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A Japanese man has revealed he has finally found happiness with his girlfriend - a silicone love doll.一位日本男子近日表示,自己终于和女友--一个硅胶性爱娃娃找到了幸福。Senji Nakajima, claims he enjoys the #39;perfect#39; relationship with #39;Saori#39; - even taking the dummy out shopping to buy it fancy outfits - despite the fact that he is married to a woman with whom he has two children.据这位名叫Senji Nakajima的男子声称,他很享受和“Saori”之间“完美”的恋爱--甚至会带着它购物,给它买华丽的装--尽管他已婚,并育有两个孩子。Senji, 61, from Nagano, lives with his life size doll in his apartment in Tokyo where he enjoys a physical relationship with it - but he claims he is happy because his plastic companion isn#39;t #39;after only money#39;.61岁的Senji来自长野县,与真人大小的玩具娃娃一同居住在东京的寓所里。他和性爱娃娃有着肉体关系--但他表示,这位硅胶小伙伴看重的不仅仅是钱,正是这点令他很高兴。The businessman said he first introduced Saori to his life about six years ago after becoming lonely while living away from home for work.这位生意人表示,自己是在六年前把Saori带入生活中的,当时他远离家乡独自在外地工作,感到非常孤独。To begin with, Senji only used the doll for sexual purposes, imaging that it was his first ever girlfriend in fantasy scenarios. However, after Saori helped to fill Senji#39;s lonely evenings he began to develop stronger feelings towards the dummy a few months in, and started having a #39;relationship#39; with it, saying it is #39;more than just a doll#39;.刚开始,Senji仅仅把它当成实实在在的性爱工具,在各种幻想场景中把它当成初恋女友。不过几个月后,当Saori在无数个夜晚填补了Senji孤独的内心后,他对Saori产生了更强烈的感情,开始与它谈起了“恋爱”,认为它“不仅仅是个玩具”。Speaking of his silicone partner, Senji says: #39;She never betrays, not after only money. I#39;m tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless.#39;提到这个硅胶娃娃,Senji说道:“她从不背叛,也不仅仅追求钱财。我受够了现代社会斤斤计较、精打细算的人类,他们冷酷无情。”The 61-year-old now treats Saori like a human being, taking her on days out, moving her around by sitting her in a wheelchair. The pair now share a bed and Senji even bathes his beloved doll and chooses outfits for her to wear each morning.这位61岁的老人把Saori当作人类一样对待,带它出去玩,用轮椅推着它四处走动。这对搭档每晚同床共枕,Senji甚至为心爱的玩具娃娃洗澡,并且每天早上帮它挑衣。He added: #39;For me, she is more than a doll. Not just a silicon rubber. She needs much help, but still is my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.#39;他补充说道:“对我来说,她绝不仅仅是个玩具,不仅仅是一块硅橡胶。虽然她需要很多帮助,但仍然是我的完美伴侣,她和我分享了很多宝贵的时光,丰富了我的人生。” /201607/453516

I am an animal photographer named Grace Chon and these images are from my new photo series titled HAIRY.我叫格雷斯·肖恩,是一名动物摄影师,这些照片来自我的新拍摄系列《毛茸茸的动物》。I’ve always found before and after photos from dog grooming to be really funny. Usually it doesn’t even look like it’s the same dog in each photo! I had the idea of shooting a photo series that highlighted this extreme transformation.我一直觉得打扮前后的照片十分有趣。通常情况下,同一只在每张照片里的样子看上去甚至都不一样!我就有了拍摄这一系列照片的念头,最大程度地突出这其中的改变。All the dogs have been groomed in a Japanese grooming style, which doesn’t follow the usual breed standard cuts and rules for grooming that we’re used to seeing. Rather, the emphasis is on making the dog look as adorable as possible by highlighting the uniquely cute characteristics of the dog. These cuts are works of art – each haircut takes hours as the majority of the styling is all done with hand scissoring. All the dogs in the series were groomed by the incredibly talented groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the groomers there specialize in this style of cut and have been trained by masters from Japan. Hope you enjoy!所有的都以日式风格来打扮,没有遵循我们习惯中见过的普通类型的标准式样和惯例。更确切地说,通过突出特有的可爱特征来尽可能地强调的可爱。这些式样都是艺术品,设计每种发型都要花上几小时,因为大多数式样都是手工修剪而成的。这个系列的所有都是由一位特别有才的美容师打扮的,他来自加利福尼亚洛杉矶的健康中心。那里的许多美容师都专门研究这种修剪风格,还接受过日本专家的培训。希望你会喜欢! /201608/459374

Are you an authoritative parent? A new study has found that harsh parenting may increase a child#39;s risk of obesity and poor physical health in adulthood.你是独断专权的父母吗?一项新的调查发现,严厉的教养可能会增加孩子成年后患有肥胖症的风险,他们的身体健康状况也会很差。According to researchers, attempts by one parent to counterbalance the harsh behaviour are not always effective in lessening that risk.根据研究人员透露,父母中的一人试图努力平衡另一人严厉的行为是不会有效降低这种风险的。;Harshness leads to problems with physical health and no matter how hard a spouse tries, they may not be able to erase those effects,; said lead study author Thomas Schofield from Iowa State University in the US.“父母的严厉态度导致了孩子健康状况的下降。不管另一方如何努力平衡,这种不良影响也不会消除的,”美国爱荷华州立大学这项研究的带头人托马斯·斯科菲尔德说道。;Instead of saying, #39;I#39;m the law and my wife is the gospel#39; or something like that, better to acknowledge that in terms of harshness, your spouse is not going to be a buffer for the child, so behave responsibly,; Schofield added in the paper, published in Social Science and Medicine.斯科菲尔德在《社会科学与医学》杂志上发文补充说道:“不要总是说#39;我扮演严父,我妻子是慈母#39;这样的话了,你更应该多去了解严厉给孩子造成的不良影响,你的另一半再怎么样也不能为孩子起到缓冲作用,所以要为自己的行为负责,”Researchers taped the interactions of 451 two-parent families to assess parenting behaviour and look at changes in the child#39;s health several years later from adolescence to young adulthood.研究者共录下了451个双亲家庭的亲子互动来评估父母的行为,并且以此判断孩子从青春期到成年的身体健康方面产生的变化。The results indicated that the differences in physical health and BMI were not evident at the beginning of adolescence. The effects persisted into young adulthood after many had moved out of their parents#39; homes.调查结果显示,孩子的身体健康和身体质量指数的差异在青春期初期并不明显。这些影响会在他们成年离开父母后显现出来。;The best thing we can do is to encourage parents to not be harsh. If we want to make sure we#39;re protecting children#39;s health and positive physical health into young adulthood, the best and safest conclusion is to avoid being harsh,; Schofield advised.斯科菲尔德对此建议道:“我们能做到的就是鼓励父母不要太过严厉。如果想确保我们是在保护孩子以及成年后的身体健康的话,那么最好、最安全的结论就是避免成为严父严母。” /201605/441383

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