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交通大学医学院附属仁济医院点痣价格费用上海曙光医院治疗狐臭多少钱第一, 迷你对话A: It’s said that the government will carry out some plans on wage control.据说政府出台一些计划来控制工资情况。B: They are just flying a kite.那只不过是试探公众的反应罢了。A: What do you mean?这话是什么意思?B: If the public apposes it strongly, the government will drop it’s plan.如果公众强烈反对的话,政府就会取消计划。第二, 地道表达fly a kite1. 解词释义Kite 除了有“风筝”的意思,还可以表示“试探性行动”。Fly a kite的意思即为:试探舆论,其英文解释为:to make a suggestion in order to see what other people think about your idea。2. 拓展例句e.g. Some members of the government flew a kite about wage control on television.几位政府官员发表电视讲话, 试探公众对工资管制的反应。e.g. Im just flying a kite, really, but do you think there would be any demand for a course on European art?我只是试探一下反应而已,真的,你认为会有对欧洲艺术课程吗?第三, 咬文嚼字carry out:实施,执行e.g. There seem to be no objections to carry out the plan.对执行这个计划似乎没有反对意见。e.g. He is a responsible person and can be trusted to carry out the plan.他是一个负责的人,他去执行计划可以信赖。the public:公众e.g. Its the first time the painting has been displayed to the public.这是该画首次公开展出。e.g. Because of the heavy rain, the public meeting has been declared off.由于大雨,群众大会已宣布取消。第四, 口语句型It is said that… 据说e.g. It is said that the police monitored his phone calls during that period.据说警方在那段时间监听了他的电话。e.g. It is said that his discourses were very soul-moving.据说他的讲道词是很能动人心灵的。 /201512/416150虹口区哪家美容医院比较好 Well,hello,and this is,Welcome Jackson,this is your first time here.哈罗 哇 Jackson 欢迎你的到来 这是你第一次来我们节目Its my first time,thank you so much.yeah.这是我第一次来 非常感谢We both have family from New Orleans,I hear.Oh,really?You have the family in New Orleans still?我听说我们都是从新奥尔良来的 真的吗 你仍然住在新奥尔良吗Still,yeah.I got a lot of family done there.In the Bedrus area.当然 我有很多亲戚都住在那里 在Bedrus区Everyone moved out once start making money,they get closer to meet in there.They left as soon as like.人们一旦有钱就会离开那里 他们就有机会在这相遇 但那么快又离开了and Nikki,Congratulations.Youve just got married a month ago,right?I did.Exciting?Im a very lucky lady.Nikki 恭喜你 你一个月之前结婚了 是吗 是的 兴奋吗 我是个很幸运的女孩And of course.Paul.from American Idol.everybody remembers from American Idol.Paul 美国偶像出身 大家应该都记得美国偶像里的他And hows,have you had a chance to honeymoon since youve been married.你们结婚之后 有去度过蜜月吗We had like a minimoon.Thats when you try to moon,and 2 days.我们有一个迷你蜜月 我们尝试了一下度蜜月 可怜的两天时间So I had to go in tour for this.And we did,we did in Mardrid and Rome,我要去拍戏 我们在马德里和罗马拍戏So Paul and I went to Paris and London for 40 hours first.I attended along.所以Paul和我先去了巴黎和伦敦 共度了40个小时 我也参加咯Jackson was honored a minimoon.I was the third wheel on the marry tale.Jackson非常荣幸的参加了这次迷你蜜月 是的 我就是那个闪闪亮的大灯泡And Ashley.I understand a fan proposed to you recently.还有Ashley 听说最近有个粉丝向你求婚了yeah,this guy wrote on his forehead with sharpie,Ashley,will you marry me?是的 他在他额头上用夏皮笔写着 Ashley 你愿意嫁给我吗Well,thats must be tiny,little writting with sharpie on...那字肯定非常小 用夏皮笔写的那些小字哟Did you have to get really close to it or,Oh,its definitly right to be a friend.Got one. 你是不是需要凑近了才能看清楚 作为朋友的话 那是肯定的 明白了吧Which is interesting.I got proposed,too.Like a year ago in Chicage.Something about being in Chicago.更有趣的是 一年前我在芝加哥也遭遇了求婚 在芝加哥But it was a woman who asked me to marry her husband.Its weird.有个女的让我嫁给她老公 这真是太神奇了 /201612/484370上海宝山区中西医结合医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

青浦激光祛胎记多少钱网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:气色不错 1. lookgood/very well/nice/great/terrific/fresh-complexioned 看起来气色很好  Wow! Candy, youre looking great!   哇!凯蒂,你看起来棒极了!   2. have a good color/high color 脸色红润  You have a high color on the face.  你脸色很好。   3. have a good complexion面色好;气色很好  At the same time. people usually have good complexion. have a better mental state . which also shows their good health.  同时,面容好的人通常气色、精神状态都更好,这也说明他们健康状况良  4. be in the pink 身体好  I hope youll soon be in the pink again.  我希望你早点恢复健康。   5. looking bouncy 看起来生龙活虎  You certainly look bouncy today.  你看起来精力充沛。   6. a ball of fire 精力充沛的人  I hope John will join us, he is a ball of fire.  我希望约翰能加入我们,他是个精力旺盛的人。 /201303/228264上海磨颧骨效果如何 Its amazing.Its line in the movie and it just grew and grew and grew. Its become part of a culture.这非常棒 这是一句片中的台词 然后越来越火 变成了文化的一部分All of the lines of ;Friday; movies.Its a basketball player named Zach Randolph.《星期五》的所有台词都是这样 比如篮球运动员扎克·兰多夫They call him Z-Bo,which was Dibo was the bully in the movie.He has a bully game when he plays.他的外号叫“扎波” 因为片中的恶棍叫“迪波”而他打球时总是欺负人This movie has kind of,you know,got into peoples hearts.and thats why we are having the screening and you know everybody come out.这部电影深入人心 所以我们才会重映 大家都出来看吧I know you guys know the movie.Come out,yell at the screen.我知道你们了解这部电影 出来吧 对荧屏吼You know,were doing some great,were having some fun on Monday.我们会在周一玩得很开心的Now,speaking of movies,for a long time,we have been hearing that the N.W.A movie is coming and it is,this is really your story.现在说道电影 很就以前 我们都听说异见人士大电影要上映了 这真的是你的奋斗故事I mean,this is the story of what you guys achieved,this remarkable achievement.讲了你们所取得的成就 非常伟大的成就And how long ago,when did the movie start?What year does it begin?电影是何时开场的 是从哪年开始的It starts in 1986.Goes from 86 to about 95 when E.Z. passes away.从1986年开始 从86年到95年埃里克·赖特去世Its a strong,powerful story.I know a lot of people have seen red band and green band trailer online.If you havent,check it out.这是一个震撼人心的故事 我知道很多人已经在网上看过了非限制级和限制级的预告 如果你没看 去看吧It will be out August 14th.Its like Labor of love.Its me,its Dr.Dre,its F.Gary gray,who directed the ;Friday; movie the first one.但是将在8月14日上映 这是我们心甘情愿拍的片 有我 德瑞士 F·加利·格里 就是他执导了第一部《星期五》So you know,we have all put our blood,sweat and tears into the movie.My son plays me.我们都为这部电影奉献了血汗泪 我的儿子扮演我I want to ask you,we have a picture here,you son plays you.Its just remarkable.我想问问你 我们有张照片 你儿子扮演你 真是太像了201611/476166上海妇幼保健院切眼袋手术价格

上海九院祛眼袋手术价格 今天我们来看一看“你说的没错”用英语怎么说:L: Americans really know how to party! 美国人真的好会玩啊!D: You can say that again! I really cant drink anymore!还用你说吗!我真的不能再喝了!L: Me neither. I heard theyre still planning to go KTV afterwards.我也是。我听说他们之后还要去KTV呢!D: As much as I love singing, Ill have to pass this time.虽然我很爱唱歌,但是还是下次吧。单词解说:party: 这边我说party其实就是办派对的意思Ill have to pass. 就是这次得错过,不能去的意思,你也可以说:Maybe next time!成功箴言:Surround yourself in English. Put yourself in an all English speaking environment where you can learn passively. The best way to learn is through speaking.制造一个完全的英语环境不仅让你可以被动的学习,当然最好的学习方式还是透过交流! /201409/327981虹口区人民中医院做祛疤手术价格费用上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院激光祛痣多少钱



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