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乐宁口语天天练 No.1Do you get the point of what I am saying?get the point of 意指 understand译文:你明白我说的话吗?谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200608/9010005 movements of parts of the body Beginner A: when you are in a restaurant you want the waiter to bring the bill, what do you do to attract his attention? B: I just make eye contact with him and nod my head. Then I tell him when he comes over to the table. Why do you ask? A: I went out with my girlfriend to a nice restaurant last night and I noticed that many people shouted for the bill. B: that seems a little impolite in such a restaurant. A: that’s what I thought. I just thought I’d ask you and see what you thought of it. Anyway, what did you do yesterday evening? B: well, it was a warm evening, so I stretched my legs. I walked along the canal for a couple of miles. Actually, several other people had the same idea. I saw bill. A: did you? How is he these days? B: he seemed ok. We didn’t stop and chat because we were on opposite banks of the canal. We just waved at each other. A: I need to move some furniture. Could you help me to lift is? B: of course. What do you want to move first? A: let’s move the sofa. Can you get a grip on the bottom at that end? I’ll lift this end. I want to move it sideways in that directon. Intermediate A: can you suggest a few exercise to help me get fit and stretch my muscles a littlt? B: sure. If you want to stretch your legs, a good exercise is to lift your knee in front of your body, like this. It’s a very simple exercise, but very effective. A: I need to excise my arms too. How can I do that? B: one good way is to do push-ups. Another way is to use weights. Make sure you grip the weights firmly. You don’t want to drop them on your feet! A: when I do push-ups, should I bend my elbows so that my nose touches the ground? B: you don’t need to bend your elbows that much. Bend them so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle. The most important think is to remember to keep your body straight. Many people bend their bodies at the waist, which reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. A: what’s a good exercise for my chest muscles? B: one that I recommend is that you lie on your back. You should have a weight in each hand and stretch your arms out side of your body. A: so I need plenty of space for this exercise. B: yes, you do. Lift the weight up, keeping your arms straight all the time. A: great. Thanks for you advice! Words: Up down sideway pull push stretch shake nod grip lift turn dance crawl jump run grab bow lean wave punch rub blank wink chew Phrases Lift something up push someone aside wink at someone wave your hand shake hands with sb. Stretch your legs lean against the table nod your head /200704/12811Hello, everyone. Nine months ago, I announced the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. We called on app developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and others to put their heads together and design new mobile apps to help students realize their career dreams. We did this because we know that theres so many excellent programs that teach cutting-edge skills, including career and technical education programs. But sometimes its hard for students to navigate all of those opportunities and find the right fit. So we called on all of you for help. And you truly answered the call. People from across the country submitted ideas for new apps to help students plan their futures. Our esteemed judges reviewed each entry and narrowed the field down to five finalists who presented their solutions at demo day right here at the White House. And today, I am thrilled to announce that Think Zone Games is the grand prize winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. Their game-based app, Hats and Ladders, helps middle and high school students explore a variety of careers through self-assessments, fun activities, and many challenges. Its a cool, exciting app that will open up a whole new world for our young people. So, congratulations to our winners and our finalists. Thanks so much for everyone who participated, and I look forward to working with all of you to keep empowering our young people to reach higher. Thanks so much, and God bless.201608/463352

And most of all, congratulations to this distinguished group of morehouse men 最重要地 祝贺莫尔豪斯的这个优秀群体The class of 20132013届毕业生I have to say that我不得不承认Its a little hard to follow 这有点难读Not dr. Wilson, but倒不是威尔逊士A skinny guy with a funny name而是一个名字古怪的瘦削家伙Betsegaw tadele 贝茨嘎·塔德勒Hes going to be doing something他肯定会有所作为I also have to say that you all are going to get wet还有 我不得不说 你们都会淋湿And id be out there with you if i could允许的话 我也想和你们一样But secret service gets nervous但特勤局会很紧张So im going to have to stay here dry所以我只能留在台上躲开雨了But know that im there with you in spirit但我会在精神上同你们一起Some of you are graduating summa cum laude你们有些人以最优等成绩毕业Some of you are graduating magna cum laude有些人以极优等成绩毕业I know some of you are just graduating, ;thank you, lordy.;而有些人只要能毕业就感谢上帝了201604/435618

We have historical records that allow us to know how the ancient Greeks dressed,我们有历史纪录可循,可以让我们知道古希腊人如何穿着、how they lived, how they fought, but how did they think?如何生活、如何打仗,但他们如何思考呢?One natural idea is that the deepest aspects of human thought有一个很自然的方法就是,去探索人类最深层的想法our ability to imagine, to be conscious, to dream, have always been the same.我们的想象力、自觉力、梦想力,是否是一样的。Another possibility is that the social transformations that have shaped our culture另一种可能是,去探索造就我们文化的社会变革,may have also changed the structural columns of human thought.这些变革也许就是,改变人类想法的主要因素。We may all have different opinions about this.对这一点,大家或许有不同的看法。Actually, its a long-standing philosophical debate.实际上,这是一个存在已久的哲学辩论。But is this question even amenable to science?究竟这个问题是否可以,经由科学来处理?Here Id like to propose that in the same way we can reconstruct how the ancient Greek cities looked just based on a few bricks,我的建议是,如同仅藉由一些砖头,我们得以重建希腊古都的外貌,也可用同样的方式,that the writings of a culture are the archaeological records, the fossils, of human thought.藉由一些文化作品、建筑历史、化石,来了解人类的想法。And in fact,而实际上,doing some form of psychological analysis of some of the most ancient books of human culture,因为做了一些人类古老文化书籍的心理分析,Julian Jaynes came up in the 70s with a very wild and radical hypothesis:裘利安·杰尼斯在70年代发表了一个相当大胆激进的假说:that only 3,000 years ago, humans were what today we would call schizophrenics.他说,3000年前的人类,是我们现在俗称的“精神分裂症患者”。And he made this claim他会如此主张的原因是,based on the fact that the first humans described in these books behaved consistently,在世界各地不同的传统及地方,这些书籍里面所描述的人类行为in different traditions and in different places of the world,似乎不约而同地都会从as if they were hearing and obeying voices that they perceived as coming from the Gods, or from the muses他们认为是从神祗那边传来的声音。what today we would call hallucinations.而如今,我们会称之为幻听或幻觉。And only then, as time went on,随着时间的洗礼,they began to recognize that they were the creators,他们开始认知到,那些声音是他们自己创造的,the owners of these inner voices.他们就是那些内在声音的主人。And with this, they gained introspection:有了这样的认知,他们学会了自省:the ability to think about their own thoughts.一种反思自己想法的能力。So Jayness theory is that consciousness,所以杰尼斯对“意识”的理论就是,at least in the way we perceive it today,至少现今我们觉察到“意识”、where we feel that we are the pilots of our own existence --感受到我们自己就是,is a quite recent cultural development.人生导师的体悟是相当近代的文化发展。And this theory is quite spectacular,这理论相当特别,but it has an obvious problem which is that its built on just a few and very specific examples.但它有一个很明显的问题就是,它是建立在极少又特定的案例上。So the question is whether the theory that introspection built up in human history only about 3,000 years ago所以问题是,3000年来人类才建立起,自省能力的这个理论,can be examined in a quantitative and objective manner.是否可以经得起“量化”且“客观”的考验。201607/456406

「美国习惯用语」第三讲Words amp; IdiomsIt goes in one ear and out the other.to play by ear 今天我们要讲几个和耳朵,也就是ear有关的成语。中国人经常说那些不听劝告的人对别人的话总是“一个耳朵进一个耳朵出”,把它们当作“耳边风”,或者说“左耳朵进,右耳朵出”。美国人和中国人在这个说法上是完全一模一样。他们是这样说的: "It goes in one ear and out the other." 下面是一个父亲在说他的女儿: 例句-1:"I told Sally it was foolish to marry that man, but it went in one ear and out the other. Now she wishes she'd listened to me. He drinks and gambles and she wants to leave him." 这位爸爸说:“我早就告诉沙利不要那么笨,去和那个人结婚。可是,对于我的话,她是一个耳朵进一个耳朵出。结了婚她才知道那人又喝酒又赌钱。现在她后悔当初没听我的话,想要和他分手啦。” 下面这个例子是一个老板在对他的秘书说话: 例句-2:"How many times have I told you to get to work on time. But my words just go in one ear and out the other. So I don't have any choice but to fire you." 他说:“我告诉了你多少次上班要准时。可是,你对我的话老是一个耳朵进一个耳朵出。现在,我没有办法了,只好解雇你了。” 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是: to play by ear Play就是玩的意思。可是,play by ear的意思并不是“玩耳朵”。这个词汇的来源和音乐有关系。它原来指的是那些会弹钢琴或某种乐器,但是却不会看五线谱的人。每当他们要弹奏某个曲调时,他们只能凭着上一回听到的记忆来弹。可是play by ear现在已经成为日常用语了,意思是做一件事不是事先有计划的,而是走着瞧,临时决定。例如,你被请到某处去讲话,可是又没有时间准备。你就可以对听众说: 例句-3:"I haven't had a chance to prepare any notes so all I can do is start talking and play it by ear." 这话的意思是:“我今天没有什么准备,所以就只好讲到那儿就算那儿了。” 下面一个例子是一个人在和朋友约会: 例句-4:"I am not sure if my wife wants me to go shopping with her on Sunday. If she decides to go with her sister instead, then I can play tennis with you. Let's just play it by ear." 他说:“我还不知道星期天我太太是否要我陪她去买东西。要是她决定和她一起出去,那我就能和你去打网球。我们就瞧着办吧!” 今天我们讲了两个习惯用语,一个是: to go in one ear and out the other. 这个习惯用语的意思是:左耳朵进,右耳朵出。 我们今天讲的另外一个习惯用语是: to play by ear. 也就是:到时候再看着办。 /200601/2958

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