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福州哪个医院输卵管检查福州那间医院检查怀孕好How cool can libraries be in an era of iPads and Kindles? More than you think. Only if you know where to go.在iPad和Kindle的时代,图书馆能有多酷?其实远超你的想象,只要你知道该去哪儿。1. Central Library: Seattle, Washington, ed States1. 中央图书馆:美国华盛顿州西雅图市The Central Library in Seattle is sleek, modern and sophisticated and has tourists from around the world paying visits and taking tours. Yes, actual tours.西雅图的中央图书馆时尚现代而且精致,吸引了来自世界各地的游客前来观光。没错,真正的观光。In its first year, more than 2 million tourists visited the library, which was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and American designer Joshua Ramus. Tours began in 2006, two years after its opening.这座图书馆建成的第一年,就迎来了超过200万游客前来参观。图书馆的设计者是荷兰建筑师雷姆·库哈斯和美国设计师乔舒亚·拉莫斯。在2006年也就是图书馆开放两年后,开始正式接受游客参观。The library was voted onto the American Institute of Architects 150 favorite structures in the ed States.在美国建筑师学会票选出的美国人150座最喜爱的建筑中,这座图书馆榜上有名。The library holds various art exhibitions, book signings and other events throughout the year, while visitors can stop by the Chocolati cart for a coffee and browse through the gift shop anytime.中央图书馆一年到头举办各类艺术展、图书签售会等活动,不论何时,游客都可以在Chocolati 咖啡吧里停下来喝杯咖啡,浏览一下礼品店。2. Trinity College Library: Dublin, Ireland2. 圣三一学院图书馆:爱尔兰都柏林The Trinity College Library in Dublin is the oldest library in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I.位于都柏林的圣三一学院图书馆是爱尔兰最古老的图书馆,由伊丽莎白一世女王主持建于1592年。Not only is the exterior impressive, it boasts the largest single chamber library in the world, also known as the Long Room, which contains more than 200,000 of the library#39;s oldest books.图书馆不仅是外形让人印象深刻,它还是世界上最大的单体图书馆,被称为“长厅”,收藏了20万本图书馆最古老的书。The Long Room houses one of the oldest harps in Ireland. Dating to the 15th century, the oak harp is the model for the emblem of Ireland.爱尔兰最古老的竖琴之一也存放于“长厅”。这架竖琴诞生于15世纪,是爱尔兰象征的标志。3. Geisel Library, University of California: San Diego, ed States3. 加州大学盖泽尔图书馆:美国圣地亚哥At first glance, it looks like a spaceship.第一眼看上去,这座图书馆好像一艘宇宙飞船。Architect William Pereira, who helped design actual space launch facilities at Cape Canaveral in Houston, Texas, designed the library in 1970. It has been featured in sci-fi films, short stories and novels.这座图书馆是建筑师威廉姆·佩雷拉在1970年设计的,他曾协助设计位于德克萨斯州休斯敦市卡纳维拉尔角的空间发射站。这座图书馆在许多科幻电影、短篇故事和小说里出现过。If you need a hint of which film, think of Leonardo DeCaprio, dreams and a lot of snow.如果你想知道是哪部电影,提示是莱昂纳多、梦和很多雪花。Yes, the snow fortress in the film ;Inception; looks a lot like the Geisel Library.没错,《盗梦空间》里雪地里的堡垒那个场景,看起来就很像是盖泽尔图书馆。But of course, it#39;s not just the exterior that#39;s interesting. The library also hosts ;Dinner in the Library,; which invites ers for cocktails, a silent auction and also a special speech from prominent authors.当然这座图书馆并不止是外表有趣。它还举办“图书馆晚宴”,邀请读者来喝鸡尾酒,同时还有一场无声拍卖会和杰出作家的特别演讲。4. TU Delft Library: The Netherlands4. 代尔夫特理工大学图书馆:荷兰he library at the Delft University of Technology was constructed in 1997 and has more than 862,000 books, 16,000 magazine subscriptions and its own museum. But it will only take a glance to be mesmerized, as it is a sight to remember.代尔夫特理工大学的图书馆建于1997年,有86.2万本藏书,1万6千份杂志和自己的物馆。但你只需要看上一眼就会对它印象深刻The building itself exists beneath the ground, so you can#39;t really see the actual library. What makes it interesting is the roof, which is a grassy hill.这座建筑位于地下,因此你无法真正看见它。有意思的是:它的屋顶是一座长满草的山坡。A huge cone pierces the grass roof, which symbolizes technology.一个象征科技的巨大圆锥体穿过这片青草屋顶。The roof covers 5,500 square meters. Construction of the roof posed several difficulties in terms of maintenence and leakage, but it has become one of the most striking and greenest structures in the area.屋顶有5500平方米。它的修建曾经面临一些维护和漏水的难题,但现在它已经是该地区最显眼也最绿色的建筑之一。5. Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Alexandria, Egypt5. 亚历山大图书馆:埃及亚历山大The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the revival of the ancient Royal Library of Alexandria, which was the largest and most influential library in the Greek world. It was built by Alexander the Great some 2,300 years ago.亚历山大图书馆是在古代亚历山大图书馆基础上进心的重建,古亚历山大图书馆曾是希腊语世界最大最具影响力的图书馆,由亚历山大大帝建于约2300年前。The new library was reborn in 2002 on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea after 10 years of designing, planning and construction.新图书馆2002年在地中海岸建成,历经了10年的设计、计划和建设。Along with the standard libraries with books, there are four museums covering antiquities, manuscripts and science, and also 15 permanent exhibitions, including ;Impressions of Alexandria,; ;Arabic Calligraphy; and ;The History of Printing.;除了藏书之外,这座图书馆还有四座物馆,收藏了文物、手稿和一些科学展品,还有15场永久展览,包括“亚历山大印象”,“阿拉伯书法” 和 “印刷的历史” 等书画。With its circular yet tilting form, the library looks like a modern painting. Various carvings and alphabetic inscriptions decorate the flatter side of the building, which the designers explain is ;a careful display of the library#39;s basic proviso: language.;图书馆的外形呈圆形且有倾斜度,好像一副现代绘画。较平的一面装饰有各种雕刻和字母碑文,设计师解释说是“对图书馆的基础也就是语言的展示”。6. Stuttgart City Library: Stuttgart, Germany6. 斯图加特城市图书馆:德国斯图加特The Stuttgart City Library is controversial. Some say it#39;s innovative, while others say it doesn#39;t match its environment.斯图加特城市图书馆富有争议。有人说它非常创新,有人说它和环境格格不入。Nevertheless, the library is one of the most interesting buildings in the area, along with the Porsche Museum nearby.不管怎么说,这座图书馆和它附近的保时捷物馆一样,都是它所在区域内最有趣的建筑之一。Designed by Korean-born, Germany-based architect Yi Eun-young, the design of the cubic facility was influenced by the ancient Pantheon in Rome. It features a linear-shaped ;heart,; which serves as a multi-story meeting space that draws natural sunlight through the roof.设计师是成长在德国的韩裔建筑师Yi Eun-young,立方体的造型设计受到了罗马古万神殿的影响。在多层楼交汇的空间有一个流线型的“心”,收集着从屋顶照进来的自然阳光。The space throws various events, including book signings, ings and exhibitions.这一片空间用来举办各种活动,包括图书签售会、读书会和展览。The white and silver library may not fit perfectly with the green trees and red-roofed houses around the city, but it does stand out.这座银白色的图书馆也许和这座城市的绿树还有红屋顶的房子不太协调,但它确实很显眼。7. Bishan Public Library, Singapore7. 璧山公共图书馆:新加坡Located in the heart of Bishan, the award-winning Bishan Community Library spans 4,000 square meters.这座得过奖的社区图书馆位于璧山中心地带,占地4000平方米。Simple and sophisticated, it was designed to look like a tree house.它的设计简约而又精致,看起来像一座树上小屋。The colorful pods that stick out of one side of the building represent books protruding from a bookshelf. Inside the library, these pods offer private spaces for ing. Not to mention a perfect place to hold seminars, ings and workshops.那些从建筑的一面伸出来的色部分,代表了从书架上抽出的书。而在图书馆内部,这些部分为阅读者提供了私人空间。这也是举办研讨会、读书会和工作坊的完美地点。Its ceiling-high glass windows also make it fun to watch people walking and ing from inside the building.天花板高度的玻璃窗可以让你看着人们在图书馆内行走和阅读,十分有趣。 /201212/214614福州妇幼保健院中医看不孕多少钱 While an economic crisis results in untold misery for countries and their people, a new study of health in Cuba has suggested there could be a silver lining during lean times.尽管经济危机会给许多国家及其人民造成难以名状的苦难,但是古巴的一项新健康研究指出,经济困难时期的黑暗也有一线光明。Researchers appear to have implied that people can lose weight during a recession due to a reduction in eating and increasing physical activity.研究人员暗示说,由于摄入食物的减少和体力活动的增多,人们在经济萧条时期体重会下降。Their dramatic findings, published online in the British Medical Journal, were based on a study in Cuba, where the population suffered food and fuel shortages following the economic crisis of the early 1990s triggered by the collapse of the Soviet Union.这一发表在《英国医学杂志》网刊上的引人注目的发现基于古巴的一项研究。20世纪90年代早期古巴在苏联解体后陷入经济危机,古巴民众因此遭受食品和燃料的短缺。This resulted in an average of 4 to 5kg (8 to 11 lbs) being shed by the people and subsequent rapid declines in deaths from diabetes and coronary heart disease.这导致古巴人的平均体重下降了4到5千克(8到11磅),古巴因糖尿病和冠心病而导致的死亡人数随后也迅速下降。The scientists from the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, also discovered that when Cubans put the weight back on, cases of diabetes surged again.马德里的阿尔卡拉大学的科学家还发现,古巴人体重回升后,糖尿病的发病率又再度猛增。The researchers concluded that the Cuban crisis could have lessons Britain.研究人员得出结论说,英国可以从古巴危机中吸取教训。They suggested that an average weight loss of just eleven pounds across the UK could cut deaths from heart disease by a third while the mortality rate of type 2 diabetes, the form of the condition related to obesity, could also be halved.他们指出,英国人口平均体重只需减少11磅,死于心脏病的人数就能减少三分之一,与肥胖有关的Ⅱ型糖尿病造成的死亡率也可以减半。Whole population trends in food consumption and transport policies linked to physical activity could reduce the burden of two major illnesses, said the researchers.研究人员称,全体民众食物摄入量的减少以及和体力活动有关的交通政策可以降低这两大疾病的负担。;During the deepest period of the economic crisis in Cuba, from 1991 to 1995, food was scarce and access to gas was greatly reduced, virtually eliminating motorised transport and causing the industrial and agricultural sectors to shift to manual intensive labour,” said Prof Manuel Franco, who led the international team of researchers from Spain, Cuba and the ed States.这一国际研究团队的成员来自西班牙、古巴和美国,团队的领头人曼纽尔?弗朗科教授说:“在古巴经济危机最严重的时期,即1991年至1995年这段时间,食品和燃气的供给量大幅减少,实质上降低了机动车的使用量,并导致工业和农业部门改用高强度的体力劳动。”;We found a population-wide loss of 4-5 kg in weight in a relatively healthy population was accompanied by diabetes mortality falling by half and mortality from coronary heart disease falling by a third.“我们发现,如果一个相对健康的人口体重整体减少4到5千克,那么糖尿病导致的死亡率会随之减半,冠心病死亡率也会降低三分之一。;So far, no country or regional population has successfully reduced the distribution of body mass index or reduced the prevalence of obesity through public health campaigns or targeted treatment programmes.;“到目前为止,还没有哪个国家或地区能通过公共健康运动或有针对性的治疗项目成功地降低人口的身体质量指数或肥胖发生率。” /201304/237385福州市做输卵管疏通大约多少钱

福州什么医院看弱精比较好福州去那家医院看不孕不育比较好 The hunt is intensifying for new treatments for migraines, the common and debilitating headaches that have confounded scientists for decades. 人类正在加紧寻求治疗偏头痛的方法,这种让人身体虚弱的常见头痛病已经困扰了科学家数十年。 Of greatest focus for researchers is a brain chemical known as CGRP, which appears to play a role in the transmission of pain, but not in other brain functions, such as cognition or mood. Researchers are trying a variety of experimental drugs to stop CGRP from working by blocking its receptors in the brain. Others are working on artificial antibodies that could soak up the chemical in the bloodstream or brain before it can trigger migraines. 研究人员关注最多的是一种名为降钙素基因相关口(CGRP)的大脑化学物质,这种物质似乎与痛感传递有关,但是在认知或情绪等大脑的其它功能方面并没有造成影响。研究人员尝试使用各种实验药物,通过屏蔽大脑里感应CGRP的部分来阻止CGRP发生作用。还有一些人正致力于人工抗体的研制,使其在CGRP引发偏头痛之前将血液或大脑中的这种化学物质吸收。 Experts say the need for new medicines to treat migraine pain once it begins is great because current drugs only provide some benefit for 50% to 60% of sufferers and can#39;t be used in people with heart disease or who have had a stroke. Also, they aren#39;t a cure, and in many cases, the headaches tend to come back within 24 hours. 专家说,治疗偏头痛的新药一旦面世就会有巨大需求,因为目前的药物只对大约50%-60%的患者有一定疗效,并且心脏病患者和有中风病史的人都不能用。而且这些药物并不能治本,在很多病例中,患者在24小时内又会出现头痛。 There also is a separate category of preventive drugs, which tend to be used by a small proportion of people who suffer from more frequent or debilitating migraines. 还有一种单独类型的预防性药物,使用者一般是一小部分偏头痛发生频率较高或发作起来更难受的人。 #39;People need migraine drugs that have a rapid onset of action, that take the pain away and keep it away,#39; says Richard Lipton, director of the Montefiore Headache Center in New York. “人们需要立竿见影的偏头痛药,能够止痛并让它不再复发,”纽约蒙特菲奥里头痛研究中心(Montefiore Headache Center)的主任理查德#8226;利普顿(Richard Lipton)说。  Headache disorders are among the most common medical conditions world-wide. More than 1 in 10 adults globally are affected by migraines, which can be incapacitating, according to the World Health Organization. International studies have found that 50% to 75% of adults have reported a headache in the past year, with up to 4% of the global population reporting having a headache in half or more of the days each month, WHO says. 头痛症是全世界最常见的医学病症之一。根据世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的数据,在全球范围内,每10名成年人中就有1人以上身受可能让人无法正常行动的偏头痛之苦。世卫组织说,国际研究发现,在过去的一年里,有50%-75%的成年人声称发生过头痛。全球人口中有4%的人每月有一半或者一半以上的日子里会发生头痛。 There isn#39;t such a thing as a #39;regular#39; headache, but rather more than 300 types, says David Dodick, a professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic#39;s branch in Phoenix and chairman of the American Migraine Foundation. People having migraines usually experience intense pain, sensitivity to light, dizziness and sometimes nausea and visual and sensory symptoms called auras. Two other major types of headaches are caused by tension or medication overuse. 美国梅约诊所(Mayo Clinic)凤凰城分所神经学教授、美国偏头痛基金会(American Migraine Foundation)主席大卫#8226;多迪克(David Dodick)说,头痛没有一种“常规”病症,而是有300多种类型他也是。患偏头痛的人通常会感受到剧痛、对光线敏感、头晕,有时会感到恶心,还会有一些被称为先兆的视觉和知觉症状。另外两大类头痛的成因是紧张或药物使用过度。 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen work for some migraine sufferers. But the class of migraine medicines that hit the market in the 1990s called triptans remain the best or only treatment option for many patients. Nevertheless, about half of sufferers don#39;t respond to them or can#39;t take them because of other health reasons. 像布洛芬这样的非类固醇抗炎镇痛药对某些偏头痛患者有效。但是上世纪90年代面市的曲坦类偏头痛药对很多患者来说仍然是最好或唯一的药物选择。然而,大约一半的患者要么用这类药后没有效果,要么由于其他健康原因不能用此类药物。 CGRP, which stands for calcitonin gene-related peptide neurotransmitter, has long been thought to play a role in migraines, but for much of that time for the wrong reason. Part of the confusion was because of a misunderstanding of migraines themselves. CGRP是降钙素基因相关口神经递质的缩写,长久以来它被认为在偏头痛中发挥了作用,不过很长一段时间里这种看法的依据都是错误的。出现混乱的原因是对偏头痛本身产生了误解。 Why they occur still isn#39;t clear, but specialists say they have recently begun to understand the migraine as a brain disorder and not a vascular disorder. Until about 12 years ago, they were believed to stem from constriction of blood vessels in the brain. The dilation of the vessels to compensate then led to the throbbing pain, so the thinking went. 偏头痛发生的原因尚不清楚,但是专家们说他们最近开始把偏头痛当作一种大脑病症而非血管病症。直到大约12年前,偏头痛都被认为是由于大脑血管收缩引起的。血管的补偿性扩张就导致了搏动痛,当时的人们就是这么想的。 Now, it appears more likely that migraines #39;hijack#39; the brain#39;s normal pain circuitry, says Dr. Dodick. The brain#39;s normal pain-sensory system, in which nerve endings send messages to the brain about a threat, goes awry in migraines. 多迪克说,现在看来,更有可能是偏头痛“拦截”了大脑的正常疼痛回路。在大脑正常的疼痛感知系统里,神经末梢会将威胁信息发送给大脑,偏头痛发生时这个系统就会出错。 Experts disagree about how a migraine is triggered, but the trigeminal nerve - an important pathway that carries sensory information about the face - and its connections to numerous other nerves and the brain appear to be responsible for transmitting the pain. 偏头痛是如何引发的?专家们对此意见不一,但是三叉神经(传递面部周围感官信息的重要途径)以及它与其它各种神经和大脑的连接神经似乎是传递疼痛的介质。 Researchers also have isolated certain genes that might be linked to a predisposition for migraines, Dr. Dodick says. 多迪克医生说,研究人员已经把某些与易患偏头痛体质相关的基因分离出来。 Triptans, which promote blood-vessel constriction and inflammation, block the release of CGRP in the trigeminal nerve. While CGRP does aid the blood-vessel dilation process, its role activating the nerves in the brain appears to be the key when it comes to migraine pain. 引起血管收缩和发炎的曲坦类药物可以阻止三叉神经中CGRP的释放。虽然CGRP的确促进了血管的扩张进程,但在偏头痛问题上,它对激活大脑神经所起的作用似乎才是最关键的。 In the mid-1980s, Peter Goadsby, a neurologist and headache specialist at the University of California San Francisco, and his colleagues found that CGRP is released in migraines and that triptans decreased CGRP action. 20世纪80年代中期,加州大学旧金山分校(University of California San Francisco)的神经病学家和头痛治疗专家彼得#8226;戈德比(Peter Goadsby)和他的同事发现,CGRP在偏头痛发生时被释放出来,而曲坦类药物减少了CGRP的活动。 Several researchers and companies have been trying to develop drugs that bind to the CGRP receptors to prevent the chemical from activating the pain network. But because CGRP has a complex receptor - the slot where the molecule must bind in order to initiate actions in the body - it took chemists 15 years to figure out how to block the effects of CGRP, and even longer to develop a compound that could be taken orally, says Dr. Goadsby. 好几家研究机构和公司一直在努力研发可以作用于CGRP感应器官的药物,从而阻止这种化学物质激活疼痛网络。但是戈德比医生说,由于CGRP的感应器官非常复杂──药物分子必须作用于这种感应器官才能激发身体的行动──药物学家用了15年时间来研究如何阻止CGRP起效,而研制可以口的药物还要更长时间。 Bringing to market CGRP blockers, or antagonists - the most advanced of the new drugs in development for migraines - has proved challenging. Several investigational compounds have been shown to be toxic to the liver, a challenge that highlights the difficulty in developing drugs for conditions that affect the brain. 事实明,面向市场推出CGRP阻滞药物或者拮抗物──最先进的偏头痛治疗新药──难度很大。好几种正在研制中的药物都被发现对肝脏有毒害作用,这项挑战突显了针对可影响大脑的病症开发药物的难度有多大。 CGRP antagonists don#39;t appear to work as well as triptans, but the blockers have an advantage in they don#39;t appear to cause cardiovascular complications, says Stephen Silberstein, a neurology professor and director of Thomas Jefferson University#39;s Headache Center in Philadelphia. 费城托马斯#8226;杰斐逊大学头痛病研究中心(Thomas Jefferson University#39;s Headache Center)的神经病学教授兼主任史蒂芬#8226;西尔伯斯坦(Stephen Silberstein)说,CGRP拮抗药物的疗效似乎不如曲坦类药物,但是阻滞类药物的优点是它们似乎不会引起心血管并发症。 #39;You trade one kind of risk for another,#39; says Dr. Silberstein, who has served as an investigator on several companies#39; clinical trials. “你是以一种风险来替代了另一种风险,”西尔伯斯坦医生说。他担任了好几家公司产品临床试验的调研员。 Merck amp; Co. had a promising CGRP-receptor antagonist under development but discovered in late-stage clinical-trial testing that some patients experienced liver enzyme changes. In July of last year, the company said it was discontinuing development of the compound, telcagepant, after looking at all its trial data. Germany#39;s Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH was also working on a CGRP antagonist but canceled development. A spokesman declined to comment. 默克公司(Merck amp; Co.)曾经研制了一种让人看好的CGRP感受器官拮抗药,但是在后期的临床测试中发现,有些患者出现了肝脏 改变的情况。去年7月,该公司称,在查看了所有试验数据之后,公司不再继续研制这种名为telcagepant的化学药物。德国的勃林格殷格翰制药公司(Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH)也曾研制过一种CGRP拮抗药,但后来终止了该产品的开发。一名发言人拒绝置评。 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. is conducting several early stage studies on CGRP antagonists and other companies are testing or may begin development of similar compounds as well. 百时美施贵宝公司(Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.)正在进行几种CGRP拮抗药的早期研究,其它公司也在对类似药物进行测试或者准备开始进行开发。 Researchers and companies also are trying to develop artificial antibodies that, when injected, would glom onto CGRP in the bloodstream or brain, before it reaches the receptors in the brain, or by blocking the receptors. 研究人员和企业也在努力开发人工抗体,注射进人体后,人工抗体会在CGRP抵达感应器官之前拦截血液或大脑中的CGRP,或者屏蔽感应器官。 Research into these biologic antibody-based approaches is at an earlier stage than the testing of antagonist drugs, but antibodies eventually might be able to block CGRP action regularly so that migraines don#39;t ever begin. 对于这类基于生物抗体的方法的研究处于早期,还未达到拮抗药物的测试阶段,但是抗体也许最终能够规律性地阻止CGRP的活动,使偏头痛无从发作。 #39;The CGRP story is a story of developing an acute treatment for migraine,#39; says Dr. Goadsby. #39;But the antibody story is testing the larger idea [that] if you blocked continuously CGRP, would you have a preventive treatment.#39; “CGRP之说涉及到偏头痛紧急治疗方法的开发,”戈德比医生说,“但是对抗体的研究实际上是就更重要的理念展开测试,即如果不断阻止CGRP,就会是一种预防性的治疗手段。” /201208/196080福州验精子大约多少钱

福州晋安区孕前检查去哪好Cat s are swamping the internet. Search on YouTube for ‘cats’ and you’ll get 11.3 million hits. Fat cats, cute cats, ugly cats, cartoon cats: we can’t get enough of them.网上到处都是关于喵星人的视频,在YouTube网站搜索关键词“猫”,你可以看到1亿1300万的点击量。胖猫、可爱的猫、长得丑的猫、卡通猫:我们就是喜欢喵星人,怎么都不够。Any enterprising puss that could film and upload its own home movies would be an instant internet sensation. Horizon: The Secret Life Of the Cat (B2) revealed the science that might make this possible.要是有事业心的喵星人能拍下自己的家庭影片并上传网络,肯定马上会成为网络热门关注。好在科学让这成为可能,B二台制作了一部喵星人纪录片《地平线:猫咪的秘密生活》。In the Surrey commuter-belt village of Shamley Green, 50 pet moggies were fitted with GPS trackers that pinpointed their position to within a few centimetres as they prowled on their nightly rounds.在萨里郡通勤居民区Shamley Green村,50只猫咪被戴上了GPS追踪器,当这些猫咪在夜间潜行时,这些追踪器可以准备定位它们的位置,误差仅为几厘米。The most adventurous were given tiny collar-cameras to wear, offering viewers a cats-eye view of the world.最刺激的是给它们戴上非常小的颈圈摄像头,让观看视频的人可以通过猫眼看世界。The cats were very much the focus of the programme: we didn’t learn their owners’ names. Instead, we met Ginger, who repeatedly snuck into his neighbour’s garden at 4am to fight the resident cat. Phoebe and Kato worked out a “timeshare” of their territory so they were never patrolling at the same time. There was Claude, who crept into a stranger’s house each night to steal food; and Molly, who travelled two hours from home to hunt from a birds’ nest in a wood.猫咪们是整个节目的重点,我们都不知道他们主人的名字。介绍一下它们吧:这只叫Ginger的猫,多次在凌晨四点钟溜进邻居家的花园,和他们家的猫打架;Phoebe 和 Kato 这两只猫在他们的领地上则是“分时度假”,所以我们从来看不到它们俩同时出来巡逻;这只叫Claude的猫,每晚爬进一个陌生人的家里偷食物;还有这只叫Molly的,到离家两小时路程的一个小树林里去捣鸟窝。The documentary contained few surprises. Cats, as their owners aly guessed, like to sneak through next-door’s cat-flap and raid the food bowl; they hiss and yowl and then scarper when they meet one another; hunting mice is, mostly, too much trouble for them.纪录片中可能并没有太多惊喜。就像它们的主人已经猜到的那样,猫咪会通过猫洞溜到隔壁邻居家,偷袭食盆里的猫粮;它们遇到同类时,会发出嘶嘶声和号叫声,然后就默默溜走;对大部分的猫咪来说,抓老鼠是挺麻烦的事儿。 /201306/244791 三明市做人授费用多少南平结扎复通费用



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