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Github, an online forum for software developers that also hosts tools used by Chinese internet users to bypass censorship, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe originated in China.软件开发人员在线论坛网站Github遭遇强劲网络攻击,安全专家相信这次网络攻击源自中国。目前,Github网站上托管着中国互联网用户可用来绕开中国国内审查机制的工具软件。The San Francisco-based start-up said it was experiencing the largest denial-of-service attack in its history, as cyber criminals bombarded the site with traffic in an attempt to take it offline.这家总部驻旧金山的初创公司表示,该网站正经历建站以来最大规模的“拒绝务”(DoS)攻击。所谓拒绝务攻击,是指网络罪犯通过巨大的流量轰炸某个特定网站,以使其下线的网络攻击方法。In a blog post, the company said the attack had started on Thursday and involved a “wide combination of attack vectors”, including “sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood github.com with high levels of traffic”.该公司在一篇客文章中表示,这次网络攻击始于周四,“参与的攻击媒介涵盖范围极广”,使用了“十分复杂的新技术,通过受信任的无辜人群的网络浏览器,以极高流量水平冲击了github.com网站”。The company said that based on reports it had received, “we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content”.该公司表示,根据它已收到的相关报告,“我们相信此次攻击的意图是说我们移除特定类别的内容”。The privately owned company would not specify what content was being targeted. The site is mainly used by software engineers and start-ups to store and collaborate on their work.这家私人控股的公司不会透露具体要求移除的内容是什么。目前,使用该网站的主要是软件工程师和初创企业,他们用它存储其工作内容并开展相互合作。But it also contains copies of some websites banned in China, including a page run by Greatfire.org that helps Chinese internet users circumvent government censorship.不过,该网站还托管着部分中国被封网站的拷贝,其中包括Greatfire.org网站运营的一个网页。Greatfire.org是一家帮助中国互联网用户绕开政府审查机制的网站。Security experts said the attack appeared to have originated in China, with the web browsers of foreign visitors to Baidu.com, the Chinese search engine, stealthily redirected to Github, overwhelming the site with traffic.多名安全专家表示,此次攻击似乎源自中国,中国搜索引擎百度网站(Baidu.com)的外国访问者的浏览器被隐秘地重定向至Github网站,从而令该网站的流量超过其承受能力。Github was temporarily blocked in China in 2013.2013年,Github网站在中国曾被临时封禁。Adam Fisk of Getlantern.org, a site that provides tools for bypassing China’s “Great Firewall” and hosts its installers on Github, said this kind of DDOS attack could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, and might be aimed at putting pressure on Github to take down content that could not be blocked wholesale because Github is widely used by China’s technology industry.Getlantern.org网站的亚当#8226;菲斯克(Adam Fisk)表示,这种分布式拒绝务攻击(DDoS)一天就会令企业蒙受数十万美元损失。采取这种攻击方式可能旨在向Github施加压力,迫使该网站取下无法被封禁的内容。由于中国高科技产业也在广泛使用Github网站,从整体上将该网站封禁并不可行。“Github is hugely important to the whole internet, it’s where everyone keeps their code,” Mr Fisk said. “The more disturbing strategy shift this represents is that the Chinese are going after sites such as Github not through blocking but through denial of service attacks. It seems like what they are doing is trying to bend Github to their will, to intimidate them.”菲斯克表示:“Github对整个互联网都至关重要,所有人都把代码放在该网站上。这次攻击显示出,中国人正通过拒绝务实施攻击而不是封禁对付这类网站,从而将其策略转向更偏重扰乱对方运作的方式。他们的目的看起来似乎是试图恐吓Github网站,以便让该网站按照他们的意志行事。”Github has managed to keep much of the site live during the attack. It has published regular status updates showing the attention of the hackers switching between different parts of the forum and the highest levels of traffic flooding the system in waves.在此次攻击期间,Github成功地保持了网站大部分内容的运作。该网站发布了一份例行状态更新,显示出黑客的注意力在网站不同部分间不断转移,冲击其系统的最高流量水平也时高时低。The US has accused the Chinese People’s Liberation Army of hacking into American websites, with the FBI recently investigating an attack on Register.com, which manages website addresses, according to people familiar with the probe. The Chinese military denies the accusation and insists it is a victim in the recent global surge in cyber warfare.美国曾指控中国人民解放军(PLA)攻击美国网站。知情人士表示,美国联邦调查局(FBI)最近曾对管理网址的Register.com网站遭遇的网络攻击开展过调查。中国军方否认了这一指控,坚称他们是近期全球网络战激增的受害者。 /201504/367533

  Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stick with devices.全球最大的个人计算机销售商联想(Lenovo),正在摒弃被其董事长兼首席执行官杨元庆称为用内容补贴设备的“所谓的新业务模式”,将专注于设备。Speaking yesterday, Mr Yang said Lenovo — which has made the jump into smartphones — would focus on developing devices with voice recognition.杨元庆昨日在发表讲话时表示,已大举进军智能手机业务的联想,将致力于研发具有语音识别功能的设备。The strategy, designed to carry the company into the post-smartphone era, is a test of Lenovo’s ability to evolve from its roots as the grandfather of China tech — it was founded in 1984 — to a landscape ruled by nimbler, rapidly developing rivals.该战略旨在将联想带入后智能手机时代,它将考验创建于1984年的联想作为中国科技行业一家元老级公司,能否适应由更灵活和快速发展的竞争对手主导的环境?Upstart Xiaomi, for example, last year became the largest seller of smartphones in China, based on a savvy internet-first marketing strategy and using content to sell phones.例如,借助精明的互联网优先营销策略,并利用内容来销售手机,手机新贵小米去年成为中国智能手机销量最高的公司。Lenovo executives privately chafe at the comparison, but the numbers illustrate the new order. Based on its last funding round, Xiaomi is worth bn — roughly three times Lenovo’s market capitalisation — despite the fact that it has less than one-third of the PC maker’s sales.联想高管私下里对这种对比感到不满,但数据揭示了新秩序。按照最近一轮的融资,小米的估值达到450亿美元,差不多是联想市值的3倍,尽管其销售额不足联想的三分之一。“We’re going to show the world that innovation still matters,” Mr Yang said in an interview with the Financial Times at Lenovo’s inaugural Tech World expo in Beijing, where it unveiled a new logo.联想在北京举行了首届“联想科技创新大会”(Lenovo Tech World),并在会上发布了新的标识。杨元庆在会上接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“我们将向全世界表明,创新仍至关重要。”“This is particularly important in China, where all the players are just focusing on the so-called new business model, to use the content and services to subsidise hardware.“它在中国尤其重要。在中国,所有公司只是聚焦于所谓的新业务模式,使用内容和务来补贴硬件。”“We will tell the market and the world that this is not the only thing you should be focusing on. We should still focus on innovation, we should still focus on technology.”“我们将告诉市场乃至世界,这不是你应该聚焦的唯一事情。我们仍应该聚焦于创新,我们仍应该聚焦于技术”。Lenovo, which announced results last week, missed fiscal-year profit targets on the back of softening smartphone sales, and took its first tentative steps into the new era when it launched its first “wearable” internet device, a fitness band, in January.联想上周发布了财报,由于智能手机销售不佳,该公司未能实现本财年的利润目标。联想在今年1月发布了一款智能腕带,这是其首款“可穿戴”互联网设备,从而向这个新时代试探性地迈出了第一步。However, Mr Yang is candid regarding the fact that the company is still considering how best to tackle the new era following the smartphone boom of the past few years.然而,杨元庆坦承,经过过去几年的智能手机蓬勃发展,该公司仍在考虑如何最好地应对这个新时代。He was also short on specifics about timing and nature of devices, but cited a five-pronged “smart connectivity” strategy focusing on voice-activated devices, services and access to personal data.他也没有透露推出新款设备的时机和性质,但指出了致力于语音操作设备、务以及个人数据获取的5点“智能互联”战略。Many smartphone makers have begun to emulate the Xiaomi model, as have content producers. Lenovo’s -streaming company LeTV launched smartphones based on the principle of hardware being a content “gateway”.许多智能手机制造商开始效仿小米模式,内容制作商同样如此。联想旗下的视频流公司乐视(LeTV)基于硬件是内容“门户”的原则推出智能手机。Mr Yang cited Amazon’s foray into the device business, as well as Google Nexus phones, to support his scepticism.杨元庆以亚马逊(Amazon)进军设备业务以及谷歌(Google)推出Nexus手机来表明自己的怀疑是合理的。“I don’t think that by now that model [Xiaomi’s] is a proven model,” he said. “They’re still a smartphone company. They’re not a content company.”他说:“我认为到现在为止(小米的)那种模式还不是经过验的模式。它们仍是一家智能手机公司,它们不是内容公司。”He added that Lenovo had learned some lessons.他补充称,联想已汲取了一些教训。“When the internet becomes more and more popular, we must pay attention to how to leverage the internet to transform our business model. Lenovo is definitely also working on that.“当互联网越来越流行的时候,我们必须重视如何利用互联网转变我们的业务模式。联想肯定也在这方面努力。”“Obviously we think the people need both the device and the content, but different companies have different expertise and should focus on different things.#8201;“显然,我们认为人们既需要设备,也需要内容,但不同的公司有不同的专长,理应致力于不同的事情。”“We should definitely focus on the devices and co-operate with content and service providers to ensure that our customers have the best experience.”“我们当然应该致力于设备,并与内容和务提供商合作,以确保我们的客户有最佳的体验。” /201506/378121

  On Monday, Sony sold its online gaming division to New York investment management firm Columbus Nova for an undisclosed sum. The game publisher that was once known as Sony Online Entertainment—SOE to game-industry insiders—is now operating under the name Daybreak Game Company. John Smedley, its president, will remain and its development teams will be kept intact.本周一,索尼将其网络游戏部门卖给了纽约一家名为Columbus Nova的投资管理公司,交易金额并未披露。索尼在线公司(SOE)现改名为黎明游戏公司。该公司总裁约翰o史沫特莱将继续留任,其研发团队也将保留不动。Why would Sony SNE 10.90% ditch its in-house game maker? Because it’s no longer a strategic asset for Sony, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. The company, which launched in 1996 as part of Sony’s 989 Studios, was built to develop and run subscription-based massively multiplayer online, or MMO, games. In recent years, the online game industry has transitioned to a free-to-play business model requiring game makers to give the games away and generate revenue through in-game micro-transactions. Few game publishers outside of Activision Blizzard ATVI -0.65% with itsWorld of Warcraft franchise have been able to maintain a subscription model with all the free online competition.索尼为什么要抛弃自家的游戏开发部门?韦德布什券公司分析师迈克尔o帕切认为,对于索尼来说,它已经不再是一笔战略资产。这家公司成立于1996年,是索尼旗下989家工作室的一份子,主要开发和运行大型多玩家在线游戏(MMO)。近年来,在线视频游戏行业已经过渡到一种免费的业务模式,游戏开发商需要先给玩家免费提供游戏,然后通过游戏内的各种小交易来盈利。除了暴雪公司出品的《魔兽世界》之外,很少有其他游戏制作商能够在众多免费网游的围剿中继续维系订购模式。“Unfortunately, free-to-play is growing most rapidly on phones and tablets, and SOE wasn’t there because those aren’t really core Sony products,” Pachter says. “SOE didn’t support any of Sony’s consumer electronics businesses, so it was easy to sell.”帕切表示:“不幸的是,免费增值模式在智能手机和平板电脑上增长得最快,而SOE并没有进入移动领域,因为这类游戏算不上是索尼的核心产品。SOE对索尼的任何消费电子业务都形不成持,所以它很容易被卖掉。”Pachter believes that Sony was approached by Columbus Nova, which has over billion of assets through its own funds and affiliated portfolio companies, without it having to shop around the business. Sony likely got a fair amount for the division, he adds, though none of the analysts interviewed by Fortune for this story were able to provide even a ballpark figure for the price that Columbus Nova may have paid. All of the analysts agreed, however, that the additional cash will help Sony increase its investment in higher priority areas of the company.帕切相信,应该是Columbus Nova公司主动联系索尼,洽谈这笔收购业务。这家投资管理公司通过旗下的基金和投资的企业,总共掌握着150亿美元的资产。他还认为,索尼很可能卖了一个好价钱,但《财富》记者采访的几位分析师都无法提供这笔交易的大致价格。但所有分析师都认为,这笔钱将有助于索尼加大向公司内部其它更重要领域的投资。The sale of SOE does not remove Sony from the online games business entirely. Though the division represented a large portion of Sony’s online revenue, the company remains active in digital goods through its PlayStation 4 console, says EEDAR analyst Sartori Bernbeck.EEDAR公司分析师萨尔多里o伯恩贝克表示,卖掉SOE并不等于索尼彻底放弃网络游戏业务。虽然该公司贡献了索尼在线业务相当大的一部分收益,但它的活跃范围也仅限于索尼的PlayStation 4游戏机。“It’s likely that this move illustrates Sony’s focus on doubling down on its effort to promote and grow its first party platforms as a primary concern over continuing PC development,” Bernbeck says. “We at EEDAR expect Sony to continue to grow and develop their digital and online efforts on first party platforms with continued titles that take advantage of online services and new business models such as free-to-play games.”“完成这笔交易后,索尼很可能将以更大的力度推动和发展它的第一方平台,对其重视程度恐怕将超过拓展PC业务,” 伯恩贝克说。“我们EEDAR公司认为,索尼将继续在其第一平台上发展数码和在线业务,并利用免费增值等在线务和新的业务模式继续推出新游戏。”At an event in Las Vegas in December, Sony’s internal San Diego Studios debuted its first free-to-play game, Kill Strain, which pits teams of five verses two verses five players in shooting action. Sony plans to announce other free games at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles in June.去年12月,在的一场活动上,索尼旗下的圣地亚哥工作室推出它的首款免费增值游戏《Kill Strain》,这是一款“5V2V5”的多人对战射击游戏。索尼还计划在今年六月的洛杉矶E3展会上继续推出其它免费游戏。The sale of SOE this month echoes another strategic divestment from a year ago: the sale of Sony’s Vaio PC business to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners. In that deal, Sony sought to move away from the declining PC business and toward the booming smartphone and tablet business. Sony Online Entertainment showed its corporate parent that it could make successful games—DC Universe Online, Planetside 2—for the PlayStation 4 and not just the PC. Now it can follow that blueprint on its own.索尼本月卖掉SOE,与一年前的另一次资产剥离遥相呼应:一年前,索尼将Vaio电脑业务卖给了投资基金日本产业合作伙伴公司。通过这笔交易,索尼摆脱了江河日下的PC业务,迈进了蓬勃发展的智能手机和平板电脑市场。SOE公司已经向索尼展示了它有能力为PlayStation 4和PC平台制作成功的游戏产品,比如《DC漫画英雄在线》、《星际2》等等。现在,它只能独立追寻自己的梦想了。(财富中文网) /201502/360131。

  Ratan Tata, the Indian industrialist, has invested an undisclosed sum in China’s biggest smartphone maker, Xiaomi, giving a boost to the company’s Indian expansion plans.印度实业家拉丹#8226;塔塔(Ratan Tata)向中国最大智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)进行了一笔金额不详的投资,此举对小米的印度扩张计划是个提振。“India is our biggest market outside of mainland China and also an extremely important one. Our goal is to become number one in the next three to five years and we are keen on partnerships here,” said Bin Lin, Xiaomi co-founder and president, in a statement.小米联合创始人、总裁林斌在一份声明中表示:“印度是我们在中国内地以外最大的市场,也是一个极其重要的市场。我们的目标是在未来3至5年中成为老大,我们热衷于在那里建立合作伙伴关系。”Since his retirement in 2012 as chairman of industrial conglomerate the Tata group, Mr Tata has become an active venture investor in Indian e-commerce start-ups. Mr Tata, whose current title is chairman emeritus of Tata, made the investment with his personal wealth and the stake will be held independent of the group.2012年塔塔从综合产业集团塔塔集团(Tata Group)董事长职位退休以后,成为了一名风险投资者,积极投资于印度的电商初创企业。他现在的头衔是塔塔集团荣誉董事长,他对小米的投资用的是私人财富,所购得的股份将独立于塔塔集团持有。The announcement on Saturday follows a visit to India by Xiaomi last week. During the visit, former Google executive Hugo Barra, now Xiaomi’s vice-president for international operations, unveiled the company’s newest handset, the Mi 4i, which will sell for INR12,999 (4).上述消息于上周六宣布,在那之前,小米上周访问了印度。在那次访问中,谷歌(Google)前高管、现任小米国际业务副总裁的雨果#8226;巴拉(Hugo Barra),发布了该公司最新款手机Mi 4i,预定售价为12999印度卢比(合204美元)。It is the first phone that Xiaomi has launched outside China. Localised versions of the Mi 4i will also be begin selling in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong next month.这是小米在海外发布的首款手机。下个月,马来西亚、印尼、新加坡、台湾和香港也将开售本地化版本的Mi 4i。Xiaomi controlled 4 per cent of India’s smartphone market in the fourth quarter last year, according to market researcher IDC. Market leader Samsung controlled 22 per cent, followed by Indian vendors Micromax, Intex and Lava. Smartphone penetration in India trails that of China, leaving room for fast growth.市场研究公司IDC数据显示,去年第四季度,小米在印度智能手机市场占有4%的份额。印度市场领导者三星(Samsung)占有22%的份额,之后是印度供应商Micromax、Intex和Lava。印度的智能手机普及率低于中国,这为快速增长留下了空间。Xiaomi raised .1bn late last year in a venture capital funding round that valued the company at bn. The company has used a viral marketing campaign to sell its high-spec, low-cost smartphones and vault over more established manufacturers to become the market leader in China.小米去年晚些时候在一轮风投融资中筹得11亿美元,使该公司的估值达到450亿美元。该公司一直使用病毒式营销来出售自己的高配置、低价格的智能手机,一跃超过一些更老牌的制造商,坐上了中国市场头号交椅。The company has also branched out into online music and internet-enabled set-top boxes that act as a substitute for cable TV.该公司还将业务扩展至在线音乐和可取代有线电视的互联网机顶盒。Xiaomi’s expansion plans in India hit a snag in December when the Delhi High Court banned the company from selling smartphones pending a further hearing on alleged patent infringement against Swedish technology group Ericsson. The ban has since ended.去年12月,小米在印度的扩张计划遇到了难题。当时德里高院(Delhi High Court)对小米智能手机下达了禁售令,等待其就有关小米侵犯瑞典科技公司爱立信(Ericsson)专利的指控进行进一步庭审。该禁令后来被撤销。 /201504/372178

  If you are watching computer-generated mayhem in the latest action film or scrolling rapidly on your smartphone, you may start to feel a little off. Maybe it is a dull headache or dizziness or creeping nausea.如果你正在观看最新的动作片中由电脑特效制作出来的混乱场面或者快速滚动智能手机的屏幕,你可能会开始觉得有点不舒:或许是隐隐的头痛,又或许是头晕或者犯恶心。And no, it is not something you ate.不,这并不是你吃了什么不对劲的东西的缘故。A peculiar side effect of the 21st century is something called digital motion sickness or cybersickness. Increasingly common, according to medical and media experts, it causes a person to feel woozy, as if on a boat in a churning sea, from viewing moving digital content.这只是21世纪的一个奇特的副作用,叫做数码动晕症(digital motion sickness),通俗地称之为“晕屏幕”(cybersickness)。医学和媒体专家称,这种人因为观看活动的数码媒体内容而感到头昏眼花,有如乘船在大海上颠簸的现象正越来越普遍。“It’s a fundamental problem that’s been kind of been swept under the carpet in the tech industry,” said Cyriel Diels, a cognitive psychologist and human factors researcher at Coventry University’s Center for Mobility and Transport in England. “It’s a natural response to an unnatural environment.”“这个重要的问题可以说在高新技术产业一直被掩盖,”英格兰考文垂大学(Coventry University)交通及运输中心(Center for Mobility and Transport)的认知心理学家和人为因素研究员西里尔·迪尔斯(Cyriel Diels)说。“它是对不自然环境的一种自然反应。”Digital motion sickness, known among medical professionals as visually induced motion sickness, stems from a basic mismatch between sensory inputs, said Steven Rauch, medical director of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center and professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School.马萨诸塞州眼耳平衡和前庭中心(Massachusetts Eye and Ear Balance and Vestibular Center)的医务主任、哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)的耳鼻咽喉科教授史蒂文·劳赫(Steven Rauch)表示,在医学专业人士看来,数码动晕症是一种由视觉诱发的动晕症,其根源在于感官输入信号之间不匹配。“Your sense of balance is different than other senses in that it has lots of inputs,” he said. “When those inputs don’t agree, that’s when you feel dizziness and nausea.”“平衡感不同于其他感觉,它可以有很多输入途径,”他说。“当这些输入信号不一致时,你就会感到头晕和恶心。”In traditional motion sickness, the mismatch occurs because you feel movement in your muscles and joints as well as in the intricate coils of your inner ear, but you do not see it. That is why getting up on the deck of a ship and looking at the horizon helps you feel better.在传统的动晕症中,矛盾感来源于你的肌肉、关节以及内耳错综复杂的半规管系统都感觉到你正在运动,但你的眼睛却报告给你相反的结果。这也就是为什么你站到船的甲板上眺望地平线能改善你晕船症状的原因。But with digital motion sickness, it is the opposite. You see movement — like the turns and twists shown in a movie or game car chase — that you do not feel. The result is the same: You may have sensory conflict that can make you feel queasy.数码动晕症则恰恰相反。你明明看到自己在运动——例如你看到电影或视频游戏中的飞车追逐和转弯——可你的其他感官完全没有运动的感受。其结果与普通动晕症相同:感觉的冲突会让你觉得恶心。It can happen to anyone, even if you are someone who is not prone to motion sickness in cars, boats or airplanes. Various studies indicate it can affect 50 percent to 80 percent of people, depending on the fidelity of the digital content and how it is presented.任何人都可能发生这种情况,哪怕你平素并不容易晕车、晕船或晕机。众多研究表明,人群中晕屏幕者的比例高达50%到80%,具体取决于数码内容的保真度及其呈现方式。Studies show that women are more susceptible than men, as are those with a history of migraines or concussion. Anecdotally, researchers say that people with traits associated with the “Type A” personality — such as perfectionism or ambition — also seem to be more vulnerable. Nobody knows exactly why this might be, but one theory is that people with these traits may also have a tendency to be more alert and reactive to sensory inputs, similar to people who get migraines.研究显示,女性比男性更容易出现数码动晕症,有偏头痛或脑震荡史者对此也较为敏感。有趣的是,研究人员称,带有“A型”人格特质的人,如完美主义或雄心勃勃的人似乎也更可能出现这种症状。目前尚没有人确切地知道为什么会是这样,但有一种理论认为,具备这些特质的人可能对感觉输入信号更为警觉,反应也更大,这与偏头痛患者类似。Often symptoms are subtle. As a result, many people with digital motion sickness do not quite know what is causing their discomfort, typically chalking it up to stress, stomach upset, eyestrain or vertigo.数码动晕症的症状往往难以捉摸,所以很多患者都搞不清楚到底是什么原因造成了他们的不适感,而常常将其归咎于压力、胃不舒、眼睛疲劳或眩晕等。None of this is news to the military, which has long known about the sickness that even seasoned pilots can feel in flight simulators. And the problem has only gotten worse as simulators have gotten better with virtual reality and 3D imagery.不过,这在军队里倒算不上什么稀奇事,人们早就知道,在使用飞行模拟器时,就算是经验丰富的飞行员也可能会感觉恶心。随着模拟器的改进,虚拟现实和三维图像的实现,这个问题正变得越来越糟糕。It is the same sort of mind-bending artistry that is now pervading television and film and that even underlies the way the icons seem to float on your smartphone’s home screen. Quick cuts, rapid panning and first-person-view camera angles intensify the effect.与此相类似的还有在当下影视中十分常见的令人激动的技巧,甚至让你错觉智能手机上的图标是漂浮在主屏幕上的也是这类的把戏。飞速切换、快速平移和第一人称视角的镜头都会强化这种效应。“The idea is to get audiences to feel like participants in the action rather than outside observers of the action,” said Jonathan Weinstein, a former film producer and now a professor at the Kanbar Institute for Film and Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. “It makes viewers more connected to the story — or it makes them hurl because in a film there’s really no horizon to look at.”“我们想让观众感觉自己正身临其境,亲身参与,而不仅仅是作壁上观的局外人,”曾经的电影制片人,如今的纽约大学(New York University)Tisch艺术学院(Tisch School of the Arts)Kanbar影视研究院(Kanbar Institute for Film and Television)教授乔纳森·温斯坦(Jonathan Weinstein)说。“它让观众更容易融入故事当中——又或者说,更容易让你头晕目眩,毕竟电影里可没有‘地平线’来帮你调适。”Indeed, there is a website called MovieHurl.com that rates movies on how likely they are to make you feel sick. And mobile device and gamer forums are full of postings looking for advice on how to engage with the latest operating systems and interfaces without throwing up.事实上,还真有一个叫做MovieHurl.com的网站按照各部电影致人头晕恶心的程度给它们做了排名。而移动设备和玩家的论坛上也充斥着询问如何在玩转最新操作系统和界面的同时又不至于呕吐的求助帖。Apple had to add extra accessibility settings to its mobile operating system to allow users to tone down the visual stimuli. And executives at Oculus V.R., makers of the much-anticipated virtual reality headset Oculus Rift (the company was purchased by Facebook last year for billion), have said digital motion sickness is one of their biggest hurdles.苹果公司(Apple)不得不在其移动操作系统中额外添加了辅助功能设置,以降低对用户的视觉刺激。万众期待的虚拟现实耳机Oculus Rift的制造商Oculus VR公司(该公司已于去年被Facebook以20亿美元的价格收购)的高管表示,数码动晕症是令他们头痛不已的最大障碍之一。“The more realistic something is, the more likely you are going to get sick,” said Thomas Stoffregen, professor of kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, who has done extant research on digital motion sickness. “No one got sick playing Pac-Man.”“一个东西显得越真实,就越有可能让你感到恶心,”明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)的运动学教授,数码动晕症的研究者托马斯·施托夫雷根(Thomas Stoffregen)说。“谁都不会因为玩吃豆人而恶心”。Balance specialists said the problem can often be improved with habituation — watching, say, a chaotically cut film or playing a virtual reality game in short spurts just until the onset of mild symptoms, then recovering and repeating at specified intervals.平衡专家表示,这个问题一般可以通过习惯化来改善——比如,短时间地观看剪辑得乱七八糟的影片或者玩虚拟现实游戏,在你产生轻微症状之前就停下来,休息一下,然后再重复,如此以特定的时间间隔反复。“People usually respond well if we have them do it in a very controlled, conservative way,” said Lisa Heusel-Gillig, a physical therapist and neurological clinical specialist at the Emory Dizziness and Balance Center in Atlanta.“在以高度可控且非常保守的方式来进行上述习惯化训练时,人们通常反应不错。”亚特兰大Emory眩晕和平衡中心(Emory Dizziness and Balance Center)的物理治疗师及神经科临床专家莉莎·休塞尔-吉利格(Lisa Heusel-Gillig)说。But some experts wonder whether it is a good idea to train your brain to ignore conflicting sensory stimuli because it might inhibit your ability to react appropriately in the real world.但也有部分专家质疑训练大脑去忽视矛盾的感官刺激未必是个好主意,因为这可能会抑制你在现实世界中做出适当反应的能力。“There are certainly concerns, particularly when it comes to long term exposure,” said Kay Stanney, a human factors researcher in Orlando, Fla., who consults with the military and businesses on the design and use of virtual reality and other immersive technologies.“这样肯定会产生隐患,尤其是涉及长期接触的时候,”佛罗里达州奥兰多市的人为因素研究员凯·史丹尼(Kay Stanney)说。她是军方和企业在虚拟现实和其他沉浸式技术(immersive technologies,又译身临其境技术)的设计和使用领域的顾问之一。Dr. Stanney said her team has tested more than a thousand subjects in virtual reality sessions and has seen that the magnitude of aftereffects can be strong and long lasting. When study subjects returned to the real world,they had trouble with visual focusing, tracking images and hand-eye coordination.史丹尼士称,她的团队利用虚拟现实片段测试了一千多名受试者,发现其后遗症的效果强大且持久。当研究受试者返回现实世界时,他们在视觉聚焦、图像跟踪和手眼协调等方面都出现了问题。Dr. Stanney said her team also measured a fundamental shift in people’s postural stability.史丹尼士补充说,她的团队还发现这些人的姿态稳定性发生了根本性的转变。The worry is that a teenager, after several hours of playing a virtual reality game, might get behind the wheel of a car and have balance and vision impairments similar to being drunk. Lengthy viewing of high-definition televisions or scrolling wildly on a phone might also somehow alter people’s sense of equilibrium, making them more likely to trip and fall.最令人担忧的是,青少年很可能在玩了几个小时的虚拟现实游戏后接着就去开车,此时他很可能出现醉酒般的平衡和视觉障碍。长时间观看高清电视或快速滚动手机屏幕也可能以某种方式改变人们的平衡感,使他们更容易绊倒和摔跤。“Long-term studies need to be done to understand the full impact,” Dr. Stanney said. “In the military you can be grounded for up to 12 hours after a simulator session because they understand the aftereffects are real.”“想要全面地了解这些影响需要进行长期的研究,”史丹尼士说。“在军队里,飞行员在模拟器训练后最长会被停飞12个小时,因为他们都清楚这些副作用可不是唬人的。” /201602/425885

  There are no equivalents to highway codes, nutritional guidelines and movie-style ratings systems to help people make safe choices on the internet.人们要在互联网上做出安全的选择,没有像现实生活中交通法规、营养指南以及电影风格评级制度之类的东西作为参考。Many consumers feel hopeless and helpless, as retailers, healthcare providers and governments lose millions of records and hackers steal their identities to make fraudulent transactions. Senior businesspeople may be among the most at risk because of their wealth or because they may have access to commercially sensitive material.许多消费者感到绝望和无助,因为零售商、医疗务提供者及政府丢失了数以百万计的记录,而黑客窃取消费者的身份进行欺诈交易。高层商界人士属于风险最高的人士行列,原因在于他们的财富,或是因为他们可能有获得商业敏感材料的途径。Current forms of cyber security protection, particularly for individuals, are not keeping up with wily hackers, who are able to change tactics quickly.当前的网络安全保护形式(尤其对个人来说)跟不上能够快速改变策略的狡诈黑客。Jay Kaplan, chief executive of Synack, a security start-up, says people should prioritise monitoring how their information is being used, because they have to assume it has been stolen by someone.初创的网络安全企业Synack首席执行官杰伊愠湓灦(Jay Kaplan)说,人们应该着重监测他们的信息是如何被使用的,因为他们不得不假定自己的信息已经被别人窃取了。“It is inevitable,” he says. “Everyone needs to take a stance that eventually their information will be compromised unless they live under a rock and never share electronically. Even then, it is impossible, given they do things such as file tax returns.”“这是不可避免的,”他说。“每个人都需要认识到,他们的信息终究都会受到危害,除非他们生活在岩石下面,而且从不使用电子方式分享信息。即便这样,信息泄露也不可能避免,因为他们要做纳税申报之类的事情。”Regularly checking your personal credit rating is the best way to keep track of financial fraud, but it is harder to monitor how hackers are using healthcare data or how identification such as social security numbers in the US or national insurance numbers in the UK, that are used to access myriad sensitive accounts, may be being misused.定期检查自己的个人信用评级是发现金融欺诈的最好方法,但要监控黑客如何利用医疗数据或者那些用来访问大量敏感账户的身份信息(如美国的社会保障号码或英国的国民保险号码)如何被滥用要困难得多。Mr Kaplan says companies’ and government agencies’ dependence on this form of identification and other easily discoverable identifiers such as names, addresses and dates of birth, is archaic and no longer secure.卡普兰说,企业及政府机构对这种身份识别形式以及其他容易被发现的识别信息(如名字、地址和出生日期)的依赖是过时的、不安全的。He recommends companies come up with a more secure authentication system and that consumers use two-factor authentication, where a password is used in conjunction with another randomly created code, often sent by SMS or generated by an app.他建议企业使用一种更安全的身份验系统,消费者使用双重身份验——密码与随机创建的代码配合使用,后者通常由短信发送或由应用生成。Vince Steckler, chief executive of Avast, an antivirus software maker for consumers, says people become scared when they see thefts of individuals’ data from companies such as Target and Home Depot, the US retailers. But he adds they really need to worry about how much data they share voluntarily online.杀毒软件制造商Avast首席执行官文斯施特克勒(Vince Steckler)说,当看到个人信息被从美国零售商——如Target和家得宝(Home Depot)——那里被窃取时,人们会感到害怕。但他补充说,人们真正需要担心的是自己在网上自愿分享了多少数据。“Users probably give far more private information about themselves through their normal use of the internet —Facebook, WhatsApp, just about any kind of app on a phone or computer,” he says. “They give up a massive amount of personal information. The biggest threat to people’s privacy is just the legitimate stuff they are using.”“用户在日常使用互联网(Facebook、WhatsApp等手机或电脑中的任何一款应用)时,提供的私人信息可能还要多得多,”他说,“他们暴露了大量的个人信息。对人们的隐私威胁最大的是他们使用的合法工具。”Hackers often use publicly available data about people that is on the internet to “socially engineer” contacts, pretending to be someone users know or trust in order to get them to download an attachment or click on an infected link. Or they can use online information on friends and family members to answer the questions that might be used to access password codes.黑客经常利用在网上可以公开获得的个人数据来制造社交关系,假装是用户认识或者信任的某个人,为的是让他们下载一个附件或者点击一个有病毒的链接。或者,他们可以利用一个人的朋友和家人的网上信息回答可能被用于获取密码的问题。“On a public profile, people have where they are born, what university they went to, who their family members are, what city they live in. All that information can be used to get more private pieces of information such as social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers,” Mr Steckler says.“在公开简介中,人们透露出自己的出生地、读过的大学、家庭成员以及所居住的城市。所有这些信息都可以被用于获取更多的私人信息,如社会保障号码、家庭地址及电话号码,”施特克勒说。People should be aware of what information is available about them online and be suspicious when they receive emails from unknown senders. When clicking through to another site from an email, do not enter personal details as it could be a fake domain. Instead, search for the site on an independent search engine and log in from there.人们应该了解,自己的哪些信息在网上可以查到,并且在收到陌生人发送的邮件时应保持怀疑态度。当从电子邮件中点击链接进入另一个网站时,不要输入个人详细信息,因为该网站可能是一个假冒域名。你要做的是,在另一个独立搜索引擎上搜索该网站并从那里登录。Senior managers and executives in organisations may be even more at risk, cyber security experts warn, as hackers will presume they have good credit ratings or perhaps access to confidential work files while working remotely.网络安全专家警告称,组织中的高层管理人员可能面临更大风险,因为黑客会推测他们有很好的信用评级,或者在远程工作时可以访问机密的工作文件。Tony Anscombe, head of free products at AVG, a security software maker, says consumers need to think about forgoing some convenience in return for better security. When shopping online, he recommends people use the option to check out as a guest to restrict the number of ecommerce sites that store their details.网络安全软件制造商AVG免费产品主管托尼褠斯科姆(Tony Anscombe)说,消费者需要考虑放弃一些便利,以换取更好的安全性。上网购物时,他建议人们使用访客结账的选项,以限制电子商务网站存储他们详细信息的数量。“One of the first things I suggest to anyone is you can type in your credit card details each time you make a purchase. It is only a 16 digit number, it is not too complicated,” he says.“我对所有人的第一个建议是,每次网购,你都要输入一次自己的信用卡信息。只有16位数字,并不太复杂,”他说。He adds that consumers should use different email addresses for different purposes, such as shopping and banking, so hackers cannot match an email stolen from an ecommerce website to one from a bank. Emails from more than one address can be directed to the same device, so this should not be too inconvenient, he says.他补充说,针对不同的目的(如购物和办理业务),消费者应该使用不同的电子邮件地址,这样黑客就无法利用从电商网站偷来的电邮去匹配从窃取的电邮。可以从同一款设备发送多个不同地址的电邮,因此,这样做应该不会太麻烦。Other basic steps that Mr Anscombe recommends include checking your social media settings to make sure you know what you are sharing, turning off facial recognition so that you do not get tagged in photos without your permission and using different and complex passwords for each account.安斯科姆建议的其他基本措施包括,检查你的社交媒体设置,确保自己知道分享的内容;关掉面部识别功能,这样你就不会在未经自己许可的情况下被在照片中标注出自己的名字;每个账户要使用不同且复杂的密码。“Every time you write something down that is personal, think: Who is storing it, where is it being stored and why am I sending it to them?” he says.“你每次写下涉及个人隐私的信息,都要想一下:谁在存储它,存储在哪里,我为什么要发送给他们?”他说。 /201507/387353

  Apple’s iPhone juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down — at least where first-weekend sales are concerned.苹果(Apple)惊人的iPhone销售没有呈现放缓迹象——至少从首个周末的销量来看是这样。On Monday, Apple said it had sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices since they became available for sale on Friday, a record for first-weekend sales. That was up from the 10 million iPhones sold last year during the first weekend that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold.本周一,苹果公司表示,新的iPhone 6s和6s Plus从上周五开始发售以来共卖出了逾1300万部,创下了首个周末的销售记录。去年iPhone 6和6 Plus的首个周末销量为1000万部。Any increase in sales was most likely helped by the geography of the markets where the new iPhones became available. This year, the iPhones went on sale in a dozen countries and territories, including China, which is one of Apple’s biggest markets. Last year, China was not among the countries that sold the iPhone on the first weekend, apparently because the devices had not received approval from Chinese regulators.新iPhone销量增长的重要原因,可能是其首发市场的变化。iPhone今年的首发市场包括十几个国家和地区,其中就有苹果最大的市场之一中国。去年,中国不在iPhone的首发地区名单中,似乎是因为设备当时没有获得中国监管机构的批准。Adding China to the product introduction more than doubled the initial market size, according to Walter Piecyk, an analyst at BTIG Research. Jan Dawson, the chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, said he also expected first-weekend sales to be higher than last year because the period for ordering the new iPhones before their sale date was longer than that for the previous generation of the device.BTIG研究公司(BTIG Research)分析师沃尔特·皮西科(Walter Piecyk)表示,将中国加入首发地区名单使得初始市场规模增加了一倍多。穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)的首席分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,他也认为首个周末的销量会超过去年,因为与前一代产品相比,新iPhone从预定到销售相隔的时间要长一些。The sales numbers slightly outpaced some Wall Street estimates. Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital, projected that Apple would sell 13 million phones on the opening weekend, and he said that Wall Street had expected that Apple would sell about 12 million. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray had predicted sales of 12 million to 13 million.这一销售数据略微超过了华尔街的一些预测。FBR资本市场公司(FBR Capital Markets)分析师丹尼尔·艾夫斯(Daniel Ives)预计苹果在开售周末会卖出1300万部手机,他表示,华尔街认为苹果会售出大约1200万部。派杰投资研究公司(Piper Jaffray)分析师基尼·蒙斯特(Gene Munster)预计销量在1200万至1300万之间。First-weekend sales help indicate overall iPhone demand, an important measure given that the device accounts for the majority of Apple’s revenue. The initial sales also are a marker for how well the new smartphones may do during the end-of-year holiday season, which is typically the most significant sales period for consumer product companies.首个周末的销售数字在一定程度上反映了对iPhone的总体需求,是一个重要的衡量标准,因为iPhone为苹果带来了大部分收入。最初的销售状况也预示着新款iPhone智能手机在年终假日季的表现会有多好。对于个人消费品公司而言,年终假日季通常是最重要的销售时段。This year, UBS estimates that Apple will sell 78.4 million iPhones in the December quarter, up four million from last year, while FBR predicts the sale of 77 million iPhones.瑞银(UBS)预计,苹果在今年第四季度将会售出7840万部iPhone,比去年增加400万,而FBR资本市场预测,iPhone的销量将会达到7700万部。Over the weekend, people camped out in front of some Apple stores to buy the new iPhones, a trend that has become something of a tradition. To cut down on long wait times in line, Apple let people sign up online for time slots during which to pick up their phones in stores.周末期间,人们在一些苹果商店前露营,以便买到新款iPhone。这一潮流已经变成了某种传统。为了减少漫长的排队等候时间,苹果让顾客在网上预约,选好前往商店拿手机的时间段。Mr. Ives said he was at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Friday, where he saw about 1,100 customers in line for the 8 a.m. appointment slot and 500 more people walking in without appointments, which is more than he saw last year.艾夫斯表示,他周五去了位于曼哈顿第五大道的苹果商店,看到大约1100名顾客排队等待在上午8点的预约时段,还有500多名未经预约而来的顾客,这比他去年见到的人多。At the Apple store in the Grove mall in Los Angeles, customers stood in the 90-degree heat to collect their new phones. Store employees handed out free bottled water, packs of Capri Sun, fruit and granola bars and provided large umbrellas for shade.在位于洛杉矶格鲁夫购物中心的苹果商店,顾客们在华氏90度(约合32摄氏度)的高温下排队等候获取自己的新手机。商店员工分发了免费的瓶装水、可沛利(Capri Sun)饮料、水果燕麦棒,并提供大型遮阳伞。Late in the afternoon, the “Glee” TV star Lea Michele stopped by the Grove to pick up her phone: the iPhone 6s Plus in Apple’s new rose-gold color.接近傍晚时分,主演《欢乐合唱团》(Glee)的电视明星莱亚·米歇尔(Lea Michele)来到格鲁夫取走自己的手机:苹果新推出的玫瑰金iPhone 6s Plus。 /201510/401927



  The Silk丝绸The silk is the symbol of the anaent Chinese culture and the old silk in-dustry formed one of the glorious chapters in the history of the Chinese culture, making an indelible con-tribution to the development of the world cMlization. The Chinese silk is known throughout the world for its excellent qualities, exquisite colors and rich cultural connota-tions. Several thousand years ago, when the silk trade first reached Europe via the Silk Road,it brought with it not only the gor-geous silk apparel and decorcrtive items, but also the anaent and resplendent Oriental cMlization.From then on, silk was regarded as the emissary and symbol of the Oriental cMlization. The eadiest silk article discovered to date is approximately 4700 years old, un-earthed from a tomb dating from China’s Liangzhu Culture. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Silkworm Goddess appeared to the Yellow Emperor, the leg-endary ancestor of the Chinese people, after he vanquished his adversary Chi You.She presented him with silk fibers spun from her own mouth as a sign of respect.The Yellow Emperor ordered the fibers woven into cloth and made into the silk ap-parel, which he found exceedingly soft and comfortable. His wife Lei Zu searched until she found a type of caterpillar capable of spinning silk fibers from its mouth.She raised these silkworms by feeding them mulberry leaves she picked herself.Later generations came to worship Lei Zu as the Silkworm Goddess, and the Yellow Emperor as the God of Weaving. Sericulture, including cultivating the mulberry plant, raising silkworms, and producing silk fabric, was a fundamental form of la-bor throughout thousands of years in ancient China. China is the birthplace of seri-culture. Raising silkworms and reeling the silk from their cocoons was ancient China’s greatest achievement in the utilization of natural fibers.丝绸是中国古老文化的象征,中国古老的丝绸业为中华民族文化织绣了光辉的篇章,对促进世界人类文明的发展作出了不可磨灭的贡献。中国丝绸以其卓越的品质、精美的花色和丰富的文化内涵闻名于世。几千年前,当丝绸沿着古丝绸之路传向欧洲,它所带去的,不仅仅是一件件华美的饰、饰品,更是东方古老灿烂的文明。丝绸从那时起,几乎就成为了东方文明的传播者和象征。目前已知的最早丝织物,是出土于距今约4700年良诸文化的遗址。关于丝绸中国有一个悠远的传说:远古时代,黄帝打败了蚩尤,“蚕神”亲自将她吐的丝奉献出来以示敬意。黄帝命人将丝织成了绢,以绢缝衣,穿着异常舒。黄帝之妻嫘祖便去寻找能吐丝的蚕种,采桑饲蚕。后世民间崇奉嫘祖为养蚕的蚕神,黄帝为织丝的机神。采桑养蚕与制丝织绸,便成了中国古代社会几千年的基本劳作手段。中国是养蚕业的发源地,养蚕,缫丝是我国古代在纤维利用上最重要的成就。 /201601/410759


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