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A panda#39;s life is mostly solitary熊猫通常保持单身until the spring breeding season直到春天繁殖季节到来when the brief opportunity to mate arises当交配的机会来临the males must be y to take their chance雄性必须加紧抓住机会but timing is everything然而时机 决定一切This male#39;s approach is somewhat lacking subtlety这只雄性的出场方式不够精明and anyway the female isn#39;t y for him, yet总之这只雌性尚未为他做好准备her peak receptive time lasts just two days她的受顶峰时期仅仅维持两天so he guards her所以雄性持续守护在雌性身边finding his time with a good supply of bamboo靠竹子供给时刻等待几乎Unfortunately his hostage must eat too不巧的是挟持者和被挟持者都需要进食but she dosen#39;t exactly feel like descending但她显然不想放下身段屈就Another male has been attracted to the scene另一只雄性目睹一切 被吸引而来He is a veteran of many breeding seasons他已经历了数个繁殖季节He is wary of his rival他小心防范着他的对手because at this time of year因为每年这个时候males are transformed from peace-loving bamboo eaters雄性都有可能从温和的竹食者into potential killers化身为潜在杀手 /201209/201209Wood Buffalo National Park野牛国家公园covers 28,000 square miles,面积七万多平方公里the size of Denmark.像丹麦一样大One of the few cameramen, who have filmed wolves and bison here几位摄影师中 有一人曾拍过狼和野牛is Jeff Turner.那就是杰夫·特纳I first tried to film bison and wolves十五年前 我第一次试图in this national park 15 years ago.在这个国家公园拍摄野牛和狼And getting around on the ground一年中的任何时候is incredibly difficult at any time of the year,在这片土地上出行都特别困难but in the winter, it#39;s tough.但在冬天是极其困难We quickly realised the only way我们很快意识到 在这里we#39;d get anything here was we had to get up in the air.想要达到目的的唯一办法便是飞行The Frozen Planet team had never attempted冰冻星球摄制组还没有尝试过aerial filming in such low temperatures.在如此低温下进行空中拍摄The first challenge for director Chadden Hunter导演查登·亨特尔的第一个挑战was protecting the sensitive aerial camera.就是保护脆弱的航空摄影机At -40, electrical cables short-circuit like fireworks.零下四十度的时候 电线会短路How cold can you fly this chopper? Minus 40.你怎么驾驶这台直升机 零下四十度啊Aerial cameraman Michael Kelem空中摄影师迈克尔·凯勒姆comes from sunny California来自阳光充足的加利福尼亚and has never experienced temperatures so low.从未经历过如此低温What kind of temperatures can you operate down to?你习惯在什么温度下操作Me? Usually about 70-degrees Fahrenheit in LA-kind of weather.我吗 在洛杉矶一般大约二十度Yeah? I#39;m only rated for Santa Monica.是吗 我还以为是圣塔莫妮卡 /201211/211659

Martial Arts Expert Laurence Sandum explains the basics of the martial art made famous by the legendary Bruce Lee, Wing Chun. Learn how to defend yourself with these ancient techniques. 武术专家劳伦斯bull;桑迪姆解释传奇李小龙世界闻名咏春拳的基础。学习这些自古相传的武术保护自己。 Article/201202/169727

If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying?如果你能解决问题,那何虑之有?If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?如果你不能解决问题,那忧虑又有什么用呢?And if you look at this logically not being calm will only work to your disadvantage in many situations:如果你从逻辑的角度来看,不冷静只会起反效果,在很多情况下都一样:There is an important exam coming up and you are freaking out. Panicking might confuse you, inhibit your learning and as a result you might perform worse on the exam.(比如)你正面临一场重要的考试,而你慌得不得了。你的惊慌只会让你思维混乱,它会妨碍你的学习,其结果就是你会在考试中发挥得更糟。Someone is robbing you and you start to panic. You might get the robber nervous, and he might do something impulsive (like stab you) obviously worsening your position.(再比如)一个人正在抢劫你,而你开始慌了。你可能会让抢劫者变得紧张,而他可能就会做出些过激的事情(比如捅你一刀),显然这回让你的处境更糟。You lead a group of people at work and are facing a heavy problem, or an impossible deadline. Well this is the time to inspire people and get the most out of them as possible. That should increase your chances of solving the problem. If you panic you might discourage them, and not only you, but your whole team shall underperform.(再比如)你正带领着一组人一起工作,并且正面临着一个严峻的问题,或者是一个不可能赶上的截止日期。好嘛,你现在需要做的是启发这些人,尽可能让他们做出成果;这会让你解决问题的概率更大一些。如果你慌了,你可能会打击到他们,于是不只是你,你的整个团队都会发挥不佳。While you panic, your mind is having a hard time finding a solution to the problem. Even if the solution is only to stay calm and wait for the problem to pass.当你慌张的时候,你的大脑会很难找到解决问题的方法。而解决问题的方法很有可能只是冷静下来并等着问题自己过去。Answer from @Faith Paul来自@Faith Paul的回答Intelligent people think before they speak.聪明的人先想再说。Intelligent people also think rationally.而且,聪明人的思维是理性的。Instead of freaking out over every little thing, finding drama, or becoming a victim, intelligent people rationalize their problems.聪明人会理性地去分析问题,而不是在每个细枝末节上的慌神、制造情况、或怨天尤人。Intelligent people don#39;t prolong their problems. They end their suffering by doing what needs to be done in order for that problem to go away.聪明人不会让问题遗留下来。他们会做那些必要的事以解决问题。Additionally, I#39;ve noticed that intelligent people who are stressed find an outlet or take a nap. Bottling up anxiety or pointing fingers like many people do is just going to evoke more stress.还有,我发现聪明人在不堪重负的时候会找个发泄方式,或者小憩一下。很多其他人或把焦虑压制下来,或者在别人身上出气,而这只会让压力更重。Obviously not all problems can be solved, but my point is that intelligent people handle stress differently.显然,并不是所有的问题都能被解决,我想表达的是:聪明人处理压力的方式时不一样的。Answer from @Humberto Rada来自@Humberto Rada的回答This could be for several reasons, but one thing I noticed from highly intelligent friends who are calm is that they are able to entertain themselves.原因有很多,而我从我那些冷静的聪明朋友身上发现的一点是:他们有办法自娱自乐。Yes that is right, they always got something to think about.对,就是这样,他们总有什么东西可以想。Its like they enjoy their thoughts more than interacting with other people.好像他们觉得自己的思维比和人交流更有吸引力。They are always elaborating on thoughts so they are busy with themselves.他们总是在细细揣自己的想法,所以他们自己一个人忙着呢。 /201706/515478

99% of the Arctic#39;s fresh water ice is in Greenland.北极地区99%的淡水冰在格陵兰It#39;s a staggeringly big ice sheet,这是块相当巨大的冰原but it#39;s just a drop in the ocean但和南极比起来compared to that at the southern end of our planet.就只是沧海一粟了In Antarctica, there is ten times more ice,南极的冰比北极多十倍by far the largest concentration of ice on Earth.是目前地球上冰量最多的地方Our exploration of the Antarctic我们对于南极的探索only began a little over 100 years ago.始于一百多年前The study of ice retreat here was unwittingly begun关于冰山锐减的研究on an expedition led by the great early explorer始于早期伟大探索家欧内斯特·沙克尔顿Ernest Shackleton.领导的一次不为人知的探险In 1916, after their expedition boat was crushed and sunk by ice,1916年 考察船撞毁陷入冰川Shackleton and two companions沙克尔顿和他的两名同伴set off to summon help in a tiny boat.划了艘小船出去寻求援助They sailed over 800 miles across the Southern Ocean它们在南大洋航行了八百多英里to the island of South Georgia, on the edge of the Antarctic.到达了南极边缘的南乔治亚岛Near starving and dressed in rags, the three men饥肠辘辘 衣衫褴褛的三个人walked across the ice sheet at the centre of the island,穿越过岛中央的茫茫冰原knowing there was a whaling base他们知道on the opposite coast where they could summon help.可以向对面海岸的捕鲸队呼救 /201301/218554

Volleyball: China tough through 5 sets to beat GermanyFrom the Swiss Elite Women's Volleyball, China fought-out a tough match to beat Germany.The first set started with China making attacks and poor defensive work from the German side. China won the first set 25-14.But Germany woke up in the second set, as its powerful serves broke China's defensive network, and increased the chances for errors for its opponents. The set ended with Germany winning 25-23.Germany forced spiker Chu Jinling into an error in the third set. Yin Na and Hui Ruoqi were sent onto the court, and Wei Qiuyue's serving helped China reverse the situation. China won the third set.Germany would win the following set before China turned the tables again to win the decider 15-7, and with it, the match at 3-2. Article/200906/73871

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