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南平治卵巢早衰正规医院福州输卵管恢复手术那里最好Spain and Catalonia西班牙与加泰罗尼亚Mas observation马斯观察Catalonia calls an election, but it will be only one of many in Spain this year加泰罗尼亚要举行大选,这只是西班牙众多选举之一。Mas waves the independence flag马斯挥舞着独立的旗帜CATALAN independence, if it ever happens, has been pushed back at least seven months after the regions president, Artur Mas, decided not to call a snap election but to opt instead for September 27th. The election is still being promoted as a plebiscite on independence, but not in the way Mr Mas once hoped. His original plan for a single list uniting all the separatist parties has been dropped at the insistence of his rivals from the Catalan Republican Left (ERC). In last-minute horse-trading, he accepted that ERC would stand separately from his own Convergence and Union (CiU) coalition, in exchange for its support for this years budget, which his minority government could not pass alone.加泰罗尼亚的独立运动即便要发生也要推迟到七个月之后,也就是说,该地区主席阿图尔·马斯决定不举行临时选举,而是9月27日举行大选之后进行。这场大选虽然被视作一场独立公民投票,但还是与马斯最初所设想的有所出入。他原本想要团结所有分裂主义党派的计划被他的对手加泰罗尼亚左翼共和党(ERC)的坚持而夭折。在最后的讨价还价中,他接受了ERC将与他自己的聚合暨同盟(CiU)分庭抗礼的建议,用以换取它对今年财政预算的援助,否则他自己的少数党政府可熬不过这一关。That has turned the September poll into one as much about winning power as about independence, with ERC well-placed to oust CiU as the most popular party. The timing is both good and bad for the separatists. It comes just two weeks after Catalonias national day, on September 11th, which campaigners have turned into a mass event in recent years. But they would still have preferred a February vote, before Catalans are distracted by a flurry of polls right across Spain.随着ERC成功的将CiU取而代之成为最受欢迎党派,9月的投票也变成了决定独立成功与否的众多投票之一。这个时机对分裂主义来讲喜忧参半。这场投票紧跟在9月11日加泰罗尼亚国庆日两周后举行,那时竞选者们还未从国庆日这一近年来的大事件中抽身。但是他们还是希望投票在2月举行,那时加泰罗尼亚人还没被西班牙一系列投票搅得心烦意乱。Elections in most other regions and municipalities will be held in May. They will test the staying power of the new upstart left-wing party, Podemos (“We Can”), which leads in several opinion polls, and its local party allies in various one-off groupings. One interesting battle will be in the Catalan capital, Barcelona, where Podemos backs a group called Guanyem (“We Win”). The Barcelona election, with several parties likely to win seats, will be an example of the fractured new politics of Catalonia and Spain: sometimes three parties may be needed for a majority.其它大多数是地区和自治市的选举将在5月举行。他们将试探一下新崛起的左翼政党Podemos(“我能”)的忍耐力。这个政党在数次民意测验领先,并且它的地方组织来源多样。而最有意思的一场对决将在加泰罗尼亚的首府巴塞罗那展开,在那里Podemos将持Guanyem(“我赢”)的组织。在巴塞罗那选举中,有几个政党有希望能赢得席位,这将是加泰罗尼亚和西班牙的政治隔绝的又一事例:有时候,三党并立恰恰是多数人所愿。Catalonias independence movement faces further internal spats. Mr Mas and the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, want to agree on a common road-map to independence. Mr Junqueras will push for it to be hard-hitting. But some of Mr Mass allies within CiU want it weakened. If not, the coalitions junior partner, the Democratic Union of Catalonia, may split from Mr Mass own Catalan Democratic Convergence. And the slim majority for independence found in some polls may go with it.加泰罗尼亚的独立运动面临着进一步的内部争端。马斯河ERC领导人奥尼奥尔·杨克拉斯想要在独立的大致路线图上达成一致。杨克拉斯想要采取强硬手段来推行。但是马斯在CiU的一些同盟想采取温和手段。如果不能达成一致的话,那么联盟的新伙伴加泰罗尼亚民主联盟或许会同马斯的加泰罗尼亚民主聚合党分裂。并且经过一些投票显示独立运动以微弱优势倒向民主联盟。Spains prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, is hoping that economic recovery, with growth outstripping most of the rest of Europe, will create enough jobs and goodwill to stop the independence bandwagon. His Popular Party (PP) is also ying itself for a bruising confrontation with Podemos in cities and regions like Madrid and Valencia in May. A big Podemos march in Madrid on January 31st will be a demonstration of the new partys muscle.西班牙总理马里亚诺·拉霍伊希望经济增长超过欧洲大部分国家,由于经济复苏可以带来更多工作机会,这将有望遏制独立趋势的蔓延。他的人民党(PP)也已做好准备与 Podemos于5月在诸如马德里和巴伦西亚这样的城市和地区进行激烈对抗。 Podemos将于1月31日在马德里举行一场大游行,这也将是这个新党派实力的展示。The party has its sights firmly set on the general election due in late November, which its leader, Pablo Iglesias, portrays as a battle between Podemos and the PP. Spains mainstream Socialists, he hopes, will go the way of Greeces ailing Pasok. Mr Iglesias is duly campaigning for the Syriza party in Greeces election. But Podemos also seeks to dilute Catalan separatism by offering an alternative outlet for those frustrated with Mr Rajoy. And unlike Mr Rajoy, who refuses ever to contemplate an independence referendum, Podemos says the issue should be put to a vote.这个政党将目光牢牢锁定在去年11月的大选上。党派领导人巴勃罗·伊格莱西亚斯将之描述成Podemos 和 PP之间的斗争。他希望西班牙的主流社会党将步上希腊的泛希腊社会主义运动党状况不佳的后尘。伊格莱西亚斯准备正式参加Syriza党在希腊的竞选。但是Podemos为了缓解加泰罗尼亚的分裂主义,也想要通过为拒绝考虑设立独立公投的拉霍伊所面临的困境施以援手,Podemos称这个问题应该通过投票解决。译者:邵夏沁 校对:唐宇 译文属译生译世 /201502/358092南平市第一医院输卵管通水好不好费用多少 Britain The public finances英国 公共财政Off target偏离目标Despite a good month, George Osborne is far from balancing the budget纵然一月好光景,平衡收路漫漫January is always a bumper month for the public purse. Government receipts spike as workers scramble to meet self-assessment tax deadlines, pushing public income far above spending. The month provides a fleeting glimpse of a budget surplus, but it also, by contrast, is a striking reminder of how distant that goal remains.对公共财政而言,一月是喜庆丰收的时刻。随着工人们发奋实现自我评定缴税期限,政府收入飙升,一举带动公共收入远远甩开出。这一月间,预算出现过转瞬即逝的盈余,但也适如其反地揭示了目标的真正实现何其遥远。The latest data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 21st February, showed a January surplus of £15 billion ( billion). That allowed £11 billion of borrowing to be repaid, nudging public-sector debt down to £1.16 trillion or 74% of GDP. But over the course of recent years the reverse has been true: spending has been higher than receipts, meaning more borrowing and a growing pile of debt.2月21日国家统计办公室(ONS)公布的最新数据显示一月盈余达到150亿英镑(230亿英镑)。这笔盈余能够偿还110亿英镑的借贷,并将公共部门债务削减到1.16万亿英镑,即GDP的74%。但这几年的现状与此截然相反:入不敷出,也意味着债台高筑。The coalition’s austerity plan proposes to close this gap by raising income and cutting spending. Much of the early push focused on taxes: the first budget set out by George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, in June 2010, included a VAT increase and higher capital gains tax. Because the tax changes were front-loaded, they are almost complete: the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), a think-tank, reckons four-fifths have been made. In part, this pace was possible because the aims are modest: to raise receipts from 37% to 38% of GDP and hold them there.联合政府的紧缩计划设想通过提高收入,削减出来填补差额。计划的初始围绕税收展开:财政大臣乔治奥斯本在2010年6月通过了第一批预算案,包括了更高的增值税和资产利得税。由于税收变动在前期实行,他们几乎都得以完成:一个智囊团,财政研究所认为该计划已经完成了五分之四。某种程度上,这样的进度是完全可行的因为目标并非遥不可及:将进款从GDP的37%增加到38%并保持在那个水准。But even this humble target now looks tough. Income tax has brought in less than expected, as has VAT: consumer spending is held back by flatlining wages. On top of this the sale of 4G spectrum, supposed to raise £3.5 billion, netted just £2.3 billion.但即使只是实现这个简单可行的目标目前也看来举步维艰。所得税的税额不尽如人意,增值税亦然:消费出因工资浮动而低迷不振。在此之上,4G频谱的销售只实现了23亿英镑的净收益,而原计划是35亿英镑。This bad news means that a new income stream, appearing for the first time in January, is very welcome. Since March the Bank of England has been buying government debt, attempting to stimulate the economy through quantitative easing. Because its holdings are so large the interest it receives is chunky, too (by July 2012, the bank had earned £24 billion on its bond-holdings, which currently stand at £375 billion). This cash will be returned to the government, with a first payment of £3.8 billion, further boosting January’s income. Future payments will help put revenue plans back on track.这样的噩耗也意味着,新收益流在一月的首次出现大受欢迎。自年3月以来英格兰一直在购买政府债务,试图通过量化宽松政策刺激经济。由于占有数额庞大,利息也很可观(截止2012年7月,已经通过持有债券挣到240英镑,而债券数额目前达到3750亿欧元)。这笔现金会归还政府,首批付38亿英镑,进一步促进一月的收入。未来的出会帮助收益计划重回正轨。But the biggest test of austerity is spending cuts. Here plans are more ambitious: the savings account for 85% of planned deficit reduction, according to the IFS. And they have only just started: only a third of cuts to benefits and a fifth of those to departmental spending will be in place by the end of the financial year. Over the next five years, reductions in benefits, investment and government consumption will deepen year on year, cumulatively cutting expenditure from 42% to 37% of GDP.但紧缩政策的最大考验是削减出。相关的计划野心勃勃:据财政研究所的数据,储蓄要占到计划赤字缩减的85%。而一切才刚刚起步,到财政年底之前,只有救济金削减额的三分之一以及部门出削减额的五分之一能就绪。在之后五年,津贴、投资及政府消费的削减会步步深入,累计将出从GDP的42%缩减到37%。It is early days, but the signs are not good. In December, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), a fiscal watchdog, forecast that government departments would make extra cuts allowing a £4.5 billion underspend this year. But this week’s data confirm that spending on public services is actually likely to rise this year, so that forecast now looks optimistic. Overall,Britainlooks set to borrow slightly more this year than it did last year. The long road to a balanced budget is getting longer.时候尚早,但情形并不乐观。12月,财政监督机构英国预算责任办公室预测今年政府部门需要进一步削减45亿英镑出。但本周的数据实公共务出可能会在今年上升,是以现在看来前景一片大好。总体上,英国今年预计贷款会比去年略多。通往平衡预算的漫漫长路变得愈发漫长。 翻译:袁航译文属译生译世 /201610/470409听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Shes Jewish. A woman. A millennial. And she supports Donald Trump for president. Thats how Lena Epstein introduced herself in her recent opinion piece for the Washington Examiner.Lena Epstein, Michigan co-chair of the Trump campaign, was one of Donald Trumps earliest supporters.Epstein is the third-generation owner and general manager of Vesco Oil Corporation in Southfield. She was one of Trumps earliest supporters and is now co-chair for the Trump campaign in Michigan.;Ive been a Trump fan all along,; she said. ;For me, hes been the only option.;The recent controversy surrounding Trump — he has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 10 women — has not made Epsteins job any easier. But her support has never wavered.;Would I want him to be my childrens Sunday school teacher? Probably not,; Epstein said. ;Would I want him to be president of the ed States? You better believe it.;Listen to the full interview with Epstein above.201610/472172闽清县孕检费用多少

福州看早泄医院排名福州妇保医院检查输卵管造影多少钱 Cheaper oil降低的油价Both symptom and balm症状和疗法The oil price is tumbling. Is that good or bad news for the world economy?油价下跌对全球经济是喜是忧?AFTER declining gradually for three months, oil prices suddenly tumbled almost 4 on October 14th alone. It was the largest single-day fall in more than a year and brought the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark, to 85 a barrel. At its peak in June, a barrel had cost 115.在价格逐渐下滑了三个月之后,油价在10月14日突然跌落到近4美元。这是近一年以来油价最大幅的单次下跌,同时使得国际基准—布伦特原油的价格降至85美元每桶。而在6月份,布伦特油价曾达到每桶115美元的最高峰值。Normally, falling oil prices would boost global growth. A 10-a-barrel fall in the oil price transfers around 0.5% of world GDP from oil exporters to oil importers. Consumers in importing countries are more likely to spend the money quickly than cash-rich oil exporters. By boosting spending cheaper oil therefore tends to boost global output.一般来说,油价的下降将会促进全球经济的增长。每桶10美元的油价降幅将会导致原油进口商从出口商处得到世界GDP0.5%转移。比起现金充裕的原油出口国,进口国家的消费者更倾向于快速消费。增加低价油的消费演变成了全球输出的促进。This time, though, matters are less clear cut. The big economic question is whether lower prices reflect weak demand or have been caused by a surge in the supply of crude. If weak demand is the culprit , that is worrying: it suggests the oil price is a symptom of weakening growth. If the source of weakness is financial (debt overhangs and so on), then cheaper oil may not boost growth all that much: consumers may simply use the gains to pay down their debts. Indeed, in some countries, cheaper oil may even make matters worse by increasing the risk of deflation. On the other hand, if plentiful supply is driving prices down, that is potentially better news: cheaper oil should eventually boost spending in the worlds biggest economies.然而现在有一个经济疑问使得情况并不明朗,即低价反映的是需求疲软还是原油的供给过度? 如果罪魁祸首是需求疲软,那么这是令人担忧的:这表明原油价格是经济增长减缓的征兆。如果减缓的原因是金融(债务积压等原因),则原油的低价并不能明显地促进经济增长:消费者会用此剩余直接付他们的债务。事实上,在许多国家, 低价原油增加了通货紧缩的风险,甚至使得情况更加恶劣。另一方面,如果大量的供给才是价格下降的原因,那么这是一个潜在的好消息:低价原油会逐渐推动世界大型经济体的消费。The global economy is certainly weak. Japans GDP fell in the second quarter. Germanys did too, and may be heading towards recession (recent figures for industrial production and exports were dful). Americas growth has accelerated recently, but its recovery is weak by historical standards. Just before this weeks oil-price slump, the International Monetary Fund cut its projection for global growth in 2014 for the third time this year to 3.3%. It is still expecting growth to pick up again in 2015, but only slightly.全球经济确实是疲软的。日本以及德国的的GDP在第二季度下降,并且可能会进入不景气(近期的工业生产和出口的数据很不明朗)。最近美国的增长速度加快了,但是由于历史标准,其经济复苏是疲弱的。就在本周油价滑坡之前,国际货币基金第三次调低了2014年全球增长的预期至3.3%。虽然仍然预期2015年的增长会重振,但只是轻微地。Weaker growth translates into lower energy demand. This week, the International Energy Agency, an oil importers club, said it expects global demand to rise by just 700,000 barrels a day (b/d) this year. That is 200,000 b/d below its forecast only last month. Demand has been weak for a while but the recent slowdown—notably in Germany—took markets by surprise, hence the sharp fall in the price.增长的疲软转化为了能源需求的降低。本周,原油进口组织—国际能源署称期望今年全球需求会增长每日70万桶。这比上个月的期望降低了每日20万桶。需求将会持续疲弱,但近期,尤其是德国—的减缓让市场意外,因此价格急剧下降。But feeble demand is not the only explanation. There has also been a big supply shock. Since April last year the worlds total output of oil has been rising strongly. Most months output has been 1m-2m b/d a day higher than the year before. In September, this expansion jumped dramatically (see chart); global output was 2.8m b/d above the level of September 2013.但是需求的低迷并只有一个解释,这也收到了大量供给的冲击。自从去年4月,世界原油总产出回升强劲。大多数月份的产出为每日100万至200万桶,高于前一年。在9月,这种增长大幅跃升(据表);全球产出是每日280万桶,高于2013年9月的水平。Most of the growth in supply has come from countries that are not members of OPEC, the oil exporters club—from America in particular. Thanks partly to increases in shale-oil output, the ed States pumped 8.8m b/d in September—13% more than in the year before, 56% above the level of 2011 and not far short of Saudi Arabia. Russian oil production is also inching up, suggesting sanctions have not yet begun to be felt in its oilfields. In September, its output rose to 10.6m b/d, within a whisker of the highest monthly figure since the collapse of the Soviet Union.供给增长主要来自OPEC成员国,出口国组织—尤其是美国。归功于页岩油产量的增长,9月美国的产量是每日880万桶,比一年前高出13%,高于2011年56%,追近了与沙特阿拉伯差距。俄罗斯原油产量依旧稳步提升,表明原油领域至今还未受到制裁。在9月,其产量增长至每日1060万桶,几乎与前苏联的最高月份的数据相同。Non-OPEC production, though, has been rising for a while. The biggest recent change has come from within the cartel. In April, Libyas production—hit by civil war—crashed to just 200,000 b/d; by the end of September output was back up to 900,000 b/d and heading towards its pre-war level of 1.5m b/d. No less surprisingly, Iraqs output is rising, too. The upshot is that OPEC production started to grow again in September after almost two years of decline, compounding the impact of growing non-OPEC supplies.然而非OPEC成员国的产量一直在升高。近期最大的变化源于科特尔。在4月,利比亚的产量由于内战跌至每日20万桶;在9月末回升至每日90万桶,并趋近于战前每日150万桶的水平。同样意外的是,伊拉克的产量也在增长。结论是OPEC的产量在两年的衰退之后从9月开始回升,同时伴随着非OPEC国家的攻击冲击。With demand weak, much of the extra output has gone into rebuilding oil stocks in rich countries. But that cannot go on indefinitely. As the hoarding slows, prices are likely to weaken again—unless world demand picks up or oil production is cut.随着需求的疲软,大部分剩余的产出投入到了富裕国家原油存储的重建。但是这并不能持久,当囤积减缓时,价格似乎会再次下降,除非全球需求回暖或原油生产下降。Neither seems imminent. Antoine Halff, the IEAs chief oil analyst, points out that very little current production becomes uneconomic even at 80 a barrel. The break-even point for most American shale-oil producers has been falling as they have refined their fracking techniques, and is now well below 70 a barrel. So prices will have to fall further if they are to drive marginal producers out of business.但似乎二者都很遥远。国际能源机构首席石油分析师安托万·哈尔夫指出,80美元每桶并不是不经济的。大多数美国页岩油厂商的收平衡点在他们改善了fracking techniques之后,现在是低于70美元每桶的。如果他们想驱逐末端厂商,因此价格应进一步降低。New trade patterns reinforce the downward pressure on prices. OPEC exporters once informally carved up the world between them, with Nigeria and Venezuela selling to America, smaller Gulf states to Japan, and so on. But American oil imports have fallen from 309m barrels a month in 2010 to 236m a month now. European demand is weak. So everyone is competing for market share in Asia.新的贸易格局加强了价格的下向压力。OPEC的出口商曾经非正式地瓜分了世界市场,随着尼日利亚和委内瑞拉与美国交易,小海湾国家与日本交易等。但是美国原油进口从2010年的每月30900万桶降至现今23600万每月。欧洲的需求也是疲软。因此市场正在亚洲市场上角逐。Saudi Arabia shocked the rest of OPEC by cutting forward prices for Asian delivery and by increasing oil output slightly in September (by 107,000 barrels), at a time when other exporters wanted it to cut back. The organization is due to meet again in November. But as Kuwaits oil minister remarked recently, “I dont think there is a chance today that [OPEC] countries would reduce their production.” How soon—and how much—lower prices will translate into an increase in global demand, though, is far less certain.沙特阿拉伯 降低了亚洲交付的价格,并在9月增加了少量的原油产量(至107000桶)。此举震惊了OPEC的其他成员国。因此OPEC将在9月再次商谈。但是科威特的石油部长近日称,“我认为OPEC国家并没有削减他们产量的机会。”价格的降低以及其反应速度对全球需求的增长有影响,虽然这未能确定。译者:李美娜 译文属译生译世 /201410/337823福州附一医院精子检查

福州哪家医院看不孕不育最好 听力参考文本:Detroit Public Schools is million behind in pension payments with no end in sight for the financial free-fall.According to Chad Livengood of The Detroit News, the district is predicting a deficit of 6 million.;The biggest driver to the DPS deficit is legacy costs and past debt,; Livengood says.With past years debts rolled into one, payment becomes even more difficult for the schools to escape.;The pension is the last thing that gets paid when DPS is trying to hold onto money and make sure they have enough money to make payroll every two weeks and keep classes operating,; Livengood says.DPS has been under state oversight for 12 of the past 15 years and is currently on its fourth emergency manager in the past six years.But the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren is looking to interrupt this failing system. Livengood says the group will be unveiling new recommendations to the governor this week on how they believe education in Detroit should change.Currently, the area is a mix of charter schools and public schools, and DPS is saddled with much of the responsibility of serving special education needs.According to Livengood, charter schools dont have the same type of mandate for servicing every need of special education students. He says this has caused DPS special education costs to be higher than the statewide average.So where will the money to fix DPS come from?;I would look for this to be a big negotiation point in the budget talks, especially as the governor formulates a plan and submits a new plan to the Legislature this spring,; Livengood says.But until a budget is agreed upon, the coalition is moving forward and Livengood says hes heard its proposals may include a new position that oversees all educational entities in the city.201503/366666南平割包皮去哪好福州晋安博爱医院治疗多囊卵巢综合症多少钱



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