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Sanrio head honcho is cute-ifying some fashion mag covers this month.三丽鸥公司的;当家花旦;这个月将可爱带到了时尚封面上A life-size Hello Kitty (with feet and everything!) graces the cover of Elle Taiwan this month, posing in fancy couture two different covers in honor of the publication th anniversary.一个真人大小的凯蒂猫(不仅有脚,什么都有!)这个月登上了《ELLE杂志台湾版的封面,这是为了纪念杂志出版周年凯蒂猫穿着华丽的装分别为杂志拍了两个版本的封面To us, these jumbo kitties seem a little ... creepy? We asked one of our fashion friends who lives in Taiwan to weigh in:对于西方人来说,这些巨大的小猫咪有一点点;;诡异?但是在询问了台湾时尚界的朋友们后,他们称:Well, it not that weird us, because we aly have like, a Hello Kitty hospital, Hello Kitty airplanes, Hello Kitty TVs and toasters and we have Hello Kitty hotels and hotels with Hello Kitty suite. The only thing about it that strikes me as weird is that Elle is more...highbrow, whereas the Hello Kitty hotels, etc., in Taiwan are seen as gimmicky. So Im not sure how that will go over.好吧,我们并不觉得有什么奇怪的地方因为我们这里已经有了凯蒂猫医院、凯蒂猫飞机、凯蒂猫电视机和烤土司机、我们还有凯啼猫主题的旅馆,有专门的凯蒂猫主题套间让我觉得奇怪的是《ELLE杂志是一本更加;;高端有内涵的杂志,而在台湾的凯蒂猫旅馆之类的则比较花俏所以我不知道这件事将会如何. Peggy Olson. 佩吉奥尔森Title: Copy Chief at SCamp;P头衔:斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司文案负责人Show: Mad Men电视剧:《广告狂人Played by: Elisabeth Moss扮演者:伊丽莎白莫斯Olson has shattered the glass ceiling over the course of the critically acclaimed series, moving her way up from the Sterling Cooper secretarial pool to copy writer to eventual copy chief at Sterling Cooper amp; Partners (a brief detour at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough allowed her to assume a leadership position at her old firm). Despite ranking lower than No. 9 Joan, it wouldnt be a surprise if Peggy usurps SCamp;P female partner as Mad Men most powerful woman. Persistence has paid off her so far.在这部广受好评的电视剧中,奥尔森成功突破了事业发展的玻璃天花板,她从斯特林库珀掌管下的秘书室升任公司文案,又一路高升至斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的文案负责人(她在Cutler, Gleason amp; Chaough公司的短暂经历也令她在之前的公司担任过一段时间的管理职位)虽然她的级别比琼低了9级,但不出意外的话,佩吉将会成为斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的女性合伙人,也会成为《广告狂人中最具权势的女性不懈地坚持终于得到了回报. Temperance Brennan. 唐普兰希布兰纳Title: ensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute头衔:杰佛逊研究所法医人类学家Show: Bones电视剧:《识骨寻踪Played by: Emily Deschanel扮演者:艾米丽丹斯切尔Considered the leading authority in her field, Brennan quirky and concise approach toward her work solves many a crime. She now works directly with her husband, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), though the two have worked side-by-side many years. Brennan leadership inspires a close-knit and collaborative environment among her team.布伦南是这个领域内公认的领军人物,她那古怪离奇却又一针见血的工作方式曾令无数罪犯伏法如今,她和自己的丈夫、特工西利布斯(大卫伯瑞纳饰)直接共事,虽然他们二人曾经并肩作战过很多年布伦南的领导风格在团队中营造了一种严谨而又协调有序的工作氛围. Alicia Florrick. 艾丽西亚弗洛里克Title: Partner at FlorrickAgos头衔:弗洛里克阿戈斯律师事务所合伙人Show: The Good Wife电视剧:《傲骨贤妻Played by: Julianna Marguilles扮演者:朱莉安娜马奎利丝Florrick showed her risk-taking side by starting her own law firm with colleague Cary Agos. In so doing, she turned her back on Lockhart amp; Gardner, the firm that hired her after her husband, then state attorney of Illinois most populous county, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Despite a -year absence from the working world, Florrick proved herself a star and worked on cases with ties to the firm important players -- all while juggling ongoing media scrutiny about her marriage and the demands of raising two tech-savvy teenagers. Florrick engaged in some scandalous behavior of her own, starting an affair with named partner Will Gardner.弗洛里克与同事盖里阿戈斯共同创办了一家属于自己的律师事务所,展现了性格中冒险的一面但这样一来,她也就等于是拒绝了洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所在她的丈夫、时任伊利诺伊州人口最稠密郡县的州检察官卷入性丑闻案之后,洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所聘用了她尽管已经离开工作岗位长达年之久,弗洛里克还是明了自己的优秀才干,不但与律所中最优秀的律师在各种案件上强强联手,还不断地应付媒体对自己婚姻生活的种种窥视,以及满足两个正值青春期、对高科技十分痴迷的孩子们的需要弗洛里克自己也有一些不检点的行为,比如与公司冠名合伙人威尔加德纳发生的一段婚外情 6875Shot over years, Richard Linklater’s film about growing up is a devastatingly plausible biography of a real person – and a terrifying reminder that life is short.历时年的拍摄,导演理查德#86;林克莱特借这部电影真实地记述了一个人的成长历程,却也提醒了大家——人生苦短With so many movies contriving to be dumb, mulaic and yet messily over-complicated, the pure simplicity and clarity of Richard Linklater’s masterly Boyhood makes a glorious change. It is a marvel, particularly its refusal to bend itself into any traditional screenplay-seminar narrative structure. Like life, like old man river, it just keeps rolling along.当许多电影失去了表现力、结构趋于程式化、情节过于复杂而又毫无章法,理查德#86;林克莱特的这部《少年时代巧妙地让极简纯粹之风华丽逆袭这是一部奇迹之作,它不拘泥于任何传统剧本的叙述结构,如同时光、如同老人河(美国密西西比河的别称),兀自流淌The central conceit was endlessly and excitedly compared by critics to lots of different things when it arrived – largely Michael Apted’s 7-Up series and Fran#31;ois Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel movies – but the remarkable thing was that it really hadn’t been done bee. The nearest attempt was probably Michael Winterbottom’s honourable attempt in his film Everyday.《少年时代一经上映,其主题就曾被影评家们不断拿来与各种影片热火朝天地比较,对比最多的当属迈克尔#86;艾普特的《人生七年纪录片系列、以及弗朗索瓦#86;特吕弗的影片《四百击而《少年时代的出之处正在于它并没有因袭旧作相比之下,迈克尔#86;温特伯顿的佳作《日复一日也许是最为接近的作品Linklater took a child, Ellar Coltrane, and filmed him playing a kid called Mason in various naturalistic settings and situations a few weeks every year years. He then stitched together the result: a devastatingly plausible biography of a real person. Bee our eyes, the child became a man in a movie time lapse. The movie was loose and open-ended because that was how it had to be. The filming procedure was like life. Actually, it was life. How incredible to have a repertory cast of actors y to commit, like family, to such a project over such a length of time.年间,林克莱特每年都会抽出几周时间,记录男孩梅森(艾拉#86;科尔特兰 饰)在各种现实场景中的故事当他将这些片段剪辑在一起时,一段无比真实的个人自传就诞生了只是一部电影的时间,一个男孩就这样在我们眼前成长为男人影片结构松散,留下了(现实本该有的)开放式结尾同时,电影的推进就如同生活本身而它确实就是真实的生活像这样如同一家人一般的演员阵容每周固定出演,还能持续这么久,确实令人难以置信It is impossible to watch this movie and not be moved and awestruck by an obvious truth: grownups were once children. The adults and the kids we see in movies, or outside in the streets, in real life – they are not separate races or tribes. They are the same. Ethan Hawke, playing the dad – he used to be a kid. Patricia Arquette, so wonderful as the mom – she used to be a kid. And Lorelei Linklater, equally wonderful as Mason’s sister: she is, then was a kid. She, too, demonstrates a real-time growing up.《少年时代最令人动容、最让人感概之处莫过于影片将一个鲜明的事实展现在了我们的面前:每一个大人都曾是孩子不论是在影片中,还是在真实的生活里,成人与孩子从来都不是身处两个“阵营”中的独立“物种”他们就是彼此影片中的父亲伊桑#86;霍克,曾经也是个孩子;影片中的母亲帕特里夏#86;阿奎特也一样;和母亲一样出色的罗蕾莱#86;林克莱特(也是主人公现实生活中的),同样拥有她的童年,同样有过成长的经历And there is another simple, powerful truth that Boyhood demonstrates, one that I can’t remember seeing expressed with such ce in any other film, or indeed any novel or play. And it is simply that life is terrifyingly short. It really is over in an instant. Watching this film as a parent is almost unbearably sad, especially when Patricia Arquette’s mom bids farewell to Mason as he heads off to college, cheerfully unconcerned about his parents’ empty-nest anguish.《少年时代所展现出的另一个简单而强大的事实则是:人生太短暂,总是稍纵即逝而这也是我从未在其他电影、小说或是表演中所强烈感受到的为人父母,看这部电影时更能感到无法释怀的忧伤,尤其是看到梅森的妈妈帕特里夏#86;阿奎特送他去上大学时告别的一幕孩子离开时满心欢喜,却丝毫不知道父母心中的“空巢之痛”Boyhood is a film that inspires love. There can hardly be anything more worthwhile than that.《少年时代唤起了我们的爱——这世上最珍贵的存在 5BEIJING — Ten years ago, when producers at the state-run Beijing bidden City Film Corporation began searching a director the movie adaptation of the Chinese novel “Wolf Totem” by Jiang Rong, they had no plans to look beyond China’s homegrown stable. It was a Chinese story, after all, written by a Chinese author, and had sold more than a million copies in the country in the year since its publication in . (It has sold four million more there since.)北京——十年前,国营的北京紫禁城影业公司的制片人们决定将姜戎的小说《狼图腾搬上银幕,寻找导演时,他们并没考虑在中国电影圈之外找人毕竟这是一个中国的故事,由中国作家所创作,年出版时在中国卖出了0万本以上(其后又卖出了00万多本)But almost every big-name Chinese director the producers approached, including Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee, turned them down, some citing their reluctance to work with wolves. It probably didn’t help that the novel, a not-so-thinly-veiled critique of Chinese civilization, dealt with topics deemed sensitive by the government, such as ethnic relations in China and the environmental costs of the country’s breakneck industrialization.但是制片人们接触的所有著名华人导演都令他们大失所望(其中也包括张艺谋和李安),其中有人不大愿意和狼一起工作况且,这本书对于中国文明有些较为露骨的批评,涉及一些对政府来说比较敏感的题材,诸如中国的民族关系,以及中国的快速工业化带来的环境代价After several years of searching, producers finally found their man: Jean-Jacques Annaud. The choice was an unexpected one, since it was widely reported that the French director had been banned from China his 1997 film “Seven Years in Tibet.”历时数年,制片人们终于找到了合适的人选:让-雅克·阿诺(Jean-Jacques Annaud)这个选择非常出人意料,因为这位法国导演因其1997年的《西藏七年(Seven Years in Tibet)在中国遭禁,这件事曾被广泛报道过The movie “Wolf Totem” finally arrived in theaters in China on Thursday, the first day of the Chinese New Year, and will open in France on Wednesday. (Sony’s Columbia Pictures has acquired its North America distribution rights.)星期四,即春节的大年初一,电影《狼图腾在中国上映,下周三亦将于法国上映(索尼哥伦比亚电影公司获得了该片的北美发行权)The book — reported to be the best-selling contemporary novel of all time in China — tells the story of a young Han Chinese student named Chen Zhen (played in the movie by Feng Shaofeng), who goes to live among nomadic herdsman in Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. There he learns about nomadic culture and becomes fascinated with wolves, even capturing and raising a cub.据报道,这本书是中国最畅销的当代小说,它讲述了汉族青年学生陈阵(由冯绍峰饰演)在“文化大革命”期间,下放到内蒙古与牧民生活在一起,在那里学习了游牧民族的文化,并且迷上了狼,甚至捕获并抚养了一只小狼崽Both the film and the book depict the encroachment of the Han Chinese population on the Mongol plains, which leads to the killing off of the wolves and the gradual destruction of the grasslands.影片和书中都描写了汉族人口对蒙古平原的侵入,导致狼群被杀,草原逐渐遭到破坏“There has without question been no one single novel in China with as great of an impact bee or since ‘Wolf Totem,”’ said Jo Lusby, managing director of Penguin China, which published the book in English.“毫无疑问,在中国,无论是之前还是之后,都没有一本小说有着《狼图腾这样的影响,”这本书英文版的出版者、企鹅中国的总经理周海伦说The book, which is semi-autobiographical, quickly resonated across the demographic spectrum in China. Political dissenters found in it anti-Communist Party messages, example, while corporations gave it to employees to encourage them to work together like wolves. The book has also been translated into 39 languages 1 countries. “It was one of those black swan events in publishing,” Ms. Lusby said.这本书带有半自传性质,很快在中国的各种人群中激起了反响比如,政治异见者们在其中找到了反对中国共产党的信息,与此同时,公企业也把这本书发给雇员们,鼓励他们像狼群一样合作这本书被翻译成39种语言,在1个国家发行“这是出版界的黑天鹅现象之一,”周海伦说Despite the book’s political undertones, the process of making the million Chinese-French co-production was a relatively smooth one by most s — somewhat unexpected, some said, given Mr. Annaud’s unflattering portrayal of the People’s Liberation Army’s 199 invasion of the region in “Seven Years in Tibet.”尽管书中蕴含着政治的弦外之音,这部斥资500万美元的中法合拍片的拍摄过程堪称顺利鉴于阿诺在《西藏七年中曾经坦率地展示了中国人民解放军199年入侵西藏的过程,这样的结果不免令人意外“The idea that a story many viewed as critical of the Chinese government would be directed by a eigner who had previously made a film that criticized China’s policies is rather astonishing,” Rob Cain, who runs Chinafilmbiz.com, a blog about China’s film industry, wrote in an e-mail. But in this case, Mr. Cain said, Mr. Annaud’s directorial experience and technical expertise may have superseded his past actions. “China’s film industry is awash in cash, hungry success, and eager to partner with people who possess know-how and international access,” Mr. Cain added.“一本很多人都觉得是在批评中国政府的书,由一个曾经批评中国政策的外国人执导,这本身就很令人吃惊了,”Chinafilmbiz.com网站的甘敏中(Rob Cain)在接受记者的电子邮件采访时说道;该网站是一个关于中国电影工业的客不过,甘敏中说,中方可能看中阿诺的导演经验与技术技巧,才无视他过去的行为“中国电影业金元泛滥,渴望成功,他们希望能和懂行、有国际声望的人合作,”甘敏中说In an interview, Mr. Annaud acknowledged that he, too, was taken aback when representatives of the Beijing bidden City production company approached him at his office in Paris. He said the producers told him: “China has changed and we are practical people. We don’t know how to do what you do and we need you.”在采访中,阿诺说,当北京紫禁城影业的代表到他巴黎的办公室和他进行接触时,他也大吃一惊他记得那些制片人们告诉他,“中国已经变了,我们是实干家我们不知道该怎么做你的工作,我们需要你”La Peikang, chairman of the state-owned China Film Group, which took over the film’s production duties from Beijing bidden City, said that while “Seven Years in Tibet” had indeed “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people” only the film — and not the director himself — had been banned in China. “It was important to us to find someone who could make this movie well and tame the wolves,” said Mr. La, citing Mr. Annaud’s previous experience working with animals. “With regard to films that he made in the past, I don’t think this is very important.”国有的中国电影公司总裁喇培康从北京紫禁城影业手中接下了拍摄这部片子的职责,他说,《西藏七年这部影片确实“伤害了中国人民的感情”,在中国遭禁的是电影,而非导演本人“我们应该找能拍好电影、又能驯狼群的人来,这非常重要,”喇说他引述阿诺之前拍摄动物的片子,“看过他之前拍的那些电影,我觉得这没什么大不了”Mr. Annaud said he was given “carte blanche” throughout the process. He also insisted on making the movie in Mandarin and Mongol (not English, as the film’s producers had suggested) and cast both Chinese and Mongol actors.阿诺说,他在工作中得到了“全权委任”他坚持影片要在东北和蒙古拍摄(而不是像影片制片人们建议的那样,在英国拍摄),而演员必须既有中国人,也有蒙古人And just as many have expressed surprise that Mr. Jiang’s original book was able to escape the red pens of censors, Mr. Annaud said he was surprised at the apparent leniency of China’s censors. “The film went through censorship with no problem at all,” he said. “I enjoyed a level of freedom that is almost inexplicable.” Throughout the creative process, Mr. Annaud said he sought input from Jiang Rong, the pen name of Lü Jiamin, a 78-year-old retired professor at the China Institute of Industrial Relations in Beijing who spent time in prison participating in the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy protests.姜戎的原作竟然能够通过审查,这令很多人都表示惊讶;阿诺也说,当前中国审查制度表面上的宽松也让他震惊“影片过审完全没有问题,”他说“我享受的自由程度几乎是令人费解的”在创作过程中,阿诺说,他从作者姜戎处求教“姜戎”是78岁的退休教授吕嘉民的笔名,他曾在北京的中国劳动关系学院任教,曾因参加1989年天安门广场民主抗议活动入狱A French beret worn by one of the Han Chinese characters in the film, example, was nixed by Mr. Jiang. (“Are you kidding me?” he said. “During the Cultural Revolution if you were seen wearing a beret you would be subject to criticism.”) Mr. Jiang said he also signed off on major changes to the plot, such as the inclusion of a love story between the main character, Chen Zhen, and a Mongol woman, played by Ankhnyam Ragchaa, as well as a reworking of the film’s ending to make it more uplifting.比如说,姜戎不许电影中的汉族人物戴法式贝雷帽“你开玩笑?”他说,“在‘文革’期间,被人看见戴贝雷帽肯定要遭到批判的”姜戎说,他也同意了电影中重大的情节变化,比如片中两个主角——陈阵和由昂哈玛尼饰演的蒙古女人——之间的爱情故事,此外还有影片的新结局,它令故事变得更加振奋人心“The book is the book and the film is the film,” said Mr. Jiang, who won the inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize in the English translation of the book.“书是书,电影是电影,”姜戎说,年,他曾书的英译本获得英仕曼亚洲文学奖Shot on location in Inner Mongolia, the 3-D film is packed with stunning vistas and action scenes featuring real Mongol wolves that were trained over three years — making the film’s message about the ecological perils of modern China’s development all the more vivid.影片采取3-D形式,在内蒙古拍摄,充满壮丽的奇景和动作场面,使用了经驯化三年的蒙古狼群,令片中关于现代中国发展造成的生态危机问题更加鲜明生动“My fear was it was just going to end up being a pretty film about animals,” said Ms. Lusby of Penguin China. “But it was a lot more blunt than I’d expected it to be on the environmental side of it. I was really quite shocked.”“我原本担心它最后拍出来只是一部关于动物的漂亮影片,”企鹅中国的周海伦说,“但它在反映环境问题方面,比我原本想像得要直率得多我感到非常震惊” 361995

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