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World Health Assembly Discusses New Health Challenges世卫敦促各国预防甲型流感流行  The annual World Health Assembly has opened with delegates from 193 member countries discussing how to protect people from diseases such as the swine flu virus that is sping around the world.世界卫生大会年会开幕,来自193个成员国的代表们正在讨论如何防止人们感染目前正在世界流行的甲型H1N1流感等疾病。World Health Organization Director-General, Margaret Chan, says the world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts. And, these are occurring at a time when the global economic crisis is making it more difficult to maintain good health, especially in the developing world. 世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍说,世界目前在许多地区面临多项危机。而目前的全球经济危机让人们保持健康的体魄更加困难,发展中国家尤其如此。The WHO Chief says the new Swine Flu A-H1N1 virus shows how health challenges are changing.世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍说,新的甲型H1N1流感病毒说明,我们面临的健康难题正在如何发生改变。"The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968, when the last pandemic of the previous century began," said Margaret Chan. "The speed and volume of international travel have increased to an astonishing degree. As we are seeing right now with H1N1, any city with an international airport is at risk of an imported case." 陈冯富珍说:“跟1968年即上世纪最后一次流感瘟疫的情况相比,当今世界更加难以应对流感疫症产生的负面影响, 国际旅行的速度和人次以惊人的速度增长。正如我们现在看到的甲型H1N1流感,每一个有国际机场的城市,都有可能有输入性病例。”Dr. Chan says increased interdependence among nations creates a great potential for economic disruption. This means the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow even larger than it aly has. 陈冯富珍说,国与国之间相互依赖的增加,也极大的增加了经济崩溃的可能性。这就是说,贫富之间的差距会更大。"Today, about 85 percent of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low and middle income countries," she said. "The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections." 陈冯富珍说:“如今,慢性病这个沉重负担有大约85%集中在中低收入国家。其中的含义显而易见。就目前来看,发展中国家有更多的人会面临感染甲型H1N1流感的这种严重致命病毒的最大风险。”Dr. Chan urges the international community to do everything it can to help developing countries from bearing the brunt of disease pandemics. And she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.陈冯富珍敦促国际社会尽一切努力避免发展中国家承担疾病流行的打击。她还说,尽管世界目前担心可能发生的流感疫症,这些担忧不应该遮挡或者干扰我们实施其它生命攸关的健康计划。She says health ministers attending this week's Assembly should take the opportunity to respond to threats to their health systems. She says a priority is to finish the job of polio eradication. 陈冯富珍表示,出席这个星期世界卫生大会的卫生部长们应该抓住机会对本国、本地区医疗制度遇到的威胁做出回应。她说,一项首要任务是完成根除脊髓灰质炎即小儿麻痹症的工作。She says the global campaign that WHO started in 1988 is very close to achieving its goal of ridding the world of this terrible paralytic disease.陈冯富珍说,世界卫生组织1988年开始的这项全球性运动其最终目标是,在全世界消灭这种给人造成麻痹的可怕疾病,现在这个目标接近实现了。05/70324The economics of good looks美貌经济学The line of beauty貌美之人的界限Pretty people still get the best deals in the market, from labour to love外貌标致的人仍然最有市场,不论是找工作还是找情人Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People are More Successful. By Daniel Hamermesh. Princeton University Press; 216 pages; .95 and pound;16.95. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk 《美貌买单》:为何有魅力的人更加成功,丹尼尔#8226;汉姆梅斯著,普林斯顿大学出版社,216页,24.59美圆(16.95欧元),点击Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law. By Deborah Rhode. Oxford University Press USA; 272 pages; .95 and pound;15.99. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《美貌的偏见》:生活与法律中外貌的不公, 黛拉#8226;罗得著,美国牛津大学出版社;272页;17.95美圆(15.99欧元),点击 Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital. By Catherine Hakim. Allen Lane; 304 pages; pound;20. To be published in America in September as “Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom” by Basic Books; . Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《甜蜜的金钱》:魅力资本的力量, 凯瑟琳#8226;哈金著,304页,20欧元,9月将在美国由基础图书公司出版:魅力资本:会议室与卧室中美貌的吸引力;26美圆,点击Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.FRANCE looked back this week at the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the walls of the Louvre. It was one of the most startling art heists in history, but the emotions it still arouses go beyond that. Stealing Leonardo da Vinci’s painting was like stealing beauty itself. And beauty has lost none of its power to bewitch, bother and get its own way, as three new books on the economic advantages of good looks confirm.本周,法国回顾了1911年卢浮宫墙上的《蒙娜丽莎》被盗的事件。那是史上最令人吃惊的艺术品盗窃案之一,曾引起群众强烈的情感反应,不过这些情感已超越了盗窃本身。盗窃列奥纳多#8226;达#8226;芬奇的画作,无异于盗窃美本身。不过,正如三本关于美貌所带来的经济优势的书所明,美并未失却一丝一毫迷惑世人、扰乱世人和为所欲为的力量。201108/151622Japan's disaster日本的灾难A crisis of leadership, too 也是领导力的危机The many-headed catastrophe points to deeper-seated problems in governing Japan棘手的灾祸背后,日本政府深层次的弊病显露出来SINCE the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Japanese were turned upside down by earthquake, tsunami, fire and looming nuclear threat, people around the globe have watched, amazed, at the survivors’ composure—“stoicism” is the word they most often reach for. There have been few complaints, just civic-minded initiative. All along the coast, the urgent talk is not just about survival in the face of shortages of food, water and fuel. Stricken communities are desperate to start rebuilding their towns.地震,海啸,大火以及日益严重的核辐射把日本人的生活搅得翻天覆地,几十万日本人受到影响。而此时此刻,全世界都将目光聚焦日本,惊叹于幸存者的沉着淡定。而“坚忍克己”是他们嘴边形容日本最常用的词。日本人很少抱怨什么,有的只是互帮互助。目前,震区食物,水源以及燃料短缺,对于灾区人民来说,最迫切的不仅仅是如何活下去,还是重建家园Stoicism is an admirable response to what fate deals you. It also serves as a coping mechanism in the face of incomprehension. And the Japanese no longer just find it hard to understand how nature could deal such a blow; increasingly, they want to know why the government of a rich and orderly land should be taking so long to tame an overheating nuclear plant and get help to communities ravaged by the tsunami. A lack of water, food and warmth are a fresh and acute source of suffering. Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable. The system is letting citizens down.面对自然的“摧残”,“坚忍克己”是多么的令人敬佩。对于自己无法理解的东西,保持坚忍克己,也实为不错。现在,日本不仅不明白自然为何会如此残暴,他们更难以理解的是,为何在一个如此富裕有序的国度里,政府却要花如此长的时间才能控制住过热的核机组,才能援救饱受海啸摧残的人民。目前,人们饱受着食物以及饮水短缺的痛苦,情况紧急。撇开大规模的人道主义灾难不说,某些痛苦还是可以避免的。日本的国家体制让人民失望至极。This criticism may seem harsh. For a start, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has maintained relative calm despite the menacing situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi, the crippled nuclear plant. His government has also been far more transparent than its predecessors. The Bank of Japan acted promptly, providing liquidity to prevent a natural disaster from becoming a financial one.批评的声音也许还真是刺耳。一开始,尽管福岛核电站爆炸,情况紧急,但日本首相菅直人处事还是比较冷静的。菅直人当局也要比前任政府公开透明的多。日本中央也是迅速做出反应,出动流动资金,避免灾害殃及金融业。201103/129760

Obama Calls for Overhaul of Financial Sector美希望加强监管但不会国有化  U.S. President Barack Obama says it is time to overhaul the rules governing the nation's financial sector. The Obama administration says that while it wants tighter regulations, it has no plans to nationalize banks. 美国总统奥巴马指出,现在是全面整顿管理国家金融体系法规的时候了。奥巴马政府表示,尽管白宫希望加强监管,但没有将国有化的计划。One day after a speech to the nation on his economic plan, President Obama weighed in on the need to set new rules for America's ailing financial sector. 奥巴马总统向全国发表经济计划演讲的第二天,又强调指出为美国问题重重的金融领域制定新法规的必要性。"We now know from painful experience that we can no longer sustain 21st century markets with 20th century regulations," said President Obama. 奥巴马说:“痛苦的经历使我们认识到,我们再也不能用20世纪的法规维持21世纪的市场了。”The president spoke after meeting with his top economic advisors and leading members of the two Congressional financial committees. 奥巴马是在会晤他的高级经济顾问和国会两个财政委员会主要成员之后说这番话的。Mr. Obama said the process of drafting the necessary legislation to put tougher financial regulations in place starts now. He said the aim is clear. 奥巴马指出,起草必要的议案、实施更严格的金融法规,就从现在开始。他说,这样做的目的很明确。"Strong financial markets require clear rules of the road - not to hinder financial institutions, but to protect consumers and investors and ultimately to keep those financial institutions strong," he said. 奥巴马说:“坚挺的金融市场需要明确的行为规范,这不是为了妨碍金融机构的运转,而是为了保护消费者和投资人,并最终保持金融机构的健康。”He said new regulations must promote openness and transparency. He said they must be comprehensive and promote accountability. 奥巴马指出,新的法规必须促进开放和透明,必须是全面的,而且要明确责任。Congressional leaders say there is no hard timetable for completing the legislation, insisting that it is more important to do the job right than to do it fast. 国会领袖表示,现在没有完成立法的硬性时间表,他们强调说,把事情做好要比做快更重要。But President Obama makes clear he would like to have a regulation plan in hand when he goes to London for the April 2 summit of the world's leading developed and emerging economies. 但是奥巴马总统明确表示,他希望4月2日前往伦敦出席世界主要发达国家和新兴经济体首脑会议之前拿到有关新法规的计划。"As we work to set high regulatory standards here in the ed States, we have to challenge other countries around the world to do the same," he said. 他说:“我们在美国努力制定高管理标准的时候,必须要求世界其他国家也这样做。”The president acknowledged that drafting the necessary legislation will be difficult. But he predicted that Democrats and Republicans will be able to come together on this issue.  奥巴马总统承认,起草必要的立法议案是困难的,但是他预计民主党和共和党人能够坐在一起讨论这个问题。Representative Spencer Baucus, the top Republican on the House of Financial Services Committee, agrees. 国会众议院金融务委员会资深共和党议员斯潘塞.鲍卡斯同意奥巴马的看法。"This is too important to fail," he said. "And it is too important for partisanship." 他说:“这项工作太重要了,不能失败,不能有党派色。”The White House push for financial services reform comes amidst worries that the administration might go further and nationalize troubled banks. 白宫推动金融系统改革的同时,有人担心,奥巴马政府可能会再进一步,把有问题的国有化。But in congressional testimony on Wednesday, central bank chairman Ben Bernanke played down the possibility of a government takeover. 但是美联储主席伯南克星期三在国会作时降低了政府接管的可能性。"A nationalization to my mind is when the government seizes the bank, zeros out the shareholders and begins to manage and run the bank," he said. "And we don't plan anything like that." 他说:“在我看来,国有化就是政府没收,赶走股东,然后开始经手管理这家。我们不打算采取任何这类行动。”At the same time, the Treasury Department announced that the nation's biggest banks would be granted immediate access to more of the federal government's 0 billion financial rescue fund. 与此同时,财政部宣布,美国最大的几家很快将从联邦政府7千亿美元金融救助资金中得到更多的拨款。02/63412

Back at the explosives lab, examiners use a high-tech instrument called a Raman spectrometer, a device that determines if a package contains explosive material. With the Raman, what we are doing is that we are using, a, a light source to go into the container and actually get a spectrum off of the substance inside the container. There we're actually able to examine a suspected explosive substance without even having to open the container. And that's great for in the laboratory when you don't wanna put yourself at risk any further than you have to. At the federal building in Oklahoma City, no secondary devices are found. But while the nation is horrified at the carnage. The Explosives is quickly searching the wreckage for evidence to be used in a test called: residue analysis. This helps the FBI determine what chemicals fuel the blast. First thing that happens is... is that the part of our unit that does the residue analysis takes the evidence, extracts anything that they can find from there that would help them identify the explosives. Within hours, residue analysis pinpoints a key piece of evidence. There we were fortunate that we actually did find a piece of debris that had some of the ammonium nitrate prills that were still embedded in it. And from those prills, we were able to conclude that it was an ammonium nitrate based explosive. From these findings the FBI concludes that a fertilizer bomb was used in the most deadly terrorist attack on US soil. Now the search for a suspect begins. The challenge for the Explosives is to determine how the massive bomb was brought to the scene. If it's a very large bombing, it's probably gonna be a vehicle. So we wanna try to identify that vehicle as quickly as we can. And here you can see some pieces that we did in a test with a vehicle. And you can just see the extent to which these are mangled by the explosion. Within a short time, investigators located the axle of a truck that was blown nearly 600 feet away from the federal building. From that axle, the bomb technicians who were at the scene were able to very quickly identify it as having come from the bomb vehicle, and then they were able to give that information to other investigators who tracked it back to the rental facility. In less than a day, suspected bomber Timothy McVeigh is taken into custody. But examiners investigating the murder of the New Jersey ad executive are not so lucky. With no sign of a suspect, they focus their attention on the bomb itself and begin a process known as device analysis. When we're doing an analysis of a device, what we were trying to do is simply to identify the components found there, and trying to see if we can figure out how they were put together, how they worked, or in some cases, how they didn't work?Raman spectrometer: a device to analyze the intensity of Raman scattering of monochromatic light (单色光) as a function of frequency of the scattered light; the information obtained is useful for determining molecular structure12/93048

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