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Can#39;t afford Beats headphones买不起Beats耳机Can#39;t afford to take the whole family to the Bahamas this winter这个冬天不能带全家去巴哈马群岛了I have bent my iPhone 6+ and now it#39;s broke我把我的iPhone 6 plus弄弯了,现在坏了 /201601/421245In North Korea, men serve in the military for 10 years and women for seven. The special unit working as Kim Jong-un#39;s personal bodyguards serves for 13.在朝鲜,男人十年兵役,女人七年,而组成金正恩私人警卫员的特殊部队要13年兵役。Military service is compulsory in the DPRK and most people enlist after high school. Those who are accepted into universities do their military service after they graduate.在朝鲜,兵役是强制的,大部分人高中后就要从军,被大学录取的人毕业后兵役。Usually if you have a bachelor#39;s degree service lasts for five years, but if you studied engineering or science you serve three because the former leader Kim Jong-il wanted to encourage people to study science.通常来说,如果你有学士学位,兵役长达五年。但是如果你学的是工程学或科学,只需三年兵役,因为前领导人金正日希望鼓励人们学习科学。The main difficulty conscripts must endure is constant hunger. Soldiers in the special units are well taken care of but those stationed outside the capital Pyongyang are only given two or three potatoes a meal, or are fed solely on raw corn kernels or corn rice.士兵需要忍受的最大困难是经常性的饥饿。特殊部队的士兵待遇很好,但是那些在首都平壤外驻扎的士兵每顿只给两三个土豆,或者只吃未加工的玉米粒或玉米稻。Thanks to these diets, North Korean soldiers are said to be several inches shorter than their South Korean counterparts – a sensitive subject for the North, wrote Adam Cathcart, as tensions flared on the peninsula last month.由于这些食物,朝鲜士兵据说会比韩国士兵矮几英寸,Adam Cathcart写道,韩国对于朝鲜是一个敏感话题,上个月朝鲜半岛局势紧张。On meagre rations the soldiers not only have to train but are given physical tasks such as helping farmers on their rice paddy fields. Many become very thin and hungry, and desperate to escape.在贫乏的定量配给下,士兵不仅要训练,还要完成体力任务,比如帮助农民在稻田干活。很多士兵变得又饿又瘦,绝望的想要逃跑。The military police are always on the look out for soldiers who#39;ve escaped to look for food. Sometimes these soldiers steal from civilians and farming stockrooms because they#39;re so hungry. If it#39;s edible, they#39;ll steal it.宪兵总在提防为了寻找食物而逃跑的士兵。有时候这些士兵会从百姓手里和农仓偷东西,因为他们实在太饿了。只要能吃,他们就偷走。I#39;ve heard that some senior officers will even order soldiers to go out and steal. If they fail they may be punished.我听说一些高级官员甚至命令士兵出去偷窃。如果失败了可能会受到惩罚。In my high school class there were 25 boys. Five went to college and the remaining 20 went into the military. Half of those were returned home suffering from the effects of malnutrition.我高中所在班级中有二十五个男孩,五个去上了大学,剩下的二十个从军,其中一半都因为营养不良被遣送回家。Soldiers are given home leave to recover. Most are too weak to even walk by themselves, so their parents pick them up and feed them back to health. When they improve they go back to the army.士兵们回家疗养,绝大部分太过虚弱以至于无法自己走路,所以父母必须来接他们,并通过食物让他们恢复健康。当士兵们的健康状况提高了,他们便回到军队。The lucky ones serve in the special unit, or serve under good officers who take care of them. The unlucky ones die of hunger before their parents have a chance to help them. The only thing these parents pray for is the safe return of their sons.幸运的士兵们在特殊部队役,或在对他们多多照顾的军官手下役。而那些不那么幸运的,在父母可以帮助他们前就死于饥饿。父母们祈祷的唯一事情就是孩子们的平安归来。North Korea may be the worst place in the world to do military service.朝鲜可能是全世界役最恐怖的地方。 /201510/404380Euthanasia, from the Greek word meaning ;good death;, is the practice of assisted suicide with the intention of relieving pain and suffering. Euthanasia is also known as mercy killing or physician assisted suicide. Like all things that deal with life and death, it has been a controversial subject of debate due to its seeming infringement of a person#39;s fundamental right to live. As a law, voluntary euthanasia is accepted in some countries, including some states in the ed States and provinces in Canada. Euthanasia is also one of the most actively researched and debated subjects in modern bioethics. Surveys taken in the ed States indicate that an estimated 46% of physicians agree that voluntary euthanasia should be allowed for certain situations, with 41% disagreeing altogether and 14% believe it to be circumstantial. Below are the key arguments for euthanasia, which highlight why it is our right as human beings as well as the benefits it presents.安乐死又名无痛死亡或医生协助自杀,它源于希腊文,意为;善终;,即通过协助自杀缓解疼痛和苦难。由于涉及人类基本的生存权利,安乐死跟其他对待生命和死亡的事情一样,也是饱含争议的话题。已经有一些国家从立法层面接受安乐死,其中就包括美国和加拿大的一些州省。在现代生命伦理学领域,安乐死也是饱受争议的主题和研究的热门方向之一。美国一项调查显示,约有46%的医生认为在特定的情况下应当同意实施自愿安乐死,而41%的医生则完全持反对意见,另外的14%认为应当根据具体情况而定。下面罗列一些关于安乐死的主要观点,重点阐释安乐死作为人类权利的原因及其带来的好处。10.People have the right to die.10.人们有选择死亡的权利Often, the discussion revolves around the right to life; anti-euthanasia proponents argue that euthanasia infringes on a person#39;s fundamental right to live. What they fail to see is that our ;life; as human beings implies death. Without death, we do not have ;human life; by its very definition. Like black and white or two sides of a coin, human life cannot occur without death. Therefore for those that argue that every man has the fundamental right to live, they unknowingly also agree that every man has the fundamental right to die.关于安乐死的讨论通常围绕着生存权展开,反对者常有的说辞是:安乐死践踏了人类基本的生存权利。他们会忽略死亡是我们人生的归宿,如果没有死亡,;生存;将无法定义。如同黑白相对、硬币具有正反面一样,人类生命的诞生与消逝本来就是一个整体。因此,那些持每个人都有基本生存权利的人们还没意识到自己也同意一个观点:每个人都有选择死亡方式的基本权利。Because we can determine the course of our lives by our own will, we have the right to live our lives and determine our own course. Naturally it follows that the same self-determining capacity we have as human beings also gives us the fundamental right to determine how we die. It is also important to consider that the right to life has no say over the right to die. The right to live and the right to die are two separate, although related rights. They are also mutually exclusive in the sense that the right to live concerns itself only with self-determined life and ends with the right to die. The right to die on the other hand begins where life ends in death. While you live, you exercise your right to life; when your life ends, you exercise your right to die. It is important to consider that we refer to self-determined or natural death and not death resulting from someone directly removing from you your life, thereby restricting your right to live. If such significant weight in this sense is given to our right to live, should we not also give equal weight to our right to die.我们可以自己决定生活的历程,我们有活得痛快的权利,我们可以规划自己生命的航向。自然地,人类自我决定的能力也赋予我们决定如何死亡的基本权利,需要强调的是,生存的权利并不高于选择死亡的权利。生存权和死亡权是相互独立而又相互关联的。生存权关乎自我选择生活而死亡权关乎自我选择生活的结束,在这个意义上二者是相互排斥的。从另一方面来看,选择死亡的权利在人们行将就木时开始。当你活着时,你行使的是生存权;当你的生命走时到终点,你行使的是选择死亡的权利。需要强调一点,我们这里谈论的是自杀或自然死亡而非命丧他手而被剥夺生存权利。我们如此重视保障自身生存的权利,那么,对于死亡权利的尊重是不是也应该置于同样的高度?9.People have the explicit right to choose.9.选择权是人的基本权利Beyond the philosophical implications of man#39;s right to live or die lies man#39;s explicit and fundamental right to choose. Everything is touched by this explicit right, from what you will have for breakfast to what you will believe, what your opinions are and what you do with your life. The society that man has built is founded on this very right, and evolves because our inherent nature is explored. Regardless of the outcome, no one can question our right to free will. The right to choose is fundamental and applies to all elements of ;human life;, which by the nature of human life, includes the right to choose how you die. As an example, a terminally ill individual who is currently under significant pain may choose to die with dignity, as is his right. To deny him this is to deny him his personal autonomy and is an act that is trespassing on his humanity. While concepts such as dignity are defined by social majority, an individual, possessing all the rights of a human being, may perceive a dignified death to be preferable to constant suffering. He may decide on euthanasia, and this choice should be available to him. Very simply, this is his right to choose, as equally as he made his choices when faced with circumstances in life. It cannot be questioned should he decide to act on it. In the case of euthanasia, we simply request assistance to facilitate this right of choosing how to exit this world.抛却哲学范畴的生存权和死亡权不谈,人们应明白;选择;是其生而为人的基本权利。一个人应知道选择权与一切事物息息相关,从你早餐要吃什么到你的信仰,从你的意见到你的生活。人类社会构建在这一特殊权利的基础上,社会的进步则依托于人类热衷探索的内在本质。无论结果如何,没有人可以质疑我们思想自由的权利。选择是我们的基本权利,存在于;人类生活;的方方面面。这一权利体现人的本性,包括选择死亡方式的权利。举个例子,一个身患绝症的人在长期忍受剧烈疼痛的情况下可以选择有尊严地死去,这是他的权利。而否认他具有选择死亡的权利,就是否认他个人的自主权,这是对人性的侵犯!像尊严这一类概念都是由社会的多数人定义。一个享有人类一切权利的个体可能会察觉,比起长期遭受病痛折磨,有尊严地死去会是更好的选择。他应该享有选择安乐死的权利。简单地说,这是他的选择权,跟他面对其他人生境遇时的选择权是同等的,他是否行使这一权利的决定不应当受到质疑。在一个人选择安乐死的情况下,我们能做的,只有请求协助其如何离世。8.Euthanasia is not immoral.8.安乐死符合道德For something to be immoral, it would have to violate moral laws or norms. The argument of anti-euthanasia proponents is that euthanasia is immoral because life must be preserved and protected. The preservation of life is, however, subject to the self-determined choice of the person and not the choice of the physician. As an example, murder infringes on a person#39;s right to life by taking away the element of choice in the persons death. No infringement is done when it is the person who chooses how to die. For a physician to deny the person his right to die when under intense pain and suffering is effectively forcing them to live a life without what they believe is their dignity, a life of suffering and eventual death (in the case of terminally ill patients). While the intentions may be good, no person has the right to demand of another person to live a life of suffering, in fact, that is immoral as it removes their right to choose. Euthanasia facilitates the choice making it in fact the compassionate choice and sympathetic to that person#39;s dignity. It is also important to note that those that argue to preserve life despite the patient being terminally ill and in extreme pain are usually not the patients themselves and therefore removed from the consequences of the decision.不道德的东西违反法律规则。有人说安乐死是不道德的,因为人们必须保护生命。但生命的选择权应该属于该病人而不是该病人的医生。比如,杀人犯不顾被害者的意愿剥夺了他的生命选择权,这就是侵犯了被害者的生存权利;而一个人自己选择以某种方式结束生命时就不存在他人对他的生命权利的侵害。当医生强制一个饱受病痛折磨的人活下去时,实际上他是否定了病人对自己生命的决定权,从而让病人继续忍受病痛和尊严的煎熬,直到最终死去。这对于晚期病人来说尤其残忍。虽然医生出于好意,但任何人都没有权利要求一个人忍受病痛的折磨活着。事实上,这就是剥夺别人的选择权,这是不道德的。而安乐死实际上为病人提供了一个选择,让他能够以一个比较人道的方式离开这个世界。还有一点不容忽视,一般情况下,反对安乐死的人不是晚期病患,也没有遭受病痛的折磨,所以没有资格讨论安乐死是否符合道德。7.Euthanasia protects self-hood and human dignity.7.安乐死保护自我尊严Self-determination is one of the key elements that make us human. It is the ability to determine our destiny as individuals and is facilitated by our ability to think for ourselves. Imagine a life where an illness has left you incapable of conducting the basics of life; you are unable to breathe, move or even think for yourself. You have effectively removed your ability to self-determine, arguably a significant element in being ;human;. Our sense of ;self; is created as we progress through life. We grow our personalities as human beings by our choices and experiences. This sense of self is the foundation of our human dignity.自主决定的能力使我们人类与动物不同,是人类掌握自己命运的体现,并且受人类;利己;本能的影响。试想一下疾病让你丧失了所有基本生活技能,你再也不能够自己呼吸、活动、甚至思考;实际上这也意味着你失去了自主决定的能力–而这是人类的重要技能之一。人类的自我意识随着我们生活经验的积累而产生。我们通过不断选择和尝试形成了人类的特有品质。正是自我意识形成了人类尊严的基础。Now, go back to the example of the person who can no longer breathe, move or even think for himself, and add the element of extreme and constant pain to the point where they prefer death to living this way. Over time, because of this experience, the person will eventually lose sight of their ;self;, when they could move around, form opinions and self determine. This will all be a distant memory, and the most real thing to them will be the constant state of pain they are in. They won#39;t even be able to cry out in pain despite the pain. Seem far-fetched? Consider Tony Nicklinson, whose bid for euthanasia was rejected multiple times. Tony Nicklinson was diagnosed with a disease that prevented him from moving any and all muscles in his body. After his bid was denied, he decided to starve himself to death, which took a week without food. Another example is Kelly Taylor who starved herself for 19 days trying to die. Without the option of euthanasia, their quality of life will continue to deteriorate the same way Tony and Kelly had endured. They will eventually die, but in what state? Will they go out in a state of dignity? Euthanasia can provide them with the opportunity to finish their life keeping their human dignity intact.现在回到刚才的话题,当人再也不能自己呼吸、活动、思考,还得常常忍受极端又频繁的痛苦,生不如死,该怎么办?随着这些痛苦的积累,他最终会丧失;自我;–不能自由活动、发表观点、自我决定。以前许多轻而易举就能做到的事情都会变得遥不可及,而令他们感受最深的只剩没有尽头的苦痛。而他们甚至不能大哭以表疼痛难受。觉得不可思议?多次申请安乐死都被拒绝的汤尼·尼克林森就是这样。自从被诊断出患病,全身肌肉逐渐丧失活动功能,多次申请安乐死被拒绝后,汤尼绝食一个星期后离开了这个世界。凯莉·泰勒也曾尝试绝食19天来结束生命。没有安乐死,更多人会像汤尼和凯莉一样,生活变得越来越遭。他们最后会以怎样的状态死去呢?能否带着尊严地死去?安乐死就能给他们机会死得好看些,带着尊严而死。6.Euthanasia does not harm to others.6.安乐死不会危害其他人Because people will naturally have different interests, it is not uncommon to have conflicts of interest. When conflicts arise, it is the goal of civilized society and the state to ensure the resolution of conflicts without the infringement of fundamental human rights. These rights are protected above all others and their infringement is punished severely. That being said, euthanasia as a choice infringes on no such fundamental rights. Death by its nature is a private affair. Assisted suicide (as is the case of euthanasia) involves direct harm and the termination of life only to the individual who has requested it. One cannot request euthanasia for another ;competent; person. If this is the case, it will then be a question of murder instead. The process of euthanasia does not restrict or infringe on anyone#39;s fundamental rights and therefore does no harm.每个人天生都有不同的利益,自然会有利益冲突。有了冲突,文明社会和国家的做法是在没有侵犯基本人权的基础上化解冲突。人权至高无上,侵犯人权将会受到严重惩罚。话虽如此,安乐死作为一种选择,却没有侵犯这一基本权利。本质上,死亡是人们的私事。协助自杀(比如安乐死)却只对要求安乐死的人造成直接伤害以及终结其性命。人们不能要求身体健康的的人安乐死亡。如果有这样的案例,那么反而会被质疑这是谋杀。安乐死的过程没有限制或者侵犯任何人的基本权利,因此安乐死是无害的。审校:嘉珈Alison 来源:前十网 /201512/416465

On Friday, CNN reported that a JetBlue passenger en route from Anchorage to Portland, Ore., stood up and urinated on passengers sitting in front of him and others around him. When the plane landed, he was arrested by Portland police, charged with criminal mischief and offensive littering, two misdemeanors, and later released.星期五,CNN报道一位搭乘捷蓝航空公司(JetBlue)飞机的旅客在从安克雷奇飞往俄勒冈州波特兰的途中站起身来向坐在前排和周围的旅客身上小便。飞机降落时,他被波特兰警方逮捕,遭到刑事恶作剧和冒犯性乱丢物品两项轻罪起诉,后被释放。In the annals of bad flights, this one certainly ranks among the most disgusting, but it is not a total outlier. Days later, an American Airlines flight from Miami to Chicago was diverted, according to the A affiliate in Chicago, because of a passenger’s “erratic” behavior that witnesses said involved kicking a seat, kissing a flight attendant and then punching her in the face. What — if anything — can travelers do about this kind of behavior? We asked Gary Leff, co-founder of Milepoint.com, a frequent flier discussion site, to weigh in. The following are edited excerpts from a conversation with Mr. Leff.在各种不良飞行记录中,这件事可以算是比较恶心的,但还不是那么出格。几天后,一次从迈阿密飞往芝加哥的航班被迫转向,根据A台在芝加哥的分报道,是因为一名乘客“古怪”的行为,据目击者说,他踢椅子,亲吻空,然后又打她的脸。万一在飞机上遇到这种事,旅客们该怎么办?我们请飞机旅客讨论网站Milepoint.com的联合创始人加里·莱夫(Gary Leff)发表一下意见。以下内容来自与莱夫先生的对话,经过编辑和节选。Q: Do fliers have any recourse when exposed to such bad behavior in the air? 问:乘客们如果在飞行时遇到这种恶劣的事件,有什么追索权?A. They wouldn’t have any more recourse, really, if it happened at a sports stadium. People behave badly all the time, and as gross as this is, it’s a relatively minor thing to pursue recourse over. Anyone doing this is probably relatively judgment-proof anyway, so no, you don’t have much recourse.答:如果这种事发生在体育馆里,其实也没有什么追索权。总有那种表现恶劣的人,尽管很糟糕,但要去追索赔偿,这种事又显得太小。能干出这种事的人又多少有可能不具备履行判决的能力。所以,对,乘客没有什么追索的权利。If you sense something is not right with your seatmate, what can you do?问:如果你觉得旁边坐着的人有点不对劲,那你该怎么办?It depends on how “not right” it is. The only thing you can do is inform the crew. If it’s reasonably minor, your hope is that there’s a free seat somewhere on plane and they can move you to it. If the plane is full, you can fly in your seat or hope to divert, but the crew will divert only in really serious situations. That’s up to the pilot’s judgment. In any place where it’s not completely full, consult with the crew to change seats. The first incident happened within 30 minutes of landing so there wasn’t going to be somewhere to divert quickly. They were almost there. If it happened early in the flight they could have wound up diverting the flight.答:这取决于对方有多“不对劲”。你唯一能做的事就是通知乘务人员。如果事情确实很小,你就只能指望飞机上还有多余的座位,让乘务人员帮你换位子。如果飞机满员了,你就只能呆在自己的座椅上,或者指望飞机备降,但机组人员只有在非常严重的情况下才会这么做。而且这取决于飞行员的判断。如果飞机上还有空位,你可以和乘务人员商量要求换位子。第一件事(乘客小便)发生时,飞机还有不到30分钟就要降落了,所以没有备降。目的地马上就要到了。如果事情发生在飞机起飞不久,他们可能会备降。How common are indignities of this caliber in-flight? 问:飞行中这种程度的冒犯举动经常发生吗?This is very uncommon. There’s no question people behave badly on planes because there are lots of people in a confined space and there are people who behave badly everywhere. So we do see altercations everywhere in the sky, whether it’s the guy who brings the [Knee] Defender on and gets in a fight with person in front of him because he can’t recline his seat. But I’ve also seen bad behavior in premium cabins; it’s not just a function of economy travel.答:这么糟糕的事并不是经常发生的。不过,人们在飞机上常常会表现恶劣,因为那么多人处在一个狭小的空间,而且还有人无论走到哪儿表现都很恶劣。所以我们也经常看到飞机上有人吵架,有人带着膝盖捍卫者(Knee Defender,一种令前座的椅背无法放倒的小玩意——编注)上飞机,结果前座的人没法把靠背放倒,双方大动干戈。但是我也见过头等舱里有人表现恶劣,糟糕的行为并不是经济舱的专利。If you are urinated on or in some way your property is damaged by another traveler, can you seek compensation from the airline or were you just unlucky?问:如果你被尿到身上了,或者你的物品被其他旅客毁坏了,你能从航空公司获得赔偿吗,还是只能认倒霉?You were probably just unlucky. As long as it’s not a member of the crew, the airline doesn’t owe you anything. They are not actually at fault. They might offer a good-will gesture because you had a bad experience on their airline and they want to win back your business. You are more likely to get one based on your frequency of travel because they are interested in preserving the relationship. But you’re not likely to have a successful lawsuit against an airline for being urinated on.答:很可能只能认倒霉。如果你不是机组成员,航空公司就不欠你什么。这并不是他们的错。他们可能会对你做出一些善意的表示,因为你在乘坐他们的航班时遇到了不好的体验,他们想挽回你这个乘客。你得到的待遇很可能和你乘机出行的频率有关,因为他们只对和你保持客户关系感兴趣。但你如果因为被小便淋了就起诉航空公司,多半是不会胜诉的。 /201509/400019

5.Cap and Pipe5.猎鹿帽和葫芦烟斗Misconception: Holmes is always seen with a deerstalker cap and calabash pipe.误解:人们常常认为福尔斯戴着猎鹿帽,抽着葫芦烟斗。The popular conception of Holmes with his deerstalker cap and calabash pipe has become so common that it is considered an iconic part of Sherlock#39;s Holmes persona. However, it is also a complete fabrication. The deerstalker cap and calabash pipe combo was made up for theater and has never been a part of Sherlock#39;s normal outfit. The calabash pipe was originally used by the actor in one of the original Sherlock Holmes plays because it was easy to rest on his chest while he was talking. But in fictional reality, Holmes used a much different pipe. This might sound like nitpicking, but the calabash pipe and deerstalker cap combo have become synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, or detectives in general though it is entirely inaccurate.福尔斯戴着猎鹿帽,抽着葫芦烟斗的形象已经深入人心,也成为福尔斯这个人物的一大特征。然而,这纯属虚构。这一形象是为了话剧编造的,福尔斯正常的装束也不是这样。葫芦烟斗最初是演员们在福尔斯的戏剧中使用的,因为在谈话的时候,这样子便于将手放在胸部。但在小说里,福尔斯用的是另一种烟斗。也许这听起来有点吹毛求疵,但是猎鹿帽和葫芦烟斗却已经成为了福尔斯,或者是一般侦探的代名词,尽管这一形象并不属实。4.Middle-Aged4.中年人Misconception: Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are middle-aged gentlemen.误解: 华生和福尔斯是中等年纪的绅士。In popular culture many people view Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson as somewhere around middle age, getting older and quite experienced. It#39;s fairly easy to make this mistake, because Dr. Watson had aly served in the war and was a skilled doctor, and Holmes had created quite a reputation for himself. However, Holmes and Watson were actually both quite young, in their early twenties for most of their adventures. Holmes and Dr. Watson were close in age, and Holmes was said to be born in 1854 and Dr. Watson met him in 1881. Most of their adventures spanned the first few years they became friends, which would place them in their late twenties and still quite young. The explanation for how they could accomplish so much at a young age is very simple; they were both brilliant young men. While Dr. Watson is easily overshadowed by his friend, he was quite an intelligent man, very skilled at practicing medicine and conducted himself very well during the war.在大众文化中,许多人认为福尔斯和华生是中年人,老练成熟。犯这种错误也算正常,因为华生医生在战争中过役,是一名技巧熟练的医生,福尔斯也是小有名气。但是,实际上福尔斯和华生医生非常年轻,在大多数的冒险中才二十几岁。他们两人年龄相近,据说福尔斯出生于1854年,华生在1881年遇到了他。他们成为朋友的早些年他们经历了大多数的冒险,大约二十八九的年纪,还是非常年轻。他们何以年纪青青就有如此成就?原因非常简单:他们才华横溢。虽然华生医生很容易在福尔斯的阴影下,但他也是非常聪明的一个人,医术精湛,在战争期间表现优异。3.Short Cases3.破案时间短Misconception: He never spent more than a couple months on a case and retired relatively young.误解: 他从没有在一个案子上花上几个多月的时间,在相对年轻的时候就退休了。There is some truth to this; Holmes solved most cases with extraordinary speed. And he had intended to retire young. Holmes had retired to a quiet life of studying bees and even published what he called ;the magnum opus of his latter years,; which was a book about his observations learned from beekeeping. However, the government had a problem; they were losing information to the other side and losing agents and could not figure out who was behind it. After several high up government officials intervened, Holmes finally agreed to take the case in the story His Last Bow. In the end Holmes catches up with the German secret agent who was causing all the trouble, and teams up with Dr. Watson for the final act. He reveals to Dr. Watson that his plan to defeat the German agent was so convoluted it involved him joining an Irish secret society in America for two full years, just to get at one agent. We can safely say that Holmes was nothing if not thorough.其中也有几分真实;福尔斯解决大多数案件的速度都是惊人的快。而且他也有意早点退休。他退居幕后,开始了研究蜜蜂的安静生活,甚至出版了他所谓的;晚年杰作;,一本关于他在养蜂时观察蜜蜂的书。但是,政府遇到了困难;他们失去了另一边的情报,情报员也一个个死去,不知道幕后主谋是谁。在一些高层政府官员介入之后,福尔斯才答应接下案子 ,这个故事就是《最后的致意》。最终福尔斯抓住了制造各种麻烦的德国间谍并与华生一起展开了最后的行动。他向华生透露他击败德国间谍的计划非常复杂,甚至包括他加入爱尔兰的秘密组织,在美国待上整整两年的时间,仅仅为了抓一名间谍。我们可以有把握地说:;福尔斯不达目的誓不罢休,不然就不是福尔斯了。;2.Irene Adler2.艾琳·艾德勒Misconception: Irene Adler was Sherlock#39;s love interest.误解:艾琳·艾德勒是福尔斯的爱慕对象。Many movies and TV specials felt that to increase viewer eyeballs, they needed to give Sherlock Holmes a love interest. We can see a dramatized example of this in the recent films where Robert Downey Jr plays a bisexual, eccentric playboy who is in love with both Irene Adler and his friend Dr. Watson. Holmes had an ongoing love affair with Irene Adler, so it was perfect, right? Except that is completely untrue. Irene Adler is only mentioned in one story, A Scandal in Bohemia, and the only thing she says to him is ;Good-night, Mister Sherlock Holmes,; while disguised as a passerby. Sherlock later describes her as ;the woman,; but only because she was the only woman to ever best him at anything. He respected her intellect, but had no romantic inclinations toward her and we never hear of her again. If you need any more evidence, Arthur Conan Doyle described Sherlock Holmes as ;inhuman as a Babbage#39;s calculating machine,; and felt his famous detective was not at all interested in romance.许多电影和电视剧认为为了吸引观众的眼球,他们有必要赋予福尔斯一个爱慕的对象。在最近的一些影片中,我们可以看到一个典型的例子。小罗伯特·唐尼出演的福尔斯是一个行为古怪的。他还是双性恋,爱上了艾琳·艾德勒和他的朋友华生医生。他一直与艾琳·艾德勒闹绯闻,很完美,不是吗?除了这并不是事实之外。艾琳·艾德勒只在《波西米亚丑闻》中有所提及而且她伪装成过路人,对福尔斯只说过一句话;晚安,福尔斯先生;。后来福尔斯称她为;那位女士;,但这仅仅是因为她是唯一一位比他还厉害的女人。他尊重她的才能但对她毫无爱意,后来我们也没听说过她的消息。如果你需要更多的据,作者柯南·道尔把福尔斯描述为;冷漠的巴贝奇计算机;,对爱情完全没有兴趣。1.Professor Moriarty1.莫里亚蒂教授Misconception: Professor James Moriarty was his arch-enemy.误解:莫里亚蒂教授是福尔斯的死敌。Contrary to the popular notion that has been ingrained in us by so many television series and movies on the subject, Professor Moriarty was hardly Sherlock Holmes arch-nemesis. Moriarty actually only appears in one story, The Final Problem, he is also mentioned briefly in The Valley of Fear but only in the vein of giving paid consultation to other criminals. As far as him facing off against Holmes there is really no such evidence of it ever happening, apart from their famous battle at the Reichenbach falls. In fact, Arthur Conan Doyle had tired of the character of Holmes and wanted to move on to other projects, so he mainly just made up the conflict between Moriarty and Holmes so he could kill his most famous character, but the fans raised such an outcry that he reluctantly brought the detective back from the dead. Hardly has there ever been a character with so much popularity that people wore black armbands in the streets to mourn his death.许多关于福尔斯的电视剧和电影都灌输着莫里亚蒂教授是福尔斯的死敌的这种观点,但事实恰恰相反,莫里亚蒂教授根本就不是福尔斯的死敌。莫里亚蒂教授只出现在《最后一案》中,在《恐怖谷》中也有简单提及,但只是因为收了其他罪犯的钱给他们做做咨询而已。至于莫里亚蒂教授挑战福尔斯根本就毫无据可言,且不说他们在赖兴巴赫瀑布的著名对决了。事实上,柯南·道尔已经厌倦了福尔斯这个人物,想要把主题换成别的人物,所以他编造了莫里亚蒂教授和福尔斯之间的冲突,这样他就可以把最著名的人物写死,但是粉丝们强烈抗议他才不得不将福尔斯;死而复生;。很少有一个人物如此地受人欢迎,以至于人们都带上黑色的臂章在大街上纷纷哀悼他的死亡。翻译:高陈影 编辑:陈艳冲 来源:前十网 /201509/399419

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