有疑虑。”;A warm, trustworthy person who is also strong elicits admiration, but only after you#39;ve established trust does your strength become a gift rather than a threat.;一个平易近人、值得信任,同时能力又强的人,才会让人心生敬佩。不过,只有在你们之间建立了信任后,你的能力才会变成一种优点,而不是一种威胁。In Cuddy#39;s book she also explains some of the science that can help you spot a liar.库迪在书中也提供了一些科学理论,可以帮你识别撒谎的人。When a person is lying there is likely to be discrepancies between what they are saying and what they are doing, she suggests.她表示,一个人在说谎时,他的言行可能会有不一致的地方。;Lying is hard work,; she writes. ;We#39;re telling one story while suppressing another, and most of us are experiencing psychological guilt about doing this, which we#39;re also trying suppress. We just don#39;t have the brainpower to manage it all without letting something go—without #39;leaking#39;.;她写道:“说谎并非易事,编造谎言的同时也意味着隐瞒另一个事实,大多数人还会因撒谎而心生愧疚,并试图掩盖愧疚。我们人类的脑力还没有强大到可以在撒谎时做到天衣无缝——即不让自己“露馅”。The author adds that these #39;leaks#39; can be seen in a person displaying conflicting emotions, like a happy tone of voice paired with an angry facial expression.作者补充说,如果一个人表达的情感产生了冲突——比如语调是欢快的,但同时呈现的面部表情却是愤怒的——最容易被人抓住撒谎的漏洞。;It#39;s about how well or poorly our multiple channels of communication—facial expressions, posture, movement, vocal qualities, speech—co-operate,; she adds.她还说,这跟我们与人交流时,对身体协调能力的掌控有关:包括面部表情、姿势、动作、音质以及说话方式。Professor Cuddy argues that most of us are not very good at spotting a liaras we are distracted by the words coming out of their mouth.库迪教授说,大多数人并不善于识别说谎者,因为我们可能会被他们的言语分散注意力。;When we#39;re consciously looking for signs of deception or truth, we pay too much attention to words and not enough to the nonverbal gestalt of what#39;s going on,; the professor adds. ;Truth reveals itself more clearly through actions than it does through our words.;她补充说:“当我们小心翼翼找寻谎言或事实的迹象时,我们往往会过分关注说话人的言语,而忽视与之同时出现的肢体语言。肢体动作比言语更能揭示出事实真相。” /201602/426441闵行区人民中医院修眉价格费用

上海去颈纹哪里比较好复旦大学附属闵行医院去疤价格费用 上海同仁医院减肥瘦身多少钱

上海市闵行区中心医院激光祛斑手术价格 Sometimes keeping up with your social media channels can feel more stressful than fun - and according to an experimental study conducted by The Happiness Research Institute, ditching Facebook in particular can result in a happier life. 有些时候,紧跟你的社交媒体渠道是一种压力而不是乐趣。根据一项快乐研究机构的实验研究发现,抛弃脸书(社交媒体)可以让生活更快乐。To determine whether using Facebook has any affect on one#39;s ;subjective well-being,; 1,095 participants in Denmark were randomly assigned to either quit Facebook entirely for one week or to continue as usual. Ninety-four percent of this sample visit the site on a daily basis, and 86 percent go through their news feed ;often; or ;very often.; The participants evaluated their lives prior to the experiment and were asked to again a week later.为了确定使用脸书是否对一个人“主观的幸福”有任何影响,1095个丹麦的参与者被随机安排成两组,一组在一星期内完全抛弃脸书,一组继续像平时一样使用。94%的样本每天登录这个网站,86%的人“经常”或“频繁”地访问他们的新闻来源。参与者在实验开始前评价自己的生活,并被要求在一星期之后再评价一次。Based on the results, the group that gave up Facebook for one week reported being significantly more satisfied with their life on a scale of one to 10 in comparison to the group that continued with their regular Facebook use. Both groups were also asked about their moods on the last day - those who#39;d taken a break claimed to be happier and more enthusiastic and less worried, sad, angry, and depressed than the other group.结论表明,放弃脸书一星期的群体对生活的满意度明显超出了继续使用脸书的人,高出了1到10的比例。两组人都被询问了他们昨天的心情如何,那些放弃社交媒体的人声称要比另一群人更快乐,更热情,不那么担忧,悲伤,生气和忧伤了。Quitting Facebook allowed the participants more time for social activity offline, which led to an increase in satisfaction with their social life. In addition, research showed that Facebook users are 55 percent more prone to feeling stressed. The study suggested that FOMO brings users down as seeing success and amazing experiences shared online can cause distress and ;Facebook envy.; ;Instead of focusing on what we actually need, we have an unfortunate tendency to focus on what other people have.;放弃社交媒体(脸书)让参与者有了更多线下社交活动的时间,这让他们提高了对社交生活的满意度。另外,调查表明脸书的使用者有55%的可能感到有压力。研究认为,错失恐惧症让使用者忧郁是因为看到网上成功且令人惊奇的经历会导致压力和“脸书嫉妒”。“我们有一种不幸的趋向,更容易关注别人有什么,而不是我们实际需要的。”Although the conducted study has its limitations, it may be worth a try to test this out on your own. Give up Facebook for one week to see if you notice a happier you!尽管这个实验有它的局限性,但你也值得亲自试验一下。放弃脸书一个星期,看能否发现一个更快乐的自己!译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/412792青浦区人民医院光子脱毛多少钱上海第九人民医院整形科激光祛斑多少钱



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