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Love at first sight is a myth — and lovers need to meet at least four times before Cupid#39;s arrow strikes their hearts, said a study.一份研究表明,第一次见面就相爱只是一个神话--至少需要见面四次之后,丘比特的箭才会射中彼此的心。The findings showed that people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.这一发现表明,人们经常发现自己是在多次见过某人之后才被吸引过去的,甚至在开始没有一点吸引力。;Cupid#39;s arrow is often slow to strike. It may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition,; Ravi Thiruchselvam, Psychologist at Hamilton College in New York, was ed as saying by dailystar.co.uk last Sunday.英国《每日星报》上周日引用来自纽约汉密尔顿学院的心理学家Ravi Thiruchselvam的话称:;丘比特的箭经常射的很慢。这是因为经常的见面会导致吸引力不断的变化。;For the study, the team gave snaps of people#39;s faces to a group of young men and women.为了进行此项研究,研究团队给参加测试的一组年轻男女一些人的照片。The researchers then wired the participants brains to monitors as the group ranked the attractiveness of people in the pictures.在根据照片上的人的吸引力进行分级时,研究人员同时监测受测者的大脑反应。The subjects were then shown the snaps for a second time, and rated those they found attractive much more highly.然后给受测者再看一次这些快照,然后将他们认为有较高吸引力的人进行评级。The attraction was even stronger on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth.这种吸引力在第三次的时候会更强,而在第四次达到最强。The fourth attempt showed extra activity around the excitement and pleasure centres of the brain of the participants在第四次时,试验会显示,受测者大脑的兴奋和快乐中心的活动会活跃很多。 /201608/463249Take it or leave it. I#39;m hungover and couldn#39;t be bothered ...要不要都行。我心里难受,不能被打扰…… /201607/452820The development of brewing酿酒的发展史Generally speaking,the development of brewing technology in China falls into two stages.一般来说,中国酿酒技术的发展分为两个时期。The first stage that is of natural fermentation lasted thousands of years.第一个时期是持续几千年的自然发酵。The second stage began only with the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911)when the traditional fermentation underwent great changes due to the use of the Western technology, including micro biology and biochemistry.第二个时期始于清朝,由于西方技术包括微生物和生物化学技术的使用,传统的发酵技术经历了巨大的改变。 /201606/445301

Due to our inability to see past the propaganda bombarded on us by various outlets, we believe that all is good in the world with the ‘us vs them’ fight. However, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in 2015 women received 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, giving us a gender wage gap of 21%.由于我们没有能力去审视过去那些对我们进行的爆炸式宣传,各式各样的传单等,我们相信通过“我们对抗他们”的战斗,最后世界上所有的东西都是好的。然而,根据女性政策调查机构的数据,在2015年,与男性相比,女性的收入仅为男性的79%,相当于男性挣一美元,女性仅收入79美分,性别薪资差距为21%。Women are often subject to abuse and rejection女性总是受到侮辱和拒绝That is only in the workplace – but there are many other avenues where women are subject to abuse and rejection: Women feel they have to succumb to the ideal picture society (that is mostly dictated by men) set out for them to be and they take extreme and many times, dangerous measures to comply with it.这仅仅是在工作场所——但是在许多其他的大街上,女性也会受到侮辱和拒绝:女性认为他们不得不屈于摆在她们面前的理想社会画面(大部分是男性主导的世界),而且认为她们需要采取极端多次的危险措施来应对这些。It is time to remember our worth是时候记住我们的价值了Ladies, it is time to remember our worth. It is time to remember we are roaring lionesses that no one should dare to mess with. It is time that we stop our bickering and criticizing, come together in unity and teach the cubs – and by cubs, I mean boys and girls – of tomorrow that they are powerful beyond measure.女士们,是时候记住我们的价值了。是时候记住我们是咆哮的雌狮,任何人都不敢来打扰我们。是时候停止我们的争论和批判了,团结起来教育未来的孩子——说到孩子,我指的是男孩和女孩们——告诉他们的能力无可限量。 /201607/454351

A grocery store owner in Japan recently paid 1.1 million yen (,000) for a bunch of grapes of the Ruby Roman variety. He now plans to put them on display in his store and then give them to customers as taste samples.一杂货店老板在日本最近斥资110万日圆(合11000美元)购买了品种叫做罗马红宝石的一串葡萄。他现在计划把它们陈列在他的店里,然后给客户作为样品来品尝。Special fruits are a status symbol in Japan, sort of like rare wines in the Western world. It’s also customary to give high-quality fruits for formal occasions like weddings, business meetings or hospital visits and there are specialized fruit shops that#8194;sell only the rarest, most perfect products, grown in special conditions to ensure they look and taste as good as possible.特殊的水果在日本是一种身份的象征,就像西方世界里稀有的葡萄酒一样。按照惯例,在正式场合如婚礼、商务会议或医院探访的时候也会赠送高质量的水果,也有专门的水果商店只出售最稀有,最完美的产品,这些产品生长在特殊条件下以确保他们的外观和味道都是最好的。The 30 grapes bought by Takamaru Konishi were the first of the Ruby Roman variety harvested this season. They were the size of ping pong balls, and the buyer himself called them “truly Ruby Roman gems”.小西幸丸购买的这30颗葡萄是罗马红宝石品种当季收货的第一批。有乒乓球大小,买者自称其为“真正的罗马红宝石”。To be worthy of the Ruby Roman label, grapes must weight at least 20 grams and have a sugar content of at least 18%. They were introduced to the Japanese fruit auction market in 2008 and their price has been soaring ever since.为了称得上是罗马红宝石这个名字,每颗葡萄的重量至少为20克,含糖量最低18%。2008年的时候被引入日本水果拍卖行,而且价格也是一路飙升。 /201607/455615

“Achmed,” I said, “I can’t pay that much for a robe I’m only going to wear once.”“艾哈迈德,”我说,“我不能为一件只穿一次的长袍而付这么多钱。”“No, no, this is a fine robe, you have excellent taste. It will be very comfortable. And useful. You can wear it around your house, in your garden, anywhere. Cool in summer, warm in winter. How much can you pay?”“不,不,这是一件很好的长袍,你的品味很不错。它穿着也很舒。还很有用。你可以在房子周围穿,在花园穿,任何地方都可以。冬暖夏凉。你能付多少呢?”“I only have about 350 dirham to spare.”“我只能付大约350迪拉姆。”Achmed returned to say he was able to purchase the robe for 340 dirham, with 10 left over for a rope belt. “And to get that price, I tell you it was like pulling teeth.” He made vigorous yanking motions with his hand. 艾哈迈德返回去说他可以用340迪拉姆买下这件长袍,剩下的10块可以买一条腰带。“要砍到那个价格,我告诉你就像是拔牙一样。”他用手做了一个猛拉的动作。After leading me back to my hotel, Achmed promised to return in an hour to drive me to the wedding. I figured now that they had collected their commissions, it would be the last I’d see of the so-called brothers.在带我返回酒店之后,艾哈迈德承诺一个小时之后回来带我去参加婚礼。我想现在他们已经拿到了佣金,我应该不会再见到这对所谓的兄弟了。Robe in a plastic bag at my side, I sat outside at a nearby cafe. The smell of grilled lamb wafted through the air, the smoke rising to meet the call to prayer from the tower of a nearby mosque. Well-dressed Moroccan men, alone or in pairs, filled the cafe tables, sipping tea and sodas, smoking cigarettes. Not one of them was wearing a robe. 我坐在附近的一家咖啡馆里,塑料袋里的长袍放在身旁。烤羊肉的味道在空气中弥漫,升腾而起的烟雾与来自附近一家清真寺塔楼的祷告声交相辉映。衣着得体的洛哥男子,或独身或成双,坐满了咖啡馆,轻啜茶水和苏打,吸着香烟。没有人穿着长袍。The man sitting at the table next to mine leaned over to say, “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” with his hand over his heart. 坐在我旁边桌的男子斜身过来说:“非常欢迎来到洛哥,”他的手放在心口。“A thousand thank yous,” I answered, not knowing the proper response.“非常感谢,”我答道,不知道如何回答为好。“So did you meet some men on the train?”“你在火车上认识了一些人?”“What? How did you know that?”“什么?你怎么知道?”“I saw you with them at the train station. Did they bring you to a hotel? Ask you to buy things?”“我在火车站看到你和他们在一起。他们带你到了一家酒店?让你去买东西?”“Um, yes.”“嗯,是的。”“Be very careful,” he said, then stood and walked away, inclining his head and tapping his heart again as a farewell.“一定要小心,”他说,然后就站起来离开了,低下头再一次拍着他的心口以作道别。My worry increased. I knew little about my current location and two men had promised to drive me somewhere completely unknown. And a stranger had just warned me about them.我的担心加重了。我对自己当前的位置几乎一无所知,而那两个人承诺要带我去一个完全未知的地方。而一位陌生人刚刚警告我要小心他们。As I picked over a pastry and sipped a cup of mint tea, a beat-up Honda pulled to the curb. Mustafa smiled and nodded from the driver’s seat. Achmed jumped out of the passenger side and opened the back door. “Hurry, it is time to go!”就在我拿起一块点心并喝着薄荷茶的时候,一辆老旧的本田车停在了路边。穆斯塔法坐在司机的位置,微笑着朝我点头。艾哈迈德从副驾驶位置下车并打开了后排车门。“快点,我们要出发了!”“So soon? But where are your robes?” “这么快?但是你们的长袍呢?”Achmed laughed, “Oh, we have them in the trunk. We change at the wedding. Get in, we go now.” A car honked behind them.艾哈迈德笑着说:“哦,我们的长袍在行李箱里面。我们在婚礼的时候会换上。上车,我们现在出发。”后面的车在鸣笛催促。I wondered what I should do. This could very well be a kidnapping, a robbery or worse. In my moment of internal debate, the deciding factor was my robe. The purchase of traditional formalwear seemed like a totally unnecessary step in an abduction. So I grabbed what had now become my Moroccan security blanket and hopped into the car.我不知道该怎么办。这很有可能是一场绑架、抢劫甚至更加严重。在我内心挣扎的时候,我的长袍成了决定因素。购买一件传统的礼看上去是绑架案件中完全不必要的步骤。因此我抓起现已成为我的洛哥安全毛毯然后跳上车。Instead of a short ride to a hotel or convention hall for the wedding, we drove out of town and into the darkness of the desert.我们并没有短途驾驶到举行婚礼的酒店或宴会厅,而是开出了城镇进入到荒漠的黑暗中。“So where, exactly, are we going?” I asked.“那么我们到底要去哪里?”我问道。“To the wedding, of course,” was all Achmed would say.“当然是去婚礼现场,”艾哈迈德只说了这么一句。 /201606/450659

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