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重庆市妇幼保健医院价目表重庆市星宸美容医院整形费用Pressure is growing on Israel after its commandos raided a flotilla of aid ships that were trying to break the blockade on Gaza. The raid early Monday, in which nine activists died, has set off a wave of international criticism. But very little of that criticism is coming from people at home.Israel began sending home some of the nearly 700 pro-Palestinian activists who were aboard the six vessels.Some, like this Turkish man, spoke of the violence they witnessed when Israeli commandos came down on the main ship, a Turkish vessel, during the raid in the eastern Mediterranean.He says the commandos came down from helicopters and attacked the activists. He said the commandos first warned the activists, who had told the soldiers they were not armed.Israeli military officials point to that shows activists hitting the commandos with iron bars and chairs, and say the soldiers acted in self-defense when they opened fire. The ships are sitting at the Israeli port of Ashdod. Some of their passengers were led away in handcuffs. Authorities say those who are agreeing to expulsion are being taken to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport and flown home.  By late Tuesday, scores had been repatriated. They included American Edward Peck, a former diplomat who had served as U.S. ambassador to Mauritania. Hundreds of others remained at detention centers across Israel. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told VOA some could be put on trial for attacking the commandos. "Those who have been clearly identified as aggressors are being questioned by the security service and it is possible that they will be prosecuted," he said.  As international condemnation mounts, there is also some criticism at home of how the raid was carried out. Newspaper columnists and some members of the opposition questioned the legality of the operation, and whether the flotilla could have been intercepted without using force. But overall Israelis express overwhelming support for the raid. Many have little sympathy for those in the Gaza Strip, where militants have been firing rockets at Israel for several years. Some believe that lifting the blockade would be opening the door to a flow of weapons that would be used to attack Israelis.On Jerusalem's busy Ben Yehuda Street, a man says the Israeli military acted in the interest of protecting its citizens when it intercepted the flotilla. He says it was the right thing to do because there simply was no other choice. Another man says he has doubts about the methods the commandos used, and worries about the raid's effects on Israel's image overseas. "In general, it was the right thing to do, but not in the way it was done," he said. Israel has begun moving cargo from the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip after inspecting it. Egypt announced it is temporarily lifting the blockade it has been enforcing, along with Israel, on the Gaza Strip. Tensions remained high along Israel's border with Gaza, where the Israeli military says gunfire erupted after militants crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and opened fire at soldiers. Israeli war planes struck targets in Gaza on Tuesday in response to a rocket attack.以色列开始遣返六艘船上将近七百名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士中的一部分人。其中一些人,包括这名土耳其男子,谈到了他们在这场东地中海的突袭行动中目睹的暴力行为。当时以色列突击队员登上船队的主船,那是一艘土耳其的船。他说,突击队员们从直升飞机上降落下来,袭击活动人士。他说,突击队员们首先警告活动人士,而那些活动人士已经告诉士兵们他们没有携带武器。以色列军方官员根据录像带上显示的活动人士用铁棍和椅子殴打突击队员的画面说,士兵们开是出于自卫。这些船只现在停靠在以色列的阿什杜德港。船上一部分人被戴上手铐带走。当局表示,那些同意遣返的人正被带往特拉维夫的本古里安国际机场,并将被送上回国的飞机。其他数百人仍留在以色列各地的拘留所里。以色列外交部发言人伊戈尔.帕默尔告诉美国之音,其中一些人可能会因为攻击突击队员而受到审判。他说,“那些被清楚认定为攻击者的人正在接受安全部门的审问,有可能他们会受到起诉。”在国际谴责与日俱增的同时,以色列国内对于这次突袭的行动方式也有一些批评。报纸专栏作家和一些反对派成员质疑这一行动的合法性,以及当时船队是否可以在不动用武力的情况下被拦截。但总体来说,以色列人表达了对这一突袭行动的强烈持。他们很多人对加沙地带的居民并不同情,几年来激进分子一直在那里向以色列发射火箭。一些人认为解除对加沙地带的封锁会为武器流通打开大门,而那些武器会被用来袭击以色列。在耶路撒冷繁忙的本耶胡达大街上,这名男子说,以色列军队拦截这一船队的行动是出于保护本国公民的利益。他说,这么做是对的,原因很简单,那就是别无选择。以色列在检查完援助船队上的货物之后,开始将这些货物运送到加沙地带。在以色列突击队突袭了一个装载援助物资的船队之后,以色列受到的压力越来越大。这个船队试图突破加沙地带的封锁。星期一早些时候的突袭造成九名活动人士死亡,引发了国际社会的谴责声浪,但是在以色列国内却没有受到多少批评。。201006/105379重庆星宸医院有没有位置 每年的6月1日是国际六一儿童节,这一天是全世界小朋友们的节日。那你知道这个节日的由来吗?常见的有2种说法,我们一起来了解下吧!第一种说法:The International Children's Day had its origin in Turkey in 1920 (April 23, 1920) and later in the World Conference in Geneva, Switzerland,which 54 representatives from different countries gathered together to convene the first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children" in 1925. It is not clear as to why June 1 was chosen as the International Children's Day: one theory has it that the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco (USA) gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in 1925, which happened to be on June 1 that year, and also coincided with the conference in Geneva.最早过六一儿童节的国家是土耳其,他们在1920年就开始了。1925年,在日内瓦国际会议上,瑞士等52个国家共同召开了主题为“让孩子们更幸福全球会议。之所以把6月1日作为国际儿童节,一种说法是1925年,中国驻美国的总领事曾在旧金山领着一些中国孤儿仔庆祝端午节。那一年的端午节刚好是6月1日,发生地时间与之前的日内瓦会议相符。第二种说法:Children, also known as "June 1 International Children's Day," the annual June 1, the world of children's festivals. November 1949, the Women's International Democratic Federation council meeting held in Moscow. China and other countries and representatives of countries and anger exposed the imperialist reactionaries kill and poison children. In order to protect the world's children to survival, health and education, to improve the lives of children. The meeting decided in the annual June 1 International Children's Day. The International Children's Day (ICD) is celebrated in numerous countries, usually (but not always) on June 1 each year.1942年6月,德国法西斯党卫军包围了现在捷克共和国的首都布拉格市附近的利迪策村,杀了16岁以上男性公民140多人,全部婴儿和妇女被押往集中营,另外有90名儿童被押往波兰的一个集中营(其中只有17人活到战争结束)。村里所有的房舍、建筑物均被烧毁或被铲土机夷为平地。就这样,一个好好的村庄被法西斯党卫军毁灭了。为了悼念利迪策村和全世界所有在战争中死难的儿童,反对帝国主义战争贩子虐杀、毒害儿童,保障儿童的权利,1949年11月在苏联首都莫斯科召开的国际民主妇女联合会理事会通过一项决议,正式决定每年的6月1日为全世界儿童的节日,即"六一"国际儿童节。目前世界上不少国家将6月1日定为儿童的节日,称为"国际儿童节"。然而,在欧美国家,儿童节的日期各不相同,而且往往很少举行社会公众性的庆祝活动。06/72320Dame Elizabeth Taylor, actress, died on March 23rd, aged 79 伊丽莎白·泰勒女爵,演员,逝于3月23日,享年79岁。BESOTTED with her radiant beauty, men lined up to lay huge jewels at Elizabeth Taylor’s feet. Their size didn’t matter so much to her, she said. Though the Krupp diamond was 33.19 carat, flaming with life when the light shone through it, and the Taylor-Burton 69.42 carat, so big that it made Princess Margaret’s eyes start out of her head, what mattered more was the emotion that lay behind them.她倾国倾城,男人为之疯狂,争先恐后拜倒在她的石榴裙下,为她奉上价值连城的珠宝。但她说,珠宝大小,无关紧要。在送来的珠宝首饰中,“Krupp”钻石重达33.19克拉,在灯光照耀下闪动着生命的气息,“泰勒伯顿”钻石更是重达69.42克拉,其体积之大让玛格丽特公主(历史上有多位玛格丽特公主,从年份判断应该是英国玛格丽特公主,女王伊丽莎白二世的胞:译者注)目瞪口呆。但是她说她更在乎的是珠宝所蕴涵的情感。So the ,000 diamond and platinum ring that Nicky Hilton, the first of her seven husbands, presented to her in 1950 was the biggest thing that had so far happened to her, as marriage was. In the end it meant nothing, because he beat her. The ring of diamonds and sapphires from Michael Wilding, her second husband, which she rather than he steered to the correct finger, symbolised his caution; it soon became as dull as he was. Michael Todd, her third husband, gave her a Cartier set of rubies and diamonds and a ,000 tiara, trinkets for the life of Hollywood extravagance to which he had introduced her. She wore the Cartier even barefoot under the lawn sprinkler. At this stage of her life, with Oscar nominations mounting up for her acting in raw, demanding parts, she began to feel that gorgeous ornaments—like lavish contracts—were only what she deserved.1950年,她的首任丈夫尼克希尔顿赠送给她价值1万美元的铂金钻戒。这份礼物连同她的婚姻堪称她一生至此最重要的际遇。但是最后因为尼基对她拳脚相向,二人落得曲终人散。他的第二任丈夫麦克维尔丁送给她一颗蓝宝石钻戒,戒指是她自己而不是麦克帮她戴上去的,由此可见麦克对于这段婚姻还是持谨慎的态度。戒指和丈夫一样,很快让她感到厌烦。她的第三任丈夫麦克托德送给她一套卡地亚的红宝石和钻石,以及价值2.5万美元的头饰。对于托德引领她进入的好莱坞奢华生活,这些饰品不值一提,但是她(如此喜爱),以至于赤脚在草丛的喷水龙头下嬉戏时都戴着。此时,她已经凭借自己出演的青涩而富于挑战的角色囊括多项奥斯卡提名。她开始感到精美的首饰和丰厚的片约一样,舍她其谁。It was Richard Burton’s jewels she treasured most, the wild spontaneity with which he gave them mirroring their explosive, unmanageable, on-again-off-again love. The Krupp came for beating her at ping-pong, the Taylor-Burton because, one night, he had insulted her hands. (He insulted her whole self, too, calling her a “fat little tart”, saying her legs were too short; she’d slap him, wrestle him on the ground, then make up, and so on and so on.) As the new rocks arrived during their two-decade Sturm und Drang she would parade them eagerly to friends, and sit at table silently adoring them while, with her free hand, she wolfed down steak-and-kidney pie.但是她最珍视的却是理查伯顿送给她的珠宝。赠送礼物时,他所表现出的狂野不羁,竟是他们二人跌宕起伏,难以驾驭,阴晴不定的爱情写照。Krupp钻石是为了弥补打乒乓球时他打她的事实。泰勒伯顿钻石则是因为一个晚上,他嘲笑泰勒的手。(他也侮辱泰勒的人格,他叫她“臃肿的小骚货”,说她的腿太短。她很想扇他一记耳光,和他在地上厮打起来,然后再和他和好,之后再继续,如此反复。)在他们二十年狂浪不羁的生活中,一旦有新的钻戒到手,泰勒总是会迫不及待地将它们一一展示给朋友,然后自己坐在桌旁,一边无声地欣赏它们,一边却用另一只手拿起一块牛腰派,狼吞虎咽地送进肚里。201104/133256重庆医科大学附属儿童医院预约是不是真的

重庆市星宸整形医院新地址中国总理温家宝爷爷是一位干实事的爷爷。在3月5日的中国全国人民代表大会的演讲中,他回顾了过去一年的政府工作,提出了今年的优先任务和将在这次大会上通过的新的五年规划。与负责任的监护人一样,温爷爷照顾到了其监护之人的生活的方方面面。China's economic blueprint Take fiveThe prime minister lays down how China’s economy is to look in 2015“GRANDPA WEN”, China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao, is a hands-on patriarch. In his annual speech to China’s National People’s Congress on March 5th he reflected on the government’s work over the past year, its priorities for this year, and its new five-year plan, which the congress must ratify. Like a good guardian, Grandpa Wen neglected no aspect of his wards’lives.On top of the stern duties of safeguarding price stability and national security, Mr Wen promised to enhance national creativity, enrich philosophy, arouse an innovative spirit, resolutely oppose extravagance—and ensure one hour of physical exercise in schools every day.The aim of all this enhancing and arousing is, by the end of the decade, to turn China into a xiaokang society. The term traces back to the Confucian “Book of Songs”, and suggests a moderately prosperous society that can begin to enjoy the fruits of its labours.To help China on its way, Mr Wen set a target for economic growth of 7% a year for 2011-15. The figure should not be taken too literally. A target of 7.5% for the past five years did not stop China growing by more than 11% over that period. Still, the target is lower than it was in the previous plan, suggesting that the pattern of growth now matters as much as the speed.Indeed, Mr Wen said the country’s development is neither balanced, co-ordinated nor sustainable. It relies too heavily on investment and on swallowing natural resources and too little on consumer spending. The income generated is unevenly divided: between profits and wages, rich households and poor, coastal provinces and inland regions, the cities and the countryside.The prime minister also admitted that China had failed to meet at least three targets he set in the previous five-year plan. Two related to China’s service industries, which last year accounted for 43% of its GDP and 35% of its employment. Countries at China’s stage of development typically have service sectors approaching three-fifths of GDP.Most of China’s more lucrative services markets, such as for telecoms, are dominated by stateowned enterprises (SOEs). The “investment hunger” of the SOEs, which borrow cheaply from state banks as well as recycle outsized profits, is a chief cause of China’s unbalanced development. Mr Wen promised to implement no fewer than 36 guidelines for opening the “glass doors” preventing private investment in many fields not explicitly reserved for the state. Such fields include transport, power and municipal utilities.Regrettably, in the year ahead these liberalisations may be offset by efforts to stop the economy from overheating. The government is trying to contain inflation by squeezing credit. And although it urges banks to keep lending to smaller companies, lenders are sure to turn private borrowers away before disappointing state-owned ones. If necessary, Mr Wen says, the government will also control prices by “administrative means”.Liberal-minded types will take some comfort from Mr Wen’s promise to “press ahead” with making the yuan convertible for capital-account transactions, a commitment missing from his previous two reports. He also promised to push forward with the “market-based reform” of interest rates. The hope is that freer rates would better reward household savers, discourage excessive investment and possibly allow private borrowers to get loans from state banks by offering to pay higher rates. But Chinese leaders have often before promised to liberalise rates.China’s idiosyncratic pattern of development is never easy to categorise. To some it represents a new model of state capitalism: “a Beijing consensus” to rival the “Washington consensus” first identified by John Williamson of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Others think China is moving closer to the Washington model. Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomics, a consultancy, argues that it has made solid progress on eight of Mr Williamson’s ten commandments, including fiscal discipline and an openness to foreign trade and direct investment. To follow through on its promise to liberalise interest rates would make a welcome ninth.201103/129414重庆星宸皮肤收费标准 Business education商业教育Field of dreams梦想之地Harvard Business School reinvents its MBA course哈佛商学院改良其工商管理硕士 (MBA) 课程YOUNG mums shopping in the Copley Mall in downtown Boston last month found themselves being questioned about their use of soap by students from Harvard Business School. The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money. They were preparing to help a firm in Brazil launch an antibacterial cleanser.上月,年轻的妈妈们在波士顿市区的科普利商场 (Copley Mall) 购物时,发现有来自哈佛商学院的学生询问她们使用肥皂的情况。这些学生并不在打临时工赚取啤酒钱。他们在帮助一家巴西公司发布一款抗病菌洁面乳做准备工作。Fieldwork;ie, going out and talking to people;is a big change for HBS. Its students used to sit in a classroom and discuss case studies written by professors. Now they may also work in a developing country and launch a start-up. ;Learning by doing; will become the norm, if a radical overhaul of the MBA curriculum succeeds.实地工作;;走出教室,与人交谈;;是哈佛商学院的一项大变革。哈佛商学院的学生过去常常坐在教室里讨论教授们写的研究案例。现在,他们也可能在一个发展中国家工作,并且建立一家新兴企业。如果这项对 MBA 课程的重大改革成功,那么,;做中学;将变为常规。The 900 students arriving in Boston this summer for their two-year course were told they would be guinea pigs. The new practical addition to HBSrsquo;s curriculum is known as ;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development). Not all the staff and students are overjoyed to be experimented on. But the man responsible, Nitin Nohria, who became dean of HBS in July 2010, says that ;if it works, the FIELD method could become an equal partner to the case method.;今年夏季哈佛商学院通知接受其两年制课程的 900 名新生:他们将是试验对象。哈佛商学院实际新增课程称为;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)(实地浸入式体验的领导力开发)。并非所有的员工和学生都对成为这次实验的对象而感到欣喜若狂。但于2010 年 7 月就任哈佛商学院院长的项目负责人尼廷bull;诺里亚 (Nitin Nohria) 称,;如果成功,实地教学法(FIELD 法)将与案例教学法并驾齐驱。;Long before he became dean, Mr Nohria lamented the failure of business schools to fulfil their mission of turning management into a profession similar to law or medicine. Asked what should be expected from someone with an MBA, he replies that ;obviously, they should master a body of knowledge. But we should also expect them to apply that knowledge with some measure of judgment.; MBA students have long been sent on summer internships with prospective employers, but HBS, like most business schools, did little else to help them with the practical application of management studies.早在担任院长以前,诺利亚就曾抱怨,商学院未能实现自身使命,将管理转变为类似于法律或医学的一门职业。当问及应当对工商管理硕士抱以怎样的期望时,他回答说;很显然,他们应该拥有大量知识。但是,我们也应期望他们能在应用知识的时候运用一些判断力。;长久以来,工商管理硕士专业学生都会派到潜在雇主那里参加暑期实习,但是,与大多数商学院一样,哈佛商学院很少再采取措施,来帮助他们将管理学运用于实践。What happens in the second year of the new course is still being worked out. But the first year has three elements. First, team-building exercises. Students take turns to lead a group engaged in a project such as designing an ;eco-friendly sculpture;. They learn to collaborate and to give and take feedback. These exercises are loosely based on ones used in the US army.新课程第二学年的安排仍在制订中。但第一学年有三个要素。第一,团队建设训练。学生轮流领导一个组织。这个组织参与一个项目,比如;生态友好型雕刻;。他们学习相互合作、给予并接受反馈。这些训练大致建立在美军的训练方法之上。Second, students will be sent to work for a week with one of more than 140 firms in 11 countries. Aly the new intake have had conference calls with these companies, ranging from the Brazilian soapmaker to a Chinese property firm, and gone off-campus to conduct product-development ;dashes; like the one in Copley Mall. This sort of structured learning-by-doing is a world away from HBSrsquo;s traditional encouragement of students to ;go on an adventure; outside of classes.第二,把学生派往 11 国家里逾 140 家公司之一工作一周。这些新生已经同这些公司(范围涉及巴西的肥皂厂到中国的房地产公司)举行了电话会议,走出学校,为产品开发在附近;四处奔波;,例如去科普利超市。此类有组织的;做中学;不同于哈佛商学院鼓励学生到教室外;去冒险;的传统做法。In the third novel part of the course, students will be given eight weeks, and seed money of ,000 each, to launch a small company. The most successful, as voted by their fellow students, will get more funding. It remains to be seen if this amounts to much more than a souped-up business-plan competition, though Mr Nohria says he hopes some real businesses will be created. (If only HBS had thought of this when Bill Gates was thinking of starting Microsoft, or Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook;perhaps the school would have received shares in those firms.)此门课程的第三个创新之处是,给予学生八周时间以及每人 3,000 美元基金来创办一家小型公司。按照同学投票,最成功的公司将给予更丰厚的资金。仅管诺利亚称,他希望创造出一些真正的企业,但是,它是否不仅仅是一个花哨的商业计划比赛尚待观察。(当比尔bull;盖茨 (Bill Gates) 开始创办微软,马克bull;扎克伯格 (Mark Zuckerberg) 打造脸谱 (Facebook) 时,哈佛商学院就已想到这个主意该多好;;或许哈佛商学院可能已经收到了这两家公司的股份。)It is unclear how much the one-week working assignments will achieve. Pankaj Ghemawat, a management guru, says ;the literature suggests that an immersion experience needs to be at least 2-3 weeks and be backed up with time in the classroom.; The HBS studentsrsquo; classroom preparation will have to be pretty thorough, then, to make up for the brevity of their field trips. Moreover, some of the HBS alumni who have agreed to offer work experience at their firms say they are unsure what meaningful work they can offer the students.一周的工作任务有多大成效还不得而知。管理大师潘卡基bull;格玛沃特(Pankaj Ghemawat)称;文献资料显示,浸入式体验至少需要 2-3 周的时间且需要课堂时间的配合。;这样,哈佛商学院学生的课堂准备将必须非常充分,以弥补他们实地体验期的短暂。还有,已经同意提供工作经历的哈佛商学院校友们称,对提供给学生们何种有意义的工作他们并不确定。Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile. In January, the vote in favour of trying the field method was ;as enthusiastic as you could get from a faculty,; says Mr Nohria, wryly. He wisely ensured that ownership of the idea was widely sp by delegating design of the new curriculum to several faculty committees. The vote gave the go-ahead to run a ;delicate experiment for 3-5 years to see if we can move the needle;, he says, compared with the 13 years it took to develop the case method into more or less what it is today.私下里,某些教职员工对是否值得进行所有这些变革持怀疑态度。1 月份,;你能从教职员工那里得到的顶多;也就是持实地教学法的投票而已,诺利亚嘲讽地说道。通过将设计新课程的权力下放到几个教职员工委员会,他明智地确保了更广泛的教职员工能参与到这项变革中来。教职工投票同意进行;3-5 年的谨慎试验,看下能否产生显著影响;,诺利亚称。而案例教学法整整用了13年才走到今天这一步。The experiment does not come cheap, adding 10-15% to the coursersquo;s cost (students pay at least ,000 a year), which HBS will bear while it figures out what works. A lot is at stake. For where Harvard leads, other universities may follow.这试验并不便宜,课程成本由此增加了10-15%(学生一年至少付 84,000 美元)。在弄清弄什么是有效的之前,这笔费用将由哈佛商学院承担。太多吉凶未卜。因为哈佛领先之处,可能就是他校追随的地方。downtown n. 城市商业区, 闹市区practical adj.实际的fulfill vt. 履行,实现collaborate v. 合作assignment n. 作业; 工作enthusiastic adj. 热烈的, 热心的164067重庆三峡中心医院儿童分院收费高吗

重庆市三峡医院收费This sonata Hammerklavier Op 106 is widely accepted as one of the greatest works by Beethoven. Its always presented in my mind that this perhaps signified his graduation from telling us about his material experience and going into the world of total spirit, and maybe this is the border where he starts telling us about his spiritual experience of his life from the spiritual point of view. I dont know if there any kind of this tune ,and it did because of the pressure .Its beyond description. Some people say that it final acceptance of something, maybe. But it from the part of it. But it in a different world.奏鸣曲Hammerklavier Op 106是公认的贝多芬的伟大作品,。它总是浮现在我的脑海里,这或许是他在展现给我们他从物质世界超然脱离,继而进入了全部精神的世界。亦或是一种边界,他从精神的角度讲述给我们他生命的精神经历。我不知道是否还存在着这种类型的曲子,因为这首曲子的压力太大了。它简直无法用语言形容。有些人说这是最后感受到的东西,这也许也是一部分吧。但这是在一个不同的世界。I think the slow movement is the most tragic. The slow movement that Beethoven wrote openly tragic that is the worst tragedy absolutely in a contrary extravert way. He could no longer hear himself play the piano, and that almost something very hard to take ,Up to then, he could almost hear just a little bit .我认为缓慢的节奏是最悲惨的。贝多芬公开谱写的这首缓慢的哀章就是一场最大的悲剧。他无法再次聆听到自己弹奏钢琴的声音,而这几乎是一件很难接受的事情。直到那时,他几乎可以听见一点点。词语解释:1. Hammerklavier. 这是一个德语合成词,Hammer是;锤子;,Klavier是;键盘;。从字面上的意义就是为从拨弦钢琴向锤击的现代钢琴过渡时期为现代钢琴写得一首曲子。这是一个很古怪的标题,而曲子本身应该和这个标题没有太大的关系。2. sonata n. 奏鸣曲3. spirit n. 精神4. tragic a. 悲剧的201111/161633 Global Fears Force Shares Down in Europe担忧全球经济导致欧洲股市大跌Worries about the health of the global economy are again taking their toll on the world markets. Following earlier drops in Asia, European indexes are down across the board. 对全球经济健康的担忧再次冲击着世界市场。在稍早亚洲股市下跌之后,欧洲各大股指全面下滑。The reason for the global gloom rests with recession fears in the ed States. Electronics retailer Circuit City is the latest high-profile casualty. It has filed for bankruptcy protection. 全球经济一片黯淡,其主要原因是担心美国出现衰退。美国电子产品零售商“电路城”是最新一个引人关注的牺牲品。电路城已经申请破产保护。Also, worries about the big-three U.S. automotive giants continue to focus nervous investor attention. After posting a .5 billion loss in the third quarter, General Motors said it could run out of operating cash next year. Shares in GM plunged 23 percent overnight to levels not seen since the end of World War II. 此外,人们对美国三大汽车巨头前景的担忧,仍是紧张不安投资者关注的话题。通用汽车在第三季度出现25亿美元的亏损后表示,运营资金明年将告罄。昨天通用汽车的股价狂跌23%,为二战结束以来的最低点。In Europe, oil prices are down. Financial sector stocks like UBS and Deutsche Bank are also taking a hit. 在欧洲,石油价格下跌。而诸如瑞士联合和德意志的金融业类股也蒙受损失。In London, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he wants to see coordinated action on the stimulus front when world leaders gather later this week in Washington to talk economics.  在伦敦,英国首相布朗说,世界领导人本星期晚些时候在华盛顿举行经济问题会谈时,他希望各国领导人在刺激计划方面能采取协调行动。"We are in a position to take the action," Mr. Brown said. "Other countries including Germany and France and others I have mentioned like China are taking action. We have taken some action aly and we are prepared to look at further action. That is the way to get the economy through this difficult time. And one initiative here and there is not going to make the difference. What you need is a coordinated strategy and preferably a coordinated strategy across the world and not just in one country."  布朗说:“我们准备好采取行动。其它国家包括德国、法国,以及我提到的中国等国家正在采取行动。我们也已经采取一些措施,并着手出台进一步的措施。这是使经济摆脱这个困难时期的途径。但是,各国单独采取的措施解决不了大问题。我们需要的是协调战略,最好是全球统一协调行动,而不是某一个国家的行动。”Mr. Brown says nations have only one effective option and that is to work together.布朗说,世界各国只有一个有效的抉择,那就是共同合作。"This is, I repeat, a global problem that you can see sping across every part of the world so it does need these global solutions," Mr. Brown said. "And that is why I pressed hard for this Washington meeting, it is also why I hope out of the Washington meeting, people will get a sense that all countries are prepared to take the action that is necessary."  他说:“我重申,那就是,这是个全球问题,正在向世界的每一个地区蔓延,因此需要拿出一个全球性的解决办法来。我极力敦促召开这次华盛顿会议的原因正在于此。同时,我希望通过这次华盛顿会议,人们能认识到所有国家都准备好采取必要的行动。”The economic slowdown is becoming more evident by the day in Europe. In Britain, housing sales are at their lowest level in more than 30 years and retail sales figures for October show the largest falls in three years. 欧洲经济放缓的迹象与日俱增。在英国,房屋销售数量为30多年来的最低水平,10月份的零售数字显示出三年来最大的跌幅。Many analysts feel that stimulus plans among those countries attending the Washington gathering will help to boost domestic consumption in places like Britain. They also warn against the urge to place protectionist barriers up. 许多分析人士认为,出席华盛顿会议的那些国家出台的刺激计划将能帮助在英国等国扩大内需。他们同时警告说,要提防设立贸易保护主义壁垒。200811/55874重庆重医附二院是私立的吗重庆大坪医院周末有上班吗



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