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As fears grew over a widening Ebola outbreak in west Africa, it was an unlikely company to which the world turned for help: Japan’s Fujifilm.A newcomer to the pharmaceutical industry, the Japanese rival of Eastman Kodak was thrust into global spotlight when its anti-influenza drug emerged as a potential treatment for Ebola patients.“If requested, we are y to quickly produce mass amounts,” said Shigetaka Komori, Fujifilm’s chief executive.The drug, called Avigan, helps block replication of viral genes within an infected cell, and was approved in Japan in March to treat influenza. Researchers have hopes it can work for a range of other diseases including Ebola, West Nile and Marburg virus.This month, a French nurse recovered from Ebola after being treated with Avigan, and the French and Guinean governments will begin clinical trials of the drug to treat Ebola from November.The company has a stockpile to treat 20,000 people and said this week that it will ramp up production from next month to meet overseas demand.Shares in the company are up 16 per cent since the first week of August, when news of the drug’s wider potential emerged.Fujifilm’s venture into medicine was part of a corporate makeover that began when its analogue film business crumbled with the advent of the digital age. Global demand for photo film peaked in 2000 and the market shrivelled to one-twentieth of its heyday by 2013.It was that year that Mr Komori, now 75 years old, became Fujifilm’s president and bulldozed through the radical – and often painful – changes that have proved vital for its survival.Under Mr Komori, Fujifilm branched out into pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which helped to cushion the fall of its photo film sales.In a reversal of fate, Kodak, the US arch-rival that Fujifilm had frantically chased after in the postwar period, filed for bankruptcy two years ago, unable to keep up with the industry’s changes.Fujifilm’s audacious transformation is now an often cited case study for executives looking to diversify their businesses. The company’s nimble turnround also trumped Japan Inc’s reputation for slow restructuring, underscored by Sony’s decade-long entrapment in layoffs and cost cuts.“You have to do it at one go. Or else it will take time and the wound will keep getting bigger,” Mr Komori said in an interview.Mr Komori carried out two major rounds of restructuring, one begun in 2006 to offset the decline of its photo film business and another from 2009 in the wake of the global financial crisis. That led to the loss or replacement of 10,000 jobs and a combined restructuring charge of more than Y350bn (.3bn).“Who’s going to oppose when the boat is about to sink? It’s better than sacrificing the entire company,” he says.翻译仅供参考:在埃拉病毒肆虐西非引发的恐惧日甚之时,国际社会似乎不会去向日本富士胶片(Fujifilm)这样的公司寻求帮助。然而,当富士胶片推出的一种抗流感药物被明或许能被用来抗击埃拉病毒时,这个制药行业的新手顿时成为全球瞩目的焦点。富士胶片首席执行官古森重隆( Shigetaka Komori)表示:“只要人们需要,我们已做好快速大批量生产的准备。”这种名为Avigan的药品有助于阻止受感染细胞中病毒基因的复制。今年3月,日本政府已批准将该药品用于治疗流感。研究人员希望这种药对于包括埃拉病毒、西尼罗河(West Nile)病毒和马尔堡(Marburg)病毒在内的一系列其他疾病也能奏效。这个月,一名法国护士在接受Avigan治疗后,从埃拉病毒感染中康复。从11月开始,法国政府和几内亚政府将就该药物治疗埃拉的效果开展临床试验。目前,富士胶片拥有的该药品库存能够为2万人提供治疗。就在本周,该公司表示将从下个月开始提高产量,以满足海外需求。这种药品可能可以治疗埃拉病毒感染的消息,是在今年8月份的头一周传出的。消息传出之后,该公司股价上升了16%。投资制药产业是富士胶片转型计划的一部分。模拟类胶片业务正因为数字时代的到来而走向末路。全球对胶卷的需求在2000年达到顶峰,随后便不断下滑。截至2013年,这一市场的规模已缩水到顶峰时期的二十分之一。正是在2000年,现年75岁的古森重隆担任了富士胶片的首席执行官,并开始大力推行激进而痛苦的改革。事实明,他的改革对富士胶片的生存至关重要。在古森的领导下,富士胶片启动了向制药产业和化妆品产业的多元化经营。这种策略帮助富士胶片缓冲了胶卷销售额的下滑。与富士胶片相反,作为该公司战后一直疯狂追赶的美国劲敌,柯达(Kodak)却因为不能适应产业的变化,在两年前申请破产。富士胶片首次进军制药产业是在上世纪80年代中期。当时,该公司胶卷销售强劲,前景欣欣向荣。作为第二次尝试,古森走了一条捷径:2008年,富士胶片通过一宗规模为16亿美元的交易,收购了亏损中的中型制药商富山化学(Toyama Chemical)。如今,富士胶片的医疗保健业务(其中包括制药、化妆品及医疗设备业务)带来的营收占其2.4万亿日元总营收的16%,是仅次于复印机和办公用品业务的第二大部门。相比之下,胶卷业务营收占比还不到1%。目前,这家市值160亿美元的公司打算在2018年以前,将医疗保健业务的销售额扩大两倍,提升至1万亿日元。 /201410/337308长春产科较好医院Renault will piggyback on partner Nissan’s product and strategy in its overdue entry to the Chinese carmaking market as it seeks rapid catch-up with competitors.雷诺(Renault)将借助合作伙伴日产(Nissan)的产品和战略,姗姗来迟地进入中国汽车制造市场,争取快速赶上竞争对手。The French carmaker this month received approval for a .3bn joint venture to build cars in China, the biggest car market, with Dongfeng, which has built cars with Nissan in the country for the past 10 years.这家法国汽车制造商本月争取到中国政府批准其与东风汽车(Dongfeng)组建13亿美元合资企业,在全球最大汽车市场制造汽车。东风与日产合资在华制造汽车已有10年。Renault would use the same product platforms built and sold by Nissan in China under different model names, and share market segments, engines, parts and supply chains, three people with knowledge of the company’s strategy told the Financial Times.了解雷诺战略的3名人士告诉英国《金融时报》,该公司将利用日产以不同的型号名称在华制造和销售的产品的平台,并共享市场细分、发动机、零部件和供应链。Renault would position itself as an affordable luxury brand in China, the people said, as it looked to snatch share in the country, where sales growth has for years offset a shrinking market in Europe for carmakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors.上述人士表示,雷诺在中国将定位于一个价格适中的豪华品牌。该公司将寻求争夺中国市场的份额;对大众(Volkswagen)和通用汽车(General Motors)等汽车制造商来说,中国的销售增长多年来一直在抵消不断收缩的欧洲市场的影响。The Japanese company builds a suite of cars including its midsized Teana sedan in China, a model that uses a product platform that can support Renault models such as the Laguna sedan.日产在中国生产一系列汽车,包括中型的天籁(Teana)轿车,这款车型所用的产品平台也能持雷诺的一些车型,如拉古那(Laguna)轿车。Renault’s venture with Dongfeng will build cars and engines for both companies and start with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.雷诺与东风的合资企业将为两家公司制造汽车和发动机,首期年产能将达到15万辆。The French carmaker will officially announce the details of its strategy for China today.这家法国汽车制造商将在今日正式宣布其中国战略的细节。Renault, which owns 43.4 per cent of Nissan, has operated in alliance with the Japanese carmaker since 1999, leveraging joint products, purchasing and production to save billions of euros every year.持有日产43.4%股份的雷诺,从1999年起与这家日本汽车制造商携手运营,充分利用产品、采购和生产方面的联合,每年节省数十亿欧元的成本。Nissan and Renault’s individual joint ventures in China with Dongfeng are legally required to remain separate entities, unlike its operations in India, where the two operate as one business.日产和雷诺分别在华与东风组建的合资企业,依法必须是相互独立的实体,这与它们在印度运营一家合资企业的情况不同。But the original agreement signed between Nissan and Dongfeng in 2003 includes a provision to integrate Renault into what officials in the three companies refer to as a “prosperous triangle” in China.但是,日产和东风在2003年达成的最初协议,包含了一条拟在中国整合雷诺的条款,目的是形成三家公司高管所称的“金三角”。“I would expect China to be the area where the synergies and the alliances will be the best,” said Jérémie Papin, finance director of the Renault Nissan alliance.“我期望中国成为协同效应和联盟达到极致的地方,”雷诺-日产联盟(Renault Nissan alliance)财务总监杰瑞米#8226;帕潘(Jérémie Papin)表示。Renault’s lack of manufacturing capacity in China has made it an outlier among global car brands that have flocked to the country over the past couple of decades in search of growth.缺乏在中国的制造能力使雷诺在全球汽车品牌中成为一个局外者。过去20年来,全球汽车品牌纷纷到中国寻求增长。The French carmaker has sought to join its Japanese partner in sping its reach over the past decade in order to lessen its dependence on Europe, where the market has slumped to a 20-year low.雷诺在过去10年里寻求与日本合作伙伴一起扩张海外地盘,以减轻其对欧洲的依赖。目前欧洲市场已跌至20年低位。Nissan sold 1.25m vehicles in China last year in conjunction with Dongfeng and accounted for almost 60 per cent of the Chinese company’s net profit in the first six months of this year, according to Citi.花旗(Citi)数据显示,日产与东风的合资企业去年在中国销量达到125万辆,该合资企业在今年上半年占东风净利润的近60%。Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, eastern central China, has become China’s best-known carmarker outside the country thanks to joint ventures with Honda, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n and Renault, and its ongoing talks with Peugeot to take a stake in the French carmaker.总部位于华中城市武汉的东风,已成为海外最知名的中国汽车制造商,与本田(Honda)、日产、标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro#235;n)和雷诺分别建立了合资企业,并且正与标致谈判,拟入股这家法国汽车制造商。 /201312/268914长春妇科医院挂号预约Scientists have found an unexpected culprit for the Titanic#39;s sinking: the moon, Reuters reported.据路透社报道,科学家发现了泰坦尼克号沉没的意外之因:月球。Greenland icebergs of the type that the Titanic struck generally become stuck in the shallow waters off Labrador and Newfoundland, and cannot resume moving southward until they have melted enough to re-float or a high tide frees them, Donald Olson from Texas State University said.来自德克萨斯州立大学的唐纳德;奥尔森表示,泰坦尼克号撞上的那种格陵兰岛冰川,一般都是搁浅在拉布拉多和纽芬兰旁的浅水中,它们直到融化到能漂浮,或被大潮冲走才能重新开始移动。Olson said a ;once-in-many-lifetimes; event occurred on Jan. 4, 1912, when the moon and sun lined up in such a way that their gravitational pulls enhanced each other. At the same time, the moon#39;s closest approach to earth that January was the closest in 1,400 years.奥尔森说,;千年一遇;的现象于1912年1月4日发生:月球和太阳排得非常直,两者间的吸引力使得各自的引力增强。同时,月球在那年的1月份距离地球也是1400年来最近的。The high tide caused by the bizarre combination of astronomical events would have been enough to dislodge icebergs from Greenland in January 1912 and give them enough buoyancy to reach the shipping lanes by April, Olson said. 奥尔森你说,1912年1月份这些奇异的天文现象在一起引起了大潮,大潮足以使冰川从格陵兰岛脱落,并给它们足够的浮力使它们4月前漂到航道。 /201203/173994双辽儿童医院是几甲

长春协和医院看妇科好不好吉林省长春妇女儿童医院四维彩超预约Apple#39;s newest phones will ship with a new operating system, dubbed iOS 7. The company said it would be releasing the software as a free upgrade to customers with some older-model iPhones and iPads on Sept. 18.苹果的新款手机都将使用新操作系统iOS 7。该公司说,一些旧版iPhone和iPad的用户将可以从9月18日开始免费升级至新操作系统。The question for Apple now is whether a one-two punch of the new software and hardware can help it regain market share. Apple sold more than 380 million iPhones, but it has slipped from the world#39;s most popular smartphone to second place behind devices made by Samsung, which represented more nearly 32% of world-wide sales in the second quarter, up from about 30% a year earlier, according to industry researcher Gartner. Apple, meanwhile, represented about 14%, down from nearly 19% a year prior.苹果现在面临的问题是,发布新软件和硬件的组合拳是否能够帮助其收复市场份额。苹果虽然出售了逾3.8亿部iPhone,但已将全球最受欢迎智能手机地位拱手让给三星制造的手机,退居其次。据行业研究公司Gartner称,第二季度三星智能手机销量占全球智能手机总销量的比例接近32%,高于上年同期的30%左右。与此同时,苹果的这一比例从上年同期的接近19%下滑至14%左右。After the announcement, Apple shares traded down about 2%, at 6.09.发布会后,苹果股价下跌约2%,至496.09美元。On stage, Mr. Schiller joked about the product leaks that meant there were few surprises during his presentation. #39;Some of you may have seen some shots on the Web, and that is cool, because people are excited,#39; he said.席勒在台上开玩笑说,产品信息的泄露意味着他演示的时候没什么惊喜了。他说,你们中的一些人可能已经在网上看到过某些镜头,那很好,因为人们非常兴奋。Among the technology improvements in the iPhone 5S are Apple#39;s new 64-bit A7 processor, which the company says has up to twice the performance of previous models.iPhone 5S的技术升级包括苹果新的64位A7处理器。苹果说,该处理器的性能可达此前机型的两倍。It also features an 8-megapixel camera that can take 10 frames a second in #39;burst#39; mode, and a new chip to capture movements as customers carry the phone around to help with fitness tracking, among other things.这款手机还有一个800万像素的摄像头,在连拍模式下每秒可拍摄10张照片,还有一个新的芯片,可以感知运动,在顾客随身带着手机时帮助记录健身情况等。Brian Marshall, an analyst an ISI group, said he believes the iPhone 5C is impressive, but he questions whether the new device will have the total cost, and gross margins necessary, to help it hit mass market.一家ISI组织的分析师马歇尔(Brian Marshall)说,他认为iPhone 5C令人印象深刻,但质疑这款新设备能否具备必要的总体成本和毛利润率,从而帮助它打入大众市场。#39;I don#39;t think it#39;s a lowbrow phone,#39; said Mr. Marshall. #39;People were worried Apple would bring in a clunky product. That doesn#39;t look to be the case.#39; However, he added, #39;the key question is what the carrier subsidy is.#39;马歇尔说,我并不觉得它是一款浅薄的手机。人们担心苹果会推出一款笨拙的产品。看上去并非如此。但他补充说,关键问题是运营商补贴如何。At the launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook positioned Apple#39;s software as a major advantage. Its new iOS7 software, which includes a new look and features to deter thieves and more easily share files between devices, was first shown off in the summer.在发布会上,苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)将苹果的软件视为重大优势。苹果新的iOS7软件今年夏天首次亮相,该软件包括新的外观,还有阻止窃贼以及实现设备之间更简便的文件分享等功能。App developers have said iOS 7 is one of Apple#39;s most important software releases, and it will likely define the company#39;s success with customers for the foreseeable future.应用开发人员说,iOS 7是苹果最重要的软件发布之一,它可能将决定该公司在可见的未来能否成功赢得客户。When Apple released its first iPhone, the device#39;s software was lauded for its ease of use. Over time, however, the iPhone#39;s user interface has begun to look stale next to competitors such as Google Inc.#39;s GOOG +0.07% Android operating system, which powers the majority of the world#39;s phones, and Microsoft Corp.#39;s MSFT +2.32% Windows Phone software.苹果发布第一代iPhone时,其软件就因便于使用而备受赞誉。然而随着时间的推移,在谷歌的安卓(Android)操作系统和微软的Windows Phone软件等竞争对手面前,iPhone的用户界面开始显得陈旧。全世界智能手机大多数采用安卓操作系统。Apple did have one software surprise up its sleeve: It is making its iWork, iPhoto and iMovie mobile productivity apps free. The move ratchets up competition with Microsoft, maker of the Surface tablets, in the lucrative business market.苹果的锦囊中确实有软件方面的惊喜:该公司将免费提供iWork、iPhoto和iMovie等工作类应用。此举加大了与微软在利润丰厚的商务市场的竞争。微软生产Surface平板电脑。 /201309/256181长春一般药流多少钱吉林大学第三医院妇科电话多少

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