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Aly difficult commutes in China#39;s capital became even more punishing this week, as Beijing beefed up subway security checks in the wake of deadly attacks targeting civilians. 中国首都本就非常严峻的通勤状况本周变得更加糟糕,因为在多起针对平民的致命袭击发生之后,北京加大了地铁安检力度。Hundreds of unhappy commuters stood in long lines across the city Wednesday morning to undergo enhanced security screenings, which now include body checks as well as bag screenings in several stations. At stations in the city#39;s north, subway staff said passengers had to wait between 20-30 minutes to get through the security line, up from about 10-15 minutes prior to the new screening requirements. 周三早晨,几个安检程序升级至“人物同检”的地铁站外排起了好几百人的长队。在北京北部地区的一个地铁站里,工作人员称乘客过安检得排队20至30分钟,而在新安检规定颁布前等待时间只需10至15分钟。The mercury is expected to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) this week in Beijing, and at some stations, tempers were also climbing. 预计北京本周气温最高将达到100华氏度(38摄氏度),而一些地铁站里人们的怨气也在攀升。#39;This is such a hassle,#39; said Zhi Yajuan, 23, as she stood in line Tuesday at Tiantongyuan North Station. #39;It#39;s just going through the motions. They don#39;t care even if the machine beeps.#39; 23岁的智雅娟周二在天通苑北站排着队,她说这可真麻烦,这只是走走过场,机器响了他们都不管。Another passenger at Longze station complained that he had to wait 20 minutes longer than usual. #39;I#39;m not a terrorist, so I#39;ll take [a different] station later and avoid the long waits,#39; said Zhou Gang. 一位在龙泽站排队的乘客则抱怨称,自己得比平时多等20分钟。周刚说,他不是一个恐怖分子,所以晚点将换一个地铁站以免等这么久。Pictures circulating online showed a sea of passengers penned in by guard rails as they awaited the enhanced security checks. 在互联网上流传的一些照片显示,地铁站外的护栏里挤满了排队等待更严格安检的乘客。#39;Is this Spring Festival travel? No, it#39;s just the Beijing security check,#39; people joked online, referring to the once-a-year period of holiday travel that floods the nation#39;s transportation systems and has been dubbed the world#39;s largest annual human migration. 人们在网上吐槽道,这是春运么?不,这只是北京的安检。For many in Beijing, commutes are aly difficult, as passengers negotiate the capital#39;s urban sprawl. According to the city#39;s traffic bureau, the average commute length in Beijing is 52 minutes, higher than either Guangzhou (48 minutes) or Shanghai (47 minutes). The city#39;s subway system is among the busiest in the world, with more than a dozen lines that see a daily ridership of some 10 million. 对于很多身在北京的人来说,城市的扩张本来就已使通勤变得困难。北京市交管局的数据显示,北京市的平均通勤时间为52分钟,而广州和上海分别为48分钟和47分钟。北京的地铁系统也位居全球最繁忙之列,许多线路的日客运量经常在100万人次左右。Security measures have stiffened across China in recent weeks, following a series of violent attacks since the start of the year. In the most recent incident, 31 people were killed last week in an attack at a market in northwest Urumqi. In March, dozens were killed in an assault by knife-wielding assailants at a train station in southwest Kunming. Authorities have labeled such episodes terrorist attacks and attributed them to separatists in northwestern Xinjiang. AFP/Getty Images北京,警察在一个地铁站外巡逻。受年初以来发生的一系列暴力袭击案影响,最近几周中国的安保措施有所加强。最新一起是上周发生在乌鲁木齐一早市的暴力袭击事件,31人在袭击中身亡。今年3月份,持刀袭击者在昆明火车站砍死20多人。中国政府已将这些袭击事件定性为恐怖袭击,并称这些事件系新疆分裂势力所为。Additional security measures in Beijing now include helicopter patrols, while cities across the country have been further arming their police forces, as well. 北京额外采取的安保措施还包括直升机巡逻,另外全国多个城市也在推行民警配巡逻。On Tuesday, some waiting in line said they understood the need for additional commuter headaches. 周二,一些排队等待安检的上班族表示,他们对增加通勤困难度的必要性表示理解。#39;Safety comes first,#39; said Wang Yang, as he waited in line at Longze Station. #39;This might not be able to totally get rid of the risk of violence or attack...But it could at least frighten those terrorists--at least I hope so.#39; 在龙泽站排队的王阳表示,安全第一,虽然这或许无法完全消除暴力或袭击风险,但至少能震慑那些恐怖分子,至少他希望如此。 /201405/302072

Thousands of residents in Hong Kong rallied Sunday to protest what they see as waning press freedoms in this Chinese city.数千名香港市民周日举行了游行示威活动,抗议他们所称的新闻自由遭打压的现象。According to organizers, more than 6,000 demonstrators--including reporters, college students and retirees--rallied under blue skies by the edge of Victoria Harbour. Police put the number at closer to 2,200 at its height. Crowd estimates from police and organizers usually vary widely in Hong Kong.组织者称,有超过6,000人参加了在维多利亚港边上举行的游行活动,其中包括记者、大学生和退休人员。香港警方说,最高峰时游行人数接近2,200人。警方与示威组织者对游行人数的估计通常有很大差异。The rally is part of continued unease in Hong Kong about the influence of mainland China, which controls the former British colony under a one-country, two-systems agreement. In a report earlier this month, the Committee to Protect Journalists said that Hong Kong#39;s traditionally freewheeling press was under attack, citing past violent incidents against the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, and rising rates of self-censorship.香港人对中国大陆的影响一直感到不安,游行凸现了这种担忧情绪。保护记者委员会(Committee to Protect Journalists)本月早些时候发布报告称,香港一向都很自由的新闻界正在遭受压制,报告列举了针对亲民主刊物《苹果日报》的暴力事件以及新闻界日益上升的自我审查频率。Karen Kwok, a cable-television reporter at the rally who attended alongside at least 10 colleagues, said the future of freedoms #39;depends on what kind of fight we put up.#39;与至少10名同事一起参加游行的有线电视记者Karen Kwok说,未来的自由取决于现在进行什么样的抗争。#39;If we don#39;t speak up, of course it will only get worse,#39; she said, as she stood before a wall of blue ribbons that protesters had tied to the fence surrounding the government#39;s office.她表示,如果不抗议,情况只会越来越糟。抗议人群在香港政府办公楼周围的栏杆上系满了蓝丝带。A government spokesman said the city was committed to continuing to guard freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as the two are #39;major elements in sustaining Hong Kong#39;s status as an international metropolis.#39;香港政府一位发言人说,香港致力于继续维护香港言论自由和新闻自由,这两项自由都是维持香港国际大都会地位的主要元素。Hong Kong#39;s global press-freedom ranking this month slipped three places to No. 61 this year, according to the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. Anger in Hong Kong has also been simmering since the start of the year over the ousting of a top editor at the well-regarded Ming Pao newspaper, which many staff believed was politically motivated.根据总部设在巴黎的无国界记者(Reporters Without Borders)的报告,香港在全世界新闻自由排行榜上的名次今年下降三位,至61位。而今年年初香港《明报》(Ming Pao)总编辑被撤换一事也激起了香港人的不满,该报许多员工认为撤换总编辑背后有政治意图。One local magazine reporter who marched on Sunday said he believed Chinese authorities were increasing pressure on Hong Kong publications as calls for political reform mount in advance of 2017, the year that Beijing has said is the earliest local residents can begin directly electing their leader.一位参加周日游行的香港杂志记者说,随着要求政治改革的呼声在2017年到来前不断高涨,中国当局加大了对香港新闻刊物的钳制。中国政府表示香港最早可于2017年直接选举特首。In particular, he said, he had been personally pressured by his editors to ensure that any print references to #39;Occupy Central#39;--a plan to occupy the city#39;s financial district to demand full universal suffrage--were accompanied by language emphasizing the potentially destructive impact of such a movement.他特别指出,他自己就受到过编辑的压力,编辑让他务必在提到“占领中环”的新闻报道中附带强调这一行动会造成的破坏性后果。#39;I definitely see more censorship,#39; said the reporter, who declined to be named out of fear of jeopardizing his job.他说,他遇到的审查肯定是更多了。这名记者因为担心自己的工作受到影响而不愿透露姓名。 /201402/277287


  Oil prices fell to their lowest level in over five years Thursday as the cartel that produces one third of the world’s output failed to agree on measures to tackle the current glut.上周四,由于石油产量占全球总产量1/3的石油输出国组织(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries,OPEC,又称欧佩克)未能就眼下石油供应过剩的应对之策达成一致,国际油价跌至五年多来的最低位。In what had been billed as their most important meeting in decades, ministers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to keep their self-imposed output ceiling at 30 million barrels a day, but promised each other they would cheat less on their agreed as.在被宣传为欧佩克数十年来最重要的会议上,该组织成员国部长们同意,将自行设定的产量上限维持在每天3000万桶,但互相承诺将更严格的遵守所商定的限额。Such promises have rarely held in the past, and the markets reacted by driving the price of the benchmark crude futures contract down nearly 8% to below . Oil hasn’t been that cheap since August 2009. Prices have now fallen by over 30% since the summer, and by 13% in November alone.过去,此类承诺往往无济于事。市场对此的反应是,基准原油期货合约价下跌近8%,跌破了69美元。油价降至2009年8月以来的最低位。自今年夏天以来,油价下跌超过30%,仅11月就下跌了13%。That’s going to make a Happy Thanksgiving for drivers, who are aly seeing pump prices of under /gallon in the U.S., as well as for airlines, logistics companies, plastics and chemicals companies, all of whom have huge outlays on fuel and oil-based feedstocks. It’s also good news for retailers, who will hope to benefit from the fact that consumers have more disposable income.美国的车主们这下赚到了,美国的油品零售价已跌破每加仑3美元。同样受益的,还有航空公司、物流公司、塑料制品和化工企业,上述企业在燃料或油基原料上花费巨大。油价下跌对零售商而言也是好消息,后者有望从消费者可配收入增加中受益。But it’s less good news for the shale oil industry, which may find at least some of its investments losing money as the oil price heads firmly lower.但对页岩油行业而言,这就不是什么好消息了。随着油价稳步下跌,页岩油行业至少有部分投资将赔钱。Thursday’s decision effectively sets the level of OPEC output for the whole of the first half of next year, news agencies ed Abdalla El-Badri, OPEC’s Secretary-General, as saying. If that’s true, then any reduction in world output will likely be driven by marginal fields in the U.S.通讯社援引欧佩克秘书长阿卜杜拉o巴德里(Abdalla El-Badri)称,上周四的决定,实际上确定了欧佩克明年上半年的产量。 若果真如此,那全球产量减少将完全来自美国边际油田减产。The decision is a victory for Saudi Arabia, which can better afford to play a long game with U.S. producers than its poorer colleagues in OPEC, such as Venezuela and Iran.此决定的赢家是沙特阿拉伯,相比委内瑞拉和伊朗等较贫困的欧佩克成员国,沙特阿拉伯更有财力与美国石油生产商打持久战。“It was a great decision,” Reuters ed Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi as saying as he emerged smiling after around five hours of talks.路透社(Reuters)称,在结束近五小时的会谈后,沙特石油部长阿里o纳伊米(Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi)面带微笑的表示:“这是个伟大的决定。”According to the Paris-based International Energy Agency, the cartel’s 12 members are currently produced 30.66 million barrels a day in October, so even if they were completely faithful about sticking to their as, they still wouldn’t cut output by enough to bring it into line with global demand for their oil, which the IEA puts at 29.3 million b/d next year.总部位于巴黎的国际能源署(International Energy Agency)称,10月份,欧佩克12个成员国的石油日产量为3066万桶,因此,即便他们完全遵守自身限额,其减产仍不足以使供给降到与全球石油需求一致的水平。国际能源署认为,明年全球石油需求为每天2930万桶。Some of the OPEC ministers have made no secret of their desire to use a lower price to stop the rise in oil production from U.S. shale, which along with other “non-OPEC” sources of supply is running way ahead of demand from a world economy that has palpably slowed down this year.欧佩克部分成员国部长已明确表示,希望用较低的油价,阻止美国页岩油产量上升。来自美国页岩以及其它“非欧佩克”来源的石油供应,已经远超今年已明显放缓的全球经济的需求。The ed Arab Emirates’ oil minister Suhail bin Mohammed al-Mazroui told the Financial Times Wednesday that the market would correct itself and that “there is nothing to cause us to panic.”上周三,阿拉伯联合酋长国(ed Arab Emirates)石油部长Suhail bin Mohammed al-Mazroui向《金融时报》(Financial Times)表示,市场会自我调整,“我们没什么好恐慌的”。That wasn’t quite the view from countries that need a higher oil price to balance their budgets. The Russian ruble fell to a new all-time low on the news, with the dollar crashing through 48 rubles and the euro topping 60, both for the first time ever. The benchmark RTS stock index fell 2.1% close to a new five-year low.不过,那些需要高油价来平衡政府预算的国家可不这么看。欧佩克的决定一出,俄罗斯卢布应声跌至历史新低,美元兑卢布首次跌破1:48,而欧元兑卢布更是首次跌破1:60。俄罗斯基准RTS股指下跌近2.1%,几乎创下五年来的新低。Russia needs an oil price over 0/bbl to balance its budget. But the news agency Interfax ed Maxim Oreshkin, a senior finance ministry official, as saying that even a forecast of was “moderately optimistic” for the next years, in view of OPEC’s decision.俄罗斯要平衡自身预算,需要石油价格超过每桶100美元。但俄罗斯Interfax通讯社称,俄财政部高级官员马克西姆o欧雷希金表示,鉴于欧佩克的决定,明年油价每桶80美元的预测都属“比较乐观”。(财富中文网) /201412/347733。

  The worst password of 2013 is #39;123456#39; according to new research.根据一项最新调查显示,2013年度最差劲密码非“123456”莫属了。The 25 most common passwords have been released by Splashdata which makes password management applications.密码管理应用设计商Splashdata发布了一份“25个最常见密码” 榜单。;password; had held the top spot in the rankings since the annual list began to be compiled. In 2013 it slipped to number two on the list.自这份年度榜单编制之初,“password”就占据了“最常用密码”的榜首位置。而在2013年榜单中,“password” 排名下滑到了第二位。The swap is due largely to the major security breach at software company Adobe in October which affected tens of millions of users.这个变化很大一部分原因是因为去年十月软件巨头Adobe公司发生了重大安全漏洞,致使数百万用户遭受影响。Splashdata#39;s list shows that many people use easily guessable passwords. Some other passwords in the Top Ten include ;qwerty,; ;abc123,; ;111111,; and ;iloveyou.;Splashdata发布的榜单显示,很多人都使用很容易让人猜中的密码。其他几个排名前十的“最差劲密码”还包括“qwerty”、“abc123”、“111111”和“iloveyou”。Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData said: ;Seeing passwords like #39;adobe123#39; and #39;photoshop#39; on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing.SplashData的首席执行官根·斯兰说:“当你看到‘最差劲密码’榜单上出现‘adobe123’或者‘photoshop’,你就该意识到,在你正在使用的网站或应用上,不该用它本身的名字作为密码。”;Another interesting aspect of this year#39;s list is that more short numerical passwords showed up even though websites are starting to enforce stronger password policies.;“今年榜单有趣的地方之一是,尽管网站都开始实行更严的密码设定政策,位数少的密码仍出现在今年的榜单上。”The data was released to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Mr Slain added:;As always, we hope that with more publicity about how risky it is to use weak passwords, more people will start taking simple steps to protect themselves by using stronger passwords and using different passwords for different websites.;SplashData发布这份榜单是为了鼓励大家使用复杂的密码。根·斯兰还说道:“和往常一样,我们还是希望通过了解使用简单密码存在很大风险,大家能设立比较严谨的密码来保护自己,并在不同的网站上使用不同的密码。”The company advises consumers or businesses using any of the passwords on the list to change them immediately. Splashdata warned that even passwords with common substitutions like ;dr4mat1c; can be vulnerable to attackers#39; increasingly sophisticated technology.SplashData公司建议,使用榜单上出现的密码的用户和公司赶快修改自己的密码。SplashData公司警告称,用数字代替字母的常见密码,像“dr4mat1c”,也很容易遭到破解,因为现在密码入侵者的科技手段也越来越高端了。They say that it is especially risky to use the same password for entertainment sites as for email and social networking accounts.SplashData公司称,在网站上使用和邮箱及社交网站相同的密码尤其不安全。Most common passwords of 2013:2013年最常用密码:1. 1234562. password3. 123456784. qwerty5. abc1236. 1234567897. 1111118. 12345679. iloveyou10. adobe12311. 12312312. admin13. 123456789014. letmein15. photoshop16. 123417. monkey18. shadow19. sunshine20. 1234521. password122. princess23. azerty24. trustno125. 000000 /201401/274345

  Hong Kong and Singapore have revealed differing plans for how to combat rising prices, ageing populations and slowing global growth, setting Asia’s financial centre rivals on divergent economic paths.香港和新加坡披露了截然不同的计划,以应对不断上涨的物价、人口老龄化及全球增长放缓。互为对手的亚洲两大金融中心,将因此走上不同的经济发展道路。The two former British territories have long been known for their low taxes, rising incomes and booming financial services sectors. The World Bank has ranked them as two of the top three places in the world to do business since 2010.长期以来,这两个英国前殖民地均以极低的税率、不断增长的家庭收入和发达的金融务业闻名于世。自2010年以来,两地一直被世界(WB)列入全球三大商业环境最佳地区。But both have more recently faced the challenges of increased living costs and shifting demographics. This week leaders in the two cities announced their budgets for the coming year, highlighting alternative views on how to tackle those problems.然而,两地近年来均面临生活成本升高和人口结构转变的挑战。就在本周,这两座城市的领导人都公布了今后一年的预算,两份方案凸显出两地应对此类问题的不同思路。Hong Kong on Wednesday chose to use its HK.8bn (US.2bn) budget surplus to help fund a one-off salary and profits tax rebate for all residents, confirming its longstanding commitment to a low-tax, laissez-faire style of government.周三,香港选择动用其638亿港元(合82亿美元)的财政预算盈余,为所有居民提供一次性的所得税和营业税退税。此举再次确认了港府致力于打造低税收、放任式政府的努力。The benefits are likely to be felt only by the middle and high-income households in Hong Kong, said KPMG’s Charles Kinsley, because many poorer workers do not earn enough to pay salaries tax in the first place.毕马威(KPMG)的查尔斯#8226;金斯利(Charles Kinsley)表示,由于许多较贫穷市民的所得还未达到个人所得税的征收下限,上述举措的好处可能只有香港中高收入居民才能体会到。“I am aware that many of our citizens are expecting relief measures from government to allay their burdens,” said John Tsang, Hong Kong financial secretary. However, the government must allocate funds in a “prudent manner” because of worries over short-term economic growth. Hong Kong’s economy grew 2.3 per cent in 2014, while Singapore’s expanded 2.9 per cent.香港财政司司长曾俊华(John Tsang)表示:“我知道,许多香港市民正指望政府的救济措施减轻他们的负担。”然而,他说,出于对短期经济增长的顾虑,香港政府必须以“谨慎的态度”调配资金。2014年香港经济增长率是2.3%,而新加坡经济则增长了2.9%。Mr Tsang announced fee waivers for restaurants, hotels and travel agents to boost the flagging tourism industry, which he said had suffered as a result of last year’s pro-democracy protests.为提振萎靡不振的旅游业,曾俊华公布了对餐馆、旅馆和旅行社的免税举措。按照曾俊华的说法,香港旅游业的艰难处境,是去年民主运动的结果。Retail sales in Hong Kong slipped 0.2 per cent in 2014, although many analysts attribute the weakness to China’s crackdown on corruption, which has dented demand for luxury goods. Overall consumer spending rose during the protest months, largely thanks to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6.2014年,香港零售总额下滑了0.2%。不过,许多分析师将零售总额的疲软归因于中国的反腐运动,该举措极大地影响了人们对奢侈品的需求。在抗议活动的几个月内,香港总体消费开却出现了增长,这在很大程度上要归功于苹果(Apple)推出的iPhone 6手机。Hong Kong also earmarked funds for some short-term relief measures and extra cash for poorer retirees, but stopped short of introducing a universal pension. Instead the government will encourage older people to return to work.此外,香港还为某些短期救济措施安排了资金,并为较贫穷的退休人员拨备了额外现金。不过,香港政府并未建立全民养老金制度。相反,港府鼓励较年长人士重返工作岗位。In contrast, Singapore on Monday moved to redistribute wealth by raising taxes on its wealthiest residents to pay for increased spending on social welfare, particularly healthcare.新加坡政府则与香港不同。在周一公布的计划中,它以提高最富有居民的税收方式实现财富再分配,以便应对社会福利开——尤其是医保开——的增长。The package of improved benefits included more generous support for retirees and low-income families, and extra funding for high-skills training. The combined measures will take government spending up to 19-19.5 per cent of gross domestic product by 2020 from the current 18.5 per cent, according to CIMB.受惠于这一计划的包括退休人员和低收入家庭,他们将获得更多资助,以及高技术人员,他们将获得更多额外资金用于培训。根据联昌国际(CIMB)的计算,上述措施合起来,将令新加坡政府开与国内生产总值(GDP)之比,从目前的18.5%升至2020年以前的19%到19.5%。“We have set new directions for the future”, said Singapore finance minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam in his budget address. “We are making fundamental policy shifts to give Singaporeans greater assurance at each stage of life, more opportunities, and a better home for all.”新加坡财政部长尚达曼(Tharman Shanmugaratnam)在其预算讲话中表示:“我们已为未来设定了新的方向。我们正在开展根本性的政策转变,以便为新加坡人提供生命所有阶段的更大保障、创造更多机遇、并为所有人打造更美好的家园。”Singaporeans are due to go to the polls any time between now and 2017, leading some analysts to bill the budget as a pre-election vote-winner.从现在起到2017年的某个时候,新加坡人将投票举行大选。为此,部分分析师宣称这一预算方案是一种选举前的拉票行为。Living costs in both Hong Kong and Singapore have risen sharply since the financial crisis, heightening concerns about inequality. The Economist Intelligent now ranks Singapore as the world’s most expensive city, while Hong Kong has its highest home prices, according to Savills.自金融危机以来,香港和新加坡的生活成本都已急剧攀升,令人们日益担心社会不公的问题。目前,经济学人信息部(Economist Intelligent , EIU)将新加坡列为全球消费最高的城市。而根据第一太平戴维斯(Savills)的数据,香港拥有全球最高的房价。The cost of living was one of the frustrations aired by protesters during the Hong Kong protests, which shut down major roads in three commercial districts for almost three months.在香港抗议活动期间,生活成本是抗议者公开表达不满的问题之一。将近三个月的抗议活动,曾导致香港三个商业区的主要街道关闭。Universal suffrage is due to be introduced to Hong Kong in 2017 but critics say the plan for a strictly controlled system for nominating candidates falls short of genuine democracy.香港定于在2017年实行普选,不过批评者表示,按照该选举方案,候选人的提名将受严格控制,从而无法实现真正的民主。 /201502/361051China#39;s smaller cities are now the scene of a housing glut, which could undermine China#39;s growth. What are the possible consequences? How are developers reacting? Is the government doing anything about it? Tim Franco for The Wall Street Journal目前,中国的中小型城市出现了住宅供应过剩的情况,这可能会损害中国的经济增长。那么这种情况可能会带来什么后果呢?开发商作何反应?中国政府又有何举措?Below WSJ reporters Esther Fung and Bob Davis answer those and other questions. 以下是《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)记者方心恩(Esther Fung)和戴维斯(Bob Davis)对相关问题的回答。Why are the recent price cuts so bad? Isn#39;t this just the market at work--less demand, ergo lower prices? 为何近期的降价潮有严重的负面作用?这难道不是需求减少导致房价下跌这种市场机制起作用的结果吗?The same could have been said for the U.S. in 2007. Falling prices in Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Miami were just the market at work. The problem is that if prices fall too far, they don#39;t invite more people to invest in property. Just the opposite. Would-be buyers keep their wallets closed, fearing that the value of a home will go down in value.相关报道中国楼市增长放缓 市场各方忧心忡忡客:营口房地产市场冷过冬天客:谁会点燃中国经济火药桶?美国2007年的房地产市场情况或许可以这么说。当时、贝克尔斯菲市以及迈阿密的房价下跌都是市场机制起作用的结果。问题是,如果房价跌幅太大,就无法吸引更多人来投资,只会产生相反的作用。潜在购房者将会捂紧钱包,因为担心房价会进一步下跌。That#39;s particularly a problem in China, where people have thought for 20 years that real estate prices can only go up in value. If that psychology switches, it#39;s a huge problem. 这在中国尤其是个问题。在中国,人们最近20年来一直认为房价只会上涨。如果这种心态发生转变,将出现很大的问题。There was concern that the property bubble had burst in 2011. What#39;s different now? 曾有人担心中国房地产泡沫已在2011年破裂。现在的情况有何不同?In 2011, the big worry was escalating prices in China#39;s major cities putting apartments out of the reach of all but the rich. The central government implemented property curbs, such as limits on multiple home purchases, to rein in speculation and frothy prices. After two tough years for developers, prices started heading up again smartly last year.2011年,最大的担忧是中国主要城市节节攀升的房价已超出除富人以外群体的购买能力。为此,中国中央政府实施了多套住房限购等房地产调控举措,以遏制房地产投机和高房价。而经过对开发商而言较为艰难的两年之后,去年房价又开始大幅上涨。What makes the current problem different is that a) the problem is more widesp, hitting lots of small and medium-sized cities, b) the issue is a glut rather than rising prices, and c) China#39;s finances are tied ever more tightly to real estate. 当前情况有所不同,主要体现在三个方面:a)现在的房地产泡沫问题更加广泛,已波及很多中小型城市;b)现在的问题是供应过剩,而不是房价上涨;c)中国财政与房地产之间的关系比以往任何时候都更为紧密。 Since 2008, debt in China has grown at a pace similar to the U.S, Europe, Japan and South Korea before they fell into deep recessions. One big reason for the run-up in debt is lending to real estate developers. If developers can#39;t afford to make payments on their loans because they can#39;t sell enough apartments, China has a big problem. 自2008年以来,中国的债务增速和美国、欧洲、日本和韩国陷入严重衰退前的速度不相上下。债务增加的一个原因是对房地产开发商的贷款增加。如果开发商因为无法销售足够多的房子而还不起贷款,中国就会出大问题。Speaking of which, how are developers paying their bills? 说到这一问题,房地产企业目前的应付帐务付情况如何呢?Many construction companies are getting paid in apartments as developers become more and more cash-strapped, according to Zhou Liping, a property consultant at Jiangsu Lianmeng Property Consultancy. #39;It#39;s quite common, #39; he said, adding that some of these construction companies then use the apartments as collateral when they take on bank loans. 据Jiangsu Lianmeng Property Consultancy的地产顾问周丽萍(音)表示,由于开发商的资金日趋紧张,它们将房子冲抵建筑工程款付给很多建筑公司,这种情况很普遍。周丽萍还称,有些建筑公司再将房子作为抵押品向贷款。Are there signs of construction workers losing their jobs? 是否有建筑工人失业的迹象?Certainly it#39;s a danger. Unfortunately, unemployment data is unreliable in China and it isn#39;t counted by occupation. So far, there is no sign of widesp job loss. There are still more jobs than workers seeking jobs, largely as a result of demographic changes that are reducing the size of the Chinese workforce.肯定存在这种可能性。不幸的是,在中国失业率数据并不可靠,而且不是以行业来划分的。目前为止,中国并未出现大量失业的迹象,招聘岗位的数量甚至还大于求职者人数,这主要是因为人口结构改变导致中国劳动力人数减少所致。What are some signs that the growing glut is having economic ripples? 哪些迹象表明住房供应过剩日趋严重已对经济产生影响?Copper prices have been falling since 2010, with analysts blaming slack demand in China as one reason. Copper is used in roofs, gutters and building expansion joints. Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal, the world#39;s largest steelmaker, has forecast slower growth in Chinese steel demand this year due to more muted construction demand growth. 铜价自2010年以来一直在下跌,分析师认为中国需求疲软是铜价下跌的原因之一。铜被用于屋顶、排水沟和建筑伸缩装置中。另外,全球最大的钢铁生产商安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)也预测,由于建筑业需求增长更加乏力,中国今年的钢材需求增幅将放缓。Retail sales growth has also slowed recently, due in part to falling growth in sales of appliance s and furniture, both linked tightly to apartment purchases. 中国近期的零售额增幅也在放缓,一定程度上是因为与购房着密切相关的家电和家具的销量增幅下降。What is the government doing about it? 政府采取了什么措施?The central government has indicated that it would allow local governments to adopt their own market regulations rather than implement a one-size-fits-all policy. 中国中央政府已经表示,将允许地方政府实施针对本地市场的相关规定,而不是采取“一刀切”的政策。In some areas, local governments are trying help out. In Fenghua, government officials are trying to stave off a default by a local developer. In Changzhou, the government has been trying to keep discounts to a minimum to prop up the housing market. In Yingkou, the government has reduced fees and taxes for new purchases and made it easy for new buyers to get the residence permits necessary to obtain social welfare benefits, including public education for their children. So far, these measures have had only a limited impact on boosting sales.在一些地区,地方政府正在试图施以援手。在奉化,当地政府官员正在试图避免一家本地开发商出现债务违约。在常州,为持当地房地产市场,当地政府正试图限制开发商的打折幅度;在营口,当地政府实施了减免新房购置相关税费的措施,同时还采取措施让新的购房者更加容易地获得当地户口,以便让购房者享受包括子女教育在内的当地社会福利。不过迄今为止,这些措施对于提振住宅销量的作用都较为有限。Does this mean developers will finally start to cut back on their headlong, hell-for-leather building? 这是否意味着开发商们将最终开始削减仓促而急速的建设计划?Some of China#39;s largest developers are now trying to focus again on China#39;s biggest cities, where demand is stronger. But why do developers keep building in problem cities despite obvious lack of demand? Why did U.S. developers do the same thing? Developers are optimists and salesmen by nature. Each thinks that its project will thrive even as others don#39;t. 中国的一些大型房地产开发商们目前正试图将注意力重新转回大城市,因为这些城市的需求更加强劲。但是为什么在明显缺乏需求的城市中,开发商仍在继续盖楼呢?为什么美国的房地产开发商也会做同样的事情呢?这是因为,开发商们都是乐观派,他们本质上而言都是销售人员。即使在其他开发商项目表现不佳的情况下,他们也会认为自己的项目会成功。According to Nomura, profits for a group of 142 listed property developers in China rose 581% between 2006 and 2012 and never fell during any of those years. Other non-financial companies saw profits rise 64% during that same period and profits sometimes fell year-to-year for that group. 根据野村(Nomura)的数据,在2006年-2012年期间,142家中国上市房企的利润增长581%,期间任何一年都未出现过利润下滑的情况。而在同一时期内,其他非金融企业的利润增长64%,并且存在同比利润出现下滑的情况。#39;China#39;s real estate developers are behaving like internet start-ups,#39; says Mark Williams, a China economist at the Capital Economics in London. #39;They#39;re focusing on grabbing market share in a growing market, but the smaller and medium-sized cities they are in aren#39;t growing rapidly.#39; 凯投宏观(Capital Economics)驻伦敦的中国经济学家威廉斯(Mark Williams)称,中国房地产开发商的做法犹如互联网初创企业;他们专注于在一个持续增长的市场中抢占市场份额,但是他们所处的中小型城市的增长速度并不快。 /201404/288074

  New York University, in the midst of a review of how laborers were treated during the construction of its Abu Dhabi campus, has acknowledged that procedures intended to protect workers at its other major foreign outpost, in Shanghai, were not followed.纽约大学(New York University)正在就该校阿布扎比(Abu Dhabi)校区建设过程中工人的待遇问题而开展调查。现在该校承认,针对该校在上海的另一个海外校区,旨在保护工人的相关规程没有得到遵守。According to a university spokesman, N.Y.U. hired a company to perform an array of services while the new campus was being built, including monitoring working conditions and publishing its findings in annual reports. But the company “did not perform as expansive a compliance review as N.Y.U. desired, nor did they produce the detailed report that N.Y.U. requested,” the spokesman, John Beckman, said in an email.该大学的一位发言人透露,在新校园建设期间,纽约大学聘请一家公司开展了一系列务,包括监督工作条件,并在年度报告中发表其调查结果。不过,纽约大学发言人约翰·拜克曼(John Beckman)在电子邮件中说,该公司“并没有像纽约大学希望的那样,开展广泛的合规审核,也没有出具纽约大学要求的详尽的报告。”Several years ago, in response to criticism that it was building campuses in authoritarian countries without strong labor protections, the university created “statements of labor values” that pledged fair wages, reasonable hours and the right to resolve labor disputes, and forbade forced labor or employment discrimination.数年前,为了回应该校在缺乏有力劳工保障的威权主义国家建设校园的批评,该校作出了“劳工价值声明”,承诺要给予公平的工资、合理的工时,以及解决劳动纠纷的权利,此外还禁止强迫劳动或就业歧视。During the construction of the Abu Dhabi campus, the engineering firm Mott MacDonald was hired to oversee compliance and to issue annual public reports about its findings. Those reports offered consistent praise for the way laborers on the vast new campus were being treated. But an investigation by The New York Times later found that many of the workers, who were largely South Asian migrants under contract to local companies, had been charged high fees to obtain their jobs, were forced to work overtime and were not being paid what they had been promised. Some were warehoused in squalid and cramped apartments, and some were beaten or arrested for going on strike.在阿布扎比校区建设期间,该校聘请了工程顾问公司莫特麦克唐纳(Mott MacDonald)开展合规监督,并就其监督结果发布公开报告。这些报告对于规模宏大的新校园建设期间,劳工得到的待遇给予了普遍的赞誉。然而《纽约时报》之后开展的调查显示,参与建设的劳工主要是与当地企业签约的南亚移民,他们在获取工作之前都被收取了很高的费用,被迫加班,拿到的报酬也没有承诺的多。一些人挤在肮脏拥挤的公寓里,还有一些人因为罢工而遭到殴打或逮捕。John Sexton, the president of N.Y.U., called such conditions “if true as reported, troubling and unacceptable.” The university, along with the Abu Dhabi government, which financed the campus and oversaw its construction, announced an inquiry, which is continuing.纽约大学校长约翰·塞克斯顿(John Sexton)表示,“如果报道属实”,这种情况“令人不安,是不能接受的”。纽约大学与阿布扎比政府宣布开展调查,目前仍在进行当中。校园是阿布扎比政府出资并负责建设的。N.Y.U. Shanghai, a joint venture with East China Normal University, is the university’s second major outpost. The real estate consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle was hired in March 2012 to perform a variety of functions on the building site.上海纽约大学(NYU Shanghai)作为纽约大学在海外的第二座大型校区,是与华东师范大学共同开办的。2012年3月,校方聘请了房地产咨询公司仲量联行(Jones Lang LaSalle)在建设现场开展一系列工作。“After some miscommunications — for which we share responsibility — and delays — during which we nevertheless thought a report would ultimately be completed — it became clear that a report with the level of detail we wanted was not going to be forthcoming,” Mr. Beckman said in an email last week.拜克曼上周在一封电子邮件中表示,“发生过一些沟通不畅(我们在其中也负有一定责任),以及延误(那段时间我们仍然以为最终会完成一份报告)之后,显然不会产生一份具有我们期望的那种详尽程度的报告了。”Anthony Couse, a managing director for Jones Lang LaSalle in East China, said there was no miscommunication. “Compliance review with the Statement of Labor Values was not part of our original scope,” he said. “During the summer of 2013 we were contacted by N.Y.U. about labor compliance monitoring; we carried out that monitoring, as agreed.”仲量联行华东区董事总经理顾东尼(Anthony Couse)表示,并不存在沟通不畅。“就劳工价值声明开展合规核查,并不属于我们最初的职责范围,”他说。“2013年夏,纽约大学联系我们核查劳动规章的遵守情况。我们依照双方的约定开展了核查。”He added, “The project is regarded as a success on several levels by both N.Y.U. and J.L.L.”他还说,“纽约大学和仲量联行都认为,这个项目在很多方面都取得了成功。”This summer the university hired the law firm Paul Hastings L.L.P. to perform a retroactive audit of working conditions at the Shanghai campus. The results, which will be made public, are expected by the end of the year.今年夏天,纽约大学聘请普衡律师事务所(Paul Hastings L.L.P.)对上海校区的工作条件开展事后审核。预计审核将于年底完成,结果会对外公开。Mr. Beckman added that “the conditions on the site for workers were in overall compliance with the Statement of Labor Values of N.Y.U. Shanghai.”拜克曼说,“工人在建设现场的工作条件大体上符合纽约大学上海校区的劳工价值声明。”Faculty members in New York who have been scrutinizing the overseas construction projects said that information about the Shanghai campus had been all but impossible to get. An email th between members of the local chapter of the American Association of University Professors and the university administration, in which the professors repeatedly asked which firm had been hired to monitor compliance and what standards it would employ, dated to 2011.身在纽约负责监督海外建设项目的教师表示,几乎无法取得关于上海校区的信息。美国大学教授协会(American Association of University Professors)当地分会的成员,与大学的行政部门之间的一些电子邮件讨论可以追溯到2011年,其中教授们曾反复询问聘请了哪家公司做合规监督,采用的是怎样的标准。Three years later, Jeffrey S. Lehman, the vice chancellor of N.Y.U. Shanghai, wrote to members of a faculty advisory committee to say that “notwithstanding what we understood last summer,” Jones Lang LaSalle “was not able to produce a thorough review of compliance with the worker rights that are set forth in our statement of labor values,” and that Paul Hastings had been hired “to do the kind of thorough review that J.L.L. could not.”三年后,纽大上海校区常务副校长杰弗瑞·S·雷蒙(Jeffrey S. Lehman)给一个教师顾问委员会的成员发邮件表示,“与我们去年夏天的理解不同”,仲量联行“未能出具一份全面的文件,陈述我校劳工价值声明中列举的工人权益是否得到了遵守。”校方聘请了普衡律师事务所“开展仲量联行没能开展的全面审核”。Mr. Lehman added, “Paul Hastings is writing up their report and (not surprisingly) they say they have seen no red flags, no evidence of material noncompliance, etc., etc.”雷蒙还说,“普衡正在撰写报告,而且(并不出人意料的是)他们称审核过程中没有出现问题,也没有重大违规的据,等等。”Anna McCarthy, a professor of cinema studies who was a part of that three-year exchange, expressed frustration that an effective system of oversight was not in place while the campus was being built. “I’m not satisfied,” she said. “I really do think there needs to be a lot more transparency.”电影研究教授安娜·麦卡锡(Anna McCarthy)参与了长达三年的电子邮件交流。她表示,在校园建设过程中,没有建立有效的监管系统,这让她很失望。“我并不满意,”她说。“我真的认为透明度应该高得多才行。”The Shanghai campus, in that city’s Pudong neighborhood, and the Abu Dhabi campus, on Saadiyat Island, are part of what N.Y.U. calls the Global Network University, a constellation of degree-granting campuses and smaller study-abroad sites through which students and faculty members are encouraged to cycle. The concept has won admiration from many other colleges and universities, which have scrambled to establish overseas footholds of their own. It has also attracted criticism from students and faculty members, who say that development of this kind jeopardizes academic freedom and workers’ rights.上海校区位于浦东新区,阿布扎比校区位于萨迪亚特岛,这两个校区都是纽约大学所说的全球教育体系(Global Network University)的组成部分。这一体系中包括一系列可以颁发学位的校区,以及规模较小的海外学习场所,校方鼓励学生和教师在整个体系中轮换。这种设想在其他许多学院和大学中赢得了赞誉,它们也都在匆忙建立自己的海外分校。不过这种设想也受到了师生的批评,他们表示这种开发项目妨碍了学术自由和工人的权利。The inquiry into conditions in Abu Dhabi, conducted by Nardello amp; Company, an investigative firm led by a former federal prosecutor, was to be completed this year. It is now expected in early 2015.针对阿布扎比校区工作状况的调查是由Nardello amp; Company开展的,这家调查公司的负责人是一位前联邦检察官。调查预计将于今年结束,结果将在2015年初发布。 /201412/346759

  WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Monday gave conditional approval to allow Shell Gulf of Mexico to start drilling for oil off the Alaskan coast this summer, a major victory for the petroleum industry and a devastating blow to environmentalists.华盛顿——周一,奥巴马政府有条件地批准了壳牌墨西哥湾公司(Shell Gulf of Mexico)今年夏天开始在阿拉斯加海岸开采石油,这对于石油产业是个重大胜利,但对于环保人士却是个灾难性打击。The decision adds a complex new chapter to the environmental legacy of President Barack Obama, who has pursued the most ambitious environmental agenda of any president but has sought to balance those moves by opening up untouched federal waters to new oil and gas drilling.这个决定给奥巴马总统在环境方面的政治遗产增添了一个复杂的新篇章。奥巴马推行的环境政策是历届总统中力度最大的,但他也寻求开放尚未开发过的联邦水域,开展新的油气开发项目,来平衡这些举动。Shell has sought for years to drill in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean#39;s Chukchi Sea. Federal scientists believe the region could hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil.多年来,壳牌一直希望能在北冰洋楚科奇海的冰冷水域进行开采活动。联邦政府的科学家认为,该区域的石油储量可高达150亿桶。The Interior Department decision angered environmentalists who for years have demanded that the administration reject offshore Arctic drilling proposals. They fear that a drilling accident in the treacherous Arctic waters could have far more devastating consequences than the deadly Gulf of Mexico spill of 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion killed 11 men and sent millions of barrels of oil spewing into the water.内政部(Interior Department)的决定让环保人士倍感愤怒。多年来,他们一直要求政府驳回在北极水域开采石油的提议。他们担心,倘若情况复杂的北极水域发生开采事故,就会产生比2010年墨西哥湾的严重漏油事故更为惨重的后果。当时,深水地平线(Deepwater Horizon)钻井平台的爆炸共导致11人死亡,并致使数百万桶原油泄漏到了水中。Both industry and environmental groups say that the Chukchi Sea is one of the most dangerous places in the world to drill. The area is extremely remote, with no roads connecting to major cities or deepwater ports within hundreds of miles, making it difficult for cleanup and rescue workers to reach in case of an accident.石油产业和环保组织都表示,楚科奇海是世界上开采起来最危险的区域之一。那片水域非常偏远,数百英里之内,没有连接大城市或深水港口的道路,所以一旦发生事故,清理工作将很难开展,救援工作者也将难以到达。The closest Coast Guard station with equipment for responding to a spill is more than 1,000 miles away. The weather is extreme, with major storms, icy waters and waves up to 50 feet high. The sea is also a major migration route and feeding area for marine mammals, including bowhead whales and walruses.距离那里最近的配有应对泄漏事故所需设备的海岸警卫队(Coast Guard)工作站也远在1000多英里之外。那里气候极端,常有大风暴,海水冰冷,海浪可高达50英尺(约合15米)。这片海域也是弓头鲸和海象等海洋哺乳动物的重要洄游路线。The move came just four months after the Obama administration opened up a portion of the Atlantic Coast to new offshore drilling.仅四个月前,奥巴马政府才刚刚开放了大西洋沿岸的一片水域,用于新的海上开采项目。 /201505/374901





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