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8. New ideas, new architecture.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. imperial, paneling, frame, ceiling, spire.Vocabulary. imperial, coffer, ornate, opulent, guilder, paneling, fresco, chandelier, spire, catacomb, urn, jumble,Versailles, Schonbrunn Palace, Rococo, Great Gallery, St.Stephen Cathedral, Imperial Burial Vaults, Kapuziner Church, Hofburg, Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance.Youre going to hear a description about the most outstanding monuments in Vietnna—— a royal city, listen carefully and supply the missing words. hundreds of years, it has been an imperial capital of Europe.Its ruler raided the Western world to enrich the coffers of the empire.They spent their wealth on magnificent palaces and grand public buildings.They built an opera house that rivals any in Europe.They founded great museums and libraries.They constructed massive, ornate government buildings, and they raised opulent palaces themselves.A tour of Vienna is a tour of these monuments to excess.Take Schonbrunn Palace, instance.The Palace Million Room, named after the cost of decorations, 1 million guilders, is a Rococo masterpiece.Inset in the panelling are 60 rare miniatures of Indo-Persian heritage.The frames are rare gold leaf, and the panelling is precious wood.The Great Gallery, modeled after a room in Versailles near Paris, has 35-foot ceilings graced with giant frescoes boasting of the power of the Austrian army.Massive crystal chandeliers reflect in the wall of mirrors, trimmed in gold leaf.The list of other sights to see in Vienna is long.St.Stephen Cathedral dominates the skyline of Old Town, the medieval section of the city.Its main spire soars 50 feet into the sky, and the top can be reached by climbing 3 steps.The cathedral was begun in the th century.In the catacombs beneath the cathedral are copper urns containing the intestines of deceased Habsburgs.Their bodies are in ornate caskets in the Imperial Burial Vaults in the Kapuziner Church a few blocks away, and can be visited.The old town is a fascinating place to walk.Most of the narrow streets have been turned into pedestrian malls lined with shops, coffee houses and restaurants.In one section, the original Roman ruins under the streets can be seen by going to an underground museum.The Natural History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts occupy matching buildings on Maria Theresa Plaza, a small square across from the Hofburg.Hofburg is the Habsburg in-town palace. It is big, with ,600 rooms, but not ornate.Hofburg is a jumble of buildings constructed at different times and different styles from Baroque, Gothic and Classic to Renaissance and Rococo.Its oldest parts date from the th century, but most were built from the 00s on. 6

Whitney Houston was sick so she had to postpone her Paris concert last night. Well we found somebody who could kind of fill in Whitney if need be, Lin Yuqun. He is a contestant on the Taiwanese version of American Idol, has a better voice than Whitney. Check it out.惠特尼bull;休斯顿生病了,所以她不得不推迟昨晚巴黎的演唱会我们发现有人能顶替惠特尼那就是林,他是一位台湾版的;美国偶像;, 比惠特尼的声音更动听去看看吧I will always love you. I will always love you.我将永远爱你我将永远爱你OK, well, maybe not a better voice. But certainly could compete. I mean, that not bad, uh?好的,嗯,也许不是最好的声音但一定可以竞争我是说,这是不坏,是吧?There something very bizarre about him belting that song out in there.关于他的那首歌有一个非常奇怪的的地方Yes, something is not right there.是的,好像有些不对Yeah, something like that haircut that I had when I was a young girl also. I just cant get behind it. Yeah, I wouldnt say better but I would definitely say comparable.是的,类似这样的发型,当我还是个小女孩的时候我已经是了我就是没办法让在它后面是的,我不认为更好,但是我一定会说具有可比性OK, take that back.好的,收回那句话注:听力文本来源于普特 8189

Missile protection system U.S. jetliners tested. 民航客机反导弹系统 The America will deploy a anti-missile system on their civil aviation industry. Well the next time you fly, you are maybe on an airplane that is protected from shoulder-fired missiles. American Airlines is helping the Homeland Security Department test ways to protect those planes. Joining me now from Washington to talk more about the new system is Noah Shachtman of Wired Magazine. Good morning to you, Noah. Morning. What is this system called and how exactly does it work? Ur, it's an infrared counter measure, what it basically does is, it sits at the bottom of the plane, and it looks out incoming missiles which are one of the deadliest and most pervasive terrorist threats out there, and so it looks out missiles, and then when it finds one or if it finds one, it sends out a tiny infrared laser beam to shoot off confused missile and send it off course. All right, how many planes have this system in operation right now? Well, only in the US commercially, there is only three, and that's a real problem. Um, the, this is one of the deadliest threats at all out there, there are over 750, 000 of these missiles, ur, scattered across the globe. They cost only a few thousand bucks to buy and they can be shot off by just about anybody, so they are easy to operate, they are plentiful and they are cheap. And many other countries like Israel example, have these kind of measures on all of their planes, but the US has only got this pilot experiment with three. Yeah, and we are looking at some pretty great and graphics that are showing how this would work. Ur, American Airlines, as JETEYE system, are there the only ones with the three or its sp across different airlines?I believe it's only American Airlines right now, and even they have said that they are philosophically opposed to putting more of these missile, er, more of these missile counter measures on their jets. Really? Why is that? It doesn't sound like it's so expensive. Yeah. Well, ur, it all comes down to money. Um, although some studies say it'll only cost a dollar per coast to coast trip to maintain, er, these defenses, er, American Airlines and the other airlines say that, that's too much money them. Ur, you know, look, these days they don't even give us like peanuts or soda on the plane, right? (Right. ) And they're charging us extra bags, and so now they are trying to cheap out on this too.Yeah, but I mean, don't you think the consumers, if they know about this, they feel like, wow, you know, an extra dollar this kind of security, I mean, is it pretty foolproof? Ur, I don't know if it's foolproof, but it's a lot better than what we've got now which is nothing. Yup, how long do you figure they continue to test this system, Noah? I don't know. Ur, look five years ago, there was a very scary incident in Kenya, in which a pair of shoulder-fired missiles was fired at, ur, an Israeli jet, and it nearly blew it up, killing, almost killing hundreds, and so the Israeli government got on board and outfitted all their jets with these counter measures. Five years later, only three of these jets in a test mode in the US, so you know, you'd keep that on, it's gonna take till, er, you know, it's gonna be a thousand years bee we have the US fleet outfitted. Yeah, but I'll tell you, if you are accurate, we just have a dollar of plane flight round trip, I mean, you know, coast to coast. Hey, it's so worth it, think about the other cost, should some like that happen? Anyway, Noah Shachtman of Wired. . . (You think ) Um. you what? Yeah, you know, you think, I mean. (You think. ) You think if you're gonna spend this money an extra bag or , you know, to buy a sandwich on board, maybe you spend a dollar to have your plane protected against the missiles. Yeah, I shall pony up. OK. Noah Shachtman there of Wired Magazine. Thank you. -----------------------------------pervasive---- 无处不在的; 遍布的; 充斥各处的 laser beam---- 激光束 pony up----lt;美俚gt;付账,付钱 5851

小盆友估计是第一次见到龙虾,好奇心泛滥、但又有点怕怕看他怎么和爸爸对话吧!部分主要对话内容:What's in there?看里面是什么呀?A lot!好多!A lot of what?好多什么?Can I touch them?我能摸摸它们吗?OK, here. Let me help you, OK?行啊来我来帮你好吗?I don't like to touch them... 我不想摸它们了(小鬼怕了)No, I don't like to touch them... 不不不,我不想摸了(看来是真怕了)Ok then.那好吧It got claws!它们有钳子也!Can I touch them?我能摸它们吗?(好奇心又起)OK.行啊No.不(还是恐惧占据了上方)You can touch them!你可以摸的No, I don't like to touch them...不,我不想摸(死小孩,还嘴硬……)You can hold her?...him?你能逮住她吗?……还是他啊?(语无伦次了……) 18

Nb]Y~6pK_^3Qxd^8EBibLUb(NdxJNwVE9;0tDpEy6Maria was learning to add numbers. She liked to add numbers. It was easy to add numbers. She could add oneand one. She knew that one and one are two. She knew that two and two are four. She knew that three and three are six. But that was it. She didn’t know what four and four are. She asked her mom. Her mom told herthat four and four are eight. “Oh, now I know,” Maria said. “I am four years old now. In four more years, I will be eight.” Maria was a fast learner. She wasn’t a slow learner.L%sE9XbM65~x@F;bH7tapON0RKVW()XmI~n3U[(@!L;xW7bfWA[Cgr3(P 37556

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