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Chinese actress and UN Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador Yao Chen was selected as one of the ;Young Global Leaders; in by the World Economic um. other Chinese were also on the list.近日,中国女演员、联合国难民署亲善大使姚晨当选成为年世界经济论坛“全球青年领袖”之一另有位中国青年人士入选The World Economic um selects the most ;innovative, enterprising and socially minded men and women under the age of 0 who are pushing boundaries and rethinking the world around them; each year.世界经济论坛每年都会挑选出最具创新性、进取性、推动社会进步的、能跨越国界、重新思考身边世界的0岁以下的杰出青年男女World Economic um is hoping that this year Young Global Leaders can tackle the world most complex and pressing challenges. Furthermore, those on the list are invited to join a commy and a five-year leadership journey to ;break down silos, bridge cultures and use their collective skills to get things done positive impact across private, public and civil society organizations.;世界经济论坛希望今年的全球青年领袖能够处理好全球最复杂和最紧迫的挑战此外,入选者将被邀请加入一个社区,并且将在今后五年的任期中,打破界限,构架文化桥梁,共同致力于发展私人、公共、民间组织,为社会带来积极影响A total of 1 renowned young professionals from all walks of life were selected, including scientists, government workers, entrepreneurs, social activists and artists. A total of professionals from China were on the list, including Yao, Fu Sheng (CEO of Cheetah Mobile) and Chih-Han Yu (CEO and co-founder of technology company Appier).来自各行各业,包括科学家,政府工作人员,企业家,社会活动家和艺术家在内的共1位知名的年轻专业人士入选中国共有人入选,包括姚晨,傅盛(猎豹移动公司CEO)和游直翰(台湾人工智能创新企业Appier公司联合创始人兼CEO);This is a title, it is also a mission and a responsibility,; Yao commented in regards to her work in the next five years.面对五年任期内的工作,姚晨坦言“这既是一个头衔,也是一种使命和责任”Yao was awarded the Crystal Award in Davos alongside Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in January earlier this year.今年1月初,姚晨和奥斯卡获奖演员莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥一起出席达沃斯经济论坛,同获水晶奖 33

It takes a lot of work to capture a good photo. Last month, Michael Yamashita was sitting in a Hong Kong bookstore, clicking through slides of pictures from his new book, Shangri-La: Along the Tea Road to Lhasa, a five-year project that documents the incomparable beauty and changing face of Tibet.捕捉一张好照片需要大量的工作上个月,Michael Yamashita坐在香港的书店里,点击着他的新书《寻访香格里拉:探索失落的茶马古道里的幻灯照,一个的五年的课题,记录了西藏无与伦比的美丽和不断改变的面貌He arrived at a photo of several young men dressed in leather aprons and heavy mittens, with plastic covers on their shoes, making their way down an empty road high on the Tibetan plateau. One of them was lying prostrate on the ground, another rising to his feet, others walking ward. They were pilgrims making an arduous month-long journey to Lhasa.他来到一张照片前:几个年轻人穿着皮革围裙戴着沉重的连指手套并用塑料套在他们的鞋子上,在青藏高原空旷的道路上行走其中一个匍匐着躺在地上,另一个正站起来,其他人在向前走他们是用长达一个月的时间艰难前往拉萨的朝圣者;To get this frame that perfect, with one guy on the ground, another rising, other standing, I must have had to walk half a mile backwards,; said Yamashita. ;And it was raining.;“得到这张照是完美的,一个家伙在地上,另一个在站起来,其他人站着,我必须得向后走半英里,” Yamashita说“当时还在下雨”Later, I asked him how far he has gone to get a single shot. ;I wouldnt risk my life, but it all about getting the picture,; he said. ;Youll do what you have to do.;后来,我问他要走多远才能有一次摄影“我不会冒着生命危险,但都是关于得到照片,”他说“你会去做你不得不做的事情”Shangri-La is one of those projects. Yamashita has been travelling to Tibet years and the photos in the book were taken over a period of five years.香格里拉是其中一个课题Yamashita已经在西藏旅行了年,书中这些照片是超过五年时间拍摄的Like all of his projects, this one began with research. ;Ive just about every book that was ever published on Tibet,; says Yamashita. ;We dont have time to mess around. There nothing left to chance – we go at the right time to get the right people in the right pictures.;像所有的课题一样,这个也从研究开始“我只是已经读过出版过的每一本关于西藏的书” Yamashita说“我们没有时间浪费天上不会掉馅饼——我们走在恰当的时间把恰好的人记录在正好的照片里”More than landscapes, though, it the human geography that fascinates Yamashita. In Jiuzhaigou, example, tea is grown, harvested, dried and hand-processed into bricks. ;This is why Im drawn back to China again and again – the fashion may have changed – the cities certainly have – but certain practices are exactly the same as theyve been centuries.;但不只是风景,令Yamashita着迷也有人文地理例如,在九寨沟茶叶生长、收获、烘干并且手工加工成砖块“这就是为什么我一次次被吸引回到中国——方式可能已经改变——城市当然有,但某些习惯完全相同因为他们已经存在了几个世纪” 19

the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧Brussels: Chocolate布鲁塞尔的巧克力Nearly half the chocolate consumed in the world is savored in Europe, and Belgium — with per-capita consumption of .99 pounds a year —certainly devours its fair share. While Brussels, the country’s capital, is home to hundreds of chocolatiers, what makes a visit imperative, at least from a chocophile’s perspective, is the rich heritage of artisanal chocolate-makers.全世界的巧克力消费总量近半在欧洲,而比利时每人每年消费的巧克力达.99磅,显然远超平均水平在比利时的首都布鲁塞尔,有数手工巧克力商店传承着手工巧克力制作的宝贵工艺这是全世界巧克力爱好者的必游之地And none epitomizes the nation’s devotion to craft and quality more than Mary. Mary Delluc established her business in 1919 on the Rue Royale, the route the king took to the Royal Palace each day. In 19 she achieved her goal of becoming the chocolate purveyor to the royal family, an honor that was bestowed on the brand three more times, most recently in . While Mary has retained a presence on Rue Royale 95 years, it has changed address three times, the most recent (Rue Royale 73) undergoing an overhaul in .说起对比利时巧克力工艺和品质的贡献,谁也无法超过玛丽巧克力店1919年,玛丽·德鲁克(Mary Delluc)创建了自己的公司,店址在皇室大道,那是国王去王宫时每天的必经之路19年,她实现了自己的目标,成为比利时王室的御用巧克力供应商该品牌享有这一殊荣已有三次,最近的一次是年玛丽巧克力店已在皇室大道巍然屹立了95年,其间搬了三次家,最近的一次是在年,经过全面翻新后,搬到了皇室大道73号“We went back to the roots of Mary,” the managing director, Olivier Borgerhoff, said, noting the return to the original white-and-gold color scheme and prominence of the oblong logo. As the chocolate, it might as well be the th century. “We don’t change the types of chocolates often,” Mr. Borgerhoff said. “We try to improve the choices we have.” That means sourcing top-quality ingredients and eschewing preservatives and unnatural additives of the dozens of caramel, marzipan, mousse, ganache and cream-filled bonbons that are stacked in neat rows down a long central counter, along with glass bowls of hand-rolled truffles, flaked with almonds and dusted in powdered sugar. A 50-gram box is euros ().“我们回到了玛丽的根,”常务董事奥利维尔·伯格霍夫(Olivier Borgerhoff),他指的是恢复了最初的白色与金色的配色方案及强调椭圆形商标说起巧克力,或许还是世纪更好“我们不会经常改变巧克力的类型”伯格霍夫先生说“而是尽力优化已有的选择”这意味着要寻找顶级的优质配方,在数十种焦糖、杏仁蛋白软糖、慕斯、甘那许酱和奶油夹心软糖中避免使用防腐剂或非天然的添加剂这些甜点一排排整齐地堆叠在店铺中央一条长柜台上,旁边的玻璃碗里盛放着手工制成的松露巧克力,点缀着杏仁,外面撒着糖粉50克一盒的售价欧元(约等于1美元)Another chocolatier, Debailleul, is decidedly more whimsical. The small chain, established in 1983 by Marc Debailleul, produces bonbons and ballotins, or boxes, that are so refined and beautiful, it’s almost — almost — a shame to indulge. The options are limited: traditional pralines and creamy ganaches, many hand-painted with cupids, the letter “D” or other flourishes, and vanilla, coffee and caramel-flavored truffles. Visit the factory store (Rue de Ganshoren 7-39). It will be as if you’ve discovered secret treasures of the chocolate capital. AMY M. THOMAS还有一家名叫德百丽(Debailleul)的手工巧克力厂,显然更加珍奇有趣这家小型连锁企业由马克·德百丽(Marc Debailleul)始建于1983年,出产夹心软糖、小包装或者盒装它的甜点口感如此精致美妙,你会觉得肆意大嚼几乎是一种羞耻选择很有限:传统的胡桃糖和奶油鲜美的甘那许酱,糖果上装饰着手绘的丘比特、字母D或者其他花纹,还有香草、咖啡和焦糖口味的松露巧克力建议游览工厂店(店址在汉斯霍伦路7-9号),感觉就像在巧克力之都寻找秘藏的珍宝艾米·托马斯(AMY M. THOMAS)供稿 5663


  Wondering What Russell, the Kid From ;Up,; Looks Like in Real Life?.大家可以看到现实版的《飞屋环游记了 5。

  gy_U0C5nzV0%CHfkXT7oiQHSZ_dY~JP3Y^zkYpwtbxN8DInsecticide adXkwwYevf68o)ZAO8)SaWith this being one of the funniest animal ads provided by ;SBP Insect killer;, there will be no more insects, and frogs will be left jobless! Poor little frogs!DxgE_IgqT*杀虫剂广告~EOw#gqBh这难道不是最搞笑的动物广告吗?有了SBP杀虫剂,昆虫不见了,青蛙失业了,可怜的青蛙!G,-cCGn5z7)^]KuF].7[no|gySEt3G[*!g(u1f_3AP 9639

  Russian officials are coming under pressure to check if Disney new film Beauty and the Beast breaches the country law against ;gay propaganda;.俄罗斯官员将被要求审查迪士尼新电影《美女与野兽是否触犯了该国禁止“同性恋宣传”的法律Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky said action would be taken after the checks while an MP described the film as ;shameless propaganda of sin;.俄罗斯文化部部长弗拉基米尔?梅德尼斯基表示,审查过后将会采取相关措施一名国会议员将这部电影描述为“无耻的犯罪宣传”The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast features Disney first ever gay character and love scene.真人版翻拍电影《美女与野兽中出现了迪士尼有史以来第一位同性恋人物和恋爱场面A Russian law prohibits the sping of ;gay propaganda; among minors.在俄罗斯有一条法律禁止向未成年人进行“同性恋宣传”The legislation, which has angered human rights activists and the international gay commy, describes homosexuality as ;non-traditional sexual relations;.年的这条法律将同性恋描述为“非传统性爱关系”,触怒了人权分子和跨国同性恋团体Homosexuality was decriminalised in Russia in 1993 and the country officially removed it from a list of psychiatric disorders in 1999.1993年,同性恋在俄罗斯成为合法,1999年,俄罗斯正式将同性恋从精神疾病名单中删除However, homophobic attacks have been documented in recent years.但是,资料显示近年来仇视同性恋袭击事件时有发生Director Bill Condon has spoken of an ;exclusively gay moment; in Beauty and the Beast.导演比尔?康顿提到了《美女与野兽中的“专属同性恋瞬间”It involves LeFou, who is a sidekick of the film main antagonist Gaston.在同性恋片段中出现的有该电影主要反派加斯顿的同伙来福LeFou, played by US actor Josh Gad, tries to come to terms with feelings Gaston that swing between lust and admiration, as a side-plot to the main story.由美国演员乔什?盖德饰演的来福试图弄清自己对加斯顿的感情到底是性欲还是爱慕,这也是影片的一条副线The movie is due to be released in Russia on March.电影定于3月日在俄罗斯上映But Vitaly Milonov, an MP of the governing ed Russia party, urged the culture minister to hold a screening of the film bee it was released to see if it complied with the law and to ;take measures to totally ban; it if he found ;elements of propaganda of homosexuality;.俄罗斯执政党统一俄罗斯党的国会议员维塔利?米洛诺夫敦促文化部部长在电影上映前先举行一场试映会,看其是否符合相关法律,如果发现“同性恋宣传成分”,可以“发出全面禁令”His colleague Alexander Sholokhov said that if the scenes violated the law, the film should be banned from cinemas.米洛诺夫的同僚亚历山大?肖洛霍夫说,如果发现触犯法律的画面,应禁止该电影在影院上映;As soon as we get a copy of the film with relevant paperwork distribution, we will consider it according to the law,; Mr Medinsky said.梅德尼斯基表示:“一旦我们拿到电影拷贝带和相关发行文件,我们将依照法律考虑这些提议”Meanwhile, Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko told state-run TV Russia , ;I will not take my kid to this movie.;与此同时,俄罗斯演员帕维尔?杰列维扬科告诉国有电视台俄罗斯套说:“我不会带我的孩子去电影院看这个电影”When the first Beauty and the Beast trailer was released last year it had almost 0m views in hours.当《美女与野兽的第一预告片在去年发布时,仅一天时间就收获了1.3亿点击量Emma Watson plays Belle, the young girl who falls in love with a monstrous beast with a dark secret.艾玛?沃森扮演贝尔,那个与怀揣黑暗秘密的丑陋野兽堕入情网的年轻女孩Her suitors - the Beast and Gaston - are played by Brit stars Dan Stevens and Luke Evans.她的追求者——野兽和加斯顿——将分别由英国影星丹?史蒂文斯和卢克?伊万斯扮演The cast includes Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Kevin Kline and Stanley Tucci.演员阵容还包括伊万?麦格雷戈、古古?玛芭塔劳、凯文?克莱恩和史坦利?图齐In another groundbreaking moment, the film is to feature the first interracial kiss in a Disney live-action film.该电影的另一个突破性瞬间是迪士尼真人电影有史以来首个跨种族之吻The animated version of Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991.《美女与野兽动画版于1991年首映 63Many men – and women too, that matter – would love to play James Bond. Most of us would also love million.饰演詹姆斯#86;邦德是大多数男人甚至是女人都梦寐以求的我们大多数人也会想要1.5亿美元But Hollywood superstar Daniel Craig is not most people.但是好莱坞巨星丹尼尔#86;克雷格可不是大多数人The 0 actor, who has played the spy since , has reportedly been offered the hefty sum listed above to return to the franchise two more films. But Craig has made no secret of his reluctance to step back into the famous tuxedo.据报道,这位自年起就扮演特工0的演员受邀继续出演0系列的后两部电影,片酬高达1.5亿但是克雷格明确表示了他不想再出演邦德“The studio is desperate to secure the actor’s services while they phase in a younger long-term successor,” a source told the celebrity news website Radar.明星新闻网站Radar得到的消息称:“电影公司很想让克雷格继续演下去,同时他们也在寻找未来可以长期出演该角色的年轻演员”The source also suggested that by playing coy – remember when he told an interviewer he’d rather “slash his wrists” than immediately return to Bond? – Craig has only upped his perceived value.消息也指出,克雷格出演这个角色,也只是提高了他的知名度他曾告诉采访记者,他情愿“砍伤手腕”也不要马上回去演邦德He’s essentially made himself into the man too cool to play Bond.他已经把自己打造成了一个超级酷男,不适合演邦德了“Everyone knows how much executives adore him, and the idea of losing him at such a crucial time in the franchise isn’t an option as far as all the studio honchos are concerned,” said the source, who added that Craig “has played a genius hand.”消息称:“众人皆知他很受高管们的青睐对于所有电影公司的老板来说,在如此重要的时刻失去他可不是个好事”消息里还补充道,克雷格“这一步走得很高明”“Daniel’s the key a seamless, safe transition as far as Sony and Bond bosses are concerned, and they’re prepared to pay a king’s ransom to make it happen.”“对于索尼和邦德系列电影的老板们来说,丹尼尔是该系列影片进行安全无缝交接的关键他们准备付给他超高片酬,让他继续演邦德”The story above, which has not been confirmed by Sony or by representatives Craig, comes in the wake of a May claim that Craig had turned down a £68 million offer to return two more films. If true, it could suggest that studio is trying to tempt Craig back with increasingly larger sums.但是以上消息都未被索尼或克雷格经纪人实年5月也有消息称制片方开出6800万英镑的片酬邀克雷格再演两部如果此次消息可靠,这就意味着电影公司将尝试用更高的价格来吸引克雷格重返0In the meantime, there’s been a steady string of rumours about who could replace Craig as Bond, with a new hopeful claimed as the frontrunner almost every other week (we’re getting pretty fed up of writing the weekly news s, truth to be told).同时,还有一系列关于谁将接替克雷格成为新一代邦德的谣言每隔一周都会有新邦德人选的传言出现(说实话,我们对每周写关于新人选的文章已经烦透了)Some of the latest contenders named include Victoria actor Tom Hughes, who has allegedly impressed Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, and Marvel stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.最新的接替人选有英剧《维多利亚中的男主演汤姆#86;休斯、漫威演员克里斯#86;哈姆斯沃斯和汤姆#86;希德勒斯顿据说邦德制片人芭芭拉#86;布罗科利对汤姆#86;休斯的印象十分深刻Despite claiming he’s too old the role, Idris Elba remains a popular choice with Bond fans, as does Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell.伊德瑞斯#86;艾尔巴也是0粉丝眼中的热门人选,虽然他年纪太大不适合演邦德《舞动人生中的杰米#86;贝尔也是热门人选之一 65586

  years, Gong Yuwen, an ordinary-looking 18-year-old high-school dropout, spent most of her days camped at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, stalking and taking photos of the celebrities who passed through.龚玉雯,一个普通的18岁高中生,中途辍学,多年来一直在上海虹桥国际机场“蹲点”等候明星,并上前要求合影Gong calls herself an ;all-loving fan,; which means she isnt obsessed with any one particular star, but enjoys following all of them - whether they are K-pop singers, Chinese actors, models or comedians.龚玉雯自称是“爱粉”,即不是只喜欢某一个明星,而是见明星就追,不管对方是韩国流行歌手、国内演员、模特还是喜剧演员Gong enjoyed an exciting life as a full-time fan, until she herself was one day thrown into the spotlight when this story of a die-hard fan at Hongqiao airport, a dropout and jobless girl living off her grandparents went viral on the Internet.龚玉雯非常享受这种“全职追星”的生活,直到有一天,这个顽固而疯狂的追星族突然被曝光并走红网络,龚玉雯的相关背景也由此被人们知晓Now nicknamed ;Hongqiao Diva; by the media, she had to deal with the unexpected fame, criticism, and people who want to profit from her notoriety.现在媒体纷纷将其称为“虹桥一”,随即龚玉雯便要应对这猝不及防的“成名”生活、批判声以及想要从自己这里获利的媒体记者等Gong was suddenly thrown into the spotlight in December, when Shanghai singer Yuan Chengjie posted a photo on microblogging site Weibo of Gong and another girl at a McDonald in Hongqiao airport, writing that he was sharing breakfast with ;two little fans.;龚玉雯一举成名还要从十二月份的一起事件说起,当时上海歌手袁成杰在微上晒出了自己和龚玉雯以及另一位追星女孩一起在虹桥机场麦当劳吃饭的照片,并附上“和两位小粉丝一起吃早餐”的文字That post soon attracted the attention of other fans who recognized Gong. As an all-loving fan, Gong is notorious among other loyal fans following celebrities regardless of who they are.该条微迅速引起了其他认出龚玉雯的粉丝的注意作为一名爱粉,龚玉雯因为“遍地撒网,见明星就追”的行为颇受其他粉丝排挤They told Yuan that he had been duped by Gong, posting pictures of her pursuing other celebrities in the comments section, which was soon flooded with hundreds of similar pictures.这些粉丝纷纷留言告诉袁成杰被龚玉雯骗了,并附上了龚玉雯平日尾随其他明星的照片作为据,随后区迅速被上千张相关照片所淹没In some of them, Gong is seen taking selfies with famous people who were passing through the airport. In others, she is chasing celebrities or jostling through crowds to get a picture of them.这些照片中有许多是龚玉雯拿自拍杆和经由虹桥机场的明星合拍,也有龚玉雯尾随明星或穿过粉丝群向明星索要签名照等照片The list of stars she has taken photos of include Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, supermodel Liu Wen and South Korean actor Lee Min-Ho.据悉,被龚玉雯合拍过的明星包括台湾歌星周杰伦、超级名模刘雯以及韩国演员李敏镐等Gong ubiquity left many in awe. When some fans browsed through previous photos they had taken of their idols at the airport, they were astonished to find that Gong was in them.龚玉雯的无处不在已经到了令人吃惊的地步一些粉丝在浏览和自己偶像拍过的合照时经常会惊奇地发现,龚玉雯竟然也在照片中Some netizens joked that you could now judge the level of a celebrity fame by the attention they had received from Gong. ;Dont say youre famous if you havent been stalked by Hongqiao Diva!; one netizen said.一些网友开玩笑称,现在可以通过龚玉雯对一位明星的关注度来判断其声望水平一位网友表示:“如果你没有被虹桥一蹲过,那就压根不算明星” 971



  China's latest must-have luxury the ultra-rich, to go with mansions and sports cars, is a large, slobbery dog with massive amounts of hair best known herding sheep in Tibet  Pet ownership is booming in China, and the Tibetan mastiff is the dog of the moment those who want to sp their wealth beyond stocks and real estate  美联社3月日报道,对中国的暴富一族来说,除了豪宅和跑车,最新的奢侈品就是以在西藏牧羊而闻名的毛茸茸、流着口水的大曾经被视为资产阶级产物而一度遭禁的宠物饲养,如今在中国如火如荼对那些想要在股票和房地产之外挥洒财富的人来说,藏獒正红极一时  "I used to invest in German shepherds, but Tibetan mastiffs are what's hot right now," said Sui Huizheng, a business owner who has about of the dogs and attended the 6th annual China Tibetan Mastiff Expo this past weekend  “我过去投资德国牧羊犬,但当前藏獒是热门”,生意人隋慧征(音)拥有约只,他参加了上周末举行的第六届中国年度藏獒展览会 19



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