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网络社交英语口语 70:今天晚上蛮冷的SCENE⑤ F 晚上八点 演奏会上 Herbert: Oh, that's 1) music to my ears.赫伯特: 噢,这话听起来真是太悦耳了。 Rose: It's really 2) chilly tonight. 柔丝: 今天晚上蛮冷的。 Herbert: Here, why don't you have my 3) jacket. 赫伯特: 来,披上我的外套。 Rose: Oh, thanks, Herb.柔丝: 谢谢你,赫伯。 Herbert: Maybe I can put my arm around you... 赫伯特: 或许我该搂着你……语言详解 A: Here, try this jacket on. 来,穿这件夹克试试。 B: OK, just let me take off my sweater first. 好,先让我把毛衣脱掉。 【That's music to my ears. 我最爱听这种话了】 这句话的意思就是That's what I like to hear. 表示对方说的话,正好是自己喜欢听的,一如天籁般的悦耳。 A: I heard you're finishing up your dissertation this month. 听说你们行销计划这个月就可以写完。B: Ahhh. Say that again. That's music to my ears. 你再说一次。这话听起来真是太悦耳了。 1) music (n.) 音乐,对话里指的是“悦耳的话”。2) Chilly (a.) 寒冷的3) jacket (n.) 短上衣,外套 /200708/16853高级英语口语纯外教视频教学[42] 【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200704/11806You cant do that while youre texting, and so ways are developing of doing it within this medium.你没有办法在短信里这么做,所以在这个交流媒介里产生了各种转换话题的方法。All spoken languages have what a linguist calls a new information marker -- or two, or three.任何口语都有语言学家称作的一个或者两到三个的新信息标记词(话题转换词)。Texting has developed one from this slash.短信用这个slash(斜线)作为一个新信息产生的标记。So we have a whole battery of new constructions于是我们有了这些充满活力的新语言结构,that are developing, and yet its easy to think, well, something is still wrong.然而人们还是很容易的认为,还是有问题。Theres a lack of structure of some sort.它(短信)缺乏某种结构。Its not as sophisticated as the language of The Wall Street Journal.它不像华尔街日报上使用的语言那么有深度。Well, the fact of the matter is, look at this person in 1956,实际上,看看这个人在1956年写的,and this is when texting doesnt exist, ;I Love Lucy; is still on the air.那时短信还没有出现,“我爱露西”(美国50年代当红肥皂剧)还在热播。;Many do not know the alphabet or multiplication table, cannot write grammatically...;“很多人都不会拼写字母或者背乘法口诀表,也不会按照语法写作...”Weve heard that sort of thing before, not just in 1956. 1917, Connecticut schoolteacher.我们以前就听到这种抱怨,并不仅仅在1956年。1917年,康涅狄格州的教师也这样。1917. This is the time when we all assume that everything somehow in terms of writing was perfect1917年,这是我们都认为的写文章没的说的时代,because the people on ;Downton Abbey; are articulate, or something like that.因为“唐顿庄园”(当时英国的热播剧)里的人物各个都伶牙俐齿的。So, ;From every college in the country goes up the cry, Our freshmen cant spell, cant punctuate.;然而,“整个国家里的每一所学院都应感到羞愧,我们的新生不会拼写,也不会点标点。”And so on. You can go even further back than this. Its the President of Harvard. Its 1871.诸如此类的言论。我们还可以再往前看。这是1871年的哈佛大学校长。Theres no electricity. People have three names.那个时代还没有电力。人们还都有三个名字。;Bad spelling, incorrectness as well as inelegance of expression in writing.;”糟糕的拼写,不正确以及毫不优美的书面表达。“And hes talking about people who are otherwise well prepared for college studies.他可是在说那些为了上大学作了充分准备的人。You can go even further back.我们再往前看。1841, some long-lost superintendent of schools is upset1841年,一个久违的督学官非常失望,because of what he has for a long time ;noted with regret the almost entire neglect of the original; blah blah blah blah blah.因为他早已经注意到人们“对文字本源的完全忽视”等等等等。201703/500819

Fifteen years ago, a September day that began like any other became one of the darkest in our nations history.十五年前九月的一天,如同平常的日子却成为我们国家历史上最黑暗的一天。The Twin Towers were reduced to rubble.双子塔变成了瓦砾堆,The Pentagon was in flames.五角大楼燃起了大火。A Pennsylvania field burned with the wreckage of an airplane.一架飞机的残骸在宾夕法尼亚田野里燃烧。And nearly 3,000 innocent lives were lost. Sons and daughters, husbands and wives, neighbors and colleagues and friends.近3000 无辜生命被夺去。有儿子、女儿、丈夫和妻子、邻居、同事和朋友。They were from all walks of life, all races and religions, all colors and creeds, from across America and around the world.他们来自各行各业,各个民族和各种宗教,肤色不同和信仰各异,来自美国和世界各地。This weekend, we honor their memory once more.这个周末,我们再次纪念他们。We stand with the survivors who still bear the scars of that day.我们和那天遭受创伤的幸存者们站在一起。We thank the first responders who risked everything to save others.我们感谢急救队员冒着生命危险救助他人。And we salute a generation of Americans我们向这一代美国人致敬,our men and women in uniform, diplomats and our intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals我们的男女军人、外交官和情报人员、国土安全和执法人员。who serve, and in some cases have given their lives, to help keep us safe.他们的职责是冒着生命危险保卫我们的安全。A lot has changed over these past 15 years.在过去的15 年里发生了很多变化。Weve delivered devastating blows to the al Qaeda leaders that attacked us on 9/11.我们对9.11 袭击我们的基地组织头目进行了毁灭性的打击。We delivered justice to Osama bin Laden.我们将奥萨马·本·拉登绳之以法。Weve strengthened our homeland security.我们强化了国土安全,Weve prevented attacks. Weve saved lives.破获防范了一些恐袭,拯救了众多生命。201609/468359

You see, like all networks, mycorrhizal networks have nodes and links.你们看,就像所有的网络一样,真菌的网络中也有节点和链接。We made this map by examining the short sequences of DNA of every tree and every fungal individual in a patch of Douglas fir forest.我们在一片花旗松森林中的所有树和所有真菌中,提取了它们的DNA短序列,并且制作了这份遗传图。In this picture, the circles represent the Douglas fir, or the nodes,在这张图片上,圆圈,也就是那些节点代表花旗松,and the lines represent the interlinking fungal highways, or the links.直线,也就是那些链接代表着互相连接的真菌干线。The biggest, darkest nodes are the busiest nodes.那些最大的、颜色最深的节点就是最繁忙的、连接最多的节点。We call those hub trees, or more fondly, mother trees,我们把它们称作中心树,或者更亲切地称之为母树。because it turns out that those hub trees nurture their young, the ones growing in the understory.因为事实明,这些中心树哺育着它们的小树,那些小树都处在林下叶层。And if you can see those yellow dots,如果你们看见那些黄色的点,those are the young seedlings that have established within the network of the old mother trees.那些就表示幼苗,这些幼苗在这个网络中已经和它们的母树建立了联系。In a single forest, a mother tree can be connected to hundreds of other trees.在一片森林中,一棵母树可以和其它几百棵树建立联系。And using our isotope tracers, we have found that mother trees通过使用同位素示踪剂进行检测,我们发现那些母树will send their excess carbon through the mycorrhizal network to the understory seedlings,会把它们多余的碳元素通过菌根的网络传给处在林下叶层的幼苗,and weve associated this with increased seedling survival by four times.我们发现这种方式可以让幼苗的存活率增加四倍。Now, we know we all favor our own children,现在我们都知道,我们爱自己的孩子,and I wondered, could Douglas fir recognize its own kin, like mama grizzly and her cub?所以我想花旗松能认出来自己的孩子吗?就像灰熊妈妈和她的熊宝宝一样?So we set about an experiment, and we grew mother trees with kin and strangers seedlings.因此我们又设计了一个实验,我们把母树和它们的孩子、以及一些陌生的幼苗种在一起。And it turns out they do recognize their kin.事实明它们认识它们的孩子。201611/480787

Number three: the biggest flow of funds from the developed world to the developing world第三点:从发达国家到发展中国家,规模最大的资金流动is not corporate investment, and its not even foreign aid. Its remittances.并不是公司投资,甚至也不是外国援助,而是汇款。This is the global diaspora; people have left their ancestral lands,这是散居在全球的人们,离开了祖辈的土地,and theyre sending money back to their families at home.他们把钱汇回家中。This is 600 billion dollars a year, and its growing, and these people are getting ripped off.一年会产生6000亿美元的汇款,而且还在不断增加。而且他们正在被剥削。Analie Domingo is a housekeeper. She lives in Toronto,安娜丽·多明戈是位女管家。她在多伦多生活,and every month she goes to the Western Union office with some cash to send her remittances to her mom in Manila.每个月都会带着现金来到西联汇款公司,把钱汇给在马尼拉的妈妈。It costs her around 10 percent; the money takes four to seven days to get there;手续费占了将近10%,转账手续需要花费4到7天的时间,her mom never knows when its going to arrive.她妈妈从来不知道到账的时间。It takes five hours out of her week to do this.每个礼拜她都要花五个小时来检查是否到账。Six months ago, Analie Domingo used a blockchain application called Abra.六个月前,安娜丽·多明戈使用了一款名叫阿布拉的区块链应用。And from her mobile device, she sent 300 bucks.她从自己的手机上转出了300美元。It went directly to her moms mobile device without going through an intermediary.直接转入了她母亲的手机上,并没有经过中间商。And then her mom looked at her mobile device --她的母亲只需查看她的手机its kind of like an Uber interface, theres Abra ;tellers; moving around.有点像Uber的应用界面,阿布拉中有”出纳员“在循环滚动。She clicks on a teller thats a five-star teller, whos seven minutes away.她点击一个五星的出纳员,只相隔7分钟的路程。The guy shows up at the door, gives her Filipino pesos, she puts them in her wallet.那位伙计很快出现在门口,给了她菲律宾比索,随后把钱放进钱包。The whole thing took minutes, and it cost her two percent.整个过程只需要几分钟时间,并且花费只有2%。This is a big opportunity for prosperity.这是经济繁荣的巨大机遇。201704/502411

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