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江西省第三人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱宁都县激光去痘印多少钱To fully grasp the prescience of Mihael Mikek, a co-founder of Celtra, the advertising technology company, requires an exercise of mental time travel.要完全理解广告科技公司Celtra联合创始人米哈尔#8226;米凯克(Mihael Mikek)的先见之明,就得先来场思想上的时光穿越。Return, for a moment, to 2005. The iPhone is still two years away and most of us are talking on BlackBerrys or flimsy flip phones. The biggest money to be made in mobile is in the sale of ringtones and screen wallpaper.让我们暂且回到2005年。当时iPhone还有两年才上市,我们大多数人用黑莓(BlackBerry)或者轻薄的翻盖手机打电话。移动业务中最赚钱的是销售手机铃声和壁纸。(上图为Celtra联合创始人米哈尔#8226;米凯克和马娅#8226;德罗克)But Mr Mikek, then a first-year MBA student atBabson’s Olin Graduate School of Business, sees an industry with enormous potential. Although it would be a few years before he and his co-founders — his wife, Maja Drolec, also a Babson MBA and the company’s chief financial officer, and Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra’s chief product officer — begin to focus on ways to make mobile advertisements more effective, they all saw the budding power of mobile.但当时还是巴布森学院奥林商学院(Babson Olin Graduate School of Business)一年级MBA学员的米凯克,看到了一个潜力巨大的行业。尽管他和其他合伙创始人在几年后才致力于提高移动广告的有效性,但他们全都看到了移动业务崭露头角的力量。米凯克的合伙创始人包括他的妻子马娅#8226;德罗克(Maja Drolec),她同样是巴布森的MBA学员,现在担任Celtra首席财务官;以及公司首席产品官马特兹#8226;克兰烈塞克(Matevz Klanjsek)。“We were looking for ideas and we all believed mobile was interesting,” says Mr Mikek. “But to catch a wave like this — to catch an industry that has disrupted so many things — that was big.”米凯克表示:“当时我们正在寻找创业点子,我们全都相信移动业务很有吸引力。但要抓住这样的浪潮,抓住一个颠覆如此多事物的行业,并不是一件容易的事情。”Founded in 2006, Celtra’s software AdCreator — now in its fourth iteration — helps businesses create rich media ads that use animation, audio, or other interactive elements, optimised for different devices and formats. Using data, other signals and triggers such as a mobile user’s location, Celtra’s platform also ensures marketers deliver relevant ads to their intended audience.Celtra创建于2006年,它开发的软件AdCreator(现在已是第四版)使用动画、音频和视频或者其他互动方式,帮助企业制作丰富多的媒体广告,并针对各种设备和格式进行优化。利用数据、信号、以及移动用户位置等其他触发信息,Celtra的平台还能确保营销人员向目标受众发送相关广告。Ad tech is a booming industry. According to eMarketer, the internet market research group, the global mobile advertising market is projected to surpass 0bn in 2016, of which mobile will account for more than 50 per cent. Celtra has a tiny but growing sliver of that market. This year the company, which is based in Boston, will serve more than 50bn ads and earn a projected revenue of m, nearly double what it earned in 2014.广告技术是一个蓬勃发展的行业。互联网市场研究集团eMarketer表示,预计2016年全球移动广告市场规模将超过1000亿美元,其中移动业务的比例将超过50%。Celtra在该市场只占非常小的份额,但规模却在不断增长。今年这家总部位于波士顿的公司将会为逾500亿美元的广告提供务,预计实现3700万美元收入,几乎是2014年收入的两倍。The rise of programmatic advertising, which uses automated computer systems and sophisticated algorithms to deliver ads across the internet, is another boon to Celtra.程序化广告的兴起对Celtra来说是另一个福音。程序化广告是指使用自动计算系统和复杂算法在互联网上投放广告。In some ways, the three founders make for an unlikely team. Mr Klanjsek studied architecture and design and previously worked in advertising. “I never had a desire to be an entrepreneur,” he says plainly. “I just wanted to do advertising.”从某些方面来说,这3位创始人不太可能组成一团队。克兰烈塞克学的是建筑和设计专业,早先从事广告设计工作。他坦率地说:“我从未想过当一名企业家。我只想做广告。”Ms Drolec also admits to being a reluctant entrepreneur and still talks enthusiastically about one day pursuing a career in social work. She also had reservations about starting a company with her husband. “To be frank, I didn’t think that us working together would be [for] the best,” she says.德罗克也坦承不想创业,仍然充满热情地说起总有一天会投身社会工作。她对与丈夫一起开公司也持保留态度。她说道:“坦率地说,我不认为我们合作将会得到最好结果。”However, Mr Mikek, the unabashed visionary of the group, insists: “We complement each other. Maya was always really good with numbers, Matevz wanted to change advertising for the better and I wanted to build a big business. When you put those things together, it becomes pretty powerful.”然而,作为团队中毫无疑问的远见者,米凯克坚称:“我们彼此互补。马娅一向精于数字,马特兹希望把广告变得更好,而我想创办一家大企业。当你把这些事情综合起来的时候,它就变得非常强大。”The founders all grew up in Slovenia and came of age when the country gained independence. “After [that] the world started to open up a little bit more,” says Mr Mikek. “Many people in our generation started to go out and study abroad.”几位创始人从小在斯洛文尼亚长大,在该国赢得独立之际成年。米凯克说:“那之后世界开始开放了一点点。我们这一代人有许多开始走出去,并去海外留学。”Mr Mikek was the first to enrol at US-based Babson, where he won a place in the school’s signature class — the Entrepreneurship Intensity Track — a specialised elective for those who plan to launch a venture shortly after they graduate. His class project was a mobile payments company, which Bill Bygrave, professor emeritus at Babson, admits he was dubious about. “It wasn’t obvious to me that there was a great market for it. But along came the smartphone and that changed the world,” he says.米凯克是首批进入美国巴布森学院学习的学生,并赢得了进入该校“特色班”——“创业强度追踪项目”(Entrepreneurship Intensity Track)——的一个名额,这是为那些计划在毕业后不久就创业的学员准备的专业选修班。他的班级项目是一个移动付公司,巴布森学院荣誉教授比尔#8226;贝格雷夫(Bill Bygrave)承认,他曾对此感到怀疑。他说:“我看不清这是否是一个大市场。但后来出现了智能手机,改变了世界。”After they graduated, Mr Mikek and Ms Drolec toyed with a range of mobile-related business ideas. They later met Mr Klanjsek on a trip to London and began to hatch the company that would eventually become Celtra.米凯克和德罗克在毕业后尝试过一系列移动业务的点子。他们后来在去伦敦的旅途中遇到了克兰烈塞克,并开始筹办后来的Celtra。Their initial idea was to create a web-based marketing platform for entertainment clients, mainly Hollywood studios, to publicise their films via social channels. “Quite honestly, we knew nothing,” recalls Mr Klanjsek. “In the early stage we had the freedom to explore. It was tough but it was magical in a way.”他们最初的想法是,为业客户(主要是好莱坞电影公司)创建一个基于网络的市场营销平台,通过社交渠道宣传他们的影片。克兰烈塞克回忆道:“说实在的,当时我们什么也不知道。一开始我们随便摸索。这很艰难,但在某种程度上来说也很神奇。”Having raised a modest round of seed money from their families, Ms Drolec and Mr Mikek worked from their flat in Cambridge and Mr Klanjsek worked from his in London and later San Francisco. They also commissioned a small group of developers in Slovenia to write code and hustled for every scrap of business. “We probably did 15 campaigns but we pitched hundreds,” says Mr Mikek. “We went to literally every company in Hollywood.”在从家里筹得一小笔种子资金之后,米凯克和德罗克在剑桥的公寓、克兰烈塞克在伦敦(后来在旧金山)的公寓开始了工作。他们还委托斯洛文尼亚的一个小开发团队写代码,并努力争取每一笔业务。米凯克表示:“我们大概做了15笔生意,但我们向数公司推销了自己。我们真的去了好莱坞的每一家公司。”Eventually big name studios, including 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros, signed on to use Celtra’s service for movie release campaigns such asSex and the City and What Happens in Vegas.最终,包括20世纪福克斯电影公司(20th century Fox)、新线电影公司(New Line Cinema)以及华纳兄弟(Warner Bros)在内的大型电影公司,在《欲望都市》(Sex and the City)和《情迷》(What Happens in Vegas)等电影的发行活动中签约使用Celtra的务。In 2009, RSG Capital, a Slovenia-based venture capital fund, invested .2m in Celtra. Two years later, as Celtra expanded its client roster to include other companies such as Viacom, Pandora, and Shazam, it raised m from GrandBanks Capital and Fairhaven Capital, both Boston-based VC firms.2009年,总部位于斯洛维尼亚的风投基金RSG Capital向Celtra投资了120万美元。两年后,随着Celtra将其客户名单扩大至维亚康姆(Viacom)、潘多拉(Pandora)和音乐雷达(Shazam)等其他公司, 它从GrandBanks Capital和Fairhaven Capital这两家波士顿风投公司那里筹集了500万美元。It was “really tough to get the first believers”, says Ms Drolec, but their Babson roots helped pave the way for investment. “Business school gives you a passport to US business,” she says. “We’re immigrants, so venture capitalists and institutional investors can’t just call up three of their friends to check on us. [Babson] gave them a reference point. It made us legit.”德罗克表示,“说最初这批人真的非常难”,但他们的巴布森学院出身为获得投资铺平了道路。她说:“商学院为你进入美国商界提供了敲门砖。我们是移民,因此风险资本家和机构投资者不能只是叫上几个朋友来调查我们。(巴布森学院)给了他们一个参考标准。它让我们变得有资格。”The investment meant the business became much more real. “Everything needed to be done by the book: we needed structure and employment contracts,” says Ms Drolec, who found the financial skills she learnt at Babson useful. “Up until three years ago, I put together our consolidated financials. I needed to understand every line.”获得投资意味着公司更加接近现实。德罗克表示:“所有事情都得照章办事:我们需要架构和雇佣合同。”德罗克发现在巴布森学到的财务技能非常有用。“直至3年前我才完成了我们的合并会计报表。我需要理解每一行的意思”。In 2013, Celtra received another m in venture funding led by SoftBank Capital, and today Celtra has 140 employees and more than 400 clients.2013年,Celtra收到了软银资本(SoftBank Capital)领投的400万美元风投资金,现在Celtra有140名员工,以及逾400个客户。For now, the company is focused on “maximising shareholder value” and “constantly delivering” on its plans, says Mr Mikek.米凯克表示,就目前而言,Celtra致力于“股东价值最大化”和“不断实现”计划。 /201506/382731赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗酒糟鼻整形手术怎么样 Scientists have for the first time confirmed liquid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to speculation that life, if it ever arose there, could persist now.科学家首次确认在目前的火星表面有液态水的流动,这一发现令人们愈发开始猜测,如果这个星球上曾经出现生物,那么也许到现在仍有存活。“This is tremendously exciting,” James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division, said during a news conference on Monday. “We haven’t been able to answer the question, ‘Does life exist beyond Earth?’ But following the water is a critical element of that. We now have, I think, great opportunities in the right locations on Mars to thoroughly investigate that.”“这是非常激动人心的发现,”NASA行星科学部主任詹姆斯·L·格林(James L. Green)在周一的新闻发布会上说。“‘地球以外的地方是否存在生物?’这个问题我们尚无法回答。但对水的追踪是这种搜寻的一个关键。我认为,我们现在极有可能处在恰当的地点,从而对此进行充分的调查。”That marks a shift in tone for NASA, where officials have repeatedly played down the notion that the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars could be inhabited today.这标志着NASA在立场上发生转变。此前他们反复强调,不要太过期待在这片遍地砂砾的荒原上栖居着生物。But now, John M. Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator for science, talked of sending a spacecraft in the 2020s to one of these regions, perhaps with experiments to directly look for life.但现在,NASA科学任务指挥署副署长约翰·M·格伦斯菲尔德(John M. Grunsfeld)表示,可能在2020年代派一艘航天器前往其中一个区域,也许会直接以寻找生物为目的进行一些实验。“I can’t imagine that it won’t be a high priority with the scientific community,” he said.“这势必是科学界一件头等大事,”他说。Although Mars had rivers, lakes and maybe even an ocean a few billion years ago, the modern moisture is modest — small patches of damp soil, not pools of standing water.火星在几十亿年前有河流、湖泊甚至可能有一片海洋,但到了近代那里的湿度很低——只有小块潮湿的土壤,没有大片的死水。In a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists identified waterlogged molecules — salts of a type known as perchlorates — on the surface in ings from orbit.在一篇刊载于《自然·地球科学》(Nature Geoscience)的文章中,科学家通过轨道飞行器读数识别出火星地表有被曾被水浸没的分子——一种叫做高氯酸盐的盐类。“That’s a direct detection of water in the form of hydration of salts,” said Alfred S. McEwen, a professor of planetary geology at the University of Arizona, the principal investigator of images from a high-resolution camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and one of the authors of the new paper. “There pretty much has to have been liquid water recently present to produce the hydrated salt.”“这是直接探测到了以水合盐类形式存在的水,”亚利桑那大学行星地质学教授阿尔弗雷德·S·麦克尤恩(Alfred S. McEwen)说,他是NASA火星勘测轨道飞行器高分辨相机发回图像的首席调查员,也是这篇论文的作者之一。“这基本上确认了在近期有过液态水,从而产生水合盐。”By “recently,” Dr. McEwen said he meant “days, something of that order.”而麦克尤恩说,所谓“近期”的意思是“几天内,这样一个数量级”。Scientists have long known that large amounts of water remain — but frozen solid in the polar ice caps. There have been fleeting hints of recent liquid water, like fresh-looking gullies, but none have proved convincing.科学家早已知道在极地冰盖中有大量固态水。而近期存在液态水的迹象时有闪现,比如看上去较新的冲沟,但都不具说力。In 2011, Dr. McEwen and colleagues discovered in photographs from the orbiter dark streaks descending along slopes of craters, canyons and mountains. The streaks lengthened during summer, faded as temperatures cooled, then reappeared the next year.2011年,麦克尤恩和同事在轨道器发回的图片中发现,在撞击坑、峡谷和山峦上有沿斜坡而下的暗色条纹。这些条纹在夏季会变长,随着气温下降而渐渐消失,第二年又会再次出现。They named the streaks recurring slope linae, or R.S.L.s, and many thousands of them have now been spotted. “It’s really surprisingly extensive,” Dr. McEwen said.他们将这些条纹命名为“季节性坡纹”,目前已经找到成千上万处这样的坡纹。“数量之多令人惊讶,”麦克尤恩说。Scientists suspected that water played a critical role in the phenomenon, perhaps similar to the way concrete darkens when wet and returns to its original color when dry.科学家推测水在这种现象中扮演了关键角色,也许类似于水泥遇水后颜色变暗,干燥后又恢复原来的颜色。But that was just an educated guess.但那只是基于知识的猜测。Lujendra Ojha, a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, turned to another instrument on the orbiter that identifies types of molecules by which colors of light they absorb. But this instrument, a spectrometer, is not as sharp as the camera, making it hard to zoom in on ings from the narrow streaks, a few yards across at most.佐治亚理工学院(Georgia Institute of Technology)研究生鲁基恩德拉·欧加(Lujendra Ojha)换用了轨道器上的另一种仪器,根据分子吸收什么颜色的光来分辨分子的类型。但这种叫做光谱仪的仪器没有相机那么高的清晰度,很难将宽度只有几米的窄流放大至可以提供数据的程度。“We had to come up with new techniques and novel ways to do analysis of the chemical signature,” said Mr. Ojha, the lead author of the Nature Geoscience article.“我们不得不拿出新的技术和手段来分析其化学特征,”作为《自然·地球科学》论文第一作者的欧加说。The researchers were able to identify the telltale sign of a hydrated salt at four locations. In addition, the signs of the salt disappeared when the streaks faded. “It’s very definitive there is some sort of liquid water,” Mr. Ojha said.研究人员在四个地点发现了能说明水合盐存在的迹象。此外,当条纹消失时,盐的迹象也会消失。“可以非常确定那里存在某种液态水,”欧加说。The perchlorate salts lower the freezing temperature, and the water remains liquid. The average temperature of Mars is about minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but summer days near the Equator can reach an almost balmy 70.高氯酸盐会降低冰点,让水保持液态。火星的平均温度大约是零下70华氏度(合零下56摄氏度),但夏天在赤道附近的温度可以达到温暖的70华氏度。Many mysteries remain. For one, scientists do not know where the water is coming from.疑惑依然存在。比如科学家不知道水是从哪里来的。“There are two basic origins for the water: from above or from below,” Dr. McEwen said. The perchlorates could be acting like a sponge, absorbing moisture out of the air, but measurements indicate very low humidity on Mars — only enough for 10 microns, or about 1/2,500th of an inch, of rain across the planet if all of the wetness were wrung out of the air.“水的来源基本上就是两个,从上面来,或从下面来,”麦克尤恩说。高氯酸盐能起到海绵的作用,吸收空气里的水分,但勘测显示火星上的湿度很低——假设空气中所有的湿度都被挤出来,那么整个星球的降水仅为10微米。That idea cannot be ruled out if the lower part of the atmosphere turns out more humid than currently thought.如果大气层的近地部分实际上比目前估计的更潮湿,那么这种水从上面来的可能性是不能排除的。“We have very poor measurements of relative humidity near the surface,” Dr. McEwen said.“我们对接近地表的相对湿度测量效果很糟,”麦克尤恩说。The other possibility is underground aquifers, frozen during winter, melting during summer and seeping to the surface.其他的可能性包括地下含水层,在冬季结冰,到夏季融化,渗入地表。Liquid water is considered one of the essential ingredients for life, and its presence raises the question of whether Mars, which appears so dry and barren, could possess niches of habitability for microbial Martians.液态水被认为是生命的必要成分,液态水的存在让人心生疑问,看上去干燥而贫瘠的火星,会不会存在微生物版“火星人”的栖息地。Christopher P. McKay, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., does not think the recurring slope linae are a very promising place to look. For the water to be liquid, it must be so salty that nothing could live there, he said. “The short answer for habitability is it means nothing,” he said.在加州山景市NASA艾姆斯研究中心(Ames Research Center)工作的天体生物学家克里斯多弗·P·麦凯(Christopher P. McKay)认为,季节性坡纹并非很有前景的方向。他说,水要保持液态,盐度就要足够高,那么就没有什么东西能存活。“在适居性方面,简单说就是毫无意义,”他说。He pointed to Don Juan Pond in Antarctica, which remains liquid year round in subzero temperatures because of high concentrations of calcium chloride salt. “You fly over it, and it looks like a beautiful swimming pool,” Dr. McKay said. “But the water has got nothing.”他提到了南极洲的唐胡安池(Don Juan Pond),由于含有高浓度的氯化钙,那里的水可以在零下的气温下全年保持液态。“你从天上看,它就像个美丽的游泳池,”麦凯说。“但那水里什么也没有。”Earthly life adapts to many hostile environments, but Don Juan Pond is lifeless.世间的生物可以适应许多恶劣的环境,但唐胡安池中没有生命。Others are not so certain. David E. Stillman, a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute’s space studies department in Boulder, Colo., said water for the streaks might be different in different regions. In some, they form only during the warmest times, suggesting that those waters might not be too salty for microbes.但有的人不像他这么肯定。科罗拉多州尔德市的西南研究院( Southwest Research Institute)太空研究部科学家戴维·E·斯蒂尔曼(David E. Stillman)说,在不同地区造成条纹的水可能是不同的。有的地方只在温度最高的时候出现,表明那些水可能盐度没那么高,微生物可以存活。“If it was too salty, they would be flowing year round,” Dr. Stillman said. “We might be in that Goldilocks zone.”“如果盐度太高,它们全年都会是流动的,”斯蒂尔曼说。“我们可能处在那个适居带上。”Even though recurring slope linae appear to be some of the most intriguing features on Mars, NASA has no plans to get a close-up look anytime soon.季节性坡纹看来是火星上最吸引人的特征之一,但NASA不打算在近期对其进行近距离的观察。They are treated as special regions that NASA’s current robotic explorers are barred from because the rovers were not thoroughly sterilized, and NASA worries that they might be carrying microbial hitchhikers from Earth that could contaminate Mars.它们被当做特殊地区,NASA禁止当前的探测机器人进入,因为这些探测器没进行过彻底消毒,NASA担心它们离开地球时携带着的微生物可能会污染火星。Of the spacecraft NASA has sent to Mars, only the two Viking landers in 1976 were baked to temperatures hot enough to kill Earth microbes. NASA’s next Mars rover, scheduled to launch in 2020, will be no cleaner. Sterilizing spacecraft, which requires electronics and systems that can withstand the heat of baking, adds to the cost and complicates the design.在NASA向火星发射的航天器中,只有1976年发射的两艘“维京号”(Viking)着陆器接受过高温烘烤,温度足以杀死地球上的微生物。NASA的下一辆火车探测车定于2020年发射,将更加清洁。给航天器消毒要求电子器件和系统能经受住酷热,这增加了成本,也让设计变得复杂。In selecting the landing site for the 2020 rover, the space agency is ruling out places that might be habitable, including those with recurring slope linae.在为2020年的探测车选择着陆位置时,NASA排除了可能适合居住的地方,包括有季节性坡纹的地方。That prohibition may continue even though two candidate streaks have been identified on the mountain in Gale Crater that NASA’s Curiosity rover is now exploring, a mile or two from its planned path.尽管已在NASA“好奇号”探测车正在探测的盖尔陨石坑(Gale Crater)的那座山上发现了两处疑似条纹,前述禁令可能依然有效。那里距离“好奇号”的原定路线一两英里。NASA and the Curiosity team could decide to approach the streaks without driving onto them, or to simply observe from a distance. The rover is still probably a couple of years away from them.NASA和“好奇号”团队可能会决定接近,但不接触那两处条纹,或者只是从远处观察。探测车可能依然还要过几年,才会达到条纹所在地。NASA officials did not reject the possibility of a detour, although they said it would require analysis and debate.NASA的官员没有否认绕道的可能性,但他们表示此事还需要分析和讨论。In an interview after the news conference, Dr. Green of NASA said that if the streaks in Gale Crater turned out to be recurring slope linae, the space agency would consider how great a contamination threat Curiosity, irradiated by ultraviolet light for several years, might pose to a potential Martian habitat.在新闻发布会结束后接受采访时,来自NASA的格林表示,如果盖尔陨石坑的条纹结果是季节性坡纹,NASA会考虑多年接受紫外线照射的“好奇号”,可能会给潜在的火星居住环境造成多大程度的污染威胁。“If we can go within 20 meters, we can zap it with a laser,” Dr. Green said, referring to an instrument that identifies material inside a rock by the colors of light it emits as it is vaporized. “Then we can learn much more about the details what’s in those R.S.L.s. If we can get closer and actually scoop it up, that would be even better.”“如果去到20米以内的距离,我们就可以用激光去打它,”格林说。他在这里提到了一种仪器,可以根据石头被气化时发出的光的颜色来判断里面是什么物质。“然后,我们会更了解细节,知道那些季节性坡纹内部是什么。如果能再靠近一些,实地去挖掘一下,效果还要更好。” /201510/401918赣州俪人整形医院脱毛好不好

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大吉山矿区医院点痣多少钱Next iPhone’s camera may get a pixel boost下代苹果手机或将提高像素An industry observer says Apple’s upcoming iPhones will increase the pixel count from 8 pixels to 12. The pixels would be smaller, though, which could affect picture quality.一名行业观察家表示下代苹果手机像素将由800万提高至1200万。Will Apple bump up the pixel count on the iPhone’s camera this year? One person in the know says so.今年苹果公司会提高苹果手机的像素吗?知情人士表示会的。This year’s iPhones, most likely to be dubbed the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, will raise the pixel count of the rear camera to 12 megapixels from the current 8, said the chief executive at market intelligence firm IHS China. He made the claim Thursday via a post to Chinese social network Sina Weibo. If what he said is true, this would be the first time Apple has boosted the pixel count on its flagship phone’s camera since it increased it from 5MP to 8MP with the debut of the iPhone 4S in 2011.市场情报公司IHS的董事表示今年的苹果手机被称为是苹果6s和苹果6s plus,其摄像头像素将由目前的800万提高至1200万。本周四,该董事通过中国社交网络微发表了文。2011年,苹果公司发布苹果4s,将手机像素从500万像素提高至800万像素。如果他所说的属实,那么这将是自2011年之后,苹果公司首次提高手机像素。But that jump in pixel count could come at a price. To achieve the higher count, Apple would reduce the actual size of each pixel. And why might that be bad? Smaller pixels are less sensitive to light, which can lead to poorer-quality photos with more noise, especially those taken in low-light conditions. So there’s a trade-off with a higher pixel count and a smaller pixel size.但是提高像素也是有代价的。为了提高整体像素,苹果公司将减低每个像素的实际大小。那么这有什么坏处呢?较小的像素对光的敏感度降低,这将导致照片质量低,拍照声音大,光线条件差时拍照尤其如此。因此,教高像素数与较低像素尺寸之间个折衷。The whole subject of pixel count has inspired much debate.有关像素数的话题引起了激烈的讨论。Certain Lumia smartphones have received kudos for their high-quality photos. The Lumia 808 and 1020 both come with a 41-megapixel camera. But does the pixel count account for the high quality, or are there other factors involved?诺基亚Lumia系列机型因其高质量图片备受赞誉。Lumia 808 以及1020像素都为4100万像素。但是像素高就能保高质吗?是否还有其他影响因素?Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus use 8-megapixel cameras, but both of those phones have been cited for their photo-taking skills. Apple has in the past avoided the popular trend of constantly increasing the pixel count and has instead worked on other features to enhance the camera, such as improved autofocus and optical image stabilization on the 6 Plus. So even if Apple lowers the size of the pixels to achieve a greater pixel count, the company is likely to enhance the camera in other ways that would still ensure high-quality photos.苹果6以及苹果6Plus相机都是800万像素,但是这两款手机都因其拍照技巧著称。苹果公司避免跟随流行趋势,不断提高像素。相反,苹果公司致力于增强相机性能的其他方面,比如提高了苹果6Plus手机自动对焦功能及光学稳像功能。因此,即使提高像素的同时降低了其他像素尺寸,苹果公司也会通过其他方式改良相机,确保拍出高质图片。 /201505/377952 Over the next few months a striking piece of symbolism will take place around the mighty General Motors building on Fifth Avenue in New York. Apple, the tech group, plans to move out of the basement where it has operated a flagship store-cum-tourist attraction for the past decade, underneath a now-iconic glass cube.在接下来数月内,极具象征意味的事情将发生在纽约第五大道(Fifth Avenue)上那座宏伟的通用汽车(General Motors)大楼周围。科技巨擘苹果(Apple)计划将过去10年来游客经常造访的那家旗舰店,从如今已成为地标的玻璃方屋下方的地下室中搬出。The tech group will not be disappearing altogether from this prime site, tucked on the southeast corner of Central Park. Instead, it is renovating the basement to cope with soaring numbers of visitors, and, later this year, it plans to move “temporarily” into a space on the ground floor of the General Motors building next door.这家科技集团并不会从这个紧邻中央公园(Central Park)西南角的黄金地点彻底消失。相反,苹果正在对这座地下室进行翻修,以应对日益增加的游客。今年晚些时候,苹果计划“暂时”搬进旁边通用汽车大楼的一层。In a neat twist of timing, FAO Schwarz, the equally iconic American toy store, has decided to vacate its flagship location in the GM building on July 15 “to realise meaningful rent savings” in the face of “the continuing rising costs of operating a retail location on Fifth Avenue”. The store has not yet revealed where its new home will be.刚巧就在这个时候,同样标志性的美国玩具店FAO Schwarz决定于7月15日将其位于通用汽车大楼内的旗舰店搬走。面对“在第五大道开设零售店成本持续上涨”,此举是为了“实现重大租金节约”。该玩具店尚未公布新店地址。So when tourists flock to Central Park this summer, they will no longer see stuffed animals, dolls, Lego and train sets — or the gigantic “floor piano” keyboard that Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia danced on in the 1988 movie Big (a film that helped to immortalise FAO Schwarz). Instead, the site will host piles of gleaming electronic gadgets — and the inevitable throng of visitors who pay pilgrimage around the clock. (Apparently, the store under the cube is not just the busiest in the world but also the only Apple store that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.)因此,今年夏天当游客蜂拥至中央公园时,他们将不会再看见毛绒动物玩具、玩偶、乐高积木(Lego)以及火车模型,也不会再看见地板上的巨型“钢琴”琴键——在1988年的电影《飞向未来》(Big)中,汤姆#8226;汉克斯(Tom Hanks)和罗伯特#8226;洛贾(Robert Loggia)就是在这个地面琴键上跳舞(这部电影让FAO Schwarz在人们心中留下了难以磨灭的印象)。取而代之的是,那里将会摆满成堆闪闪发光的电子小玩意——游客也必然会成群结对,不分昼夜地前来“朝圣”。(显然,玻璃方屋下面的苹果旗舰店不仅是世界上生意最忙碌的,还是唯一的每周7天无休、24小时全天候营业的苹果店。)Now, in one sense this rental dance is nothing new. As the journalist Vicky Ward recounts in her book, The Liar’s Ball (which tells the history of the GM building and which is about to be made into a Hollywood film), this site has aly seen endless commercial flux. Business empires have risen and fallen there at startling speed. Indeed, one of the great (and little-known) ironies about that famous glass cube is that the man who first dreamt up the idea, Harry Macklowe, the real estate titan who owned the GM building, actually went bankrupt (before later rebounding).眼下,从某种意义而言,这种租户更迭没什么新鲜的。正如记者薇姬#8226;沃德(Vicky Ward)在她的书《骗子的皮球》(The Liar’s Ball)中叙述的那样,这个地点已经见了数不尽的商业变迁。(该书讲述了通用汽车大楼的历史,即将被拍摄成为好莱坞电影。)在这座大楼中,商业帝国以惊人的速度崛起和没落。事实上,关于那座著名玻璃方屋极具讽刺意味(且鲜为人知)的一点是,最初设计出这个想法的人——房地产大亨、通用汽车大楼曾经的所有者——哈里#8226;麦克洛(Harry Macklowe)实际上破产了(后来东山再起)。To my mind, this switch of retail outlets speaks to far more than just the vagaries of NY real estate. After all, FAO Schwarz is not just any old toy store: in recent decades it epitomised a 20th-century style of kiddie consumer dream, which, of course, is why families have long flocked there to stare at the goodies — and that famous piano.在我看来,零售店的转变所体现的远不止是纽约房地产市场的变幻莫测。毕竟,FAO Schwarz并不是普通的老牌玩具店:最近数十年,它象征的是20世纪儿童消费者的梦想,当然,这也是长久以来很多家庭蜂拥至此,凝视那些玩具和那台著名钢琴的原因。In recent decades, like so many 20th-century American icons, the glittering fa#231;ade has concealed a sense of rot. For while tourists have visited the store in droves, they have not been spending money on the scale that FAO Schwarz’s owner — Toys R Us — needs. These days families tend to buy toys at budget downmarket shops (think Walmart) or upscale boutique outfits (such as American Girl). The middle has been squeezed — making it hard to justify Fifth Avenue rents.最近几十年,就像那么多20世纪美国的标志性物品一样,那座光芒闪耀的店铺流露出一种衰败的味道。这是因为,尽管游客成群结队地走进这家商店,但他们在这里花的钱却一直无法达到FAO Schwarz的所有者——玩具反斗城(Toys R Us)——需要的水平。如今,家长往往要不就在经济型低端商店(比如沃尔玛(Walmart)),要不就在高端精品店(比如美国女孩(American Girl))里购买玩具。中端商店受到挤压——使得其很难付得起第五大道的租金。But at Apple’s glass cube consumers are not just thronging to look but to spend money too. Never mind the fact that the shopping experience itself is often horrid. (When I descended there myself recently, to get a new iPhone, the basement was so jam-packed and sales assistants so scarce that it felt like the retail equivalent of the seventh circle of hell.)但是在苹果的玻璃方屋下,消费者不仅是成群结队地来,同时也会大笔花钱——尽管购物体验本身通常很糟糕。(最近我自己前往那家店购买一部新的iPhone手机,发现店内如此拥挤,店员也如此短缺,感觉就像到了商店版第七层地狱。)Indeed, sales are so high that Mort Zuckerman, the current owner of the GM building, is ed in The Liar’s Ball as saying that “whenever I want to cheer myself up I just take a walk around the Apple Store”.事实上,这家店的销售额极高,以至于通用汽车大楼目前的所有者莫特#8226;祖克曼(Mort Zuckerman)(援引于《骗子的皮球》一书)曾表示,“每当我想让自己开心起来时,我就会在苹果店周围逛逛。”At the beginning of this decade the store was making “5m a year for 10,000 square feet” of space “in a windowless basement”. Undoubtedly it is dramatically more today; in fact, some well-placed insiders suspect that if anyone could get comparable public data on sales per square foot from retailers around the world (which is all but impossible), Apple’s glass cube would be the most profitable retail outlet in the world.在2010年代初,这家“位于地下、连个窗户都没有的”苹果店“1万平方英尺面积每年能创造6.65亿美元的销售额”。毫无疑问,如今这个数字肯定高得多;事实上,一些知情人士认为,如果有人能得到全球各地零售店每平方英尺销售额的可比公开数据,可能会发现苹果的玻璃方屋是全世界最赚钱的零售店。Perhaps this is just another passing fad, like the FAO Schwarz floor piano. As the history of the GM building proves, business fortunes swing faster than anyone can imagine. In another couple of decades we may find it utterly bizarre to think that anyone ever wanted to go into a windowless basement with hundreds of others to buy an iPhone. Least of all treat it as a tourist attraction.也许这只是另一次短暂的热潮,就像FAO Schwarz的地面钢琴一样。正如通用汽车大楼的历史所明的那样,企业命运跌宕起伏,速度之快超出所有人的想象。再过几十年,我们也许会感到难以置信:居然有人想要去一间连窗户都没有的地下室,和数百名其他顾客挤在一起,只为购买一部iPhone。更别提还把它当作一个游览胜地。Right now, I will be watching curiously to see what Angela Ahrendts, the ultra-stylish design queen at Apple, does with that cube. Like it or not, it has now become a powerful symbol of our modern age, a time where kids (and adults) still love to buy “toys” — just not quite the type of toys our parents flocked to in the past.现如今,我将会饶有兴趣地期待苹果超级时尚的设计女王安杰拉#8226;阿伦茨(Angela Ahrendts)对那个玻璃方屋的改造。无论你喜欢与否,这个玻璃方屋已经成了我们当今时代的有力符号。在这个时代,孩子(和大人)仍然喜爱买“玩具”——只不过跟过去我们的父母爱买的玩具类型不太一样罢了。 /201507/384989赣州点痣哪里好赣州做双眼皮价格



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