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福州做结扎复通哪家比较好福州做阴道镜检查大约多少钱福州检查阴道炎比较好的医院 The Lycaenids are a group of butterflies known commonly as blues, coppers and hairstreaks. 灰蝴蝶是一群被认为有着蓝色,紫铜色,并且翅膀上有细纹的蝴蝶,Most species of Lycaenidbutterflies have evolved close, mutually- beneficial relationshipswith different species of ants.其大部分品种的进化与许多蚂蚁有着亲密无间并且互惠互利的关系。The caterpillars of these butterflies develop special glands that secrete a nectar-like substance toattract ants. 蝴蝶幼虫拥有一种特殊的腺体,The ants swarm all over the caterpillars, drinking the secretion. 它能够分泌如花蜜的甘甜物质来吸引蚂蚁。The ants “milk”secretions from the caterpillars by tickling special glands on the caterpillars with their antennas.蚂蚁将幼虫包围,吮吸这甜美的“蜜”,同时也用自己的触须挠蝴蝶幼虫的腺体。In some Australian species, the attending ants even build thatched or earthen corrals to containthe caterpillars. 澳大利亚有些种类的蚂蚁甚至修建起“茅草屋”或者是“土畜栏”将幼虫圈起来。By day the caterpillars are protected from predators by the corral and the ants.白天的时候,蚂蚁和畜栏保护幼虫不受食肉动物的侵犯,At night the ants herd the caterpillars up a nearby tree to feed on leaves.夜晚时,蚂蚁将幼虫搬离到离树近的地方,幼虫便能用树叶充饥。The ants are like a private army of bodyguards. 蚂蚁就像是私人贴身保镖,Colonies of ants are quite fierce—swarming, bitingor even consuming potentialpredators.并且是十分凶猛的保镖,他们成群结队撕咬甚至是消灭掉潜在的捕食者。In fact, the caterpillars’ sweet secretions are not only nutritious, but also contain chemicals thatsubdue the ants. 事实上,幼虫的分泌物不仅仅是营养丰富,同时也含有一种能够制蚂蚁的化学物质,Otherwise the ants might kill the caterpillars themselves! 不然的话,蚂蚁也会让幼虫致命。Some caterpillars alsomake drumming sounds to keep their attendant ants alert.有些幼虫甚至发出鼓声用以警示蚂蚁。Unprotected caterpillars would make a tasty treat for insect-eaters like birds, frogs or larger insects.未受保护的蝴蝶幼虫对于如鸟类,蛙或者是大一点的昆虫这些食用昆虫的物种来说是一顿美餐。But ants taste bitter or even toxic when eaten. 但如果是吃蚂蚁的话,不仅味道苦涩,甚至还是有毒的。To most predators, a caterpillar covered in ants isabout as appetizing as a candy bar covered in thumbtacks.在食肉动物看来,被蚂蚁包裹着的蝴蝶幼虫就像是包满图钉的糖果。So, the ants benefit from the energy-rich secretions produced by the caterpillars, and thecaterpillars benefit from the antsprotection.就这样,蚂蚁从幼虫的分泌物中摄取营养,而幼虫也正是有了蚂蚁的保护而健康成长。201410/335439宁德做包皮手术医院排名

福建测卵泡到哪里好When you go back to work or class after lunch, why is it so hard to stay awake?当我们用完午餐回去工作或上课时,为什么很难保持清醒呢?Although we get energy from food, we also use lots of energy to digest it.尽管我们从食物中获取能量,但也需要耗费许多能量来消化这些食物。Your energy use increases 25-50% as you digest a meal.消化一餐就会增加百分之二十五至五十的能量消耗。With all that action going on in the digestive system, the body sends extra blood to the gut to supply oxygen and other necessities.有了消化系统内的一系列活动,身体才能源源不断地将额外的血液输送到消化道以提供充足的氧气和其它必需物。As food enters the stomach, the intestines secrete substances that dilate, or expand, the blood vessels that supply them with blood.当食物进入胃,肠道便分泌许多物质,它们使得为肠道供血的血管膨胀或扩张。As a result, more blood flows to the upper digestive tract,and theres a bit less to go around to the rest of the body.结果便是更多的血液流向上消化道,而循环于身体其它部分的血液则相应减少,That might make your arms and legsand brain feel a little sluggish!这时你可能感觉浑身懒洋洋的,连大脑也变得迟钝起来。At the same time, the small intestine releases a hormone that activates the part of the brain that controls sleep, making you drowsy.同时,小肠释放出一种荷尔蒙,它可以激活控制睡眠的大脑区域,让你昏昏欲睡。Finally, the natural components in foods can also contribute tothe snooze effect. Certain foods, especially carbohydrates, increase production of serotonin in the brain.最后,食物中的天然成分也会让你打盹。某些食物,特别是碳水化合物,会增加大脑中血清素的生成。Serotonin works both to stop sugar craving, and to make you very relaxed.血清素既可以抑制吃甜食的欲望,又可让你倍感放松。The larger the meal, the more pronounced that feeling can be.吃得越多,这种感觉就越明显。With all of these physiological reasons why wemight feel sleepy after eating, a siesta after lunch sounds like a brilliant idea, and maybe after dinner and breakfast too!鉴于诸多生理原因导致我们餐后昏昏欲睡,也许午餐抑或早晚餐后小憩一会儿是个明智的选择。 /201412/350116福州做试管男孩大约多少钱 Amos Ziegler has developed a smartphone app that could make it a lot tougher for invasive plants and critters to sneak into our state and get a foothold before theyre detected.The MISIN app is one component of the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network, a regional effort to develop and provide an early detection and rapid response resource for invasive species in the Midwest.Like their website, found here, the app depends on user interaction to assist in the identification and reporting of invasive species in the Midwest.Amos says the app also provides resources to educate users about how to identify hundreds of invasive species and allow them to report species sightings.Amos app relies on the phones built-in GPS and encourages users to take a picture of the species sighted, and asks a few simple questions to describe the density and approximate size of the infestation.The report is then sent to the website, where it is added to the database.The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and download links can be found here.201505/373522南平看无精症三甲医院

福州附属第一医院人工授精怎么样Im not stopping you by the way我可没有阻止你there was one time when you were sitting on my lap,blowing in my ear有一次你坐在我的膝上 往我耳朵里吹风I gotta tell you it felt really good,really我要告诉你 那种感觉真的不错 真的吗?yeah seriously, you are very good at that.thank you very much当然 我是认真的 你很擅长做那个 谢谢你Im gonna stop myself cuz I know Im gonna be in a big trouble,stop right now,well you cant help it我得让自己停下来 因为我知道我会有一个大麻烦 停 现在就停下来 你没办法you know, you are attractive to beautiful women,but thats what hes doing also你知道 你是那么的有吸引力 对于那些漂亮的女人 那就是他正在做的事you know everybody always talks about like,why isnt he focusing你也知道人们总是在谈论 他为什么不专注why isnt he watching the auditions hes always looking off为什么不看表演 他总是东张西望and there are distractions on this side which I didnt know before I joined在我加入以前我并不知道那边 确实有一些分散注意力的因素I mean thats bought you a lot of time,in my book to be able to do that我的意思是说你肯定花了很多时间 在我的书里才能做到那样that was incredible and I really like to and then finally I love those two那真是难以置信 我真的很喜欢 最后 我爱那两个美女most recently if you were watching Simon could not stop laughing最近如果你看到 西蒙笑得难以自拔and everybody was like why is Simon laughing so hard大家都纳闷西蒙干嘛笑成这样and I guess I just like to make him laugh cuz hes got我想我只是想要逗他笑一笑 因为他有look at this smile he got sweet smiles,So I like to make him laugh看看这个微笑 他有很甜美的微笑 所以我喜欢逗他笑So this is what I was doing while Kara was talking I was making him laugh在卡拉讲话的时候 我就是这么逗他笑的and I think you did a good job,you changed it upward you needed to be我认为你做的很不错 你根据所需做了改变but you didnt straight too far away from the original但是你并没有远离原来的状态you did get a little lost and the arrangement,you were fighting你确实失去了一点儿 这首改编曲 你在努力your tone doesnt have to rasp the edge,thats really where you shine但你没必要勉强飙海豚音的 那就是你真正的闪光点So I think this was the place that you shouldve made for you or youre sensitive or youre vulnerable所以我认为这就是你应该为你 或是你的敏感 或是你的容易受伤 打造的地方and thats really where far away from the original,good job那是真正远离原始状态的地方 做的不错 /201606/449842 she was celebrating herself,its very happy他在为自己庆祝呢 很快乐Im not gonna judge you all but my first guest might,I dont know我不会对你们的歌声指指点点 但是我的第一个嘉宾可能会 我不知道my co-worker for only two more days is here.Simon Cowell is here只与我共事两天多的同事开了 西蒙·考威来了this is his last interview before he leaves American Idol这是他离开美国偶像前的最后一次访谈了and I dont know who im gonna carpool with anymore,I dont know,also on the show ive wanted him here forever我也不知道接下来我又将与谁一起拼车了 我不知道 在我的节目上我永远欢迎他before i even had a show,I wanted hime to sing for me and hes here today在我有自己的秀之前 我想要他为我唱首歌 今天他终于来了finally,Jack Johnoson is here and theres this amazing place here in California that i heard about最后 杰克·约翰森也来了 我听说加利福利亚有一个很棒的地方and when i hear aobut things that this is so inspiring.they rescue abused farm animals我听说了一些事 是多么激动人心 在哪里在农场里遭受虐待的动物得到救助its called ;the Gentle Barn;,Ive been twitting about it它被称作是“温柔之乡” 我曾经推特介绍过它Portia had a chance to visit there and brought some cameras with her鲍西亚有机会去那里参观了一下 还带去了一些相机and im gonna show you what she saw in the few minutes but it really is a pretty speical place,I cant wait to show you this place我将用几分钟的时间为大家展示她的所见所闻 那真的是一个非常特别的地方 我等不及要跟你们展示这个地方anyway, if youve been watching the show,You know that Greyson Chance is an amazing,12 year old singer that we found on Youtube对了 如果你曾经看过我们的节目 你应该知道我们在Youtube上发现了 一个12岁的音乐奇才格雷森·切斯just 2 weeks ago and when we found hime,he had maybe a couple of thousand views on Youtube就在两周以前 当我们发现他时 他在youtube上拥有几千个观众since he was on the show,hes got over 30 million views.incredible在他参加完我们的节目后 他已经拥有了超过三千万的观众 难以置信 /201606/447721福州市人工授孕哪家比较好福州看妇科去哪最好



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