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Lady Gaga has released the first music from her new album ;ARTPOP,; set for release on November 11th.LadY Gaga将于11月11日发布新专辑《ARTPOP》,其首单曲MV已经发布。The first single, called ;Applause;, is an up-tempo tune written while the singer was sidelined with an injury earlier this year.首单曲《掌声》是Lady Gaga今年初因伤修养时创作的一首快节奏曲调歌曲。Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, says she had problems with her right hip, which forced her to cancel several concerts and undergo surgery.Lady Gaga真名为Stefani Germanotta,她表示自己右臀受伤,因而不得不取消几场演唱会并进行手术治疗。Talking about the name of her new album, Gaga says she is bringing ART culture into POP, a reference to late American pop artist Andy Warhol.当谈及她的新专辑名字时,Gaga表示她在POP中添加了艺术文化元素。The Grammy-winning singer first rose to prominence in 2008 and is well-known for her outrageous costumes and provocative music s.这位格莱美奖获得者于2008年声名鹊起,同时因大胆的着装和极具挑衅意味的MV而著称。Gaga will return to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, where she is expected to perform ;Applause.;在周日举行的MTV音乐录影带大奖颁奖晚会上,Gaga将重返舞台并将献唱《掌声》。201309/255003。

Living together might seem like a good idea, but be sure youre making the right decision before you start packing your boxes.一起住似乎是个好主意,但是在打包行李前确保作出正确的决定。You Will Need你需要Vacation假期Clothes衣Toiletries化妆品Desire to live together一起住的渴望Money钱Weekly date night (optional)每周约会之夜(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Evaluate time1.评估时间Evaluate how much time you spend together now. If you spend over half your nights together, you probably have a good idea what it is like to spend a lot of time with your partner and wont be surprised about habits or quirks.评估一下你们现在一起度过多少时间。如果你们超过一半的夜晚是在一起的,你会更清楚花费更长的时间和伴侣在一起会是什么状况,不会对一些习惯或怪癖感到惊讶。STEP 2 Date for at least six months2.约会至少六个月Date your significant other for at least 6 months before moving in together. Make sure you are past the honeymoon period where you think your partner and your relationship are flawless.同居前至少约会六个月。确保你们已经过了蜜月期,不会认为你的伴侣和你们的关系是完美无暇的。STEP 3 Take a vacation together3.一起休假Take a week-long vacation together. If it goes well, you know that you and your significant other can get along well and work together for extended periods of time.一起休一周的长假。如果顺利的话,你知道两人可以和谐相处,以后的漫长岁月也可以相处愉快。STEP 4 Store clothes and toiletries4.存放衣和化妆品Store clothes and toiletries at your partners place. If both of you aly have clothes and toiletries stored at each others place, then moving in together will not be too far of a leap.在对方的住处存放一些衣和化妆品。如果你们两人在对方的地方都有衣和化妆品,那么一起住就不会显得太突兀。STEP 5 Be on the same page5.意见一致Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page about what you want. Do you both want a long-term relationship, or would the move be temporary?确保你和你的另一半意见一致。你们两人是否都希望保持长久的恋爱关系,还是只是暂时的?Realize that moving in together does not mean you are going to get married.要意识到同居并不意味着你们会结婚。STEP 6 Work out problems6.解决问题Work out problems when they arise. Being able to work through problems is an important part of living together.出现问题时努力解决。能够解决问题是同居的重要部分。STEP 7 Want to be around each other7.希望长相厮守Want to be around your significant other. If you move in together, it is important to want to be around each other.希望陪伴在对方左右。如果两人搬到一起,想要伴随对方左右非常重要。Organize a weekly date night so that the two of you do not start to feel like you are only roommates.组织每周一次约会之夜,这样两人不会觉得只是室友的关系。STEP 8 Move in together8.搬到一起Decide if youll keep your place or theirs, or find a new place together, and start packing!确定是住在你这里还是对方那里,还是一起找一个新的住处,然后开始打包!According to a 2010 report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 28 percent of men and women aged 15 to 44 who had ever cohabited or married lived with their significant other before marriage.根据2010年国家卫生统计中心的一份报告,28%的15岁至44岁的同居或已婚男女结婚前一起住。视频听力译文由。201404/289417。

针和注射器被发明160年后的今天,我们依然在使用它们接种疫苗;现在是时候拥抱新的变革。生物医学工程师马克·铿达(Mark Kendall)为我们展示了纳米贴片--一个1cm*1cm的正方形疫苗贴片--能被置于皮肤上进行无痛疫苗注射。这一微小的硅片能够解决现今使用的针和注射器所面临的四大主要问题,并且制作成本低廉。201404/285790。

Getting rid of that nasty cough is as easy as 1,2,3.根除恼人的咳嗽就像123那么简单。You Will Need你需要Herbal tea凉茶Honey蜂蜜A vaporizer蒸馏器Water水Fresh ginger新鲜的生姜Milk牛奶Steps步骤STEP 1 Have some tea1.喝茶Drink herbal tea with honey. This will bring immediate and lasting relief.喝点加蜂蜜的凉茶。可以立即为你带来持久的舒缓效果。STEP 2 Add vapor2.增加蒸汽Use a steam vaporizer or take a hot shower to moisturize your throat and lungs.使用蒸馏器或洗热水澡来湿润喉咙和肺部。Absorb the steam for at least 10 minutes for maximum effect.吸入蒸汽至少十分钟的时间,获得最大的效果。STEP 3 Drink lots of water3.多喝水To keep your throat properly lubricated, drink lots of water throughout the day.为了让喉咙更舒适,一天之中都要多喝水。STEP 4 Chew ginger4.嚼生姜Chew on a small piece of peeled, fresh ginger throughout the day to suppress your cough.嚼一小片削皮的新鲜的生姜,抑制咳嗽。STEP 5 Milk before bedtime5.睡前喝牛奶Drink a glass of warm milk with honey before bed, just for good measure.睡前喝一杯加了蜂蜜的牛奶,作为额外的措施。In , a retired Colorado carpenter coughed up a nail that had been stuck in his nose for over 30 years.年,一名退休的科罗拉多木工咳出了一枚卡在鼻子里30多年的指甲。 /201501/353163。

They grow unhurriedly toward the sun that nourishes their foliage.它们的枝叶不疾不徐地向着太阳生长。They have inherited from those minuscule cyanobacteria...the power to capture lights energy.它们从微小的古细菌继承了吸收光线能量的能力。They store it and feed off it, turning it into wood and leaves.它们储存并利用此能量并使其变成木材和树叶。Which then decompose into a mixture of water, mineral, vegetable and living matter.然后又分解成水 矿物 植物和生命物质的混合体。And so, gradually,the soils that are indispensable to life are formed.就这样生命不可或缺的土壤逐渐形成。Soils are the factory of biodiversity.土壤是生物多样性的工厂。They are a world of incessant activity...where microorganisms feed, dig, aerate and transform.它们是不断活动的世界。微生物觅食,挖掘,透气,蜕变。They make the humus, the fertile layer to which all life on land is linked.它们制造腐植土,在这肥沃的土层上所有陆上生命互相紧扣。What do we know about life on Earth?地球上的生命我们知道什么?How many species are we aware of?我们认识多少品种?A 10th of them? A hundredth perhaps?十分之一?还是百分之一?What do we know about the bonds that link them?对于它们之间的相互关系我们知道什么?The Earth is a miracle.地球是个奇迹。Life remains a mystery.生命仍是个谜。Families of animals form, united by customs and rituals that survive today.动物的家族得以形成至今仍存的习惯和仪式使它们凝聚。Some adapt to the nature of their pasture,and their pasture adapts to them.有些适应了环境,有些是环境适应它们。And both gain.双方都受益。The animal sates its hunger, and the tree can blossom again.动物得到食物而树木能够开花结果。201409/330081。