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郴州男子男科医院湘南附属医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱We all love a romantic proposal - and this one, from Chicago couple Josh Schmitz and Danielle Roesch, just might take the cake.我们都喜欢浪漫的求婚——而来自芝加哥的Josh Schmitz对他女友Danielle Roesch的求婚可谓是最佳求婚了。Schmitz met Roesch on Tinder in October 2014, and by August of the following year, he aly knew that he wanted to marry her, N Chicago reports. He didn#39;t want to propose to her with just an old drop to one knee, however - he wanted to do something truly special, so he set out planning an epic year-long proposal.美国全国广播公司报道:2014年10月,Schmitz和Roesch都在使用Tinder(国外的一种手机交友软件),两人相遇,15年8月,他就知道他想娶她了。然而,他并不想用单膝跪地的传统方法求婚#172;——他想来一个十分特殊的求婚,所以他就开始了筹划史诗般长达一年的求婚计划。Every day for an entire year, Schmitz scribbled out a note to his future fiancée on a whiteboard or a scrap of paper. Some flat-out asked her to marry him; others professed how much she meant to him. Each day, he would film a quick clip of himself holding the note up for the camera, whether he was at work, at home or on vacation.整整一年,Schmitz每天都在白板或一张纸上为他未来的未婚妻写下一段话。有些是十分坦白的让她嫁给他的句子;而有些则是承认她对他的重要性的句子。每天,不管他是在工作、在家还是在度假,他都用摄像机快速的录一段手拿小纸条的短片。After a year of filming these short clips, Schmitz hired someone to make a 21-minute compilation of them all. He then had a friend of Roesch#39;s invite her to a fake corporate event at Chicago#39;s Adler Planetarium - but when Roesch arrived, her friends, her family and a giant screen awaited her instead.录制这些短片一年后,Schmitz雇了个人将这些短片汇编成一个21分钟的视频。然后他请Roesch的闺蜜邀请她去芝加哥阿德勒天文馆参加一个编造的公司活动——但当Roesch抵达天文馆时,等待她的却是她的朋友、家人以及一个硕大的屏幕。The last frame of Schmitz#39;s mini-film instructed Roesch to walk down to Lake Michigan, where Schmitz was waiting for her with rose petals and his small white board, on which he had written, ;Will you be my wife?; Two check boxes offered the options ;yes; and ;no.; Of course, Roesch checked yes.Schmitz小电影的最后一个镜头就是引导Roesch沿着密歇根湖往下走,而Schmitz就在那里铺好了玫瑰花瓣,手拿小白板等待着她。小白板上写着“你愿意成为我的妻子吗?”下面还有两个选项:“是的,我愿意”和“不,我不愿意”。当然,Roesch 选择了我愿意。Schmitz says he was inspired to write secret notes to his now-fiancée because note-writing is part of their daily routine. The couple doesn#39;t see each other much during the week (Schmitz is a heavy equipment manager, and he leaves for work at 4:45 a.m. every day), so the two started leaving notes for each other every morning: Roesch sees hers when she wakes up to get y for work every day, and Schmitz sees his every day when he gets home.Schmitz说因为写纸条是他们日常生活中的一部分,所以他受到了启发,给他现在的未婚妻写纸条。这对情侣每周见面的时间不多(Schmitz是位重型设备经理,每天早晨4:45就得离家出去工作),所以他们每天早晨就开始为对方留纸条:Roesch每天醒来准备好去工作时,就会看到留给她的便签,而Schmitz每天回家时也会看到女友留的纸条。In the end, Schmitz says his epic proposal was well worth the wait. ;To see the look on her face of surprise, you could just tell - she#39;s known how much I love her,; he said. ;It#39;s the first and hopefully the last time I#39;d want to see my girlfriend cry at something.;最后,Schmitz说道:他史诗般的求婚是值得等待的。“看到她脸上惊喜的表情,你就能知道她知道我深爱着她,”他说道。“我希望这是女友第一次也是最后一次哭泣。”译文属 /201608/463628郴州北湖区人民医院妇幼保健治疗早泄多少钱 Ramen noodles have overtaken tobacco to become the most valuable commodity in US prisons, a new study says.一项新的研究表明,拉面已取代烟草,成为美国监狱中最有价值的商品。The research said the shift was a response to a decline in the quantity and quality of food on offer.该研究指出,这一转变是对监狱所提供的食品的数量和质量有所下降的反应。#39;Because it is cheap, tasty, and rich in calories, ramen has become so valuable that it is used to exchange for other goods#39;, said study author Michael Gibson-Light.研究作者迈克尔·吉布森·莱特表示:“因为便宜又美味,而且含有很高的热量,所以拉面已经变得非常珍贵,甚至可以用于交换其他的商品。”US prison data shows spending has not kept pace with the number of inmates.据美国监狱提供的数据显示,美国监狱的出并没有跟上监狱刑人员的数量。Mr Gibson-Light said staff and inmates at the prison he visited said the amount of food being provided had decreased steadily over decades and warned the shift could have serious implications.吉布森·莱特先生宣称,他访问过的监狱里的工作人员和囚犯都纷纷表示,监狱提供的食物数量在过去几十年里不断下降,并且他警告称,这种转变可能会带来严重的影响。Prisoners are so unhappy with the quality and quantity of prison food that they receive that they have begun relying on ramen noodles - a cheap, durable food product, he said.他表示,犯人们对监狱里食物的数量和口味都非常不满意,以致于他们不得不接受他们需要依赖拉面——一种廉价和顶饿的食物。The noodles are exchanged for goods including other food items, clothing, hygiene products and even services such as laundry and bunk cleaning, Mr Gibson-Light said.吉布森·莱特先生表示,拉面可以被用于交换另外的商品,诸如一些食物、衣、卫生用品,甚至是类似洗衣、铺位清洗等的务项目。Others use them as bargaining chips in gambling when playing card games or participating in football pools.也有另外的一些人把拉面作为打牌或参加足球比赛时候的筹码。The shift was taking place across different groups within prisons and was not a response to bans on tobacco products within the prison system, Mr Gibson-Light said. He called for more research into what the reduction in food could mean for the care of prisoners.吉布森·莱特先生称,这种转变发生在监狱里的不同团体之间,并且这也不是对于监狱内禁止食用烟草的一个回应。他呼吁对“食物的减少对囚犯照料的效果可能意味着什么”这一课题进行更多的研究。 /201608/463758郴州省妇幼保健院不孕不育科

郴州市第四医院治疗龟头炎多少钱郴州那个医院治疗男人生殖器 A new study found that many people who befriend their former lovers are narcissists and psychopaths.一项新的研究发现:很多喜欢和前任成为朋友的人都是自恋狂和变态。A new study has sought to uncover why people with ;dark personality traits; (such as narcissism, duplicity, even psychopathy) maintain relationships after their expiration. For many people, staying friends with an ex is unthinkable. Even Psychology Today has urged the public not to befriend extinguished flames because: ;they are less emotionally supportive, less helpful, less trusting, and less concerned about the other person#39;s happiness.;一项新的研究发现了那些拥有黑暗个性特点(比如自恋,表里不一甚至是变态)的人会在分手后仍然保持恋人关系。对于很多人来说,和前任保持朋友关系是件不可思议的事情。即便是如今的心理学也敦促大众不要和旧情保持朋友关系,因为“这样的关系不太有情感做撑,对人无益,不值得信任而且和另外一个人的幸福也没有关系。”In ;Staying friends with an ex: Sex and dark personality traits predict motivations for post-relationship friendship,; Oakland University researchers Justin Mogilski and Lisa Welling asked 860 subjects to list the motivations for their involvement with their exes. According to the Daily Mail, the researchers also surveyed the subjects to determine who had dark personality traits. ;Previous studies have shown that people who score highly for these traits are more likely to pick friends for strategic reasons, and prefer short-term relationships,; the Daily Mail reported. The researchers wanted to know if this were true for former lovers, too.在“和前任保持朋友关系:性和黑暗的人性特点预示着后一段关系的动机,”奥克兰大学的研究员贾斯汀和丽莎采访了860个主体,以列出和前任保持关系的动机。根据《每日邮报》称,研究员们也调查了这些主体,从而决定谁有黑暗的人格特点。每日邮报也报道了:“之前的研究表明了:那些在黑暗人格特点方面得分高的人更有可能有目的的去选择朋友,而且也喜欢短期的关系。”研究员们想得知在前任问题方面是不是也是如此。Dark personality types are most interested in how relationships can be useful to them and that such people may stay connected to [to exes in order to] have access to valuable resources. They also have inside information about their exes vulnerabilities and weaknesses that they can exploit and manipulate which gives them a sense of power and control.黑暗人格类型的人更加感兴趣的是一段关系对他们是否有好处,而且此类人与前任保持联系是为了接近有用的资源。他们对于前任的弱点和缺点都了如指掌因此他们可以开发和利用这些而带给自己一种权力和控制的感觉。 /201605/444407郴州第四医院前列腺炎多少钱

郴州东方男科医院评价咋样If the skeleton fails to stand poised and well-balanced when upright, then our joints won#39;t work properly. A simple parallel is a skyscraper standing at an angle - the lifts won#39;t run smoothly up and down their shafts, the doors and windows won#39;t open properly, the desks will inch across floors. The better your joints run, the better you run, and vice versa, so it#39;s important to keep them supple and watch out for signs of trouble.如果直立时骨架不能维持平衡,那么我们的关节不可能正常工作。一个简单的平行理论是就像倾斜的天大楼-电梯不会在上下轴线上运行流畅、门窗无法顺利打开、地板上的桌子会慢慢移动。关节运行越好,你的运就力会更好,反之亦然,所以保持其柔顺和注意危险病灶产生是至关重要的。1 Don#39;t ignore stiffness1 不要忽略僵硬One of the first signs of any joint wearing out is generalised stiffness, particularly after being in one position for too long. With the larger weight-bearing joints such as the hips you might - for example, getting out of the car after a long drive - find it difficult to get upright and take the first few steps. But you can also get a similar sense with non-weight-bearing joints such as an elbow after being bent for a long time.任何关节磨损的第一迹象之一就是通常意义的僵硬。特别是保持一个姿势时间很长之后,尤其较大的负重关节如髋关节,例如长期驾驶后从车里出来,你可能发现很难直立和最初举步为艰,然而你也可能会有与非负重关节的类似感觉,比如弯曲较长时间的肘关节等。2 Stretch2 伸展性Lack of multidirectional joint looseness, otherwise known as ;joint play; makes it much easier for joints to be traumatised by an incidental jolt during daily life. Stretching makes joints more compliant and less susceptible to injury and arthritis. A knee, for example, or an ankle, which has more joint play, will be able to cope better with uneven ground.减少多向关节松动也被成为;关节内运动;。日常生活中的突然颠簸就会使关节容易损伤。伸展使关节更顺从和减少损伤和关节炎,比如膝关节或踝关节,有较多的联合关节内运动,它们能更好适应不平整的地面。3 Test your joints to their limits3 测试你的关节局限性All joints are wont to get trapped in their middle range of functional movement and losing end-of-range freedom is an early indicator of trouble - even if there is no pain. For this reason it is important to exercise the extremes of ;non-useful; movement at every joint. With the big toe, for example, separating it out as far as you can from the other toes helps prevent bunions.所有的关节习惯于功能性运动的中间范围,失去功能性运动的自由范围,即使不疼痛也是早期的隐患指标。练习一些关节 ;无用;运动是重要的,例如你的大脚趾,练习尽可能与其他脚趾分开而帮助预防拇囊炎的发生。4 Exercise with care4 运动与护理Poorly crafted gym regimes often leave the joints out of balance because they concentrate on repetitive joint activity in their middle range which simply emphasises the patterns of every-day use. Dumbbell routines to strengthen biceps do this, when really the elbow needs to be opened out fully to keep you from developing ;tennis elbow;.不良的健身运动常常使关节失衡,因为他们集中重复关节在中间范围的运动,而这种运动只是简单的加强关节每天的利用形式。当真的需要打开肘部动作时,常规的哑铃练习可增强肱二头肌,这能完全预防;网球肘;的形成。5 Don#39;t be afraid to bend5 不要怕弯曲The lumbar spine is designed to bend forward and doing so gives the spine#39;s discs a drink by moving fluid around them. This becomes more necessary with age.腰椎形成就是向前弯曲,如此前后弯曲运动通过周围组织液的流动润滑椎间盘。随着年龄的增长,这种运动更有必要性。译文属 /201607/456980 The Last Day as PM身为首相的最后一天In a parting speech before heading to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation, the Prime Minister admitted he had not got everything right.在前往白金汉宫提交辞呈之前的一次临别讲话中,现任首相卡梅伦承认他对自己的政绩是抱有遗憾的。#39;It#39;s not been easy going and of course we have not got every decision right. But I do believe that today our country is much stronger,#39; he said.他说:“这并不容易,而且显现我们的决定并不全是对的。不过,我的确认为我们的国家比以前更强大了。”An official communication issued by Buckingham Palace just before 5.25pm said: #39;The Right Honourable David Cameron MP had an Audience of The Queen this evening and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, which Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept.#39;白金汉宫在下午5:25之前发表的一份正式照会说:“尊敬的国会议员大卫·卡梅伦今晚受到了女王的接见并提交了他作为首相以及第一财政大臣的辞呈,女王大人和蔼而愉快地接受了。”The dramatic events in Downing Street tonight proved too much for five-year-old Florence who clung to her mother Samantha as the Prime Minister made his final speech before resigning.唐宁街今晚这戏剧性的一幕对5岁的弗洛伦斯(卡梅伦的女儿)显得太过沉重,在首先进行卸任前的最后讲话之时,她紧紧地抱着妈妈萨曼莎。Downing Street staff and aides looked on as the outgoing Prime Minister delivered his last speech. Many were visibly upset.唐宁街的员工与副官们看着即将离开的首相进行他的最后讲话。他们中的很多人表现出了明显的沮丧。No. 10 Downing Street, colloquially known in the ed Kingdom as ;Number 10;, is the headquarters of Her Majesty#39;s Government and the official residence and office of the First Lord of the Treasury, a post which, for much of the 18th and 19th centuries and invariably since 1905, has been held by the Prime Minister.唐宁街10号在英国口语中被称为“10号”,它是女王大人政府的总部,并且也是首席财务大臣的正式居所以及办公室。首席财务大臣一职在18、19世纪的大部分时间里以及1905年以后都是由首相担任的。Cameron’s Last PMQs卡梅伦最后的首相质询David Cameron kicked off PMQs by joking that the rest of his diary for the day was remarkably light. He also laughingly rejected suggestions that he did not like Downing Street cat Larry, holding up a photo of the two of them.大卫·卡梅伦以一个玩笑为这次首相质询拉开帷幕,他说今天日记余下的部分将会十分轻薄。他还笑着反驳“他并不喜欢现在的第一猫咪拉瑞”的谣言,并用一张自己与拉瑞的合照作为据。;Do I have to go?; Larry sits on the step outside 10 Downing Street.“我也都搬家吗?”拉瑞坐在唐宁街10号的台阶上时不禁深思。Mr. Cameron laughed with his successor as Prime Minister Theresa May during the Commons set-piece today在下议院进行预先准备的质询期间,卡梅伦与他的继任者特蕾莎·梅·谈笑风生。In a reference to his memorable jibe at Tony Blair in his first PMQs appearance in 2005, Mr Cameron said: ‘Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it. After all – as I once said – I was the future once.’卡梅伦在质询中提到了他在2005年第一次进行首相质询时对托尼·布莱尔(前首相)的著名嘲讽。他说:“只要你用心做,没有什么是真的不可能的。毕竟,就如我曾经讲的,我也曾是英国的未来。”#39;I came into Downing Street to confront our problems as a country and lead people through difficult decisions so we could reach better times,#39;“我当初进入唐宁街是为了替这个国家应对问题并领导人民作出艰难的决定,其目的是希望国家的未来会更好。” /201607/454542郴州哪家包皮郴州阳痿的治疗费用是多少



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