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1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 如果你现在不知道你自己多大,你觉得你应该是多大?

Sibling rivalry: It is thought that the children benefit from the age gap because parents have more time to invest in them. 同胞争宠,手足相争:人们普遍认为子女相差几岁最好,因为这样家长就有更多的精力投入都孩子们身上。Forget expensive educational DVDs and private tutors, the secret to smart children could be as simple as giving birth to them two years apart. 忘了昂贵的教学光碟和家教吧,想让孩子聪明,秘诀很简单,就是第一胎和第二胎的出生相隔两年。Researchers who studied thousands of children found a two-year gap to be optimum in boosting brain power. 研究人员研究了成千上万名小孩后发现,要增进小孩的智力,最好是在两胎间相隔两年。Any shorter, and the ing and maths skills of the older child dipped. 间隔时间再短的话,年长的孩子的阅读和数学技能都会下降。The effect was strongest between the first and second-born, but siblings in bigger families also benefited. 这一影响在第一胎和第二胎孩子身上最为强烈,不过大家庭中有兄弟的孩子也会因此而收益。The theory comes from Kasey Buckles, an economist whose own children are, rather fortunately, just over two years apart in age. 得出这一理论的是经济学家凯西 巴克尔斯,挺幸运的是,她自己的小孩的出生间隔时间正好是两年多一点。She said it is likely that the difference in academic achievement is linked to the time and resources parents can invest in a child before a younger sibling arrives. 她说,学习成绩的差别可能和父母在更小的孩子出生之前能够投入到孩子身上的时间和资源有关。However, waiting more than two years did not increase the advantage, the Journal of Human Resources will report. 不过,《人力资源杂志》却报道说,超过两年后再生第二个小孩并不会让孩子的智力更有优势。Siblings with a two-year spacing include Albert Einstein and sister Maja, and Lord Attenborough and younger brother David. 兄弟出生间隔两年的例子有阿尔伯特 爱因斯坦和玛雅,还有艾登堡爵士和弟弟戴维。Kasey Buckles, who lead the study told the Sunday Times: #39;We believe this is the first time anyone has established a casual benefit to increase the spacing between siblings.#39;这一研究的领头人凯西 巴克尔斯告诉《星期日泰晤士报》说:;我们相信这是首次有人提出同胞出生的间隔时间增大能够带来附加的好处。;The study also showed that gaps between children in larger families was also beneficial.该研究还显示,在大家庭中,孩子的年龄间隔大也是有益处的。Buckles told the newspaper: ;The two year gap is significant because the early years are the most important in a child#39;s development so dividing your time when the child is one is more harmful than dividing it when the child is aly at school.; 巴克尔斯告诉《星期日泰晤士报》说:;两年的出生间隔很重要,因为孩子成长过程中的头几年最重要,所以在孩子一岁的时候分散照顾时间比孩子入学后再分散照顾时间更有害。;The effect was more pronounced in families with lower incomes, as those with more money could spend to compromise for lack of time. 这一影响在低收入家庭中更为显著,因为那些富裕的家庭可以用钱来弥补时间的不足。 /201111/162807

Enter some men’s wear departments these days, and you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas has come early. Velvet jackets, the stuff of end-of-year-dinners and festive get-togethers, festoon the rails even before the inevitable racks of tinsel, cards and wrapping paper have appeared in stores。  随便走进几家男装店,恍然感觉圣诞已然到来。这也不怪你,通常岁末年终赴宴以及节庆欢聚时才穿的天鹅绒夹克已经琳琅满目地摆满了货架,甚至比亮箔、卡片和包装纸年复一年的上架时间还要早。  The current crop of velvet jackets, however, has a rather more casual feel, more blazer in style rather than resembling something pulled from the black tie or evening wear section. Designers from Giorgio Armani to Dolce amp;Gabbana and Gucci have taken this luxurious, louche fabric and brought it squarely in to the daylight。  但是,当前这批天鹅绒夹克更具休闲与运动风格,而非随意模仿半正式礼和晚装款式。从乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)到杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp;Gabbana)以及古姿(Gucci),设计师们都认可了这种原本属于公子哥穿的奢侈面料,并让它堂而皇之地登堂入室。   Case in point: her predecessor at Gucci, Tom Ford, a man at home in a glossy velvet jacket, whose current eponymous men’s wear campaign features actor Nicholas Hoult (who appeared in the film Ford directed, A Single Man) in a zingy midnight blue velvet blazer complete with jaunty playboy cravat, a pair of sultry shades, and a flock of psychotic ravens perched on his shoulders for effect. Available in eight colours, from emerald green to ruby red, ebony and aubergine, Ford’s blazers are cut from fine Italian velvet (the “daytime” version – yes, there is a “daytime” version – retails for a cool ?2,370, the evening version for ?2,290)。  举个例子:汤姆·福特(Tom Ford)是贾娜妮之前的前任古姿创意总监,在家喜欢穿亮光色天鹅绒夹克,他目前举行了以其名字命名的男装推介会,主打款以男演员尼古拉斯·霍尔特(Nicholas Hoult,曾出演福特导演的影片《单身男子》(A Single Man))为偶像,穿的是活力四射的午夜款蓝色天鹅绒运动夹克,配以时髦的牛仔围巾,佩戴一副让人想入非非的遮阳镜,模特肩上还蹲了几只“精神不正常”的乌鸦以增加视觉效果。福特设计的运动夹克(哦,本系列还有“日款”,零售价卖到了让人咂舌的2370欧元,晚装款零售价则为2290欧元)由上等意大利天鹅绒面料裁剪而成,共有8种颜色的款式面市,从翠绿、宝石红、乌黑到紫红色不等。 /201012/120009

Psychic ability is something we all possess to greater or lesser degrees, and it's something that can be consciously developed. Some people do have a an intuitive "gift," just as others may have gifts for art, mathematics, athletics, etc... Through focused desire and concentration, however, we can all enhance the abilities we were born with.Meditation is the most commonly prescribed practice for spiritual development and increased psychic awareness. The word "meditation," however, tends to be daunting to beginners. What is really needed is simply to get quiet and pay attention. "Visions" and other experiences of extraordinary awareness happen when we're hyper aware of subtle energies and influences. It has been said that genius is simply energy focused intensely and consistently on a certain matter. To become good at perceiving, then, we must practice getting quiet and paying intense attention to small stimuli and subtle energies.It's important to note that not everyone is visual by nature. There are three main modes of perceiving: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Those who are visual learn best by seeing, and think with pictures in their minds. Those who are auditory learn best by hearing, and "talk" to themselves more in their minds. Those who are kinesthetic learn best by doing, and tend to get "gut" feelings and to process experiences physically through movement or attention to their physical sensations. Just as we all have five physical senses, we all perceive through all three modalities, but most of us have a primary or favored way of perceiving life.As this article focuses on "visions," we're going to be working with visual perception. We can begin to "flex" our inner vision through some basic exercises. We'll begin by better seeing in our minds something in our physical experience. Pick a simple object like an orange, apple, banana, or even a book, a shoe, etc... Look around and grab something that "catches your eye." Now sit in front of the object and study it for a moment. Study its features, but then "step back" and just take it in as a whole. Now close your eyes and try to reproduce it mentally. Study it again, and then repeat the process of envisioning it within. Your inner vision should get crisper.Now close your eyes and simply envision color. Begin with red, and work your way up the color spectrum. See a splash of pure red, then imagine two or three objects that are red, then go back to seeing only the color. Then move to orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Take your time and try to move toward a sense of ease as you visualize the colors and objects.Now we're going to advance our inner vision skills by picturing someone we're presently close to. If you have children, you might pick your child's beloved face, but you can choose anyone you see on a daily basis, as long as it's someone whose face you know well. Close your eyes and try to recreate his or her visage in your mind. Spend as long as it takes until you get a crisp image. You'll find it easier if you try to remember a specific experience and picture that person as you saw them then.Now pick a person in your mind who you were once very close to, but whom you haven't seen for several years. Again, pick someone whose face you once knew very well, and try to recreate his or her image in your mind. You're likely to find yourself in a memory to do this, and that is fine. Get a very crisp image, and then choose someone you've not seen since childhood, and again recreate a clear image in your mind of this person's face.Now choose a person you're presently close to but who is at some distance from you. It may be your mother in a nearby city, a child at school, or even your sweetheart at work. Hold a vision of his or her face a moment, and then say to yourself, "Spirit, show me what they're doing." Then trust whatever pops into your mind. Remember that you're playing, experimenting and exercising here. Pay attention to what pops in, versus what your rational mind may reason out. For example, I just said, "Spirit, show me what my mother is doing," and I saw her ing in her bed. I then looked at the clock and thought it was too early for her to be in bed yet. There may be a tendency for you to want to guess first, and base what you see on that. Try to just allow images to pop up, and don't analyze them for now.Now that you have an image of someone and what they're doing, ask Spirit what they're thinking or feeling. Say, "How does this person feel?" As I do this with my mother, for example, I HEAR, "She's tired, and worried about your brother." I have no reason to think she'd be worried about my brother; now I'm starting to get some information that I would never have "guessed" at, but which must be coming from somewhere.If you're a very visual person, you may get symbols or other visual information. For example, you may see a happy face, or you may even see something like a sunflower or rainbow if you're being told "happy," or a storm cloud or the color red if the person is angry. At this point, your job is simply to allow perceptions in, and to ask more and more questions in order to interpret what you're shown. For example, you might see a sword, and then you would ask, "Does this mean she's angry?" You might then get a feeling of no or yes, or you may get other information that helps you to understand.You can set up a system with your own higher self for yes/no answers. You might, for example, assign "to the left" the answer "no," and "to the right" the answer "yes." Then when you ask a question, if you're kinesthetic you'll get a feeling of going left or right. If you're auditory, you might hear yes or no, and if you're visual, you might see a pointer going left or right in your mind. Use whatever symbol feels right to you.Now ask a simple question. You might ask, "Will it rain tomorrow?" and see what kind of answer you get. It's better, however, to ask a question you care about, for there will be more energy in the answer. However, if you're very attached to the answer being what you want it to be, you may have trouble remaining objective.Play with this approach, and allow yourself to get creative with it. Improvise, experiment, and above all, have fun with it. The bumpy and harrowing road is the one where we try to will ourselves into greater awareness. The smooth and easy path is one where we simply allow ourselves to play, and to trust what we're shown. Success is much easier to attain when we relax and allow.Of course, your beliefs and expectations will affect your experiences here, as they do in every aspect of your life. If you don't believe it's possible to develop psychically, you'll find it difficult or impossible. If, however, you believe anything is possible with the proper focus and energy, and you believe in magic, magic will flow over, under, around and through to find you. /200901/60769

The majority of people who look at their health usually start off their quest for wellness with losing weight. In this month of February, as people are still working on their goals and resolutions, there are more advertisements and promotions for weight loss and fitness s, programs and workouts.I set myself on the quest to compile a list of 40 ways one could lose weight fast and more importantly keep off putting the weight back on. The list is by no means conclusive, but it is a collection of ideas, methods and strategies from all around the world.1. Count your calories - the most straightforward method is simply to count up the number of calories you take in and the number of calories you give off and then you simply give off more calories than you take in.2. Increase your dietary protein by having a protein shake at least once a day. Protein will help your body facilitate weight loss and can be important to a good plan.3. Pay attention to what you eat. Document it daily in your journal and consciously create more water-rich healthier meals.4. Buddy up. Find a friend who is also interested in weight loss and work together, giving each other support in your plans. The support and accountability a friend gives is massive. The Get A Life 2008 system provides a great structure for this.5. Decrease your carb intake. Eat less b and pasta.6. Avoid junk food altogether. No more McDonalds, Burger Kind, KFC. Junk food gives you “empty calories” and unneeded weight loss.7. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Read about starting your day with a pint of water in the free How to Live Healthy in an Unhealthy World book.8. Plan your workouts. Your workouts need to be planned - journal exactly what you’re going to do and make sure you follow it strictly for a few weeks.9. Get some good sleep. Sleep is vital to body rejuvenation and repair so make sure you get some good sleep and keep your timings consistent. Lack of sleep can contribute to lack of weight loss.10. Go on a juice detox.11. Listen to subliminal or self-hypnosis weight loss CDs or downloads.12. A positive attitude. Get your attitude in check and realise the outlook is positive when you get going and sheding the amount of weight you want to lose.13. Accept how weight loss works. This one is important. Some people don’t want to accept the natural processes of body and are looking for quick rewards. Weight loss takes place over time so be consistent and committed, and you will see big results.14. Keep hunger quiet. When you feel hungry, opt for fresh fruit or a glass of water. This will help cover the hunger.15. Get your free gym trial and see if it’s for you. Meet with a personal trainer and map out your plan for weight loss. These guys are the experts in helping you get a safe plan that meets your time schedules.16. Follow Honey Kalaria’s Bollywood Workout, also used by Madonna - a fun way to workout and lose weight.17. Read Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” and all his extra free bonuses.18. Increase Metabolism. If you’re having trouble losing weight, try a natural supplement that helps do this.19. Go on a low fat diet. Low fat is good for your heart too.20. The Atkins Diet. This seems to work as there are success stories but many people feel nauseated by the high fat content. It also doesn’t seem to keep you healthy for life.21. Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.22. Try the Lemonade Diet and Master Cleanse.23. Form a new weight loss habit in 21 days.24. Take Suvaril. This is a revolutionary weight loss pill helping people achieve healthy and great looking bodies the natural way.25. Eat only until satisfied. Too many people eat and eat and eat even if they’ve had enough. Eat only till your satisfied.26. Jog up a hill. Hills are like lifting weights for runners. Do this only if you have enough endurance built up. It will also help convert useful fat to a little muscle.27. Follow Leo’s Zen Weight Loss plan.28. Stay away from sweetened and fizzy drinks.29. Drink a glass of water before you start the meal. Water naturally needs some space so that you feel fuller without actually having to stuff yourself.30. Stay away from fried foods. Fried foods are fried in oil or fat. And even if the external oil is drained away, there is still a lot of hidden oil in it so stay away from it.31. Avoid chocolate. Chocolates are not or at least they should not be a part of your diet. So do not indulge too much in them.32. Consider going Vegetarian or Vegan. Here’s how.33. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three large meals. It is an excellent way of having smaller quantities of food.34. No more beer. Beer can be fattening if had on a regular basis.35. Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them, or even better, eat them fresh.36. Do not be a couch potato.37. Try out Carol Vorderman’s 28 Day Detox Diet.38. Attend The Raw Food Party with Peter Pure.39. Try yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways of losing weight. And it seems to be massive in 2008!40. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s plans, body and patterns are different. Work at your own pace. /200810/51290

In theory, you should be able to digest just about any type of food you put in your mouth. But changes in food processing and preparation (think fried) not to mention lifestyle (think sedentary) mean our stomachs don#39;t always react well to everything we eat.It#39;s best to avoid some food ; like fatty meats ; to avoid upset tummies.从理论上讲,人们应该可以消化放到嘴里的任何类型的食物。但是食物处理和加工方式的变化(如油炸)以及生活方式的变化(如久坐不动)意味着我们的胃并不总能很好地消化我们吃下去的食物,所以对胃不好的一些食物(如肥肉)我们应该避免。 High-Fat And Fried Food 高脂肪和油炸食品 Both high-fat and fried food can overwhelm the stomach, resulting in acid reflux and heartburn. ; 高脂肪和油炸食品会压垮胃,导致胃酸倒流和胃灼烧。 /201112/166282

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