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IAEA Frustrated Over Lack of Transparency in Iran, Syria原子能机构批伊朗叙利亚核不透明  The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed frustration Thursday that neither Iran nor Syria been completely transparent about their alleged nuclear activities. 国际原子能机构总干事星期四对伊朗和叙利亚在它们核活动方面缺乏透明度表示失望。The International Atomic Energy Agency is holding a two-day meeting to examine reports on the alleged nuclear activities of Iran and Syria, both of which has sparked international concern. In comments before the commission on Thursday, agency chief Mohammed ElBaradei said neither country had done enough to assuage concerns about their programs.  国际原子能机构正在举行为期两天的会议,审查有关伊朗和叙利亚核活动的报告,这两个国家都引起国际社会的不安。国际原子能机构总干事巴拉迪星期四在对该机构理事会讲话时说,这两个国家都没有作出足够的努力来解除人们对它们核项目的担忧。He urged Iran to clarify a number of issues about its nuclear program and to stop obstructing an IAEA probe into intelligence materials that the ed States says shows the country studied how to design atomic bombs. 他敦促伊朗澄清关于它核项目的一些问题,并且停止阻挠国际原子能机构探查情报资料,美国说,这些资料显示伊朗曾研究如何设制原子弹。"There remain a number of outstanding issues, relevant to the alleged studies and associated questions identified in my last report to the board which give rise to concern and need to be clarified in order to exclude the existence of a possible military dimension to Iran's nuclear program. Regrettably, the agency has not been able to make substantive progress on these issues," he said. 巴拉迪说:“仍然有许多悬而未决的问题。这些问题和我在给理事会报告中所指的研究和相关问题有关。这些问题引起人们关注,需要加以澄清,以便排除伊朗核项目可能具有军事目的的疑虑。很遗憾,原子能机构没有能在这些问题上取得实质性的进展。”Western nations fear Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. But Tehran insists the purpose of its nuclear enrichment program is to make energy. 西方国家担心伊朗企图制造原子弹。但是德黑兰坚持说,它的浓缩铀项目是为了产生能源。ElBaradei said also Syria has failed to clear suspicion that a desert site bombed by Israel last year was a nuclear reactor.  巴拉迪说,人们怀疑以色列去年轰炸的叙利亚沙漠地区的设施原是一个核反应堆,叙利亚也没能排除这方面的怀疑。"As I stated in the report, while it cannot be excluded that the building in question was intended for non-nuclear use, the features of the building, along with the availability of adequate pumping capacity of cooling water, are similar to what may be found in connection with a reactor site," he said. In light of this, it is important that Syria provide the agency with documentation in support of its statements concerning the nature and function of the destroyed building."  巴拉迪说:“正如我在报告中所说的那样,虽然不能排除那个引起疑问的建筑物不是用作核活动的,但是这栋建筑物的特点,包括它抽冷却水的适当能力,类似于反应堆设施可能具备的特征。鉴于这一点,叙利亚有必要向国际原子能机构提供文件,实它所说的这栋被炸毁建筑物的性质和功用。”In remarks to reporters earlier this week, the head of Syria's atomic energy commission ruled out follow-up visits to the site by IAEA experts. The IAEA's board has nonetheless approved a Syrian demand for technical assistance in planning a civilian nuclear power plant over U.S. objections. 叙利亚的原子能委员会主席在本周早些时候向记者发表讲话时排除了国际原子能机构专家后续访问的可能。但是国际原子能机构理事会不顾美国的反对,批准了叙利亚的要求,即在规划一个民用核电厂方面向它提供技术援助。200811/57395Less than hour after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak took to the airwaves and asked his country's government to resign, US President Barack Obama made a statement from the White House -- calling on Mubarak to allow peaceful dissent on the streets of Egypt.在埃及总统Hosni Mubarak在电视上发表声明,要求其政府解散,此事发生不到一个小时,美国总统奥巴马在白宫发表了一份声音:呼吁Mubarak 允许埃及街头的人们表达异议。"I also call upon the Egyptian government to reverse the actions that they've taken to interfere with access to the Internet, to cell phone service, and to social networks that do so much to connect people in the 21st Century. At the same time, those protesting in the streets have the responsibility to express themselves peacefully."我也呼吁埃及政府彻底改变他们妨碍互联网,手机务和社会交际网等联系21世纪的人们的行为。同时,那些在街头的示威有责任以和平方式来表达他们的想法。 Obama also shared the contents of a phone conversation he had with Mubarak -- four days after the nationwide protests began. "When President Mubarak addressed the Egyptian people tonight, he pledged a better democracy and greater economic opportunity. I just spoke to him after his speech. And I told him he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, to take concrete steps and actions that deliver on that promise." 奥巴马还透漏了在埃及全国示威开始4天后,他和Mubarak的通话内容。“当Mubarak总统今晚向全国人民演讲时,我在他演讲后直接和他通化。我告诉他他有责任兑现其承诺,要采取实际行动和步骤来实现其诺言。Obama's remarks come as cities across Egypt are under curfew, which tens of thousands of demonstrators have largely ignored.奥巴马发表声明的时候,埃及大部分城市都处于宵禁中,上万的示威者并未关注他的发言。【生词注释】airwaves n.电视,广播的频道dissent n.异议curfew n.宵禁; 戒严 201110/156773奥巴马总统已经结束为期8天的国际访问,其中包括一次未宣布的对伊拉克的访问。在接见当地驻伊美军士兵时,奥巴马也表示“现在已经到了把伊拉克还给伊拉克人的时候,应该让伊拉克人担负起他们保卫国家的责任。”President Barack Obama has ended his eight-day international trip with an unannounced visit to Iraq. Obama met with the top US commander there along with hundreds of troops. He's urging Baghdad to take the leadership reins, saying it's time for Iraqis to "take responsibility for their country". California authorities plan to look through a church as they investigate the death of an eight-year-old girl. The body of Sandra Cantu was found yesterday, stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in a pond. A strong tremor has shaken this quake-hit area of central Italy with shocks felt as far away as Rome. Experts say Monday's 6.3-magatitude quake is responsible for more than 200 deaths. Meantime, Italian news agencies report a woman was pulled alive from the rubble after 42 hours. And it could be the next biggest thing in urban transportation--on two wheels. GM has teamed up with Segway to develop this two-seated electric vehicle, weighing in about 300 pounds. The vehicle runs on a lithium-ion battery and can reach a top speed of 35 miles an hour.04/66849

Bush in Peru for APEC Summit; Meets with China's Hu布什启程前往秘鲁参加亚太峰会 U.S. President George Bush is in Peru for his final Pacific Rim summit. After his arrival Friday, Mr. Bush met with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Lima ahead of the two-day Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, which opens Saturday. This is expected to be Mr. Bush's last foreign trip before leaving office. 美国总统布什前往秘鲁出席亚太经合组织高峰会。这很可能是布什总统结束八年任期之前的最后一次出访。President Bush attended his first Pacific Rim summit just two months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States. 2001年,美国本土发生9/11恐怖袭击后两个月,布什总统第一次出席了亚太经合组织高峰会。Now, with the nation in the midst of a financial crisis, he is making his last appearance at the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. 目前,在金融危机席卷美国之际,布什将以总统身份最后一次出席这个峰会。White House aides say the president will urge APEC to endorse steps aly being taken to boost the global economy. They indicate he will likely focus on the need to expand trade worldwide and open markets. 白宫官员说,布什总统将敦促亚太经合组织持已经采取的提振全球经济的措施,同时还将重点阐述扩大国际贸易和自由市场的重要性。Charles Freeman is a former U.S. trade official. He says even though Mr. Bush has little time left in office, his words can have an impact at the forum. 前美国助理贸易代表傅瑞伟(Charles Freeman)说,尽管布什总统任期即将结束,但他在此次峰会上的发言仍将产生影响。"Well, I mean, words count," Freeman said. "So I think what the leadership says about trade liberalization is very important. And standing up for that is key." 他说:“我的意思是说,他的表态仍然会有作用。美国领导人关于贸易自由的发言非常重要。坚持自由贸易原则是一个关键问题。”The Pacific Rim countries account for about half of the world's trade and population. And the number of bilateral and free trade agreements between and among APEC members has soared in recent years. 亚太地区国家占全球贸易和人口的大约一半。最近几年,该地区内部的双边和多边自由贸易协议数量增长迅速。APEC is not a formal organization or a negotiating body, but a venue for leaders to come together to exchange thoughts and ideas. And while it does not have the clout of the Group of 20 leading industrialized and emerging economies, it is an instrument of dialog in a key region of the world. 亚太经济与合作组织不是一个拥有谈判权的正式机构。不过,该组织为成员国领袖交换意见提供了一个论坛。尽管亚太经合组织不具备由工业化国家和新兴经济体共同组成的20国集团那样的影响力,但仍然不失为亚太这个关键区域的对话平台。Steven Schrage, an expert on international business and trade at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, says the Pacific Rim is vitally important. 华府智库国际与战略研究中心的国际商贸专家斯蒂芬.施拉格通过列举一系列数字来阐述该地区的重要性。"You've got 60 percent of U.S. exports, 60 percent of world GDP [i.e., gross domestic product]. I believe it is over 50 percent of world trade, three billion consumers - so there is a critical mass of world leaders here with some of the most advanced and important economies," Schrage said. 施拉格说:“亚太地区涵盖了美国60%的出口,全球60%的GDP。我相信这里占全球贸易的二分之一强,这里的消费者人口高达30亿。所以说,这个峰会汇聚了一些世界上最发达、最重要的经济体领导人。”The APEC forum also gives Pacific Rim leaders a chance to hold numerous one-on-one meetings on the sidelines. President Bush, for example, is expected to confer with the leaders of China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and host Peru. 峰会期间,很多领导人将举行双边会晤。布什总统预计将和中国、俄罗斯、韩国、日本、以及东道国秘鲁领导人举行会谈。While it will be an opportunity to say his farewells, aides say Mr. Bush has a full agenda for these meetings. They say he wants to discuss North Korea's nuclear ambitions with others involved in the negotiating process with Pyongyang. And they say he wants to discuss Georgia and a proposed missile defense system for Europe with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 这些会面将给布什提供一个话别的机会。但白宫官员说,布什总统也将和这些领导人探讨实质性问题,其中包括和北韩核问题谈判的参与方讨论平壤核计划。同时,白宫官员说,布什也计划和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫讨论格鲁吉亚以及拟议中的欧洲导弹防御系统。200811/56870

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