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南昌全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市去鼻唇沟多少钱Pakistans President Mamnoon Hussain is looking to sign agreements with China on Wednesday for joint energy and infrastructure projects worth an estimated billion, to be completed by 2018, as part of a long-term strategy to build a new trade and transport corridor between the two countries, according to a Pakistani government minister.巴基斯坦一位部长说,巴基斯坦总统侯赛Mamnoon Hussain)周三将寻求与中国签署一系列协议,联合开发价值估计为200亿美元的能源和基础设施项目。这些项目将018年前完工,是中巴两国建设新的贸易和运输通道这一长期战略的一部分。Mr. Hussain, who began a visit to Beijing on Tuesday, was expected to sign memorandums of understanding on projects that include upgrades of road and rail links and construction of an airport in the Chinese-built Arabian Sea port of Gwadar, said Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform.周二开始访问北京的侯赛因可能将就一系列项目签署谅解备忘录。巴基斯坦计划与发展部长伊克巴尔(Ahsan Iqbal)说,这些项目包括升级公路和铁路,在瓜达尔中国修建的阿拉伯海港口修建一个机场。Chinese and Pakistani authorities had selected these as the first so-called early-harvest projects of a longer-term plan to enhance economic ties and transport links between Pakistan and China, which share a border and have had close diplomatic and defense ties for decades, largely due to their mutual distrust of India.中国和巴基斯坦有关部门选择这些项目作为一个更长期计划中的早期收获项目。而这个更长期计划是为了加强巴基斯坦和中国之间的经济和运输联系。中国和巴基斯坦有共同的边境线。主要出于两国均不信任印度的原因,中巴之间数十年来保持着紧密的外交和国防联系。The long-term plan to build a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, including an oil and gas pipeline from Gwadar to Chinas northwestern border, has been discussed for years, but has been repeatedly delayed by corruption, economic instability and security issues in Pakistan, analysts and diplomats say.发展中巴经济走廊(Economic Corridor)的长期计划中包括一条从瓜达尔到中国西北边境的油气管道。分析人士和外交人士说,这一长期计划讨论了数年,但由于巴基斯坦的腐败、经济不稳定以及安全问题而不断被延迟In the past, the economic relationship could not match the political one. Now the leadership on both sides has realized that we have to bridge that gap, Mr. Iqbal told The Wall Street Journal in a telephone interview.伊克巴尔在接受《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)电话采访时说:过去,两国的经济关系达不到政治关系的程度。现在,两国的领导层已经认识到我们必须填补这个差距The main idea is not just a bilateral corridor. Were seeking a much broader integration of the region. Essentially, this economic corridor will integrate a region with a population of some three billion people--about half the world.他说,我们主要考虑的不仅仅是经济走廊,而是寻求对这一地区进行更广泛的整合。中巴经济走廊打通后将起到地区整合的作用,该地区人口0亿,占全球总人口的近一半。In recent months, China has renewed its commitment to the economic corridor. Analysts say Beijing hopes the project will establish a new route for energy imports from the Middle East and help to promote economic growth in Chinas northwestern region of Xinjiang, home to a separatist movement among members of the mostly Muslim Uighur minority.最近数月,中国重申了对中巴经济走廊的持承诺。分析师称,中国希望这一项目能够开辟新的中东能源进口路线,并帮助推动新疆经济发展。新疆地处中国西北,是以穆斯林少数民族为主的分裂分子的主要活动地区。Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular briefing on Tuesday that the planned economic corridor would have a model effect on the region. This project is also important for strengthening the entire communication between South Asia and East Asia, bringing economic development and improving the quality of life in the peripheries [of China and Pakistan], she said.中国外交部发言人华春莹在周二的例行记者会上表示,中巴经济走廊的倡议将为地区合作提供示范。她还表示,该项目将促进南亚、东亚互联互通,对带动周边经济发展和民生改善也具有积极意义。Mr. Iqbal said the Pakistani government was hoping that most of the early harvest projects would be funded through private investment from Chinese companies on a build-operate-transfer basis as well as through concessional loans from China. Theyre saying theyll decide what to fund on a project by project basis, he said of the Chinese authorities. Well complete the projects tomorrow.伊克巴尔说,巴基斯坦政府希望中资企业私人投资以及中国提供的优惠贷款能为大多数早期收获项目提供资金,其中前者入资是在建运营-移交的基础上进行(即所谓BOT模式)。伊克巴尔说,中方会逐一评估每个项目以决定出资金额,明天应该能完成项目评估。The early harvest projects included construction of a motorway from the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore to the southern port of Karachi, and upgrading a stretch of road from Chinas border to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, he said. Also included were plans to build an airport, a power plant and new roads in Gwadar and to upgrade rail infrastructure between Lahore and the northwestern city of Peshawar, he said.伊克巴尔说,早期收获项目包括修建一条连接巴基斯坦东部城市拉合尔(Lahore)和南部港口城市卡拉奇(Karachi)的高速公路,并升级中国边境至巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡(Islamabad)的公路路段。此外还将在瓜达尔修建一个机场、一座发电站以及新公路,同时升级拉合尔和西北部城市白沙瓦(Peshawar)之间的铁路基础设施。The initial list also included investment in ongoing projects to develop the Thar coalfield and construct power plants in Gadani, in the southern province of Baluchistan, and Sahiwal, in the southern province of Sindh, he said.项目初步内容还包括投资开发塔Thar)煤矿,并在南部的俾路省(Baluchistan)加达Gadani)和南部信德省(Sindh)的萨希瓦Sahiwal)建造发电站。这两个项目目前都在进行之中。He said Chinese and Pakistani authorities planned to draw up a timetable by August this year for longer term projects, which included the pipeline from Gwadar to China and a new rail link across the border.伊克巴尔说,中巴政府计划在今月前为中长期项目制定时间表。中长期项目包括瓜达尔至中国的输油管道及连接两国的新铁路。Last year, China agreed to build two large 1,100 megawatt nuclear power plants for Pakistan in Karachi under a billion deal, financed largely through a concessional loan from China.去年,中国同意出0亿美元为巴基斯坦修建两座1,100兆瓦的大型核电站,这两座核电站位于卡拉奇,主要资金来源为中国优惠贷款。来 /201402/276439南昌大学一附院光子脱毛多少钱 南昌腋下副乳手术哪家医院好

抚州祛斑多少钱After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner -- a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the star at a local notary publicas being her property.  经过数十亿年时光,太阳终于“有主了”!来自西班牙加利西亚省某潮湿地区的一位女性于上周五宣称,她已向当地一位公人注册,将太阳登记为个人财产。  Angeles Duran, 49, told the online edition of daily El Mundo she took the step in September after ing about an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our Solar System.  现年49岁的安吉拉斯 杜兰在接受采访时称,在看到一则新闻称一位美国人将月球和太阳系大多数行星登记在名下后,她自今年九月开始了成为“太阳之主”的行动。  There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals, she added.  她说,虽然有国际协议规定任何国家都不得宣称拥有任何行星或恒星,但对个人却没有限制。  "There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law. I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first."  她说:“没有问题,我的主张是合法的,我可不愚蠢,我懂法律。我这样做了,其他人原本也可以这么做,只是我抢了先。”  The document issued by the notary public declares Duran to be the "owner of the Sun, a star of spectral typeG2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149,600,000 kilometres".  公员发布的文件宣称,杜兰是“太阳的主人。该恒星的光谱类型为G2,位于太阳系中心,与地球的平均距离为1.496亿公里。”  Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slapa fee oneveryone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent to the nation's pension fund.  居住在萨尔瓦特拉·杜·米诺镇的杜兰称,她想要对所有利用太阳的人收费,其中一半收益将上交西班牙政府,20%用于西班牙的养老基金。  She would dedicate another 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger -- and would keep the remaining 10 percent herself.  她还将捐0%的收益用于研究,10%用来结束全球饥荒,剩0%留给自己。  "It is time to start doing things the right way, if there is an idea for how to generate income and improve the economy and people's well-being, why not do it?" she asked.  杜兰问道:“该到开始正确做事的时候了。如果有个可以增加收入、发展经济,又有利于人类福祉的好主意,何乐而不为呢?”来 /201012/119654 Choosing Colors挑选颜色Is there anything I can do you?有什么我能帮您的吗?I want a Shirt.我想买件衬衫What about this one? It sells like hot cakes.这件怎么样,很畅销的Well.do you have the tsame in black?好的,你能拿件黑色的吗?Yes,I will get you one.好的,我给您 396南昌抽脂手术医院哪家好南昌去疤医院哪里好



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