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长春省妇幼保健院做人流North and South Korea have held high-level talks for the first time in nearly two years, with both sides expressing a desire to improve long-strained ties.朝鲜和韩国举行了近两年来的首次高层会谈,双方都表示愿意改善长期以来的紧张关系。The vice ministerial-level meeting was held Friday at the Kaesong industrial complex, just north of the tense demilitarized zone separating the two countries.这次副部长级会谈于星期五在开城工业园区举行。开城工业园区位于朝鲜半岛非军事区的北方一侧。South Korean Vice Unification Minister Hwang Boo-gi and his North Korean counterpart, Jon Jong Su, struck an optimistic tone as they shook hands at the beginning of the dialogue.韩国统一部副部长黃富起和朝鲜和平统一委员会书记局副局长田钟秀在会谈开始时握手,显示了乐观的态度。There is no official agenda for the talks, and no significant breakthroughs are expected, though each side is thought to have clear goals.这次会谈没有正式议事日程,外界也不期待会谈将取得重大突破,不过据信双方都有各自明确的目的。Pyongyang is expected to push for the resumption of South Korean tours to its scenic Mount Kumgang resort. The South canceled the tours in 2008 after a South Korean was killed there.预计平壤将敦促首尔恢复韩国人对朝鲜旅游胜地金刚山的观光活动008年一名韩国人在金刚山被杀后,首尔取消了前往该地区的观光。Seoul wants the North to agree to more frequent reunions between North and South Koreans separated by the two countries 1950s conflict. The last such meeting was held in October.首尔希望平壤同意更经常地安排韩战离散家庭团聚活动。上次团聚活动是10月举行的。来 /201512/415500长春市妇保医院网上在线咨询 桦甸妇女医院妇科预约

吉林省妇保医院门诊收费Australia’s political leaders sought to reassure the public about their safety on Tuesday as the country began to come to terms with a “lone wolfattack in Sydney that led to the deaths of three people, including the gunman.澳大利亚政治领导人周二希望缓解公众对于自身安全的担忧,该国开始认定悉尼人质事件是一次“独狼lone wolf)行动。该事件导致包括手本人在内人死亡。The violent end to a siege at the Lindt café follows the enactment by Canberra of some of the toughest antiterrorism laws in the developed world amid heightened concerns of an attack by radicalised Islamist fighters.在警方对瑞士莲巧克力咖啡Lindt Chocolat Café)展开强攻结束此次事件之前,澳大利亚实施了发达国家一些最为严厉的反恐法律,国际社会对于伊斯兰激进武装分子发动袭击的担忧日益加剧。“Australians should be reassured by the way our law enforcement and security agencies responded to this brush with terrorism,said Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister. “Tragically, there are people in our community y to engage in politically motivated violence.”“澳大利亚人应对我们执法部门和安全机构应对这种恐怖主义事件的方式感到放心,”澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿Tony Abbott)表示,“可悲的是,我们社会中有人准备参与有政治动机的暴力行为。”Police said they were still trying to ascertain the motives behind the attack by Man Haron Monis, 50, an Iranian refugee who was on bail facing charges of sexual assault and was known for sending hate letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed overseas.警方表示,他们仍在确0岁的伊朗难民#8226;哈龙#8226;莫尼Man Haron Monis)劫持人质的动机。莫尼斯是一名面临多起性侵指控的保释人员,曾因向在海外阵亡的澳大利亚军人的家属发送仇恨信件而出名。Armed with a shotgun, Monis took 17 people hostage early on Monday morning in the café, which is in the heart of one of Sydney’s busiest financial and shopping districts.周一早晨,手持猎的莫尼斯在这家咖啡厅绑架了17名人质,这家咖啡厅位于悉尼最繁忙的金融和购物区之一的核心地带。According to local media reports, Monis’s demands during the siege, made via messages spoken by hostages, included being given a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as Isis.据当地媒体报道,莫尼斯在被警方包围时通过视频由人质提出其要求,包括给他们一面“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)旗帜。Security analysts said it was unlikely he had formal ties with Isis, or had received any training from terrorists.安全分析人士表示,他不太可能与Isis有正式关联,也不太可能接受过恐怖主义者的训练。Amid fears the incident could provoke an increase in Islamaphobic attacks, Muslim community leaders stressed Monis acted alone and was not a terrorist.外界担心,对这类事件的担忧可能会导致袭击伊斯兰事件增多,但穆斯林社区领导人强调,莫尼斯是单独行动,不是一名恐怖分子。Mr Abbott said there “were lessons to be learntfrom the siege in Sydney and that the incident would be thoroughly studied by the authorities.阿特表示,我们可以从此次悉尼人质事件中“吸取教训”,政府将彻查该事件。One of the questions facing the authorities is why Monis was free on bail despite facing serious charges as accessory to murder and sexual assault. New South Wales recently tightened its bail laws and the federal government has enacted strict laws to detain people suspected of being engaged in terrorism.澳大利亚政府面临的一个问题是,莫尼斯为何在面临多项严重罪名指控下可以获得保释,其中包括协助他人谋杀和性侵,新南威尔士最近加强了保释法,联邦政府也实施了严格法律,拘留涉嫌参与恐怖活动的人员。Muslim groups say the government should invest more in programmes to combat radicalisation rather than introducing tough security laws that can alienate young people.穆斯林组织表示,政府应更多致力于遏制极端主义的计划,而不是出台更为严苛的安全法律,这可能会与让年轻人更有距离感。来 /201412/349412 Tax refunds for foreigners海外游客享退税As the State Council introduced nationwide tax refund policy in January became operational this week, tourists from foreign countries and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have lived on the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days will be eligible for a rebate of 11% on consumer goods.国务月份引入的全国性退税政策于本周得以实施,自此,在中国大陆连续居住不超过183天的外国游客和港澳台旅客可得到消费品金额11%的退税。The minimum purchase to qualify for a tax refund is RMB500 at any one store in a day.据悉,退税的最低标准是同一日在同一退税商店购买的物品达到500元人民币。According to experts, the biggest problem the policy faces is that most foreign tourists do not come to China to buy well-known brands.专家表示,此政策执行的最大困难在于大多数外国游客到中国的初衷并非是购买名牌产品。来 /201506/380418吉林省一院的信誉长春哪里做人流比较安全




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