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It#39;s a great show. I really enjoy it. Bradley, you#39;re the exec producer of the series.这部剧超赞,我很喜欢它。布莱德利,你是这部电视剧的执行制片人。What made you want to turn... because it#39;s based on your 2011 movie.是什么让你想要....因为这部剧改编自2011年你主演的那部电影。What made you want to turn it into a series?是什么原因让你想把它翻拍成电视剧?You know we were shooting the film.我们在拍电影的时候,We actually thought this could be a serial in terms of the storytelling that we could constantly tell stories about this guy.我就在想它应该拍成一部电视剧。我觉得主角的故事我们可以一直讲下去。It#39;s such a great idea, of this pill that can open up 100% of your brain.这个故事实在太精,它描述了一种药,这种药可以完全开发你的大脑。And then we came successful. It takes years. It#39;s hard to get everything going.结果我们成功了。这部剧我们拍了好几年。进展得并不顺利。Yeah. And then finally, we found a home at CBS and quite frankly it was Jake.嗯。但最终,我们找到了CBS作播放平台,主演是杰克。I mean, there was no question. He had to play it. I#39;d done sniper with him.他来演这部剧是顺理成章的事。毕竟我和他还拍过《美国狙击手》。Is that way you thought about it? Did you talk about it while you were doing sniper? No. It wasn#39;t until after.原来你是这么想的?这事儿你是在和他拍狙击手的时候说的吗?我们拍完了才说的So any day you could blow it by saying, do you know, I didn#39;t like Frozen so much.那如果你想撂挑子的话就可以说,你知道吗,其实我也没那么喜欢《冰雪奇缘》。Luckily we are fans of Frozen.好在我们都是《冰雪奇缘》的粉丝。How is it if you working on the show?拍戏的时候感觉怎么样?It#39;s incredible. I mean it#39;s a completely immersive process.真是不可思议,有种身临其境的感觉。It#39;s a really ambition show we shoot these days, so it#39;s like a lot lot lot.拍摄的时候,我觉得这部剧真得很精And also you know when you take this pill you do access 100% of your brain.你下这片药后,你的大脑会被完全开发。And you#39;re temporarily fully in control of your cognitive skills.短时间内,你可以完全掌控你的认知技能。Did you have to learn quite a lot of skills on the show?这也就意味着为了演这部剧你得学很多新东西Yeah. I have a day when I learned...是的,我每天必须学习...You spoke a bunch of different languages on the film. Yeah.电影里面你会讲好几种语言。是的。And I#39;ve... so far there#39;s been Farsi, Cantonese. Those are two languages.我目前学过波斯语和粤语这两种语言。Then I learned cello and jujitsu, all very poorly.我还学了大提琴和柔术,但技术都不怎么样。You know in the matrix when they download you with these skills, it#39;s like that,电影里你的技能是从母体下载来的,but they last for day and you forget them immediately. Right. Yeah.但是它们只能持续一天,并且很快就忘光了。嗯,是的。 Article/201706/512656Many of those towers still survive but none are as daunting as the great stockade on Arran,off Ireland#39;s west coast.很多石塔虽得以幸存 却无一能如坐落在爱尔兰西海岸 阿蓝岛上的大围栏般巍然屹立They didn#39;t just spring up around the edges of the British islands.石塔不仅在不列颠诸岛的边缘涌现All over the mainland too.The great hill forts of the Iron Age remain visible in terraced contours as at Danebury and Maiden Castle.同样分布在本土 铁器时代的山地堡垒至今仍有部分 幸存于高地间 诸如Danebury与处女堡Lofty seats of power for the tribal chiefs they were defended by rings of earthworks,timber palisades and ramparts.部落首领至高无上的宝座 由环状的土方工程与木质的栅栏壁垒 层层守卫着Behind those daunting walls, this was not a world in panicky retreat.固若金汤的城池 让城内的人得以安居乐业The Iron Age Britain into which the Romans eventually crashed with such alarming force was a dynamic, expanding society.铁器时代不列颠 在遭受罗马帝国 铁蹄荼毒之前 曾经活力迸发扩张迅速From their workshops came the spectacular metalwork with which the elite decorated their bodies.工场生产的精美金属制品 成了精英们最好的装饰Armlets, pins and brooches and ornamental shields like this, the so-called Battersea Shield.无论护臂 插脚 护胸 还是这装饰精美的巴特西盾牌Or the astonishing stylised bronze horses,endearingly melancholy in expression,还有这精美绝伦的青铜马 表达着令人爱怜的愁思like so many Eeyores resigned to a bad day in battle.就像一群战场受挫的小驴屹耳With tribal manufacture came trade.随着部落制造业的繁荣 贸易随之兴起The warriors, druid priests and artists of Iron Age Britain shipped their wares all over Europe,铁器时代不列颠的士兵 德鲁伊祭司和艺术家 将其商品大量运往欧洲trading with the expanding Roman Empire.倾销至不断膨胀的罗马帝国市场In return, with no home-grown grapes or olives,换回的是本地不出产的葡萄或橄榄Mediterranean wine and oil arrived in large earthenware jars.巨大陶器装满的葡萄酒和橄榄油源源运来 /201606/451063

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Six: Bellevue.贝尔维尤The King County city of Bellevue is very appropriately named after its French meaning of ;beautifulview,;金郡城市贝尔维尤与其法文名字“beautifulview”(美丽的景色)相得益彰,and the downtown area is considered to be the second largest in the state of Washington.市中心面积在华盛顿州排名第二。Home to hundreds of up-and-coming businesses,这里有数日新月异的企业,Bellevue demonstrates vast economic growth in combination with the surrounding cities hosting major corporations.随着与周边城市合作不断增强,贝尔维尤展现出了强劲的经济增长态势。The average household income in Bellevue is around 90,000 dollars,该城平均家庭收入为9万美金,and its low crime rate once earned it a spot on a list of America#39;s 25 safest cities.也曾因低犯罪率成为了全国二十五大“最干净”城市之一。The community shares a love for arts and crafts, as seen in the annual Bellevue Arts amp; Crafts Fair every summer.艺术和手工艺也深受人们的喜爱,每年夏季这里都会举办“贝尔维尤艺术和手工艺览会”。Residents also indulge in local sculpture and celebrate the history of strawberry harvesting with an annual Strawberry Festival.此外,民众对雕塑也是情有独钟,还会举办年度“草莓狂欢节”庆祝草莓收成。Families of Bellevue can enjoy numerous museums and cultural landmarks还可参观这里众多的物馆,文化景点,as well as an array of outdoor nature-inspired activities and sports such as basketball.以及一系列户外活动,以及篮球等体育活动。Seven: Kennewick.肯纳威克Kennewick is a Benton County city resting on the waters of the Columbia River肯纳威克是本顿县的一座城市,位于哥伦比亚河畔,and has an estimated population of 79,000 inhabitants.人口预计为7.9万人。It is historically known and appreciated for its location upon the Lewis and Clark Trail该地也因历史悠久的“路易克拉克道”而著名,and showcases a variety of cultural establishments and affairs.文化组织和活动也是丰富多。Kennewick is the perfect city for archaeological enthusiasts and history buffs due to its presence in the western pioneer肯纳威克也是考古和历史发烧友的天堂,美国先驱者曾出现于此,as well as an early discovery of a prehistoric male body for which the city was named.早前曾在该地发现史前肯纳威克人遗骸,该城也因此而得名。A new four bedroom and four bathroom home in Kennewick can be purchased for the modest price of 164,000 dollars一栋四室四卫别墅在该城只卖到16.4万美金,with an average annual household income of over 60,000 dollars.平均年家庭收入超6万美金。Residents of Kennewick can relax and enjoy a community rich in agriculture, wine, and tourism.这里美酒佳肴,农业发达且旅游业红火,居住在此地的居民可以尽情享受。Eight: Olympia.奥利匹亚Olympia is the beautiful state capital of Washington located near Puget Sound and just 60 miles from Seattle.奥利匹亚市为华盛顿州首府,紧邻普吉湾,距离西雅图仅60英里。The city is chock-full of parks and forest preserves including numerous skate parks,该城拥有众多花园和森林保护区,包括滑板公园、Watershed Park, Sunrise Park, Priest Point Park, and the nearby Capitol State Park.水域公园、日出公园、“Priest Point”水域公园以及国会山公园。Olympia currently has a population of over 50,000 residents目前该城人口超5万人,and contains the nearby Olympia Regional Airport for convenient transportation.为方便交通,该城还拥有奥利匹亚机场。The Washington state government is the city#39;s largest employer with a staff of over 25,000.华盛顿政府是该城最大规模企业,拥有员工2.5万人。Popular local attractions and activities include the Fish Brewing Company,当地著名企业和组织活动包括“Fish Brewing”酿酒厂、the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, the Olympia Family Theater, Centennial Station, and Kurt Cobain#39;s former home.华盛顿表演艺术中心、奥林匹亚家庭影院、百年火车站以及科特·柯本生前居所。Olympia is also heavily involved in roller derby市民更是非常热衷轮滑阻拦赛,and is the dwelling grounds of the 2009 Women#39;s Flat Track Derby champions, the Oly Rollers.当地的“Oly Rollers”联盟曾举办2009年度女子平道轮滑障碍赛。In terms of education, Evergreen State College is located in Olympia教育方面,长青州立学院位于奥林匹亚,and is a more unconventional liberal arts college offering degrees in fields它是一所非传统文科学院,学科领域包括such as comedy, music, animation, organic farming and more.喜剧、音乐、动画、有机耕作等。Nie: Issaquah.伊瑟阔The King County city of Issaquah is a rapidly growing suburb of Seattle金郡伊瑟阔是一个快速发展的西雅图郊区,and is named for its significance in Native American culture as a natural and spiritual place full of beautiful wildlife.当地最负盛名的是其印第安文化,众多野生动物栖息于此,这里也是自然和灵魂之地。The city is surrounded by mountains including Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain,周围群山环抱,包括老虎山、美洲狮山、and Squak Mountain while being located just south of Lake Sammamish.呱呱山,它坐落在杉曼密斯湖南部。Over 36,000 residents live in Issaquah with some of the city#39;s most notable employers being Siemens Medical Solutions超3.6万居民生活在此,这里也有许多著名企业,包括“Siemens”医药技术公司,and GoldSim Technology Group.以及“GoldSim”软件技术公司。As part of the King County Metro system,作为金郡地铁系统的一部分,accessible transportation is available for commuters between Bellevue, Seattle, and Issaquah.乘客可往来于贝尔维尤、西雅图以及伊瑟阔The city also thrives on art and theater culture文化和剧场文化也是蓬勃发展,and is home to venues and events such as the Village Theatre and the Salmon Days Festival.演出场所和活动更是丰富多,包括乡村剧场和“三文鱼日狂欢节”。Other popular and worthwhile family attractions include the Cougar Mountain Zoo, the Gilman Village shopping district,其它著名景观包括美洲狮山动物园、吉尔曼乡村购物区、the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery and more.伊瑟阔三文鱼孵化场等。Ten: Mercer Island.墨瑟岛Yet another geographical member of King County,墨瑟岛也是金郡的一座城市,Mercer Island is located in the Seattle metro upon Lake Washington.它坐落在西雅图地铁线华盛顿湖站。Mercer Island is the most heavily populated fresh water island in the nation它也是全国人口最多的淡水岛,with over 25,000 residents in just 6.32 square land miles.面积仅有6.32平方英里,人口却超2.5万人。There are six schools that can be found on the island alone, with even more in development.该岛有六所学校,甚至还有一所在建。Popular Mercer Island activities for families and adults include适合家庭和成人游玩的活动包括,but are not limited to fishing, swimming, outdoor exploration at local parks and beaches, dog parks, basketball,且不限于垂钓、戏水、公园游玩、沙滩、乐园、篮球、tennis, softball, bicycling, hiking, and several great bars and restaurants featuring live entertainment.网球、垒球、双轮自行车、登山、许多酒吧和餐厅还有现场表演活动。The island also enjoys the annual fourth of July event known as the Summer Celebration.每年7月4日,这里将会举办享誉盛名的“夏日庆典”活动。Mercer Island is the fifth wealthiest city in the state of Washington with an average per capita income of over 74,000 dollars per year.它也是华盛顿州第五大富裕城市,年人均收入超7.4万美金。 Article/201707/516864

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431412

  The shapes, I mean, of these people.类似于欧洲中世纪的装。Didn#39;t someone give you your first camera?你的第一台相机是谁送给你的么?David Montgomery, an American photographer who lived and worked in London.David Montgomery,一个常年居住在伦敦的美国摄影师。We were there at his home with his wife and all for dinner one night.当时我和他还有他的妻子在一起吃晚饭。I said, ;Gee, do you have an assistant who could take a picture for me tomorrow?; Some fashion shop, I mentioned.我问他,他有没有个助手可以帮我在一些时尚店铺拍张照片。And...Yes, he sent one of his assistants out.然后他果然叫了一个助手来帮我拍照。And then when he came to New York about three months later, he said, ;Here, I brought you something.;大概三个月之后他来了纽约他说带给了我意见礼物。He said, ;Use it like a pen, like you take notes. Do it with a camera.;他说,像你用笔写字那样用相机来记录生活吧。A little Olympus half-frame. They were , and you got 72 pictures to a 36 roll of...Frame...那是一台奥林巴斯的半框相机,39美元可以拍72张照片,其中一半有帧辊。(译者注:对不起我没弄清楚相机原理这部分)Frame roll of film so I liked that even better.于是我更加喜欢这台相机了。One of the interesting things about street style...is that it emerged at the same point...that, um, Bill got a camera.街头潮流很有趣的一点在于在它兴起时Bill正好得到了他的第一台相机。And by street style, I#39;m talking about fashions that really did emerge from the street.在这种街头潮流的影响下有些时尚就真的来自于街上普通人的穿着。 Article/201608/460205。

  People returning to work after a career break: I call them ;relauncher我们将那些休息了很长一段时间又重新投入到工作中的人称为 “再从业者”These are people who have taken career breaks for elder care, for childcare reasons, pursuing a personal interest, or a personal health issue.这些人由于需要照顾老人 孩子 追求个人爱好 或者个人健康状况等原因不得不离职休息Closely related are career transitioners of all kinds: veterans, military spouses, retirees coming out of retirement, or repatriating expats.这类人涉及各行各业:退伍军人、军嫂 退休返聘的人 或遣返回国者Returning to work after a career break is hard, because of a disconnect between the employers and the relaunchers.离职长假后重返工作并不是件简单的事 因为雇主和再从业者之间有了隔阂。Employers can view hiring people with a gap on their resume as a high-risk proposition,雇主们认为,雇佣这些 简历上工作时间不连贯的人是一个高风险的决定and individuals on career break can have doubts about their abilities to relaunch their careers.另外对于这些处于事业休假期的个体 我们会怀疑他们能否成功适应他们的工作Especially if they#39;ve been out for a long time.特别是那些离职时间较长者This disconnect is a problem that I#39;m trying to help solve.雇主和再从业者之间缺乏的联系是我在尝试解决的问题。Now, successful relaunchers are everywhere and in every field.现在在各个领域再从业者成功的例子随处可见This is Sami Kafala.这位是萨米·科法拉He#39;s a nuclear physicist in the UK, who took a five-year career break to be home with his five children.他是英国的一位核物理学家 由于要在家照顾五个孩子 而度过了五年的离职长假The Singapore press recently wrote about nurses returning to work after long career breaks.新加坡新闻最近报道了有关保姆长时间休假后重新工作的消息And speaking of long career breaks.提到长时间的离职假期This is Mimi Kahn, she#39;s a social worker in Orange County, California这位是米米·卡恩 她是加州奥兰治县的一位社工who returned to work in a social services organization after a 25-year career break.在度过25年的离职长假后 回到了一个社会务组织工作That#39;s the longest career break that I#39;m aware of.这是据我见过最长的离职假期Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O#39;Connor took a five-year career break early in her career.最高法院法官桑德拉·戴·奥康纳 在其职业生涯早期 度过了五年离职长假And this is Tracy Shapiro, who took a 13-year career break.这位是特蕾西·莎碧罗,她度过了13年的离职长假Tracy answered a call for essays by the Today Show from people who were trying to return to work, but having a difficult time of it.特蕾西接了从“今日秀”节目观众 打来的电话他们想要重返工作却发现很难做到Tracy wrote in that she was a mom of five who loved her time at home,特蕾西写道:自己是五个孩子的母亲,也很享受居家的时间but she had gone through a divorce and needed to return to work,但是她历经了一次离婚并且需要重新开始工作plus she really wanted to bring work back into her life because she loved working.并且她很想让工作重回她的生活 因为她热爱工作Tracy was doing what so many of us do when we feel like we#39;ve put in a good day in the job search.特蕾西也像我们每个人一样有时一整天都在寻找合适的工作She was looking for a finance or accounting role and she had just spent the last nine months她找过财经、会计领域的职位她在那之前花掉了九个月时间very diligently researching companies online and applying for jobs with no results.很努力地调查网上的公司 然后投放简历,却一无所获I met Tracy in June of 2011 when the Today Show asked me if I could work with her to see if I could help her turn things around.我在2011年六月见到了特蕾西 那时“今日秀”节目 问我可否与她合作 看我能不能帮她走出困境The first thing I told Tracy was she had to get out of the house.我告诉特蕾西的第一件事 就是她必须走出家门I told her she had to go public with her job search我告诉她 她必须 公开自己求职的想法and tell everyone she knew about her interest in returning to work.然后告诉她认识的所有人 自己再从业的强烈意愿I also told her, ;You are going to have a lot of conversations that don#39;t go anywhere.我还告诉她,“有很多你参与的对话 是对你完全没有帮助的Expect that, and don#39;t be discouraged by it.你要做好心理准备 别因为那些丧失信心There will be a handful that ultimately lead to a job opportunity.”在最终得到机会之前 你要经历很多不如意的事。”I#39;ll tell you what happened with Tracy in a little bit我稍后再告诉你们 特蕾西是如何处理的but I want to share with you a discovery that I made我想先跟大家分享 我的一个发现when I was returning to work after my own career break of 11 years out of the full-time workforce.那时我刚刚回到工作中 结束了自己离开全职工作大军 11年的长假And that is, that people#39;s view of you is frozen in time.这个发现就是,人们对你的印象凝固在过去What I mean by this is,when you start to get in touch with people我的意思是,当你再次开始与人打交道and you get back in touch with those people from the past与曾经合作过的人重新接触the people with whom you worked or went to school例如跟你一起上学、工作过的人they are going to remember you as you were before your career break.他们对你的印象是离职长假之前的你And that#39;s even if your sense of self has diminished over time我们的自我意识随着时间推移逐渐淡化as happens with so many of us the farther removed we are from our professional identities.我们很多人都会这样我们距离自己的职业身份也就越来越远So for example, you might think of yourself as someone who looks like this.所以就好比说 在你眼里自己是这样的人This is me, crazy after a day of driving around in my minivan.这就是我,开了一天小面包车 整个人感觉很疯狂Or here I am in the kitchen.这是我在厨房里的样子But those people from the past they don#39;t know about any of this但是从前的那些人他们对这些一无所知They only remember you as you were.他们只记得你过去的样子And it#39;s a great confidence boost to be back in touch with these people,当你重新与这些人沟通时 真是大大的增强了自信心and hear their enthusiasm about your interest in returning to work.而且他们对你有再从业的兴趣 感到非常的开心There#39;s one more thing I remember vividly from my own career break.我还清晰地记得发生在 我离职长假中的一件事And that was that I hardly kept up with the business news.那时我几乎完全不关注经济新闻My background is in finance and I hardly kept up with any news我曾是财经行业出身然而我在家照顾四个孩子时when I was home caring for my four young children.我几乎不关注任何的新闻So I was afraid I#39;d go into an interview所以我很害怕 自己去参加面试的时候and start talking about a company that didn#39;t exist anymore.会讲出一个不复存在的公司So I had to resubscribe to the Wall Street Journal所以我重新订阅了华尔街日报and it for a good six months cover to cover before I felt然后连续看了六个月like I had a handle on what was going on in the business world again.之后我才觉得自己对经济 又有了点解了I believe relaunchers are a gem of the workforce and here#39;s why.我相信再从业者是 劳动大军中的精英原因如下Think about our life stage:想想我们人生的阶段:for those of us who took career breaks for childcare reasons we have fewer or no maternity leaves.对于那些因为要照顾孩子 而休离职假期的大都没有产假,或是产假很短We did that aly.我们早就经历过这些了We have fewer spousal or partner job relocations.我们 很少因伴侣而调整工作We#39;re in a more settled time of life.我们的生活更稳定We have great work experience.我们有更好的工作经历We have a more mature perspective.更成熟的眼光We#39;re not trying to find ourselves at an employer#39;s expense.我们不需要牺牲雇主以认知自我Plus we have an energy, an enthusiasm about returning to work.此外,我们有一种能量 重返岗位的热情precisely because we#39;ve been away from it for a while.正是因为我们离职一段时间了On the flip side, I speak with employers and here are two concerns that employers have about hiring relaunchers.另外,我也跟雇主讨论雇主主要有两方面的担心关于聘请再从业者The first one is, employers are worried that relaunchers are technologically obsolete.其一,雇主担心这些再从业者技术方面比较落后Now, I can tell you having been technologically obsolete myself at one point that it#39;s a temporary condition.现在我可以告诉各位虽然有段时间我的专业知识确实跟不上 但那只是暂时的I had done my financial analysis so long ago that I used Lotus 1-2-3.很早以前我用“莲花123”软件 来做财经分析I don#39;t know if anyone can even remember back that far but I had to relearn it on Excel.我不知道有没有人还记得 那么早以前的事了这些技能我得从表格制作重新学起It actually wasn#39;t that hard. A lot of the commands are the same.其实这并并非难事 很多的操作指令是一样的I found PowerPoint much more challenging but now I use PowerPoint all the time.我发现幻灯片制作 更具挑战性但现在我对幻灯片驾轻就熟I tell relaunchers that employers expect them to come to the table我告诉再从业者们 雇主希望找工作的人with a working knowledge of basic office management software.对基本的办公管理软件 有实践经验And if they#39;re not up to speed then it#39;s their responsibility to get there. And they do.如果他们操作速度不够快 那他们就必须变得更高效 而他们确实做得到The second area of concern that employers have about relaunchers雇主对再从业者的第二种忧虑is they#39;re worried that relaunchers don#39;t know what they want to do.就是他们担心再从业者 不清楚他们想要做什么I tell relaunchers that they need to do the hard work我告诉再从业者 他们必须仔细研究to figure out whether their interests and skills have changed了解自己的爱好或者技能or have not changed while they have been on career break.在离职长假的过程中 是否发生了变化That#39;s not the employer#39;s job.这不是雇主的职责It#39;s the relauncher#39;s responsibility to demonstrate to the employer where they can add the most value.这个是再从业者的责任 把自己展现给雇主 来充分展示自己可创造的价值Back in 2010 I started noticing something,2010年,我开始注意到一件事I had been tracking return to work programs since 2008我从2008年开始追踪 人们重返岗位的情况and in 2010, I started noticing the use of a short-term paid work opportunity,然而在2010年,我开始注意到一种短期、带薪的工作机会开始出现whether it was called an internship or not,不论它是不是名叫“实习”but an internship-like experience as a way for professionals to return to work.但总之是一个很像实习的经历这为重回岗位的专业人士 开辟了一条道路I saw Goldman Sachs and Sara Lee start corporate reentry internship programs.我看到高盛和莎莉集团都开始了此类 二次从业的实习项目I saw a returning engineer, a nontraditional reentry candidate我看到一个再从业的工程师 算是不太传统的再从业人士apply for an entry-level internship program in the military and then get a permanent job afterward.申请了一个 军方的初级实习项目后来他获得了一个长期的工作I saw two universities integrate internships into mid-career executive education programs.我看到两所大学把实习整合成中段职业行政考试项目So I wrote a report about what I was seeing于是,就我所观察到的现象 我写了一篇报告and it became this article for Harvard Business Review called ;The 40-Year-Old Intern.;后来它发表在了 《哈佛商业》中名字叫《40岁的实习生》I have to thank the editors there for that title and also for this artwork我必须得感谢编者拟的标题还有这个很棒的配图where you can see the 40-year-old intern in the midst of all the college interns.你们可以看到那个40岁的实习生 出现在一群大学实习生中And then, courtesy of Fox Business News they called the concept ;The 50-Year-Old Intern.;后来,还得感谢福克斯商业新闻他们把这个概念称为 “50岁的实习生”So five of the biggest financial services companies五家最大的金融务公司have reentry internship programs for returning finance professionals.都设立了再从业实习项目 专为重回岗位的金融精英And at this point, hundreds of people have participated截至目前,数百人参与了这些项目These internships are paid这些实习项目是带薪的and the people who move on to permanent roles are commanding competitive salaries.而且那些晋升到永久岗位的人都有极具竞争力的薪资And now, seven of the biggest engineering companies现在,七家最大的工程公司are piloting reentry internship programs for returning engineers也在推行再从业实习项目 来帮助重返岗位的工程师as part of an initiative with the Society of Women Engineers.这也是女性工程师协会 新方案的一部分Now, why are companies embracing the reentry internship?那么,为什么这些企业 大力持再从业实习呢?Because the internship allows the employer to base their hiring decision on an actual work sample因为这种实习可以让雇主基于参与者实际工作成效 来做出雇佣决策instead of a series of interviews and the employer does not have to make that permanent hiring decision until the internship period is over.而非一系列的面试而且雇主不必在实习结束之前 就做出长期聘请的决定This testing out period removes the perceived risk这段试验期消除了一定的风险that some managers attach to hiring relaunchers有关某些经理 对雇佣再从业者的担忧and they are attracting excellent candidates同时,这也吸引了大量再从业人士who are turning into great hires.他们借此成为了出色的雇佣对象Think about how far we have come.各位,想一想我们所取得的进步Before this, most employers were not interested in engaging with relaunchers at all.在这个项目之前,大部分的雇主都不考虑聘请再就业者But now, not only are programs being developed specifically with relaunchers in mind但现在,不仅这些项目在发展起来特别是针对再从业者的项目but you can#39;t even apply for these programs unless you have a gap on your resume.如果简历上没有一段空档期 你根本不能申请这些项目This is the mark of real change of true institutional shift这标志着一种实质变化一种真正的制度变革because if we can solve this problem for relaunchers因为如果我们可以 为再从业者解决这个问题we can solve it for other career transitioners too.我们亦可为其他的职业转型者 解决同样的问题In fact, an employer just told me that their veterans return to work program is based on their reentry internship program.事实上,一位雇主刚刚告诉我他们的“退伍军人再从业项目” 就是基于他们的再从业实习项目And there#39;s no reason why there can#39;t be a retiree internship program.我们也没有理由不去设立 一个“退休人士实习项目”Different pool, same concept.不同的对象,相同的概念So let me tell you what happened with Tracy Shapiro.让我告诉你们特蕾西·莎碧罗最后怎么样了Remember that she had to tell everyone she knew about her interest in returning to work.请记住她必须告诉认识的每个人她想重新工作的意愿Well, one critical conversation with another parent in her community led to a job offer for Tracy结果,她与自己社区里的长辈 进行了一次关键的谈话这让她得到了一个工作机会and it was an accounting job in a finance department.就是在金融部门当会计But it was a temp job.但它只是一份临时的工作The company told her there was a possibility it could turn into something more, but no guarantees.这家公司告诉她 她可能从一个临时的雇员转成长期雇员 但是不能保这一点This was in the fall of 2011, Tracy loved this company, and she loved the people那是2011年的秋天 特蕾西很喜欢那家公司和里面的员工and the office was less than 10 minutes from her house.公司与她家之间只有不到十分钟的距离So even though she had a second job offer at another company for a permanent full-time role所以即使她收到了第二家公司的邀请给予她一份全职的工作she decided to take her chances with this internship and hope for the best.她也拒绝了 她决定在这个实习岗位上继续干下去 碰碰运气 希望能够得到最好的结果Well, she ended up blowing away all of their expectations最后,她的业绩 远远超出了所有人的期望值and the company not only made her a permanent offer at the beginning of 2012,公司不但提供了她永久岗位那是在2012年初but they made it even more interesting and challenging,而且他们还让她的工作 更加有趣、具有挑战性because they knew what Tracy could handle.因为他们知道特蕾西可以办得到Fast forward to 2015, Tracy#39;s been promoted.时间快进到2015年 特蕾西获得了晋升They#39;ve paid for her to get her MBA at night.公司还免费供她去读夜校 攻读MBA学位She#39;s even hired another relauncher to work for her.她甚至雇佣了 另一位再从业者为她工作Tracy#39;s temp job was a tryout just like an internship,特蕾西的临时工作只是一个试验 就像实习项目and it ended up being a win for both Tracy and her employer.而最终,特蕾西和她的雇主 达到了双赢局面Now, my goal is to bring the reentry internship concept to more and more employers.我的目标是将这种 再从业实习的概念推荐给越来越多的雇主But in the meantime, if you are returning to work after a career break但是与此同时如果你在离职长假后重返岗位don#39;t hesitate to suggest an internship or an internship-like arrangement别犹豫向雇主提议设立实习项目 或者类似实习项目的想法to an employer that does not have a formal reentry internship program.特别是那些没有 正式的再从业实习项目的公司Be their first success story, and you can be the example for more relaunchers to come Thank you!成为第一个成功的人 你能为更多的再从业者竖立榜样 谢谢各位 Article/201706/513042

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201605/446198栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431427Henry II would rule for another 20 years,在亨利二世统治的后续二十年间long enough to see his embryonic legal system grow into a thriving network of courts.他的法律体系已从雏形 发展为成熟的法院系统Up and down the land, these new courts were to settle not just the usual disputes of blood and mayhem新兴法院遍布全国各地 不仅解决常规流血争端和伤害罪but all manner of painful rows over in heritances,estates and properties.还有形形色色而令人头痛的 继承 土地和财产纠纷How ironic then that the only family who would not accept the king#39;s justice was his own.讽刺的是 唯一不用受到 国王审判的就是他自己的家族Because if there was one person who was likely to think of the king not as judge but as transgressor,it was his wife.因为如果有人能够将国王 看作是罪人 而不是法官 那这个人只能是他的妻子It had been 20 years since Henry and Eleanor had been partners,in bed and in government.亨利和埃莉诺结婚二十年来 既同床共枕 亦共议朝政Since then, Eleanor had had to suffer the humiliation of a string of mistresses.一直以来 埃莉诺因亨利 拥有众多情妇而倍感羞辱What tormented her was not Becket#39;s shrine,But the shrine Henry built to his favourite mistress, Rosamund Clifford.令她烦扰的不是贝克特的神庙 而是亨利为他最喜欢的情妇 罗莎蒙德·克利福德修建的宫殿Betrayed and alienated,Eleanor turned her formidable energy and intellect to the business of getting her just desserts through her children.埃莉诺遭到背叛 倍受疏远 她将自己的可怕精力和聪明才智 转嫁到了她的孩子们身上 通过他们来实现她的渴望She was now determined to do everything she could to make them feel their father was robbing them of their rightful power and dignity.她下定决心要让他们感到 自己的父亲正在剥夺 他们的合法权力和高贵身份The sons rose to the bait, and what a bunch they were,Henry and Eleanor#39;s four sons.结果果然如她所愿 而这些人 正是亨利和埃莉诺的四个儿子 /201609/468182

  新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson30:EXPRESSING OPINIONS表达意见436. I hate driving to work this way. 我讨厌这样开车去上班。437. I’m sick of it. 对此我很讨厌。438. It should be banned#61557;. 它应该被禁止。439. I am not happy with our new boss. 我不喜欢我们的新老板。440. I don’t think schools are as good as they used to be. 我认为现在的学校不如以前好了。441. I think we need a new president#61558;. 我认为我们需要一位新总裁。442. Bob isn’t doing a good job. 鲍勃的工作做得不好。443. I’m happy with the new mayor#61559;. 我喜欢这位新市长。444. The bus driver seems lost. 这位公共汽车司机好像是迷路了。445. My mother talks too much. 我的母亲太爱说话了。446. I have a lot of respect#61560; for my grandfather. 我很尊敬我的祖父。447. I love watching sports on TV. 我喜欢看电视上的体育节目。448. I don’t like big cities very much. 我不太喜欢大城市。449. My girlfriend is beautiful#61561;. 我的女朋友很漂亮。450. I think we should take a break. 我认为我们应该休息一下。【生词解读】1. banned adj. 被禁的;被取缔的2. president n. 总统;总裁;董事长3. mayor n. 市长;镇长4. respect n. 敬重;尊敬5. beautiful adj. 美丽的;漂亮的 /200708/16932If you#39;ve ever thought to yourself, ;I#39;d like to design a rocket someday,; now#39;s your chance.如果你曾经想过,“某天我想设计一枚火箭”,现在你的机会来了。The ed Launch Alliance now has a website that lets customers design their own rocket.联合发射联盟现在有一个网站,让客户设计自己的火箭。You can choose a launch date, type of rocket, orbit and several other customizations.你可以选择发射日期,火箭的类型、轨道以及一些其它定制。well that might sound like fun-and-games, the interactive site is actually meant to drum up more commercial business for ULA.嗯,听起来像是和游戏,这个互动网站实际上是为了给ULA招徕更多的商业。The U.S. government is aly a big fan of ULA#39;s Atlas rockets, but the company is on a mission to branch into the commercial side of things, just like Elon Musk#39;s SpaceX venture.美国政府非常亲睐ULA的火箭,但公司现在的任务是进行商业化,就像Elon Musk的SpaceX风险项目。SpaceX is ULA#39;s main competitor, and it aly has a hold on a lot of the commercial market.SpaceX是ULA的主要竞争对手,它已经掌握了很多的商业市场。Both companies tout the affordability of their products. But Atlas rocket prices start at 9 million, while SpaceX#39;s main launcher the Falcon 9 is estimated to hover around million.两家公司都吹捧自己产品的能力。但阿特拉斯火箭起价为1亿900万美元,而SpaceX的主要发射器猎鹰9号估计在6,100万美元左右。So ULA#39;s rockets might come with a heftier price tag, but the company says that#39;s because they#39;re more reliable. SpaceX had a rocket explode back in September. Atlas rockets haven#39;t failed in over two decades.所以,ULA的火箭可能会有更高的标价。但该公司表示,这是因为他们的火箭更可靠。SpaceX的一枚火箭在九月爆炸了。阿特拉斯火箭几十年来没有失败过。And, hey, for that money, at least you can have some fun choosing what you want.而且,有这些钱,至少你可以有乐趣的选择你想要的。译文属。 Article/201612/482654

  零起点英语口语 第61讲:我的食物和饮料这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/56244

  Target is been neutralized. I#39;m heading to the hotel.目标已经消灭,我现在准备去酒店。Checking into the penthouse. The name is Hunter.入住顶层,我的名字叫亨特。Certainly Mr. Hunter. I have your reservation right here.好的亨特先生。我现在就帮您查查您的预订信息。Uh, wait did you say Hunter? Mhm.额,稍等,你刚才说是亨特?No. I don#39;t have a Hunter.不,预约里没有亨特。But you emailed the confirmation to my watch.但是你们给我的手表发了邮件确认啊Oh, well marketing handles emails. Oh! I have a Hanson.哦,那是邮件营销。哦,我查到了汉森。No, it#39;s Hunter. Hunter.不,是亨特。亨特。I picked my room on your app.我用你们的App选的房间Oh we have so many apps.哦,我们有许多App。I, uhh. But I#39;m a platinum member.我...但是我还是你们的白金会员呀Uhhh, I even have a promotion from your um... from your website.额,我甚至是有你们网站上的促销券...Promotions are on a different system. But I do have a single on the ground floor Mr. Hanson.促销信息在不同的系统上,我们这边真的只有一位在一层的汉森先生。It#39;s Hunter. My name is Hunter!是亨特。我的名字是亨特! Article/201611/479322。

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431418

  ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning.ISIS已经声称对周一上午俄亥俄州立大学的袭击负责。The terror group reportedly called Abdul Razak Ali Artan a ;soldier of the Islamic State.;据报道,这个恐怖组织称Abdul Razak Ali Artan是“伊斯兰国的战士”。The OSU student allegedly crashed his car into a crowd and stabbed several people with a knife before a police officer shot and killed him. 据称,这名俄亥俄州立大学学生开车撞向人群,并持刀刺伤多人,随后警方开将其击毙。According to N News, a post published on the attacker#39;s Facebook page shortly before the incident called the dead Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki a ;hero.;据N新闻报道,就在事件前不久袭击者在脸谱网页面发布文章,称死亡基地组织神职人员Anwar al-Awlaki是“英雄”。It#39;s not uncommon for ISIS to try to claim responsibility for an attack even if the perpetrator doesn#39;t have a direct connection to the group.ISIS试图对袭击事件负责并不少见,即使犯罪人员与其组织没有直接联系。However, unnamed law enforcement sources told various outlets, including CNN, that the attacker was likely inspired by ISIS.然而,一位未透露姓名的执法人士告诉各大媒体,包括美国有线电视新闻网,袭击者可能受到ISIS的鼓动。As of Tuesday afternoon, some of the 11 people injured had aly been released from the hospital. All are expected to survive. Meanwhile, students returned to class Tuesday. 截至周二下午,受伤的11人已经从医院出院,没有生命危险。与此同时,周二学生回到教师上课。译文属。 Article/201612/481466


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