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No one knows if the Lost City of the Atlantis is real or just a myth. But there are some folks in Florida just off the coast of Miami have decided to build their own Atlantis. Part of it is aly in place, and we sent N's Kerry Sanders 5 feet down to check it out. Good morning, Kerry.Oh, good morning, this is the gate here to the mythical city of Atlantis. It will cover eventually an entire acres, a huge underwater area, in fact, it will be the largest of its type, costing almost million dollars. How do ya pay something like that? Well, as the Mafia says, first you gotta swim with the fishes.In the blue green waters just off the Key Biscayne Florida, the Lost City is under construction. More than 30,000 tons of artwork, including bronze sculpted lions, placed in a precise layout and artists' vision of Atlantis all possible because of what will eventually be cemented into those holes, cremated remains. We are not a cemetery, we are a memorial, and so a memorial city. This is all concrete.Businessman Gary Levine figures selling underwater plots would no only pay this project; it'll also turn a heavenly profit.With the average cost 00 dollars and 80,000 sets of cremated remains, we're looking at about 0 million dollars.Cookie idea? You see this, right here, was a big sailfish. N. Laverne Smith who was surrounded her living days with treasures from the sea, at 80 years old, she and her husband bought two plots in Atlantis to continue that theme in the afterlife.We kind of want in somewhere if our grandchildren and great-grandchildren wanted to come and pay their respect and say hi grannie and papa, they could.Sculpting this undersea world, artist King Brandout. He says to get this far required environmental approvals from 8 federal state and local government agencies.If you are lucky enough to get passed all the obstacles, you can make the dream come true. This is one of those examples right here, here and now.So your y-made-market in your mind is what? Baby booms? Baby boomers. Because? Because there are 50,000 people are weak and dying in ed States. And baby boomers are looking something different? Something very different and money is not the question mark.And so the cost to be buried here is about twice a normal funeral but somebody who wants something completely different, I guess this is it. Once a guy might know guys, it is open free divers anytime you wanna come.Ha, that's a little weird. Yeah, why not, dive the memorial today... 3Faith轻松电台:Be Kind to Yourself a Change 善待自己.做些小改变The word kindness is made up of two syllables-KIND and NESS. KIND means giving, warm-hearted, friendly, of a sympathetic or helpful nature, gentle, merciful, and tender. NESS is a suffix that means a state, condition, quality or degree. When the two syllables are combined they result in the following definition: KINDNESS: The quality or state of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic.Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Doing things differently a change is as good as a rest. Be kind to yourself, make small changes in your life, and rest in the process:You may send yourself some flowers, a card, or buy a small inexpensive gift. Or take a long relaxing walk; reflect on the scenery and environment around you. Bring a CD player to work and softly play classical music in the background while you work on reports, presentations or the volumes of paperwork you receive each day.You may start writing in a personal journal; record as many positive thoughts, actions-whatsoever is lovely about you. Or re-start your hobbies, or get a new haircut or style.Go all out to do something kind and compassionate yourself. Respect yourself, give yourself. Choose to move ward instead of remaining stuck in the past or replaying a mistake you made over and over again in your mind.This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. The point is: you must plan to do something kind yourself, and then stick to that plan. Our lives are much too busy these days to let it fall to chance or when you get around to it. Being kind to yourself will ultimately result in your being kind to others.

Schopenhauer叔本华Schopenhauer was the son of a wealthy merchant, Heinrich Floris Schopenhauer, and his wife, Johanna, who was a famous local writer. In 93,when Danzig came under Prussian sovereignty, they moved to the free city of Hamburg. Arthur enjoyed a gentlemanly private education. He then attended a private business school, where he became acquainted with the spirit of the Enlightenment and was exposed to a Pietistic attitude sensitive to the plight of man.叔本华出生在富有的商人之家,父亲名叫海因里希·弗洛里斯·叔本华,母亲约翰娜是当地小有名气的作家93年,格但斯克被普鲁士占领,他们一家搬到了自由城市汉堡叔本华在汉堡受到了贵族式的私人教育,然后他进入一所私立商学院学习,在那里他接触到启蒙思想,也培养了自己对人类痛苦极其敏感的虔诚态度The World as Will and Representation was born during Schopenhauer residence in Dresden. It was written in a non-academic style, with an ironic, aristocratic tone. Friedrich Nietzsche, who found a copy of The World as Will and Representation in a second-hand bookstore, did not put the book down until he had finished it. According to Schopenhauer, existence is the expression of an insatiable, pervasive will generating a terrible world of conflict and suffering, senselessness, and futility. Very shortly, the world is a bad joke. The “will to live” perpetuates this cosmic spectacle. The goal of someone who sees through the illusions of life is the denial of this powerful will to live. Love serves the reproductive interests of the species and sexual impulse, the most powerful motive in human existence.《作为意志和表象的世界这本著作是叔本华住在德累斯顿期间写下的这本书的风格是非学术性的,而是嘲讽的、贵族式的语气尼采曾在一个二手书店里发现了一本《作为意志和表象的世界,他一口气把它看完才放回书架上叔本华认为,存在是一种无所不在,贪得无厌的意志的表象,这种意志产生了一个充满矛盾、痛苦,没有丝毫感情和意义的恐怖世界简单地说,这个世界就是个拙劣的玩笑“生存的意志”使这世界世世代代运转下去某些人想要看穿生命假象的目的否定了这种强烈的意志爱情只是为物种的繁衍和性冲动务,这是人类存在最强有力的动机At the beginning of 18, Schopenhauer advertised a course of lectures to be given at the same time as Friedrich and Hegel’s. But when Hegel attracted more students the course did not proceed. The epidemic of cholera, during which Hegel died, drove him to Frankfurt. After that, he lived in relative isolation, preferring the company of dogs to people. Five-sixths of human beings are worth only contempt, he once wrote. It was claimed that he once pushed a neighbor down a flight of stairs disturbing him. As a result, the unlucky seamstress could not continue in his mer profession.18年初,叔本华建议开一堂课,恰巧这门课与费希特和黑格尔的课是同时开的当黑格尔吸引了更多学生的时候,叔本华的这门课就无法继续进行了后来,因为黑格尔所死于的那场霍乱的流行,叔本华搬到了法兰克福此后,他生活在一个相对隔绝的环境里,与人的陪伴相比,他更喜欢的陪伴他曾经写道,六分之五的人只配得到轻蔑有人称,他曾把邻居推下楼梯,理由只是他受到了打扰结果,这个不幸的女裁缝再也不能继续做她的工作了Shopenhauer died in Frankfurt of a heart attack on September 1, 1860. Nearing his death he had said to Eduard Grisenbach: “If at times I have thought myself untunate, it is because of a confusion, an error. I have mistaken myself someone else... Who am I really?...”叔本华于1860年9月1日在法兰克福去世,死于心脏病突发他死前曾对格莱森和说:“如果有时我认为自己不幸的话,那是因为一个困惑,一个错误我已经错误地把自己当成了别人…我究竟是谁呢?…” 6501

He Will Go to Heaven前往天堂Adam was doing his homework. He stopped doing his homework. He was bored. He didnt like homework. “Dad, what happens when we die?” Adam asked. “You will go to heaven,” Dad said. “Does everyone go to heaven?” Adam asked. “No, only good people go to heaven,” Dad said. “What is heaven like?” Adam asked. “It is a happy place,” Dad said. “Everyone is happy. Everyone is your friend. Everyone likes you. You like everyone.” He told Adam to be polite. He told Adam to be honest. “If you are polite and honest, you will go to heaven,” Dad said. Adam said, “I want to go to heaven. I will be polite and honest.” Dad said there was one more thing. Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. “What’s that?” Adam asked. “If you want to go to heaven, you have to do your homework,” Dad said.亚当正在写作业他停止写作业他百无聊赖他不喜欢写作业亚当问道:“爸爸,人死了会怎样?”爸爸说:“人会升入天堂”亚当问道:“所有人都会升入天堂吗?”爸爸说:“不,只有好人才会去天堂”亚当问道:“天堂什么样?”爸爸说:“那是个幸福的地方每个人都幸福快乐所有人都是你的朋友所有人都喜欢你你也喜欢所有人”他让亚当要懂礼貌他告诉亚当要诚实爸爸说::如果你做到礼貌和诚实,那你就会升入天堂”亚当说:“我想去天堂我会做到诚实和礼貌”爸爸说还有一点要想去天堂,还要做到一点”亚当问道:“那是什么?”爸爸说:“如果你想去,就先完成作业”译文属原创,,不得转载 8581

m)|E^BZND[+%6Fvn[CHIN,T[b;JH)5zCDT-GThe fox was brown. The fox was quick. The dog was brown. The dog was lazy. “You are a lazy dog,” said the fox. “Yes, I am a lazy dog,” said the dog. “Why are you a lazy dog?” asked the fox. “Why not?” asked the dog. “My owner feeds me. My owner takes me out walks. My owner loves me. I eat. I go out walks. I sleep. I’m a lazy, happy dog.” “But don’t you have any ambition?” asked the fox. “Ambition? Ambition to do what? I’m just a dog,” said the dog. “Lassie was a dog. She saved people’s lives,” said the fox. “I’m too lazy to save people’s lives,” said the dog. “Let Lassie save people’s lives.”@gPr*a-(-b%YasAn@qkS,gr%Ei90Z@CU[fVf.ki5;Dp@^(kahZx5GNi~h9ZwPEV^hp3V6# 19

Nate:I decided to give it a go!Gilly:Good you. What items did you bid on?Nate:A DKNY shirt and one of Serena Williams used tennis rackets!Gilly:Your idol! Wow! Youre even better at finding stuff than me!Nate:Yep. I placed a bid the shirt. The minimum was ten so I bet fifty!Gilly:That not how this game works.Nate:Well, there was a sign that said “Buy now seventy.”Gilly:How many bids had been placed bee you?参考译文:奈特:我决定试试看了!吉莉:真有你的你竞标了什么东西?奈特:一件DKNY的衬衫和一小威廉斯用过的网球拍!吉莉:你的偶像!哇!你比我还会找东西!奈特:对呀我在那件衬衫上投了一个标最低要十块,所以我押了五十块!吉莉:游戏的规则不是这样奈特:呃,有一个标志写「七十元马上买到」吉莉:在你出价之前,有多少人投标?重点词汇:give it a go试试看Id like to give race car driving a go!我想要试试看驾驶赛车的滋味!Good you.了不起喔You got a hundred on the test? Good you!你这场考试考一百分?了不起喔!racket (n.)(网球、羽毛球等的)球拍Serena Williams是美国知名网球选手「小威廉斯」,她和姊姊「大威廉斯」Venus Williams都是纵横国际网坛的女将A: Oh no, I just broke my racket!糟糕,我把我的球拍弄坏了!B: It a good thing that racket was so cheap!还好那球拍很便宜!minimum (n.)最低额度此处对话里的金额皆是美金What the minimum price this car?这辆车最低的价码是多少? 6575Now, please look up at my fingers, and take another nice deep breath and relax all the way down, down, down to your feet. Sure, hypnotherapy is helping Michael Casey relax, but it has also helped him lose weight, 1 pounds, to be exact, gone in months. There is no sense of depravation, which is the really nice thing. I'm not punishing myself; I'm not starving myself; I'm not uncomtable; I'm not feeling like a martyr; I’m just not eating the way I used to. Relax.This wasn't his first weight-loss attempt. Oh, I've done all kinds of diets, I’ve tried the no carb, I’ve tried the high carb, I’ve tried the no fat, and I tried just basic calorie counting . But nothing worked until he underwent six 90-minute sessions with certified hypnotherapist Olga Stevko in San Francisco. It is so good. Olga says she reached Michael's subconscious mind to help change some of his thoughts and beliefs about food. You acctually can go to the root cause of those emotions, which linked to overeating or eating unhealthy foods. And you can neutralize those emotions. She also helped him embrace exercise. Hypnosis will, might wake them to really, really want to exercise. Olga says she's helped more than 0 clients tighten their belts. You are eating smaller portions of... But the MDs and registered dietitians we talked with remained skeptical. They question the effectiveness of this therapy and whether it would work on most people. Olga says her clients are proof, hypnotherapy works. They can tell you that every single client who came to me and stay with my program. Every single client lost weight. Michael now visits Olga once a month maintenance and if he's out of town, he can undergo a phone-hypnotherapy session. At your ideal, healthiest body weight. Michael is no longer a member of the Clean Plate Club. He’s kissed Mayonnaise goodbye and the veggies he once shunned? Mayonnaise: a dressing made of egg yolks, vegetable oils, and vinegar or lemon juice. It is a popular condiment used in the ed States, but is very fattening. Now I look the vegetables first, I just, you know, I love them. In this session, Olga asks him to say the two words that describe how he feels now. Agile and young. Agile and young. Good. Michael describes it as meditation with a purpose, and credits the mind changing sessions with ending 5 years of dieting and giving him a new body. 901

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