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Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, visited an afforestation site in Beijing#39;s Daxing District and planted six saplings of different varieties at the site.近日,中国中央总书记习近平来到位于北京市大兴区的植树造林地点,一连种下六棵不同种类的树苗。Other top leaders, including Premier Li Keqiang as well as Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli, also attended the event.包括李克强、张德江、俞正声、刘云山、王岐山以及张高丽在内的其他领导人也参加了本次义务植树活动。Noting that the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) marks an important stage in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and in China#39;s ecological protection drive, the president stressed forestry development as a significant measure to fulfill these goals. He called on officials at all levels to take the lead in voluntary tree planting campaigns to promote new development concepts with their own practices.“十三五”时期既是全面建成小康社会的决胜阶段,也是生态文明建设的重要时期。习总书记强调,发展林业是实现这些目标的重要举措。他呼吁,各级领导干部要带头参加义务植树,身体力行在全社会宣传新发展理念。Also, he called for proper management of planted trees to make people#39;s living environment greener and more beautiful. The president called for an altruistic and down-to-earth spirit for such activities, citing the Chinese proverb ;people plant trees so their offspring can enjoy the shade.;同时,他也提倡要选择正确的树木管理方法,让大地山川绿起来,让人民群众生活环境美起来。习总书记引用中国谚语:“前人栽树,后人乘凉”,希望此类活动能培养无私奉献和脚踏实地的精神。Situated in Xihongmen township in Beijing#39;s southern Daxing District, the greens where the top leaders planted trees used to be a venue for logistic inventory and other low-end industries. Thanks to the strategy of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei which requires the capital city to eschew its non-capital functions, the place has been reshaped into a park following economic restructuring.这一植树点位于北京市大兴区西红门镇,这片最高领导人种植区域原来建有物流大院以及其他低端产业。由于京津冀协同发展的重大国家战略要求有序疏解北京非首都功能,为了调整经济结构,所以该地块已经改造建成公园。Xi told officials, volunteers and school children present that Mao Zedong issued the call of ;greening the country; 60 years ago, and the National People#39;s Congress began the tree planting campaign 35 years ago at the behest of Deng Xiaoping.习总书记告诉在场的干部、志愿者和学生,60年前,毛泽东同志发出了“绿化祖国”的号召;35年前,经邓小平同志提议,全国人大作出了《关于开展全民义务植树运动的决议》。The president also stressed the environmental protection drive. He added, all tasks under the ecological protection drive, not limited to tree planting, need to be carried out well with widesp public participation.习总书记还强调了环境保护的重要性。他补充说道,不仅全民义务植树要抓好,生态文明建设各项工作都要抓好,要动员全社会参与进来。 /201604/436284

That being said, there is a tendency to ascribe a special significance to pregnancy cravings. “Women see pregnancy as a time to indulge,” says Julia Hormes, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Albany in the US. “There are a lot of myths around ‘eating for two’ and giving the foetus what it needs, but really there’s not a lot of support for those ideas.”换句话说,怀期间的食土癖可以被视为在期产生的一种特殊渴望。“女人都会将期看作是一段可以纵容自己享受的时光”,美国阿伯尼大学(University of Albany)心理学副教授茱莉亚#8226;霍尔莫斯(Julia Hormes)说道,“关于‘大的不吃,小的也得吃’以及‘给腹中的胎儿一切它需要的’产生了许多传说,也成为妇食无节制的借口,但实际上这样的理论并没有太多的科学撑。”Hormes says in reality these cravings have a whole lot to do with culture, and not a lot to do with biology.霍尔莫斯解释,女人在怀期间产生的各种渴望其实更多地与文化联系在一起,与生物学并没有太大关系。If there are culture-specific beliefs around eating dirt, then women in Cameroon are as likely to crave it as women in Europe or North America might feel cravings for chocolate or ice cream. Just because someone craves something doesn’t mean it’s good for them. 假如说食土习俗和文化信仰有关,那么喀麦隆的女人吃土这个行为其实和欧美的女人爱吃巧克力别无二致。每个人都有自己特别爱吃的东西,爱吃的原因并不一定是因为这种食物能给他们带来什么好处,而仅仅是因为他们爱吃而已。Still, the inclination towards geophagy clearly arises from somewhere, seeing as it’s found even in cultures for which it has no such significance. Studies of animals suggest an adaptive, biological explanation could be at least part of the story.我们同时看到,在那些所谓“没有食土习俗”的国家里,也出现了越来越多的吃土现象。通过动物实验,我们相信适应性和生物学的解释至少能说明一部分人类吃土的原因。When elephants, primates, cattle, parrots and bats engage in geophagy, for example, it is generally considered to be serving a useful purpose. Despite this, some of the same scientists who consider geophagy normal in animals still see it as abnormal in humans.当大象、灵长类动物、牛、鹦鹉和蝙蝠都存在食土行为,那么我们总体上可以认为“吃土”是有实际意义的。可尽管一些科学家同意动物吃土是正常行为,他们仍旧认为人类吃土是反常行为。Undoubtedly some cases of dirt eating do indeed involve psychiatric problems, but drawing a line is difficult. In 2000, the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registryconcluded that pathological levels of soil consumption constituted more than 500 mg per day, but even they conceded that this was an arbitrary measurement. 毋庸置疑的是,一些吃土的案例的确存在着精神疾病的问题,但如何认定吃土者是否患有精神疾病则是一个难题。美国有毒物质与疾病登记署(US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)于2000年规定,每天500毫克的黏土食用量为判定病态和非病态的标准——每天食超过500毫克的黏土则为病态——然而有关部门任性地表示,这个标准只是他们随便定的。“Because geophagy has been so extensively documented as a culturally-based phenomenon, I#39;m not inclined to view it as ‘abnormal’ behaviour,” says Ranit Mishori, a professor of family medicine and doctor at Georgetown University Medical Center. “If, however, this behaviour is associated with any clinical abnormalities, I would have a conversation about how to avoid it.”“许许多多的文献都表明,食土习俗是一个文化现象,因此我不赞同将其看作一种‘不正常’的行为”,乔治城大学医学中心(Georgetown University Medical Center)的家庭医学教授瑞丽特#8226;米歇里(RanitMishori)表示,“假如说这种行为与临床中所说的异常有任何关联,那我会告诉你该如何避免。”Clearly there are downsides to consuming dirt. The presence ofsoil-borne diseases and toxic substances in the clay is a major issue, as is the possibility that the very deficiencies supposedly cured by the practice might even be caused by them.当然吃土的危害也是非常明显的。土传性病害和泥巴里的有毒物质就是一个非常大的问题,而同样不容忽视的是,吃土本身也会导致人体微量营养素的缺乏。Eating dirt can even become an addiction, an impulsive act hidden from others. “With geophagy, the language of substance abuse is really common,” says Young.吃土除了会上瘾,吃土这一行为也有可能成为一种被极力掩饰的冲动行为。而塞拉#8226;杨表示:“与食土癖相比,药物滥用是一种更常见的现象”。It’s easy to dismiss geophagy as a disgusting habit of children, a wacky pregnancy craving, or an exotic behaviour from far-away lands, but none of these approaches really do it justice. Moreover, such characterisations risk alienating people who find it difficult to explain their ‘unnatural’ desires.人们很容易将食土癖简单地理解为孩子们一种恶心的习惯、妇们在期古怪的渴望,或是来自地球另一端的异国文化,但这些看法并不能真的给食土癖正名。另外,这种分类和定义的方法过于草率,会令食土的族群更难向我们解释他们那“反常”的爱好。To fully grasp this phenomenon, and understand whether its effects are positive, negative or a subtle mix of the two,researchers need to undertake hypothesis-driven tests that take both biomedical and cultural factors into account.为了完全认识食土这一现象,并充分了解食土带来的影响是正面、负面,或是两者皆有,研究者们需要进行各种假说驱动的实验,将医学生物学和文化的因素都考虑在内。“I’m not saying ‘everyone should be eating three spoonfuls of earth a day’”, says Young. “But we certainly don’t know enough yet to write this behaviour off entirely.”“我不是在建议大家每天都吃三大勺的土”,塞拉#8226;杨说,“但我们现在还没有充分的科学研究来完整地解释食土行为。” /201606/451516The first time I ran, like really ran, was during middle school gym class. It took me 11 minutes and 47 seconds to finish a mile. I#39;ve been running ever since.我第一次跑步,那种真正的跑步,是在中学体育课的时候。我花了11分47秒跑完了1英里。自那以后,我一直在跑步。Running is the kind of thing where you put in the time and expect to see results, and let me be the first to tell you: It is supremely discouraging when you don#39;t. It#39;s discouraging when you run a five-mile race with your entire family and come in a solid 15 minutes behind everyone else, and it#39;s discouraging when that time is no faster or slower than your five-mile time five years ago.跑步是一种你会投入时间并期待成效的运动。让我做第一个告诉你这个的人:你没有做到的时候,你会刚到非常沮丧。当你和所有家人一起来一场5英里赛跑却落后了每个人15分钟的时候,是十分让人沮丧的;当你跑完5英里的时间并没有比5年前更快或更慢的时候,也是十分让人沮丧的。And yet, my alarm is aly set for 6 a.m. tomorrow, even though it#39;s probably going to be rainy and definitely going to be cold and even though most of the time, I really hate running.但是,我已经把明天的闹钟设置为早晨6点钟了,哪怕可能会下雨且一定会变冷;哪怕大多数时间,我真的讨厌跑步。Don#39;t ask me why. All I know is this: As much as I hate running, I love being a runner.不要问我原因。我所知道的一切就是:我喜欢成为一名奔跑者和我讨厌跑步的程度相同。There#39;s some kind of camaraderie between people who spend more money each year on running shoes than on all their other shoes combined, and there#39;s some fundamental similarity between people who can cross 10 miles without pausing.比起购买其他所有的鞋子,每年花更多的钱买跑鞋的人们之间有着某种友谊;那些不用暂停就能跑完10英里的人们之间也有着根本的相似性。On days that I run, I exert myself purely for exertion#39;s sake. If you run too, you get why.在我跑步的日子里,我只不过为了努力而努力。如果你也跑步,你会懂的。When you#39;re a runner, your people are the girls with hair elastics on their wrists and the boys with shorts shorter than yours. They might be better, faster or stronger than you, but you belong with them.当你做奔跑者的时候,你的同伴会是那些手腕上有用来扎头发的橡皮筋的女孩子们以及那些穿着比你裤子还短的短裤的男孩子们。他们也许比你更好、更快或者更强壮,但你和他们是一起的。It took me almost 10 years of plodding along at an 11-minute mile before I realized that I could call myself a runner, no matter how slow I go or how many races I lose.我花了将近10年时间才做到在11分钟内跑完1英里,后来我才意识到,我可以称自己为一名奔跑者,无论我跑得多慢、无论我输掉了几场比赛。I#39;ve laced up my shoes at least once a week since the first day I stepped foot on a track in middle school. Some weeks it#39;s every day, some weeks it#39;s not. Some days, I#39;ll barely go more than a mile, and some days, I#39;ll walk more than I jog. I may not have medals, but I have fresh air, time alone, and creaky knees and tight quads.自从我在中学踏上跑道的第一天起,我至少每周会束紧鞋带跑一次步。有些时候我那周的每天都绑紧鞋带去跑步,有些时候不是。有些日子里,我很少跑超过1英里的距离;有些日子里,我散步的次数会比慢跑多。我可能没有奖章,但是我能呼吸新鲜空气、拥有独处的时间并有吱吱作响的膝盖和结实的股四头肌。For me, that#39;s enough. I run, so I am a runner.对我来说,那就足够了。我跑步,所以我是一名奔跑者。 /201604/437692

Research suggests that when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, men are actively turned off by intelligence – and can only overcome this massive obstacle if they find the woman particularly attractive.研究表明,当说到选择一个浪漫的伴侣时,男性会受到对方智力的极大影响--只有当他们发现女性十分迷人的时候这一巨大障碍才能被克。Scientists from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland studied the results of more than 4,000 speed-dates where around 560 people had four minutes to get to know potential partners. The participants, all students from Columbia University in New York, then rated each other for attractiveness and intelligence.波兰华沙经济学院的科学家研究过4000个闪电约会的结果,其中约560人会花4分钟去了解潜在的伴侣。参与者都是纽约哥伦比亚大学的学生,他们通过魅力和智力来评价对方。Women were impressed by men who were either good-looking or clever. But the male view of what makes the perfect date was far more complicated.女性会因男性的帅气或聪明留下印象。但是男性就什么促成完美约会的想法则要复杂得多。Men put more of a premium on physical appearance and being relatively clever helped very attractive women stand out from the crowd.男性更为看重外表,相对聪明会有助于相当有魅力的女性脱颖而出。The study, in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, states: #39;While seeking partners, women do not exclude men who are perceived as less physically attractive. Even those men who are not perceived by women as physically attractive may receive positive speed-dating decisions, if only those men seem intelligent. Males demonstrate a clearly different approach to mate selection. In men#39;s perception, for relatively high values of women#39;s perceived intelligence, this personal trait turns out to be bad.#39;刊登在《个性与个体差异》杂志上的研究表明:“在寻觅伴侣时,女性不会排除那些外表看起来不那么吸引人的男性。如果他们很聪明得话,即使是那些被女性认为外表没有魅力的男性也有可能收到闪电约会的邀请。男性在选择伴侣时却不以为然。他们认为女性较高的智力会成为不利的的个人品质。”Relationships expert Pauline Brown said: #39;This study fits in with what I#39;m observing and hearing: Clever women feel they have to dumb themselves down and hide their brains to be attractive to men.#39;两性关系专家波林·布朗表示:“此项研究与我的所见所闻相符合:为了取悦男性,聪明的女性感觉她们不得不使自己通俗化,同时还得掩饰自己的智力。”The Glasgow-based counsellor added: #39;A clever woman may make a man feel insecure; he might question whether he can keep her interested because intelligence implies broad horizons, high expectations and a natural curiosity.#39;这位格拉斯哥籍的顾问补充说道:“聪明的女性可能会使男性没有安全感;他可能会质疑自己能否获得她的芳心,因为智力意味着广阔的视野,高期望和天生的好奇心。” /201608/460989

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