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A robber in a hurry struck at three banks along a stretch of Kings Highway in Brooklyn in a span of about 30 minutes on Friday afternoon, the police said.警方称,上周五下午,一名抢劫犯在30分钟时间内迅速袭击了布鲁克林区国王高速公路边上的三家。In the first and third robberies, tellers handed over cash to the robber, the police said, but he left empty-handed in the second encounter.警方说,在第一次和第三次抢劫中,出纳员将现金交给了抢劫犯,但在第二次抢劫中该名男子空手而归。The police do not believe that the man displayed a weapon, though they were still gathering information late Friday afternoon.尽管周五傍晚警方仍在收集信息,但警方认为该名男子不曾出示过武器。The mini-crime wave began at around 2:15 pm, when the robber entered a branch of the Apple Bank at 1321 Kings Highway. He handed a teller a note, was given some money and left, the police said.警方说,这一连串小规模犯罪大约始于下午2点15分,当时抢劫犯进入国王高速公路1321号的苹果分行,他递给出纳员一个字条,拿到了一些钱就走了。About 15 minutes later, the man walked into a Capital One branch at 1226 Kings Highway, the police said, and handed over a note, but did not get any cash.大约15分钟后,这名男子走进国王高速公路1226号的第一资本投资分行,递上一张字条,但一分钱也没拿到。About 2:40 pm, the suspect entered an HS bank branch at 1621 Kings Highway. Again, a note was handed over and he obtained some money, the police said.警方说,当天下午2点40分左右,这名嫌疑犯走进国王高速公路1621号的汇丰分行。他再一次递上了字条,这次他又拿到了一些钱。The police did not immediately say how much money the man had taken.警方没有马上透露该名男子拿走了多少钱。The robber#39;s spree shows ;a certain amount of perseverance,; said Thomas W. McKenna, a retired first-grade detective with the New York police.纽约警署已退休的一级侦探托马斯#8226;W#8226;麦肯纳说,这名抢劫犯的疯狂行为显示出“一定程度的锲而不舍”。;It#39;s very unusual for a guy to do three banks in a row, that close together, and to stay in the same area.;“一个人一连抢劫了三家,而且这三家又离得那么近,这个人还敢待在同一个区域,这是很不寻常的。”Mr McKenna added: ;He#39;s looking for a score, there#39;s no doubt about that. And he#39;s nonsectarian about which bank he goes to.麦肯纳补充说:“毫无疑问,他想创造一个纪录。他并不在意自己抢的是哪家。;Any bank is open play for him.;“任何对他而言都是掌中玩物。”The robber was described as Hispanic, about 5-foot-7, and 150 pounds. He wore black pants, a red shirt and a red baseball hat.据描述,这名抢劫犯是西班牙裔人,身高约5英尺7英寸,体重约150磅。他身穿黑色裤子和红色衬衫,头戴一顶红色棒球帽。Bill Giannopoulos, owner of Madison Florist and Decorators, across Kings Highway from the Apple Bank branch, said he did not realize anything was happening until the street was swarming with police officers and a helicopter was circling overhead.位于国王高速公路上苹果分行对面的麦迪逊鲜花和装饰用品店的老板比尔#8226;吉安诺普洛斯说,直到街道上到处都是警察,直升飞机在头顶盘旋,他才意识到有事情发生了。;It#39;s scary,; he said. ;I don#39;t know what#39;s happening in the neighborhood.;他说:“这真可怕,我居然没察觉到街坊里发生的事情。” /201206/185651

Europe has moved a step closer to putting a health halo on dark chocolate. 欧洲朝着给黑巧克力加上一层健康食品的光环这一现实又迈进了一步。 On Tuesday, the world#39;s largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut , won the backing of the European Food Safety Authority for its claim that cocoa flavanols, or compounds that can also be found in dark chocolate, can be good for blood circulation. 前不久,全球最大巧克力生产商百乐嘉利宝(Barry Callebaut )提出的可可黄烷醇(此类化合物也存在于黑巧克力中)可能有利于血液循环的声明获得了欧洲食品安全局(European Food Safety Authority)的认可。 While the request to use the health claim still awaits approval from the European Commission, the food agency#39;s blessing indicates that confection makers including Nestle SA and Kraft Foods Inc., which markets the Cadbury brand overseas, may soon be able to make a health claim on product labels. 尽管使用这项健康声明的申请仍需等待欧盟委员会(European Commission)的批准,但是欧洲食品安全局的认可表明,包括雀巢(Nestle SA)和卡夫食品(Kraft Foods Inc.)在内的糖果生产商或许很快就能在产品标识上使用该健康声明。卡夫食品还在海外销售吉百利(Cadbury)品牌产品。最终的决定预计将于明年年初做出。 A final decision is expected at the beginning of next year. 百乐嘉利宝是全球最大的可可买家之一,该公司称这项健康声明可以被用于雀巢和卡夫等客户的包装上。该公司还预计,该声明在巧克力饮料、谷物棒和曲奇等产品中的应用将能带来巨大的市场潜力。百乐嘉利宝添加了高黄烷醇含量可可产品的客户将能把这项声明用在产品和包装上。 Barry Callebaut, one of the world#39;s largest buyers of cocoa, says the health claim could be applied by its customers to the packages for customers including Nestle and Kraft. The company predicts considerable market potential for applications in items like chocolate drinks, cereal bars and cookies. Barry Callebaut#39;s customers using high-flavanol cocoa products would be able to apply the claim on their products and packaging. 为了给其申请提供依据,这家瑞士企业还在去年提交了相关据。该据显示,每天摄入200毫克可可黄烷醇有助于正常的血液流动。这个份量比较少,因为10克(只有0.35盎司)高黄烷醇含量的黑巧克力就含有200毫克黄烷醇。 To back up its request, the Swiss company last year submitted evidence that the intake of 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols a day contributes to normal blood flow. That#39;s a small portion, as 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols would be found in 10 grams-a mere 0.35 oz.-of high-flavanol dark chocolate. 黄烷醇已被明能够降低血压、改善血液流动并降低心脏病风险,这至少在部分程度上是因为它可以促进可使血管舒张的一氧化氮的生成。然而,不可忽略的是,巧克力棒也含有糖分和脂肪。 Flavanols have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce heart-disease risk at least in part by stimulating production of nitric oxide, which relaxes vessels. Chocolate bars also include sugar and fat, however. 自2005年以来,百乐嘉利宝开展了20多项临床研究来调查可可黄烷醇对人体的影响。该公司使用的可可粉和巧克力产品通过其开发的一种特殊工艺生产,可保留高达80%的黄烷醇含量,而传统的巧克力生产流程会破坏掉大部分黄烷醇。 Barry Callebaut carried out more than 20 clinical studies looking at effects of cocoa flavanols on people since 2005, using cocoa powder and chocolate products made through a special process it developed that preserves up to 80% of flavanols, which would be mostly destroyed in conventional chocolate-making procedures. 在欧洲食品安全局的持之下,百乐嘉利宝是欧盟27个成员国中第一家获得有关可可黄烷醇积极效果的官方认的企业。如果它还能获得欧盟委员会的批准,那么它将被授予在欧盟区内使用可可黄烷醇健康声明五年时间的权利。 With the backing of the European food authority, Barry Callebaut is the first company in the 27-member bloc to obtain an official validation of the positive effects of cocoa flavanols. If it gets approval from the EU Commission, the chocolate maker would be granted the right to use the cocoa flavanols claim for five years within EU countries. 在海外但不在美国本土销售吉百利产品的卡夫公司表示,“只要这些健康声明真实无误、没有误导性并且得到了有资质的科研人员的适当明,我们持在所有产品类别上使用它们。” Kraft, which sells Cadbury overseas and not in the U.S., said, #39;We support the use of health claims on all product categories as long as these are truthful, not misleading, and appropriately supported by qualified scientists.#39; 好时公司(Hershey Co.)则夸耀称,其好时可可粉和好时特浓黑巧克力是黄烷醇抗氧化剂的天然来源。 Hershey Co. has touted that its namesake Cocoa and Special Dark versions of chocolates are natural sources of flavanol antioxidants. 对于食品公司而言,附带健康声明的食品正成为一个越来越重要的利基市场。在欧洲经济增长乏力的情况下,品牌食品被价格更便宜的产品抢去了一些市场份额,因此这些公司希望借助销售价格更高的这类产品来抵消销售的萎缩。根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor International)的预测,到2015年,全球健康食品及饮料市场的市场总值有望从2010年的6010亿美元升至6910亿美元。 /201207/192934

Here's a clever Wheaties bag that will either inspire you to get in shape, or inspire you to carry a bag in front of you wherever you go. Wheaties公司(麦片粥生产商)很聪明,这样的袋子要么会激起你改善体形的欲望,要么就是激发你不论去哪里都想带上这个袋子的欲望。 /201104/133460

白羊座——How the Steel Was Tempered《钢铁是怎样炼成的》 适合白羊座们读的书非《钢铁是怎样炼成的》莫属了,这本书中的主人公保尔与白羊座有着相同的性格,面对社会上的黑暗、不公,他从来没有退缩过。他毅然参军,为了保家为国而牺牲自己。 相同关键词:刚烈、不屈不挠How the Steel Was Tempered is a socialist realist novel written by Nikolai Ostrovsky (1904-1936) during Stalin's era. Pavel Korchagin is the central character.The story is a fictionalized autobiography. In real life, Ostrovsky's father died, and his mother worked as a kitchen chef. As he joined the war with the Red Army, he lost his right eye due to an infection. 《钢铁是怎样炼成的》是苏联作家尼古拉·奥斯特洛夫斯基所著的一部长篇小说,于1933年写成。小说通过保尔.柯察金的成长道路,告诉人们,一个人只有在革命的艰难困苦中战胜敌人也战胜自己,只有在把自己的追求和祖国、人民的利益联系在一起的时候,才会创造出奇迹,才会成长为钢铁战士。革命者在斗争中百炼成钢,是小说的一个重要主题。1942年,苏联根据原著小说拍摄了一部同名的电影。 /201107/146130

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