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在首饰店为女友挑选礼物- :9:9 A:Good afternoon, sir, is there anything I can help you with today?下午好,先生,你想买什么?B:umm... yeah!I’m looking a nice gift to give my girlfriend. Our fifth anniversary’s next Friday.我正为女友朋友选择一件漂亮的礼物下周五是我们在一起5周年的日子A:Well, I would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect gift her. Is there anything particular that you have in mind?我很高兴能帮助你为她选件漂亮的礼物你想到什么特殊的礼物了吗?B:No, not really... I’m completely at a loss.没有,我完全不知道选什么A:Well, you can give her a set of pearl earrings, or this beautiful heart-shaped pendant. What is her favorite gemstone?你可以为她买一对珍珠耳环,或是这种漂亮的心形耳坠她最喜欢什么宝石?B:That purple one.I’m sorry...I’ve never bought jewelery anyone and I’m kind of nervous.紫色的宝石,我从未给别人买过首饰,我有点紧张A:Don’t worry, we specialize in providing our customers a relaxed, pressure-free shopping environment. That stone is an amethyst. We have a range of beautiful amethyst pieces. Take a look at this bracelet. It’s 18K rose-gold, studded with amethyst and blue topaz. It’s a great statement piece.别担心,我们致力于给顾客提供一种放松的,没有压力的购物环境那块宝石是紫水晶我们有很多漂亮的水晶看看这个手镯,是18K 玫瑰金的,镶有水晶和蓝水晶那是表达爱意的好礼物B:Oh...wow. That’s really pretty.Jess would love that. But... I was thinking of something a little more delicate, perhaps a necklace?哇!真的很漂亮Jess一定会喜欢的,但我想买点更复杂的东西,项链如何?A:We have this beautiful platinum pendant, or you could also get her a locket. You could also get her a timepiece—it’s both glamorous yet functional.If you tell me a little more about your girlfriend, maybe I can help you find something her.有漂亮的白金耳坠,也可以给她买个小金盒或是买块表——表既漂亮又实用,如果你能告诉我一些你女朋友的信息,也许我能帮你为她挑选件礼物B:Jess? Well, she’s very smart,and has a great sense of humor. She’s very feminine...她很聪明,也很幽默,很有女人味……A:Perhaps you could give her a ring?也许你可以给她买个戒指?B:Well...actually...I was thinking about asking Jess to marry me...I’ve just been so nervous.事实上,我正考虑向她求婚,我太紧张了A:Well sir, I believe your fifth anniversary is a great time to propose!我觉得相遇5周年正是求婚的好日子B:Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to pop the question!我已经决定了我会向她求婚A:Fabulous! We should look at engagement rings then! Now that’s a whole other section.真棒!我们应该看下订婚戒指现在进入了一个新阶段。

Chinese people are usually more than happy to make eign friends, but the process is not always easy. We sometimes overstep friendship boundaries without noticing it.Wechat Shameless compiles the following fool-proof tips making eign friends—stay away from these entries and youll be y to strike up a friendship with eigners any minute.微信公众号shameless在最近一篇文章里列出了和老外交朋友的8条小贴士,仔细一看,原来是怎样气跑歪果仁的独家秘笈What does the list say? What there NOT to do? 375381。


暑假学开车- :39:7 A:Dad, I want to learn how to drive this summer vacation.爸爸,我想在这个暑假学学怎样开车B:That's a good idea. You'd better hurry up bee they've filled all classes. Many people are learning how to drive now.好主意在所有班都被报满之前,你最好快点现在很多人都在学开车A:I will get registered now at once. Do you know any training schools?我现在马上就去报名你知道有什么培训学校吗?B:I am not sure. You can search them on the Internet.我不是很清楚你可以上网查查A:OK. look, I've typed driver schools, and there are so many results coming out.好的看啊,我输入了驾校,然后出来了这么多结果B:Let me see. BeeTee Tranining School, summer program, 3,000 Yuan, learn how to drive within one month, and get driver's license within three months.让我看看,碧体培训学校,暑期项目,3,000元,一个月内学会驾驶,三个月内拿到驾照A:3,000 Yuan is a little bit steep.3,000元有点贵B:I think so. Let's see the next one,3,500 Yuan, summer program. get it.我想是的看看下一个,3,500元,暑期项目不看这个了A:I've heard that the Ideal Life School is famous. They offer many programs and there are many classes available. The charge is also fair.我听说完美生活培训学校很有名他们开设很多项目和课程,收费也很合理B:Search on the Internet then, see if we can find something more about it.上网查查,看看能不能找到更多关于它的信息A:Ah, got it. Ideal Life School, programs:cooking, gardening, fashion designing, social services, computer…Oh, no, they don't offer driver's programs.啊,找到了完美生活培训学校,项目包括:烹饪、园艺、时装设计、社会公共务、计算机等等哦,他们不提供驾驶课程B:Don't worry. Let's check out some other schools.别着急,我们再看看别的学校。

A showing the knife skills of a Michelin star chef has become the subject of mockery and ridicule. As Chinese internet users claim their moms can easily beat the chef in a slicing and dicing competition.What qualifies a top chef? 536。

迪斯尼动画英语《飞屋环游记:探险就在前方! -- 1:7:33 来源: 【剧情简介】小男孩卡尔怀揣着对于冒险的热爱偶遇假小子艾丽,相同的爱好最终使两个人成为了一生的爱侣他们有一个梦想,那就是有朝一日要去南美洲的“仙境瀑布”探险,但直到艾丽去世,这个梦想也未能实现终于有一天,曾经专卖气球的老人卡尔居然用五颜六色的气球拽着他的房子飞上了天空,他决定要去实现他们未曾实现的梦想【电影片段台词】- Movietown News presents.- Spotlight on Adventure.- What you are now witnessing is footage never bee seen by civilized humanity,- a lost world in South America.- Lurking in the shadow of majestic Paradise Falls,- it sports plants and animals undiscovered by science.- Who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit?- Why, our subject today,- Charles Muntz!- The beloved explorer lands- his dirigible, the Spirit of Adventure,- in New Hampshire this week,- completing a yearlong expedition to the lost world.- This lighter-than-air craft- was designed by Muntz himself- and is longer than prohibition paddy wagons placed end to end.- And here comes the adventurer now.- Never apart from his faithful dogs,- Muntz conceived the craft canine comt.- It's a veritable floating palace in the sky,- complete with doggy bath and mechanical canine walker.- And, Jiminy Cricket, do the locals consider Muntz the bee's knees.- And how!- Adventure is out there!【重点词汇讲解】1. adventuren. 冒险;冒险精神;投机活动vt. 冒险;大胆说出vi. 冒险例:I needed some excitement and adventure.我需要些许的刺激及冒险They say the new film is an adventure story.据说,这部新片子是一部冒险故事片.witnessn. 人;目击者;据vt. 目击;明;为…作vi. 作人例:A reliable witness swore you left Washington with the money.据一位可靠的人说,你带着钱从华盛顿潜逃The judge instructed the witness that he should tell the whole truth.法官指令该目击者讲出全部事实真相3.belovedn. 心爱的人;亲爱的教友adj. 心爱的;挚爱的例:But that, best beloved, is a subject a whole different research project.但是,这又是一个令人热衷的完全不同研究项目的主题Our manager at the restaurant where I worked was a much beloved, jovial man.我工作所在饭店的经理是一位很可爱,有趣的男人.expeditionn. 远征;探险队;迅速例:Columbus was the leader of the expedition.哥伦布是那次探险的领队The expedition ied itself during the summer.探险队在夏季就作好了出发准备5.faithfuladj. 忠实的,忠诚的;如实的;准确可靠的例:By his side sat his faithful dog.在他的身旁蹲着他忠实的Dogs are always faithful to their owners.总是对主人很忠诚6.veritableadj. 真正的,名副其实的例:It led to a veritable Oriental Renaissance.这导致了真正的东方文艺复兴We found ourselves in the midst of a veritable fairyland.我们发现我们在名副其实的仙境中7.in the shadow of 在…附近;在……庇护下;在……的阴影下He lived in the shadow of his famous father.他在名声显赫的父亲的庇护下生活8.set foot on 踏足于,踏上As yet , no man has set foot on Mars.直到目前为止,尚没有人登上火星9.end to endadv. 首尾相连He travelled France from end to end.他游遍了法国.the bee's knees出类拔萃之物I know Ari. He's the bee's knees.我认识阿里,他是一个十分杰出的人 迪斯尼 动画 英语。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 The worst diet myths最糟糕的饮食建议 BREAKFAST IS BAD吃早餐不好Skipping breakfast so you can save thosemorning calories? Youll soon find that your early lunch and comt dinnermake up more calories than the ones you couldve had in the early hours.Not eating in the morning means you wont have much energy throughout the dayand will lower your mood and motivation levels.不吃早餐这样早晨就不会有卡路里了?很快你就会发现早点的午餐和舒适的晚餐比你早上原本应该摄入的卡路里要多得多早上不吃东西意味着一整天你都无精打采,同时也会让你的心情变坏、减少你的动力 DONT EAT JUNK不要吃垃圾食品Avoiding all sorts of junk food andtreats keeps you physically healthy, but only theoretically. When you live bythe all or nothing rule and get increasingly stressed over your cravings, thenew stress will cause you to crave more. So stop the endless cycle by allowingyourself to have a treat every now and then.不吃各种各样的垃圾食品和甜食能让你身体健康,但这只是理论当你遵循着孤注一掷的原则,对吃东西的渴望感到越来越有压力时,新的压力会让你更想要吃这些所以不要这样无限循环了,让自己时不时地吃些甜食吧 更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 9。

想生日的时候帮忙煮晚饭-31 :00: A:I'd like to help pitch in with dinner.我想帮忙煮晚饭B:Really? You are joking?真的?你开玩笑吧?A:No,I'd like to do something special you on your birthday.不是,我是想生日的时候为你做点特别的事情啊B:I'd like that. Alright,put on this apron first.我很高兴你这么做好吧,先把围裙带上A:OK.Now how can I help,hon?好了现在我该怎么做,亲爱的?B:Hmm,let me see. Boil some water,and then whisk two eggs.嗯,让我想想烧些热水,然后打两个鸡蛋A:Easy,I can do that with my eyes closed.Done.太容易了,我闭着眼睛都能做好了B:Not bad. OK,now take some meat and potatoes from the fridge.不错啊好,从冰箱里拿些肉和土豆出来吧A:How many potatoes do you need?你需要几个土豆?B:Three. And bring four bell peppers.三个还有四个菜椒A:Gotcha,OK. Here they are.知道了,好啦拿来了B:Now wash them, then dice the potatos and bell peppers,then slice the meat.把它们洗一下,然后把土豆和菜椒切成丁,把肉切成丝A:Where is the peeler ?去皮刀放哪儿了?B:It's in the cabinet. Adam,The gas cooker doesn't work.在柜子里亚当,燃气灶不好用了A:What? Oh shit!I cut my finger.什么?哦,老天!我切到手指了B:Let me take a look at that. I can't stop the bleeding.We need to go to the hospital.让我看看血止不住我们得上医院A:I guess cooking is not as easy as I thought.煮饭可真没我想那么简单。

中国人不快乐的原因《北京青年报年8月刊登了一份面向北京、上海、广州三地市民的快乐指数调查报告其中,关于不快乐的原因,有下列组数据: 1.61.8%出于工作因素,如收入不理想、工作压力太大、休息时间太少、缺少成就感、工作枯燥、前途渺茫和人际关系不和谐 .%和家庭关系有关,如与家人相处不融洽、陪家人的时间太少、住房不满意和家庭总收入低 3..8%源于对物质生活的不满意,如工资、福利、社会保障、住房、交通工具和其他消费类物品 ..%的调查对象表示,不会积极主动地寻找快乐,或缺少获得快乐的有效方法摘自百度贴吧 99。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to improve your life 如何让生活更美好Exercise锻炼We all know how important this is, but few people do it consistently. 我们都知道这很重要,不过很少有人坚持锻炼Other than health benefits too numerous to mention,exercise makes you smarter, happier, improves sleep, increases libido and makes you feel better about your body. 锻炼对健康的益处不胜枚举,除此之外还能使你更聪明,更开心,改善你的睡眠,提升你的性欲,让你对你的身材更加满意A Harvard study that has tracked a group of men more than 70 years identified it as one of the secrets to a good life.哈佛大学在过去七十多年里跟踪研究了一组男性,由此得出结论,锻炼是美妙人生的一大功臣libido n.本能冲动,性欲consistently adv.一贯地,坚持地,固守地; 总例句:To write a novel,one must keep pegging away at it consistently.要写小说,必须不断辛勤劳动[本节目属] 30。